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Brad Pitt: Newly Released 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt: Newly Released 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt sits in a raft while filming scenes for his upcoming film World War Z on Saturday (November 24) in the South Coast of England.

Last week, the 48-year-old actor was seen shooting scenes with a co-star in London.

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Check out the newly released trailer below for Brad‘s upcoming film Killing Them Softly, also starring James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta.

Mark your calendars, Killing Them Softly is out in theaters on Friday, November 30!

Brad Pitt – ‘Killing Them Softly’ Trailer

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt filming on a raft in England…

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  • sunny

    Wonderbust @ 11/25/2012 at 7:06 pm
    Too bad Japan doesnt get its premiere till April.
    Yes, it’s too bad to wait that long but 26 April is the biggining of 2013′s Golden Week (10-days-long Japanese spring holiday season ). Many people go to movie theaters during that holidays.
    KTS was shown at Cannes to attract global buyers and the result was…… it got enough foreign distributors. and HFX are both expecting around $10mil for the opening weekend in US. If it will gain total $30mil in US, it will make enough profit for Weinstein Co. if they financed the half of the budget ($7.5mil financing + $7.5mil marketing) The demographic of this movie probably is older male moviegoers and they are not the people who rush to the theaters to watch KTS on the opening weekend. Brad may not have enough time to promote the movie but it will not be a big problem. WWZ is still shooting ?But I think they or he will fry back to US for the NY premiere.

  • Chanel Ad

    Do any of you know if there will be another ad for Brad with Chanel?? I feel that they did not utilize his sex appeal enough and need to do one with him tux in a color commercial. I’m thinking along the lines of a commercial like Matthew McConoughey with D&G. Matt was so hot in that commercial and Brad deserves a better commercial than the one shot. It was like they were trying to play down his good looks.

  • Adorable JPs

    @JPs Always Surprise: I remember this- it was such a surprise to see them in Vietnam- riding on a motorcycle together! Perfect.

  • jmho
  • Premalee

    @PT – #194

    PT thanks so much. All the best.

  • jmho

    Whoops, I hit enter too soon. Just wanted to say that I agree with you there. The Chanel campaign was a disappointment to me. They had Brad Pitt in their hands and they totally efffffeeddd it up!

  • fyi

    FX is playing Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

  • Wonderbust

    just saw KTS trailer while watching Family Guy(Don’t judge me lol)


    .daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, y’all….Olivier fcked Gaby UP!! Is that even legal! I thought if you used to box ( they say olivier did) your hands were a weapon or some such shite. Lawd. Olivier is just as crazy as Halle. I don’t know who to believe with all this crazy shite happening. I saw gab’s face and was like, ‘first rule of fight club…” Lol. Poor Nalah. I hope she saw none of that. :-( Something smells hella fishy. I’m starting to think it was a set up. Gabriel’s face shows the intent of Olivier. It was to do major damage. Unless he just snapped. The whole thing’s bizarre. I see this ending badly.

  • Wonderbust

    thanks for the info. I wish Brad would get that buzz cut again, thats my fav look of his.

  • Go Figure!

    @CLINIQUA: #210: Can someone explain to me like I’m a two year old. . . why weren’t they both arrested? Halle should be allowed to move to France with her new boo and leave Nahla with the father IMO who loves her. (Don’t shoot me, just an opinion). Some men walk away from the responsibility of being a father and never really care. This man is trying with everything in his power to be a part of his daughter’s life and Halle is doing everything she can to remove him.

  • Pinky

    Not to be cynical, maybe Oliver feels Gabriel is getting 20 thousand a month and not working, so his looks won’t matter.
    Poor Nahla, the parenting classes don’t seem to be working.


    @Go Figure!:
    That’s how I saw it too. But then the current narrative is that Gabriel started the fight. But now I’m pretty sure they set him up. I think Gabriel was arrested because all of the so called witnesses were Halle’s and said Gabriel made the first physical move. But say he did push Olivier and say ‘get outta may face,’ or f.u. or whatever, why does the response have to be sooo brutal??!! It doesn’t add up. I saw Olivier on mediatakeout, and he had not a scratch on him.

