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Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie poses for a picture with her pal Ewan McGregor at a screening of his film The Impossible on Sunday (November 18) at the Soho Hotel in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress hosted the private screening, where she praised Ewan‘s work in the film.

“I have known you for years and you are one of my favorite actors and I’ve always loved to watch you, but I watched this and I didn’t recognize you,” Angelina said. “To say it is one of the best performances of the year, really doesn’t give it credit, because it doesn’t feel like a performance. It’s from such an honest place and so deeply emotional.”

“The true testament of any film is what you walk away with, and I think in this film you walk away with more empathy, with a greater sense of connection to your fellow man, and you want to run home and hug your kids, and tell the people you love that you love them,” Angie added.

FYI: Angelina wore an Atelier Versace black long sleeve silk-crepe cocktail dress with a criss-cross pleating effect on the front with a black belt.

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Credit: Jon Furniss
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  • Love the JoliePitts

    I love what Angelina says here and how she says it. She and Brad seem so alike in this quality they both share. They both think and speak from a very deep place in their hearts.
    “The true testament of any film is what you walk away with, and I think in this film you walk away with more empathy, with a greater sense of connection to your fellow man, and you want to run home and hug your kids, and tell the people you love that you love them,”

  • Rose

    Morticia Addams with chicken legs. And horned up. Cuck0ld!

  • Passing Through

    # 201 Go Figure! @ 11/22/2012 at 12:14 am
    Nobody gets paid for doing St. Jude PSAs. Even Ticky’s not THAT tacky. Ticky famously declaring charity isn’t her thing was merely her way of taking a swipe at Angie. We’ve talked about this before – I found references to Ticky working with St. Jude going back to 2002-2003 – with Courteney, of course, but she WAS doing PSA’s for them. She just sucks with follow-up. She’s one of those celebs who thinks it’s enough to put in face time and make a kid’s day for 10 minutes and then she’s gone back to her mansion to coke-and-toke.
    Of course she couldn’t make it through an entire 30-second PSA for cancer-ridden children without making it be about herself in the end. The 2 little girls were bald from the chemo/radiation and they touched Ticky’s hair and said they were looking forward to having hair again. I am NOT kidding about this. The PSA for cancer kids turned into a yet another narcissistic hair moment for Ticky. And this is why I’ll never have to stop ragging on this chick. She literally can’t help herself.
    As for Squigs’ family? Huvsy regularly has the US Lies Weakly print that Squigs’ family loves Ticky to bits. Shame on you for thinking that Huvsy wouldn’t have that angle covered! Anytime US has a Ticky/Squiggy Romance of the Century story they claim that Squiggy’s mother loves Ticky like the daughter she never had. We’re supposed to believe that Jane Pitt loves Ticky more than she loves her own son and can’t accept Angelina as family…yet Squiggy’s mother had no trouble forgetting all about poor Heidi, who Squiggy cheated on with Ticky for over 8 months before finally having the balls to end it, in favor of her son’s new sugar mama. That’s just how lovable Ticky is!

  • chachita

    @Go Figure!: Agree! Mr mannnistons does Not have family? No wonder he is letting his old woman inviting Brad, Brad’s mom/Pitt family? How weak of him or may be he and his family are from unpopular Planet!!
    SHE wears the pants!! She has told the man not to parade his unpopular family!

  • Rose

    Morticia Addams with chicken legs. And horned up. Cvckold!

  • Rose

    @tamsin: ” Oh LOL somebody wants some good PR to rub off on her. The old ho hasn’t had a hit movie in four years, she made a fool of herself at this year’s Oscars, and her PR stunts (including her “promise for the future”) have gathered little attention from the media and public. So now she turns back to her “friends” whom she hasn’t been in contact with for years, and all of a sudden she organizes private screenings for them.
    Ah but only a loon can’t see the signs of what she’s trying to achieve. Aren’t these simple events beneath her? No red carpet, no fancy dresses, no extravagant postures, and more than anything, where is her stolen stoner drunktard babydaddy?
    How come she had to step in McGregor’s spotlight to have some media coverage? Isn’t she like the biggest movie star that’s ever walked the face of the earth??
    LMAO loons, what an embarrassment.” so true.

  • Celeste

    @tamsin: “where is her stolen stoner drunktard babydaddy?” he is with Lara Marsden.
    Isn’t she like the biggest movie star that’s ever walked the face of the earth?? nope.

