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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Day After Thanksgiving Traveling!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Day After Thanksgiving Traveling!

Kristen Stewart dons stylish eyeglasses while arriving the day after Thanksgiving with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson at JFK Airport on Friday (November 23) in New York City.

Last weekend, the 22 year-old actress and the 26-year-old actor were spotted bowling with their Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner after their film premiere in Berlin.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen, Michael Sheen, and director Bill Condon recently talked about the surprise ending of their blockbuster film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Check out the interview below!

FYI: Kristen is wearing Lookmatic glasses.

Kristen Stewart – ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Interview

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174 Responses to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Day After Thanksgiving Traveling!”

  1. 1
    D E E A Says:


  2. 2
    R Says:

    They still exist, these losers? they look miserable as always so boring…

  3. 3
    sUZIE Says:

    Cute and hipster couple. I want her whole look please. i need those glasses in my life

  4. 4
    Cath Says:

    I looooooooove her outfit. they’re look great. ;)

  5. 5
    Sarah Says:

    cute hobos. they definitely match.

  6. 6
    Yikes! Says:

    two losers is right….whenever a tramp wants to look legit..the first costume is a pair of glasses.

  7. 7
    RobIsWhipped Says:

    Bizarre. She appears to have the charisma of a dead head of lettuce and the maturity of a 12 year old, yet RPutz can’t let her go. She’s like the baby blankie he can’t function without.

  8. 8
    lauren Says:

    i dont get why people thought they were PR?

  9. 9
    ANDY Says:

    i love them

  10. 10
    Tomlinson Gurl Says:

    perfect people. haters are jealous and ugly.

  11. 11
    R Says:

    @lauren: coz they are, two talentless famewhores.

  12. 12
    JJ Says:

    They look GREAT!!!

  13. 13
    Liz Says:

    I really like her sweater and both of their glasses.

  14. 14
    R Says:

    @Tomlinson Gurl: typical twitard’s raisonnning

  15. 15
    Dawn Says:

    Beautiful people are beautiful!!!!

  16. 16
    Priva Says:

    Lame and lamer are at it again.

  17. 17
    Sarah Says:

    They look so good and relaxed! Glad they got to spend some time together in the UK! Hope they enjoy NY!!!!! Good times!

  18. 18
    Becca Says:

    They really are super cute!!! Good for them…if they they can get through the hideous time they’ve just had…they can get through anything!!!!! Lovely young couple.

  19. 19
    Jessica Says:

    Such a cute couple.

    And it’s really nice that they got to have a private and special Thanksgiving in London (they were photographed leaving Heathrow this morning)

  20. 20
    RPuss Says:

    Dear Rob, your man-card has been permanently revoked. Signed, All The Men in the World

  21. 21
    Tomlinson Gurl Says:

    @R: typical bitter loser’s response :)

  22. 22
    Mary Says:

    I LOVE her outfit! Very comfy and cozy but stylish too. Also her glasses are awesome!

  23. 23
    carine Says:

    why don’t you all go bully Rihanna’s life choices? she is far worse than Robert.

  24. 24
    Kayla Says:

    Rob stop your making yourself a joke who looks like a B*tch for staying with a cheater….You deserve better. Dont act like her dog

  25. 25
    RPuss Says:

    @Yikes!: Spot on regarding the fake glasses move. She’s such a twihard.

  26. 26
    Kelly Says:

    Rob looks gorgeous as always!! Love a bit of stubble!

  27. 27
    Ok Says:

    This picture would have been nice….Minus Kristen Stewart

  28. 28
    RPuss Says:

    @Kayla: Preach it!

  29. 29
    Lisa Says:

    I just Love them!

  30. 30
    Claire Says:

    They are both absolutely beautiful!!! Hope they have fun on their continued vacation!

  31. 31
    rose Says:

    @lauren: THEY ARE. give it a month. fake couple is fake. anyone with eyes can see that.

  32. 32
    Hmmm... Says:

    Now this girl must have a serious weapon of mass destruction between her legs, cause she still had her cake and ate it too. Power to V!

  33. 33
    Nora Says:

    I love that they are completely out from the twilight reigns now! Looking forward to following their careers and lives together! Lovely young people making their way in the World.

  34. 34
    TwiHo Says:

    Her style a bit better, but she still hasn’t learned how not to mouth breathe.

  35. 35
    Maria Says:

    Robert looks so handsome i like your clothes

  36. 36
    WJJ Says:

    They look awesome! I love their casual style!

  37. 37
    Bia Says:

    A beautiful horn!

  38. 38
    Sarah Conor Says:

    Rob looks gorgeous as always!

  39. 39
    CHO Says:

    I guess people can hate on him all they want But he clearly loves her or he wouldn’t be with her.

