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Chris Evans: 'A Many Splintered Thing' Beach Scenes!

Chris Evans: 'A Many Splintered Thing' Beach Scenes!

Chris Evans and his co-star Michelle Monaghan film scenes for their new film A Many Splintered Thing on Tuesday (November 20) on the beach in Malibu, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor was seen sharing some big laughs with Michelle while shooting scenes for the flick about unrequited love that motivates a guy to write about his experiences.

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Chris‘ girlfriend Minka Kelly was spotted on Wednesday (November 21) taking her trash out before a trip to the gym.

20+ pictures inside of Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan on the beach…

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chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 01
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 02
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 03
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 04
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 05
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 06
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 07
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 08
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 09
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 10
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 11
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 12
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 13
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 14
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 15
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 16
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 17
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 18
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 19
chris evans a many splintered thing beach scenes 20

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  • Robsten_Fan

    This girl is so much better for him than Minka… ;)
    Just saying… :)

  • Gretchen

    Oh god when I saw both these sets of photos come out (which was 2 days ago, you’re a little behind JJ) I knew they were going to be posted together on here, as if Minkas workout is somehow relevant to Chris’s work day. I actually have no problem with Minks but really?? Minka going to the gym isn’t breaking news

  • meh

    It is unfortunate that every time your write about Minka, it is not about her working but being someone’s s-perm receptacle.

    He will wise up soon enough and dump her. Her face and lower body are off putting.

  • homodawhopper

    why is niki mjanaj famous?

    she/he has no talent

  • BettyBoo

    Again JJ, it’s almost the same post from yesterday with these two. I guess when you’re not working like Minka, you’re gonna need something or someone else to keep you relevant.

  • BettyBoo

    @Robsten_Fan: YEP!……….but she’s married.

  • silla

    stay with the trash so we wont smell your stinka pinka
    Buy longer trousers miss cankles

  • soccerplayers!

    this is ridiculous!! Chris is starting to look really but really ridiculous, this girl minka will destroy his image, right now he’s a clown!

  • fanny

    Minka looks depressed..I guess it’s because she is not really Chris’ girlfriend.

  • Angela

    If any of you are really Chris fans you will know he doesn’t care much about PR. He said so himself on that GQ interview he did back in 2011 when he invited the journalist who did the interview to his going away party while his publicist was saying not to do so. He is the type of guy who doesn’t really care about negative comments out there. If he is happy let him be. Plus, I really dout Minka is going to have any negative impact on his career. They even dressed up as Clearance and Alabama for halloween. Like hello? people!! He’s got to be in love for him to do that corny stuff. So fan girls, stand back and let our new Bonnie and Clyde be happy!

  • Agent Bond

    Of course Chris Evans doesn’t give a $hiz about his fans…that’s why a lot of them are dumping on him.

    Btw, in that movie Clarence marries hooker Alabama. What a parody of Chris’s real life, but this one has Minka as his real life hooker. Chris does stupid $hiz like that all the time.

  • Angela

    @Agent Bond: Oh Please! She is a hooker because she has tried to have a successful relationship and failed? Don’t we all date for a while until is time to get serious? Or did you find true love on the first try? Plus, Chris has been around the block a few times too so I think this make things even for them.

  • me

    @Agent Bond: I know for some of you he’s a bit tainted because of that girl association, but take at look of this adorable vid to remind you all how sweet he is.

  • me

    @Angela: He might be not care with PR but his team do care.. a lot (though i think he cares otherwise he wouldn’t hire a publicist in the first place). If the report is true that they share the same publicist, well, i guess their publicist is hitting the jackpot with whatever nature their relationship is. You have a literally unknown “actress” with questionable acting talent as one of your clients and another client is emerging A-List actor, and they are spotted hanging out and kissing. Ding, ding, ding! Sounds a good PR to me. What is the fastest way to elevate the status of the unknown actress?

  • mia

    bizarre bixarre ;)

  • mia

    A list actor?
    A-list means that you can open a movie with box office success and have first script reading. There’s 3 (or 4) in that category like Chan Tatum, perhaps Bradley Cooper… and of course you have oscar nominees like Ryan Gosling or Gyllenhaal or stars like Chris Hemsworth who is now working with Spielberg as a lead . And not to forget Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg etc..

