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Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was arrested Thanksgiving morning following a fistfight with the actress’ current fiance, Olivier Martinez, at the actress’s California home just before 10 a.m.

Gabriel, 36, was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A. with fractured ribs and bruising to his face. Olivier, 46, injured his hand and neck.

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Halle Berry

A judge issued an emergency protective order to keep Gabriel at least 100 yards away from Halle, their daughter Nahla, and Olivier until Dec. 3.

Yesterday, Gabriel was seen taking Nahla to a movie at The Grove in Los Angeles. Halle was spotted with her manager Vincent Cirrincione and her daughter Nahla on Thanksgiving Day following the arrest. Both sets of pics below!

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  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    She’s a drama queen. Her history with men indicates that she has issues and she still hasn’t figured it out. She’s just dragging everyone into her vortex of crazy. So sad.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    There are other places to live not just LA or Paris. Lots of actors have very successful careers living in between NY and Paris. Honestly, you see photos of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s kids, Suri Cruise, the Afflecks, the Damons, a bunch of celeb kids and the parents aren’t running away to another country. It’s just her way to inflict maximum pain on Gabriel. She wants to hit him where it hurts.

    If she wants to move to Paris then the judge should order that she pays for the Gabriel and Nahla’s travel expenses to see each other. And he get generous visitation.

  • Sarena

    @Irene: Irene sweetie easy on the obsession and take your med. It sounds like you were in a bedroom with Halle and Gabriel when they got knocked up lol

  • Sshine

    Halle and Oliver should be ashamed of themselves. Making Gabriel out to be dangerous for Nahla’s safety is the clear definition of PARNETAL ALIENATION. With what we know in today’s psychology. Get along for Nahla’s sake. Oliver isn’t her father. Nahla has the right to have a relationship with both of her parents without the two of them hating eachother. Don’t use your child as a pawn. There the ones who suffer and are torn up inside emotionally. Their kids and they won’t be able to articulate that to you until they are adults.

  • DLP

    Team Aubry!!!

  • Check IN


    What does here appearance have to do with the altercation between these two men????
    Whether she is attractive or not attractive is totally irrelevant Or what shape she is in?
    The word shallow is in the dictionary.
    What happened here will likely never come to a true light by the media.
    Sad for the child who may or may not be attractive or in good shape……

  • Check IN



    And you know this because?

  • unknown

    I tell you why Halles BF wasn’t arrested it was a set up that’s why. She will get her wish after all to get custody of her daughter so she can go live the glamorous life in Paris with her soon to be new hubby. She def is going to lie and so her Olivier. That’s what she wanted and now she will get it. I hope she is satisfied, well of course she is she got her way.

  • Jasmine

    @Tazla: It won’t matter if Gabriel threw the first punch.
    And I bet anything that not one of you would hold the same opinion of her if she was fully white. Or if Oliver was. Or if Gabriel was of a different race/ethnicity. It’s absolutely disgusting how racist attitudes and stereotypes still exist today.

  • not wise at all

    this happened just because Gabriel wants his rights over the kid back.he is such a great father.i`ve seen so many pics of them(Nahla&Gabriel) in the park,or he took her to school,etc..Halle is a stupid woman.

  • Guest10

    Well I guess now everyone will believe Eric Benet. David Justice, Christopher Williams, and company that Halle has issues. They were labeled “Angry Black Men” and everyone sided with Poor, innocent Halle. I’ve heard for years that Halle Berry was crazy.. Remember she left the scene of a “Hit and Run”. Gabriel was nothing more to her than a sperm donor and she thought once she had her baby he would just go away. She met her match.

  • not true

    @unknown: not going to happen—from my expert friends who have worked on family court cases in LA —they cannot get the ruling overturned. If she keeps up her parent alienation tactics she could lose custody.Plus public opinion is that Gabe was set up big time. No matter how Halle spins it she’s not going to Paris or marrying her chain smoking, binge drinking cock-of-the-moment with a bad dye job.

  • meeeeeee

    @child please: He is not a dead-beat. thank you! a dead-beat is a man who does not have interaction w/or do anything 4 his child. If that’s what you see, it’s b/c Halle made it that way. & 2nd, he has a job. He’s a high paid model. & Y is he wrong for collecting a check; I guess he should just sit back and suffer like most men being pulled away from their children in these child support cases; while Halle acts like she’s the only one that laid down and made Nahla. If she’s gonna be a bitch, he can 2. GET THAT MONEY, GABE!

  • msirene

    I pray that the real truth will come out, which will show that Gabriel was being set up. Pics of Halle and Olivier together over the past week clearly shows that there is also some tension among the two of them because Olivier looks like he is unhappy/disguisted (probably because of the outcome of the court hearing which denied Halle’s move to France). People are always taling about Halle’s paying Gabriel, but I honestly believe that she must be paying Olivier, as well, to help destroy Gabriel. After all, Olivier’s net worth is way, way less than Halle’s, although it’s more than Gabriel’s. I’ve never seen a “boyfriend” take so much interest in trying to destroy a girlfriend’s child’s father. Why? I’m sure that Olivier must be sick of Halle, and wants to get out of this situation, which is getting crazier by the minute. I have lost all respect for Halle, for allowing her boyfriend to intervene with her child’s father. This is wrong, wrong, wrong!