    Anyone deserves better but I guess he knows what he wants and deserves.

    He clearly wants her for whatever reason. It does seem to be a hard notation for people to get that he probably truely loves her and it maybe harder for him to get go of that.

  40. 40
    Elena Says:

    They really are very cute

  41. 41
    Pearl Bodine Says:

    Oh, please…tell us all about what these two Losers were doing and don’t leave anything out. RPutz and KScrew make me want to throw up and then kill myself. I hate them so much and they’re everywhere. I can’t get away –they’re on tv, on every magazine cover – They’re a revolting stench that won’t go away.

  42. 42
    Pearl Bodine Says:

    @Elena: oh, please…how old are you? 8?

  43. 43
    Valerie Says:

    Jeez some people have some serious issues around here!! Rob and Kristen look great however!!

  44. 44
    Halo Says:

    Wow I feel bad for him. He’s still with the chick who cheated on him with a married man with children?

  45. 45
    Rachel Says:

    Very cute couple!

  46. 46
    Kay Says:

    LMAO @ the low, low, loooow standards of the fans of this talent vacuum couple. You guys are amusing me greatly with your !OMGZ so stylish posts!

    Both of them are so plain, dirty-looking and-when not in the hands of a stylis- consistently poorly-dressed. I see better dressed and better looking people at the supermarket.

  47. 47
    Jenna Says:

    They look great and relaxed! I would love to have Kristen’s skin! Its kind of perfect!

  48. 48
    HaHaHa Says:

    Robsten — laughingstock since 2008.

  49. 49
    JUMP Says:

    @Kay: if you really think that then the delusional here is you.

  50. 50
    Losers Says:

    Dope and Dopier.

  51. 51
    Crikey Says:

    The world’s most vapid couple.

  52. 52
    ItsJustAMatterofTime Says:

    I still think this “relationship” will end the moment summit has sqeazed every last dime they can out of the final film. Its only in its second week in theaters, its still relevant and there is still money to be made. This isn’t post twilight anything, their job ain’t finished quite yet. I wish I were wrong, b/c prior to the cheating scandal I thought they were real and I was rooting for them, I can firmly say I no longer feel that way.

  53. 53
    Yuck Says:

    Where are the Volturi when we need them? “Pain”.

  54. 54
    Kiera Says:

    They have never cared about what people say about them or their relationship before…I seriously doubt they are going to start now! Good for them!

  55. 55
    Ick Says:

    Clearly a very slow news day.

  56. 56
    Carry Says:

    I don’t get how people are so “bipolar”, it’s like the comments change every freaking weak. Make up your minds.

  57. 57
    Carry Says:

    I don’t get how people are so “bipolar”, it’s like the comments change every freaking week. Make up your minds.

  58. 58
    May Says:

    Rob is TOO nice, NOT in a good way though. He should have just left that homewrecker and moved on. lol.

  59. 59
    Rupert Says:

    kho loves a good stuffing

  60. 60
    WalaLang Says:


    Losers are still around who can’t let go of the fact that both Kristen and Robert are happy in love. Haha….

  61. 61
    WalaLang Says:


    Okay, whatever you say. Haha…

  62. 62
    WalaLang Says:

    @Pearl Bodine:

    Wow, so much hatred on people you don’t even know. I feel sorry for you.

  63. 63
    Jessie Says:

    I Don’t get the hate for Pattinson, he has a job to do. Nobody knows if they’re in love but them. Let’s see what happens after they stop having to do promotions for this movie. People who called PR on others, are lapping Stewart and Pattinson up when they have no better idea about them than anyone else.
    She messed up and I think she’s still messed up, but no one should stay locked up, they have to get on with their lives. And in case of their careers, they have to promote their movie and that includes making the fans believe. Didn’t someone associated with the movie said fans should differentiate the movie from real life. If they are back together it’s their business, but let’s not pretend that anyone knows they’re back as a couple.

  64. 64
    lainey Says:

    Twitards just to remind you:
    1-Ks is a homewrecker
    2-She cheated with a married man father of 2
    3-She knew the wife and was “friends” with her
    4-That was not a “temporary indiscretion” but a torrid affair going on for months
    5-She only felt sorry because SHE WAS CAUGHT
    Conclusion:she is a person devoid of moral values.
    And finally:RP lost his balls in the final fight with the Volturis!

  65. 65
    carry Says:

    I haven’t comment in this therad but someone stole my name^^^…. why is that people don’t comment as themselves.

  66. 66
    Hmmm Says:

    Kristen’s trying hard to be proper but she knows with Rob’s back to back movie deals she’s not going to be around Rob and he’s going to be tempted to look elsewhere. She history and she knows it. Neither one looks happy anymore those days are over. Look at them..always a bored face with each other, they never smile around one another.