    Evans is of course not remotely in that category.

  • Angela

    @mia: I agree.

  • Angela

    @me: It doesn’t matter if she’s an “unknown actress” because he is not an A-lister himself! And what is so wrong about sharing a publicist or making money as a couple or helping each other with their careers? Relationships are 50/50!

  • me

    @mia: Mmmm… so you think Avengers & Captain America are not box office success? & I wouldn’t put Jake Gyllenhaal & Mark Wahlberg in that category as well. if you ask people around the world, from child to adult, between Evans and one of the face of the actors that you mentioned, who will they recognize? Gosling is a charismatic and uber talented actor but he hasn’t proven to carry a box office movie. So whatever…

    @Angela, i never said it was wrong. Please read my post once again.

  • Lisa


  • soccerplayers!

    @me: you compare chris evans to ryan gosling??!!??? are you serious?? are you on drags???? everything @mia said its true they all are better actors than chris is, i live in europe and no one but no one knows who chris evans is, Captain America is just Cap america, no one knows his real name.. aka Chris unknown Evans!

  • pimp kris

    @Angela: You’re such a dweeb! Chris would always dress up for Halloween. Last year he dressed up as a hip hop artist with his friend. It’s no big deal, He didn’t dress up for Minka you idiot!. He doesn’t give a shit about that ‘actress’. Her friends always tell her that Chris is ‘playing with her’ He is in no way serious about her. So Like Hello didn’t you get the memo?

  • Gretchen

    @Lisa: Just because she disagrees with everyone’s opinion doesn’t make her a troll… You’re the one who sounds a little imbalanced. The majority of the commenters on here dislike Minka because she ruined their delusions that Chris was gonna wake up one day and decide to fall in live with self concious 30 yr old frequent JJ commenter. And why does everyone on this site act like JJ is The Wall Street Journal or something? This site is not that serious, it wouldn’t exist if attractive white women stopped going to gym. I think Chris is significantly more famous than a lot of people are implying but I’ve been a fan of his for awhile so I’m probably biased, and I agree that Minka is a terrible actress but most people don’t date based on how well they do their jobs…they’re both two attractive people who BOTH have a sexual history filled with celebs but Minka is the one who’s not getting away with it because how DARE a woman enjoy sex. If Minka was a frumpy looking nobody you’d all be telling him to upgrade so let’s all stop pretending you don’t like this relationship because you care SO much about Chris and act like you’re one of his close personal friends. None of us know either of them

  • sports fan
  • Lisa

    @Gretchen: Gretchen you are a mole. You are the one who is clearly delusional. What makes you so sure that chris is even in love with her? Are you going to plan their wedding too? Oh and BTW I”m 23 years old and ALOT hotter than that ho! And how dare you say that dear Jareds’ site is not serious. There are a lot of people who take their gossip very seriously tsk tsk. hypocrite!

  • BettyBoo

    I can’t help but LMAO at some of the aguments on this Minka/Chris topic, how about everyone just relax and chill out. I can’t stand this chick but some of your aguments are ridiculous. I used to like Minka, actually i really liked her when she first started dating derek jeter. Thought she was cute, seemed sweet and down to earth from interviews. However when i met jeter my idol she was with him and being total b*tch towards myself and other yankee fans who were just excited to meet him. Maybe she was having a bad day idk, all i know is that i never looked at her the same again. Also i didn’t like the comment she made right after jeter and her broke up. That being said i will always have some sort of dislike towards her, add that with her bad acting and being more famous for her dating than her actual work.

  • Gretchen

    @Lisa: I never once said they were in love and i even mentioned I’m not huge Minka fan. I personally don’t think they’re relationship will last but I don’t resort to calling her ugly or a “hoe” because A. I’m not blind and if she’s considered ugly half the women in America are borderline gremlins, and B. I don’t slut shame and as I mentioned Chris has probably had just as many sexual partners as her if not more, so if we’re gonna call people hoes lets not be sexist about it.