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Gerard Butler: Joxer Daly's Afternoon Outing!

Gerard Butler: Joxer Daly's Afternoon Outing!

Gerard Butler checks his phone real quick as he heads to his car after hanging out with some pals at Joxer Daly’s on Tuesday (November 20) in Culver City, Calif.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor showed off his super toned body in a tight black t-shirt!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Gerard and Sarah Jessica Parker will be co-hosting this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Concert, to take place on December 11! Set to perform at the festivities are Jennifer Hudson and Seal.

Be sure to check out Gerard‘s next film, Playing for Keeps, in theaters on December 7.

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604 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Joxer Daly's Afternoon Outing!”

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  1. 1
    #1Fan Says:

    Love him in the black tee. Looking good, Mr. B!

  2. 2
    Gerry Butler's low standards Says:

    I read that he’s dating Madalina Ghenea. Why does this man have such low standards in women? Brandi Glanville a reality TV star. That really 23 year old girl Martina Rajic that he was shagging in Serbia while shooting a movie and exposes it all in bloody Playboy. Now this 24 year old from Romania who is only known for taking her clothes off for porn-looking lingerie shoots and has already been with Leo DiCaprio and Adrien Brody THIS YEAR? Who has had her lips surgically altered as well as other parts of her face from the looks of her, trying to look like Sophia Loren when she was already a very lovely girl, and at such young an age!
    Does Gerard Butler have something against classy women? Women who aren’t willing to do everything and everyone to get famous? Does he just not like and respect women very much that he doesn’t care if girls are all about fame and exposing themselves so long as they are young and have low body fat?
    Is it because he’s 43, and in his middle age feels the need to date girls under 25, and the only hot girls under 25 who will date him are the ones who want to get famous?
    What does this guy have against smart, sophisticated, educated, respectable girls? Even if their young, can’t he find a young girl who hasn’t taken her clothes off for cameras and hasn’t degraded herself in a quest to be famous?
    It all makes him seem pretty skeevy and low rent himself.

  3. 3
    cubfan34 Says:

    Classy women have something against him.

  4. 4
    #1Fan Says:

    He dates only women he would have no desire to marry because he’s not the marrying kind. He’s all about the fun and freedom.

  5. 5
    love him Says:

    Hot body.

  6. 6
    :( Says:

    Rastêt vo mne tihaya uverennost’, chto on – bi.

  7. 7
    DocP Says:

    @Gerry Butler’s low standards:
    He has the Caveman mentality, he likes his woman dumb so they don’t know what hes upto.

  8. 8
    Gerry ANTI AMERICAN? NOT!!! Says:

    I read in the last thread of someone posting that Gerry is anti American and doesnt like American women. I dont think thats true in the least! He knows America made him famous–and he LOVES being famous! I guess his acting skills are a matter of opinion but he wouldnt of had the same type of exposure in the UK that he has now in USA. and hes enjoying every bit of it. We can see that he speaks without thinking sometimes and my guess is that he problably broke up with some girl in the USA or he finds American women intolerant of his flirting and messing with other ladies outside of a relationship. Not that I think UK women are so easy about it either–I DOUBT THEY ARE! But he would rather date someone who wont address his wandering ways and certain women in other countries are most likely not going to open their mouths about it. Dont forget that he said that his wild wandering ways started when he was in Scotland–America is just a much bigger playground for him IMO. He speaks rashly sometimes. After all he said he wantedt o spend his birthday in India and that Scotland was his second choice. Wonder if his mom and the relatives read that one? And didnt he say something about his own hometown that got his fellow Scots upset?
    As far as him going back to the UK to improve his career? HE AINT GOING NOWHERE. He said in the Mens Journal magazine that hes living a charmed life.He loves the papps the parties the real estate AND THE WOMEN…..on a very loose basis that is. I dont see him giving that up any way in any time soon!

  9. 9
    Ick Says:

    Dude, don’t ever let the camera catch you from the side, looking down. Gross.

  10. 10
    oops Says:

    @DocP: If you are talking about MG, think again. She is no babe in the woods. You need to think again. She has been around the block a few times more than you can count and knows exactly what she is doing. Keeping this thread full of crap for one.
    My my aren’t we the bitter one. Take your meds doc.

  11. 11
    Dumb&Dumber Says:

    @oops: Yep, she’s been around the block, and she’s extremely manipulative imo, but she’s still dumb as a rock. I agree that some posters on here are falling for her gameplaying, but many also see it for what it is and won’t play the game. She’s an amateur at this, and blatantly obvious. I don’t care if they shag ’til doomsday, I just don’t want to hear about her anymore.

  12. 12
    LOL Says:

    “My my aren’t we the bitter one. Take your meds doc.”
    Apparently, what i said about DocP was right on the money. She is nothing but a jealous old hag who never misses an opportunity to bash MG as a result of her jealousy.
    If I had to fill my prescriptions at a pharmacy where DocP is employed as a pharmacist, I’d walk away. How the hell can she focus on filling People’s prescription accurately and not make mistakes?
    The woman is so unstable if all she cares about is hating on MG. Just goes to show that no matter the education, some women are as childish as a 3-year old throwing tamper tantrum, except it’s not cute when it’s coming from an old hag as opposed to a 2 year old.

  13. 13
    Gotta say Says:

    So this thread is going to be the same as the last several.
    No change at JJ.

  14. 14
    LOL Says:

    Oh yes, and an old hag like you knows all about MG and GB, right?
    it’s obvious your hate and jealousy are doing a number on you and you can’t see straight. f/k off.

  15. 15
    LOL Says:

    @Gotta say:
    Unfortunately, JJ hasn’t banned old hags like you who bash younger women, so apparently nothing changed with JJ.

