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Olivier Martinez: Post Brawl Grocery Run!

Olivier Martinez: Post Brawl Grocery Run!

Olivier Martinez steps out for a late grocery run at Bristol Farms on Friday (November 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Later in the day, the 46-year-old actor was seen filling up his gas tank.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Earlier in the day, Olivier‘s fiancee Halle Berry was spotted taking her daughter Nahla to see the Yo Gabba Gabba show in Los Angeles.

The day before, Olivier was involved in a fight with Halle‘s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

10+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez grabbing some groceries after his altercation…

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80 Responses to “Olivier Martinez: Post Brawl Grocery Run!”

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  1. 26
    Frog Prince's 7:30 AM boozing Says:

    Here’s the URL everyone is alluding to


    BTW Gil Turner’s isn’t an upscale liquor store to avoid the Black Friday shopping crowd.

    It doesn’t matter if he has a list from Halle or not.

  2. 27
    Security cameras Says:

    Let’s see if who is guilty if the security camera was on or if the tape hasn’t been edited to see who threw the first punch or if Aubry really was defending himself. Yes if he threw the first punch, he shouldn’t have. Anger management is probably the worst that will happen to him.

  3. 28
    oops booze run Says:

  4. 29
    dumbfounded-Gabe Says:

    Regardless of who threw the first punch, Frog Prince seems like he got the better end of the deal with just a bruised hand. Aubry got his face pummeled and he’s charged instead of Martinez still depends on the investigation.

  5. 30
    set up, duh Says:


  6. 31
    ghetto Says:

    When you think and act ghetto, even if your White and from Paris.

  7. 32
    go home Says:

    Go home to Paris. No matter how scummy your tactics are you will traveling solo or get use to living in the Us.

  8. 33
    LOL Says:

    @oops booze run: Funny how Frog Prince drunkenly refers to Nahla and Halle as his family when talking with the pappis.

  9. 34
    set up URL Says:

    @set up, duh:

  10. 35
    me2 Says:

    this washed up …out of work actor…is sooo slimy looking….i don’t get what halle see’s in him!!! i def won’t see her movies or buy revlon….i wish she would leave the country…..and gabriel could raise nahla….i
    can’t stand this halle…..and nahla will see all of this some day…and be angry at her mom….for sure!!!! u r not liked…..halle..

  11. 36
    mh Says:

    Team Halle all the way. Funny how K-Fed is dogged for living off child support but Aubrey is praised. I’m sure women are lining up to get a piece of that check from a Leach. He picked a fight and lost. Idiots talking about a set up. The judge has already ruled on the France deal. Oliver should make peace he will be the step father. Haters Nahla loves him LOL

  12. 37
    mh Says:

    @Australia: GABE is a NO job having LEACH. Deal with it. Halle has had cheating and abusive men. She did the right thing and got out of the relationship. Some men will never take responsibilty for ruining a relationship. I’ll bet GAbe never talks about his cheating and all the money he willing accepted.

  13. 38
    mh Says:

    @me2: Gabe is a washed up low budget model collecting a check. He sued so Halle would buy him a home.

  14. 39
    mh Says:

    @me2: Gabe is a washed up low budget model collecting a check. He sued so Halle would buy him a home.

  15. 40
    NYC Says:

    This guy needs to move himself back to France (or any other place) and get a life.
    Halle Berry needs to take care of her kid.
    I find the entire situation revolting. The kid is suffering.

  16. 41
    no shiz sherlock Says:

    the more you call Gabriel a loser, deadbeat and so on the worse you make Halle look because of all men she chose HIM in the first place. so how stupid must she be then. unless of course she thought he would be an easier pray to shut out after the impregnation…

  17. 42
    no shiz sherlock Says:


  18. 43
    jess Says:

    What a class A d-bag. He looks completely fine whereas Aubrey’s face is completely wrecked, yet he was the aggressor? Halle I hope you ************ and your daughter grows up to depise you.

  19. 44
    set up duh Says:

    @Security cameras: don’t be so quick to re-act with the -1 . Yes he was set up and the tape if not doctored will show that he really was defending himself. By the look of the [photos on TMZ etc -self defense. All I was saying at the worst scenario he will get anger management classes if he threw the first punch, defense or not. Wasn’t being anti-team Aubry. Am surpised by the look of Gabe’s face that Frog Prince wasn’t charged with anything as of yet. I am sure there will still be consequences for he and Halle too.

  20. 45
    c'mon Says:

    @LOL: another -1 really ….it’s actually rather sick and backfiring on him just as this post.

  21. 46
    Marie Says:

    If someone is attacking you no matter the reason he has a right to protect himself.

  22. 47
    Really? Says:

    Not understanding all of the Gabriel pity just because he got layed out. If you take the first swing at an ex-boxer, then you probably should make sure you can at least fight back. Everyone says that it’s a Halle set up but Mr Mooch Model could have started a damn fight and set it up to make Olivier/Halle look bad. It’s a mess on BOTH sides. Surely, not even a model could be stupid enough to push around a boxer and not expect to get hit. Really? Of COURSE he got beat up.

  23. 48
    pickles Says:

    The judge just ruled in Gabriel’s favor telling Halle she couldn’t take the daughter to France to live.So he certainly didn’t show up at her house angry. He had no reason for it. He just won a huge case. He has been winning against her right along. .

    I bet this made her very angry and it probably screwed things up for Olivier too, since he probably wants to move back to France. So they were both angry at Gabriel. Halle knows what buttons to push and how to provoke an angry situation. If those security cameras aren’t “borke” maybe they will shed light.

    So what if Gabriel is asking for support from her? That is between her & her ex. If you want to talk about freeloaders, please tell me what is Olvier Martinez living off of? It’s not like he’s a successful actor working regular. He is a slimey loser. Nahla is not his kid. I can understand Gabriel not liking Olivier around her.

    If the situation was reversed, how do you think Halle would like Gabriel living with a new girlfriend who referred to Nahla as her kid, her “family.” Halle would go ballistic. She is always having troubles with guys. Gabriel was fine to live with her for 7 years and make a baby with her. Suddenly he turned into a racist evil person? I think not.

    I think Halle likes to say she is a victim, but she is more likely the problem. I have lost respect for Olivier because he should be smarter than getting in the middle of their mess, and he now looks like a huge parasite living off a rich girlfriend while his career is in the toilet. Gabirel was a very successful model. Olivier was a boxer and he turned Gabriel’s face into hamburger. That tells me Olivier is an ugly person.

  24. 49
    anoy Says:

    Gabriel got his ass kicked!! Well deserved…. What does he have to be angry about? he got twenty thousand a month, Nahla is staying put. So tell me again why does he have to resort to violence? Blame Halle. I can’t wait when he does something else…..He needs to move on. Free Loader

  25. 50
    SunnyAutumn Says:

    I hope Gabriel gets full custody after the stunt Halle and her ex-boxer, alcoholic, so-called fiance pulled. Poor Nahla is looking so confused. This just proves how heartless and ruthless Halle is to allow her child’s dad to be beaten by a known boxer. Hollyweird knows about your antics Halle.

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