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Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine takes a cruise in his Aston Martin with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on Saturday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman recently expressed interest in going on tour with one of his favorite bands. “If Pearl Jam needs a temp drummer while Matt Cameron tours with Soundgarden, I’ve been practicing to your records since I was 11. I’m READY,” he tweeted.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

“1. I’m dead serious. 2. I’m DEAD serious,” The Voice mentor added.

The week before, Maroon 5 performed their latest hit “One More Night” on Saturday Night Live.

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459 Responses to “Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?”

  1. 1
    Uh huh Says:

    Wow, I would loose all respect for Pearl Jam if they let this untalented fruit into the band. Adam Levine is another one of those Hollywood douchebags that think if they cover their bodies in tattoos they will somehow develop artistic credibility.

  2. 2
    Katy Says:

    What a nice couple enjoying their Thanksgiving Day weekend. I am sure they had a lot to be thankful for. Loving Adam and Behati more and more!! Very relaxed and happy !!! Thanks for posting JJ :))

  3. 3
    me Says:

    umm, that’s a porsche. aston martins don’t usually carry the porsche crest

  4. 4
    Bibi Says:

    NO WAY! Eddie Vedder wouldn’t even take this into consideration

  5. 5
    Josephine Says:

    Don’t scare the PJ fans like that, JJ! After reading that title I thought they have lost their minds. If Justin Bieber twitted he wants to be a new Rolling Stones guitarist, would you phrase your title the same way?

  6. 6
    NotAGirl Says:

    Maroon 5 used to be decent, now they are a complete joke and well, compared to Pearl Jam? Let’s just say: no comment.

  7. 7
    L.C. Says:

    So by now is clear that the same people are writing stories on Daily Mail Online and Just Jared. Or better, these two sites have been paid by the same people to make nobodies relevant again by showcasing fat cellulitic bodies in 4 days then strangely catching the same mistakes as well when trying to cover actual celebrities’ lives (here Adam is not on any Aston Martin. That’s a Porsche). Just Jared please keep getting paid by famewh o r e s and give them their daily unrequested space that no one cares about. Keep getting checks by people who need you to be mentioned again to be remembered and leave Adam, Behati and their love alone, especially when quoting all wrong things in the process. On topic: Adam is a great drummer. He would play Pearl Jam songs very well. He’s actually multitalented. Unlike those people paying you for showcasing them here.

  8. 8
    rachel Says:

    adam levine sucks. did you really think pearl jam is going to take you as a drummer.

  9. 9
    Donna T. Says:

    Lovely couple. I saw their Thanksgiving pictures with Adam’s family while browsing Tumblr yesterday. There is a lot of love going on between them and Adam’s family appeared to like Behati too. I have to admit I was not sure about this relationship at first but they have won me over. This is a relationship with staying power. Best wishes to both of them. P.S. I love that car.

  10. 10

    Please look at the links below! They show that people really know that Asians can read minds now!!!

  11. 11

  12. 12

    The results go past page 40 on Google!!!!! TONS of people know that Asians can read minds now!!!!!!

  13. 13
    kathryn Says:

    NO!!! Pearl jam wouldn’t even hire him as a roadie, let alone as a member

  14. 14
    Sam Says:

    Wow a lot of irrational hate here. Guess everyone knows him personally so they are justified in their opinions. 0_o

  15. 15
    Uh huh Says:

    @Sam: Nope, I dont know him personally but I do know he is untalented therefore not worthy to be in Pearl Jam :)

  16. 16
    ozzie Says:

    Adam is a straight up legit musician and let’s face it that Pearl Jam’s music isn’t anything complex to play at all.

    I didn’t realize there were so many 45 y/o Pearl Jam fans watching this website in between Natty Lites.

  17. 17
    Gemma Says:

    Adam Levine is not good enough to shine Eddie Vedder’s shoes.

  18. 18
    martha Says:

    @L.C.: mermaid

  19. 19
    bochakuw Says:

    Adam is great but I think he’s not the right one for Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam sure need a better one..

  20. 20
    Jennifer Says:

    The mermaid posse has arrived. I can’t wait for the next longwinded blog post. Adam needed some lovin’and Hurricane Sandy messed up her apt, so because he invited her to Thanksgiving at his family place…they’re the next Liz & **** epic love story.

  21. 21
    Shannon Says:

    @L.C.: Stop hopping on the bandwagon of the pseudo-fans known as Merby and her demented crew. You along with the rest in the bunch used to worship and adore Adam’s previous girlfriend and now are doing it with this one and in th very least will be degrading her too when Adam moves on to another model.

  22. 22
    man Says:

    that is not an Aston Martin

  23. 23
    jaimelynn Says:

    @ozzie: @<a href="/2012/11/25/adam-levine-pearl-jams-newest-

    im a 28 year old hard core pearl jam fan….they have a lot of younger fans… and I agree that they wouldnt entertain the idea of having him as a drummer…. no offense to him but they wont replace matt, they will work around his SG schedule.

  24. 24
    carly Says:

    carpe diem, adam and bee

  25. 25
    Eric Says:

    dude, that’s a porsche. (not an aston martin)

  26. 26
    martha Says:

    @Donna T.: really donna–just “browsing” tumbler? Just happened to come across his private snapshots taken by a friend of his brother?

  27. 27
    unknown Says:

    They were taken off of Michaels instagram page. What’s amusing is how he posts private photos, and I think I said not to long ago that private pics would show up. See, he didn’t even mention Behati or Adams name when he posted them. Why, is because Adam would see his name and esp Behatis name mentioned and there for he would look. So if they are on tumblr its because they were taken from Michaels instagram site and oh BTW more private pics to come. And the fact Behati happens to be in every single shot just like when Adam was with Anne, Behati has a instagram site as well and she follows Michael and Michael follows her. So she can sit back when it all comes out she can say she didn’t know about them at all and play lil miss innocent.

    BTW are you guys finally seeing I’m right so far, just like I said befor Behati is just sneaky. She learned from Annes mistakes and I know that the deal is you can post as many pics you want Michael of Adam, as long as I’m in them! He def was proud of the pic of Adam Behati and himself in the pic together so he can say see I know her. And she likes me. And who begs for someone to follow them. Its like any person with talent he wants them to follow. Its one thing for Adams GFs to use him, but his own flesh and blood brother. That’s even worse.

    Wait in a couple of weeks, or less there will be more personal pics rising up.

    So am I right or what so far?
    No I’m not hating or being rude, just I know what I know and like with Anne back then. I’m right about her.

    Just sayin


  28. 28
    unknown Says:

    On another note, JJ if you’re going to rip off articles and pics from other sites. You might want to rewrite what they say, and to correct their mistakes so it would look more legit than just copying other sites.

    Its a Porsche NOT an A M!

    Ok sweetie

  29. 29
    One day Says:

    I just think it all looks a little strange – all the pics surfacing are of Adam and Bee together. If it was innocent, wouldn’t there be pics of just Adam or of Adam with other family members (but without Bee)? Of course those will be coming soon since I’m sure someone from their camps monitors this site. And please – no more pics of Adam and Bee in his convertible. I get it – they want us to see them together just driving around. Again, does he never drive around by himself or with Gene or someone? Or is it only worth it to the paps when Bee is in the car with him? Like someone said in the past, all these “games” are going to start affecting how people feel about Adam. I am really starting to think he is not so innocent about all this stuff. He may really be totally unaware but he’s starting to look kind of sleazy to me. JMO. And as far as the Voice is concerned, I’m really losing interest. First I heard about the connection between Cassadee and James’s gf, and now for the last 2 weeks she is the final performer. I guess The Voice people know she is a crowd pleaser and will end the show on a good note (no pun intended) and yes she is talented, but they are ALL talented at this point. They should let others end the show too. Otherwise, it looks like they have already decided she is the one they want to win and they are letting us know that. And she may have won on her own – but it is starting to look pretty biased. To quote unknown, “just saying”‘.

  30. 30
    Jennifer Says:

    Bee’s also lucky that she has the stans to thank for passing along get pictures so that she can sit back and look innocent. I have another question: does Behati go to castings at all? I know she has VS and Hawaii Five O, but does she do anything besides that? I am familiar with the modeling world, but Behati has never pinged my radar. I read some interview where she states that she works a straight month, then does castings and stuff. I guess she isn’t getting selected much, which is why she has time to follow Adam around…lucky for her, I guess. Plus if he apartment was wrecked in Hurricane Sandy, you’d think she’d be looking at a different one, right? Just an observation.

  31. 31
    V s angel Says:

    Reposting since the other thread seems closed.

    If anything, its behati who will benefit from all this sudden exposure. Anne mainly works for HF and other commercial work which are not in-your-face like VS is marketed. For eg Prada ,chanel,Vogue and Saks do not give out work to Anne based on who her boyfriend is/was. Her line of work as always been more HF.
    Did she get more exposure. yes, definitely yes. Did more people, especially in the US knew of her, yes. Will she be able to translate tht fame to jump onto something else, maybe. But did that mean more work for her because of Adam. then NO.
    Case in Point. Both Gisele and Bar dated Leo for the same amount of time. by that logic, both should be at a similar career graph. But Gisele is far, far ahead of Bar or anyone for that matter. You do not get work based on just who you date unless you yourself are a good model.
    VS is the only brand that sort of literally pimps out its models. especially the last few years, it has gone with more popular models for even its fashion show, irrespective of whether they suit the brand, like Karlie and Cara.
    All the Vs angel contracts are due for renewal in 2013. Chanel was sent off because she wasnt able to push merchandise as well as others. VS retains its angels based on their ability to push merchandise.
    Behati , for being an angel since 2008, is still one of the less popular ones. Not to say she doesnt have fans, yes she does, but nowhere close to someone who has been an angel for 4 years. Before her hookup with Adam, she had some 30,000 odd followers. Even Sara Sampaio, who is not even an Angel, has just done some work for them, has almost 16,000. Even with the exposure VS gives a model, Behati has been one of the least popular ones.
    But now look how much VS is using her.
    Just stating the facts.

  32. 32
    V s angel Says:

    Also just because people dont communicate over twitter does not make them ‘private’. Yeah, they are so private that they get papped at Gelsons at night, driving around in Porsches and thanksgiving pictures are loaded for all to see. Never mind its not them doing it, someone close to them is doing it.
    And why do all the thanksgiving pictures i have seen so far of Adam also has behati in it? Even in pictures with others, shes always in them. Has anyone else seen any picture with not her in it. Hmmmm just wondering…

    Looks like lots of people are wondering the same thing. If we get pics of other family memebers soon, then we know thst his people monitor the site.

  33. 33
    unknown Says:

    There was a photo of Adam, his mom and his brother leaving the store yet it didn’t make it on here, or the photo of Gene and Adam at the Lakers game. Its always about Behati and Adam. Like I’ve said before and you can agree or disagree about this. Adam follows to many people, its one thing to follow fans, which is sweet, altho he did blow off some fans because he was agrivated about his keys not being found to the point of a tantrum, in fact one of the valet guys made a remark and called him a VIP, I get the fact that it was akward for him to stand there at the valet station demand his keys, while Behati sat in the car. But out in public he signs autographs and take photos but when there is no crowd he dismisses his fans. Which he wasn’t going anywhere at that time would have taken all but a few seconds to take a photo. The fans left.
    But in Adams defense a bit I did say it before like with Anne, he will be photographed with whoever, the fact they are always photographed in the car or at the store. Its always interesting. I’m waiting when the crap hits the fan. And it will soon. She is skipping on modeling and b een bit by the acting bug. Actually she has tried numerous times she was passed by. Now it seems she is going to be in a music video, no not Adams, but some mediocre rock band, and another lil bit part on a tv show as well.

    The private pics have Behati in every single one of them. I mean did she really have to sit in front of everyone and make a face at the camera when even the kids in the photo wasn’t even looking at the camera. Attention much. Its all coming together and when it does and so far everything I’ve said is true. I’m just gonna say I told you so!!

    Atleast you guys are nicer than with Anne to me that is! :-)
    So let’s just sit back and watch it unfold.

    Oh BTW Blake doesn’t like her nor does Miranda. Blake may be lit up more than a town full of xmas lights but he knows BS when he sees it. And it has nothing to do with them being friends with Anne at all in the past. He loves Adam but even at that he is tolerating Behati. What I’ve heard, she better watch it, because kissing Mirandas ass is a no no. She is a Texan full and through, she will call her ass out even on twitter, because Miranda don’t give a damn who you are. She will do it publicly. So Adam and Behati better watch it with her.
    There are also pics of Adam and I believe Shawn? Or whatever his name is out for lunch, and what no real postings on JJ or major known sites, but a really small don’t blink you will miss it site. If he was as famous he would be posted everywhere. So the fact that he is posted on massive sites, and the fact they keep getting pics only with her says something. Just sayin

  34. 34
    Sami Says:


    I have been feeling the same thing. I hate to say it but maybe he’s just trying to cope with the breakup with Anne by showing the world he is happy and that has a new love interest and trying to show Anne that what if she left him he can still find a girl for himself to keep him happy and ‘busy’.

    How do you know that Blake and Miranda don’t like Behati? Are they not following her on Twitter?

    There is seriously something messed up going on in this relationship. Seriously! You don’t just move on that soon, and even when you do it’s always because it;s a rebound. And poor Behati is thinking that it’s serious. Maybe they’ll work out but you never know with Adam. He said a long time ago that if he takes you to meet his parents and family it’s because you are Amazing! I guess Behati is or maybe it’s because of the whole media pressure now that their every move is in front of people and if he doesn’t take her to meet his family it will seem weird.