  • Maria

    Gabriel Aubry is jealous of Olivier and still angry because Halle wanted to move to France…he threw the first punch-big mistake-Olivier boxed as a welterweight and his father was also a boxer-Gabriel just got his ass handed to him-it’s been said he has a very short temper which was an issue between him and Halle too
    I only hope Nahla did not witness any of it!

  • Maria

    I hope Nahla didn’t witness this.
    If Gabriel threw the first punch, he made a a big mistake-Olivier boxed as a welterweight, and his father was also a boxer, so Gabriel got his ass handed to him. It was said before that Gabriel has a short temper, but looks like he better watch it before he hits Olivier again!

  • msirene


    What makes it her fault is that she (halle) is allowing her boyfriend to attack her child’s father, instead of advising him to stay out of her business with the child’s father. Olivier has not rights to say anything to Gabriel. He is not even married to Halle and is not a “stepfather”, just someone that is screwing the child”s mother. I wouldn’t be suprised if Halle was paying him to help her destroy Gabriel. In the past, it seems she has used her wealth to “buy” people for her own benefit.

  • msirene


    If Olivier was defending himself, why did Gabriel end up with a broken rib, and cuts to his face? I didn’t know it, but someone said that Olivier was a trained boxer. Seems to me that he caused more injury to Gabe and should have charges pressed against him. In the first place, he should not have been approaching that child’s father about ANYTHING!

  • British Latin American

    @Jasmine: You are a racist idiot? And how is Olivier not white?

  • Love The Shoes

    @lola: Thank you! I’m hoping with all my heart that these nutty posts are indeed just bored provocateurs with sadly nothing else to do (they think) with their time. It will be seriously messed up to learn that these are indeed true feelings of females no less. What the H did Halle Berry ever do to any of you to be so negative and vile and just stupid about a situation you really have no clue about as do I? I bet they also blame Rihanna too.

  • Love The Shoes

    @msirene: Well dumb Dora, it’s like this: People get into a fight and sometimes someone gets their ass kicked and this time it was Gabriel. Since HE came to their home and the police blotter states he took the first swing, I’d say he made a serious error in macho judgement and ended up with a beat-down and the evidence in the form of not only a black eye, but an order of protection against him to prove it. Now, I’m quite aware of how minds like yours work and so I fully expect an appropos response like “but Halle probably paid off the cops” in which my retort would be; ‘you’re actually dumber than Dora, who knew?!.”

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …I hate Halle now.

  • msirene

    @Love The S

    @Love The Shoes

    Olivier in no way should have been allowed to say ANYTHING to Nahla’s father. He’s just some “has been” that’s “doing” the mother who thinks he has rights over Nahla. They (Oliver & Halle) are living in sin! If she could close her legs long enough and act like a lady, none of this mess would be happening. She is behind all of this. And as far as being dumb, you pretty much sound like a pile of trash!

  • Feng Shui

    My brother suggested I may like this website. He used to be entirely right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t consider simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  • cindy

    i am so upset at ms berrys behavior , she and gabriel were blessed with this adorable little girl and to keep her from her dad who cearly wants to be i her life is shameful ! look at her past she has made several bad choices i am sick of her playing the victim and the judge who is on this case should she past her vindictiveness and let gabe see his daughter equally , unless good reasons not to but all i see is her negativeness arouind , so please dont keep her from her dad her what a shame that would be

  • Veronica

    I don’t hate Halle Berry I don’t even know her but I do believe she is the problem and that this situation was a setup orchestrated by Halle/Oliver in order to keep Aubry away from his daughter. I’m just keeping it real and calling it like I see it and Halle IMO is a very selfish mom if she cared about her daughter at all instead of herself she would grow up and stop keeping father and daughter apart because of her own issues. Its wrong to keep a father away from his daughter and its selfish I mean who does she think she is she didn’t create Nahla alone the little girl has a dad. Gabriel Aubry has every right to be in his daughter’s life regardless of what Halle wants this is not about her this is about Nahla and she has a father who wants to be apart of her life and he has that right because his her dad. Its a big mistake to seperate a father and daughter you don’t ever I mean ever keep a father away from his child. I just hope the courts see this crap for what it is and I hope Aubry continues to fight for himself and more importantly for Nahla. Don’t ever give up on your child. Oh and Oliver needs to stay out of this mess this is none of his business he has no rights in this mess Nahla is not his daughter and she never will be I can’t stand it when one parent desperately wants to erase the other parent like they don’t exist its not right and you can’t do that.