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Miranda Kerr: Denim Day in New York!

Miranda Kerr: Denim Day in New York!

Miranda Kerr keeps it stylish in a denim jacket while exiting a building on Saturday (November 24) in New York City.

The day before, the 29-year-old model posted a picture of herself and tweeted, “Behind the scenes today on set ✌❤’.” Check out the picture below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

On the same day, Miranda was spotted picking up her adorable son Flynn while out and about in New York City.

FYI: Miranda is wearing J Brand‘s “Aaren” shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr exiting a taxi in the Big Apple…

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  • boycry

    Is she buying clothes all the time? Everyday different outfits. I would get tired of going shopping all the time! I think she loves the attention.

  • Genevieve

    wow, her outfit is really cute!

  • Laughable

    I can hardly wait for her husband to begin his play in New York so we can have photo setups of her every hour on the hour. My life would be so complete then! Or maybe she will be hitting on the Beiber in between her photo shots and pretending she is happily married. What a joke she is.

  • Orlando

    Nice body, ugly face.

  • o_0

    “she will be hitting on the Beiber in between her photo shots”
    LOOOOOL!!!!! And then they’ll go on a romantic date in which he will show her his collection of action figures.
    You’re right, quite laughable

  • Rachel

    I love her outfit… the handbag though, I hope it’s not real fur :(

  • Vikious

    I think she’s very pretty

  • Jess

    She definitely calls the paparazzi. Wouldn’t surprise me that she’s glad her husband’s not around, since he hates them. Shallow girl.

  • bobby-ray

    i’m so tired of her

  • Andie

    @o_0: not laughable at all. people who were at the backstage vs show reported it. whats laughable is your obsession with this woman. aaand cue at least two more comments from you defending her. LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • F.G.F.

    Did she just really post a picture of herself with people tending to her and massaging her feet while she lounges around her robe??? I don’t understand how people can not see how incredibly vain this woman is.

  • Shelly

    Another day another Miranda sighting

  • jasmin

    It’s freezing in New York. How can she wear that?

  • o_0

    I plan to post as many times as I feel like, so keep counting under the wrong impression that I care.
    So “people who were backstage” reported it? wow, now that’s hard proof! And very believable, cheating on her husband with a teen in front of “people who were backstage”.
    But even if she weren’t married, any person believing that a 29 year old woman would hook up with that brat must be a tween herself.
    Miranda thinks of Bieber as entertainment for her toddler. He’s like Kermitt the frog to her (and to all women older than 15)

  • Prezes

    She gets clothes for free, because a) she’s a model b) she’s a celebrity, so she get papped all the time, so designers are sending her clothes and accessories to get some free PR. Although she is seen shopping sometime, I bet she can just tell her assistant to call the designer/company and tell “Miranda wants this and that bag” and they will send it in every color. Must be nice, so can’t blame her. But I guess that works for most of “in” celebrities.

  • Andie

    @o_0: “Miranda thinks of Bieber as entertainment for her toddler. He’s like Kermitt the frog to her” how the heck would you know she thinks that way of him? because she said in an interview that she played bieber to him and he danced? you are not miranda and therefore dont know a thing about what she thinks of bieber when it comes to attraction etc. please. youre such an obsessed fan whos got nothing better to do than defend a shallow model who people cant like because shes too pretentious. get a life, loser. youre so sad hahahaha….

  • Annie

    Its frikkin FREEZING in nyc….how in the world do u walk around in minis?

  • o_0

    “because she said in an interview that she played bieber to him and he danced?”
    Yes, pretty much. Or do you think mommies play Leonard Cohen’s records to dance with their toddlers?
    When it comes to attraction, I can tell you I am a woman around Miranda’s age, and I know many other women around Miranda’s age, and women of my generation don’t feel attracted to kids without secondary sexual characters. And Bieber in particular is seen as a cheesy kid who sings lame songs in playback.
    “get a life, loser. youre so sad hahahaha….”
    And what makes YOU so cool in comparison? XD

  • yup

    @Annie: my only thought when looking at her pics!! ahah! it’s freezing right now – but also that bag is.. uh.. i mean she might as well just walk around holding raw meat =/

  • yup

    @Prezes: she’s a celebrity? no! – she’s a model but she only became “famous” (or just over exposed) because of her husband. No one would know who she is if she didn’t marry orlando bloom. And that’s just a fact… the same way people didn’t know who gisele was before she dated leo d.

  • sal

    @Andie: blind item had something wonder if it’s true or not

  • sal

    my bad ppl did guess her:

  • NotAGirl

    She always dresses up for the paparazzi, it’s so obvious. And the irony is, her style is nothing special! So trendy and contrived.

  • Mimi

    LOL Google “Irina Shayk paparazzi” and the difference is clear! Both lingerie models in high profile relationships, Irina is way more gorgeous, and yet when she’s being photographed, she’s hiding her face, ducking her head down, trying to get away as fast as possible. Miranda steps out of a car wearing a mini skirt in November, takes a few steps for the photogs and then climbs back in. And then repeats the same process the next day, and the day after that.

  • Prezes


    So that’s why exactly she IS a celebrity – she’s not an actress, not a singer, she’s simply known for being known (thanks to her husband). She’s well known, followed everywhere, but nobody knows why – the epitome of celebrity.

  • yup

    @Prezes: i was referring to the fact that “celebrity” should represent an actor or singer.. not someone who walks around N.Y with her kid for a photo op!

  • HA!

