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Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was arrested Thanksgiving morning following a fistfight with the actress’ current fiance, Olivier Martinez, at the actress’s California home just before 10 a.m.

Gabriel, 36, was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A. with fractured ribs and bruising to his face. Olivier, 46, injured his hand and neck.

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Halle Berry

A judge issued an emergency protective order to keep Gabriel at least 100 yards away from Halle, their daughter Nahla, and Olivier until Dec. 3.

Yesterday, Gabriel was seen taking Nahla to a movie at The Grove in Los Angeles. Halle was spotted with her manager Vincent Cirrincione and her daughter Nahla on Thanksgiving Day following the arrest. Both sets of pics below!

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176 Responses to “Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl”

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  1. 26
    Pao Says:

    Team Aubry!!

  2. 27
    Go Ask Alice Says:


    So true.
    1-Martinez needed to say nothing nor be there to recieve the child who is not his child.
    2-Halle is crazy. She ahs issues from her abusive, absent,father who eventually abandoned her and her mother and sister.
    In all of Halle’s relationships, she ahs sought out men who were abusive or needed to “be repaired.” If they were not this kind, then every relationship has ended with her slaming, defaming the guy as abusive, crazy, etc.
    See gabriel Abury.
    Oliver Martinez is next up. Wait two-three years. She is going to go after him as him he were criminal #1. I can headlines now, Oliver Martinez , she beleives, tocuhed her child inapraopriately, …or desciplined her child….abused her and forbade her from leaving France.
    3-Speaking of France, with this , even though Aubry won the battle to keep his child in the states, Halle will be at the judge tomorrow to clear the way for her move to France. Aubry messed up here when he won.
    Halle wants that man, the child’s father to have parental alienation and no contact , relation ship with her father forever.
    4-Garbiel Aubry is a good looking, rich, pretty man with no brain. No attys’. What kind of lawyers does he have?
    He should never see Halle. Don’t even look at her in a magazine or tv commercial.
    An atty. and nanny should pick up the child and bring the child back to Halle. He should never be at Halle’s house. Never be around Halle.
    See Halle has a restraining order ASAP of 100feet Gabriel Aubry has to be from her, her house, Oliver Martinez, and Nahla Aubry.
    So , in other words, Gabriel, as of now cannot see his child. It will take months, weeks for him to see that child. Now, Halle will say he is abuisve, ..Oliver wants to press charges, Halle is in fear of her life and that of Nahla….Garbiel ahs a temper….etc. Halle is going to the bank with this. Gabrile goofed up.
    tmz has more to the story than justjarred does.
    Very sad.
    Alec Baldwin, who should not have said those awful things to his daughter, who was being a brat, thoughtless little girl, but parents do that sometimes. Thing is Kim Basinger gladly and gleefiully sent the girl’s cell phone to her lawyers faster than the clock struck one and they relased it to the media.
    NOW, today, after Alec had to publically apologize to his daughter, but to the public, the people in Malta, the Hollywood Oscar committee, etc, LOL, and still fight to see his child, that child is a smart, 17 yr. old who wants her father. Was at his wedding. Likes his new wife. Wants to be with him.

    Best to Gabrile Aubry.

  3. 28
    marlanni Says:

    Gabriel you silly man they set you up…bet you anything they planned the provocation because HB lost out to you….should have just walked away.

  4. 29
    child please Says:

    Gabriel is Kevin Federline 2.0 He should go get a job!!!! Why does he think halle should pay him to keep his daughter? He has no shame. He/s mad that he’s old and washed up and she’s clearly moved on. At least now he has a legitimate reason for not working since he let himself get beatdown.

    Buahahahahaha. Sure Halle is crazy but this guy is a deadbeat trying to use his kid like a lotto ticket. He dated Kim Kardashian. WHat does that say about him?

  5. 30
    amanda Says:

    kind of sounds like this gabrielle guy was set up by halle and oliver. didn’t she want to move to paris and it was denied, now this. halle and this dude olliver seem pretty shady.

  6. 31
    flipper Says:

    noone took the words right outta my mouth.
    Halle is nothing to fight over.
    Dumbest excuse for being arrested…ever!!
    Did this really happen?????

  7. 32
    HotMessInAWalmartDress Says:

    @marlanni: I think they set him up too! This whole thing is staged, Halle is fighting dirty! Not cool Halle!

  8. 33
    Pepper Says:

    Does everyone personally know these people? How do you know these things? Was there a book? What did I miss?

  9. 34
    dooliloo Says:

    Clearly G. Aubry doesn’t care about his model face as he seemed to get his hands dirty..? Dude don’t mess with a French dude who squints his eyes like that, now you know it means he don’t play!.. Better challenge him on a Zoolander power look and catwalk contest or something…

    Joke aside all of them are acting like jerks, and for once hands tied I can’t even defend Aubry on that one.. He should’ve made a better call given the recent circumstances of Halle not being granted her wish to move to France, of course she’d be even more bitter. So no despite it all, he’ll only blame himself for what happened here sorry… For the sake of a child they can’t behave as civilized people? Nuh-uh..