    Who knows. Do you think it will last? I just don’t understand what’s Adam doing? Maybe he doesn’t have a type (as he always says) but I don’t understand what type of person he’s looking for to be with. Maybe no one compares to his ideal or maybe as everyone else says he’s just a douche who ‘LOVES’ women (I mean loves using women).

  35. 35
    unknown Says:

    Blake and Miranda don’t like her through my sources. Just something I won.t discard to much info on.
    Yes you can move on as a rebound and have a lasting relationship. As far as Behati being there for Thanksgiving, its not a big deal. I’ve gone to Thanksgiving with friends and met their families numerous times. Doesn’t mean a thing. As far as this relationship goes, she has had a crush on Adam for some time, no biggie we all had crushes on our husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever, what is ironic she broke up with her boyfriend to be with Adam. And the fact she has been told numerous times she would loose several contracts if she couldn’t pull a miracle to save her career. And the fact she has tried numerous times and failed to be an actress. I get the VS part on the Hawaii 5-O no biggie right. Well it would be if the speaking part was suppose to go to someone else, but however, the fact she has Adam on her side and ratings haven’t been that great either. They are steady but not enough for long. Behati saw how Annes career took off while being with Adam, and why not have both. She gets the man she wants personally aand professionally. The thing about her is that she is already pissing off to many people behind the scenes as far as photographers, producers, make up artists etc. See she needs to put down her phone and stop googling her man and texting him ever five seconds. I especially love that she tries to say she knows nothing about LA when in fact she use to stay out there a couple of yeas back with her now exbf before moving back to London and NYC. I’m sure Blake and James have met his momma too, doesn’t mean he is in love with her. Don’t forget she did loose everything in Hurricane Sandy, which I was told the damage wasn’t as severe as she puts it, but still sad at the same time. Wouldn’t wish that no one. But love how she tells everyone its a complete disaster and she lost everything. Yet she sold some of her furniture to some people up there. And other items as well. Didn’t donate like a good person, sold them. And then told people she had to throw it all out. Just sayin@Sami:

  36. 36
    unknown Says:

    As far as the main thing about Adam wanting to play for Pearl Jam. That’s a riot. Even if Eddie does like him, which meeting someone at a after party doesn’t make them good friends or even close. Eddie is a doll, but I would tell you this much. He would never insult his band or especially his fans to have someone like Adam play along with his band. Its just the facts.
    Not being mean, but Pearl Jams fans, the true blue ones, would loose respect for the band in a heartbeat. I have to sadly say. This one I would be apart of. Just sayin

  37. 37
    unknown Says:

    Speaking of music and movie roles. Heard a lil birdy say that Adam may be considered for the biopic of Freddy Mercury. Not sure if he has been told yet, but someone said they may consider him for the part. Not going to say I would disagree with that one. Actually, he probably could pull it off. But like I said that’s just a rumor.

    Just sayin

  38. 38
    Sami Says:

    @unknown @Sami and everyone else who thnks that Adam can’t play for Pearl Jam you are idiots why can’t he. It’s just drums. He can do and say whatever he wants.

    And as far as Behati goes Adam loves her and so does his family. And Blake and Miranda love her too, why do you say they don’t when you don’t have any proof. The fact that Adam is with her and that she is his special lady means that his friends will like her too because they respect tehir friends choice. Anne was the one they didn’t really like. But they all like Behat otherwise why have Behati in so many thanksgiving photos. And Adam and Behati are always together at special occassions which is very sweet.

  39. 39
    unknown Says:

    @Sami: Blake and Miranda don’t like her through my sources. Just something I won.t discard to much info on.
    Yes you can move on as a rebound and have a lasting relationship. As far as Behati being there for Thanksgiving, its not a big deal. I’ve gone to Thanksgiving with friends and met their families numerous times. Doesn’t mean a thing. As far as this relationship goes, she has had a crush on Adam for some time, no biggie we all had crushes on our husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever, what is ironic she broke up with her boyfriend to be with Adam. And the fact she has been told numerous times she would loose several contracts if she couldn’t pull a miracle to save her career. And the fact she has tried numerous times and failed to be an actress. I get the VS part on the Hawaii 5-O no biggie right. Well it would be if the speaking part was suppose to go to someone else, but however, the fact she has Adam on her side and ratings haven’t been that great either. They are steady but not enough for long. Behati saw how Annes career took off while being with Adam, and why not have both. She gets the man she wants personally aand professionally. The thing about her is that she is already pissing off to many people behind the scenes as far as photographers, producers, make up artists etc. See she needs to put down her phone and stop googling her man and texting him ever five seconds. I especially love that she tries to say she knows nothing about LA when in fact she use to stay out there a couple of yeas back with her now exbf before moving back to London and NYC. I’m sure Blake and James have met his momma too, doesn’t mean he is in love with her. Don’t forget she did loose everything in Hurricane Sandy, which I was told the damage wasn’t as severe as she puts it, but still sad at the same time. Wouldn’t wish that no one. But love how she tells everyone its a complete disaster and she lost everything. Yet she sold some of her furniture to some people up there. And other items as well. Didn’t donate like a good person, sold them. And then told people she had to throw it all out. Just sayin@Sami:

  40. 40
    unknown Says:

    For you to call anyone an idiot is totally uncalled for and what proof do you have they do like her let alone love her. What because they may or may not follow her on twitter.

    As far as the drum comment. I was simply, and let see if your small inteligence can wrap around this portion, is the fact that there are some totally hard core fans out there and if Eddie and the guys let Adam play for them they would refer to them as sell outs. I wasn’t apllying that Adam couldn’t play the drums. If he can, and if you have never played drums which I am assumming you have probably never set down at a set, you would know there is a lot more to playing drums than beating them with sticks. They are not as simple as you would think. I never insulted him, just saying that would be an insult to the ttrue blue fans who don’t give two ***** about Adam Levine.

    As far as his family loving Behati, of course they love her especially Michael. Michael post pics and gets attention as does Behati, and as far as his parents loving her. Pretty much it goes like this. As long as he is happy they are happy. But trust this, from what I hear and I know my sources are a hell of a lot better than yours ever will be. And I’m not saying who I know but let’s just say momma is nice to her but she sees through her bS and she also knows how her son js. If someone pushes Adam he goes in the direction that he wants not what people tell him to do. He has to learn the hard way and they know it. But like her maybe, love her, nope. Trust her, HELL NO!

    So before u come up here and calling anyone an idiot for any reason besides the voices in ur head. U need to stop and look at the big picture and learn to understand anything especially between his fans that don’t want them together becuz of Adam lor those, like me have a insight to the situation. @Sami:

  41. 41
    unknown Says:

    Sorry for the vent but the person who attacks anyone is just looking for a voice to say something. Go back to your site Z, and be Japan Lover whatever, or Merby, but when you come on here and insult when all you do is attack anyone and talk smack about things you have no knowledge or misinterpent things said. Ask a question but don’t attack anyone is just childish

  42. 42
    Sami No:1 Says:


    haha unfortunately my name is also Sami (I have now changed my name so there’s no confusion) I asked the first question and then this other sami appeared. Anyways good for you for clearing it up for her. Behati fans are all loved up. They just need Adam to choose a girl and they will fall in love with her.

    I also heard that not many people in Adam’s circle (even his family) liked Anne. so they just let him be happy with her and see when the time came they decided to separate. (I still so badly wanna know what happened between them because as far as acting in public is concerned they were always happy). But Behati is a sharp person when it comes to playing games. I guess Adam is looking for the right girl and so far hasn’t had any luck. But he needs to sort himself out before he decides to settle down because if he isn’t sure about what he wants he will never find it.

    And Sami you are really a child…coming here defending your mermaid mother when you know she is playing games.

  43. 43
    unknown Says:

    @Sami No:1: yeah I wanted to clarify that one. So that no one got confused. And I didn’t want you to think I was attacking you. Even if you disagreed with anything I say. I juust didn’t want back lash on you. And yes sadly there are those who is rooting for the girl that Adam is with and as soon as new girl comes along they do fall in love with her and trash talk the ex. And u see sweetie I just lay it out there and people can take it or not. But at first I got confused then I was like nice try! LOL
    But yeah I def wanted to clarify it wasn’t you hon and that I wasn’t attacking you personally. But to insult anyone is just childish behavior and that’s called bullying to me. I don’t care what they saty to me. But u seem sweet and there for I vented. :-)
    Happy to see you knew I wasn’t attacking ya tho!

  44. 44
    One day Says:

    It seems to me that Adam and Blake aren’t nearly as close as they used to be. Seems logical that it has something to do with Behati. Maybe because she is at the studio a lot with Adam. But I don’t know. Some of the stuff Adam says on the Voice this season is strange. Like the rant about the Roxy on Monday. And I remember when he was coaching someone and he was in the red chair, he kept looking off to the side – like he was totally distracted. Would have upset me if I was the one he was supposed to be coaching. Who knows – just observations on my part. But I see that Behati is at a photo shoot in LA today so maybe she is mixing business with pleasure. At least she’s working. I never have liked them together but I am starting to think they deserve each other.

  45. 45
    Disappointed Says:

    Ahhhh One day, you have spoken what i have been thinking. By the way, why is everyone keep saying anne used him, behati uses him? If they are, i am gonna say, good for them. Go to the sidelines and clap. Why not? If he is an adult and letting people use him, then he deserves to be used. Do you tell me he has never used anyone in his life. Why is that when he hooked up with the more popular ( then at least ) natalie portman or jessica simpson no one accused him of being after fame. Do you think he does half the things he does because of his love for music..? Really??
    I have been a fan of his music for around 5 yrs now, marron 5 is not thr best, but they arent the worst either. They have had some good songs , though the last album was a musical failure . More pop than rock. But i have always admired his honesty and strsight talk. But lately i have been pissed off by his attitude.
    It started with last season seasons tonny lucca . They ripped off hugo’ s version of 99 cents . Wheres the creativity in doing a covef when you just blatantly do the same thing done by another artiste. Wheres the coaching? And what about how he screwed Katrina parker.
    And Cassadee of this season. Shes amazing,y talented but why was adam pretending not to know her. dude, i stay 500 miles away and even i know that shes room mates with ali tamposi, whose the girlfriend of james valentine. .ali was in the greenroom during auditions. Didnt cee loo turn around and comment on recognising a contestant. No one is dispiting the fact that cassadee deserves her success. But why does adam pretend not to know her. No ones gonna fault you for knowing her.

    I dont fault him for doing the Voice. Its music related and he went on it to get more recognistion for the band. Fine, hes got it. Why does he do half the things he does then? Acting, endorsing, if anyone is the fame wh&@/ its adam i would say. And why does he endorse a guitar? Should the band as a group be endorsing it? He plays the guitar, fine, but he is not the guitsr player in the band. He can still endorse the Guitar as part of the band.

    I dont care about how many girlfriends he has . All that i know is that hes not been truthful or honest, qualities i have always liked him for and acting like a douche like many have called him. Very disapointing. You know there were tweets about how every member except adam levine would say ‘ really , i am part of marron 5 , seriously” and no one would know. Sad, but thats true.

    Oh btw, someone mentioned about friends or family not liking gfs, ex , present whatever. I just wanna say i know a couple whose respective fmilies hate each other. Her friends cannot stand him, his hate her. One child and ten yrs later, they are still married. So all that doesnt matter as long as they like each other. Of the others like them, its fine, but its not necessary . All i can say is that becos of his behavior , i am likeing his gfs more than adam these days.

  46. 46
    Disappointed Says:

    Excuse the spelling. I am so damn angry at adam thwt i just wanted to rant. My fingers went all over the keypad.

  47. 47
    Disappointed Says:

    Ahh sorry 99 problems, not cents. My bad.

  48. 48
    Jennifer Says:

    @Sami: I know what you mean, Sami. I remember Adam’s comment about introducing girlfriends to his family members. That said Adam often says one thing and then says entirely the opposite. He also used to talk about seeing himself married, now that he’s older, he doesn’t seem to be as interested in getting married.

    I’ve invited friends and boyfriends to my family’s holiday celebrations. All of my relatives did the same thing. And of course, not all of those relationships turned into a marriage. We’d invite friends and significant others because we wanted them to be around family. In some cases, the invitees came from divorced parents or and their parents lived on opposite sides of the country. This made travel difficult, so they spent time with our family. Behati’s not American and doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Her parents live in Namibia. She’s an only child who lives in NY alone. Aside from the fact that they are dating, I’m sure Adam invited her so that she wouldn’t spend the holiday by herself. It’s a nice gesture any way you slice it.

    Personally, I think that some people put way too much emphasis on the significant other meeting the parents. I don’t know anyone who waits for months to introduce his/her significant other to his/her parents. I think that attitude is kind of outdated, tbh. To put it another way, it doesn’t mean anything until it means something. I wouldn’t put too much stock in old dating rules and how things should process. Adam’s mind is kind of all over the place.

  49. 49
    unknown Says:

    If you also notice, and its hard sometimes but it has been pointed out to me during certain performances on The Voice, even his own Team members, he isn’t in his chair. He often walks off and goes and talks to Behati when she is there.

    I agree Adam first of all needs to start telling the truth and not worry about what people thinks about him. He needs to stop with his little white lies.

