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Miranda Kerr: 'Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!'

Miranda Kerr: 'Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!'

Miranda Kerr holds hands with her adorable son Flynn as they go for a walk around town on Thursday (November 22) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model treated Flynn to a bushel of balloons! So cute!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Taking a nap on set… Happy Thanksgiving everyone ❤” Miranda tweeted that day.

The next day, Miranda was spotted picking Flynn up while out and about in the Big Apple.

Miranda was recently named the newest face of Mango‘s spring/summer 2013 campaign!

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64 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: 'Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!'”

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  1. 26
    @20 Says:

    Heck, it was even one of them that admitted to seeing paps camped out in front of their building.
    Some of these haters are scary in their obsession.

  2. 27
    @25 Says:

    No dear, she has a lot of fans. The only fools here are you haters who have fooled yourselves into believing your own lies.

  3. 28
    What gives Says:

    @@25: LOL at your pathetic life.

  4. 29
    V Says:

    Sheesh, this thread is pathetic. You should all go back and read your comments. Its so petty!

  5. 30
    Dee Says:

    It’s so weird because she comes across as so warm and cute in her interviews but her actions make her seem like a very narcissistic, self-centered woman who craves attention. The last set of VS pictures say alot…Candice, Lily and Adriana are all being natural for the camera with their arms around each other, while Miranda is slightly off to the side posing hard by herself. She recently went to Leo DiCaprio’s birthday party in New York…right after he breaks up with Erin Heatherton? Seems a little weird for this “beaming mother” to be attending the birthday parties of an A-list actor…who just dumped her fellow VS Angel…without her husband Orlando. Would you ever see Doutzen or Adriana do that? And she’s clearly pimping out Flynn and herself for the paps every chance she gets…cause there are WAY more famous and beautiful people in New York that can manage to stay clear of the photographers! I honestly think she might be a little crazy…

  6. 31
    denise Says:

    Can anyone link me to that B.I. ? Its made me curious :) tough I hope its BS and Leonardo DiCaprio is smart enough to see through her facade.

  7. 32
    @30 Says:

    She and Orlando have been friends with Leo since way before he started dating Erin. She remains a loyal friend. I guess that you are saying that Doutzen and Adriana aren’t capable of such loyalty? Gee, what a horrible thing to asy.
    They are friends, nothing more. No matter what the raving psycho haters desperately want to claim.
    And as for the last VS photo op, you must be seeing things. Candice was being her usual spotlight grabbing self, standing just in front of everyone else. And Adriana was too busy turning her rear to the camera for Miranda to get close. If anything, it makes the other girls seem quite rude. Maybe they are jealous of all of the attention that Miranda gets. I know that it really p*sses off Adriana.

  8. 33
    Weirdo Says:

    Yeah I tried to find the blind item too and came up short. Someone post it please.

  9. 34
    Helia Santos Says:

    @F.G.F.: LOL. people like Kim kardashain and freida Pinto are the ones who set up paps to take their fugly pics. Miranada is gorgeous unlike those two losers.

  10. 35
    @31-33 Says:

    It was only posted on a minor gossip site that allows ‘civilian’ submissions. You haven’t seen it anywhere else because it is absolute bull.
    I’m sure that some hater will post a link, if it hasn’t been deleted from the site. It may even be the hater who wrote it in the first place.
    I do love the fact that it supposedly claimed that a certain model was flaunting her affair by posting pics of her vacation with her lover, while the husband sat at home with the baby that she supposedly hardly sees.
    The fact that this BI sounded suspiciously like the delphidiot agenda, made me immediately see it as the imagination of a very sick mind.
    These idiot haters even claim that it must be Miranda, because she went on safari without Orlando. Even though she was photographed WITH Orlando at the airport outside the park. Funny how they can ignore photographic proof that this supposed BI was NOT about Orlando and Miranda, isn’t it? Almost like the Republican campaign strategy of not letting facts get in their way, eh?
    So pathetic.

  11. 36
    thele Says:

    i was shocked about the blue trousers…the legs look very skinny in it…but maybe she is just a very thin person

  12. 37
    thele Says:

    btw. i can´t tell a thing about her character and i´m allways surprised so many people can…never met her personally and i think this goes for almost every people posting here…so how can you judge her character??

  13. 38
    you know it Says:

    here you go some blind items- thanks to blind item rehash,

    This A+ list super model and her A list movie actor husband are having big issues because she has cheated on him twice. Both times were with a photographer after they had worked together. The actor just can’t get over it. He has never had a jealous bone in his body and now has been basically just staying at home with their child.
    Model: Miranda Kerr
    Actor: Orlando Bloom
    Photographer: Russell James

    This A list model married to an A list all movie actor has been rubbing his face in her affair. She keeps sending him photos of her with her new guy while on vacation. Meanwhile her husband is home with their child who she has not seen in person in a very long time. She has never been a big fan of her child. Ask her if she will ever have another child and you would probably see her laugh for an hour. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

    the first two are from october,

    Which successful model cheated on her husband with a pop star recently? This beauty loved the fact he was a “young one” and wanted to teach him new tricks.
    Model: Miranda Kerr
    Pop Star: Justin Bieber

    that one is from november

  14. 39
    LMAOOOOO!!!! Says:

    Normally I think that BI are nothing than desperate attempts of pseudojournalists to get hits in their site. I can’t say it’s a bad idea, if you have no scruples it sure does work.
    But….Justin Bieber?? Geez, they’re not even trying.
    That’s enough to not believe a word, but still, Miranda Kerr is always with her child, so she doesn’t match the least ridiculous (and funny) parts of the BI either.

