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Stacy Keibler: Dead Sea Bikini Babe!

Stacy Keibler: Dead Sea Bikini Babe!

Stacy Keibler covers her amazing bikini body in dirt from the Dead Sea in this new pic posted to her Instagram account.

“Love that I got to take a dip in the Dead Sea before I left. It’s unfortunate what is going on there now :(” the 33-year-old actress captioned alongside the picture.

After returning from her trip abroad, Stacy was spotted arriving at Barry’s Boot Camp on Tuesday (November 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The day before, Stacy visited a pal in Los Angeles.

15+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler out and about in Los Angeles…

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stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 01
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 02
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 03
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 04
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 05
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 06
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 07
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 08
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 09
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 10
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 11
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 12
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 13
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 14
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 15
stacy keibler dead sea bikini babe 16

Photos: FameFlynet, Instagram
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  • crap

    So know she is copying Bar Rafaeli? Now I think its wierd considering how supportive Clooney is of palestine

  • kels’

    her and bar really do nothing anyway great minds think alike.

  • david

    everybody with little bit of brain won’t consider even supporting that terror state of israel,for me even visiting that apartheid state is wrong and is against all human values

  • sam

    @david: yeh but americans are so brainwashed by their media that they really think israel is the victim in this story i kinda feel sorry for them since every political idea that they have is influenced by mainstream media with a zionist pro israel agenda.that do more harm to their country than good.and then they wonder why they are so hated in the world

  • ADAM

    @sam: i am an american and i am not influenced by mainstream media and i know israel is the bad guy of this story.but what can we do jewish lobby basically control our president and the congress and senate of course the politics will be in israel’s a lost cause.i just feel sorry for the palestinians

  • rose

    gross. eat a cheeseburger plz

  • Creed

    @rose: keep eating your fritos. This girl works for that hot body

  • danni

    ADAM and DAVID you are so worong!!!! hamas people (who represent palastian)are brutal and the have been shouting toward israel south for 11 years….so if you dont know facts, dont say anything…and cloony ist a plastain supportive….is much more smarter than that….

  • Sarah

    @danni: u r right. The Hamas r barbaric people. they’re destroying Gaza.

  • sky

    She looks best without much makeup. Natural and fit is her best look. Yes, her body is amazing! I just can’t imagine the unfit Clooney and her being intimate…actually, not that I want to.

  • Lara

    free palestine!

  • danni

    LARA I agree!
    we want palastian free….from hamas and from our support….no terror in gaza….better from all of us….and better from the world

  • rosi

    @danni: maybe if you give them back there country and freedom they will stop the hand made rockets that almost never killed anybody.and maybe if you stop practising apartheid on them and stop killing their children maybe then will finally be peace in the middle east, and the world will be a better place.but no you won’t do that because killing palestinian is kind of a sport for you in israel.sometimes i ask myself why we associate yourself with you

  • r&b mom

    It’s “unfortunate” what is going on there now?!?! That’s an understatement, Stacy!

  • shma isreal

    @Sarah: what? say what? are you crazy..are hamas the ones that bombing gaza and killing palestinian children? no its israel.from your name i understand you are israele .just wake up for the love of can’t continue the occupation of palestine for ever give them back their country and stop oppressing them

  • shma isreal

    there is no solution to the middle east problem because jews are racist by nature.they just hate other religions.they won’t say it upfront.but they think it .so other people blood just not equals their own,that’s why they have no problem killing palestinian kids

  • danni

    rosi @ which country do tou mean???? israel or gaza….
    gaza was given to them since 2005
    israel it is our state since 1948 (given by UN) and nobody can do something about it.
    they will live in peace in their land (gaza and west bank) when they will no send rocket to our country….
    israel it is our land….and we are not going to give it away…the UN recognize this country and palastain isnot recognize…and there is areason why

  • danni

    @shma isreal : what about israeli kids that have been killed by rockets
    since 2000(when hamas started shutting gaza)….in sderot and other south cities????
    we are not using childern as human defender

  • shma israel

    @danni: how many israeli children have died since the conflict in 2000?wait a minute it 0 childrens .600 palestinian children died from israele smart bombs on gaza since stop lying i know the numbers

  • rosi

    @danni: it’s not your to give.typical israeli way of thinking it’s called occupied land for a reason ,the palestinians are entitled to get their country back free palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital that’s what the UN says not me,just let them live in dignity in their own land.most of you are russians and european settlers that don’t have any direct ancestors in the holly land,shame on you israel.