  10. 35
    Mary H. Says:

    @Wish: Attractiveness comes from within too, that’s probably what the commenter meant. She seems to have an ugly personality.

  11. 36
    Trish Says:

    Aubry fractured his ribs? Not surprising, considering Martinez comes from a family of boxers.

  12. 37
    marina Says:

    Crazy. That Olivier dude broke a rib to the father of his future step daughter. He was a boxer, he had an advantage over Nahla’s father, regardless of who started the fight.
    I suspect Halle and Olivier are not playing fair.
    Also, As I understand, Aubry was not asking for money at the beginning, but since these legal fights started and are an everyday occurrance, he asked for money, just as many other women and men ask do. Or it is shameful when a woman asks for money from her ex for the children?

  13. 38
    X factor Says:

    Team Gabriel!!

  14. 39
    Amanda Says:

    Boycot all her movies because she is CRAZY! How spiteful can one woman be? Gabriel did what any frustrated father dealing with his child’s mother would do in the same position. How hurtful it must be to be told off by the man your ex-girlfriend is trying to replace you with. His patience was definitely pushed past its limit. But I hope this doesn’t do anything to affect his custody battle.

  15. 40
    Journalistic Says:

    Halle Berry is bat-**** crazy

  16. 41
    see Says:

    so the frenchie will have to move to france himself now, after some jail time possibly, because since when is broken ribs a fair self defence strategy?
    the provocative nature of halle can not be overlooked either, the tempers must run high with both halle and her boyfriend, since they were just denied a move to france
    so halle and him was looking for a fight, they provoked baby daddy, who must be in hell, over havign a daughter with a woman who is selfish and vengeful
    the kids needs her dad more than a mom like halle
    if the judges can’t see how she is at fault, and how she provokes and creates this mess and willfully angers her daughters father, tehn i don’t know where common sense went….

  17. 42
    From Paris with Love Says:

    :O wasn’t expecting that! that is really sad especially right on a family holiday.
    It’s fishy that it happens just AFTER Halle didn’t get what she wanted… Hard to take sides but my gut tells me team Gabriel, oh who knows, these people are all craycray to get together in the first place.

  18. 43
    Rachel Says:

    I know that two grown men should know better than to fight but i feel so bad for Gabriel.

    Halle is trying to keep his child from him and is allowing Nahla to get photographed with Oliver at any possible chance. I’d get pissed if i saw my kid with someone acting like their parent.

    Halle Berry is just vindictive and vile.

  19. 44
    hawehaveitnow Says:

    This stuff follows halle berry. Shame on her for trying to take the daughter out of the country and away from her father. Every relationship she has the same pattern…. How come Oliver was not arrested??I guess money helps,.

  20. 45
    Lisa Says:

    Gabriel is such a dead beat! Out of work, getting child support while he sits on his a**. Then he instigates a fight and get’s the S*&$ beat out of him and still get’s the middle aged white woman vote for father of the year. LMAO Too good. Ugh, I hope that unstable person is not allowed to be near Nahla… not like he can support her without Halle’s money. I knew he was a dead beat when he pushed the nanny when she asked him why he wouldn’t take Nahla to school. I can not stand a dead beat, I guess Gabriel can only push women around but when it comes to a man he get’s his a&* handed to him. I’m happy they got restraining orders on that prick. GABRIEL is such a VIOLENT LOSER.

  21. 46
    LoriLori Says:

    @lola #14
    Yes! Because she hypnotized both men and told them to fight. Stop blaming women for the decisions of mature and ADULT men. Trolls man. JJ should seriously consider moderating his site. These trolls just do too d*mn much on here.
    This needs to be repeated, the Halle haters see Freeloader Gabe as a Saint.
    and Lou@#22 — ITA

  22. 47
    Barbara Says:

    Olivier is a trained boxer…and how can the witness to the brawl speak to the police, both men were speaking in French to each other. Gabe got arrested because Olivier made a citizens arrest on him. Though how could he, he isn’t a citizen lol

  23. 48
    Ellie Says:

    I bet halle berry set this all up to keep Gabriel away, just like she wanted. With all the fame/power/money i’m sure it’s possible for her to succeed. Makes me sick.

  24. 49
    LooseLipz Says:

    Halle is a nasty person. I’m not condoning the fight between the men, but somehow I picture her evil plot instigating this.
    She baits Gabriel, pisses him off so that he reacts. All in hopes that a judge deems him unable to co-parent.
    The child is the one who will suffer the most.

  25. 50
    Greenieweenie Says:

    Hahahaha…but he’s Canaaadian…we’re too nice for this! Mais il est français aussi donc ils peuvent discuter en la même langue…they can fight in French together. I don’t know why but this makes me laugh…shows the mentality here! Boys, you’re not 22 anymore. Sounds like an argument over thanksgiving!

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