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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Day After Thanksgiving Traveling!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Day After Thanksgiving Traveling!

Kristen Stewart dons stylish eyeglasses while arriving the day after Thanksgiving with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson at JFK Airport on Friday (November 23) in New York City.

Last weekend, the 22 year-old actress and the 26-year-old actor were spotted bowling with their Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner after their film premiere in Berlin.

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Kristen, Michael Sheen, and director Bill Condon recently talked about the surprise ending of their blockbuster film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Check out the interview below!

FYI: Kristen is wearing Lookmatic glasses.

Kristen Stewart – ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Interview

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  • Crikey

    The world’s most vapid couple.

  • http://n/a ItsJustAMatterofTime

    I still think this “relationship” will end the moment summit has sqeazed every last dime they can out of the final film. Its only in its second week in theaters, its still relevant and there is still money to be made. This isn’t post twilight anything, their job ain’t finished quite yet. I wish I were wrong, b/c prior to the cheating scandal I thought they were real and I was rooting for them, I can firmly say I no longer feel that way.

  • Yuck

    Where are the Volturi when we need them? “Pain”.

  • Kiera

    They have never cared about what people say about them or their relationship before…I seriously doubt they are going to start now! Good for them!

  • Ick

    Clearly a very slow news day.

  • Carry

    I don’t get how people are so “bipolar”, it’s like the comments change every freaking weak. Make up your minds.

  • Carry

    I don’t get how people are so “bipolar”, it’s like the comments change every freaking week. Make up your minds.

  • May

    Rob is TOO nice, NOT in a good way though. He should have just left that homewrecker and moved on. lol.

  • Rupert

    kho loves a good stuffing

  • WalaLang


    Losers are still around who can’t let go of the fact that both Kristen and Robert are happy in love. Haha….

  • WalaLang


    Okay, whatever you say. Haha…

  • WalaLang

    @Pearl Bodine:

    Wow, so much hatred on people you don’t even know. I feel sorry for you.

  • Jessie

    I Don’t get the hate for Pattinson, he has a job to do. Nobody knows if they’re in love but them. Let’s see what happens after they stop having to do promotions for this movie. People who called PR on others, are lapping Stewart and Pattinson up when they have no better idea about them than anyone else.
    She messed up and I think she’s still messed up, but no one should stay locked up, they have to get on with their lives. And in case of their careers, they have to promote their movie and that includes making the fans believe. Didn’t someone associated with the movie said fans should differentiate the movie from real life. If they are back together it’s their business, but let’s not pretend that anyone knows they’re back as a couple.

  • lainey

    Twitards just to remind you:
    1-Ks is a homewrecker
    2-She cheated with a married man father of 2
    3-She knew the wife and was “friends” with her
    4-That was not a “temporary indiscretion” but a torrid affair going on for months
    5-She only felt sorry because SHE WAS CAUGHT
    Conclusion:she is a person devoid of moral values.
    And finally:RP lost his balls in the final fight with the Volturis!

  • carry

    I haven’t comment in this therad but someone stole my name^^^…. why is that people don’t comment as themselves.

  • Hmmm

    Kristen’s trying hard to be proper but she knows with Rob’s back to back movie deals she’s not going to be around Rob and he’s going to be tempted to look elsewhere. She history and she knows it. Neither one looks happy anymore those days are over. Look at them..always a bored face with each other, they never smile around one another.

  • Helia Santos

    k-stes and frida pinto are botg fugly and can’t act. espcailly freida pinto, that girl is soo ugly and can’t act. her PR is alwasy trying to publsih her as one of the most beautiful women lol. sorry she looks like crap compared to angelina,megan,charlize.

  • JJ

    Im not trying to be mean, but this couple makes me sick.

  • enoughalready

    Funny how these two are always papped together at just the right time. Total famewhores. If the relationship is real, they’re selling it.

  • KissThis

    I don’t understand how people can keep calling them cute as a couple. They are not a cute couple. Most the time they look absolutely miserable like they were forced to be together. They’re both self-depricating and loners. I would honestly hate to find out they are still together. Both deserve to be happy and not miserable with the wrong person. And don’t forget, they’ll never be the same as they were. Kristen ruined the trust that was there.

  • enoughalready

    This girl has such bad karma coming to her for what she did. Rupert too. Lying cheating pigs with no shame for what they did.

  • Okay

    @Tomlinson Gurl: Perfect people don’t sleep with already married people JS

  • A

    She WILL destroy his career and reputation but I’m not gonna feel sorry for him

  • VR

    These two are my inspiration for my new short story ‘The Doormat and the H*e’. Its about a whimsical guy with low self esteem who falls for a married man’s mistress

  • Tessahatesyou

    Hello my babies! I hope you get to enjoy some time without cameras in your face now. Although, I will really miss you.

  • Honey

    @enoughalready: People keep talking about Kristen’s bad karma but nobody knows when it will hit her.The basic rule of karma is what goes around comes around.Liberty Ross married Rupert and moved to another country with him so that he could pursue his dream of being a director.Rupert thanked her by sleeping with morally challenged Kristen Stewart :/
    You know when Kristen’s karma will hit her? When Kristen finally grows up and genuinely falls in love with some guy(anybody in their right mind knows that she is just using Rob to fix her image or trying to be a faithful girlfriend out of guilt.Guilt =/= Love) ,starts thinking about a future with him and feel that he will def not betray her.That’s when it will hit her in face.Roles will be reversed & she will find herself in Liberty’s shoes.There’s no tweet,article,blog post,crazy theory,embarrassing fan support video,wimpy bf and a PR team that can save her from bad karma

  • Cyn

    Love them both!