    I used to think Halle snapped and caught a glimpse of her future, when Gabriel showed up at a lakers game with date, Kim Kardashian. I think she prolly shat herself in fear and anxiety thinking the preternaturally beautiful Kim, who’s name was on everyone’s lips, was gonna be her baby’s mama…and even though it never went anywhere – most likely because of a Halle freak out, I think Halle saw the writing on the wall, and started thinking Gabriel might start deliberately dating hot, young starlets and models that would rival her persona. She was having none of it. I think that’s when she decided she wanted him out of her child’s life.
    PT thanks for the heads up about the virus. I’m hoping I’m not affected. Am on my tablet, haven’t checked my laptop. Fingers crossed.

  • reiko

    It’s not Olivier’s money. And it’s not Olivier’s daughter.


    Ugh. Can someone please tell me why I loathe him so much, even when he’s pretending to care about the Congo? He comes across as soooo disingenuous. He wants all the glory of being a philanthropist while putting in none of the work and long term dedication, like Angelina. I see he went in stephanopolus this morning to jaw about it. Tell me George, affleck is biting big time off of Agelina’s decades long career in this field, and you’ve never had her on ONCE. But affleck makes a short movie to appear charitable like clooney and Damon, and all of a sudden he’s on ABC’s morning shows?? Fck that!!
    Also, read this excerpt, see how he tries to sound like Angelina (you know how she’s known for her gentle diplomatic yet tactful approach, a gentle pressure that encourages our politicians without making them feel like DCKS for doing nothing?) – well check out Ben the schmoe, trying to do the same thing, coming off ham handed and clumsy. I bet Pres Obama reads this and says, fck you affleck and your buddy Damon. Lol affleck’s an idiot.
    That said, “progress is possible,” Affleck told host George Stephanopolous, calling on the U.S. government — and President Barack Obama, in particular — to step up to the challenge. “He’s not unaware of this,” the actor said of the Commander-in-Chief. “I appreciate all the other things that he’s doing, but this has to be a priority.”
    “I think this is critical,” he continued. “I think our actions in foreign policy — and maybe I am naive — you know, represent our values and represent who we are. And if any American were to go to that country and stand and see what was happening there, they would insist that we do what we could.”


  • bizzy bee

    Good evening lovely Jolie-Pitt fans, I’m so obsessed with Brad every time I think my affection for him is gonna fade it comes back even stronger. Brad is like a chameleon whatever style of clothing or movie role he takes suits him. I love how humble and confident he is. He doesn’t compete with anyone in the business reaching for big budget movies but he will have one on his hands with WWZ.

  • Oh Great!

    Ben Affleck needs to shut his pot hole! President Obama has a lot more pressing issues to worry about right here in the US!! He has to take care of the people’s business who voted for him. Foreign policy is at the top of the list as well but whoever he has assigned to handle things will do so. Right now our economic forecast has to come first!

  • tamsin

    LOL, it only takes a 12 year old loon talking about the movie industry to showcase the ignorance and idiocy that runs amok in these threads. Movies don’t automatically break even by grossing twice their budgets, but we’ve been over this before, haven’t we loontard?

    Even when loons post release dates in other geographies, they’re conveniently forgetting that this is a limited release and might be screened in few theaters in said countries. And LOL, did loons know that how international distribution works and that the studio may not profit at all from those showings? Do some research loons.

    I love that the initial estimations for Bombing Them Softly placed it with $15m opening weekend and after its tepid performance in foreign markets and based on the previous Dominik-Pothead collaboration, analysts have readjusted that opening weekend estimate to a more conservative number.

    And LOL, how come Brad Pitt, the international superstar that commands $20m a movie, could only land himself a lead role in a $15m movie? And that doesn’t even count the millions spent on advertising the movie for the awards season. Hehehe… talk about a salary cut.

    It’s clear the studios don’t have much faith in Poison Pitt, and Weinstein Co are focusing its efforts on The Master, a surefire Oscar winner. So loons, what happened to your idol that he’s sunk so low?

