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Tom Cruise: 'All You Need is Kill' Set!

Tom Cruise: 'All You Need is Kill' Set!

Tom Cruise dons a cool pair of shades while filming scenes for his upcoming film All You Need is Kill at Trafalgar Square on Saturday (November 24) in London, England.

The 50-year-old actor recently was able to spend Thanksgiving with his daughter Suri.

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Suri left Tuesday and will return Sunday to return to school on Monday,” a source close to Tom‘s ex-wife Katie Holmes told The Huffington Post. “Tom and Katie agreed to this weeks ago.”

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise filming in London…

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  • Cruise in Control

    Gotta give him credit, he’s not a deadbeat Dad. He works and still takes care of his child. Can that be said about 100% of divorced fathers in the USA??

  • missy

    It’s sad that people have such low expectations for fathers. As long as a man pays child support and sees his child once in a while, he is praised for being a good dad? I’m glad that Suri visited him for Thanksgiving, but it still didn’t change the fact that he didn’t see her for months.

  • Suri

    Tommy-Boy is not looking too good.,…HA HA

  • Leah

    If Suri is with him in London, where is she? Did he leave her with someone so he could work?? If its only unnamed sources saying Suri is with him in England, I’m not believing it until I see some proof from either a named source or a pic. Suri could be in Ohio with Katie’s family. She could have flown out early, and be hanging with her cousins in Toledo.

    Also missy is right. Even if she is in London with Cruise, that doesnt make him father of the year. He didnt bother to see her for 4 months. I dont give a crap how much he was working. A good dad would have take a weekend off to see his child. The creep has a private plane and pilots at his disposal. Its only a 6 hour flight to NY.

    Cruise is a total, complete CREEP. I feel sorry for suri having him for a father.

  • WhyNot

    So Suri makes the round trip flight that Daddy couldn’t make, arrives Tuesday, shares Thanksgiving and she’s back Sunday for school Monday. Meantime… Saturday, after not seeing Suri for months… Daddy goes to work. Where is Suri? She went to visit with Daddy and gets parked cause Daddy is busy, and SHE is the one who has to recover from the round trip flight and be ready for school on Monday. And we wonder why she gets cranky??? This whole thing happened because of the pressure from the press and has nothing to do with being a good Dad. Poor Suri will be exhausted and then the paps will get in her face, she will act out, and it will be her fault. Shameful!

  • RupertSanders

    Tom is married to his work

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    He looks Tired

  • http://Justjarde Ann


  • Alexianna

    Very odd for Suri to be with Tom and he hasn’t had one photo Op.



    FACT: We (the public) don’t know how many times Suri and Tom have been together since June 2012 when divorce papers were filed or August 2012 when the divorce was finalized. We (the public) may not have seen them together in months, but this is not a requirement by any public person to have to provide.

    ***Sheesh! you make it sound like he stopped spending time with her at 6 yrs old and then showed up at her Sweet 16; hasn’t been 6 months yet, and during that time he was seen several (paps) times this summer (last time in August) with Suri and if he has decided to take his relationship offline (no picture of holiday visit) that’s his choice. MY OPINION – - – Offline father-daughter relationship is better for him and Suri.

    FACT: The quality of the time spent is a major consideration and if Suri is feeling loved, wanted and nurtured during whatever time they are together that will probably be the most significant aspect of their relationship (especially as she gets older). Basically, it is Suri’s opinion (same as Bella and Connor’s) that matter on what kind of father Tom is; although, I’ve never heard a complaint of him as a father (divorce papers or “insiders” statements) to his children.

    FACT: This is a celebrity blog – –FACTS are subjective just like our comments.

  • vinny

    @Leah: Your a crazy bitch going off tabloids as your source!

  • Thekid

    Tom Cruise is the greatest movie star of the last 30 years show some respect!


    @Alexianna: TC dosen’t need the publicty from milking out Suri unlike fame whore Katie Holmes, whose career is in the toilet so thats the only way she can get in the papers.

  • Sasha Mitchell

    He deserves an oscar for his performance in Rock of ages

  • boycry

    He’s starting to look like the elderly. He reminds me of my grandfather, seriously

  • amensister

    glad someone knows how to have PRIVATE quality time with their child

  • Hampton132

    @boycry: So does Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp and Clooney

  • Jack

    @boycry: I bet he can still kick the shit out of u

  • boycry

    @Hampton132: @Jack: Well, I dont know. That expression on his face isnt appealing.

  • TC Legacy

    ACTOR – Passionate
    FATHER – Devoted
    HUMAN BEING – Imperfect, sincere and earnest

    Keep your head up Tom!

  • Jack

    @boycry: That probably because its cold or hes tired and hungover from thanksgiving

  • someguy


    Irony much? Tom’s PR people, and they’re all Scientologists, made sure that this story was leaked to the media.

  • Marieme

    Normally I like people who refuse plastic surgery but I think Tom would benefit from a slight nose adjustment. Just sayin’,


    @someguy: what story the one where he goes to work?

  • Soldier On

    “A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop of his last day in the battle, though he becomes better skilled along the way.”

    The movie is based on science-fiction novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. It has Dion Beebe listed as cinematography (imdb) – he won the 2006 Academy Award for his work on “Memoirs of a Geisha” and he did digital video work on “Collateral”.

