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Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was arrested Thanksgiving morning following a fistfight with the actress’ current fiance, Olivier Martinez, at the actress’s California home just before 10 a.m.

Gabriel, 36, was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A. with fractured ribs and bruising to his face. Olivier, 46, injured his hand and neck.

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Halle Berry

A judge issued an emergency protective order to keep Gabriel at least 100 yards away from Halle, their daughter Nahla, and Olivier until Dec. 3.

Yesterday, Gabriel was seen taking Nahla to a movie at The Grove in Los Angeles. Halle was spotted with her manager Vincent Cirrincione and her daughter Nahla on Thanksgiving Day following the arrest. Both sets of pics below!

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    a 100% sure Halle must have instigated something to make Gab look bad so she can take his daughter away from him. Gab can’t be stupid enough to intentionally go looking ffor a fight when he know how sensitive his daughter situation is.
    The lengths this woman can go to. wow.
    She seems like a cunning, vindictive woman.
    He should have full shared custody, not just visitations!
    Her daughter is going to see the truth when she grows up anyways so why fight it.

  • Lisa

    Gabriel is such a freaking LOSER geez, some advice for him would be to get a freaking job already and stop being violent… like a child throwing a tantrum

  • mh

    @Jess: Shut up. It says Oliver tried to make peace with the LEECH. Looks like he is a big Sissy and can’t fight.

  • lulz

    you would never see that at Meryl Streep’s house, definitely

  • mh

    @Pepper: Because they believe everything they read and have no LIFE.

  • ugh

    halle berry is a disgusting person – after she wasn’t granted full custody of her daughter she pulls this???
    last week she also lost the right to re-locate her to france… i just seriously cannot deal with this woman — she really shouldn’t have custody of nahla when she pulls this kind of sh*t..
    we all know she called the cops on purpose just to shame G.A and get her way

  • straitjacket

    whadya expect fom Miss Hit n Run – TWICE – herself. that and her track record says it all

  • ugh

    @Pepper: blind item – halle berry is known for being a manipulative woman who keeps trying to shame gabriel aubry, saying he’s a horrible person and father – court documents were released when they realized she was lying.

    @mh: and yet here you are reading it!!!

  • KC

    This behavior is not healthy for the child. They all need to act like grown ups already and put their differences aside.

  • jen


  • http://dlookingo rachel

    halle is crazy.

  • Please. Nice try haters!

    Do not take the posters here posting negative stuff about Halle’s love life seriously. Most are racist black males and females who are deep into their “communities.” They are still seriously angry to see Halle Berry in Hollywood dating and having children outside her race. Some of them “pose” as Caucasians who seem to support Aubry, but don’t be fooled. If you could peak into their windows, you’d see for yourselves.

  • kami

    i feel so sad for little nahla. she’s going to be so messed up from all this stupid crap.

  • ..

    @Please. Nice try haters!: NO ONE is talking about her love life, they’re discussing her as a parent.. there is a difference

  • jlp

    halle ‘s nuts & olivier stop trying to be Nahla’s father, make your own baby.. The judge doesn’t let u take nahla to france.. deal with it. stop playing dirty

  • Shame on Halle

    She is a selfish shrew! I believe as others that this was nothing more than a setup and he was trapped because they caught him at his ropes end. No man or woman who as been drug through court over someone trying to take their child/children needs a lecture from the new man or woman, that is grounds for a beat down! Halle should have been outside to pick up Nahla, not Oliver! What the hell was he out there for in the first place. Yes, he lives with her but Nahla is not his daughter. I know there are those who hate Gabriel but why, when all this man want is to be in his daughter’s life as his blood right to be her father. Something Halle promised him and after she got what she wanted, she wants to take it away from him. She is a complete nutter and it makes me so mad to see this drama play out in the tabloids. The one in the end who will regret all this will be Halle. Because if she succeed in removing Gabriels parental rights, or if he volunteer his custody rights to her because of this, trust me when Nahla becomes an adult she will see all this and Halle will have to answer to her as to why she did this to her.

    As I said before, if Halle wanterd just a sperm donor she should have purchased sperm from a sperm bank or adopted. It’s already knowledge that she approached that interior decorator Nate from Oprah’s show to be a donor but told him she didn’t want him to be in the child’s life and he refused. He said he couldn’t do it because he would want to be in the childs life. So when that didn’t work she wooed Gabriel Aubry because he fit the bill for genetics and now she wants to get rid of him, and Gabriel is not playing her game so she’s pissed! I hope the judge smell her out for the fraud she is.

  • showfaroff

    Gabriel is unstable & his history of “illness” is well documented. He’s brawls with paps, called Halle n*gger, & kicked the nanny. He chooses not to work to get $ from Halle. He “wins” his case to keep Nahla in CA, despite clear logic for her to move away from the paps (which poses no interference with his relationship with her; he would live on Halle’s dime, speaks French & as a model can work from anywhere). He goes to Halle’s & his reaction to an olive branch is a brawl, in front of Nahla, on Thanksgiving? His emotional damage runs deep. Perhaps his background is relevant. Halle may have relationship issues but works on solutions by not staying in bad ones. Is Gabriel the saint -martyr, nope. This is the crack in the armor that people will start to see. The doting father is an act & Nahla is his prop. Has he cared for anything in the past? Relationships? A pet? A plant? It’s easy to blame Halle because she is famous, but the real story is Gabriel’s “dark passenger”

  • BTW

    Oh you black people here are so hung up and racist!