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, even the troll! BTW, JLaw was INCREDIBLE in Winters Bone- I think that she should have won the Oscar that year, so I can’t jump on the overrated band-wagon for her at all. I’m also very fond of Ms. L’s Angie respect (scripts-garbage- ha!) & unapologetic JP love! Slightly OT- Ed N tweeted this earlier today- this kid is just amazing:
    Edward Norton ‏@EdwardNorton
    Watch this Really cool. 15 year-old inventor fr SLeone wows MIT & Great CrowdRise campaign Happy Thanksgiving to all, even the troll! BTW, JLaw was INCREDIBLE in Winters Bone- I think that she should have won the Oscar that year, so I can’t jump on the overrated band-wagon for her at all. I’m also very fond of Ms. Lawrence’s Angie respect (getting scripts fr Angie’s garbage- ha!) & unapologetic JP love! Slightly OT- Ed N tweeted this earlier today- this kid is just amazing:
    Edward Norton ‏@EdwardNorton
    Watch this Really cool. 15 year-old inventor frm SierrLeone wows MIT & Great CrowdRise campaign

  • KLN

    I wonder if Angie shows up with Brad for KTS premiere on Monday?
    My guts tell me she’s not going to NY…but we’ll have to wait and see…it’s been a long time since we saw them together on the red carpet…

  • Celeste

    @KLN: is that he is busy cough cough Lara.

  • groundcontrol

    @Passing Through:
    they claim that Squiggy’s mother loves Ticky like the daughter she never had.
    LOL! Are they really saying this? Squiggy has a sister. As in the daughter of his mother.

  • hm

    Ewan McGregor should be in the title, too!! i know A.J brings in the crowd but credit should always go where it’s due (considering it’s his film)

  • Jen the HAG

    lmaoo at the loonifers don’t worry bout Angie’s career .. worry about your idol’s barren hags career who is already on the dumpster. That tv starlet who always audition for a role and can’t even get it.. so her publicist got to kiss some ugly butt of producers to get TICKY a job bwahahhahahh!!

  • tweet

    Don’t know how true it is. Wonder what movie?

    Adriana Schoenke ‏@AdrianaSchoenke

    There’s a 11 year old girl in line talking about her acting career & that’s she’s filming a movie with Brad Pitt in January….

  • Jen the HAG

    FYI Julia Robers also hosted a screening of her friend Javier Bardem’s film Biutiful .. it’s what a friend do when you think that friend done a good job on his film only the loonifers think malicioulsy since their idol only think of herself .. the ‘ME, ME, ME person who suck on her acting”

  • woman spanish

    Good morning to all JP fans!
    To all who celebrate it I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and having a happy family reunion

  • Manis

    Happy Thanks Giving day to all the fans who’s celebrate:) may the good Lord Bless the JPs and all the fans around the World.

  • Agatha

    Luce hermosa, toda una reina.

  • chachita

    @Jolie Jux Clan: The would shoot you long time ago before her. She is an Angel, God will take care of her always for Brad, her kids and we-her adorable fans. Go Away Mannistons!!

  • chachita

    @Rose: Hi Rose isn’t she beautiful? Looking forward to seeing Brad and Angie soonest. Wonder who are chinniston man’s family? Why does she not parading them? She only want to be close to Brad’ family cause they are the Top guns!!!! bwa haha

  • chachita
  • Fake!

    She is pretending that she has friends!
    How pathetic!
    She HAS NO FRIENDS, this is the truth!
    She is psycho, selfish, manipulative!
    She only can live together with who she can manipulates and commands, like her children and Brad Pitt!

  • B

    Angelina has friends??? Who knew!?!!

  • Rose

    @chachita: Good morning chichita and all the JP fans all around the world. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THE JOLIE PITTS AND ALL FANS CELEBRATING TODAY.

    Yes chichita, Angie is so beautiful when you look at her face it does feel like you are looking at a real person, she looks like a painting. Just look at her face above, perfection. Chichita, I have to go now, family coming and more cooking to do. Have a wonderful day all!!.

  • Dom

    Ewan loves sucking côck. He sleeps with both men and women.

  • Go Figure!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. And to those who don’t, be happy, healthy and most of all safe. Giving thanks to all the wonderful knowledeable people about Brad and Angie who post at this site and make it the success it is.