    I agree on the family issue as well. I was in a relationship though with a man, who’s mom hated me. Just because I spoke up to her precious son. Because I didn’t sit there and kiss his behind. Some relationships can in fact work out even if friends and or family doesn’t like you.

    But in Adams case, his family is more important than ever to him. And what’s creepy to me, my source told me that when whoever,c including family memebers that are female, Behati watches him like a hawk. And I was even informed that when certain females on the Voice, even part of the crew if Adam talks to them, she is all over him. There is even a joke thaat Blake had said that just because I have a crush on your man at one point doesn’t mean you have to be up his ass everytime he farts. Which thank God for good ole Blake.

    She is very jealous and possessive, and she has it in her mind I’m going to be famous and have my dream man too.

    As far as Adam, yes he is a grown man, but also has a child like precense about him.

    As far as no one, including crew memebers on The Voice not liking her. It started at the press conference. When she sat in hislap feeding him his food. And even when Miranda, and trust me she is no where near interested or even looks at Adam in that way. She interupted her by talkng to Adam.
    Granted Adam needs to grow a pair,and yes he does in fact use women as a part of his own emotional out let. Meaning, I will hook up with a hot woman and if they mention my new relationship I will make sure the media reminds about Annes screw up for dumping me publicly.
    Why do you think of all the attacks in the past.
    Yes she did a photo shoot there and Adam eventually showed up to it after I guess running erands or whatever. And a comment was said that she was very unprofessional seemed more interested in the fact Adam wasn’t there and when he was there she was still watching him like a hawk. There are already talks about the fact someone in his camp has already talked to him about getting space a bit from Behati, and there are talks that she is already saying when he goes on tour, she is going with him. Which is usually ok in a healthy relationship, but in this case, its not healthy. When it comes to the infatuation of Love, Adams eyes are not clearly wide open. So there for he gets the raw end of the deal as far as these girls that use him. Not saying he is completely innocent but he is in this case, the victim in so many ways. @Disappointed:

  50. 50
    Shannon Says:

    I too have noticed that Blake and Adam don’t have that close bond as they did in the past. They don’t even tweet back and forth at one another in that jokey manner. Is it strained between them on their show too?

    You all may notice one thing that is very different from his past relationship and that of his current. The media isn’t a buzz around this relationship as they were of his relationship with Anne. I mean, unlike Anne, the media, whether it be other websites, or magazines or even entertainment news shows, don’t seem to really care as to who Adam is with. It could be because he cares not to share about her, or it could be that even he isn’t going to put stock into how long he plans on being with her. I think and I find it humorous that the only buzz about his relationship is from the likes of demented pseudo-fans of Z and Merby.

  51. 51
    Rach Says:


    Wouldn’t adam or any man for that matter, get tired of that? The constant presence of your girlfriend beside you? I mean, yes, Adam is very busy. And often people in the entertainment business have to make time to spend together with their loved ones. And often sometimes people complain how there’s no time. But, in this case of Behati, it seems too much! I would think Adam would feel smothered? And smart enough to see that this is too much. Maybe take it slower. Everyone needs time away from each other in a relationship IMO. Adam needs to be careful. Not to say she is dangerous, but be able to set some boundaries. I sense he wants love. I understand that, everyone does. But, make sure it’s in a healthy way. I heard the interview where he said the reason for the break up was lack of time together? Well, it sounds like he’s getting PLENTY of time with this one!

  52. 52
    Rach Says:


    It is true, I don’t hear much buzz about Behati and Adam. Adam doesn’t seem like he wants to talk about her. And that could be a number of reasons. No one has to talk openly about their relationships. In Adams case, I get the feeling he doesn’t want to. I get the feeling this isn’t a real relationship that he is proud of. Yes, he’s got the hot VS model. And everybody can say that. But, that’s it? If she’s clingy, jealous, and possessive, why would adam be proud to talk about her? If you are happy in a relationship, it shows. Even if its something short and sweet. I don’t know, I get the feeling he is with this girl, doesn’t know exactly what he is
    doing, he wants love, he was dumped publically and is trying to emotionally detach by being with a girl who will stand by him 24-7. But even that might be wearing thin.

    As far as Blake and Adam. I didn’t follow their relationship closely. But, it’s too bad if there is some distance. That’s something you hope won’t happen because of the girl he’s with.

  53. 53
    K R Says:

    If i am honest, i actually became a fan of Adam only post Voice. I have heard songs about Jane when it came out but never followed their activity much post that. I live outside of the USA and let me assure you, people know of Adam but few of them know of Maroon 5. He became popular after Voice and MLJ. It is so sad when you think that Adam came onto the show to popularise his band, but somehow became disassociated from the band . His acting stints and private endorsements are only lengthening that distance.

    People who keep saying Adam and Anne were not private tend to blame it on Anne only. Yes, their romance was played out for all to see, but as far as i can remember they BOTH communicated over twitter . Most of the times, it used to be Adam who initiated tweets. adam was the one who went onto chelsea lately, Piers morgan, Howard stern to talk about his relationship. Adam was the one who talked about it even after the breakup, first in Stern show, and then even during a concert where he mentioned a song not being about a recent ex. I remember Anne talking only about how much of a good influenceAdam was post breakup and even that was recent and never cited any reasons for breakup.

    I dont blame them for tweeting either. c’mon its not like they released sex tapes, most of the time they were harmless tweets between them.

    If you are saying Anne made him talk about them, then i have to laugh. if she had that much power, then she would have made him marry her.

    Maybe the reason he is keeping this private is he learned his lesson. Also when they actually started dating, he was nowhere as popular as he is now. His first tweet was retweeted 5 times, yesterday he said something about baby tiger and that was retweeted 15,000 times! I am sure he is aware of the psychotic Z and her idiotic blog. Maybe he doesnt want to give them more material because we all know, every little action of his gets dissected.

    I do remember Adam on the stern show saying he was Annes first high profile relationship and she had NO idea whwat to expect. so i guess all the public scrutiny along with the distance broke them up. Thats fine, breakups happen to all of us.

    If he is happy with Behati, then i wish them well. I am not going to pass judgements on their relationship, it doesnt concern me . i strictly dont care. But i am scared of the psychotic behaviour exhibited by the Mermaid gang who use multiple twitter accounts to diss his ex. And attach themselves emotionally to his relationship.

    They display double standard and are hypocritical. If adam and Behati are seen laughing its because Behati made him happy. If they see old pictures of Adam and Anne laughing, they say it was a show they put on for us. Apparently Behati is his light while Anne was his darkness. Yes, Adam did look sad but Anne did not make him sad, it was the break up that saddened him. I guess all this logic will however not work on people who are psychotic and narcissistic.

    ps- Ok, The Voice does not get telecast here until a week later. And i have kind of stopped watching it too. What was it about Roxy? Did he say something about Rozzi crane? or was it about the theatre Roxy.

  54. 54
    One day Says:

    The comments about the Roxy Theater were basically that when Maroon 5 opened for Michelle Branch years ago at the Roxy, they weren’t given a dressing room so he hates the Roxy and no one should go there. Even tho that was years ago and apparently Maroon 5 played there 5 times and Kara’s Flowers played there so much the Roxy practically considered them a house band (all that info was from follow-up articles to his rant.) even Michelle Branch came out and said it wouldn’t have been the Roxy’s fault – she was given a dressing room and her band got the other dressing room per her contract. And his rant came about because Cassadee sang a Michelle Branch song and it was his turn to comment/critique it. I just think he is believing all his hype. Probably surrounded by people that kiss his ass 24/7. They used to say he was so grounded. Not any more. One article even started out saying “now that Adam Levine is literally running the show…..”. His comments on The Voice 2nd season got so long and pointless, then in 3rd season it seems like they skip him a lot. Just an observation on my part – could be totally wrong. He has so much going for him right now but he seems so insecure – so needy. He needs some people around him that tell him to knock it off once in awhile.
    Not to keep bringing up Behati but I think the main reason she bugs me so much is the smirk on her face in so many of the pics with him. Kind of like “haha he’s mine and not yours”. And other than holding her hand, most pics have her hanging onto him – GQ dinner pics especially. And she’s usually laughing a little too hard and he’s just looking at her. Ok – stupid reasons, I know. But my guess is she will relocate to LA, maybe to his new house with him (?), just do vs and try to focus on acting so she can stay in LA with him. Maybe he really wants that too. I just think it will get really old really fast. And I think people are getting tired of him. His 15 minutes may be about up. I think that will be really sad. I really do think he has so much to give if he would just come back down to earth!! Sorry. Guess it was my turn to vent!!!

  55. 55
    Sami No:1 Says:

    I just brought the introduction to family matter because he is very close to his family and their opinions are important to him so if he is introducing her to his family (and like he always says) maybe he thinks that she is special. But I just don’t see the love when I look at them.

    @unknown: what do you mean Adam should stop the white lies? I don’t get it what it’s about. But I agree with you that he wants to be loved and want that love that he sings about. But isn’t it funny that he always goes for the wrong woman and at the end they end up apart. Why doen’t he just meets someone who is grounded, has a stable career and will actually love him for who he is and not for what he can give to her.

    But then again maybe his ego or his inner desire to date models is not letting him take the right path. Do you remember a ”close pal” in an interview said that he didn’t want to date a model again but he is dating Behati because it’s in his rock star blood. I think he is aware of the fact that it will not work out but still can’t seperate himself from them.

    But the thing is if he loved Anne so much that he’s still hurting over her then why didn’t he just commit to her. Long distance and not time is not a good reason for breaking up with a person that you love so much (which he clearly did because it’s apparent that his behaviour changed after that and I have so far never seen him smile or laugh geniuenly after Anne).

    I agree if Anne wanted commitment and he didn’t want to marry her then they should be apart but then he said that he loved her a lot then why not commit to her?

    I have a feeling that he will find someone when he is nearly 40 because that’s when he wants to start a family.

    I noticed that lately he has become very bitter and very cold.

  56. 56
    Shannon Says:

    @K R: The whole Behati is his light while Anne only brought him into darkness is just another case of the psychotic Zaira and Merby wanna-bes. If you take yourself to her blog back to a year ago at this time, all she droned on about was Anne this and Anne that; how all who hate Anne are nobodies who aren’t worth anything, etc etc. Zaira went as far as to write an entire blog post about how Adam was a sell-out for doing the Voice

    These are the ones Adam should be watchful of. There is no telling how far these psychos will go to mesh themselves fully into his every movement in his life.

  57. 57
    Curious Says:

    I must confess that for some reason Adam Levine is facinating to me. I don’t understand why so many were against Anne and Adam. They looked truely happy together and now he looks miserable. I don’t understand the whole Behati thing…with the exception of the “private” thanksgiving picture with Michael, he rarely smiles when he’s out with her, barely holds her hand (and it looks like he’s dragging her along behind him) and if he does smile, it looks forced and doesn’t reach his eyes. There is such a marked difference between how he was with Anne and how he is with Behati. At the GQ awards he looked like he just wanted to get away from her, and in that one pic where they are sitting, he is looking at her like she’s an idiot. I almost get the impression he’s embarassed about their relationship. I personally loved him with Anne and I think its obvious he’s not over her yet. Did anyone notice how sad and glassy-eyed he got the other night on the Voice when he was talking to Melanie about break-ups? I get the impression he’s waffling between being hurt and angry and that’s why he’s “acting out”. The Roxie comment seems totally out of character for him; he usually seems so humble and genuine. Perhaps some of his recent behavior has to do with Anne being papped more lately and the fact that she seems happy even though she’s not dating anyone. Oh and he and Behati sure do have a happenin’ social life, with all the trips to the grocery store and Mustard Seed cafe. The mermaids posted some pics of them at the grocery on the 26th but I haven’t seen them posted/mentioned elsewhere. And what about her apartment in ny and her cats? Did she just abandon everything there to be with him? I am so curious as to why he and Anne split in the first place, and how he and Behati came to be. Perhaps even if Anne did demand a marital commitment, he figured he could work around it and still keep her but she called his bluff and left. Obviously all of my comments are purely speculation based on what I’ve seen and read online. As I’ve admitted, I’m facinated by this and I’m glad to see others share similar opinions and are vocal about them. Keep on posting!

  58. 58
    One day Says:

    Curious – I’m like you. Adam Levine fascinates me. I wasn’t really a fan until after the first season of the Voice even though I liked Maroon 5′s music. I think what made me like him was that he seemed humble and sincere and grounded in interviews and on the Voice. I guess he would have been with Anne all that time but I didn’t follow them much. I totally understand being cocky on stage and all – who could do that if they weren’t really confident? But I agree that he seems colder and almost harsh these days. None of us will probably ever know what happened so all we can do is speculate. And as I have said before – in my opinion at least, Behati is NOT “the one”. Even tho there are some that are trying REALLY HARD to make it look like she’s the one. I just hope he takes his time and makes sure of what he wants. In the meantime, he’s spending so much time with her, he may be missing out on someone better. It appears (from what we are aware of anyway) that they got together really soon after his break-up and it escalated from “he’s having fun with her” to her spending an entire month living with him on tour 24/7. Whatever!! I also love hearing all of your opinions!! So like Curious said – please keep posting!!