  • Wonderbust

    That reminds me, the MJ poster disappeared after Obama won the election LMAO

  • Passing Through

    # 195 groundcontrol @ 11/25/2012 at 5:47 pm
    GC -
    I’ve got a souped up enterprise version of MSE and although it detected the virus it couldn’t clean some of the variants, which is why I had to rebuild my computer. The only people who should be worried is anyone who was on Jared’s site at the time I specified in my earlier post. It was an ad that was on his site during that time frame. As soon as the page started loading the AV popped up, so I KNOW it was Jared’s site. I sent him and Chris an email about it as soon as I got back online today. It’s not the first time it’s happened here. Truthfully it’s not all their fault. It’s the fault of whatever company is serving up the ads on this site. They’re the ones who got hacked not Jared. Although, it means that any AV Jared has on his system didn’t catch the virus either and that’s how it was passed along to visitors. Hopefully with the info I sent them they’ll be able to track it down and send the info on to whoever they get their ads from.

  • Wonderbust

    also fans remember to ignore the trolls especially this week when they(all two of them) will make up their own special guidelines on how the box office works :) have a great night

  • tamsin


    I usually don’t dignify such nonsense from a loon who is not a regular, but seeing how you’re most likely one of them under a different alias, (LOL), I’ll humor you. ;-)

    You know, when you post biased crap like that you need to provide links to your sources to prove that what you say it’s true. Where do you get that the movie got “enough distributors” or that it’s budget is $7.5 in production and $7.5 in advertisement, when the budget was reported to be $18m (as per IMDb) and the movie hadn’t even been released until September?

    Truth is you don’t know how much is being spent in promoting this snooze fest, and you don’t know if enough distributors are offsetting the budget. Way to deflate the costs and spin the news, loons. Try harder loons, awards season is right around the corner! :D

  • Passing Through

    # 200 Wonderbust @ 11/25/2012 at 6:49 pm
    We all know the trolls are incapable of doing math so any claims they make about KTS flopping are to be laughed at. For one thing, it’s probably not going to open in more than 2200 theaters, if that many. We’re not talking James Bond here. And unlike Depp’s The Rum Diaries this movie didn’t cost $45MIL to make because Brad wanted his $20MIL fee regardless of the known limited appeal the movie would have. It’s hard to call something a “passion project” when your first priority is making sure your acting fee is paid first. Er…I digressed…my point was the trolls are stoopid. They’re still waiting for Ticky to win that Oscar she proclaimed herself ready for 2003.

  • tamsin

    I love that my stalker is telling others to ignore and thumb down, when we all know the deranged freeek can’t help herself and has gone as far as to keep an archive of my posts, sorted by date, and has posted it over here, as well as look for my comments in other blogs. Is it any wonder why loons get moderated?

    Our opinions are so important to loons! I know not a day goes by without you thinking of us and sending us your best wishes. I will sure to put you all in my christmas e-card list. LOL.

  • Passing Through

    # 213 Pinky @ 11/25/2012 at 9:52 pm
    I thought it was only $10K a month? No matter. He wasn’t working much because Halle kept changing the rules of when he could see Nahla. She was forever dragging him to family court about it and then getting snippy when he sued her for the same thing. Halle got to take Nahla with her when she was working – remember the NYC New Year’s Eve thing last year? – but because she has primary custody she didn’t want him taking Nahla out of town when he was working because then she’d have to travel to be with Nahla. Nice, huh? For as much trouble as Halle turns out to be she ought to have to pay a guy who put up with her cray cray ass. Sorta like Ticky…
    Speaking of Halle – I saw that she’s going to court to get a permanent restraining order. This ought to be interesing because he didn’t threaten her or Nahla. He had a fight with her new piece. And the whole armed guard thing is just way over the top – even for Halle. Halle’s an idiot. All she has to do is get GA deported. He’s Canadian for God’s sake. All this drama when all she has to do is ask the courts to revoke his Visa. If he’s thrown out of the country that would make it easier for her to get an order relocating to France. She should have just done that last year instead of letting the whole thing get to this point. That’s what’s wrong with Halle – she’s too concerned about being seen as the victim instead of going for the jugular. It’s passive aggressiveness at a level even Ticky hasn’t mastered yet.

