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Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was arrested Thanksgiving morning following a fistfight with the actress’ current fiance, Olivier Martinez, at the actress’s California home just before 10 a.m.

Gabriel, 36, was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A. with fractured ribs and bruising to his face. Olivier, 46, injured his hand and neck.

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Halle Berry

A judge issued an emergency protective order to keep Gabriel at least 100 yards away from Halle, their daughter Nahla, and Olivier until Dec. 3.

Yesterday, Gabriel was seen taking Nahla to a movie at The Grove in Los Angeles. Halle was spotted with her manager Vincent Cirrincione and her daughter Nahla on Thanksgiving Day following the arrest. Both sets of pics below!

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  • kim

    Something fishy is going on. Her petition to bring her daughter to France gets denied and then a week later her baby daddy gets in a fight and gets a restraining order? Poor Gabriel.

  • CLu

    Mmm, that sounds hot.

  • Marieme

    This is sad for that little girl. I have no idea what the drama is between Halle and Gabriel all I know is Halle is a constant source of drama and trouble all on her own. Somebody tell me why Olivier even want to be with her? Between the injuries, stalking trouble, fights, I mean what else! Both parents ought to be have been in therapy to work out these issues. But I’m sure Halle preferred to fight rather than make peace with her ex. JMO.

  • nina

    Halle is beautiful! Another World famous Triangle?? I think the father of her daughter is jelous because he still love her! Never expected she would date a hotter A list Man like Olivier!

    Men are the same all over the world. Whe they dump a woman they want them to suffer!

    Go Halle my Black Queen!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    why do they keep provoking Gabriel? Halle needs to stop it!

  • tamsinissmart

    I dont want to see any movie WITH HER AND PAY her solary with my tickets
    She is just evil person who wants with all her money keep daughters father away from them
    She is provacativ
    Hoppfully she will get karma back

  • taylor

    how the hell are people blaming Halle for this??!! Stop being so sexist.

  • Kilem

    Puhleez….it was a CITIZEN’S ARREST – by dirtbag bf Olivier. Clearly another ambush.

  • April

    @April: So my comment is awaiting moderation is it? That’s makes it clear whose side you are on Jared. I got two words for you and it ain’t Mery Christmas.

  • Sarena

    No matter what Gabriel does it is always someone else’s fault…Wow he is violent and somehow this is Martinez and Halle’s fault??? Because he is a loser so HB isn’t allowed to date??? hmm when baby mama acts like that you call them crazy but when Saint Gabriel does it, is always someone else’s fault. HB if you are reading this get a f*&cking awesome lawyer and pay him/her Sh*&t load of money to get rid of this groupie baby daddy loser before you lose your life and your child. See Heidi Klum dumps her husband and dates her bodyguard who is with her children more so then their father and no one is throwing a punch and Seal isn’t asking for $$$. See the difference trolls???

  • mixup

    here she go starting trouble this time with Olivier. One word for OLIIVIER your not nahla father

  • it’s a trap

    Just like last time, all we hear about first is Halle’s version of the story and all the potential witnesses are her employees, how convenient. But her first attempt didn’t work out. How come last time, when Gabriel according to HER SIDE allegedly pushed the nanny or whatever and he was supposed to be a neglegting/abusive father, how come the court still sided with him?
    That’s right.

  • ladyb

    To those who say that Gabriel does nothing; first of all he is a model. That’s who Halle Berry chose to be with. If she thought models don’t do much, she should not have been in a relationship with him in the first place. He is what he is and has being the same person she chose to have a baby with. It’s like a man marrying a stripper and then resenting her during the marriage because she flashes for other men. She has no right to complain. She chose him and had a baby with him. Treat him with respect.

  • thele

    ok, there seem to be a lot of people obsessed with her and can share so many expert knowledge about her…guess u all live next door and see her daily BIG LOL !

  • set up, duh

    Set up by Halle Ho and her Frog boxer Prince—duh. Gabe walked right in to that one:

    1.Will these charges be dropped like all the others.

    2. Someone needs to tell her FP to get a better dye job-LOL

    3. He’s to friggin’ ignorant to know he’s been used as one of Halle’s lapdog tools:

    -David was stuck paying off Playboy to print photos of Halle, her court costs from the married white dentist who tried to sue Halle for $80K (charges dropped) who she screwed figuratively and literally when she was getting her start and teeth done, her racking up his credit cards etc. We know how that ended.

    -Eric missed the Grammys for Halle’s fender bender #2 which Warren Beatty and Oprah got her a reduced sentence. We know how that ended.

    -Gabe baby making …crisis in the making. We’re watching it now.

    -Martinez being led by his schlong by Halle Ho –soon to be kicked to the curb like the others once Halle has no use for him or he’s done with Halle’s bs. Frog Prince watch your back–don’t tell me you haven’t been warned.

