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Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl

Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was arrested Thanksgiving morning following a fistfight with the actress’ current fiance, Olivier Martinez, at the actress’s California home just before 10 a.m.

Gabriel, 36, was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A. with fractured ribs and bruising to his face. Olivier, 46, injured his hand and neck.

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Halle Berry

A judge issued an emergency protective order to keep Gabriel at least 100 yards away from Halle, their daughter Nahla, and Olivier until Dec. 3.

Yesterday, Gabriel was seen taking Nahla to a movie at The Grove in Los Angeles. Halle was spotted with her manager Vincent Cirrincione and her daughter Nahla on Thanksgiving Day following the arrest. Both sets of pics below!

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176 Responses to “Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Hospitalized After Olivier Martinez Brawl”

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  1. 126
    ummmm Says:

    @ISaidIt: check out the news online, he seriously only has a bruised hand, he held it up to the cameras

  2. 127
    the wrath of Halle Says:

    OLIVER SHOULD STAY THE F**K OUT OF IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Imagine the wrath of Halle if Gabriel dared have another woman involved in their daughter’s life, have another woman live half the time with their daughter, have another woman wanting to move their daughter across the ocean, have another woman being photographed with their daughter the very same another woman telling Halle to move on and what not. All hell would break loose.

  3. 128
    ISaidIt Says:

    @Pepper: No you didnt miss anything . People on this site just HATE Halle Berry with a passion. Gabe could literally shoot her in the face and burn her house down and it would somehow be justifiable by the folks on this site. Its like the twilight zone. Its pretty scary actually.

  4. 129
    oblivious fans Says:

    @ISaidIt: funny, all that so called undeniable violence from gabriel from the start yet the court still doesn’t drink Halle’s kool-aid. Makes you wonder.

  5. 130
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    No, I think the postings here say BOTH, Halle and Gabriel , have been wrong.

    Oliver M. too. He is not the child’s father. he needed to see, say nothing to Gabriel A.

  6. 131
    TEN Says:

    Halle is evil Letting the boyfriend open the door to the father is nasty.
    I would punch a guy trying to take my kid from me too.
    I feel for Gabriel. It’s 2 against one with the kid in the middle.

  7. 132
    Leni Says:

    None of us knows the situation, but it seems like Gabriel just wants to see his kid. Which is nice, considering a lot of dads don’t care that much.

  8. 133
    betty Says:

    I remember when Aubrey dated Kim K I read don’t no whether it was true that Halle didn’t want her child near Kim but Halle can choose whom she wants around their daughter. Halle is vindictive because she wants Aubrey out of that kids life she turned against him after he dumped her and said he wanted to date others since marriage was not in their future.and he is younger. Since their breakup there has been one incident after another and Halle has tried every legal maneuver to discredit him as a father and she is wrong wrong wrong. Her track record with men isn’t good and that kid father needs to be there for her.

  9. 134
    WhatATool Says:

    The Halle haters are UNHINGED complete HATE FILLED NUTS pretty soon they will blame her for the weather.

    So True:
    @ISaidIt #125
    @Sarena: THANK YOU!! I feel like Im taking crazy pills over here. What is up with these people? At this point I believe Gabe could burn her house down and get caught doing so on tape and ‘somehow’ it would STILL be Halle’s fault?

  10. 135
    Yolden Says:

    How is this her fault? In what was said on the news it was the two guys going at it, not her. Hope everything gets resolved fast for the sake of that little girl – having to witness something like that is awful.

  11. 136
    Toni Says:

    Halle may be pretty on the outside but when she has a problem it is always somebody else’s fault. It starts with boyfriends,husbands her car accident where she just took off afterwards and got away with it of course. I feel sorry for Gabriel, he loves his daughter and he will fight for her but Halles money will probably win out.

  12. 137
    neoprene Says:

    Why now?

  13. 138
    betty Says:

    e@WhataTool No one hates Halle just her actions she chose to have a baby with Aubrey and went to great lengths to do so though unmarried. Aubrey has rights also and third parties should keep their distance especially knowing the touchy situation it has been instead of a peacemaker now he’s being confrontational Aubrey was arrested because the two of them said he started it whether he did or not. He is a good father to the child and that’s all should matter. That child will hate Halle if she tries to alienate her from her father. The fighting was wrong but Halle attitude toward the father is also wrong.

  14. 139
    security tape Says:

    Security tape (if camera was on ) may prove Aubry innocence and charges dropped?????? If so, will charges or a lawsuit be brought up against Martinez and /or Halle?

  15. 140
    Barbara Says:

    This woman is shameless and her arm candy isn’t any better. They tried to play Gabriel one way and couldn’t, now they’re doing this. It’s disgusting. really disgusting

  16. 141
    Johan Says:

    @lola: thank you.

  17. 142
    Jameson Says:

    Its Halles fault!!! Everything in the world is her fault!! Black Friday is her fault! Global warming, Iran, The assassination of Lincoln was DEFINITELY her fault, The Salem Witch trials, yup that was her too! Romney not being elected was ALL B/C of Halle Berry! Theres a man in Taiwan that robbed a bank just moments ago and he did it b/c of Halle! Shes an evil evil woman. She must be stopped! *Note ridiculous amount of sarcasm*

  18. 143
    Richandblack11(Obama and Bey) Says:

    Yass Halle , I love a messy ISH

  19. 144
    Raven Says:

    Yall sound freakin ridiculous. You are blinded by your hatred of this woman. Hate her all you want but don’t be a fool. The indictments that a lot of you are making in regard to this being a “set up” and her fault are so strong and unfounded? Why is it difficult to accept that Gabe simply should not have punched that man.

  20. 145
    Irene Says:

    So…. Halle has had a stalker, and she complains about paps intrusion in her life, she MUST have security cameras on for her protection and her daughter’s. Would not be funny if the cameras did not film the incident?, if they were off?
    Gabriel has not has a history of violent temper at work and Halle was calling him “her rock” before they broke and before he went out like 2 times with Kim Kardashian, after that, it all was legal fights from Halle trying to discredit him.
    I read somewhere too, that a designer at Oprah’s channel was invited by Berry to father a child with hr years ago, before Aubry. She wanted only his donation, but he told her that if he had a child, he would lie to be involved, to be an actual father… So that did not work out and see where are we today…

  21. 146
    OM's family (Halle /Nahla) Says:

    He was heard referring to Halle and Nahla as his family making an early liquor run at 7:30 am

  22. 147
    Klarice Says:

    OLIVIER USED TO BE A BOXER, Gabriel is stupid if he thinks he can win over him in a fight

  23. 148
    Donte Says:

    REALLY, I guess Gabriel’s best bud Tom Welling will have to bail his broke friend out of jail. What a LOSER!!!

  24. 149
    Sophie Says:

    I would be pissed off too when some ***** wanted to take my child away!

  25. 150
    LOL Says:

    Pretty boy got his **** BEAT by a man 10 years older than him. Thats what he gets for not knowing who he was swinging at. Olivier is and comes from a family of boxers SMH Stupid Model

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