  • BTW

    The moderators are having fun again I see with these posts, probably from the same person, just to keep it going.

    I’m out……

  • Halle’s no saint

    For those who are calling Gabriel lazy and shunning him for suing for child support money from Halle, I say to you it’s her fault! She thought she would dragged her baby’s father through the court system and break him financial that he would give up. When that didn’t happen she tried to claim that Nahla was accustomed to a certain lifestyle that Gabriel couldn’t provide to Nahla while she was in his care. So with that the judge said okay, I am not taking away his rights and since you want your daughter to be in the same lifestyle as in your home when she is with her father, BAM CHILD SUPPORT!! Also, since you keep draggin this man back and forth in court you will pay for his legal fees. Hey, a man gets the shaft all the time because so why can’t woman. We women want to be like a man so therefore the same rules should apply in these circumstances.

    As I see it Gabriel is the woman who is fighting for her children while her ass#o!e of an ex wants to take them away from her because he makes all the money and he has a new young piece that he wants his kids to call mommy! See no difference just the gender is turned around.

  • martha

    Sad for the child. Who knows what happened…..but…..suspicious that Halle was just denied total control. Human nature usually makes the loser hateful and vindictive. Gabriel seems a loving father. I pray that child did not witness this.

  • justme

    that is a setup Olivier you turned is coming

  • Manny

    What a f*cking mess. Poor Nahla. She seems to be the most grown up in this situation. Damn shame…

  • Manny

    Btw Martinez is slimy.

  • msimmonsva22

    well she better enjoy the drama in her personal life because no one is paying to see Halle Berry in movies anymore

  • noone


    I didn’t say anything about her worth. I just stating an opinion. Next time you attack someone try not to look so much into their comment. It seems she is a negative person to me just like others have written. Obviously, you did not notice that I said she is in amazing shape.

  • noone

    @Mary H.: Yes, that is was I meant. She seems very shady in interviews and in her actions. I’m not trying to attack anyone.

  • Danielle

    That poor little girl. None of these adults seem to have an ounce of class. No, Halle’s not responsible for the actions of these two grown men, but she has made the details of their custody battle extremely public in the past in order to turn people against Gabriel. If she had any genuine concern for her daughter, she would keep these things private. And Gabriel and Olivier are no better for getting violent over the situation. Nahla would be better off living with grandparents than any of these so-called parents.

  • Alexianna

    Women hating women starts in High School and just gets worse. So sad. Men stick together on everything and probably laugh at how women attack and judge each other.

  • lulu

    An I am mad @ the judge 4 not letting me move with my kid on Hell-e, and Olive’s part . She is one twisted sister, a whack job if u will. I pity any man that has ever gotten involved with this beauty who authentically is a BEAST! To all the other men on the planet if she sets her sights on U, RUN VERY FAST!

  • lulu

    Hell-e used gabriel 2 give her a kid, then when she was done using him she tried to pay him to go away, only he wanted his kid more. now she is mad as hell-e that she can’t go and play house with someone else peaceably. Awwww poor dat, i dont pity her. she needs a straight jacket fast!

  • @Ina_Angel

    So when he eventually kills Halle you’re all going to cheer him on? You need help, all of you, it’s not normal to take the side of the abuser! What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Sweetness

    Why all the hate and blaming Halle for the dumb A** actions of Gabriel.
    It’s real simple drop your daughter off and leave..He didn’t have to even get out the car just bring the daughter to the door and say good bye to daughter and GO. If he strikes another person it’s assault. That model is a loser. He has nothing else going on in his model life. How embarrassing he gets beat down on Thanksgiving Day.


    Guys don’t be surprised that Martinez , a well known gold digger who speaks french like Aubry does . has run his bad mouth to provoke aubry.
    We know that French people from the south like Martinez know how to be extremely upsetting,

    Guess that Halle is all very happy about that as the brawl to place at her home, she is kinda presumed to be the victim.
    Don’t be blinded, she and her french “ are uspset not being allowed to move to French where Martinez wants to open restaurants with HAlle’s money
    Nahla is a tool used by her mom to please her own interest not the ones of her daughter.

    Aubry might has a hot temper but he loves his daughter and it would be criminal to separate them both,
    Please note that halle is screwed in her brain….wasn’t she abandoned by her father .
    Aubry might have been a not so good hubby but he is a good father to halle.
    Halle used Aubry to carry a nice baby in a her womb
    She didnt go for casimodo for asperm donor!


    MArtinez is a walking !