    4. Karma will eventually/continue to bite Halle, Martinez , her slimy manager and dumber than owlshit PR gal because of all this. So much for Halle’s bs psuedo damage control about ‘she never wanted have St Gabe out of Nahla’s life”.

    5. Again Martinez being stupid and bad dye job. HIs choice being used. BTW if you do marry her, the sex stops just ask her exes and her gay/bi closeted in-vitro donor baby daddy?

    6. How can he do a citizen’s arrest when he’s not a citizen?

    7. Do you think TMZ is not telling us everything?

    8. Do you think Gabe/his lawyers will file counter charges?

    9. Will Gabe ever write that alleged 6-figure tell-all trash novel on Halle and exposing all of her lies including him really being gay?

    10. Is it too late for Gabe to grow chones and start playing hard ball regardless of karma?

    11. Still don’t see the Judge reversing his decision–desperate immoral ruthless c**tish people do desperate things.

    12. Still don’t see Halle and her Frog Prince getting married or being together much longer. Not an issue of if, it’s an issue of when.

    13. The list goes on and on like the Energizer bunny.

  • yo forgot

    @set up, duh: you forgot her alleged abortion/s in high school and the one Vince told her to get when she got knowcked up right before the Flintstones. Yes I do really have inside sources for all of my claims.

  • ummmm

    halle berry is pimping out olivier martinez’s injuries all over the news today – he has a bruised hand.. thats it lollll.. i cant deal with this woman — the only one she’ll hurt in the long run is their daughter.

  • yes ladyb

    @ladyb: Halle keeps forgetting that she chose him, she pursued him, she tried to pay him off since day one, and that it’s not about her as she only cares about herself. Can’t wait for more egg on her face while OM is bored in the US and wants to go home.

  • Marie

    Halle is pimping out her child (for gowd’s sake!!) to act annoyed when the paps arrive (the same paps Halle called).
    She attacks or allows to attack her kid’s daddy??
    Get real and stop this madness Halle.
    You’re losing it.
    You have a child that needs her real dad.
    And you have an ego that wants to prevent that, at all costs. Why??

    Wake up Halle.
    You’re acting very wrongly here.
    And it is not a movie where you can yell CUT and re-do the thing.
    Your so called protected child will suffer immensly if you continue like this.

  • ick

    Martinez is one nasty looking dude.

  • hollyhoe

    Could these Hollywood prickteases stop???

  • martha

    When “defending yourself” you end up with a bruised hand. Your attacker ends up with broken ribs and a head injury. Even with a boxing background. ….logical thinking…did the defender have any wounds… I’m thinking there is more to this. I was team Halle…I am now team Gabriel. Until Gabriel is able to tell his side….for all we know he was ambushed.

  • ISaidIt

    @Anne: You are a jealous person. Its absolutely outstanding that even in a case such as this Halle Berry somehow gets blamed/ attacked. The dude came to her house and punched her fiance and somehow she STILL gets hated on. #AMAZING?

  • ISaidIt

    Wow. How in the Heck are you people able to spin this story to somehow make this Halle Berry’s fault. Is it just COMPLETELY unreasonable and out of the question to even consider for a moment that the man who came over to her house and punched someone in the face is the person that is WRONG? Thank goodness the police aren’t as ridiculous.

  • ISaidIt

    @Sarena: THANK YOU!! I feel like Im taking crazy pills over here. What is up with these people? At this point I believe Gabe could burn her house down and get caught doing so on tape and ‘somehow’ it would STILL be Halle’s fault?

  • ummmm

    @ISaidIt: check out the news online, he seriously only has a bruised hand, he held it up to the cameras

  • the wrath of Halle

    OLIVER SHOULD STAY THE F**K OUT OF IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Imagine the wrath of Halle if Gabriel dared have another woman involved in their daughter’s life, have another woman live half the time with their daughter, have another woman wanting to move their daughter across the ocean, have another woman being photographed with their daughter the very same another woman telling Halle to move on and what not. All hell would break loose.

  • ISaidIt

    @Pepper: No you didnt miss anything . People on this site just HATE Halle Berry with a passion. Gabe could literally shoot her in the face and burn her house down and it would somehow be justifiable by the folks on this site. Its like the twilight zone. Its pretty scary actually.

  • oblivious fans

    @ISaidIt: funny, all that so called undeniable violence from gabriel from the start yet the court still doesn’t drink Halle’s kool-aid. Makes you wonder.

  • Go Ask Alice

    No, I think the postings here say BOTH, Halle and Gabriel , have been wrong.

    Oliver M. too. He is not the child’s father. he needed to see, say nothing to Gabriel A.

