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Joshua Jackson: Shirtless Poolside with Diane Kruger!

Joshua Jackson: Shirtless Poolside with Diane Kruger!

Joshua Jackson goes shirtless while spending time at the pool with his bikini-clad girlfriend Diane Kruger on Saturday (November 24) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The 34-year-old actor wore blue and green trunks while the 36-year-old actress opted for a grey bikini.

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Josh has been filming the final episodes of his series Fringe in Vancouver recently while Diane was in Paris earlier in the week at a Christmas lights ceremony.

15+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at the pool…

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joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 01
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 02
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 03
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 04
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 05
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 06
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 07
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 08
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 09
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 10
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 11
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 12
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 13
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 14
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 15
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 16
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 17

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • kaif

    They’re awesome together and they’re meant to be with each other. They’d make a cute couple. :D

  • carol

    diana in a bikini is the most horrible thing to see, she must always hide her ugly body in their designer clothes so no one has the misfortune to see it

  • troll alert


    Like i said before, she is that one and only Crazy anna torv fan. She stalks Diane and Joshua on every post.
    She hates them because nobody cares about her idol. Deep down, she hopes that Jared would start posting pictures of anna instead.
    She is a hypocrite.

    BTW: she was also the one who posted those chinese sh*t on the previous posts, but now she’s back to english. LOL

  • carol

    @kaif: certainly both have no talent, ethics, they are famewhore, they are soulmates in mediocrity

  • fariz

    I love all two and think they look really great together, seems like chemistry going on!

  • Joe


    I see what you’re working with in that fifth pic, and I like it. I like it a lot.

  • fariz


    What? Am i missing something? Care to share……..

  • mango

    I always enjoy seeing photos of Diane and Joshua together. They both look so happy.
    Jared, those pictures are absolutely lovely and thank you for sharing!

  • huh?



  • haid

    Diane, that perfect, perfect body. Josh, you lucky man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thele

    allways thought diane was skinny, but in this picture she proofs it to be wrong, she got a perfect healthy body (some tits you can´t oversee) and really just looks fit!…don´t see any bones showing or any sign of an unnatural low weight… i think she´s got a thin type of body anyway plus cares for it with healthy food. she looks damn good!

  • radia

    I am so happy for both JOSHUA and DIANE. They make such a beautiful and sexy couple. I wish them the best, hope that they last forever.

  • craiy

    Joshua, pleaaaaaaaaaaase, leave your hair long like that. DON’T CUT IT SHORT. I hate it and it doesn’t look good on you. Leave the curls on your hair. Thank you

  • ariel

    Joshua, why you so HOT????? Damit!!

  • Yujin

    Attractive couple. I approve.

  • semu

    Joshua is one sexy beast! I love his style!!

  • hamster

    He’s really tall! She has an amazing facial bone structure IMO. They’re cute.

  • sylvie

    Joshua is a beautiful man, inside and out. the cutest person you will ever meet

    He is smart, handsome, charismatic, it’s surreal how much ladies love him. the greatest guy ever.

  • couture

    Shes looking great and her legs are amazing!
    Her candid style really is great.

  • Guin

    I’m glad to see they all having a good time. They look so relaxed and happy!!

  • Fabiana

    they are, two talentless famewhores.

  • vesper

    Joshua is so fit and I fancy him sooooooo much omg!

  • wa

    Well, i’m so glad they look kind of real. Needless to say, they are very down-to-earth people.

  • kiera

    Joshua really is very sexy. He just oozes sex and I can’t help but wonder what it would be like. I would imagine he’s very………actually, I probably shouldn’t go any further!!!! :))))))

  • Tiff

    She’s not ugly and he’s gorgeous! They seem very happy together.

  • quinton

    they both look fantastic! Diane is a darling!

  • SAM

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    Now this is all very well, but my question is this. Who will be left in ten years time to build our roads and bridges, teach our children, grow our food, diagnose and help to heal our illnesses, and do necessary research, when the current generation on whom our future depends all want to be celebrities, SEO and Internet experts, or financial whiz-kids?

  • Jo


    Did you even read what I said? JJ and other sites pick who they want on their sites, celebrities don’t. This couple ONLY appear on here because of the hits they bring to this site, nothing more. They appear on here all the time because photographers know that their photos will be bought by JJ. I rest my case about the trolls. These photos already have 75 comments. You don’t have to be famous or not famous to appear on these sites. They are only interested in the ones that bring traffic to their site and they don’t care who they are.

  • tourya

    I love Joshua, he is amazing so talent (its unbelieveable) and gifted actor cant wait for Fringe.

  • sher

    Josh is on vacation? You know what that means girls! Joshua will be all tanned and extra handsome on those last episodes on fringe.

  • chloe

    Phwoarrrrr! They are gorgeous, aren’t they?!

  • fab

    Diane and Joshua are both have an attractive personality. Good-looking. They are generally physically good …

  • joel

    Josh’s sooooooooo fitttttttt! MMMMmmmm…..

  • wa

    Great pictures Diane Kruger – the look of love.

  • clark

    Beautiful woman. Absolute perfection in my eyes. Grounded and talented. I’ll be watching all her films.

  • martina

    awww my future husband with his current gf!!!

  • splash

    Joshua Jackson has grown up nicely! What a stud!

  • R

    Love this couple! <3

  • sea

    She looks perfectly fine, skinny and cute.
    Anorexic is a word improperly used by too many overweight women when they see a fit girl.

  • camille

    He is a talented actor, drop-dead gorgeous, rich, but he is a down-to-earth person, too.
    He has a sense of humor, and a flawless sweet girlfriend Diane Kruger.
    What’s not to love!

  • bush

    Diane and Joshua are absolutely incredible, I think, they make a ridiculously cute couple!

  • monique

    Diane looks lovely. She and Josh look wonderful together; completely relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.

  • britney

    Joshua, you are so gorgeous, and you and your beautiful sweatheart are pretty darn cute together.

  • true love

    I truly admire this couple. She is currently filming The Bridge in LA and Mexico and he is shooting in Vancouver, but they always find time for each other. And on top of that, this two love birds are planning a trip to New Zealand for about 3 weeks in december (backpacking).

    Now that’s how you keep a relationship alive.

  • ozie

    Both Diane and Joshua look FANTASTIC. Extremely beautful couple.

  • soul

    These two are one of the best couple in Hollywood.

    My favorite must be this:
    the way he is helping her into the pool.

    and this one:
    the way she can’t stop looking at him.

    One word: SEXY

  • hamilton

    Diane looks cute! i watched wicker park again last night, and she was stunning in that movie.

  • erika

    Joshua is simply sex on legs!!!!! He’s hot and always can ooze sex appeal.

  • Peter

    Joshua Jackson is doing a mighty fine job on fringe this season. Keep up the good work, Josh. Everybody is rooting for ya !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lesle

    Joshua is absolutely smexy!
    Diane has great legs, gorgeous hair, and perfect skin!