  15. 40
    Weirdo Says:

    Interesting blinds but I don’t see the Leo connection. He’s been in NY filming and wouldn’t have been vacationing with her. He went to Vegas with his guy friends recently. Not sure why people are trying to match them up.

  16. 41
    tam Says:

    ” Not sure why people are trying to match them up.”
    Because their sole purpose in life is to hate irrationally.
    Like #35 said, that BI about the affairs with photographers sounds exactly like the garbage that has been posted on Miranda hate blogs. One of them is constantly pushing the idea that she and Rusell are sleeping together. And since they continually claim that Orlando isn’t working (even though they are well aware that he has been busy filming The Hobbit and now Zulu), it really does sound like it was made up by one of them.
    Outsiders might automatically think that this BI is about Orlando and Miranda, but even casual fans (or haters who can actually think for themselves) would know that it is not.
    Miranda’s reputation is one of ‘goodness and light’. It wouldn’t do for her to cheat around. She could lose her career, as well as her family.
    And also, do you really think that Orlando would stand for something like that? The man who overcame dyslexia to succeed in school? The man who walked out of the hospital 15 days after doctors said that he might never walk again? The man who told Hollywood to stuff it, he was going on break? The man who could take his beautiful baby away and get sole custody if those rumors were true?
    Nope. Not them. not even remotely, them.

  17. 42
    tam Says:

    That they are trying to pin the second BI to them is even more ridiculous.
    What vacation without the spouse?
    They were together in Bora Bora and on safari.
    And as #39 said, Miranda is always with her child. They are sometimes separated for work, but never for very long.
    The delphi girls do ignore photographic proof. They can’t explain why Orlando was photographed with Miranda while at the Kruger airport, AND still claim that she went without him, so they just ignore the picture. The picture never happened.
    Oh, at first, one of the idiots tried to claim that Orlando was just dropping Miranda off at the airport. Then they realized that the Kruger airport is a four hour flight from Capetown, so they went back to their ‘picture proof never happened’ full speed ahead’ mode. They still claim that she was “taunting” him with pictures from her safari with her ‘lover’, even though he was right there beside her.

  18. 43
    tam Says:

    As for the third one? Eww.
    Funny, but on ONTD, the majority of people guessing believe that the ‘pop star’ in question is one of the One Direction boys. And that the model is someone in their thirties.
    But for the haters….if Miranda was in the same room as a man, then she is cheating on Orlando!!!
    But really? IMO, not even close.
    Orlando Bloom: gorgeous, masculine, tall, buff, successful, mature, etc
    Justin Bieber: small, cute but kind of squirrely, childish and immauture, scrawny, etc.
    No. You would have to be a 13 year old girl to think that this is even a contest.
    And again, back to Miranda’s reputation as a good person. Why would she risk everything for one night with a ‘child’? Simple answer…she didn’t.

  19. 44
    LMAOOOOO!!!! Says:

    In my opinion it’s just sick to suggest it. One thing is to suggest that a grown woman would cheat on her husband with a younger man, but Bieber looks 15! He doesn’t even look like he has hair on his legs. Again, it’s just sick.

  20. 45
    @44 Says:

    Well, the hilarious blogger who runs Dlisted (Michael???) doesn’t call him “Lesbeaver” for nothing.

  21. 46
    hmm Says:

    Soooo the models who posed kissing Bieber are not in question. Nor is the young model who (apparantly) attended The Lion King with him, and hung out with him backstage at his concert?
    But Miranda, who attended his concert along with the other Angels IS?
    *sigh* Makes no sense whatsoever.

  22. 47
    Dee Says:

    @@30: LOL Now you’re just making **** up. You are seriously mentally ill. Leonardo DiCaprio has insulted Orlando Bloom in the press before as being just another “pretty boy” actor with no grit. There is absolutely NO proof of any friendship (no photos, no gossip, no sightings) ever. In history. As for the VS promo pics, EVERYONE on different model forums were commenting about how Miranda seemed to be apart from the other girls. Their body language was towards each other, and hers was alone off to the side. The other girls were laughing and smiling, and Miranda was doing this obvious trying-hard-to-be-sexy pose for the camera. She also purposely wore a different shirt (as claimed by an employee at the store) because she wanted to stand out. She is narcissistic and obsessed with attention. For you to try and turn that trait around on Candice and Adriana (who are both sexy for the cameras but completely shy and off the radar in their personal lives) just shows how sick and obsessed with Miranda you are. I don’t hate her, nor is it my mission to make her look bad….I just call things as I see them and she is obviously very needy of attention.

  23. 48
    @Dee Says:

    Leo and OB are friends, and there are photos of them chatting happily together at a few Global Green events. About Leo badmouthing Orlando, that came from one of this silly sites that quote “insiders”.
    And speaking of mental illness, you should stop trying to make claims about the personality of some models based on pictures. Wearing a particular shirt is not and never will be a crime, and neither is posing “sexy”, especially for a VS model.

  24. 49
    @48 Says:

    But you have to remember that these hater idiots live in their own sick world. Ignoring photos that prove their insane theories are wrong, and only believing gossip that suites them, keeps their little world safe.
    A perfect example was when one of their own witnessed the affection that Orlando and Miranda have for each other with their own two eyes, and reported this to their hate site. She was IMMEDIATELY silenced, and bullied into recanting her statement.
    They can’t handle the truth, even if they see it in person.
    And I see that Dee is back with her ‘I don’t hate her even though I scour the web for news against her’ act. No one is buying it sweetie. You are as sick and obsessed as your fellow haters. That’s why you are always here. You, and your socks.

  25. 50
    yup Says:

    ..lets be honest, you know she reads these threads & can she just stop using her child as a reason to stay relevant? how can she be ok with grown men taking photos of her kid? i’d be so disgusted!!!

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