  67. 67
    Helia Santos Says:

    k-stes and frida pinto are botg fugly and can’t act. espcailly freida pinto, that girl is soo ugly and can’t act. her PR is alwasy trying to publsih her as one of the most beautiful women lol. sorry she looks like crap compared to angelina,megan,charlize.

  68. 68
    JJ Says:

    Im not trying to be mean, but this couple makes me sick.

  69. 69
    enoughalready Says:

    Funny how these two are always papped together at just the right time. Total famewhores. If the relationship is real, they’re selling it.

  70. 70
    KissThis Says:

    I don’t understand how people can keep calling them cute as a couple. They are not a cute couple. Most the time they look absolutely miserable like they were forced to be together. They’re both self-depricating and loners. I would honestly hate to find out they are still together. Both deserve to be happy and not miserable with the wrong person. And don’t forget, they’ll never be the same as they were. Kristen ruined the trust that was there.

  71. 71
    enoughalready Says:

    This girl has such bad karma coming to her for what she did. Rupert too. Lying cheating pigs with no shame for what they did.

  72. 72
    Okay Says:

    @Tomlinson Gurl: Perfect people don’t sleep with already married people JS

  73. 73
    A Says:

    She WILL destroy his career and reputation but I’m not gonna feel sorry for him

  74. 74
    VR Says:

    These two are my inspiration for my new short story ‘The Doormat and the H*e’. Its about a whimsical guy with low self esteem who falls for a married man’s mistress

  75. 75
    Tessahatesyou Says:

    Hello my babies! I hope you get to enjoy some time without cameras in your face now. Although, I will really miss you.

  76. 76
    Honey Says:

    @enoughalready: People keep talking about Kristen’s bad karma but nobody knows when it will hit her.The basic rule of karma is what goes around comes around.Liberty Ross married Rupert and moved to another country with him so that he could pursue his dream of being a director.Rupert thanked her by sleeping with morally challenged Kristen Stewart :/
    You know when Kristen’s karma will hit her? When Kristen finally grows up and genuinely falls in love with some guy(anybody in their right mind knows that she is just using Rob to fix her image or trying to be a faithful girlfriend out of guilt.Guilt =/= Love) ,starts thinking about a future with him and feel that he will def not betray her.That’s when it will hit her in face.Roles will be reversed & she will find herself in Liberty’s shoes.There’s no tweet,article,blog post,crazy theory,embarrassing fan support video,wimpy bf and a PR team that can save her from bad karma

  77. 77
    Cyn Says:

    Love them both!

  78. 78
    haha Says:


  79. 79
    enoughalready Says:

    @Honey: +1 Totally agree. Looking another woman in the eye while you’re sleeping with her husband is cold. It’s heartless. How can her female fans defend that?? Kristen better hope Rob stays because she has a reputation now. No man will respect her. Wonder what Rupert’s karma will be …. Liberty gave up everything, supported him and loved him. Guess he’s finding out HW isn’t everything he hoped it would be.

  80. 80
    Honey Says:

    @CHO: “I guess people can hate on him all they want But he clearly loves her or he wouldn’t be with her.” <– There many feelings in this world that can be quite akin to love for some people. Obsession,lust,dependency,etc are few examples.The fact that he took her back after 2 months (first reconciliation reports started in Sept) makes me think that its a matter of dependency.He is a weak man who is emotionally dependent on an extremely selfish woman who knows him very well. People like him can be easily used once you convince them that you love/care for them. R/K could have spent few months apart & try to sort out their feeling and know what they truly want like most mature people do when one of them cheats.But did they do they do that? No because Kristen knows that this guy can be played and she is up for it.
    Did you notice how frequently they are getting photographed now? Ms.oh-so-private wants the world to know that her wimpy bf has taken her back and so we all should start buying her real deal BS

  81. 81
    notafan Says:

    If he took some time off and tried to move on, and if he still felt he actually wanted her, may be I would have considered that he probably loves her truly. But that guy didn’t have the guts to move on to another girl, he didn’t think anyone else would be good enough. He didn’t even try. What does this show? I don’t think its romantic, I think its weak and stupid. Either this whole affair was staged or I think this guy really doesn’t have guts. Even if he actually asked the foul mouthed fans to stop deriding Kristen, I would believe he’s got guts. But the dude does nothing but keeping shut all the time. Does he ever raise his voice against anything? Being that gullible is not a good thing. God helps those who help themselves.