  • Passing Through

    # 212 Go Figure! @ 11/25/2012 at 9:35 pm
    They weren’t both arrested because OM called the cops after making a citizen’s arrest. For a second there I thought I was watching an old Andy Griffith episode and Gomer making a citizen’s arrest of Barney for making an illegal U-turn after Barney did the same thing to him. LOL!

  • Passing Through

    # 216 CLINIQUA @ 11/25/2012 at 10:17 pm
    Shame on you, Cliniqua! You know BA is a graduate of the Georgie Porgie School of OScar P imp ing! Porgie had Darfur. BA has Congo. “Argo…at a theater near you…and $1.9MIL shy of the $100MIL ‘blockbuster’ mark!”

  • Tweet

    PT- that’s hilarious- citizen’s arrest! Also, if Halle somehow gets him deported, that could backfire big time- that actress from the OC/GG lost physical custody of her kids bc her husband did some criminal thing that doesn’t allow him back in the US- her choice is now to live in France or visit them when she can if she wants to stay in US. Here is a great tweet about ITLOBAH:

    @MLBelen18: I can’t even describe how amazing and profound of a movie that is Angelina jolies in the “Land of Blood and Honey”

  • Passing Through

    # 223 tamsin @ 11/25/2012 at 10:38 pm
    Please stop trying to do math and learn to read for comprehension. If you need someone to sound out the syllables of the big words for you, then try your local public library and ask them to resurrect the Reading Is Fundamental program just for you. And, if you simply have to astound us with your lack of basic math skills, remember to take off your shoes to help you with the numbers after 10.

  • tamsin


    Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t mention this before, but I just loooove your posts and all the insider info that you share with us. You crack me up every day! Keep it coming! Thanks! :D

  • Go Figure!

    @Passing Through: @227: I love that episode of Andy Griffith.

  • Go Figure!

    @CLINIQUA: @216: No you’re not the only one who loathes BA. I have no problem with his “philanthropic” work, it’s just that he coat tails Angie and never gives her credit. I know Angie does all that she does because she truly cares. But, I repeat, it would be nice if somewhere along the way, she is given some sort of recognition. I guess since it’s Angie, people just assume she’s supposed to. Her recognition for all of her work is long overdue!

  • carry

    decided to check if somethig is up but not yet.
    hope tomorrow more news things…
    I wish that Brad learn to be fun not over the top but natural and firm. I want him to learn no and yes words. lol
    If angie comes, ( which I thinks he might not ) even his comming is in question as this point, it will be great for us will be gluing to my tv to see the et shows and the red carpet if in case he/or both made it.

  • Passing Through

    # 229 Tweet @ 11/25/2012 at 11:17 pm
    You mean Kelly Rutherford? IIRC that backfired on her because of something she did to prevent him being seen as the legal father of the kids. It was something like she was trying to alienate the kids from him. She was doing stuff like she had the daughter’s birth certificate changed – she removed his name. She was ordered to re-instate the original birth certificated and she hadn’t done it in the time alloted her by the jugde. The judge said she as being vindictive gave the father residential custody of the kids and told her she had the means to go to France to visit them so start buying stock in Delta. I was like, “Boo yah, beeyotch!” She was rockin’ the cray cray, too. I don’t know what’s up with these chicks…

  • tamsin

    Passing Poop @ 11/25/2012 at 11:17 pm #230

    So that was you under a different alias Big Momma? My math and reading comprehension are fine, thanks, which is sadly something you can’t say about yours. You can’t keep track of all of the aliases you use in these threads, can you? I bet you know how many twinkies you have left, though.