  59. 59
    K R Says:

    @one Day

    Thank you for the update. I am shocked he would say something like that. I can understand he rambles a bit because of his ADHD but i would have never ever expected him to hold a grudge and take it out in public. He has always been so grounded and humble and thankful . I mean he has fought his battles with Fox before but this tirade seems like below the belt. That he now has the forum and the power to say something and people will listen , though its unwarranted.
    Adam does seem like a changed man. His humorous tweets are missing, he has stopped answering fans. He may be technically following some 17,000 odd fans but i am sure he is not reading their tweets.


    I loved seeing Adam and Anne together and even when psychotic Z used to write nice things about them, i found the blog disturbing. Too intrusive and pretentious. If you like the new girlfriend thats fine, but i cannot understand how someone can do a 180 degree turn and write nasty things about Anne now. I hope she gets the medical help she needs.
    Oh btw, she loves sychopancy. She never publishes comments that dispute her . So the posse of Mermaids , treating her like a Queen Bee suits her gigantic ego.

    Anne in spite of being much younger, has always come across as more mature than adam. She is fun loving but never in a childish way. I love how she went off twitter after breakup, jumped right into work , not into another relationship and took time to get back on track. Look at her pictures right after her break up and you see her sad eyes. But she never ever said anything about her sadness.She looks so very happy these days and i am so happy for her. she has said that she is a happy person generally and loves to laugh. I love that quality of emotional strength. She has made an effort to be happy and she is. Sadly Adam seems to have everthing going for him but seems so unhappy.

  60. 60
    K R Says:

    Btw, did that baby tiger comment mean he wants a baby ? Because doesnt he refer to himself as a Tiger. I mean i know his nickname is sharky but i am sure he calls himself Tiger.

    I could be wrong. Throw your theories around.

  61. 61
    Curious Says:

    I think the baby tiger comment was just him being random. He has said numerous times that he isn’t ready for a family yet and that he doesn’t think he would be a very good father at this point in his life. I think that Adam and Anne were truely deeply in love with eachother, and probably still are. I don’t understand why everyone hates on Anne so much and call her a famewh***, etc. Wouldn’t she had pursued him if she was only after fame and attention? Instead, he has clearly stated he pursued her and even followed her all the way to NY. And if she was only after attention, wouldn’t it have benefited her to exploit their breakup and blab all of the nitty gritty details? No doubt being tied to him publicly helped her career in some ways simply because she was in a relationship with a hot celeb, but she has also worked her butt off for 10 years to get where she is. Anyone dating him or any other high-profile rock star or actor will naturally get more attention. As far as her being too “public” with their relationship, I think she’s just an open, fun-loving person. I don’t think she was posting pics of them and tweeting about him just for attention. Even now she tweets several times a day and posts pictures of what’s going on in her life. Plus, Adam was pretty vocal on twitter and otherwise about their relationship. I don’t really think it bothered him that their relationship was so public; I believe he has even made comments about being annoyed when celebs complain about being papped, etc. Sorry to harp on the past but I just feel like Anne gets a bad rep just because she dated him. Obviously I don’t know Anne personally, but I really like her a lot. I think she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and I do wish that things had worked out with Adam because I think they were awesome together.

  62. 62
    K R Says:


    Exactly! There were probably just a dozen tweets exchanged over 2 years! and none too revealing. I dont remember either Anne or Adam posting any risque pictures.

    Her tweets have remained the same, being informative of whats going on in a fun way. shes always responded to fans, posted pictures.

  63. 63
    Jennifer Says:

    You all have made so many excellent comments about Adam, Anne, Behati, etc. I don’t want to repeat everything. You all were in my head while writing, obviously. ;-)

    One thing that kind of bothers me is that I’ve noticed, on Twitter, that some fans are going through Anne’s old tweets (that included Adam’s handle) and are RTing them months after their breakup. It’s very possible that these are just new fans who are now discovering stuff about their relationship, but still, I get a weird feeling when I see those RTs.

    Anne and Adam clearly love each other, have wished each other well, and have moved on in their own ways. Neither has said a bad word about the other and that’s admirable. I just think that RTing Anne’s old Adam tweets will do nothing to help the rift between Anne/Adam and genuine Behati/Adam fans. Those RTs will just stoke the fires and by now, everyone needs to have moved on with things.

    I don’t know much about Behati other than she’s a VS Angel (and not one of the more popular ones). She’s done a few high fashion spreads and she dated a fellow model for seven years. For a young woman of 23, that’s a long-term relationship. Perhaps she’s the kind of person who can’t not be in a relationship. Kind of like Adam, to some degree, perhaps…but something feels off about Behati. Part of it might simply be that she’s still young and caught up in the fame aspect of it. She has seen what dating Adam can do for her career and her lifestyle in general. All of Adam’s exes have benefited from being attached to him.

    I have followed Maroon 5 since SAJ, but didn’t pay close attention to them over the years. I like their songs, but their music isn’t my preferred style. Also I think Adam is far more attractive now than he was when he was younger, but that’s just me. He always seemed humble. I think he still is. Not sure why he ranted about The Roxy. Oh well. That’s done and over with.

    I don’t know Anne very well either. I only started looking at their relationship after their breakup. However, I looked through and listened to some of her interviews. I even checked out her Twitter a few things. She seems genuine enough to me. I realize that some fans claim she’s fake, but I really don’t get that vibe. I can spot “fake” at 20 paces and I genuinely believe that Anne is thankful for her career and grateful for her fans, even before Adam came into the picture. So I hate when people try to attribute all of her success to Adam. I’m glad that she seems to be doing well in life, as where Adam seems kind of lost, perhaps.

    Very few people in this life get into their dream job on their first shot. I think it’s wonderful that Anne is living out her dream. She’s a role model, in that sense, for young women who have their own career dreams. And who knows, perhaps if Adam had met Anne at the “end” of her modeling career, we’d be relaying a different story? Maybe they would have ended up staying together? Timing is everything.

  64. 64
    Jennifer Says:

    K R- Exactly. Anne interacts with fans A LOT. Not too many “celebrities” bother with that level of interaction. Her tweets are fun. She shares pictures of all her wonderful travels and work assignments. I find her absolutely endearing!

  65. 65
    Adamtina Says:

    open your eyes guys…
    Adam true love is xtina…

    that’s why he is so sad lately, cause he has everything but her.

    he even picked’ someone like you, and that song is for xtina…
    i mean she has a boyfriend.

  66. 66
    Curious Says:

    It seems to me that Adam tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, and he doesn’t hide his emotions very well in his facial expressions. That being said, I can’t help but feel like something is just “off” with the whole Behati thing. If you look back at pics of her and her ex bf, they are super lovey-dovey and affectionate like he was with Anne. Perhaps after so much distance between he and Anne during their relationship, he just wants/needs someone to fawn all over him and be at his beck and call for a while…hence Behati (even though he doesn’t appear to be all that thrilled with the situation currently). Who knows. Anyway, all women aside, I think I find Adam so facinating because he is passionate, sexy, funny, talanted and adorable. He can be super-endearing and seem so down-to-earth. And I am a big fan of M5.

  67. 67
    One day Says:

    Can someone clear this one up? I keep reading on different sites that Adam and Behati met it the VS show in November 2011 and have been “inseparable” ever since. Are they just repeating info from one site to another or did they really get together way back then? If so, he totally cheated on Anne. I hope that’s not true. I’d like to think Adam would be more honest and caring than that. Maybe these people just have no morals and only care about themselves. Sorry – the more I read the more cynical I become. Time to unplug!!!!!

  68. 68
    Curious Says:

    I yes, someone please clear that up! I would be so disappointed and loose a ton of respect for him if he did cheat on Anne. I’ve also seen that they met or hooked up at Cochella but I thought Adam didn’t attend as he thought it was stupid.

  69. 69
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: I feel like the Coachella story came about from Zaira. That’s the only place I’ve ever read that information. And we know how stable that one is. I was under the impression that Adam has a beef with Coachella anyway…kind of like The Roxy beef.

  70. 70
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: Yeah, Adam doesn’t seem as into Behati. Seeing these two together seems odd. If she genuinely likes him (of which I’m not sure), then that’s too bad for her. It feels more like she’s the latest person who warms his bed. He can’t be alone and he’s said this . . . she just happened to be single at the time he became single. As I’ve said before, timing is everything.

  71. 71
    One day Says:

    @curious. I’m not really sure “timing is everything”. They seem to want us to believe that Behati and her bf of 7 years broke up and Adam and Anne broke up after 2 years and within a month Adam and Behati were together and inseparable and “head over heels” crazy about each other. Sorry – something stinks.

  72. 72
    Jennifer Says:

    Well, yeah. Any information given by the Mermaid Posse is suspect. The tooling is everything reference has to do with the theory that Behati became single after learning that Adam was. That’s plausible.

  73. 73
    Curious Says:

    @One day – are you thinking that Adam and Behati broke up with their significant others so they could hook up, or that the whole Behati/Adam “relationship” is some sort of publicity sham? i didn’t put too much stock in the Cochella thing based upon the comments Adam has made about it. Does anyone know if she went to Hawaii with him or they just happened to be there at the same time? I believe unknown mentioned that Behati dumped her man as soon as she heard Adam and Anne split.

  74. 74
    One day Says:

    Doesn’t it seem strange that Behati would break up with her bf of seven years around the same time Adam and Anne broke up? I mean, did she just hope that if she was single maybe Adam would notice her and just maybe he would ask her out? Seems kind of risky unless she already had an idea that he was interested in her. And it doesn’t say much about how she felt about her bf. I don’t know anything about him or about the 2 of them together. As I said before, the more I read the more cynical I become. I personally think Behati had SOME idea that Adam was interested in her so she became single and available. I don’t really know exactly when Behati and her bf broke up so the timing could be off and totally innocent. But my gut feeling is that Adam showed some interest in Behati before he and Anne officially broke up. And I’m also curious about Hawaii – did they go there separately and “happen” to hook up or was it planned. That whole thing looked like an “in your face Anne” on both their parts, but they still seem to be “together” so who knows??? Maybe it started as a “get back at Anne” thing and he feels the need to keep it going to save face or maybe it really turned into love. Personally I think it’s the first one.

  75. 75
    Jennifer Says:

    I almost wish that I hadn’t said “timing is everything” because I feel like it’s getting taken out of proportion. ;-) I just meant that it’s convenient that Adam’s and Behati’s respective relationships ended close together and that they hooked up. I really don’t know much about their recent past relationships. I’ve only read bits and pieces here. I know that Behati follows Anne *and* she follows Jamie (her ex) and even tweeted at him a few months back. Perhaps they didn’t have an acrimonious breakup. Who knows?

    My understanding about Hawaii is that they were both at a wedding, but Adam was there to perform at it. Were they hooked up before then or did they first hook up at that wedding? Who knows. There was obviously familiarity between them. After all, Behati and Anne knew each other well, even if they weren’t best friends.

    Remember when Adam went on Stern and Stern/Robin were giving him crap for hooking up with his ex’s friend. Adam confirmed that he was seeing Behati without saying her name by mentioning that they weren’t friends, but merely acquaintances. Adam knows that people know he rebounded with his ex’s coworker. He’s not fooling anyone. He realizes how ridiculous it looks that he keeps hooking up with the VS models. It’s become a joke at this point. All of this despite the fact that he didn’t want to date any more models. I think what he needs to do is quit hopping from relationship to relationship or maybe try to date a woman who isn’t famous and has a stable career.

  76. 76
    One day Says:

    @Jennifer – sorry if I sounded like I was jumping on you or your comments. It’s so hard to interpret what people mean sometimes when it’s written and not spoken. I actually agree with pretty much everything you say and I always hope you or unknown will respond because I like how you look at all of this!! Please don’t stop!!!

  77. 77
    Jennifer Says:

    @One day: I didn’t think you were jumping all over my comment. But I reread what I had posted and realized that some people might assume that I was saying one thing when I meant it could go either way, if that makes sense.

    For the most part I’m speculating here. The only “truth” statements I have to go by is whatever Adam and/or Anne has/have said. And again, you can’t always believe everything that someone says to you, even if the information is about the speaker. Naturally, they aren’t going to feel compelled to give the fans and media access to every little detail of what happened to their relationship and caused the breakup. For what it’s worth, I think there was build up of many little things.

    The bottom line is that Adam keeps choosing these relationships with women who are (at least regarding their high profile professional lives) mostly unavailable. He can’t expect these women who appear to be happy with their careers and their lives to give up everything for him. If he wants THAT KIND of stability, then he’s going to have to find a lower-profile career woman (outside of the entertainment industries) who doesn’t travel often for her job. It’s his own fault that he keeps picking the wrong women.

  78. 78
    Shannon Says:

    @One day: It has come to be believed that the Adam/Behati sucking face pictures leaked from his camp at the same time it was speculated that Anne had moved on with Jared Leto. It came out of left field and it looked like it was done as a way to say if Anne could move on Adam most definitely could too.

    As for the thing about Cochella. As Jennifer said, the only person that kept they out there was Z and that was because she reads into every single tweet or thing that Adam does.

  79. 79
    One day Says:

    That makes sense. I totally forgot about the Jared Leto thing!! Really makes the Hawaii pics look even more set-up. I can understand Adam wanting to show Anne he could get another girl and move on. Especially if he was as hurt and surprised by the break-up as his camp led us to believe. But doesn’t that make Behati look even more like an opportunist?? Unless she is just so young and immature that she didn’t understand what was going on(??). Idk – can any of these people be honest and sincere? Maybe it started out bad but they really like each other now. However it ends up – I hope they are all happy!