  • TEN

    Halle is evil Letting the boyfriend open the door to the father is nasty.
    I would punch a guy trying to take my kid from me too.
    I feel for Gabriel. It’s 2 against one with the kid in the middle.

  • Leni

    None of us knows the situation, but it seems like Gabriel just wants to see his kid. Which is nice, considering a lot of dads don’t care that much.

  • betty

    I remember when Aubrey dated Kim K I read don’t no whether it was true that Halle didn’t want her child near Kim but Halle can choose whom she wants around their daughter. Halle is vindictive because she wants Aubrey out of that kids life she turned against him after he dumped her and said he wanted to date others since marriage was not in their future.and he is younger. Since their breakup there has been one incident after another and Halle has tried every legal maneuver to discredit him as a father and she is wrong wrong wrong. Her track record with men isn’t good and that kid father needs to be there for her.

  • WhatATool

    The Halle haters are UNHINGED complete HATE FILLED NUTS pretty soon they will blame her for the weather.

    So True:
    @ISaidIt #125
    @Sarena: THANK YOU!! I feel like Im taking crazy pills over here. What is up with these people? At this point I believe Gabe could burn her house down and get caught doing so on tape and ‘somehow’ it would STILL be Halle’s fault?

  • Yolden

    How is this her fault? In what was said on the news it was the two guys going at it, not her. Hope everything gets resolved fast for the sake of that little girl – having to witness something like that is awful.

  • http://Comcast Toni

    Halle may be pretty on the outside but when she has a problem it is always somebody else’s fault. It starts with boyfriends,husbands her car accident where she just took off afterwards and got away with it of course. I feel sorry for Gabriel, he loves his daughter and he will fight for her but Halles money will probably win out.

  • neoprene

    Why now?

  • betty

    e@WhataTool No one hates Halle just her actions she chose to have a baby with Aubrey and went to great lengths to do so though unmarried. Aubrey has rights also and third parties should keep their distance especially knowing the touchy situation it has been instead of a peacemaker now he’s being confrontational Aubrey was arrested because the two of them said he started it whether he did or not. He is a good father to the child and that’s all should matter. That child will hate Halle if she tries to alienate her from her father. The fighting was wrong but Halle attitude toward the father is also wrong.

  • security tape

    Security tape (if camera was on ) may prove Aubry innocence and charges dropped?????? If so, will charges or a lawsuit be brought up against Martinez and /or Halle?

  • Barbara

    This woman is shameless and her arm candy isn’t any better. They tried to play Gabriel one way and couldn’t, now they’re doing this. It’s disgusting. really disgusting

  • Johan

    @lola: thank you.

  • Jameson

    Its Halles fault!!! Everything in the world is her fault!! Black Friday is her fault! Global warming, Iran, The assassination of Lincoln was DEFINITELY her fault, The Salem Witch trials, yup that was her too! Romney not being elected was ALL B/C of Halle Berry! Theres a man in Taiwan that robbed a bank just moments ago and he did it b/c of Halle! Shes an evil evil woman. She must be stopped! *Note ridiculous amount of sarcasm*

  • Richandblack11(Obama and Bey)

    Yass Halle , I love a messy ISH

  • Raven

    Yall sound freakin ridiculous. You are blinded by your hatred of this woman. Hate her all you want but don’t be a fool. The indictments that a lot of you are making in regard to this being a “set up” and her fault are so strong and unfounded? Why is it difficult to accept that Gabe simply should not have punched that man.

  • Irene

    So…. Halle has had a stalker, and she complains about paps intrusion in her life, she MUST have security cameras on for her protection and her daughter’s. Would not be funny if the cameras did not film the incident?, if they were off?
    Gabriel has not has a history of violent temper at work and Halle was calling him “her rock” before they broke and before he went out like 2 times with Kim Kardashian, after that, it all was legal fights from Halle trying to discredit him.
    I read somewhere too, that a designer at Oprah’s channel was invited by Berry to father a child with hr years ago, before Aubry. She wanted only his donation, but he told her that if he had a child, he would lie to be involved, to be an actual father… So that did not work out and see where are we today…

  • OM’s family (Halle /Nahla)

    He was heard referring to Halle and Nahla as his family making an early liquor run at 7:30 am

  • Klarice

    OLIVIER USED TO BE A BOXER, Gabriel is stupid if he thinks he can win over him in a fight

  • Donte

    REALLY, I guess Gabriel’s best bud Tom Welling will have to bail his broke friend out of jail. What a LOSER!!!

  • Sophie

    I would be pissed off too when some bitch wanted to take my child away!

  • LOL

    Pretty boy got his **** BEAT by a man 10 years older than him. Thats what he gets for not knowing who he was swinging at. Olivier is and comes from a family of boxers SMH Stupid Model