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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Day After Thanksgiving Traveling!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Day After Thanksgiving Traveling!

Kristen Stewart dons stylish eyeglasses while arriving the day after Thanksgiving with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson at JFK Airport on Friday (November 23) in New York City.

Last weekend, the 22 year-old actress and the 26-year-old actor were spotted bowling with their Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner after their film premiere in Berlin.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen, Michael Sheen, and director Bill Condon recently talked about the surprise ending of their blockbuster film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Check out the interview below!

FYI: Kristen is wearing Lookmatic glasses.

Kristen Stewart – ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Interview

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  • Hey Rob

    Rob- it seems like your fanbase is disappointed in you for taking your cheating BFF back and it’s not just this site, it others. Kristen will always have her obsessed fan base but your fan base isn’t that loyal because of your recent decisions. Your body of work still remains questionable but we see real potenial. You have two up coming projects “The Rover” and “Mission Black List” and if you don’t have the support from your fanbase and can carry a movie from the hype of Twilight than executives will not invest in you. Get a grip.

  • aeriel

    @Maam: im guessing it feels good ya know. She still receives a crap load of money and she still gets rob.

  • Jan

    @Priva: Did it make you feel better about yourself by saying that comment?

  • Fools all of you

    You sad sad people… Kristen and Robert have never said they are a true couple and yet you actually believe this. It is all fabrication for the sake of millions and millions of dollars. Why is it that you only see them in airports time and time again ONLY when their projects are about to be released or in this case already released and making $… So many clues as to why this is just part of their jobs but you people will believe it because you fantasize of a life that you cannot have but guess what these two don’t have that fantastical life either.. Not even close.

  • see

    this kristen robert ”relationship” exists only for publicity
    they are boring as individuals, and could not get attention if they stood naked in the street
    they live off the fans of the movies who love to see them as a real couple and buy everything about them
    in a couple of years the fans will grow up and see the light and forget about these two
    the ”relationship” will be no more, because there is no public interest
    they will have to come up with something else to promote these two boring ugly people
    or they need to quit show business from lack of public interest

  • R

    There is only me who has noticed how Rob’s face has aged since the beginning of this saga? Look at his pictures of 2009 from now: he has only 26 years old but he looks ten more. And his bizarre and incongruous interviws , as if he could no longer think properly? There is an explanation for that: he’s an alcoholic, all the symptoms are there. I do not like him but I really hope he does not deny the problem and seek help.

  • R

    * he is only 2- years old.

  • Beta

    wish people would stop this whole once a cheater always a cheater as it is not true. i know people who have cheated and have not done it again as they regretted hurting the person they love. also know people who have been cheated on but have gone back to their partner knowing that they had slept with someone else.

    IMO people need to move on with their own lives and stop worrying about the personal decisions someone else makes as it none of your goddam business and NO kristen did not make it people’s business when she issued a public apology( as most likely she was made to do it by her publicist)

  • T

    @Uh huh: they are a couple who are barely spotted together as that is just the way their relationship has always been so it won’t come as a surprise if the papz don’t get pictures of them together now that they are done with the twilight saga

    @Hey Rob: as he does more mature films like Mission Blacklist he will gain a much older fanbase who will not give a crap about his personal life

  • sindi

    @Yikes!: She wears contacts and if you know anything at all about them (which you don’t) then you know why she has glasses wears glasses in an airport. If you don’t like her then why are you even here? Go gooogggle Bieber. :D Have a great day! :D

  • Hey Rob

    @T – Have you seen the results of “Remember Me”, Cosmopolis, and Water for Elephants. Yes “water for Elephants” did better because of Reese Waterspoon because she carried the movie according to critics. Remember Me and Cosmopolis didn’t do that well and he was the star so he needs to expand his fan base and not to rely on the hype of Twilight. Executives invest in actors that give them greater returns and If Rob can not carrie a movie than what’s the point.

  • http://yahoo chloe

    there was something wrong with the like and dislike buttons yesterday ….even when i clicked dislike yesterday it turned to like and when i pressed like once …the comment got 2 likes instead of one , it was happening on all the initial comments …did anyone else face the same problem ?