  • Phool

    Goodmorning ladies

    Rose, Passing Through, Busted, annon, Fyi12, Tish, Dawne, Premalee, NAN,Groundcontrol, Women Spanish, Love The JoliePitts,Ssshhii_Baby,QQQQ.
    wishing you all a lovely day , God blessto all of the Jolie Pitt fans out there……

    Applogies beforehand I went a bit made in posting on first page I was on previous thread yesterday posting and it said new thread so quickly went over here tried posting as much so that trolls didn’t sullly it one moron got there first then f..ked off as usual. They just lie in waite for any new thread for Brad & Angie they never seem to post on Tickys thread

  • Phool

    Sorry Happy Thanksgiving everyone .

  • http://Ipad Susan

    Happy Thanksgiving to the fans that celebrate, all I’ve to do today is cook the rice and watch football games.

  • Phool

    Angie needs to share her Skin care secrets because it’s so lovely. She is looking good even in simplicity her beauty shines through. Love the fact despite the fact she is the one that has hosted this event, she never makes it about her. She is so gracious in her & humble in whatever she does.
    If it was some other actress it would be about them them them but not with Angie it’s always shining light on others achievements.

  • Phool

    Goodmorning Rose
    i see a troll has stollen your name yet again, when will they learn by stealing a fan name & posting vile we wont know the diffrence b.itches never learn thum them down down down….
    Jared i am surpriesd you are able to let posts go through with vile names but have put moderation on fans posts somthing smells fishy.

  • BP

    Gifts that Angelina gave the Georgian children was so touching. ANGELINA IS TRULY GOOD! ANGLEINA IS PURE CLASS!

  • chachita

    @enrique: Thanx Enrique for sharing and I have voted for Angie! Come on all JP fans go and vote for Angie- Rose and all please don’t miss!

  • Phool

    Shortcut to:

    How many times have we seen this look being copied Angleina is a trend setter know people have started to copy her looks from the movies but still cannot compette with the genuien article lol

  • Phool

    November 22, 2012 10:07
    Brad Pitt shows killer instinct in new ‘Killing Them Softly’ trailer –

    watch Pitt shows his killer instinct in the new trailer for ‘Killing Them Softly’ – you can watch the promo below.

    The mobster movie tells the story of Jackie Cogan, played by Pitt, an enforcer who is tasked with looking into a deadly heist which took place during a high-stakes poker game.

    Adapted from the George V Higgins novel, and directed by Chopper’s Andrew Dominik, the crime thriller co-stars James Gandolfini, Sam Rockwell, Richard Jenkins, Bella Heathcote, Vincent Curatola, Ray Liotta, Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn and Linara Washington. Killing Them Softly hits UK cinemas on November 30.

    Earlier this month, the trailer for World War Z starring Brad Pitt was released. The two-and-a-half minute teaser whets the appetite with plenty of action and shows Pitt being chased by a tidal wave of CGI zombies.

    World War Z stars Pitt as Gerry Lane, a UN employee combing the globe for information to stop a zombie epidemic which is already destroying whole nations. It’s based on the acclaimed 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The film is scheduled to open in cinemas in the UK and US on June 13, 2013.

    Shortcut to:

  • anustin

    wtf!!! por.niston again with cancer patients.fvk off !!!! she’s happy her mom nancy aniston is /was like a cancer.

  • Phool

    New Trailer for KILLING THEM SOFTLY Starring Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins, and James Gandolfini

    A new trailer for director Andrew Dominik’s crime drama Killing Them Soflty has been released. The film stars Brad Pitt as a mob enforcer called in to investigate the robbery of a high-stakes card game. The film’s first trailer was pretty great, but this clip ups my anticipation level even more. We see a bit more of the plot and character interactions, and there’s a scene set in the rain that shows off some fantastic visuals. Dominik displayed tremendous talent with The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford, and I’m highly encouraged by what we’ve seen of his second go-around with Pitt thus far.

    Hit the jump to watch the new trailer. The film also stars Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, Scoot McNairy, and Ben Mendelsohn. Killing Them Softly opens November 30th.

    Via IGN.

    Shortcut to:

  • anustin

    to all the AMERICAN JPs fans…..HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  • chachita

    @Go Figure!: Just wooonder Go Figure! Not only Jon Majer and Katy P or Vince and wife. What about Paul Sculfor, Gerry, and so on…?