    My goodness! The hater sockpuppets sure were busy early on deleting cookies so that they could continually punch up and down arrows.
    But it looks like they ran out of steam.
    And now we are re-defining the word celebrity? LOL!
    Celebrity = a famous, or well known person.
    Miranda is a world famous model who has appeared in everything from HF magazines to VS catalogues. From Prada to Adidas to iced tea.
    Now you are claiming that she isn’t a celebrity in her own right?
    So desperate.

  • Andie

    @HA!: no one think she’s worth deleting cookies for but you you moron. jj doesnt work like that and deleting cookies wouldnt work, youd need to reboot your entire internet and get a different ip address each time–who the heck would do that?? simple truth is that shes just this disliked here in america. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HA!

    And still with this Bieber garbage?
    he looks like a toddler, for crying out loud. Just ewwww!
    And I love how one minute the idiot hater-sock is claiming that Miranda is attracted to that CHILD, but when someone disagrees, they attack them claiming they CAN’T know what Miranda is attracted to!
    Hypocrisy at its finest!

  • HA!

    Oh, so you have tried it. LOL!
    And no darling, we Americans like her. No, we all LOVE HER!
    Hey, if you are going to irrationally generalize, then so can I.
    hater-socks are so fun to play with

  • Andie

    @HA!: no you moron but i have my own webpage and thats how html works. get some education you uneducated miranda-obsessed person. if a models fan is anything to judge by then you just prove how worthless she is too. ugh. no more comments from me. youre not worth it and neither is she. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • HA!

    Own website? Are you Callie? The host for delphi?
    Or Kerrazy-Bealze? The host of more than one hater site?
    Bitter, irrational, sociopathically obsessed and full to the brim with hate? Yep, sure seems like one of you!
    And oh so funny!

  • murray

    Paparazzi made her silly. She wasnt like this before!!

  • sara

    Miranda looks amazing!
    She goes from sleek and sophisticated to young and playful with such ease! I love her!

  • HA!

    Borrowed this from ‘tam’ on the last thread, since the idiots are still talking BieberBull..
    The perfect response:
    “As for the third one? Eww.
    Funny, but on ONTD, the majority of people guessing believe that the ‘pop star’ in question is one of the One Direction boys. And that the model is someone in their thirties.
    But for the haters….if Miranda was in the same room as a man, then she is cheating on Orlando!!!
    But really? IMO, not even close.
    Orlando Bloom: gorgeous, masculine, tall, buff, successful, mature, etc
    Justin Bieber: small, cute but kind of squirrely, childish and immauture, scrawny, etc.
    No. You would have to be a 13 year old girl to think that this is even a contest.
    And again, back to Miranda’s reputation as a good person. Why would she risk everything for one night with a ‘child’? Simple answer…she didn’t.”

  • Anne

    She is really pretty for sure, but she should stop parading, posing for paparazzi in different outfits and exhibiting her “silly girl” personality. It’s embarrassing for her husband and kid (and for her).
    Why do other VS models, like the gorgeous Doutzen and Adriana, have their pictures taken only rarely?

  • …..

    @HA!: how would you know if she did or didn’t?

  • Liz

    @Prezes: Umm she is a succeful model. People are are famous for not having anything achieived are like Kim Kardashain and freida Pinto. What have they done? Nothing. Yet they are being papped constanly. So ugly and useless both of them are.

  • Liz

    Mirana Kerr is married to the hottest elf. Bieber looks like puck the fairy. Oh wait, puck the fairy even looks more manly and masculine then him, never mind.

  • Natalie

    Less of Miranda, more of Orlando and Flynn, please!

  • V

    Her outfit is cute, i love the way she dresses

  • :(

    @ V

    Like a 12 years old? PATHETIC.

  • @36

    Doutzen and Adriana are both gorgeous, famous models. But they aren’t married to a famous, well loved actor.
    Miranda is not only a gorgeous, famous model, she is also married to, and gave a son to, Orlando Freaking Bloom.
    More fans (and detractors) to comment = more threads.
    This idea of supply and demand in threads has been brought up numerous times. Why is it such a hard concept to grasp?

  • :(

    Like a ears old? Pathetic

  • martha

    Someone is obsessed ….that would be the hater. Why waste your time even looking at the pictures and reading the posts. She is a model..a successful one. Married to a hunky actor. I like it when my favorite models post behind the scene pictures.
    She is adorable. Her outfit is cute. I don’t care who calls the papperazi…. I like seeing her.
    Now those LA actors/actress….I couldn’t care less….

  • TheDudeAbides

    I’m thinking, A River Runs Through It.”

  • @37

    Because the 0.00001% of 29 year old ladies that sleep with boys that look like Justin Bieber are, or at least should be, in jail.

  • DOH!

    The only ones who believe that Bieber cr*p are the delph-IDIOTS.
    But then, they’ll believe anything.
    Well, except the TRUTH, that is.

  • Shannon

    It looks like Bambi was killed for her purse…not a fan of that Miranda

  • @1, 3, 4…..etc.

    Wow, talk about being OBSSESSED.

    It’s obvious you have gone to the trouble of making a negative comment about Miranda then clicked on the green arrow over and over to make it look like people agree with you.

    You have admitted it’s not possible to do this by deleting cookies so you must have access to a lot of computers, probably in an office.

    Interesting that it only happens on a weekend as well, so you must not be able to acces the computers during the week.

    You need to seek help with your obsession with Miranda, it’s one thing to be a fan of Orlando but to go to such lengths crosses the line completely and is beyond scary.