  80. 80
    Shannon Says:

    @One day: It is very doubtful that either one of them was blindsided with the breakup. His camp can say anything to keep him in a stellar and positive light. That is what they do. I do recollect when Anne tweeted out a big birthday wish and picture to Adam only for Adam to simply and rather bluntly wish her just a happy birthday back. We may never know what transpired for the relationship to run off the rails.

  81. 81
    Jennifer Says:

    Adam just seems lost to me.

  82. 82
    ??? Says:

    From what i understand anne and jared have been friends for a long time . And this rumor was debunked almost as immediately as it came out. Innfact when the Alex rumor came out people were saying that she hooked up with Alex be ause he was at the same party for James Franco on the same day. We are never going to know but can only speculate.

    Maybe adam will come two later later on the stern show and tell us how he met behati.
    Behati was at the wedding and them immediately went on the tour to paris and germany with him. Will someone who just hooked up at the wedding do that? My guess is that they hooked up not at the wedding but before that. She has in face retweeted gene much earlier. I go with the guess that she defintely had a crush on adam and went for him . I mean come on, if you look at people she follows, except for a handful , it looks like a combined list of people anne and adam follow. Also, i am guessing she must have been jeakous of anne, she follows SI. Why would she do that? SI has always been aNnes territory. I dont think they were close friends but definitely more than the acquaintances lie that adam wants us to believe. Why do people fprget they share the same agen y also, apart from the vs stint.

    also is that Z really a real person. I think shes just some small time obsessed fan who keeps harping on about this fabolous life she has and how rich she is. Constantly boasting . Makes me wonder if all of that is made up sometimes. You know, she could be well off, but not that stinking rich .

  83. 83
    One day Says:

    I think it will totally end up like @unknown has said. The truth will come out in the end. I think Adam and Behati must have hooked up before Hawaii. For her to go to Paris and Germany with him so soon, then spend the entire month of August with him on tour in Mexico/South America, and then to some of his shows in Asia…’s too much too soon if you believe they never got together until after he and Anne broke up. Anne is earning my respect more and more for not saying anything about the break-up. And Behati is losing my respect. Of course I don’t think Adam knows what he wants – he would never have a fragrance, then he is putting out a fragrance; he would never date another model and yet here is Behati; what’s next??

  84. 84
    Jennifer Says:

    The pictures of Adam and Behati at that Hawaiian wedding were the first of them together publicly. I’m sure they were hanging out before then. I’m sure it happened pretty close on the heels of his breakup with Anne. I really believe that it was mostly a rebound to, perhaps, show off to Anne.

  85. 85
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: Curious to know why in this relationship he is very low key and very obvious in not being in the public eye with her. With both his exes Rebecca and Anne he was captured by the media a great amount but now you get a sprinkle of him with his current girl here or there. I’m not feeding into the he suddenly wants his private life to stay private mumbo jumbo. This is a man who thrives on media attention personal or professional.

  86. 86
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: I remember Angela being in the spotlight with Adam too. Isn’t Rebecca the ex that Adam talked about on the radio? The one about how he had sex with her the first night they make and that she was the best sex he ever had? If I were the girlfriend, I wouldn’t be too happy about that. In fact, I think that was one factor in why he and Anne broke up because of the Stern comments. That’s part of Adam’s issue, he has no filter. There’s nothing wrong with speaking one’s mind, of course, but a person has to keep in mind where he is.

    I agree with you. Adam has said that he loves attention. Can someone change his ways and become more private? Of course. I’m not sure that’s entirely what’s going on here. Then again, I’m merely speculating.

    I see that Adam is sick now and missed out on the Jingle Ball. That’s too bad. Hopefully, he feels better soon. The word is that it’s strep, but who knows?

    This is slightly OT, but I know Adam has discussed using drugs in the past. I suspect he still smokes pot. That’s not necessarily an awful thing, of course, but I just remember that most of the pictures of him and Behati are at the grocery store, late at night. Sounds like a munchie run to me. And she looks like she might use. If this is the case, then this might explain the attraction. Truthfully, I don’t know how this girl models lingerie and swimwear. She’s too thin. Lingerie and swimwear models should be kind of curvy. Curvy, she ain’t.

  87. 87
    One day Says:

    @jennifer: how do you know Adam is sick and maybe has strep? I barely keep up with what little I read on a few sites from google. And he never seems to tweet much anymore. And I agree about the pot – late night ice cream runs? Really? Maybe he is trying to recapture his youth? But then buying a new home – more of a family home? Seems he is torn.

  88. 88
    Jennifer Says:

    I saw a tweet about how Maroon 5 was supposed to be the Special Guests for the Jingle Ball, but Adam was sick, so they had instead.

  89. 89
    intrigued Says:

    i actually did hear that Adam went to Cochella for one night to attend a party. I guess he ran into Behati there although only Z says that. She started following Adam and Gene about a week later and by the time of her birthday on May 16th, she tweeted a photo of an enormous bouquet of roses which were probably from him. The wedding over Memorial day was one of Adam’s close friends and Behati was his date. They had already been together more than a month at that point. After that they were virtually inseparable for a month. But that is how Adam operates, he falls in love very fast and hard, and wants constant contact. He’s obviously still in that honeymoon phase.

  90. 90
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Well, either way you slice it, Behati’s his rebound.

    Also, back in June, I remember reading a blind rumor about how a musician, who’s on a popular TV show, was collecting phone numbers from other models in his hotel lobby while his girlfriend was upstairs taking a nap in their room. The popular guess for this item is Adam. I’d be willing to bet every expensive thing I own that it is Adam.

    Even though Adam relationship hops, I still get the sense that he’s a bit of a commitment phobe and always has one foot out the door. That’s just my impression, of course.

  91. 91
    Jennifer Says:

    Although, I checked Bee’s Twitter. Those flowers could be from anyone, tbh. Hell, her ex could have sent her those. If you go back a bit on her timeline, you’ll see that, on March 4th, Behati RTed Anne.

  92. 92
    intrigued Says:

    How many people do you think would send her 4 dozen roses? Pretty sure it was probably a new love yes?

  93. 93
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Not necessarily. Your assumption about those flowers definitely being from Adam isn’t any more spot on than what others have been assuming here. You might be right, but then again, maybe you’re not.

  94. 94
    One day Says:

    So all of this points to their being “in love” at least over the summer. And if he really did fall in love with her that quickly – doesn’t say much about his relationship with Anne. At least at the end. If it was truly a rebound romance, would it still be going on? As I’ve said before, I really don’t like these two together so I guess I hope someone has some inside info that it has run its course. I know that’s really mean but……it is looking more and more like it didn’t start under the most honest circumstances anyway.

  95. 95
    Jennifer Says:

    @One day: I’ve known a few rebounds that lasted a while before they fizzled out. It does happen.

    For what it’s worth, I wasn’t not picking on intrigued. Her (I assume she’s female) information is an interesting read. But we’re on a gossip website talking about stuff that we’ve heard or read elsewhere. The blind rumor that I mentioned I believe is about Adam, but it very well might not be. My primary instinct is that Adam isn’t the faithful type. There are men who can treat their girlfriends/wives very well and perhaps even love them, but they’ll still cheat. Adam has a history of cheating and I assume that he cheated on Anne. That was obvious to me when they went on the Howard Stern Show together. Anne didn’t hesitate for a second about saying she loved him and indicating that she wouldn’t cheat. Adam seemed uncomfortable. Does this make him evil? No. I just think he’s a bit of a commitphobe, but I don’t see Behati changing him either. He can only change himself.

  96. 96
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: Adam is doing exactly the same method of dating with Behati as he has done with Anne but only now it is very much different. He started out low key but then immediately he was everywhere on the web. The only thing different this time around is that Behati barely works her job enough to keep herself in the media; nor does he seem to care enough for the media to see them. When he was with his previous girls he seemed proud and happy for all to know who he was dating. This time around not so much.

    No matter how they got together only one seems to be happy in the relationship and I speculate it isn’t Adam.

  97. 97
    Jennifer Says:

    Shannon= The Voice of Reason! I swear we need our own forum, guys. The discussions here are fun. :-D

  98. 98
    intrigued Says:

    I don’t mean to seem like I am a fan of Behati because I am not. I am disappointed that Adam chose such a young immature girl but it’s so obvious that after trying to have a more grown up relationship with Anne for so long, he wanted the opposite kind of girl: low stress and with him totally in control. The mermaid group is always marveling at how discreet she doesn’t need attention blah blah blah because she loves Adam so much, but if you look at her twitter before she met Adam, she was always tweeting about everything she was doing and there are about 10 zillion photos and videos of her and Jamie together. I am sure that she was told from the very beginning that she was not to tweet Adam or post any pictures of them together and not reveal where she is at any given time. The whole thing just feels super weird to me. On the other hand, I think Adam is feeling the strain of the constant paparazzi presence and that is probably why he looks so annoyed all the time. It inhibits his freedom. He can never say where he is either. James said that Adam can’t go to bars anymore because he just gets mobbed. Probably makes it harder to cheat on Behati!

  99. 99
    Kylie Says:

    Have been reading the comments for a little while now and while this has nothing to do with the topic as a whole I just want to say how nice it is to read such articulate, respectful and considered comments and responses from posters such as Unknown, One Day, Jennifer and Shannon. It is lovely how you all show respect not just to one another but to all on this site.

  100. 100
    ??? Says:


    I feel the same way. Someone said he was going the Leo way, you know where everybody knows you are dating but the people involved never talk about it. Or rather arent allowed to. Also adam maybe wants to keep at it to make a relationship work even if he may not be very happy about it. People are giving him a hard time for being a serial dater, maybe he wants to try change that image.

    For people who are also Maroon 5 fans, i somehow feel James off late has been disappointed . He keeps retweeting tweets where people have made fun of other invisible ( to the general teenage public) members of the group. Even his #saveadam tweet i though was being sarcastic about peolle worrying too much about a simple strep infection. I feel theres trouble in that paradise. Unlike other members of the band, James has been wanting to talk, though Adam never lets him. I dont think these are simple tweets, but james way of digs . Any thoughts?

  101. 101
    Shannon Says:

    @???: More ramblings of a psychotic pseudo-fan

    It is very disturbing to be so out of touch with reality as this strange bird is. Adam should have her on red alert.

  102. 102
    Curious Says:

    I love reading everyone’s posts! I’m sorry in advance if this post reads a little random and all over the place; I just have little comments to make on various things mentioned previously. He looks very uncomfortable to me in the Hawaii pics when they are kissing and holding hands and such. Actually, he still looks uncomfortable when they are papped together like 97% of the time. I agree that the late night grocery store runs appear to be fueled by a case of the muchies. I went back and looked at Behati’s twitter from before she and Adam were public and she did used to tweet a lot more. I too am curious as to why their relationship is so hush-hush when in the past he has much more open about who he is dating. If I were Behati, I think I would feel like he was embarassed to be in a public relationship with me, especially given how he has been with his past girlfriends. I don’t buy it that he’s all of the sudden tired of the attention given to his personal life. In fact, I believe that he has said in the past that any publicty is good publicity, and he does love to be the center of attention. I agree as well that it seems as if she has been told that she has to abide by certian rules when it comes to sharing info about their relationship via twitter, instagram, etc. What I am really curious about at the moment is what y’all think about the Jingle Ball thing. It seems really odd to me that there hasn’t been more info reported about Adam being sick and having to cancel. If you Google it, only like 3 stories come up and even those barely mention anything about it. I guess I just expected more of a to-do about it given Adam’s and Maroon 5′s popularity lately and since he (to my knowledge) rarely, if ever cancels shows. I know he hasn’t been tweeting much at all lately, but I also kind of expected he would tweet an apology/ thank you message to all of his fans and well wishers. That seems like something the old Adam would have done in a heartbeat. I feel bad admitting it, but I kind of get a weird vibe from the whole thing. I’m just hoping that him supposidly having strep isn’t just a cover-up for him just blowing off a gig or something. I would like to think that he wouldn’t do that to his band mates (and fans), but I guess you never know since he has been acting so out of character lately. I truely do hope he is on the mend if he really is sick. I hate how sad and depressed and unhappy he has looked lately and I wish the old Adam would come back. I’m wondering if the stress of dealing with his failed relationship with Anne and his new “relationship” with Behati is finally taking its toll on him physically?

  103. 103
    Jennifer Says:

    Kylie- That’s very sweet of you to say. :-) I agree. I enjoy reading comments on message boards, but I rarely (except for here) post because often there are people fighting. I don’t like bullying and trolling, so I try to keep away from that kind of behavior, but everyone here has been friendly to one another, which is a nice change of pace.

    Intrigued- I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t care if you were a genuine Behati fan or even her biggest fan. I don’t have a probably with those Behati fans. It’s the crazy and bullying Mermaid Posse with whom we all have a problem. Behati doesn’t interest me as a model, but I don’t know much about her personality. The reason I’ve been posting on this story is because we’ve been discussing the timing of when she and Adam first got together. It seems suspicious. He’s a bit of a goofball and she’s still pretty young, so who knows? That’s the fun part about the gossip. It’s not fun when people act nasty to one another, which is how some of the pseudo-Adam/Behati fans were behaving toward Anne and some of her fans.

