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Olivier Martinez: Post Brawl Grocery Run!

Olivier Martinez: Post Brawl Grocery Run!

Olivier Martinez steps out for a late grocery run at Bristol Farms on Friday (November 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Later in the day, the 46-year-old actor was seen filling up his gas tank.

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Earlier in the day, Olivier‘s fiancee Halle Berry was spotted taking her daughter Nahla to see the Yo Gabba Gabba show in Los Angeles.

The day before, Olivier was involved in a fight with Halle‘s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

10+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez grabbing some groceries after his altercation…

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olivier martinez post brawl grocery run 02
olivier martinez post brawl grocery run 03
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olivier martinez post brawl grocery run 05
olivier martinez post brawl grocery run 06
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  • yuck

    Why is Gabriel the one charged after Olivier beat him up? This is very fishy.

  • anoy

    Gabriel got his ass kicked. Well deserved. Don’t throw the first punch if you can’t keep up. He has anger issues. He needs help..

  • late-at-night

    I am on gabriel’s side- of course I am just guessing but Halle seems sort of really mean- as does this guy- Gabriel seems sweet

  • May

    he was good looking before.. him and halle aren’t aging well.. lol..

  • fiódor

    Todos los perversos actuan como golpeadores y boxeadores , tus comentarios hablan por tí .

  • pickles

    The only reason Gabriel was charged is because Olivier made a “citizen’s arrest” and then him & Halle asked the court to put a restraining order on Gabriel. Since the incident happened on her property, Gabriel was taken in to custody when the police got there. But he got released and they only put a $20,000 bail on him which is really more like $2,000.

    The fact that they got a restraining order they can only enforce until December 3rd tells me the court is giving them all a cooling off period. Gabriel hasn’t been convicted of anything and it will probably be a misdemeanor if that. Olivier is the one who should be charged. He doesn’t live there either I sure hope those security cameras at Halle’s house were working properly and no one has tampered with them.

  • jen


  • gp

    In the past Gabriel has been aggressive remember him pushing the nanny. He needs to control his temper or he is going to end up losing his child. Gabriel through the first punch this time also. It is very bad for the child caught up in this.

  • Claire

    Good luck buddy. You’ll be next on Halle Berry’s long hit list.

  • Sarah.

    I used to like Halle Berry and this guy. But after the whole trial thing, I think they are the worst!! I’ve seen pictures of Gabriel, his face is beaten up!! And he’s the one being charged? And csn’t get near his daughter? Poor thing.

  • tres bien 21

    @martinez trou du cul qui pue!: tres bien et touche for calling Martinez a stinky a$$

  • Donte

    Gabriel picked a fight and got his butt kicked so why the bashing of Olivier, I don’t get it!!!

  • Frog Prince you’ll be next

    Watch your back Frog Prince…You WILL be next and don’t think you won’t be ….when Halle’s done with you. You’re soon to have strike two.

  • see

    Must feel great to for all future be knows as Halle PsychoBerry’s boyfriend, nothing else, now he is really famous.
    He looks so very puffed up and proud to have beaten up a man.
    The PsychoBerry put him up to it.
    He is smiling now but not when he gets american persona non grata for assault with deadly weapon when the truth unfolds, you little boxer you.
    Did you call daddy for tips on how to best take dow n a man a foot taller then yourself.
    Cops: check phone records.
    And take in all house surveillance from PsychoBerry’s house, yuo uwill hear the plans unfold to take down Gabriel Aubry.
    For sure.

  • LOL…

    I always find it amusing when idiots comment on a situation they know nothing about !! I guess this Aubry guy calling the mother of his child and also the child herself the N word is totally acceptable .. He probably deserve that beat down >>>>LOL…

  • Mandalay

    Hellberry annihilates the reputation of every single man she breaks up with. There hasn’t been a single breakup where she hasn’t used her star power to attempt to destroy the image of the man she is no longer with. The public sees right through this. It is time to fight back by boycotting her movies. She is truly an evil person. She set this up. There’s no doubt about it.

    Olivier rode on the coat-tails of Kylie Minogue, various other rich female celebrities and now Halle Berry. He is the “Wilmer Valderrama” of France. Those two losers – Hellberry and France’s Wilmer – deserve one another.

  • R

    This guy is a nobody even in France, he’s just a gigolo.

  • who

    Both Olivier and Halle are evil unhinged a-holes.