  • llws88

    I love Halle…but shes a shady woman! At the end of the day, I see she wants her child to remain fatherless just like her….can Halle please tell us how that has worked out for her all these years?



    Come one that not the issue here, Dont make it a war of sexes .
    IT s about nalha and halle/martinez dying to leave for france and getting stuck here in the usa .
    The need a good reason to prove that aubry is a dangerous person that should be as far as possible from nalha.

    Thereare many ways to initiate a fight.
    Aubry and Martinez speak french both and I guess insults were flying.
    Martinez small rat was extremely viloent, didnt he break several aubry’s ribs. The dwarf wanted to prove he can fight


  • April

    Why doesn’t Gabriel get a job and stop using Nahla to scam money off Halle for his lifestyle. If he truly wants to share custody of his child, he would do what is in the best interest of the child even if it meant moving to France. But no, he is only interested in living off of Halle and claiming he wants to share custody. If Halle was a just another poor working single mom (without resources) he would be totally out of the picture.

    No respect for any man who can’t pull his own weight and takes money from a woman (especially a single mother) to care for his own daughter. Truly shameful is what this guy is and that ‘s why he got his @$$ handed to him by Olivier. Now he will probably try to sue claiming his face has been marred so he can no longer find employment as a model. Total scam artist is what he is. Can’t wait to read Nahla’s tell-all when she grows up. It’s insane how many people are defending him as he is such a loser.

  • marina

    Wh did Halle had a baby witha man that has muche less moneynthan hers? Se must have thought that he could be bought out of custody, or that he would grow tired of being a dad, just like her dad did.
    What a sad situation. The best for heris to have both of them, even apart, not to move to France.

  • urbigfatass


    because martinez and halle berry lured gabriella into the act of violence, it was all planned, they set him up , and gabriella took the bait and went bonkers on turkey day, now he is the real turkey boy. he dumb turkey

  • urbigfatass


  • O

    omg get over it, obi gabriel has to ruin a holiday by fighting for no reason, models are real winners



    He is called to court evry single morning!
    Well he might be a little lazy but damn that s not good reason to cut himoff from his parent’s rights.
    He is a good dadd to nalha, MArtinez alost killed him!

    Over all this story is sad for both parties here, I don;t think halle is satisfied neither aubry,
    Maybe they should go back together and stay for good.

  • Nyc, fashionista

    @Amanda: dumb c@nt! Two adult men fight and you blame Halle?! Who right thinking man making his own $$ as a successful model will drag his child’s mother to court demanding $ to maintain a lifestyle?! Get your facts together – Gabriel is known as a gold digger who likes the flash and fame! Halle has moved on – so should he!

  • betty

    If Aubrey was dropping the kid off it was not Martinez place to say anything it’s called knowing boundaries that’s how altercations occur when one step out of line..

  • Hmmmmm???

    To:@Nyc, fashionista: So what you’re saying is Gabriel should pretend he doesn’t have a child and move on with his and let Halle be the victor in screwing over the father of her child?? WOW!! Also, it is Halle that keep dragging him into the LA Court system because she is a selfish hag.

  • haha

    @Kim: I’m thinking the same thing. After losing the court battle to take the daughter away to Paris, Halle probably plotted to provoke Gabriel, so that he lose the custody of the child. Now the court will see Gabriel as a violent man, and may grant Halle to move to Paris. Unbelievable. Oliver, you’re next…

  • Ginger

    I’m wondering if Halle and Gabriel were fighting over Gabriel not spending much time with Nahla during the holiday and it let to a bigger argument which led to both men fighting each other?

  • minamu

    No one posting here knows anything about these people’s lives. I think Halle should be allowed to move to France with Nahla, as long as they can work out a visitation schedule. After all, Aubrey is a model who works all over the world, and Halle certainly has enough money to ensure that Nahla is able to visit her father. I think Halle has been getting the short end of the stick. Why does she have to pay $20,000 month child support to a successful male model. She needs to get some better lawyers. As for being crazy, I haven’t heard anything about Halle being crazy. She’s an Oscar winning actress who seems to have a lot of discipline in her life. She takes care of herself. She seems to be a good mother. She deserves happiness as we all do. She’s been in abusive relationships, but she seems to be trying to figure things out, and she leaves abusive men. One man hit her and made her lose her hearing in one ear, another one was a sex addict. Why is this her fault or reason to judge her? Olivier seems the best man she’s been with yet, so she seems to have grown. I don’t know why this brawl occurred, other than that tensions are certainly high after the court ruling. I don’t know why Aubrey would start a fight after winning the court battle, that seems odd, but it will all come out eventually. The reality is that when people with kids break up, if the custodial parent remarries, things change. I agree with Olivier, they have to move on. I see no difference between Halle moving to New York versus France, given the financial situation. I think she has a bad judge. Certainly Aubrey has rights, but she also has the right to move on with her life and try to find happiness. So, I guess, team Halle and Nahla and Olivier.

  • Anne

    @minamu: I’m with you!!!

  • ha!

    my comment along with a few others have been deleted, ahahaa you know halle crazy berry has been reading this thread