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Anne V: Bikini Beach Beauty!

Anne V: Bikini Beach Beauty!

Anne V shows off her flawless bikini body while hanging out on the beach with her dad on Friday (November 23) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 26-year-old model has been hitting the sunny beach this past week for a Thanksgiving getaway! Check out her other bikini pics from earlier in the weekAnne looks stunning!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Anne V

“Okay #BlackFriday shoppers…what are the best deals out right now???” Anne posed on Twitter that same day. What are you buying on black Friday???

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  • plz

    Is she really a model? Because I dont think shes well-built. She looks a bit wide and big to me.

  • RupertSanders

    Who is she? How much is she paying you to post her

  • A

    @plz: You are sick. No wonder young girls develop body issues.
    You don’t have to like this model, but don’t even dare call her “big” and “wide” when she is damn near skeleton-like.
    That’s her shape, not fat. And she is very thin, there is no fat on her.

  • L.C.

    Just Jared had a black Friday discount for desperate fame addicted nullities and poor Anne V bought two in place of one posts here. She is trying to sell her cheap persona to somebody new. Her parents must be proud. She’s a nobody trying to become somebody by dating. And she’s done as a model. Getting old, thick, still butterface. But keep paying for exposure Anne. Some Hollywood actor in need of a beard may hire you. It’s all you can achieve now.

  • Sara

    She is so toned! I wish I had her body type.

  • plz

    @A: I didnt say fat. I said big (big-boned!!) and wide. So please, read carefully before speaking.

  • sea

    @A: and you are not much better saying that she is a skeleton.

  • Huh?

    I am shocked by such hateful comments on here. I may have missed something that she has done that has caused so much hate.

    I think she is a lovely young woman enjoying a vacation with her parents.

    Is this all because she used to date Adam Levine. Do all models who have dated rock stars get comments like this? I’m missing something.

  • G

    saline ups

  • A

    @sea: I said damn near skeleton-like and I stand by that comment because she is extremely thin and if she gets any skinnier she will be “damn near skeleton-like”. I didn’t say she is Now.

  • A

    @plz: She’s not big boned or wide, have your eyes checked.

  • Julie

    Well she has a nice body but to be honest she is nobody and should not have a story dedicated to her. She is dating in order to get herself some form of celebrity and for status, which means that she is not as homely and smart as Adam made everyone believe. And what sort of woman says that she doesn’t use any protection in a very public interview. If you have any self respect you just lie anyway. Also what’s up with Adam’s new girlfriend, she looks so immature, he needs someone who will take care of him not be a child who constantly needs a dad figure, which Adam looks like because she looks like 15.

  • V

    Love her. She’s so versatile, she’s an amazing model

  • Jennifer

    Behati isn’t attractive either, but it’s obvious who the Behati fans are on this story. Why should they care enough to be here?

  • jr23564


    A nobody? You clearly don’t follow the fashion industry. She’s been working since 2002 and has quite the resume. Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting such hateful things. It’s easy to sit behind a computer and talk down about someone who’s in the public eye. And she dated ONE person who was well-known. And since you clearly listened to that Howard Stern interview, you would’ve also known that Adam was the one who chased her, not the other way around.

  • Jennifer

    Anne has been in the fashion for far longer than her affiliation with Adam. If she were that much of a famewh0re, she would be with another famous guy already. I highly doubt it’s because she can’t get men’s attention. It’s always been my observation that Anne loves what she does for a living. Her career is first. Whatever problems she and Adam had are their business. She shouldn’t have to follow him all over the world if she loves her career. We could easily argue that, if Adam is so in love with these women, then why doesn’t he leave his career? Behati can follow Adam around because outside of VS and a couple of catalogs, she doesn’t work much. Most people have no idea who she is outside of the fact that she’s dating Adam. Don’t give her too much credit.

  • plz

    @A: to be a model girl!