  82. 82
    notafan Says:

    @lauren: Because they started to show themsleves together in public just oe week before the promos began. They were in hiding for 2 months until then, and Rob was going out with his male friends alone, without her, and she had cheated on him, so people thought they were broken up when suddenly they started coming out just in time for the promotions to begin. Some people are unfortunately too sane to think they are a beautiful and perfect couple

  83. 83


  84. 84
    angie Says:

    gosh, people that still comment about kristen and rupert sanders’ affair…shutthef*ckup. It’s done, and it’s old.

  85. 85
    psych Says:

    @notafan: wouldn’t have mattered anyway, if the guy did move on with another girl, but went back to Kristen showing that he truly loves her, he will still be judged and criticized by many people, especially here. So really though, as much as I want to agree with you. I’m no Twilight fan or anything, but I liked Robert Pattinson before twilight, it just sucks that he has to go through all the ****.

  86. 86
    Free Rob! Says:

    Rob is held captive to this dirty sKa_nk..because of Twilight! Well it’s OVER Summit! Let this guy be free of this classless trash. He’s a proper British dude and he’s going far. But with that anchor Slutwert around his neck, he’s only going to be that guy from Twilight, whose girlfriend cheated on him. He’s being defined by her. He’ll never be regarded taken serious because of her..and we ALL KNOW, she’s ready to casting couch her way to Ben Affleck. Somebody in his camp needs to explain to him, she’s low class.

  87. 87
    notafan Says:

    @psych: It would at least have shown him in better light than right now. The guy is a real life Edward

  88. 88
    lauren Says:

    Let’s be real, I’d rather be Rob going back to Kristen who cheated on him than Rihanna going back to Chris Brown after abusing the f*ck out of her.

  89. 89
    A Says:

    @angie: Can you please tell that to Rupert’s kids because their dad’s “momentary indiscretion” is bound to affect their mindset negatively

  90. 90
    notafan Says:

    And also, I just have to say to those who address me and others who don’t like them as jealous, please, no one is jealous of them, no one. ! Their lives seem quite the things that I would never envy

  91. 91
    angie Says:

    @A: oh please, the children’s mindset will depend on how they are treated physically and emotionally growing up.

  92. 92
    A Says:

    So you are telling me that one day when they see their dad’s dry humping pics with his hoe they will be fine with it.

  93. 93
    Lisa Says:

    @notafan: LOL do you have the statistics now or something? The fact that no one is jealous of them? If so, pleaaase enlighten me, I’d love to see it. Look, it’s your opinion, and it’s others. If people are jealous of them, let them be jealous.

  94. 94
    CHO Says:

    Yeah but you can’t be the judge and jury on what YOU think he is by taking her back. While I agree with you somewhat the man is a man and has a brain. Just because YOU disagree doesn’t mean it is wrong.

  95. 95
    Lisa Says:

    @A: they will be enthralled

  96. 96
    A Says:

    @Lisa: Lets hope someone writes a tell-all book about this affair.I wanna be enthralled too.

  97. 97
    Lisa Says:

    whoa let’s not hope for that…it would become one of the best-sellers books, which means more money for them. Now that wouldn’t be very pleasant for many users here

  98. 98
    lovegirl Says:

    wow there are so many haters here. i admire kristen without makeup. she still look great. i don’t care kristen personal life. no matter what happen i will see all her movies because she is so amazing. i always think kristen just fine with or without rob. she is strong girl but at the same time i still wish both of them happy together.

  99. 99
    chloe Says:

    Robert is not a simpleton ……..he was faking the heart break to gain sympathy and audience for his indie movie Cosmopolis . HE IS A SCHEMER JUST like his GF . They staged the fake affair together to stay in the lime light . They are just playing on the fans sentiments . THE STUDIO CANNOT DICTATE TERMS TO ACTORS > LETS STOP WATCHING THEIR MOVIES AND STOP GIVING THEM HITS ON THESE ARTICLES .
    THEY ARE BOTH S**** !!!!

  100. 100
    Mmmmm.. Says:

    Lets just hope and pray that they will be good to each other from now on!

  101. 101
    OTR Says:

    They look great. And Kristen has wears actual glasses…she wore them even before Twilight. It’s not a trend thing. And suprise…they even carry their own bags! To the haters out their…if you don’t care about these two..why are you clicking on posts about them?

  102. 102
    Rob Says:

    Robert Pattinson is the fakest person in HW . HIS taking KS back is nothing in comparison to what she has done for him , she has risked her entire career for him by getting labeled as a cheater just for him . He planned the affair to gain fame , pretended to be heart broken to play the fans … else can any man take a cheater back into his life ??? there is no other explaination for his behaviour . He is not the victim , poor Kristen is the victim of his atrocious demands !! hope karma makes him pay and all his future movies flop !!

