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Gerard Butler: Joxer Daly's Afternoon Outing!

Gerard Butler: Joxer Daly's Afternoon Outing!

Gerard Butler checks his phone real quick as he heads to his car after hanging out with some pals at Joxer Daly’s on Tuesday (November 20) in Culver City, Calif.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor showed off his super toned body in a tight black t-shirt!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Gerard and Sarah Jessica Parker will be co-hosting this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Concert, to take place on December 11! Set to perform at the festivities are Jennifer Hudson and Seal.

Be sure to check out Gerard‘s next film, Playing for Keeps, in theaters on December 7.

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604 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Joxer Daly's Afternoon Outing!”

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  1. 26
    LOL Says:

    I don’t post as anyone else. Get a grip on yourself old hag. I haven’t been here in days, and had to weed though garbage posts galore on the last 2 threads. I finally gave up after i got the gist of what’s news with Gerry, and i see you back to your old tricks of trashing her when you have nothing of value to say.
    Then I read “oops ” and it triggered me off in the face of your sorry-for-an excuse post. I didn’t want to miss a chance to blast you for being the hag you are. There you have it!

  2. 27
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    @Ick: Lol, where’s his bum? Did he leave it at home? The last pic is much more flattering. He wears the black t-shirt well.

  3. 28
    #1Fan Says:

    They’re advising against travel to India right now due to a high terrorism threat. That’s probably why he was turned down.

  4. 29
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @#1Fan: Oh CRAP totally forgot about POTO. Yes, have to make that my #2. What a production that was.
    I will alway lament Burns not being done. He would be the only one to do it well and true. I don’t want to think that he might be to old to do it now.

  5. 30
    #1Fan Says:

    @DocP: Best not to converse with the resident troll. It’s like the old saying, the more you stir sht, the worse it stinks so we need to flush her down the crapper with our thumbs!

  6. 31
    angelsrock Says:


    I was just going to post a similar statement. I have to agree after being a fan for a long time that Gerry is not in the market for a long term relationship let alone marriage. And you can bet that Maddie knew this from the get-go. He has made this very clear and that’s why we never hear of him breaking someone’s heart. He appears to be incapable of commitment and is aware enough to be very open about that. I hope one day, that special lady changes his mind.

  7. 32
    #1Fan Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Well that last Halloween costume he was wearing might be the closest thing we get to seeing him even look like Burns! Burns wasn’t a healthy man and was always ailing, not to dis Gerry’s looks, but his age may not factor in because of how Burns probably looked anyway. Sally Field is 65 and she just played Mary Todd Lincoln who was 45. HW can works wonders and I think people looked older in bigone days.

  8. 33
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    @#1Fan: Not to mention Robert Burns died at age 37. That would have been the role for him right after 300 instead of doing those cr/ap rom-coms. He could have done so much with that one at that time. Sigh.


    He is a frugal man since aren’t those the same trainers he has had since filming PFK in spring of 2011? Didn’t he collect those from that filming? Good on him for being so, ermm, resourceful. Right.

  9. 34
    #1Fan Says:

    Well when I see random posts thumbed down it’s obvious the troll(s) are lurking about in force and no one will be able to make a positive comment ON ANYTHING! So Happy Thanksgiving to all who deserve it and I bid you adieu!

  10. 35
    DocP Says:

    @#1Fan: I know ,sometimes however she needs to be put in her place. However like the cockroach that she is, she just keeps scumming. I won’t be addressing her posts except with thumbs down!!

  11. 36
    Pappers Says:

    So are we to believe that paps are sitting in the parking lot of Joxer D’s on a regular basis? Or did some little birdie put in a phone call? Interesting how we get an avalanche of daily JJ threads when attention is wanted for a movie coming up, and the rest of the time, crickets.

  12. 37
    mg vs ll? Says:

    i think the pics from st tropez of mg and gb together were an obvious set up. you can tell because mg is clearly doing a bad acting job for the camera. the pic of them holding the umbrella kissing, with her practically grabbing him around the neck is ridiculous.

    i’m 80% sure its a set up relationship but as gb is a womanizer i can’t believe he wouldn’t sleep with her anyway so…

    it would have worked but mg lets the side down. she should take a leaf out of lara lieto’s book. no one knows ANYTHING about her, theres no info online other than her with Adrien and she has more press attention. she doesn’t talk to the press either. she seems like a genuinely nice girl and her and ab look in love together. she’s not my hero but you get my point

  13. 38
    LOL Says:

    What annoys me the most about women is their whining about men’s nature and calling other prettier younger tighter women names. Woman use the fact that men are very visually focused, and they do have a physical ideal that most women cannot realistically achieve, as an excuse to not do the things that ARE under their control like lose weight and look good. No, honey, it’s not in the cards for you to be Alessandra Ambrosio or Madalina Ghenea. But you could lose 20 pounds and get a more flattering haircut and not be such a beetch all the time.