  • Ceara

    Girl has no boobs

  • martha

    @Huh?: you haven’t missed anything. Her only crime is dating a musician….who pursued her….fell in love….then was strong enough to leave a dysfunctional relationship…with said musician. Those who make untrue/hateful statements are from said musician’s fannuts. Who refuse to believe that Anne has been/is/will remain a successful model.

  • Jennifer

    Exactly, Martha. Anne said in a very recent interview that she still loves Adam and wishes him all the best of luck in life. Even though Anne still has love for him, she’s clearly moved on and seems to be enjoying her life. I don’t know why the crazy Adam and Behati fans insist on stretching out Thy negativity.

  • Huh?

    I agree. I like her! And she has done beautiful work and just seems to be more and more in demand.

    I liked her and Adam together. You could tell they clearly loved each other. But it did not work out and both have moved on. To be called some of the things she has been called on here just because of a failed love affair makes no sense to me. And I AM a Maroon 5 fan.

    In these pictures she is not posing for papperazi pictures. She is clearly just posing for personal pictures with her family on vacation.

    I’m just not getting the nasty comments people are directing at her. Keep doing what you do Anne! You are red hot right now!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude


  • Lita

    Anne is so pretty and she does not need Adam, she had a career before him and still has one. Yes they were a gorgeous couple but they both had had successful careers and separate lives and she sure wasn’t his shadow like Behati who seems to have no life besides Adam. Why don’t the crazy Behati fans leave Anne alone? At least Anne is gorgeous and not some ugly 15 year old looking girl like B.

  • Ami

    @Lita: The Behati fans will soon turn into sudden fans of the next girl Adam dates.

  • K R

    People who call her fat are blind. She projects a healthy image especially in the skeletal modelling world.
    And if you recall correctly Adam was the one who made all the reveleations in the Howard Stern interview. He also said that broke them up eventually. So she definitely did not want all that info going out , but it did due to Adam.
    I have immemse admiration for her for not immediately jumping into another relationship. And also for the fact that she has worked her butt iff from 2002, coming to live in a foreign country, learn english as an adult, and for surviving in a fickle modelling world.

  • Bobby

    She looks gorgeous! Awesome body, naturally pretty, happy glow. She finally looks the way I always liked her to look, the way she does in her SI photo shoots. For a while there she was looking way too skinny as in this post, but now she is back to looking perfect!

  • Jennifer

    Anne is friends with Jared, but for the most part, she’s rarely papped. Behati used to follow Jared, but doesn’t. She stopped not too long ago. So yeah, she calls the paps too. Any woman who dates Adam will give a head’s up to the paps. That’s the reality. The only high profile relationship she has been in is with Adam. It’s not as if the woman is a serial celeb dater. I’m sure she has plenty of dating opportunities, but chooses her career. She has many things going on at once. I’m sure that she’ll focus more on her “love life” once her career comes to an end. I listened to the Howard Stern interview and Adam spoke well of her and appeared to still be nursing some wounds over the breakup (it wasn’t that long ago). Adam also praised Anne’s work ethic. I recall another interview (within the past couple of years) where Adam stated that he wanted a woman with her own thing going on and to have her own life. That indicates to me, even as he claims to not want to be alone, that he doesn’t wish to have a girlfriend who suffocates him either.

    Also I recall that PJ Morton said, loudly enough, that “Anne is a good girl.” Gene still has pics of Anne and her dog on his FB page. It doesn’t seem as if his friends and bandmates hold any animosity toward Anne. So the fans who’ve jumped on the “Adam/Behati” wagon need to let go of their animosity toward Anne too. It’s getting old. Not to mention, many Anne fans don’t trash Behati to the extent that Behati fans trash Anne. I have to wonder why they’re intent on forcing people to like Behati. Let people make the decision to on their own.

  • Jennifer

    **The only high profile relationship she has been in is with Adam…” This part and the following is about Anne not Behati. I apologize for any confusion.

  • KissThis

    How is her stomach naturally that flat? Doesn’t look normal for a woman. I’m convinced a lot of models and celebs get lipo.