  • danni

    @shma israel: a. know the facts!!!!!!! itsnot 0 its more
    just in 4/7/11 a israeli child was killid by shutting toward a yellow bus!!!!
    you can check in google and also see here,7340,L-4053699,00.html
    beside of that a children died in sderot…and not only children also inesant citizent
    b. when you say 0 childern you just making fool of yourself.
    c. its not a question of numbers….because the israeli doesnt you children as a human defender….so the children go to the shulter when they hears the alram

  • danni

    who are you to tell me and my nation that we are russian and thats why this land its not for us…
    im not from russha
    my grandparents are from east europe and some of them were killied in the hollocaost….
    and the other jewish are from:marooco,iran and other arabs countries that we are not welcome there
    and west jerusalem was given to israel by UN in 1948 and the east was given as an international area(not to plastian)…… this is our land and fight for this since 1948…and we will keep fighting!!!!

  • laura

    Guys, the point is: Hamas is a terroristic organization and works by spreading terror but making very few victims; Israel is a recognized brutal, apartheid, racist State, which violated hundreds of international laws and resolutions and which killed thousands of Palestinians.
    There’s no proportion in the number of victims: not that human lives count just as numbers, but in the last decades Israel made like hundreds more victims than the Palestinians. That’s it.

  • danni

    we are the racist….ok…whatever….
    arabs that lives inside israel state has 100% full rights….
    and they have very good life
    and some of them serve the IDF
    so dont teach me what is racist
    im as a jewish know what is racist….like south afrika to balck people, like us to black people, like germany to jewish, so please check the facts before you calling to my nation a racist

  • danni

    by the wat: what i was trying to say…
    that there are racist everywhere in the world(also in US)
    but it doesnt mean that everyone in Israel are racist…(as well as the goverment that im not supporter of them)
    and it doesnt mean that all the palastinian are nor racist!!!
    most of them are rasist to jewish

  • rosi

    @danni: and here come the holocaust card i been waiting for it, that doesn’t justify your occupation of palestine and the massive use of force against civilians as collective punishment policy against palestinians.maybe you should have learned to be more compassionate towards others because of the things that happen to your grandparents in the holocaust.think a bout it.

  • shma isreal

    @danni: lies lies and other lies.ok how many israeli civilians died since 2000 .5 civilians ,how many palestenian civilians 1900 palestenian civilians.and you are wrong its not a bout numbers it’s about human living being.and the thing is there land isnt just gaza and west bank its all of palestine with 1976 borders include jerusalem as its capital.give it back to them in then you will have peace.

  • danni

    if you dont think that israel should exsist..this is a holocaust card ….ok…so it be…..
    we are very patiant and i live near arabs in israeli mixed town like Ramla ,and they lives there in peace with the jewish population…
    if you didnt visit here you cant say anything about racist

    and i recomended you to watch Homeland…mabey you will understand that protecting human been it is not racist it just survivng

  • Noomi

    Are you kidding me? I cant believe all the HAMAS supporters out here. Israel never did anything wrong. They got Gaza from Egypt in 1967-fair & square. HAMAS is nothing but a bunch of militant terrorists who kept bombing israel from until Israel lost their patience. If you kick the Hornet’s nest, you will be stung. I cant believe how naive and ignorant the people are on here. Do your facts & research. ISRAEL ALL THE WAY!

  • Noomi

    btw. I lived in the middle east- Oman, Dubai and Saudi Arabia for 11 years before I came to America. If you feel like Israel is being the bully, go and live in the middle east where everyone who is an immigrant or American does not have rights or freedom and are oppressed daily by their muslim bosses’ and co-workers.

  • danni

    thank you
    for all the naive or “Bleeding hearts”
    you should come to the middle east and see how we lives with those brutall animales (not only in israel , also other counrties)
    this is Survival!

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    Ahhh….folks…THIS conversation is the PERFECT example for WHY there will never be peace in the Middle East. Each of you is wrong on certain points and each of you is right on certain points….BUT you can’t HEAR each other because you let HATE get in the way!

    As long as there is hatred in your hearts and I do mean ALL OF YOU…there will never be peace in the Middle East or anywhere else.