    The list of people involved in Art Direction, Stunts, and Visual Effects (imdb) leads to the expectation of intense action film and incredible visuals.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @WhyNot: B.S. just like she hasn’t been photographed for 4-5 days; they can keep her away from the Paps if they so choose. Drama drama drama!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Amanda: He looks like he’s been brought down a notch. Long deserved!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sasha Mitchell: That’s funny. He creeped me out. I couldn’t finish watching it because he played such a sleeve bag, And I love Stephen Tyler…

  • Sincerely concerned

    Stupid spell check… Sleeze bag. Literally could not finish watching it. Thank goodness it was WOW on demand.

  • cranberry

    the flight from NYC to London is not that long people lol
    suri will not be suffering with jetlag at school the next day.
    and who are the sources that he hasnt seen her for 4 months?
    like u all know them?

  • Sincerely concerned

    Really believe if he wanted to he could take time off. I mean he’s Tom Cruise!!! Saw him on a couple tapes and feel he really is an ass!!! Women’s intuition…. Probably a good dad but still an ass

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Leah: couldn’t agree more!!!!

  • http://com Pip

    @cranberry: The Concorde is not flying now, a flight from is between six and a half to eight hours, plus she have to check in two or three hours before the flight.
    Tom was too busy coming out of night clubs and taking cruises on the good sci-fi ship to see her, we’re not talking Skype

  • rp3

    @Sincerely concerned: Hes a living legend, who are u?

  • missy

    Uh, his lawyer admitted that he hadn’t seen suri since august, because he was supposedly too busy working.

  • LinkedIn(ot)

    Wow! all of these TC insiders and child psychologist on this post.

    Who knew Jared is so connected (besides the obvious Dailymail online connection –eerie)

    Jack Reacher – production early 2012 – release 2012
    Oblivion – production spring 2012/early summer 2012 – release 2013
    All You Need is Kill – production autumn 2012 – release 2014

    So, Tom has completed 3 movies in a year that are going to be released over the next 2 years and that makes him a “Bad Dad”.

    [There is no OFFICIAL posting online of his involvement in any movie production after 2012]

    Tom Cruise PR team Official Statement of Suri’s visit with her Dad — [quote} None of your business [\quote]



    OOOOH! Missy, your online mission to paint Cruise as a Bad Father is missing a post on the Katie Holmes thread.

    ♡♡♡Spread the Love♡♡♡

  • Alexianna

    Tom is all about the PR and I agree he is the one that released the info to the media. That is IF Suri is actually with him. Funny how they can keep the paps away from her when they choose to. Makes all the attention she gets even worse knowing they allow it.

  • missy

    Never said that he was a bad father. Just thought it was ridiculous that people would congratulate him for spending a few days with his daughter, as if that makes him a great father. Like I said people must have very low expectations if they are impressed with that.

  • missy

    Btw, kinda creepy that you are using my name in your username. Are Cruise’s fans that threatened by anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass?


    comment name is not my username (I don’t have an account with JJ)
    but thanks for making the 40th post on the Tom Cruise thread!

    ♡♡♡Spreading the Love♡♡♡



    Threatened by anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass?

    Nah! It’s not that serious.

    But keep replying if you like — I will if you will?

  • Sincerely concerned

    @rp3: Someone married to the same guy for 30+ yrs. with 3 children. Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Robt. Redford, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffmin are living legends. HE’s a talented dick.

  • Alexianna

    Connor spent Thanksgiving in the US Tweeting. I thought the whole family were together all the time. Guess he wasn’t interested in spending time with his SP little sister. The whole situation is odd. Like Tom doesn’t want to look bad to the cult so he’s avoiding photos.

  • Maggie


    “Suri went to England earlier this week to spend some quality time with her father, as well as her two siblings, Connor and Isabella Cruise. It was a sweet reunion for the Cruises, since Thanksgiving was the first time Tom saw Suri in three months.”

    Besides Connors turkey tweet where’s the proof:

    Maybe the media is just winging it (pun intended).

  • rp3

    @Sincerely concerned: Cruise has worked with Newman, Hoffman, and Redford and they all say hes great bitch! 3 OSCAR noms, and over 16 classic films

  • Hamlet

    I don’t think we know that for a fact, #2.

    Holmes doesn’t need anyone to get publicity, #13. She’s famous enough.

    Women’s intuition, #28? How scientific…

    Suri Cruise always disappeared and reappeared in the strangest of times, #38. It isn’t about allowing or disallowing anything and not about PR.

  • sara

    i thinks its a shame he doessnt see suri for monthsi agree he could easily go and visit her for a weekend, tom was seeing partying . i think its good from kate to divorce him he choose scientogy above his family. i think tom is a bit of a ego

  • someguy


    “The 50-year-old actor recently was able to spend Thanksgiving with his daughter Suri.”
    Your failure to grasp irony is only exceeded by your failure at reading comprehension, it’s right in the story but there it’s copy/pasted so you won’t miss it

  • http://justjared Schlütie

    Der Meinung bin ich auch, arbeiten dürfen die Daddies und die Moneys ranschaffen, aber ein bisschen Glück ,Liebe, Respekt als Dank für das gibt es für Tom zur Zeit leider nicht, ich kann Katie nicht verstehen. Er war bestimmt kein schlechter Gatte oder Vater. Klar ist Er auch mit Hollywood verheiratet, aber das wusste sie doch schon vorher. Er tut mir sehr leid, in seinem Filmstress, denn Er war und ist ehrgeizig und vor allen Dingen nie langweilig!!!!