    But that would be work, wouldn’t it? So instead let’s sit around and whine about how men are cads while we pound down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

  14. 39
    bex Says: Uma Thurman’s dead eyes in the Playing for Keeps billboard perfectly capture the moment she found out she was in a Gerard Butler movie.

  15. 40
    I Can Relate! Says:

    @LOL: I know what you are saying! I’ve encountered women such as this who look at me and make snide remarks and I can’t help it if their hubs or beaus are checking me out! That’s THEIR prob, right? If they kept themselves more fit he might not have such a roving eye! Now I realize being about five nine, all legs and 130 with most of it on top doesn’t hurt but jealousy is an ugly thing and I’m glad you see the side of us pretty women against these old hags who would do better if they’d work on themselves a bit more instead of slagging off us who can’t help it if we’re what every man wants! Thanks for your support!

  16. 41
    LOL Says:

    @I Can Relate!:
    It’s not just on JJ dumping on MG, i see it all the time even at the gym. If you have a rocking body you get the look of hate from other women. They stare at you and whisper as if you took their beauty away from them.
    Women can do a lot to better themselves. if they spent all this time working out in the gym instead of trashing MG……..
    Losing weight is key.

  17. 42
    Rahel Says:


    With the repeating of the words young and tide over and over again

    I always have the feeling you are a man and you’re supporting this.

    It sounds like the words of a pimp. It sounds disguting to me as everything and everyone has no feelings
    We are all just flesh, old or young.

  18. 43
    blah blah blah Says:

    @LOL: Don’t you get bored listening to yourself every day. Go milk the cows & churn the butter & bake the bread, the sister wives are on their way home from the farmer’s market with Daddy. They expect you to have dinner on the table & all the children washed and scrubbed. Better make sure you got the aprons and bonnets all starched. Hagling.

  19. 44
    LOL Says:

    @blah blah blah:
    fat are we?
    No man paid any attention to us in years?

  20. 45
    blah blah blah Says:

    @LOL: Oh so you like watching the women at the gym stare at the hot women, is that ’cause you are staring at the hot women too. Anything you need to fess up? Does Daddy only let you go to a female only gym. Maybe you need to concentrate on working out we hear you are dumpy for an arrogant hagling.

  21. 46
    I Can Relate! Says:

    @LOL: Fortunately, I’ve never really had to go to the gym. Just good genetics I guess. My dad was very tall and athletic. I do admit I love to see a woman go off on her man when I walk by and I KNOW he’s checking me out! The other day, I got scared out of my wits when a firetruck passed me on the street and tooted their horn and siren! It caused me to step out of a stilleto! But I’ve even had women that were pretty mumble “b..itch” under their breath when I’m near. So what’s up with that?

  22. 47
    LOL Says:

    shut up already with your man bashing.
    men are men; they love beautiful women, it doesn’t make them rapist.
    How many times were you imaginary “raped” ? Loser!

  23. 48
    I Can Relate! Says:

    @LOL: I’m so glad there are women like you who understand the pain us pretty girls go through every day! I know we could be good friends because you would be my number one supporter and you would understand even if you weren’t as pretty as me! In fact, I have long dark hair and my lips aren’t enhanced, they’re natural and women think I’ve got boob implants because they’re jealous. My nose is a little big and I’ve been thinking about getting a nose job, what do you think??

  24. 49
    GFW Says:

    @Gerry Butler’s low standards:
    He’ll be into those once he’s turned off, or can successfully manage, the negative voice cycle that he isn’t worthy of anyone but low-life traps.
    Until then, he might, sadly, keep up trending the same “type” that he can figure out in less than four minutes then lie to himself it’s “instant connection” when it’s “instant attraction” to a “type” he’s convinced himself he needs, which never existed in Scotland so that’s self told lie. Needing a “type” means he loves on condition which means start at the top and re-read.
    who won’t give up b/c he’s been there once so can return again

  25. 50
    GFW Says:

    A Freudian slip? (laughs) I meant tramps, like the peasant.

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