  • Fancy

    Hey guys you know what I found something really interesting about Adam and his new gf. According to reports they both hooled up at cochella fest… (Adam tweeted something along the lines of what’s better than going to cochella is not going to cochella). Adam doesn’t like cats he loves dogs and his new gf has a cat as pet.

    Don’t know why I’m telling you this just found it interesting and thought I’d share and maybe any of you can she a light on it.

    P.S. Adam is looking older and bulky in his new photos…with puffy face…not a good look (you know it;s true)

  • awesome

    Lover her, she is awesome, great model.

  • Jennifer

    @KissThis: I’m pretty sure Anne works out and does yoga. That will flatten a person’s stomach. She’s probably on a strict diet too, just like most other models.

  • kelly

    Wide and has man hips. Yuck.

  • K R

    Anne does do yoga. Plus she has always been an athlete. She ran the 2009 nyc marathon. So its obvious she keeps herself fit the right way.

  • jr23564

    @kelly: Having hips isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not seen very often in the modeling industry. She’s got a fantastic body and is definitely doing it the right way instead of starving herself.

  • Jennifer

    @jr23564: Or using drugs to stave off having an like some models do/have done.

  • ???

    She looks fantastic. Period. You go girlie!

    I am so ready for her to start dating. Maybe then finally some of these haters who are adams stans will get off her case.

  • Jennifer

    @???: Unlike Adam, Anne has nothing to prove. ;-) I’m happy that Anne is loving her life. Eventually, she’ll find the right man.

  • ???

    Yes thats true. Good shes taking that time.

  • Cece

    She should get with Leo DiCaprio…definately his type. Blond, model, non descript face..perfect for him. Although I think his age cutoff is 22.

  • hm

    great body, don’t know if it’s a healthy one (and by that i mean she could exercise excessively and not eat) or she could actually be a model that does eat well & in that sense yes, it’s an amazing body.. but no idea who she is or why she’d be on a celebrity site? =/

  • hm

    and i’m going to guess most comments on here are from her friends? haha

  • LOL

    She’s already been with Leo. They were fcuking through most of 2009

  • Skarsgard fan

    She linked herself to tru blood swede. Alexander skarsgard early this yr

  • martha

    Really? You have pictures of Leo and Anne doing that? Both deny. And why do you assume it was Anne who reported the link with Alex?
    Made up….. by the same “sources” who stated Adam and Behati were getting married?

  • blue

    Finally an old guy that is actually with someone young enough tobe his daughter BECAUSE SHE IS!. Gerard Butler, take note…

  • LOL

    Both deny? When and Where? Leo does not talk about his love life – girlfriend or multiple hook ups.
    Pics? There are pics of Leo and Anne hanging out closely on beaches and according to gossip columnists in diff nightclubs.
    Oh you mean sex pics? No can do. I also don’t have pictures of Ryan Gosling banging Eva Mendes but I assume it happens.

  • Me

    Anne denied Leo in the Stern interview.

  • One day

    I think she looks gorgeous – happy spending time with her family. Why is that NOT ok but pics of Adam and Behati are seen as proof of a “true love” story?? Mermaid fans need to grow up and leave Anne alone. She’s moved on obviously. Good for her. I still think Adam looked happier with Anne than he ever has with Behati. Just an observation. And how many pics and articles do we have to see with nearly identical pics of Adam and Behati riding around in his convertible. Seems to me that’s something people do when they want to be seen and photographed. Trying a little too hard to prove something???

  • Jennifer

    Anne is happy. And yeah, Adam looked way more happy and in love with Anne. After all, HE pursued Anne. Not the other way around. I think the Adam/Behati stans are trying as hard as that couple to prove something that doesn’t seem to be there in the first place. Adam needs someone to warm his bed because he’s admitted he can’t be alone. Behati is the perfect immature person to fill the role. Anne looks happier than those two because she has nothing to prove AND she’s never said a bad word about either Adam or Behati. Adam/Behati stans should take note. Why does Behati even follow Anne on Twitter? Anne never followed her.