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Anne V: Dual Bikinis in Miami Beach!

Anne V: Dual Bikinis in Miami Beach!

Anne V wears two different bikinis while spending time at the beach on Saturday (November 24) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 26-year-old Russian model was joined by friends for some fun in the sun. She has been spending time in Miami for the past few days and even brought her dad along for some relaxation time!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Anne V

Later that night, Anne attended a Miami Heat game and tweeted a photo from her front row seat!

20+ pictures inside of Anne V at the beach…

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anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 01
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 02
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 03
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 04
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 05
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 06
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 07
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 08
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 09
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 10
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 11
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 12
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 13
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 14
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 15
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 16
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 17
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 18
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 19
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 20
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 21
anne v dual bikinis in miami beach 22

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53 Responses to “Anne V: Dual Bikinis in Miami Beach!”

  1. 1
    annoying Says:

    why are people wasting their time taking her picture? nobody even cares about this girl

  2. 2
    Laura Says:

    All her bikinis are super unflattering.

  3. 3
    Chuck Says:

    I’m sorry but that girl is just too skinny. No curves whatsoever!!

  4. 4
    stellartes Says:

    nice to see that even adam levine’s former babe has some!

  5. 5
    Asha Says:

    Her body is awesome but her bikini top is very unflattering. Her top really highlight just how small her chest is.

  6. 6
    Nic Says:

    annoying @ 11/24/2012 at 10:04 pm
    Lots of people have their pictures taken, you are not required to look at all of them or even at any of them. For instance, I don’t click on a boy band thread and claim nobody cares about them and they’re a waste of time.

  7. 7
    annoying Says:

    @Nic: i’m allowed to state my opinion and you aren’t required to read it

  8. 8


  9. 9
    ??? Says:

    I like the black grey one. Interesting .

  10. 10
    q-q Says:

    who is this girl? (also are the ppl defending ‘anna’ just her friends?? nvm.. im going to guess you are)

  11. 11
    Heather Says:

    Oh plz i will take these anyday over minka kelly going to the gym everyday. At least this girl works.

  12. 12
    Louise Says:

    she doesn’t have a voluptuous feminine figure. no hips, her waist is quite masculine and her legs are ugly… what is the big deal with taking her pictures?

  13. 13
    sarah Says:

    Same kind of boyish body a la Erin Bubley Borington.

  14. 14
    Dana Says:

    I am guessing Since its Miami she gets papped since there arent too many celebs out there right now. Thats all we ever get from miami, bikini pics. More the better . Even for miami i am guessing there are not too many bodies like this on the beach. So she gets noriced.

    I am sure people will forget her once she leaves miami .Onto bigger celebs. Till then hey let her enjoy her 15 mins in the sun.

  15. 15
    Sam Says:

    Could her bikinis get any tinier?! I mean she might as well take them off too because there is barely anything covered anyway o_o

  16. 16
    aeriel Says:

    mind as well just go nude with those “barely-there” bikinis.

  17. 17
    LooseLipz Says:

    She has a cute bod. But her face is unremarkable.

  18. 18
    Model Fan Says:

    WHAT? Is that supposed to be a model? Look at the amount of cellulite behind her thighs!!!!!

  19. 19
    see Says:

    omg when your body is square you dont put on a bikini that is also square
    square bodies need round shaped bikinis and bottoms
    full feminine rounded bodies can wear the square bikini to offset all the curves though

  20. 20
    martha Says:

    @annoying: “Nobody cares about this girl” is not an opinion. That would be a statement. I care. Therefore your statement is erroneous . To recap: I think you are an unhappy person = opinion. Nobody cares what you think = statement. See how that works.

  21. 21
    haha Says:

    @martha: it’s a gossip site, calm your t&ts

  22. 22
    annoying Says:

    @martha: thanks for the lesson, maybe you can teach anne to wear flattering bikinis or ones that cover her unappealing body (my opinion, did i get that correct this time?)

  23. 23
    Dana Says:

    Wow annoying is right on the money when she called herself that !

  24. 24
    mimi Says:

    at least this isnt nobody with cankles…. like jared friend

  25. 25
    haha Says:

    @q-q: yep this girls friends are all on here
    why would anyone else even care?

    oh “celebrity”, you use 2 mean something

  26. 26
    haha Says:

    meh i’ll give her another month and no one will even remember her

  27. 27
    XYZ Says:

    ugly, overpaid, overrated….. next….

  28. 28
    Sara Says:

    The whiny people here must be Behati’s friends. I know that they post for her on websites. ;-)

  29. 29
    martha Says:

    The mermaid coven. Be more creative with your posting names. I can SEA you. Keep posting your smear campaign….the higher the number of posts means a higher number of people are interested…..and I will get to see more pictures. @ HAHA. Since Anne is in two movies that will be released soon…I doubt “No one will remember her in another month.

  30. 30
    Mimicha Says:

    She looks like a man!

  31. 31
    Jennifer Says:

    Not sure if this is a “mermaid,” but who has time for this??? I can’t tell you how psychotic this us.

  32. 32
    martha Says:

    That guy who asked to have a photo with Anne..he looks a lot like 007.