    ???- You noticed James’ RTs too, huh? In fact, I think that PJ had a couple of RTs like those as well. ;-) I feel bad for them, but I highly doubt that any of them would trade for Adam’s visibility. If anything, I think that they’d like to have more of a public voice for M5 but without all of the craziness that comes with being Adam. So yes, I think James is getting in a few digs. And really, strep throat isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. Some M5 fans are acting as if Adam has one foot in the grave.

  104. 104
    Jennifer Says:

    Curious- Trust me. I thought that was strange too. Because Adam has stated that he does enjoy making money. I can’t imagine that he’d intentionally cancel showing up at gigs when he loses money. In this day and age, singers and musicians have to find all sorts of ways to earn income because people no longer purchase CDs. Adam is well aware of this fact. I agree that Adam has always been gracious to his fans and keeps them posted, so I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t addressed his illness or, at least, thanked fans for the well wishes. Their hearts are in the right place.

    I also agree that he hasn’t seemed like himself. I’m not sure if it was just the breakup with Anne. If he did something as the “final straw” to mess up that relationship, then it’s possible that regret has caught up with him. That said I think he’s moved on from that. Not sure if that makes sense.

    The exchanges here have been a lot of fun. Everyone is very chill with each other.

  105. 105
    ??? Says:

    Jennifer and curious, did he really cancel concert because of strep infection. I read tweets where someone said they saw adam levine walk into a bar, another where a girl had said her dad sat next to him on a flight . The bar thing could be dopple gangers but what about the plane thing.

    Yeah and the blind gossip thing, there have been reports from december too. No, not the bartender gossip but flirting in bars and trying to pick up girls. In fact the item talked about how lovey dovey the singer acts, especially when cameras are turned on, so people think hes loves his gf too much to cheat, when he does. In fact in many of the pics i have seen of adam and anne, its adam whos always grabbing onto her and kissing her . Like in kisscams in games, or at red carpets. Maybe thats why behati seems too clingy and always by his side since she knows he cheats. I just cannot point to it but something looks sooooo off. And no, that idiotic Z has been sqying this is the real adam who is way, adam has always been an exhibitionist.

  106. 106
    Jennifer Says:

    ???- Adam is totally not that private. I agree with you. I don’t know about the bar or the plane. I just saw the tweet about Adam being sick. I didn’t notice any particular tweets other than fans wishing him well.

  107. 107
    ??? Says:

    Ok dont wanna give out the twitter handle but this is the tweet from girl.
    My dad had adam levine on his flight today and had a long convo with him but did not get his autograph.

    The girl is from ny, doesnt mean a thing, but since adam has voice on monday he could be flying back to la.
    Just twitter search adam levine bar and you will get the other tweet. like i said could be mistaken identities but the flight one mentioned a convo. Could it be true. No idea.

  108. 108
    Rach Says:

    Not sure if he is a commitment phobe. because I do think he will settle down eventually. I just don’t think he is mature enough to settle down. He is very hot right now, in demand, women love him. He still wants to hang out with supermodels. He just isn’t ready yet.

    I do get the feeling he wants love. But, right now he is just still going through the “here is a hot model who wants me, what the hell” phase. The sad part is, if these women are indeed using him.

    He does seem very private about Behati. COuld be for a number of reasons. I think he just didnt’ want to be alone, and Behati is a young woman who wants to have fun, which he might have been looking for after the break up. Some people dont’ want to jump into somethign serious right after. Behati, is young, will follow him where he goes, go on tour with him, wait in the hotel or background for him at the Voice, during events. Will smoke weed, or (whatever) with him. I hope at some point, he takes sometime for himself, get himself together emotionally, then find a woman who he can be with. i think he will. Just not ready right now.

  109. 109
    Curious Says:

    Wow! Have any of y’all seen this before?

  110. 110
    Intrigued Says:

    I can’t believe Adam would go to NY for the weekend when he has 2 contestants left on the Voice who both have to sing 2 songs for Monday. If he does care about being their coach I don’t know how that would be possible. Also I doubt he would walk into a bar when he just cancelled a concert saying he was sick. That would make him look very bad, which I’m sure he doesn’t want after last weeks Roxy incident.
    One thing to be careful about, don’t assume Adam is so unhappy. I was reading the post on here about the SNL performance, and everyone was saying he looked so off and unhappy. I actually went to SNL that night and Adam looked really happy. On the commercial breaks when they were getting ready to perform, he was joking around and even dancing and hugging everyone. And as much as I hated to admit it, he looked very happy in those Thansgiving photos. I think Behati is here to stay for a while. I don’t know but I think he seems kind of mad at his fans right now, maybe because they are so quick to criticize him and since Behati isn’t being very well received. I think he is “punishing” them by not talking on Twitter much.

  111. 111
    ??? Says:

    Yeah maybe you are right about the bar and plane thing. Like i said , could be mistaken identities. People keep thinking they see celebs all the time.

    But not getting yr punishing statement. Why would he punish us. Why would he care so much wether people like his gf. All his gfs have been hated and liked, more hated in fact . People have thrashed becky and anne when they first came on the scene, even after they broke up. And she has been on the scene from May . And adam was tweeting all this while, when people were still sayimg bsd things about them. Naa,
    sounds mysterious and all, but am sure thats not the case.

    The shevine thing is axtually a nice read. Enjoyed it.

  112. 112
    Shannon Says:

    @Intrigued: Doubt that he is punishing fans by not tweeting because he has gone periods of times in the past without tweeting. If he’s ill then that is why the lack of tweets.

  113. 113
    One day Says:

    I agree with all of you – really enjoy the discussions we have here. I don’t comment on other sites because most of the comments are so mean!! Back to the topic – I know Behati was doing some photo shoot for VS last week (2 weeks ago?) and at the end, one person wished her a great weekend and another wished her safe travels. Put that with the tweet about the dad sitting with Adam on the plane and it sounds like he might have flown somewhere with her and then come back alone. TOTAL SPECULATION ON MY PART!! But I would be SO disappointed in Adam if he missed an appearance just to be with his gf. Of course he could have flown somewhere with her with every intention of being back in time for the ball and gotten sick in the meantime……who knows. However, he did some appearances alone in the last few weeks – and it seems in the past he usually had at least one other band member with him. I hope this isn’t another “I would never put out a fragrance” “I will never date another model” “I will never leave Maroon 5 and go solo”.

  114. 114
    One day Says:

    I agree with @intrigued – I think Adam is happy with Behati – for now at least. He’s a big boy and if he wasn’t happy with her, I think she would be long gone. I just don’t like who he appears to have become since being with her. I also agree that he has always seemed to be more public with past gfs. Not so much seeking out publicity but not shying away from it. I’m a relatively new fan so the only other gf I know of was Anne. But I think he always was more into his personal appearance in the past – nicer clothes, better hair and “manscaping” but quite often he and Behati both look really scruffy. And even on the Voice – his personal appearance is off. Maybe all the work and appearances are finally getting to him and he needs some time off but I don’t think it has much to do with being followed or papped too much. I mean seriously either he never goes anywhere without Behati or no one is interested in pics of him by himself or with other guys. Are we to believe he never goes to Mustard Seed (?) or driving around by himself? Yes there were those pics of him shopping at Barney’s with his mom and brother (and Gene?) but captions tried to imply he was possibly shopping for Behati – so again the gf tie-in. It’s like VS (or someone) REALLY wants most of his press about her. And I don’t think Adam needs the press so……..Again, disclaimer – ALL SPECULATION!!

  115. 115
    Sami No:1 Says:

    Hey guys!!! So lovely to hear your comments about everything. I have to say the discussion has gone way too deep than expected haha.

    What I think is if you listen Adam Levine’s Howard Stern interview
    it will make you realise how weird his relationship with Behati is. I have to give it to Howard, he kept asking Adam about Anne and he wouldn’t give any more info but Howard did manage to find out a few thing by going round the room and asking the band members about different things and Adam being Adam always jumped in and had to say someothing about everything and that way he said too much more than he wanted to say initially, But it’s only what I think.

    Anyway he said that he missed Anne and that he is hurt and it’s a fresh wound. He didn’t want to talk about it in detail but did say something about getting married and that he didn’t want to and maybe I think that’s one of teh biggest reasons why they broke up because if you remember last years Haloween party Anne wore a bride’s costume (in whatever context she wore it, it was stil a bride costume) and that tells me that she actually wanted to get married and that just became one of the many reasons that broke them up – But it’s only my opinion.

    Also he didn’t say Behati;s name but said that he is not exactly single. But also said that if he wanted to go out he could to meet girls but he didn’t have time to do all that. That tells me that maybe because he doesn’t have time to go and meet women he thought he woudl get on with Behati since she is single and it’s easier for him.

    I agree with him looking happy with Behati but it doesn”t look completely genuine in my opinion. When someone is happy you can see it in tehir eyes and he is just not the way he used to be. Maybe he is letting Behati take control in the relationship and change him and love him (that’s all that he wants I guess) and maybe that’s why many people including him band mates and the voice coaches are getting sick of him.

    I would say that if James if tweeting things like that (moment of silence for band mates who are not adam levine or trust me i’m a maroon 5 member says everyone except adam levine) than he is being mean. They always say that they knew from the start that Adam would be the face of the band and they should support him when he does these things and is becoming larger than the band. BUT, I have to say that I agree with James because it must be very difficult for them all to work with him now that he is acting all weird and is extra cold and bitter towards everybody. So I get where James if coming from.

    I don’t know what to say except that I feel for him because he always goes for the wrong people. As I said earlier, maybe it’s his ego that doesn’t allow him to date anyone else. You know you tell your friends that you are dating a VS model and they are all jealous of you and stuff maybe it’s one of his techniques to keep the attention to himself and being known as the womaniser. I also feel that he wants to start a family but I think that won’t happen for a few mmore years. Maybe he might make Behati his baby mama. Who knows. She seems to not work and is a behaves like a child with her infatuation with Adam (who she finds attractive and who is wealthy and in a band and is popular) so she ain’t going anywhere trust me, unless it’s Adam’s choice.

    You know one more thing Adam said that he respects Anne and that he wouldn’t ever tell her to be with him instead of doing her job (because of which she was always away and couldn’t spend any time with him) and he knows that she needs to work. But what about Behati, isn’t she in teh same league with work and stuff?

    Gosh there are so many things that are going on in my mind to write things here. But I think he is confused. From now on when he says anything I’m going to believe the opposite because that’s what he always does.

  116. 116
    Jennifer Says:

    I agree with Shannon. Adam’s not trying to tick off his fans. I think that’s a bit extreme. I think Behati hangs off him a lot. Of course, Adam isn’t going to not enjoy that on occasion. She’s a bit weird to me. She follows mostly people that Adam does. I would never do that with a boyfriend. Ever. I don’t expect to become best buddies with my boyfriends’ friends. I think it seems a stalkerish. And I think, after a while, Adam will tire of her. Behati is the extreme, as in, she’s always around. Again, I don’t get the impression that she works all that much in the first place. A popular model gets hired often she’s earned a a good reputation and she’s good at modeling.

    Also, for what it’s worth, even the most casual fans know that something is off about Adam. It could very well be burnout, but I think it’s a combo of things. I have noticed that many Behati fans don’t care much for her with Adam. They preferred her with Jamie…kind of like Adam with Anne. I find that interesting. Just thought I’d mention that too.

  117. 117
    Jennifer Says:

    Sami- Thanks for posting the link! That’s the latest interview that I was referencing. I do think Adam is acting out of character, but I couldn’t say exactly why.

  118. 118
    Jennifer Says:

    I hate to triple post, but the previous two were from my phone. Posting from my phone is kind of a problem at times.

    Anyway, thanks to Intrigued for the SNL info! Sorry that I didn’t previously mention that. :-)

    Sami1- Don’t forget how uncomfortable Adam got when Howard mentioned that he wanted to have a baby with Anne. ;-)

    Also it’s interesting that you mentioned Adam’s and Anne’s Halloween costumes from last year. They were dressed at Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour. Axl used to date Seymour who was a model. They did a video together for GNR’s song “November Rain” and in the video, Seymour plays Rose’s bride. She wears a dress throughout the video, but in the end, she dies. In real life, Rose and Seymour broke up amid allegations that he beat her up. Seymour went on to marry billionaire businessman Peter Brant and to my knowledge, they’re still married. Axl became a well-known recluse. Oh, and Seymour used to model for Victoria’s Secret too. ;-)

    (Off topic side note: Seymour’s also the model who caused a scandal by having an affair with John Casablancas when she was only 15. This caused the breakup of his marriage to Jeanette Christiansen who is the mother of The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas.)

    So it’s interesting that Adam choose this particularly couple to represent, although I believe he has said that he went through a GNR phase. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Adam would definitely know, at least, part of this backstory. He seems deliberate in his actions.

    He and Behati dressed up as bikers from a TV show. In other words, trailer trash. Adam has always looked a scrubby, but he’s had some very gross moments lately. And it looks like the producers of The Voice got after him for the “holey” T-shirt.

    Sorry to ramble, but I wanted to clarify the Axl Rose/Stephanie Seymour reference.

  119. 119
    Shannon Says:

    @One day: It is rather nice to see and read things from you all on here that are not full of bs as that of Z’s psychotic blog.