    STOP FIGHTING ABOUT GOD! Organized religion is the problem here! Everyone should be allowed to believe the way they want and live they way they want; without having to defend it constantly.

    “My God is better than your God” is ridiculous and ANTI RELIGIOUS and ANTI SPIRITUAL!

  • danni

    Ah…Bite Me! @:
    By the way im atheist
    and i hate Religious too
    if i have been Religious i wouldnt browse this web site….
    i dont belive in god i belive in people
    thats it

  • laura

    I didn’t say that every people in Israel is racist, I said that Israel as a State, as for its politics is very racist. Israeli is not synonym of jewish, jewish is an ethnic and religious identity, israeli is a political identity, so I’m not speaking about religion.
    I know that arabs who have the israeli citizenship live better than the others, but the problem is that the majority of arabs don’t have it, and their life is hell. This is racist, this is apartheid.
    What the jewish people (which, again, is not synonym of israeli) suffered in the past doesn’t make them innocent for whatever they do know.
    Criticizing the political action of the State of Israel doesn’t make you automatically an antisemitic.

  • cici

    Very patient of what??? You are occupying what’s not yours (the westbank).
    I visited and that’s why I speak.

  • laura

    “see how we lives with those brutall animales”
    At least be coherent!!!

  • Myth Buster

    You have been fed too much Israeli propaganda. You seem very hazy about your own history and about the conflict in general. But then again what do you expect when you have a man who lead the Qibya massacre which killed 69 civilians 2 thirds were women and children. Was then directly responsible for the massacre of up to 3,500 refugee civilians. Even your own leaders tried to get him to stand down as a result of this massacre. Was about to be tried for war crimes but the case fell through when the main witness was assassinated. YOU THEN ELECTED HIM AS YOUR LEADER

    Sorry, what is the meaning of terrorist?

    And you keep talking about human shields. Stop throwing stones at glass houses. Your army has admitted to your High Court of Justice that you too have used human sheilds

    Look into your own history with an open mind, you will find out why this has happened, and maybe when you treat others like human beings you may find a resolution. You treat them like animals and then expect them to lick your boots

  • Charlotte

    Oh, no more grinning, what happened?
    Her hair looks oily and her facial expression is evil, are we honoured to put up with Keibler’s real face finally?

  • Kris

    Hamas, Mujahideen (in Bosnia), Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hezbollah’s all the same shit …

  • Myth Buster

    They got it from Egypt fair and square? LMFAO especially when you critize others for not knowing facts. Maybe you should actually read a bit into the subject you think you know so much about

    Israel has been in breach of numerous human rights violations, illegal land grabs and massacres for over 60 years so don’t tell me they are the good guys in this.

  • Myth Buster

    Whereas the others you mentioned have a hatred for westerners and does not tolerate any other religions, Hamas are doing this to free their own country, to get some dignity and to have the same rights that every human being on the planet deserves.

    Sure they are not best political group that the Palestinian people deserve, but because of the way they are treated, and the way they are ignored by the western world, they are getting more and more angry and frustrated each day, each year, each decade. If they are not blowing things up, Israel treats them worse and the world ignores them more

    I am sure your opinion would change if the world suddenly decided to do the same to the US and return the country back to the American Indians and treated you the same way as the Palestinians have been treated

  • nemo

    wow, Stacy isn’t the brightest star in the sky, isn’t she?

    as for Hamas… well, they terrorise their own people:

  • Myth Buster

    Thank you for the laughs nemo. That was the funniest and stupidest documentary I have ever seen. The film makers were so incredibly ill-informed about every aspect from the history of the region to a culture outside America.

    I loved their shocked and puzzled looks when another culture do not have the same values as Americans. They really thought Gaza was going to be like going to downtown LA. The stupid comment about the building permit and the excessive force was just laughable. I got the giggles when they were going on about how primitive their means of disposing unexploded bombs were and the drama that they made of it. That was the point when it really came to light was that they had no idea about the blockades, and their summary at the end just made the entire documentary so funny

  • Myth Buster

    Go onto you tube and type in

    Locked in: Life in Gaza Parts 1 & 2
    Occupation 101 – the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    Truth About Israel – American Media Won’t Tell You
    How Israel Erased Palestine Off The Map with USA 39th President Jimmy Carter

    For some reason I cannot post the links