  103. 103
    Rob Says:


  104. 104
    notafan Says:

    @chloe: That seems quite possible. During the cosmopolis interviews, he looked like the saddest person alive. Especially on Jon Stewart’s talk show, when he asked him to kick her to the curb, he started laughing as though he had already done so. I thought the guy must be really sad too, but he got back with her just a week after promos were done. He totally faked it. I will never forgive him for that. He used all his fans to buy tickets for his lame movie, and some idiots did so as well. I didn’t get played in terms of money, but I did feel bad for him. If it turned out that he truly faked a heart break, I’m sure karma is going to get him.

  105. 105
    Beta Says:

    @Okay: and NOBODY IS PERFECT

  106. 106
    Beta Says:

    @Honey: The fact that he took her back after 2 months (first reconciliation reports started in Sept) —- no-one actually knows if they broke up it was all speculation.

    Did you notice how frequently they are getting photographed now? Ms.oh-so-private wants the world to know that her wimpy bf has taken her back and so we all should start buying her real deal BS — would not say they are getting photgraphed more frequently, they have just done a month of promotions for the final film. pictures taken from twitter accounts do not count.they are not asking to be photographed.

  107. 107
    danf Says:

    Those two talentless, arrogant waste of space need to go away. Will never ever watch a movie with him or her in it. NEVER.

  108. 108
    ann Says:

    what do you say now?!!! still PR?? ahaammm righttt…twilight is over and guess what they are still a couple!!! take that hahaha

    they are cute

  109. 109
    pussy Says:


  110. 110
    Lea Says:

    Kristen is a ****!!!!

  111. 111
    Lea Says:


  112. 112
    kslut Says:

    kristen is gonna make news again when she will cheat with ben afflick.

  113. 113
    Hana Says:

    I missed them!!!

  114. 114
    Ryan Says:

    Twihards freaks invaded Just Jared. GO AWAY and let us mock this PR couple peacefully !

  115. 115
    cute Says:

    Rob looks so handsome! Kristen looks nice too. And as far as video clips, Jared, what is up with just having one of Condon, Sheen and Stewart when Rob has the best personality and the coolest accent? That’s like having to watch CSpan.

  116. 116
    Rob Says:

    Rob taking the cheater back speaks volumes for what he is …..
    1) either he is weak and not man enough and definitely dumb .
    2) he was an equal partner in the scandal and they both did it to stay in the lime light , he just faked the heart break .
    there is no way a man takes a cheater back who publically cheated on him .
    Rob is also a faker , he talks lies in his interviews all the time to get sound bites . he is as immoral as his GF . so sick of him .

  117. 117
    Free Rob! Says:

    Rob used to look even more handsome, but being around that miserable cow he’s not as fun or happy. The longer he is with her the more he’ll become like her. Do your own research see his early interviews when he broke out, He’s become insecure and less happy. Now he’s got to stay by serial cheater to keep of appearances. It’s clear his family thinks little of her..FREE ROB FROM THAT TRAMPIRE!

  118. 118
    Lore Says:

    love the outfit and they look awesome the glasses are cool too
    happy that they spent some time with rob family

  119. 119
    Beta Says:

    @Free Rob!: he acts the same in interviews as he has always done since his early interviews for harry potter,british humour is different from american humour

  120. 120
    robsten Says:


  121. 121
    robsten Says:


  122. 122
    stupidrob Says:

    many of his fans were hoping that Rob is actually a strong man who is with her for movie promotion but these pics have shown that he is in reallity a weak and foolish man who actually lacks confidence . such a pity , dont like or respect him any more . he is a faker .

  123. 123
    Natasha Says:

    I LOVE Kristen preppy look here.
    The girl look pretty even without make up!!

  124. 124
    yuck Says:

    trashy loser and her spineless boyfriend. Back to the D list for both of you!

  125. 125
    xxx Says:

    @robsten: ugh Lying about Liberty doesn’t make Kristen look better.

  126. 126
    notafan Says:

    I’m sorry, but the Robsten fans, or anyone who thinks they are cute together after all that happened really disgust me. Your stupidity is actually a world marvel. I can’t stand Rob and Kristen anymore. I once felt so bad that Kristen cheated on Rob, that I actually felt sympathy for him an prayed for him. I did it just once, but probably the guy himself never felt bad and faked a heart-break. Because he got back with her just within weeks of the scandal. I took it very personally. I now regret the day I watched Remember me, because that’s the day I developed a crush on him. I wish I had never seen any of his movies, I hate twilight anyway. I’m a HP lover

  127. 127
    green Says:

    @robsten: wow…you’re so mean. I hope you’ll get the karma soon. I hope you’ll feel the same feeling as Liberty. Just accept that kristen is a selfish immoral sl*t.