  120. 120
    Curious Says:

    @ Sami No:1 – I totally agree with you. I think perhaps Adam is happy in some ways with Behati but I don’t think he’s madly in love with her like with Anne. His eyes are very telling. I think maybe he enjoys the fact that Behati fawns all over him and follows him where ever since he missed that sort of attention with Anne. I’ve seen a lot of comments lately about his appearance and weight; maybe he’s on antidepressants and they are affecting him physically. I take them and know thet can definitely make you gain weight and feel/look super tired. Or perhaps its just stress and increased weed use. Who really knows. I don’t think the bar rumor is true, but about the plane tweet, I wonder if it was to or from NY? Maybe he went to NYC over the weekend and got sick so he knew he couldn’t perform at the ball so he took a later flight home. I’m pretty sure she’s in NY right now because she tweeted that she was promoting the fashion show and Hawaii 5-0 with another model this morning. While I certianly don’t wish him to be sick, I would really like to believe that he wouldn’t ditch out on such a high-profile gig. Anyway, I think most of us would agree that something is off with him and/or their relationship. I would like him to be happy and find lasting love but I don’t think he’s going to get that with his current gf. I think he’s probably just “having fun” and likes having someone around to shower him with attention for the time being. Time will tell, I suppose. Hope he’s well enough for the Voice tonight.

  121. 121
    ??? Says:

    Oops. Adam did it again. We were just done with the Roxy thing and now Honey Boo Boo. Its not new, nor is Adam entirely at fault. I agree with him , that Honey boo and shows like that kind of spoil the image that outsiders have of the US. but then, i think he went too far , calling them F@#& idiots. Cmon, we get it, you dont like it. but just let them be. They are not out there killing people or anything. they are just doing their thing, dont like it just dont watch it. shes after all a kid and they are trying to do the best with what they have.
    i mean it takes all kind of people to make up this worls. not everyone has the privileges of growing up wealthy like adam did

  122. 122
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: Although I’d like to add that when Adam was dating Anne, they seemed to fawn over each other. I don’t get the same impression with him and Behati. She’s doing all the fawning. She inserts herself into all of these pictures that get “leaked” to social media. I don’t know that I think Adam is entirely responsible for that. As One Day so wisely pointed out, Adam doesn’t need the extra attention. People who aren’t Maroon 5 fans know of Adam because of The Voice. I doubt that all of them run out to buy M5 albums either. They just like his personality on the show.

    The only rumor that I’m willing to believe, 100%, is that Adam was collecting phone numbers from other models over the summer. I have no doubt that actually happened. And as one of you mentioned, Behati might be watching him like a hawk because she’s done her research and knows his rep. It might be difficult for Adam to do much. I’m not sure I think that he’s always controlling this relationship. I highly doubt he’s trying to get private pictures released via social media. It all seems suspicious, which is probably *not* what Adam was shooting for, but kind of got busted for anyway (see: Howard Stern).

  123. 123
    ??? Says:

    yeah and james and others may still want him to go ahead and talk but james has always looked like he wants to talk esp in interviews . and adam always cuts him off. however laid back you may be, James is also a musician and he has his own ego. It must hurt when people dont recognise you unless you stand next to adam.. and hes been part of Maroon 5 since the beginning.

    I mean Adam still gets a chance to talk on talkshows while promoting the voice and AHS and acting gigs. so at least when Maroon 5 getsonto talkshows he can let James talk.

  124. 124
    intrigued Says:

    I think Behati might still be in LA because she said she was with Ale this morning and Ale was def in LA on Sat if you look at her tweets. Promo for H5O would probably be in LA anyway. I really don’t think Adam would miss that gig at the Staples Center unless he was really ill. He loves playing big venues especially in his hometown.
    I remember Adam saying once that dating someone for 2 years was like an eternity in musician years or something like that. Maybe he lasted so long with Anne because they were not together that much. Crazy Z said she calculated that they were actually only physically with each other for 5 months of the 2 years. If that is the case, then Adam will start to get sick of Behati soon because she never goes away. Would he break up with her before he found someone else? He hates to start over and he hates to be alone. I think he will stay with her until he has something else in the bag…so to speak!

  125. 125
    ??? Says:

    nope, shes in NY. she was on the TV and the screen capture caught her and Ale in NYc. and the girl who said her dad was with Adam is from NYC. am sure he was in NYC over the weekend.

    yeah and crazy Z stalks the JJ msg baord. i remember all of us were bashing her and she made some reference saying its her private blog and she can wrtite her thoughts blah blah. so on her next loooong post shes gonna use all this info and make it look he was sooooo romantic and spent weekend with her.

    anways , voice is on tonight. lets see. Adam has been looking sick for a long time now anyways.

  126. 126
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- I’m intrigued as well. Like you, I would have assumed that H5O press would happen in LA. Then again, the VS Christmas Fashion Show is this Wednesday, correct? I mean, they’ve already filmed it, but I would assume that the press would be in NY. Who knows?

    ???- Oh, I can’t wait to see a post about their “love weekend” in NY. Maybe I should create some fan fiction too? ;-) Actually, I do have a life, so no go.

  127. 127
    Jennifer Says:

    “Would he break up with her before he found someone else? He hates to start over and he hates to be alone. I think he will stay with her until he has something else in the bag…so to speak!”

    There’s something to be said for that, since some people cannot be alone for more than five seconds. Behati was in a convenient position become his next girlfriend. Why not choose one of his ex’s colleagues? This way he doesn’t have to travel far or put in much work toward finding someone new. Some people are like this. The easiest route.

  128. 128
    intrigued Says:

    Wow. If he went to NYC instead of playing at Jingle Ball or coaching his Voice contestants that really says something has changed. Adam has a crazy personality, but we obviously all are drawn to him and like his endearing wackiness. And he has always been strangely predictable in a way. But this is a different Adam. This like an “I don’t give a **** about anyone” kind of attitude. That is disturbing.

  129. 129
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Exactly. His attitude (lately) seems different than his usual quirkiness.

  130. 130
    Shannon Says:

    @???: Z is a phony and a faker. That goes to be said about Merby/Mergirl too. Her novel written blogs have become a joke and her pseudo fan fiends clamor to it as truth.

  131. 131
    Jennifer Says:

    Maybe we should start copywriting our posts here? ;-)

  132. 132
    Jennifer Says:

    So I did a quick Adam Twitter search and noticed a fight going down between fans. One of those fans is Brazilian and doesn’t like Adam with Behati, but says she doesn’t hate Behati. That makes sense because not liking their relationship doesn’t make you a “hater.” Anyway, this gal also mentioned that Behati was rude to some Brazilian fans when Maroon 5 was there on tour. I find that interesting. I didn’t think she was really interacting with their fans, but if that’s true, then Adam might want to have a talk with her. Her attitude won’t endear her with the fans.

  133. 133
    One day Says:

    This is getting deep!! I LOVE IT!! But I agree we need our own forum so we can get off of JJ!! A couple more comments: if Adam did in fact go to NY last weekend – it is a no win situation for him. If he ditched an appearance with Maroon 5 – shame on him! If he ditched his coaching responsibilities with Amanda and Melanie – double shame (??) on him!! And there is NO WAY to make it ok by saying he spent a “romantic weekend with the girl he loves”. Whether she asked him to go with her or he just decided to go – he is turning his back on the ones that helped make him famous in the first place!! This is NOT a healthy relationship!! Not the Adam I became a fan of. I REALLY hope we are all wrong about this!! Maybe James’ #saveadam wasn’t about strep! I would think he would get tired of all this – again, IF its true. And then the Honey Boo Boo rant. I know that interview probably happened a while ago but – a little over the top?? Change the channel!! Unfortunately people can’t stop watching train wrecks. If that show is the “downfall of western civilization” or whatever he said, then isn’t the downfall of western civilization responsible for the show in the first place??? Sorry – off topic. My turn to rant (again)!

  134. 134
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: Some fans said that of both Rebecca and Anne who were also with Adam in tour. Whoever Adam links himself to romantically it is to be suspected that dislike of said female will occur.

    Can anybody explain Adam’s following fans? According to psycho fan Z it is to keep tabs on what she states are ‘crazy’ fans.

  135. 135
    Jennifer Says:

    Rant away! I also noticed that a young woman (not one of the gals fighting) tweeted at Behati that she hated every fiber of her being. Something to that effect. I’m not sure if it was related to her being with Adam or not, for the sake of argument, I’ll assume that it was. Mind you, I thought that tweet was incredibly mean-spirited and inappropriate. I may have my suspicions about Behati and not care much for her modeling, but I would never write such a hateful remark. There are nastier remarks directed at Anne, but Behati will get her share of hers too. I just think it’s all unfortunate.

    But back on topic . . . I would hope that Adam didn’t bail on that Jingle Ball thing, unless he was practically dying. Given that they were the “surprise guests,” that would have been arranged a while ago. Also I assume that The Voice coaches, well, coach their team members on the weekend.

  136. 136
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: That’s a good point, Shannon. I don’t know much about his past relationships aside from Anne. I know a little about Becky. They were papped pretty frequently as well. Also Adam told Stern that she was the best sex he ever had. ;-)

    The following fans thing: I don’t get it. I think it’s a bad idea. I mean, theoretically, it’s a nice gesture, but you risk excluding genuine fans. I saw a number of Maroon 5 fans claim that Adam was following too many One Direction fans. I have no clue. I don’t know what his formula is for following fans.

  137. 137
    intrigued Says:

    Actually, I thought psycho Zaira was right about what she said about this. She said that if Adam follows thousands of fans, he can group them somehow and then mute them ,so it looks like he pays attention to them when he really doesn’t have to. Secondly, he is better able to hide the friends that he follows, because I guess his friends are harassed by his crazy fans, and tweet them asking personal questions about Adam.
    Jennifer, there is a Brazilian girl in the Merby group who is a Behati fanatic. Maybe she was involved in that fight if one of them was defending her. That Merby girl is one crazy lady. I remember when she was called Crazy4U and was a rabid Anne fan. She even convinced an artist to paint Annes portrait and actually got it into Adam’s hands when he was making an appearance at the Grove. Anne was a goddess back then and now Anne was just a famewhore all along according to her. Now she calls Behati her mermaid princess. Whoa!

  138. 138
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- Thanks for the information. This gal was anti-Behati without being a “hater.” I’m not sure that even makes sense. Hahaha. I don’t know who is all part of the Mermaid Posse…just Z and the Merby girl. They seem to be the most active bullies. I don’t doubt they post on this site under a myriad of names. Such a waste of time, really.

  139. 139
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: People are going to follow whoever Adam is friends with, whether he follows fans suddenly or not in an effort to hide them on Twitter. Jennifer is correct in saying that it is a bad idea.

  140. 140
    intrigued Says:

    I didn’t say it was a good idea, i just was sharing one explanation I heard about why he was doing it. It might not even be true. Most things Adam does lately don’t make much sense.

  141. 141
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: He’s been out of sorts that is true. We will have to see how he is tonight on his show.

  142. 142
    One day Says:

    Interesting…..just got a VS sale catalog in the mail and guess who is on the front cover?? I don’t think she is the prettiest vs model – by far – so it makes me wonder if it has more to do with who she is dating. She is big (?) news now so I guess she is more marketable. And it’s not like other vs models haven’t benefitted by their high profile relationships. More power to her I guess. It’s going to become a competition to see who can have the most famous boyfriend!! And I wonder – did several vs models audition for the H5O part or did vs specifically send her to move her up in the ranks? I’ve heard comments about vs “pimping out” their models to get them more exposure – no I don’t mean that literally – I guess the more they can get publicity with other things – the more publicity for vs. it’s all about marketing and money.

  143. 143
    Jennifer Says:

    One Day- I used to work for The Limited corp. Victoria’s Secret is part of it. They’ve always been all about marketing. Their products are of average , but the pizzazz behind the brand with these models is what helps them sell. It’s not as if VS is a La Perla, which is a superior brand that uses quality material and requires a greater deal of craftsmanship. La Perla isn’t the only great one, but I’m using it as an example.

    And yeah, pretty sure that Behati only made the cover of the catalog because of her association with Adam. VS is well aware of how popular he is.

  144. 144
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: Merby I recollect at one time was following a good friend of Adam’s and continuously stalked his tweets to keep tabs on Adam and or his goings. She harassed him so much he blocked her. The irony is that this took place in September the same month Adam made his tweet on following fans. Who is to say she and or her minions are the reasoning.

  145. 145
    Curious Says:

    Adam is looking hot tonight on The Voice! On a side note…nice wig, Christina???

  146. 146
    ??? Says:

    Oh shannon she and her gang can get on anybody’s nerves. They hound people to like behati, even kind of bullying teenagers saying adam wont like them if they are rude to bee. All bee haters are losers. Adam doesnt give a f£!& you morons. Hes used ro seeing all that hate at his gf s, past and present.

    And worst, they say all this **** and go oiut and say “ohhh we are all love, not hate” and use other twitter accounts to still bash Anne. Yes, they do. So what, you dont like Anne and that doesnt make you a hater. How does only hating behati makes you a hater. They bug me. I dont like when people send threatening messages to Bee , no , she doesnt dessrve it. But you dont have to bully everyone to like her.

  147. 147
    ??? Says:

    They are starting to piss ff the geneuine behati fans, who are on bellazon and fashion forum. They get onto these forums, knowing nothing about her work, and just droll on in the same fanatic way. When someone makes a constructive crtiticism they pounce on those saying its for bee lovers. No, those forums are for geneuine fans who discuss every aspect of her modelling life, good or bad. Not for stans like you.