  33. 33
    aeriel Says:

    @Model Fan: everyone has imperfections woman, even models yes.

  34. 34
    martha Says:

    @Jennifer: that would be the main psycho stalker. She and her little band are scary. They follow every person connected to Adam. And everybody connected to anybody connected. They spend their time looking for postings and pictures. It is kinda scary.

  35. 35
    Jennifer Says:

    Martha- I’ve had a couple of exchanges with her on a message board. She very normal at first, then I started making connections. Very sad.

  36. 36
    Addison Says:

    Don’t understand all these comments. Models and Agents do this all the time- it is a way of promoting their models- this being Anne V. Remember last year, Ali, Anne’s agent, did the same thing. He took his models Irina and Anne to Miami and had lots of pictures taken of them and posted on several online gossip sites. It is just a promotion thing. I am sure other agencies that do this. This time, Anne got more exposure since she was the only model and her parents came along. I am not european so I guess I don’t understand why models show so much skin- and in front of her parents. Hopefully she got a lot of exposure and their beach job in Miami was successful.

  37. 37
    haha Says:

    @Sara: who the f&k is behati? 0_0 yeah im going to repeat myself.. im guessing you are her friend because who else would give a sh&t?
    martha- wait a month then.. :)

  38. 38
    Sara Says:

    haha- Don’t play stupid. You know who Behati is. You respond to Adam posts with her name in them.

  39. 39
    ??? Says:

    Aerial= she obviously means ariel, the mermaid= mermaid gang=merby…. one amongst the psycho fans . she has at least 6 twitter accounts, so obviously posting under various names is not new to her.

    aerial,see, lol,haha are all the same .

  40. 40
    Jennifer Says:

    Wait…she can’t spell Ariel correctly??? That is hilarious.

  41. 41
    Jaja Says:

    @Jennifer: Geez who was that blabbering idiot who wrote that article?

  42. 42
    Jennifer Says:

    @Jaja: From what I understand, she’s the ringleader for the group of pseudo Adam/Behati stans who think they’re mermaids like Behati thinks she is. My question is: what 23 year old woman refers to herself as a mermaid? That’s weird in and of itself. They come to these posts, especially about Anne, to trash her and bully others into liking Behati. Then they claim anyone who is nice about Anne or tries to “defend” her are friends of hers who are posting here. Sorry, but I’m not friends with any of these three. I’m just here to point out the ridiculousness of forcing people to like his new girlfriend, as if Adam’s not going to have another new girlfriend in due time anyway. They’ll become “fans” of the new girlfriend and trash Behati as a user. Anne, meanwhile, has never said a bad word about Adam or Behati.

  43. 43
    Dee Says:

    @Jennifer: She is atrocious. Who has all that time in the world to write off the wall gibberish about Adam and Behati or attack those who do not cater to her psychotic behavior. Is she not the very one that did the same when Adam dated Anne?

  44. 44
    Jaja Says:

    @Jennifer: I agree Jennifer. I like the dignified way Anne handled the whole break-up and Adam’s rebound hook-up. I just hope she finds happiness – so much hatred on this site for her. I am also so fed up with posters calling her a “fame-*****” – she worked hard to get to where she is – Adam had nothing to do with it. She’s friendly and outgoing and smiles a lot. She is nice to the paparazzi – does that make one a fame-*****? I like how she is always supportive of and participates in good charitable causes. Now there’s a kind soul. Not a negative word, stance or bone in her rocking body! For those out there who are critical of her body, do you have a better body than hers?

  45. 45
    Butch Says:

    her fake tits look stupid

  46. 46
    Jennifer Says:

    Dee & Jaja- It’s nice that there are normal fans. As I’ve said, I consider myself a casual M5 fan. I didn’t even know these crazy stans existed until you all enlightened me to what was really up. Crazy fans like them re capable of turning off normal people into liking the band. No one wants to be affiliated with a fan base that consists, or seems to consist, mostly of crazy fans. It’s detrimental to Adam and his bandmates too. They should check how they behave. What’s worse is that I get the impression that a couple of them follow Adam around. If that’s true, then Adam should be careful.

  47. 47
    martha Says:

    Anne’s personality : youtube: models talk Anne v. I am not techie enough to know how to link it. Her parents raised her right.

  48. 48
    Dee Says:

    @Jennifer: I do not for one minute doubt that he has folks going to great lengths to go where he may be in order to report back to this brigade.

  49. 49
    Morgan Says:

    Why is she posing for the camera? Kinda makes her look like an attention *****..

  50. 50
    martha Says:

    @Morgan: slap hand to forehead. (Will it ever end) Which is she posing? The one where 007 requests a picture with her? She also had a photoshoot job while down there. I don’t see anything other than a person on vacation. And calling any woman a ***** is offensive.

  51. 51
    Jennifer Says:

    Dee- That is sad. Does he have anyone who’s not looking to sell him out?

  52. 52
    martha Says:

    @haha: well it has been a month. Anne V….is even more well known.

  53. 53
    martha Says:

    @haha. Month 2. Even more well known.

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