    Although I still don’t understand why Rob take Ksl*t back, there’s no way he planned the affair to gain fame, I’m completely sure that the affair’s real, it’s not fake. Watch again SWATH premiere and promo tour. Ksl*t and rupig always praise each other and see their gesture. Read october british vogue and see again that 50 pics. Also, don’t forget they’ve admitted that they cheated on their partner. If Rob planned the affair, it was very unlikely Ksl*t would have agreed with that plan it would only make her image very bad, and remember, Ksl*t often disrespect him.

  128. 128
    christina Says:

    Kristen Stewert is so ugly. Who would have an affair with her? Jeez she isn’t Megan Fox or Scarlett Johnasson in terms of looks. Her bad acting is what she has in common with Fox though, Scarjo is a talented actress atleast.

  129. 129
    stupidrob Says:

    when Kho cheated on him , i felt so sad for him , defended him on every site possible when Ks supporters were trashing him for not taking her back . changing all the boards in his favour , spending hours doing it . Prayed for him too and now I feel stupid that he took her back after 2 weeks . He is not the man I thought he was . He is weak and more and more i am getting the feeling he is more like Kho , a faker , and he probably even faked the heartbreak ….as no man can take a cheater back after being cheated on so publically .
    I hope she cheats on him again and no one will sympathise with him . they both deserve each other .

  130. 130
    Keep telling yourself that Says:

    @Free Rob!: And you’re an idiot! Unfortunately for you, Rob doesn’t want to be “free” from Kristen. He LOVES her more than you will ever understand. Kristen loves him very much as well. Summit has nothing to do with their relationship. They’re together because they want to be together. Insiders say they’re stronger and happier than they’ve ever been, but you keep living in your delusional little world! No matter how much you want to, you can’t change reality. I’m so going to laugh my a$$ off at all you haters if they eventually get married and start a family.

  131. 131
    Cece Says:

    Their both overrated. Post Twilight it’s career crash and burn time!

  132. 132
    Keep telling yourself that Says:

    @stupidrob: I hope that YOU get a freaking life! The time you wasted on message boards is your own fault, not his. He didn’t ask you for anything. Rob is a big boy and can take care of himself. At the end of the day, he follows his heart and couldn’t care less about what fans and haters think of his personal life. It’s HIS life to live. Too bad for you and all the other haters!

  133. 133
    Exojo Says:

    Hi boys & gurlz, can someone plz tell me what’s the model of the Robert’s glasses ? i can’t find them on the Rayban site.

    If Someone know, send me a mail at exojow @ gmail dot com

  134. 134
    amanda Says:

    she actually looks clean….omg & she is wearing socks…not, trying to look like the ****** stoner chick from highschool, but she is still trying to look like she is wearing his clothes…

  135. 135
    David McLane Says:

    I feel really bad for all you morans who for some reason hate kristen.Try not to let your own inadequacies affect your judgment of a clearly beautiful woman who is at the top of her game.She is the best in her field,period!How many women look as good as she does with no makeup! Not many,thats for sure.If I do not like someone or something I simply avoid them or it.So,all you idiots feel free to go elsewhere with all your inadequacies.It makes you all feel good and strong to bash the haves,when you know your a havenot.

  136. 136
    mel Says:

    I enjoy coming here to read everyone’s reaction and arguments, it’s such a thrill. But wouldn’t matter anyway, whatever the circumstances are, I still love both of them to bits. Sorry for those who greatly hate them, there are just too many twihards in the world that don’t care **** about your opinion. It’s too hard to defeat them.

  137. 137
    A Says:

    @David McLane: Did Kristen screw you to say that?

  138. 138
    verite Says:

    Individually they are interesting people. Rob is charming, hilarious and, based on what I’ve seen in other films, talented and has a bright future ahead of him. Kristen is probably less my style, actress-wise, but I find her very honest and down-to-earth. With her what you see is what you get. Together, I think their future is…limited. If they are truly giving their relationship another shot, I get that. I’ve been there too. You’re in a relationship with someone, they cheat on you, you desperately try to make things work again to regain a sense of some control. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. But hey, its their business. My own experience is once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater and you can never trust them again. Sorry. Its like a drug for cheaters. They need that excitement.

  139. 139
    Trudy Garner Says:

    I love how Kristen wears these hipster glasses at airports. She did it during OTR promo in Sep its not like she is looking for more attention or trying to be someone she is not cuz she is honest like that pffffffff

  140. 140
    ariel Says:

    @verite: agree to the max

  141. 141
    Angel81 Says:


  142. 142
    D.Scott Says:

    Surprise ending? Did it deviate from the book(s)? I’ll have to watch the last movie

  143. 143
    Uh huh Says:

    @lauren: because um they are? Give it time, their movie is still out in theaters. The more it drops on the box office top ten, the less you will see them together.

