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Joshua Jackson: Shirtless Poolside with Diane Kruger!

Joshua Jackson: Shirtless Poolside with Diane Kruger!

Joshua Jackson goes shirtless while spending time at the pool with his bikini-clad girlfriend Diane Kruger on Saturday (November 24) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The 34-year-old actor wore blue and green trunks while the 36-year-old actress opted for a grey bikini.

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Josh has been filming the final episodes of his series Fringe in Vancouver recently while Diane was in Paris earlier in the week at a Christmas lights ceremony.

15+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at the pool…

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joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 01
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 02
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 03
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 04
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 05
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 06
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 07
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 08
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 09
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 10
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 11
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 12
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 13
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 14
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 15
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 16
joshua jackson shirtless poolside with diane kruger 17

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Amber

    Who cares who gets more hits. MARION COTILLARD will always be more talented and beautiful than this wanna be/Diane.

  • flora


    No one really cares, but people who dislike Diane come on to her threads and post in them ad nauseum about how she’s always featured on this site and wonder why JJ keeps putting her here and they don’t seem to understand that they are contributing to the very problem that they’re complaining about. If they didn’t read articles about her and drive up traffic to her posts, Jared wouldn’t post about her so much. Also, they try to pit Marion and Diane against each other in some weird competition about talent and beauty when really, neither of those things factor into how often any one person appears on a gossip web site.

  • Starlight

    It is so clear that Diane is trying to tell everybody that she is the better choice for Joshua than Katie.

  • rie

    I’m in love with this couple!! They are a perfect match.

  • ollinic

    such a great couple! Diane is so pretty!! she looks stunning in that bikini! thanks for posting pics! :D

  • gian

    who cares about them appearing on this site this only brings haters for me there is no advantage of it, it does not bring respect, recognition, nor fans, Sad is anyone living that sort of fame, the most artists, they do not like to see their private lives on gossip sites, even big stars like Angelina Jolie ,don’t exposes herself as Diane and KATE BOSWORTH

  • ml

    Joshua is really hell damn sexy, and Diane is really beautiful and talented actress. PERFECT.

  • renner

    what a beautiful pair!

  • DK
  • Alice

    Love them both!

  • janet


    i actually agree with you wholeheartedly!

  • sun

    Omg! I can’t get over how cute they are together!! I don’t know why, but this couple attracts strongly me, as if with a magnet….

  • BB

    @flora: that’s not how some fans think, especially men, they say he is boring wannabe, pretentious

  • DK
  • red

    I just love the gr8 chemistry between Diane and Josh and how cute they are together.

  • Silvie

    Oh my god! Josh is so natural sexy and gorgeuos! I love him *_*

  • trol alert


    oh, flora, don’t bother to even try to reason with the crazy anna torv fan. She is using different names, but she is the same person.
    She now targets you, because you gave her your attention. The trol is jealous, bitter and angry. She wants to see anna on justjared and not jj or dk.
    She even tried to use marion fanbase to start a fight. But we all know, as Diane Kruger fans, that we would never say anything hatefull towards marion. We like her a lot. And neither would Marion fanbase. We respect each other. Don’t forget Guillaume was Diane husband and he is the father of Marion baby. We need to show respect.

    Just let the trol be, i’m kinda used to seeing her on every diane and joshua thread. Just let the crazy be! LOL!!!

  • Mike

    Apparently fans of these two have a different definition of beautiful and fit, compared to the rest of the world. LOL!

  • aywood

    SO Happy to see this pics! I love them together. Some couples who get together just make you think “they make perfect sense together.”

  • deliah

    That’s the reason why beautiful people should be together…They look amazing!!

  • DK
  • Pixie

    Anyone else find it odd that this was the last filming break before shooting the finale and the cast all stayed in VAN for the
    Thanksgiving break (the US holiday) except for him? It’s known that she’s not a fan of a majority of people on that show/production, but I figured hed want to be with people who you saw almost day in day out for 5 years when you know that’s ending in a couple of weeks.

  • chuchu

    Great photos! They make me happy whenever they are together.