  • S

    All I have to say is poor Nahla. I pray that child doesn’t grow up with issues.

  • drunk talking to pappis

    @oops booze run: Frog prince drunk while talking to pappis…maybe he needs a restraining order

  • drunk talking to pappis

    @Frog Prince you’ll be next: Frog Prince if you get sued, arrested or something else heappens that you’re involved in with the Law, I will guarantee ou Halle will not stand by her man–she never has and nevre will.

  • tres

    What a f-ing scumbag.

  • roxy

    Something is obviously wrong with Halle Berry, it seems like every relationship she’s been in has end in disaster

  • Shane

    Is Halle on some kind of drugs and what happen to Oliver’s face? He was good looking before and now he has lost his suaveness and persona. Every relationship with Halle must be a complete mess !

  • restaurant in big trouble

    It’s Karma Time: —lists the violations

    other URls on ROL, DMUK etc

  • Scary Berry

    There’s nothing more disgusting than a crazy, lying, manipulative, spiteful woman that will do the most awful things FOR NO REASON to the loving father of her kid. Halle wanted to use Gabriel for his good looks to make a baby, and then she wanted him to get lost. Well sorry Scary Berry, but the father has rights too! I don’t know why you think you’re so much more important or have more claim over Nahla than him. You’re NOT, and you DON’T! You are SOOOOO pissed because you can’t get your way and have everything under your sole control. And news flash to you, Nahla looks a million times happier with her Daddy than with your crazy self and your latest fake partner. You claim to be so scared of stalkers and the paps so we all know that you have security cameras. If you don’t turn them over to the police, then we all also know that you are full of crap. It’s completely transparent that you & Oliver set this up because you got denied going to France. And Oliver hit Gabe first. Anyone can tell that from the injuries. He can’t get so violent and use such force without consequences. I’ll be LMAO when this backfires on you, and Oliver gets a restraining order against him to stay away from Gabe and Nahla. I also hope Gabe gets full custody and takes you to the cleaners! For those of you saying Gabe doesn’t deserve child support, it’s no different than what millions of women have been getting for years. The parent with the higher income has to pay so that the child can have the same lifestyle with each parent. You may think you’re winning, Scary Berry, but you are LOSING! You are losing fans, hopefully your endorsements, and most of all…Nahla will grow up and learn all about everything one day and hate you for trying to rip her father from her life. How DARE you behave like this. You are certifiably insane and ugly as ever on the inside. Pure evil. I know you’ve spent your whole life being a self-centered cow, but you’re a mom now. If you want to be a good one, you need to learn that it’s not all about you. Try making sacrifices and doing what would make your daughter happy. It’s not that difficult. In fact, it should be a natural instinct. But you can’t seem to get it through that rooster head of yours!!!!!

  • restaurant in big trouble
  • oh hell no

    Let me bring up some Scary Berry history for you all! She used a dentist to pay for her rent, groceries, bills, and teeth (veneers) and he didn’t know he was being used. She dated/had sex with many many many men in Hollywood for roles and opportunities. She scouted David Justice, proposed to him, and drove him crazy. Justice was not abusive to her at all! He is very intelligent, NY Yankee world series MVP, happily married with children! He tried to come get his clothes in the house that Halle and he shared but she called the cops to say he was breaking in…his own damn house lol?!?!?! Eric Benet was forced to pretend he had a sex addiction which he did not! She never wanted to adopt his daughter! She accused many of her ex’s of abuse and they are not abusive. She has an eating disorder. She is pissed off that she looks more black than she does white and that no one assumes she is bi-racial. She doesn’t have anything to do with her Father’s side of the family. She accused her Father of being abusive when he WAS NOT! She didn’t even show up to his funeral…her own Father. She is seriously sick and mentally ill. She needs to be put on lock down in the psych ward. No one goes to see her movies and after Halle staged this incident…NO ONE WILL EVER GO SEE HER IN A MOVIE!

  • Melina

    Nahla always looks relaxed and happy with Gabriel. Halle is very EVIL and her boyfriend Olivier probably wants to go home to France. I think after this court incident with “the fight”, Olivier should dump Halle and go back to France. I also feel that Halle will end up being examined in the hospital for mental personality disorders because even though I think she is mean spirited and evil, I think she also suffers from mental illnesses. She lies ALL THE TIME! She believes her lies. She is very narcissistic and is very racist against black people. She only uses Black people to see her movies.

  • nina


    ..sadly it probably was.