    But nevermind, my point still stands- provide the link where the movie budget is reported to be $15m (clearly stating that half is going to production and the other half to advertising), as well as the link where it’s reported that the movie got enough distributors in Cannes. BOM did not make mention of any of that and you know it, you lying loonie. When you talk big words and want to sound like an adult, you have to back them with something, hun. :)

    As always, you will cowardly back away from these questions by gloating about how I didn’t reply, even though I did, and then you will excuse your incompetence by claiming you missed it because it was hidden. Try being less predictable! :D

  • carry

    um abut benno… that guy is getting too much.
    It is funny he copy either Brad or Angie now… or follow .
    They start freaking me out.
    I hate that when people say shiit in one place about Jps and in the other they copy.. stoopid.

  • tweet

    Kelsey Matter@kmatter21 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s house in New Orleans #reallythough #sopretty

  • Rose

    @CLINIQUA: If I was the judge in HB case I would move that child from HB home with OM. The way he went overboard beating GA show he has a lot of rage inside. And it’s looking as if he also has a drinking problem. Halle should be very afraid he will bust out her other eardrum like Wesley Snipes did to her years ago. I wouldn’t want to live with OM, he also show he does not know to walk away. They said he blocked GA attempted punch. Why did he not deffused the situation, knowing the kid is there, by walking away and calling the police. IMO, OM has more pent up rage than GA by the beat down he gave to GA. Halle better be careful, he is going to give her a beat down next looking at how stressed out he is looking, and buying liquor at 7:30 am. Good luck Halle.

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: PT, last week one day while scrolling, up popped a virus. Luckily, I saw the screen changing, immediately, I shut the iPad down for several minutes. No problem since then. Hopefully the system destroyed it.

  • an opinion

    If Time Mag review of Zero Dark Thirty is true than Ben Affleck may get his ego bruised by not being the darling at the Oscars.
    “First and last, Zero Dark Thirty is a movie, and a damned fine one. Like Argo — which, with all due respect to director Ben Affleck and the film’s many admirers, ZDT blows out of the water — it dramatizes a true-life international adventure with CIA agents as the heroes. (And it takes fewer fictional liberties with the source material than Affleck did.)”

    Read more:

  • lylian

    Actually, MJ disappeared when she couldn’t rebutt anything we wrote, threw a fit and told us all to shut up – especially me coz I ain’t american. I’m still wondering what she thought of Mitt and Paul and John Mccain saying that after the Arab Spring, the Obama’s administration didn’t do enough to ensure that only people sympathetic to the US be elected to government in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. But she has the cheek to tell me to shut up because I ain’t Americans and I think she thinks I was perhaps, able to influence people with what I write.
    Personally, I would be utterly amazed if I influenced anyone reading my posts one way or the other. .

  • an opinion

    @Passing Through: PT if we have ad blocker can a virus from a banner still be released on the system?

  • tweet

    an opinion- I think ad blocker stops it bc it never loads. I starts using it years ago bc I had a slow pc & it helped pages load faster. Now, with this virus wrinkle, it seems even more important. PT prob knows more, but that’s my experience.

  • funny OT

    Lots of people have been tweeting about Liz and Dick and it sounds like it’s just as bad as expected but cheesy funny, too. Anyhow, I thought this tweet by Patton Oswalt was really funny considering that Ben & JLo were (like Liz & Dick) really into fancy cars ,yachts, mega expensive jewelry, partying (at least Ben was). Also, Ben has just been bragging about how he emails JLo, so tweeting isn’t a stretch:
    “We’re next.” Ben Affleck and J Lo texting, each other. #lizanddick

  • annon

    Killing Them Softly
    Reviewed by: Edward Douglas
    Rating: 8 out of 10

  • annon

    Review: Killing Them Softly
    rating: 9/10

  • tweet

    Zoe Tiller ‏@zoetiller

    Just heard on the radio brad Pitt is filming at lulworth cove #omfg @AbigailBarnes96

  • tweet

    Hanna Cox ‏@Hanna_Cox


  • carry

    I am awake today for something and just found out no one won the powerball jackpot so it is going for like 425m for wedensday. WOW!

  • tweet

    SusannaAromando ‏@aromando_s

    Dinner with friend last night who got up at 5am this morning to work with Brad Pitt #notfair