  • DK
  • vanda

    @trol alert: the crazy here is you that is posting all these comments on her, and besides you being crazy is dumb about AT everyone knows she is a very private person,if she was chased by paparazzi she would move to mars, none fan her,wants seeing her on gossip sites exposing his private life she respects herself and her fans that is why she has the respect of fans and the media

  • trol alert


    You are just proofing my point, you know that right?
    You are the one and only crazy anna torv fan, arent you?. See how quick you exposed yourself LOL!

    I rest my case!

    And BTW, i guess i see you on the next Diane/ Joshua thread! Don’t be a stranger!!! LOL

  • flora

    @BB: But those are different than narcissistic and are not mutually exclusive from someone being a nice person who people find relatable and down to earth. Even if you don’t think Joshua has much talent, I think you’d be hard pressed to say that he’s egotistical, snobby, or ungracious to people he meets. He never comes off that way.

  • trol alert


    The only dumb person is you! You clearly gave yourself away , by saying something about anna torv, who only a fan of hers would know!

    What is a anna torv fan doing on this thread, anyway? oh yeah, that’s right: JEALOUSY!!!!

    You are a hypocrite who wants anna to be here and not jj or dk.

    Why so bitter, jealous and angry, you poor crazy soul? LOL

  • so lame

    how pathetic is it that Kruger’s 2 fans just keep posting here over and over….

  • trol alert


    See, flora, didnt i tell you? It’s the anna torv trol. Did you see how quickly she came forward! LOL

    So people on this thread, who were asking themselves who was this person posting all those negative comments up here!

    NOW YOU KNOW!!! the torv trol, clear and simple!

  • vanda

    @trol alert: I am a fan of fringe these pictures are disclosed in social networks.

  • hello

    She is unbelievably gorgeous

  • JK

    Joshua Jackson “fat”?

    Please. You wish the guy you married was that “fat.”

    Or that guy in the club that you hope will talk to you, but won’t.

  • trol alert


    nice try, trol, but you are lying, you hypocrite.
    I can understand you’re a fan of fringe, but why come here and post numerous posts if you are cleary a obsessed anna torv fan.
    You could just have looked to the pictures and clicked away, but you stayed!
    And why did you do that? Like i said you are jealous of diane and joshua.
    You want anna torv so badly on justjared and it’s kills you everytime you see JJ or Dk instead.

    No turning back, you crazy anna torv fan, you have been exposed!!!!! LOL

  • selma

    ugh, they are still so into each other after all those years. So jealous

  • app

    They’re too sexy… smoking hot!

  • faitheh

    They’re each beautiful on their own, but when they’re together… WOW!

  • lindsay

    Now that’s a super hot couple!!

  • jennifer

    Dianel is a superb actress. Loved her in “TROY’, alongside Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.

  • jennifer



  • celine

    Very cute!!!
    Diane really suits that hat :)

  • Amish

    Ohhhhh yessss!!! beautiful couple! I ADORE THEM TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Effie

    @so lame: I know. It’s always the same old, same old. They blow smoke up her skinny a ss and expect people to buy that she has so many adorning fans and that she is more than marginally attractive. Such is the life of a Diane Kruger troll.

  • zaineb

    Wonderful pics :) Looking good…

  • fan-report

    What’s very important is personality and what you have to say, because then it’s the magical aura you spread; it’s your personality.
    So when I got to meet Joshua last year ( finally), he had such a beautiful humanity, very grounded, very nice personality, sense of humor, truly a great person. So this is what makes someone sexy or attractive.

  • bissgirl

    They are gorgeous together, hope they are happy as this forever

  • Jane

    @trol alert:

    It’s quite obvious that you are the true troll. You make most of these posts and then as flora you try to make it appear as if Diane really has fans. It’s fine that you are obsessed with this woman, I have no idea why though. To each his/her own I guess.

  • Stefan

    has someone wanting to force people to like your idol, that is so weird!!!!

  • RupertSanders

    Good thing Josh will be unemployed again, no more ugly body on tv

  • flora


    I would like to make it crystal clear that I am not trol alert. For one thing, I know how to spell “troll”. Also, I don’t care if Diane has other fans other than myself since other people’s celebrity preferences is none of my business. Please leave me out of whatever weird Anna Torv fight you guys have going on. I don’t know anything about her beyond the fact that she’s on Fringe.