  • Jen

    maybe 50% or more of these comments are all against robert for “taking her back” calling him weak and other derogatory remarks. But in my opinion a person who can find it in his/her heart to forgive and move on is much much stronger than anyone who cannot. It’s easy to give up when bad things happen, take the exit door once things don’t go your way, to let negative public opinion dictate your course of action that’s the (as people in this forum likes to use) “pus*y” and spineless way. A relationship is hard no matter what or who you are whether a celebrity or a private person.. it is how you move forward that will tell what your true character is. I may not share the majority opinion here, but I think that if at a young age of 22 and 26 they are able to keep their heads and look in their hearts of what to them is truly valuable despite these abusive remarks against them then all i can say is good luck and I do admire them for how they try to live their own lives. The hurtful words people say in this forum is really cyber bullying.. and before someone lectures me this is a gossip site, it still does not excuse that kind of behavior where you can tear someone down behind the comforts that a cloud of anonymity gives you. Let them live and make their own mistakes.. if you hate it then just don’t watch their movies but good gracious don’t attack them.

  • nepenthes

    To those who say THEY look like hobos, sorry but Pattinson looks perfectly good.He’s catching a flight, he looks just fine.

  • http://yahoo chloe

    KS looks like a juvenile delinquet . It takes the sheen out of Rob’s class act and one starts wondering … he classy ???? or just a figment of our imagination .

  • http://yahoo Rob

    it is trully bizzare to want to stay with a girl who humiliated him publically …and who will be in the lime light for all the wrong reasons for a long time to come .
    People used to feel so positively about Rob , she brings so much negativity to his life and will continue to do for a long time to come . people dont like her as a person , and Rob continues to stay with her it is a matter of time all that dislike will tranfer to him as well , as it says a lot about his character to take the cheater back .
    people were thinking he was with her for the promotions and were patiently waiting for them to get over but he is still with her and people are loosing patience . It is so hard to watch him with the cheater .
    she will not be able to get out of her home wrecker image in near future but she will definitely bring Rob’s image and his career down .she is not loosing anything more after she lost her reputation in fact she is gaining credibility and retaining her fans support where as Rob is looking a weak man by taking her back and also loosing fans in the process . but it seems he does not care for anything except taking the cheater back . it is unbelievable !

  • Hey Rob

    @Rob – I agree that Kristen is defineing Rob for all the wrong reasons and this will be a trouble for Rob in the long run because Kristen already has a lable of a homewrecker and a cheater. Why bother being with someone with this reputation. Make a clean break and move on Rob.

  • miss

    love them

  • green

    @Rob: well said. I agree with you, but give it time, their movie is still out in theaters. Rob will kick her to the curb and move on.

  • Not for PR or the BO

    @green: Wanna bet???? Didn’t think so. You would lose if you did!

  • aquarius64

    From the – re: Kristen back for SWATH2, Rupert out:

    Robert Pattinson has four movies to do over the next year and a half and even Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene are in big demand when it comes to offers, but really good offers for Kristen have waned since this affair. Kristen was hoping that the fallout from this affair wouldn’t hurt her career and now with this new offer for the movie sequel, things could be looking up.

    Apparently the “momentary indiscretion” has damaged her professionally. She NEEDS SWATH2. Universal can say all it wants about having the script written ahead, the studio was hedging its bets in the early days of the scandal regarding bringing Kristen back. If the atmosphere now is still as toxic as it was in the early days she wouldn’t be back on. It’s still bad because trampire-themed stories about Kristen are coming out more.

  • Toni

    Like I said in a earlier comment; Movie executives invest in actors that are marketable and can create a better return on their vestment and I’m not sure Rob can carry a movie on his own outside the hype of “Twilight”. The results from “Remember Me” and “Cosmopolis” weren’t that great at the box office. I’m team Rob but he needs to really work on his acting skills because a string of bad movies won’t attract me to the box office. Tom Cruise is around for a reason, he’s marketable and valuable to the box office.

  • tapon39

    I believe those are eye glasses Kristen is wearing not sunshades. Couldn’t they smile a little, they should be two of the happiest people on earth right now. Come on guy’s give us fans a smile!

  • Loo

    LOL I have the same glasses