    And why Brad and Angie? the old witch would never let it a go for Brad! All other men who went in and out of her with additional to the current scrufy would never match the name BRAD PITT!!!!! Viva Brangelina!

  • Phool

    was posting back to anustin went in to mod as god forbit called Ticky a name

  • http://Ipad Susan

    @ Passing Through
    It went in moderation, so I’m trying again.
    Finally watch Duck Dynasty, it was so addicting I watch six episodes back to back.
    Did not know a crawfish have v a g i n a s, heard about eating frog legs but not the whole frog, is there anything the Grandmother don’t fry?
    Was scared for the Duck Decoys with the daughter’s driving.
    I have never seem so many dilapidated trunks in one place, when most people buy a vehicle, gas mileage is a top consideration, not if it can hold a Deer on the hood.
    Some family members are a little wacky, but the children and grandchildren are so respectful to their parent.

  • Whamo

    B @ 11/22/2012 at 7:34 am


    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

    Angelina has friends??? Who knew!?!!
    That was just a rumour, it’s been confirmed she does in fact have NO friends! None, not one…not a single solitary person she can call when Brad is out messing around on her….Bwahaaaaaaaaaaahaaahahaa

  • Premalee

    “Happy Thanksgiving” to all die hard Jolie Pitts fans and to Brad and Angie and the family. Take care. All the best.

    Love my NEW YORK and watching Thanksgiving Day Parade and it is the best city for me.

  • anustin

    wtf!!! moderation?????how much jared.

  • Danny

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the JP fans

  • Ssshhii_baby

    Waving hi to all the JoliePitt fans from around the world! Stopping in to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, to all who celebrate it! even the trolls w/multiple names!! happy gobble gobble..

  • FALP

    OT skip if not interested.
    email to Jared et al sent Wednesday from FALP. Trying different computers, browsers, praying to the mod God, nothing, nada, zilch, zip…I cannot post at all!!!…I am now taking Cesar’s place!! Thanks Cesar LOL. It’s luck if this gets through.

    11-21-12 Hi Chris, Jared, Jason,
    there is a serious problem posting on any of the Jolie/Pitt threads. Your software is blocking for no reason. If you read the last pages of the last thread, the regular posters are confused, frustrated, mad and some have stopped posting altogether. Please do something to correct this problem. Poster Cesar said he has not been able to post for months!!!, then suddenly he could post today. Many if not all of us do not to use certain four letter foul words and cannot post links…strong recommendation…pay extra money to correct this problem ASAP or you will lose hits and fans of your JP threads because we cannot post….seriously a lame reason to lose our support because your software is consistently fickle. I will recommend flooding your email system with complaints if you do not do something and I know you will not be happy with that.
    Thank you and have a good Thanksgiving

  • queen jolie

    yes ,it is so difficult to post on angie thread especially if you are praising her and saying how beautiful she is the comment doesn’t appear.but when it is very short and not so much praise it appeared.i tried to post many times yesterday but got tired , luckily one post appear.when i tried to post in other star thread it is easy.what is going on?

  • FALP

    maybe changing my name helped LOL…or was it the prayer to the mod “God”…whatever works.
    OT for PT, from previous thread Cash aka Elmo

    Hi PT
    re: “…and pedos are free to molest again.”
    “The Czech Republic was one of the first countries to legalize chemical castration. Poland[1], South Korea, Germany, Denmark, France, and Australia have followed. In the United States, states that have legalized “chemical castration” include Georgia, Iowa, Oregon, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Montana, Texas, Wisconsin and Florida.” Jared will not let me post the link.
    It is certainly a controversial topic but children and the elderly can’t fight back and should be protected to the hilt and if you are going to abuse it, lose it LOL. BTW you are aware that Bert and Ernie are gay…an enemy of a friend of her sister-in-law’s brothers mother who is BFF to Aniston read that in a tabloid LOL.

    okay…I’m going to appeal to the “mod God” because my post to Rose didn’t go througheither. I’ll keep on trying Rose.
    Hi to all JP fans posting and lurking. If the “mod Gods” don’t like me…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have a safe weekend.

  • Chasi

    Ewan should get a nomiation for his acting. He deserves credit. I felt like her was snubbed for Beginners.