  • haha


  • enoughalready

    @Honey: +1 Totally agree. Looking another woman in the eye while you’re sleeping with her husband is cold. It’s heartless. How can her female fans defend that?? Kristen better hope Rob stays because she has a reputation now. No man will respect her. Wonder what Rupert’s karma will be …. Liberty gave up everything, supported him and loved him. Guess he’s finding out HW isn’t everything he hoped it would be.

  • Honey

    @CHO: “I guess people can hate on him all they want But he clearly loves her or he wouldn’t be with her.” <– There many feelings in this world that can be quite akin to love for some people. Obsession,lust,dependency,etc are few examples.The fact that he took her back after 2 months (first reconciliation reports started in Sept) makes me think that its a matter of dependency.He is a weak man who is emotionally dependent on an extremely selfish woman who knows him very well. People like him can be easily used once you convince them that you love/care for them. R/K could have spent few months apart & try to sort out their feeling and know what they truly want like most mature people do when one of them cheats.But did they do they do that? No because Kristen knows that this guy can be played and she is up for it.
    Did you notice how frequently they are getting photographed now? Ms.oh-so-private wants the world to know that her wimpy bf has taken her back and so we all should start buying her real deal BS

  • notafan

    If he took some time off and tried to move on, and if he still felt he actually wanted her, may be I would have considered that he probably loves her truly. But that guy didn’t have the guts to move on to another girl, he didn’t think anyone else would be good enough. He didn’t even try. What does this show? I don’t think its romantic, I think its weak and stupid. Either this whole affair was staged or I think this guy really doesn’t have guts. Even if he actually asked the foul mouthed fans to stop deriding Kristen, I would believe he’s got guts. But the dude does nothing but keeping shut all the time. Does he ever raise his voice against anything? Being that gullible is not a good thing. God helps those who help themselves.

  • notafan

    @lauren: Because they started to show themsleves together in public just oe week before the promos began. They were in hiding for 2 months until then, and Rob was going out with his male friends alone, without her, and she had cheated on him, so people thought they were broken up when suddenly they started coming out just in time for the promotions to begin. Some people are unfortunately too sane to think they are a beautiful and perfect couple



  • angie

    gosh, people that still comment about kristen and rupert sanders’ affair…shutthef*ckup. It’s done, and it’s old.

  • psych

    @notafan: wouldn’t have mattered anyway, if the guy did move on with another girl, but went back to Kristen showing that he truly loves her, he will still be judged and criticized by many people, especially here. So really though, as much as I want to agree with you. I’m no Twilight fan or anything, but I liked Robert Pattinson before twilight, it just sucks that he has to go through all the shit.

  • Free Rob!

    Rob is held captive to this dirty sKa_nk..because of Twilight! Well it’s OVER Summit! Let this guy be free of this classless trash. He’s a proper British dude and he’s going far. But with that anchor Slutwert around his neck, he’s only going to be that guy from Twilight, whose girlfriend cheated on him. He’s being defined by her. He’ll never be regarded taken serious because of her..and we ALL KNOW, she’s ready to casting couch her way to Ben Affleck. Somebody in his camp needs to explain to him, she’s low class.

  • notafan

    @psych: It would at least have shown him in better light than right now. The guy is a real life Edward

  • lauren

    Let’s be real, I’d rather be Rob going back to Kristen who cheated on him than Rihanna going back to Chris Brown after abusing the f*ck out of her.

  • A

    @angie: Can you please tell that to Rupert’s kids because their dad’s “momentary indiscretion” is bound to affect their mindset negatively

  • notafan

    And also, I just have to say to those who address me and others who don’t like them as jealous, please, no one is jealous of them, no one. ! Their lives seem quite the things that I would never envy

  • angie

    @A: oh please, the children’s mindset will depend on how they are treated physically and emotionally growing up.

  • A

    So you are telling me that one day when they see their dad’s dry humping pics with his hoe they will be fine with it.

  • Lisa

    @notafan: LOL do you have the statistics now or something? The fact that no one is jealous of them? If so, pleaaase enlighten me, I’d love to see it. Look, it’s your opinion, and it’s others. If people are jealous of them, let them be jealous.

  • CHO

    Yeah but you can’t be the judge and jury on what YOU think he is by taking her back. While I agree with you somewhat the man is a man and has a brain. Just because YOU disagree doesn’t mean it is wrong.

  • Lisa

    @A: they will be enthralled

  • A

    @Lisa: Lets hope someone writes a tell-all book about this affair.I wanna be enthralled too.

  • Lisa

    whoa let’s not hope for that…it would become one of the best-sellers books, which means more money for them. Now that wouldn’t be very pleasant for many users here

  • lovegirl

    wow there are so many haters here. i admire kristen without makeup. she still look great. i don’t care kristen personal life. no matter what happen i will see all her movies because she is so amazing. i always think kristen just fine with or without rob. she is strong girl but at the same time i still wish both of them happy together.

  • http://yahoo chloe

    Robert is not a simpleton ……..he was faking the heart break to gain sympathy and audience for his indie movie Cosmopolis . HE IS A SCHEMER JUST like his GF . They staged the fake affair together to stay in the lime light . They are just playing on the fans sentiments . THE STUDIO CANNOT DICTATE TERMS TO ACTORS > LETS STOP WATCHING THEIR MOVIES AND STOP GIVING THEM HITS ON THESE ARTICLES .
    THEY ARE BOTH S**** !!!!

  • Mmmmm..

    Lets just hope and pray that they will be good to each other from now on!