  144. 144
    Issa Says:

    A ****** tramp and a whipped wuss
    Perfect for each other

  145. 145
    Issa Says:


  146. 146
    David McLane Says:

    Perfect,you said it well @Angel81:

  147. 147
    Maam Says:

    Thinking of Kristen Stewart…I wonder what it must be like to be a professional douchebag?

  148. 148
    annie Says:

    shes such a sleeze that pretty nude gown,most people wear slip underneath instead she lets all hang out while spreading her legs ugh no class standing next to Rob

  149. 149
    David McLane Says:

    @Maam: Have you spoken to her,ever looked into her beautiful green eyes,spent time with her? No I doubt it,so there’s absolutely no way you can say that and mean it!

  150. 150
    Free Rob! Says:

    Kho can’t be trusted. Anyone with half a brain knows that this movie with Ben Affleck is his opportunity to cheat “under the pretense” of making a movie. Remember what happened to Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt when he worked with Angelina Jolie. The same thing is going to happen with this sk_ank. She’s going to start being promiscuous with Affleck and ruin his family. She’s a nasty critter. Rob don’t trust this snake!

  151. 151
    Hey Rob Says:

    Rob- it seems like your fanbase is disappointed in you for taking your cheating BFF back and it’s not just this site, it others. Kristen will always have her obsessed fan base but your fan base isn’t that loyal because of your recent decisions. Your body of work still remains questionable but we see real potenial. You have two up coming projects “The Rover” and “Mission Black List” and if you don’t have the support from your fanbase and can carry a movie from the hype of Twilight than executives will not invest in you. Get a grip.

  152. 152
    aeriel Says:

    @Maam: im guessing it feels good ya know. She still receives a crap load of money and she still gets rob.

  153. 153
    Jan Says:

    @Priva: Did it make you feel better about yourself by saying that comment?

  154. 154
    Fools all of you Says:

    You sad sad people… Kristen and Robert have never said they are a true couple and yet you actually believe this. It is all fabrication for the sake of millions and millions of dollars. Why is it that you only see them in airports time and time again ONLY when their projects are about to be released or in this case already released and making $… So many clues as to why this is just part of their jobs but you people will believe it because you fantasize of a life that you cannot have but guess what these two don’t have that fantastical life either.. Not even close.

  155. 155
    see Says:

    this kristen robert ”relationship” exists only for publicity
    they are boring as individuals, and could not get attention if they stood naked in the street
    they live off the fans of the movies who love to see them as a real couple and buy everything about them
    in a couple of years the fans will grow up and see the light and forget about these two
    the ”relationship” will be no more, because there is no public interest
    they will have to come up with something else to promote these two boring ugly people
    or they need to quit show business from lack of public interest

  156. 156
    R Says:

    There is only me who has noticed how Rob’s face has aged since the beginning of this saga? Look at his pictures of 2009 from now: he has only 26 years old but he looks ten more. And his bizarre and incongruous interviws , as if he could no longer think properly? There is an explanation for that: he’s an alcoholic, all the symptoms are there. I do not like him but I really hope he does not deny the problem and seek help.

  157. 157
    R Says:

    * he is only 2- years old.

  158. 158
    Beta Says:

    wish people would stop this whole once a cheater always a cheater as it is not true. i know people who have cheated and have not done it again as they regretted hurting the person they love. also know people who have been cheated on but have gone back to their partner knowing that they had slept with someone else.

    IMO people need to move on with their own lives and stop worrying about the personal decisions someone else makes as it none of your goddam business and NO kristen did not make it people’s business when she issued a public apology( as most likely she was made to do it by her publicist)

  159. 159
    T Says:

    @Uh huh: they are a couple who are barely spotted together as that is just the way their relationship has always been so it won’t come as a surprise if the papz don’t get pictures of them together now that they are done with the twilight saga

    @Hey Rob: as he does more mature films like Mission Blacklist he will gain a much older fanbase who will not give a crap about his personal life

  160. 160
    sindi Says:

    @Yikes!: She wears contacts and if you know anything at all about them (which you don’t) then you know why she has glasses wears glasses in an airport. If you don’t like her then why are you even here? Go gooogggle Bieber. :D Have a great day! :D

  161. 161
    Hey Rob Says:

    @T – Have you seen the results of “Remember Me”, Cosmopolis, and Water for Elephants. Yes “water for Elephants” did better because of Reese Waterspoon because she carried the movie according to critics. Remember Me and Cosmopolis didn’t do that well and he was the star so he needs to expand his fan base and not to rely on the hype of Twilight. Executives invest in actors that give them greater returns and If Rob can not carrie a movie than what’s the point.

