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Jennifer Lawrence: Thanksgiving Bikini!

Jennifer Lawrence: Thanksgiving Bikini!

Jennifer Lawrence slips into a bikini and enjoys Thanksgiving with her brother Blaine on Thursday (November 22) in Maui, Hawaii.

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Yesterday, the 22-year-old actress was spotted in a blue bikini top while hanging out with Blaine again. Jennifer is in town to work on the highly anticipated movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She was also spotted taking a stroll with her mom Karen.

Earlier in the week, Jennifer was seen in a maxi dress while strolling through Honolulu.

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  • asn

    why is she with a bodyguard on the beach? lol

  • thick

    walking next to a big guy makes her look a bit smaller

  • anna

    @thick: are you insinuating that she’s big????

  • xax

    more of her brother.

  • http://firty yesgirl

    I little chubby

  • georgia

    i wish i had a body like hers! her stomach is amazing!


    no one wants to see your untoned body Jen….yuck

  • sookie

    @asn: read first before say anything.. it makes you sound stupid.. back to school..

  • rikki

    her body is very average to me. this is not what i could call “chubby.” you people should seek help


    @rikki: Jen called herself obese…she is kind of fat…deal with it

  • Chiara

    fat pig

  • sarah

    What a nice (hot!) family! I like that she is still spending her vacations with her family!

  • Creed

    Her body is fine.
    However, I stopped being her fan after she made those STUPID comments about thin girls looking like Prepubescent boys. Im not even that thin, but for someone to put down another group of girls in order to make themselves feel good is unacceptable.
    It is just as mean to call a girl who is naturally thin or a girl who is thin because of thyroid problems a “Prepubescent Boy” just as to call a fat girl a whale.
    REAL women do NOT need to put other girls down.

  • san

    @Creed: that’s the reason i really don’t like her. She always think she is good and perfect than anyone else. She can’t control herself to keep saying the bad thing and make her so annoying. This girl is so stupid.

  • Creed

    IKR! She is so narcissistic, you would think as someone who has openly expressed that she has felt uneasy because of her (apparently big) body size, She would make sure no other girls would feel bad. Instead she just puts them down.
    I honestly have NEVER heard a critic call her fat, I only read one (very postive) review saying that she looks to ‘Womanly” to be playing a starving girl, which makes sense tbh, Its like if Christian Bale should up to the set of “The Fighter” looking the way he did in Batman.

  • ^_^

    I really like her body
    ok may be she’s not skinny,but not fat
    it’s perfect and remember she’s not a model

  • Sara

    I like her because she doesn’t starve herself. I know that some girls are like Mia Waskivska, Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart. but some girls in hollywood don’t eat.

    she is fine with herself. Honestly, I think Victoria Secret girls should have the same body than her.
    Jennifer is a real woman. I always thought Victoria Secret girls are too skinny.

  • re

    After she made a transgender joke on Ellen I really don’t like her. She comes across as very uneducated.

  • Ed

    Her brothers are chubby like her.

  • Beta

    @Ed: her brother aint chubby, lacks some muscle definition but nonetheless he looks good

  • guest

    @ Sara – Jennifer is a real woman? What is that supposed to mean? A 22 year old millionaire actress who works out everyday so that she can fit into sample size dresses does NOT represent real women.

  • Lola

    @sookie: Come again. Look at the pictures before you comment. It makes YOU sound stupid. There’s a body guard in the fourth, sixth and eight picture. You go back to school.

  • Sara

    @guest: I am body type. for god sake…. I am comparing with Victoria Secret models.

  • RupertSanders

    Chubby Girl should not be cast in Hunger Games…what a joke

  • Avi Kenian

    @Sara: They are fine. Why are you comparing Jennifer Lawrence with the Victoria Secret models and vice versa? They are models, and jennifer is an actress.
    The Victoria Secret models are not scary skinny. They are very lean and obviously keep themselves in shape.
    They are very pretty and so is Jennifer. Infact The Victoria Secret Models put most american women to shame and so does Jennifer.

  • Creed

    @Sara: Don’t be jealous of Victorias Secret models. THEY ARE MODELS. They work very hard for their bodies. Models arent meant to look like normal girls they are meant to look like what girls want to be.

  • You people suck

    The funny thing is everyone one this blog is probably a fat ugly pig and nowhere good looking as these people. Both jen and her bro are hot.

  • mich

    Looking good but but much better as a blonde

  • M.

    Wow, Jennifer looks gorgeous, very lovely figure. Brother Blaine is quite fine himself!!. Btw, Silver Linings Playbook is wonderful and Jennifer is amazing in it…get that Oscar, Jen!!.

  • M.

    Amazing…. the people who make the negative comments (they are the SAME people who make the SAME comments every single time there is a post about Jennifer Lawrence)…the same two or three people making the same comments every time. My God, how uneventful (not to mention obsessive and creepy) must their lives be if you feel a compulsion to write the same comments about an actress that you don’t know. I think the pathology is common…it’s called jealousy….raging, irrational jealousy. Pity them.

  • SuzieQ.

    Jennifer looks beautiful, her figure is very sexy. The brother is mighty hot! (LOL!).

  • ana

    @M.: Well, it’s nothing to what her fans say all the time.

  • amy

    My god! People are such haters these days. Get over yourselves!

  • D


    If you read the whole articles or if you pay attention to her comments about super thin actresses; she makes the comment about how Hollywood (the industry) puts pressure on certain woman and how they change their whole physic to obtain a roll and in the process they make themselves sick and small-kid-looking.

    Also she defends how she is not going to starve her body to give an image that is wrong for all the girls that want to be like their idols just to have a roll since it is wrong.

    That I know she has never say anything about young girls that are natural thin or sick for that matter.

  • G

    @Lola: She doesn’t work out everyday to fit in dresses her roles in movies require her to be in top physical condition.Do some research before you make a mean comment about someone you don’t even know. Don’t you think famous people hear enough of this crap to begin with.