  16. 16
    bex Says:

  17. 17
    #1Fan Says:

    @Gotta say: This thread will never change until JJ blocks a certain troll. The tone and attitude of it will become hostile and defensive every time no matter what anyone says unless they agree with the troll’s continued garbage. The only reason I’m on here today is because WO had a direct link with new pix. I removed JJ from my favs a month ago and haven’t missed it.

  18. 18
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    By Gerry’s own admission, heis a bad boyfriend and lover but he is a great friend. As a friend, I think Gerry is very loyal but as a lover, he’s only interested in casual relationships with young women who are willing to feed his massive ego. MG is disingenuous to believe that she is his soul mate. The only soulmate Gerry will ever have is himself. Like the rest of his girlfiends, this one too will pass.

  19. 19
    DocP Says:

    @oops: “If you are talking about MG, think again. She is no babe in the woods. You need to think again. ”
    Talking about stupid perhaps you should read your own post. You sound like a poly parrot. the woman is dumb she’s selling herself out for money and fame. All the while she will miss out on true love. Not to mention some of the comments this woman makes shows her lack of intelligence. If what your trying to say is that MG is “clever” well that might be true but thats not intelligence. A smart woman doesn’t sell herself short to a man who flat out lies to her and treats her with disrespect. Just because he opens doors and buys her things doesn’t mean he respects her. I realise you have a different view on this but the fact that he wasn’t there with here for her big moment shows how disrespectful he is, the fact he was in India flirting (and who knows what else) with a “group” of woman shows he does not respect her. He thinks shes dumb enough to fall for his lies. Which I’m sure he was full of when they met up in Sotland. Tell me this, if he loves her so much, why is she out “ring” shopping without him?? Most guys go with their fiance or even better yet they surprise their love on a special occasion. This doesn’t smell of love, it stinks of an arrangement.

  20. 20
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and wishing you a blessed day of thanks! Some of our families are scattered far and wide and we will miss them.
    I don’t know if you want to do this or not, maybe just change the tone a little. Maybe because it is holiday time or maybe just wishing for a little more joy.
    Anyway, wondering if you would want to list the movies that Gerry has done that you like and maybe why. #1 being your favourite etc. Mine happens to be #1 Dear Frankie, it was low budget and a charmer, touching and sincere. #2 The Cherry Orchard. Gerry played Yasha, such a stinker and freeloader. Just a thought, Ducky

  21. 21
    #1Fan Says:

    @Juicy Lucy: I agree and I think it’s because Gerry holds friends to a higher esteem then gfs. The definition for a gf for him is simply someone to have a physical relationship with. I truly think Mr. Butler was hurt real bad one time by a gf and it left a bad taste in his mouth about loyalty and trust. With a gf comes a certain about of being accountable and meeting someone else’s needs where with a friend, you can be yourself without having to answer to anyone and you are accepted for who you are. Just an opinion. Someone like Gerry, to me, would be difficult to have as a bf and as a husband a nightmare! As a friend, I could see.

  22. 22
    DocP Says:

    You really need to stop talking to yourself. people are gonna call the police on you and have you hauled off to the funny farm. We all know you posted as Oops!! get a life, oh tast right you don’t have one because you spend the majority of it in front of the computer attacking anyone that says anything remotely negative about your girlfriend. Perhaps she was shopping to buy you a ring for your devoted service. Afterall you gals are just such great BFF’s

  23. 23
    LOL Says:

    Yes, Gerry is not anti-America, not by a longshot. Going back to the UK is like going down in style, wealth, and power. Who wants socialism? Socialist, Gerard Butler is not. Although, he is ignorant about politics in general, like calling the EU a good example of humanity uniting in peace. What? Europe is falling apart financially, and there is less freedom for people since the EU started to impose its totalitarian policies on citizens. What next, he’ll call the UN a good example for humanity? Yes, if you think terrorists and killers getting money form the US and EU, as well as having a world stage to spew their anti-democracies hate, is a good thing.
    Regarding India, how do you guys know he didn’t try to take MG with him, and because she couldn’t get a visa he gave up India all together?
    Two scenarios:

    1) The whole thing never happened and is just a fabrication. After all, the Indian media loves to embellish stories about him. Also, he already declared almost 2 weeks before his birthday that his plans this year are to be home with his family for his birthday, otherwise, he would have planned a huge party like he usually does. So it’s obvious he had no plans besides spending time with MG with or without his family.

    2) He wanted to do India last minute, which is no problem if it’s just him coming since he’s been there before so they have all his info and he is also a beloved star there because he supposedly proposed to their beloved LC, but MG never been there before and to organize a visa for her would have taken much longer so he had to forgo that whole idea.
    Either way the whole thing sounds like such a lame reason to start a thread based on this story. It smells PR of some type, probably for the Indians who love to embellish stories about him.
    I think he and MG are still goings strong, but I hate these separations which I have said are each a nail in the coffin of this relationship. They need to be together and the fact they aren’t, I wonder how strongly he really feels about her, and vice versa. About a month ago, I said if they are not going to spend most of their time together, this whole thing would fizzle. We might see them again a few more times, but it will end. Then they are spotted together in Scotland, which was nice. But now they are each living their separate lives again. It doesn’t bode well.

  24. 24
    #1Fan Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Good idea, Ducky. My favorite would have to be Phantom of The Opera and for me the passion in the character. I also loved Dear Frankie , PS I love you is probably my second fav. I liked him in Lara Croft too and Timeline. But Phantom would be my fav…so far. I’m still holding out for Burns!

  25. 25
    bex Says:

    Surprised Gerard Butler isn’t getting more Oscar buzz for his portrayal of “80s George Michael” in PLAYING FOR KEEPS

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