  162. 162
    chloe Says:

    there was something wrong with the like and dislike buttons yesterday ….even when i clicked dislike yesterday it turned to like and when i pressed like once …the comment got 2 likes instead of one , it was happening on all the initial comments …did anyone else face the same problem ?

  163. 163
    Jen Says:

    maybe 50% or more of these comments are all against robert for “taking her back” calling him weak and other derogatory remarks. But in my opinion a person who can find it in his/her heart to forgive and move on is much much stronger than anyone who cannot. It’s easy to give up when bad things happen, take the exit door once things don’t go your way, to let negative public opinion dictate your course of action that’s the (as people in this forum likes to use) “pus*y” and spineless way. A relationship is hard no matter what or who you are whether a celebrity or a private person.. it is how you move forward that will tell what your true character is. I may not share the majority opinion here, but I think that if at a young age of 22 and 26 they are able to keep their heads and look in their hearts of what to them is truly valuable despite these abusive remarks against them then all i can say is good luck and I do admire them for how they try to live their own lives. The hurtful words people say in this forum is really cyber bullying.. and before someone lectures me this is a gossip site, it still does not excuse that kind of behavior where you can tear someone down behind the comforts that a cloud of anonymity gives you. Let them live and make their own mistakes.. if you hate it then just don’t watch their movies but good gracious don’t attack them.

  164. 164
    nepenthes Says:

    To those who say THEY look like hobos, sorry but Pattinson looks perfectly good.He’s catching a flight, he looks just fine.

  165. 165
    chloe Says:

    KS looks like a juvenile delinquet . It takes the sheen out of Rob’s class act and one starts wondering … he classy ???? or just a figment of our imagination .

  166. 166
    Rob Says:

    it is trully bizzare to want to stay with a girl who humiliated him publically …and who will be in the lime light for all the wrong reasons for a long time to come .
    People used to feel so positively about Rob , she brings so much negativity to his life and will continue to do for a long time to come . people dont like her as a person , and Rob continues to stay with her it is a matter of time all that dislike will tranfer to him as well , as it says a lot about his character to take the cheater back .
    people were thinking he was with her for the promotions and were patiently waiting for them to get over but he is still with her and people are loosing patience . It is so hard to watch him with the cheater .
    she will not be able to get out of her home wrecker image in near future but she will definitely bring Rob’s image and his career down .she is not loosing anything more after she lost her reputation in fact she is gaining credibility and retaining her fans support where as Rob is looking a weak man by taking her back and also loosing fans in the process . but it seems he does not care for anything except taking the cheater back . it is unbelievable !

  167. 167
    Hey Rob Says:

    @Rob – I agree that Kristen is defineing Rob for all the wrong reasons and this will be a trouble for Rob in the long run because Kristen already has a lable of a homewrecker and a cheater. Why bother being with someone with this reputation. Make a clean break and move on Rob.

  168. 168
    miss Says:

    love them

  169. 169
    green Says:

    @Rob: well said. I agree with you, but give it time, their movie is still out in theaters. Rob will kick her to the curb and move on.

  170. 170
    Not for PR or the BO Says:

    @green: Wanna bet???? Didn’t think so. You would lose if you did!

  171. 171
    aquarius64 Says:

    From the – re: Kristen back for SWATH2, Rupert out:

    Robert Pattinson has four movies to do over the next year and a half and even Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene are in big demand when it comes to offers, but really good offers for Kristen have waned since this affair. Kristen was hoping that the fallout from this affair wouldn’t hurt her career and now with this new offer for the movie sequel, things could be looking up.

    Apparently the “momentary indiscretion” has damaged her professionally. She NEEDS SWATH2. Universal can say all it wants about having the script written ahead, the studio was hedging its bets in the early days of the scandal regarding bringing Kristen back. If the atmosphere now is still as toxic as it was in the early days she wouldn’t be back on. It’s still bad because trampire-themed stories about Kristen are coming out more.

  172. 172
    Toni Says:

    Like I said in a earlier comment; Movie executives invest in actors that are marketable and can create a better return on their vestment and I’m not sure Rob can carry a movie on his own outside the hype of “Twilight”. The results from “Remember Me” and “Cosmopolis” weren’t that great at the box office. I’m team Rob but he needs to really work on his acting skills because a string of bad movies won’t attract me to the box office. Tom Cruise is around for a reason, he’s marketable and valuable to the box office.

  173. 173
    tapon39 Says:

    I believe those are eye glasses Kristen is wearing not sunshades. Couldn’t they smile a little, they should be two of the happiest people on earth right now. Come on guy’s give us fans a smile!

  174. 174
    Loo Says:

    LOL I have the same glasses

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