  148. 148
    Curious Says:

    It’s probably just my imagination, but I feel like Adam seems happier and more relaxed when his lady friend is not around.

  149. 149
    ??? Says:

    Not a fan of facial hair on adam

  150. 150
    intrigued Says:

    So does he look like he has strep?

  151. 151
    Jennifer Says:

    Curious- He does seem more relaxed tonight.

    Intrigued- He seemed fine to me. CeeLo was ill and had a stand in, but if Adam was suffering from strep, he sure sounded fine to me.

  152. 152
    Curious Says:

    Anne is in LA today…maybe that’s why he’s so happy and chill ;-). Totally just wishful thinking on my part…

  153. 153
    One day Says:

    I’m actually DVRing The Voice tonight so I haven’t seen Adam yet. Does he not appear sick? He tweeted a comment earlier about his throat being an a##hole tonight. I hope it isn’t all just a ploy to coverup going to NY this weekend. But I don’t wish for anyone to be sick. Whatever!! Maybe he just got better meds than CeeLo!
    So am I the only one not watching H5O tonight or vs fashion show tomorrow? Not wasting my time on hour long commercials and their lead-in show. I ordered a hoody once on line from vs and I get catalogs at least once a week and emails every day! Enough already!! I have an idea – lets get Calvin Klein (spelled???) to do a one hour “fashion” show and have guys walk the runway in their underwear!!

  154. 154
    One day Says:

    @curious – I would think Behati would totally be freaking out if she was in NY and Anne was in LA!! Big city I know but…….

  155. 155
    Curious Says:

    @One day – he looks really good tonight; relaxed and happy and dressed nice. He’s being really sweet and giving really thoughtful feedback to all of the performers. If he feels bad he’s hiding it well and his voice sounds pretty clear so I guess he’s on the mend. Several comments have been made about CeeLo and Adam being sick, and apparently CeeLo’s Nick recommended some homeopathic treatments for Adam. I am not watching H50 or the fashion show either and I’m totally on board with a CK fashion show with hot guys in underwear!

  156. 156
    Curious Says:

    @One day – she probably is freaking out and Googling both of them like crazy to see if there have been any sightings, lol!

  157. 157
    Jennifer Says:

    My mom was texting me during the show. At one point, she asked if I thought there was something going on between Adam and Amanda. I find her question interesting because Adam kind of fans over her. I realize that he does with Melanie, but with Melanie, it’s in a big brother way. FWIW, my mom knows nothing about Adam’s personal life, which is why I found it funny. I thought I’d share. Adam seemed relaxed.

  158. 158
    intrigued Says:

    That’s funny because I have thought more than a couple of times that Adam could be attracted to Amanda. She has the exact body type that he goes for, and she is really pretty. Probably Behati is jealous. No wonder he is more relaxed when she is not around!

  159. 159
    Curious Says:

    Maybe that’s why Behati goes to work with him all the time. If so, that’s really pretty sad.

  160. 160
    One day Says:

    I have read comments about Behati being very jealous and possessive. And throwing tantrums. I have absolutely no idea if that is true or if it was just Behati haters bs. But if it is even remotely true – I would think there will be some very heated “arguments ” in their future. I think everyone gets a little jealous, but for a flirt like Adam who has women practically throwing themselves at him…….no wonder she doesn’t work much and stays with him 24/7. That’s probably the only way she can be sure – even if he is totally innocent! But being with someone 24/7 would pretty much submarine any relationship. It’s got to be tough! And she has to assume others will be waiting in line for the romance and fame and all he has to offer. I always wondered if there was at least an attraction between Adam and some of the contestants. Relationships are tough – even under the best circumstances. And if there was anything going on while he was still with Anne, I guess there would be cause to worry. I also read somewhere that his gf before Anne – don’t have any idea who that was – was an “acquaintance” of Anne’s. kind of like Behati and Anne. Is that true?

  161. 161
    intrigued Says:

    Does anyone find it strange that this being a very big day for Behati, being on H50 and tomorrow being the VSFS that Adam says absolutely nothing about it. He used to root for Anne on twitter all the time when she was in a big runway show or something. I mean nothing at all? Behatis got to be a little pissed. Maybe they have some kind of understanding but jeez…

  162. 162
    One day Says:

    Finally watching The Voice. I agree Adam looks good and seems relaxed. I still think it has already been decided that Cassadee will win. I think they believe she will be their Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. I think Amanda is equally talented – actually they all are at this point. But you have Xtina telling Cassadee she is the star……we will see.

  163. 163
    One day Says:

    @intrigued You are right. I do remember seeing tweets from Adam about Anne – killing it on the runway (that one included a pic as I recall) and a comment about her being in SI swimsuit edition – that he thought she should have been on the cover. Nothing over the top or overly romantic – just cute and very supportive. Good observation!!

  164. 164
    Curious Says:

    Adam did used to tweet in support of Anne fairly often. I thought it a little odd also that he hasn’t mentioned the fashion show or H50 at all.

  165. 165
    Jennifer Says:

    Although Behati isn’t really supporting him on Twitter either. I get wanting some level of privacy, but they’re public figures who have to promote their weeks. Adam and his friends promote each other. Let’s face it, most people know that Adam and Behati are a couple, so it’s odd that they wouldn’t support each other. Oh well . . . maybe they will after they read our comments. ;-)

    Also I know Adam’s busy and it’s the holiday season, but I haven’t seen him at many Lakers games lately. Is this unusual? I mean, M5′s tour starts next February, right?

  166. 166
    ??? Says:

    hmmm ok hes tweeting again, in fact a lot. Fine, its in support of his Team, but still even that was at a minimum all this while.

    Heres what i find interesting about adam and his tweets. He always tweets a lot when he is happy. Remember Hawaii, May when they must have gone together and Adam must have been in the honeymoon phase. he flooded us with tweets. With Anne he always used to tweet when he was WITH her . She went off on some trip for a long period and he kinda sulked and went off twitter. When they met up again, he started tweeting happy, funny tweets. Now it looks like Behati isnt there, and hes tweeting away. And when shes there with him is when he doesnt tweet at all.
    yeah jennifer i get your point. Its not like they are like a shock coupling and no one knew they were dating. Like agyness and Giovanni Ribisi. we knew from May. so why all this supposed secrecy and privacy. Even with anne like you said they were cute and supportive tweets like you know, see her on the runway, types. like any bf would with a gf and vice versa. Even behati used to tweet her support for James when they were together. Its not like they are in hiding .

  167. 167
    Jennifer Says:

    @???: It’s kind of backwards, isn’t it? I just find it amusing that they’re both public figures and yet, are super quiet. I get that privacy is an issue, but that would make more sense if the public didn’t already know that they were an item. A supportive comment or two wouldn’t kill either one. I’m just surprised given how supportive Adam and Anne were of one another.

  168. 168
    Curious Says:

    All excellent observations re: Adam’s tweeting habits. I too have thought the same thing. Behati was also kind of “tweety” yesterday too. I find it interesting that she often posts about how much she loves so-and-so, or how she lives for so-and -so but never anything relating to Adam. A person could fairly easily interpret tweets like that to mean that there’s trouble in paradice or that they are cryptic messages indicating she knows Adam doesn’t really love her or maybe she’s trying to make him jealous with them. Or, perhaps its just early in the morning and I’m grasping at straws. Anyway, Adam certianly seemed to be happier last night than he has in a while; that is the Adam I miss.

  169. 169
    ??? Says:

    hmmmm first of all he looked good and spoke a lot, that too very well for someone with strep.. Hes lucky that homeopathy medicines worked on him fast…cos usually they dont. Sorry guys, not trying to stir up anything but somehow i dont believe he had strep.

    yep Jenifer all this “pretend privacy” seems a bit odd when you realise that they have been papped quite a number of times, friends and family have posted pictures for all to see, again friends and family tweet and then delete , they themselves have retweeted each other , and appeared “officially” as a couple in dinners and Halloween party etc.
    if you are trying to do a Leo, then do it the right way.

  170. 170
    ??? Says:

    ahh curious no, i dont thnk so. she tweets that to females like candice or Lauren( who works in PR for VS) . must be close to them since thats sort of the only major work she does and must be seeing them often.

  171. 171
    Sami No:1 Says:

    Hmm it’s really interesting to know about what you are thinking about his Twitter updates. Guys you are awesome, how you know so much about Adam, Behati and Anne and their crazy fans/ followers is amazing seriously. I cannot even keep track of this comment section.

    I just found a very interesting video for you all to see

    You know I read somewhere that Behati said that she would not do a nude photo or anything because her parents trust her to not do anything like that but I just found this photo which is weird

    Yes she is with Jamie in teh picture but still. Also she was in a song Rich Girls” by The Virgins. And she was so ****** in that video. I was just thinking that she always projects such innocent image for Pink and in general but does all this. So it may be possible for her to take control of Adam too…because apparently we don’t know what type of personality she has. Maybe she is manipulative (she doesn’t have a soft face that says I am a nice person inside and out) and maybe keeps telling Adam that they will both show their partners what they are missing by being together and being happy for the cameras.

    Also look at this video of Bahti and Adam together there are more videos from the same channel of Bahti and Adam to see more if you want (adam looks very angry and SEE HOW HE IS TREATING HIS FANS. I AM DISAPPOINTED).

    Could it be possible that behati is the one behind Adam’s cold and hard persona these days. Maybe she is poisoning him against others to make him feel that others are not happy that he is happy (Anne made him miserable and left him didn’y even think about him) and that the only person who he can trust and rely on is Behati and if he doesn’t do that then he will have no one to rely on. And knowing Adam maybe he is doing it all in hopes that Behati will give him the happiness he needs.

    I really would like to know what happened b/w Anne and Adam. It’s just driving me crazy.

    People who are saying that he bought the house after he got together with Behati because he loves her a lot and wants to start a family should know that buying a house is not a small thing, it takes a lot of time to decide where you wanna live and start having a family, the area, environment and all that takes quite a while to collect information on. So what I am trying to say is that he must have bought that house when he was with Anne thinking that it would be their house together. Maybe he finalised the deal a long time ago but the story was only made public in summer.

    Well the ones (us all) who thought that it will only last for 6 to 7 months are being proven wrong, it’s quite surprising to see her with him for such a long time and I completely believe that they hooked up right after their breakups.

    I used to love Adam but now he is becoming a pain in the a**. Okay we get it that he wants his private life private but ignoring fans and behaving all rock start is not a good look for him. He is ignoring the people who helped him become who he is and now he doesn’t even appreciate it any more.

    WTH is he just gonna date VS models and then keep breaking up with them and make himself miserable over and over again. I just don’t get it. He is behaving in a very insane way and I think he needs to take time off from dating for a while. Go on tour and just give himself time to figure out what he really wants for himself. Because otherwise he could keep looking his whole life but he will never find ‘IT’.

  172. 172
    Hmm.... Says:

    I just realised that I’ve been obsessing over Payphone’s original idea and I knew that there was a similar type of song and idea that I had seen before but I just saw Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone song and it just truck me that Payphone is quite similar to that.

    Adam Levine is trying to be another Leo Dicaprio. He dates models, keep them for a while and when he finds another one he throws them away. How can he talk of having a supportive family and all when his family doesn’t even care about him to give him support that he needs to realise that he will end up alone if he doesn’t make any changes in himself.

    At least (and it is stil lnot the best idea) Leo Dicaprio admitted in an interview that he is still not committed because he hasn’t found the love of his life. He is looking for the true thing, his ‘perfect woman’ and when he finds her he will marry her. Yes I know you will say that why is he looking for that at VS catalogue? But at least he is trying to find the right thing, he is trying to work on himself and hopes to be a better person. Whereas Adam is just playing games with himself and women involved in his life. I don’t think Adam will ever get married. But he says he wants children. He doesn’t like the divorce rate in Hollywood. But then he is willing to have children with a woman out of the wedlock, isn’t that an issue for him? His wanting children but not wanting to get married statement shows that he would not like to stay together with the woman he will have his children with. It is an easier way. Better than divorce if you have children but are only in a relationship. But then he should think that he will be giving his children the same type of single parent home that he was raised in. I agree with Sami 1, I don’t get him myself. He really needs to take a break and sort himself out.

  173. 173
    Hmm.... Says:

    Just to clarify what I meant by him not wanting to get married but wanting children shows that he knows that he will get bored of the woman that he will have his children with and if he marries her it will be difficult for him to say well lets just divorce because I am not interested in you any more. It’s his personality and his issues with commitment I guess.

  174. 174
    One day Says:

    @sami no 1: I looked at the video but I didn’t see Behati. Did I miss something? And I don’t think Adam looks that angry – dude just wants his keys so he can leave. And i dont think Behati is controlling him – I just don’t think he is that happy. He seems to be all over the place – like he is looking for something. And I don’t think he has found it. I think he has even lost interest in himself to a degree – would explain his crappy appearance and clothes in the recent past. And the pot smoking can’t help – maybe make you feel happy (or numb) for awhile but then you wake up with all the same problems. And I don’t specifically mean Behati. Maybe she is “the one” but he seems to show his emotions – wears his heart on his sleeve – wouldn’t he come across happier -more content? Especially in the beginning of the relationship. And I don’t mean Hawaii in May. That was too fake. Even if we believe they didn’t hook up until April/May, the relationship is relatively new. Oh – except that they are together 24/7 – that will wear down any relationship. And I agree about Behati – she looks like someone who would appear all sweet and friendly but be totally different inside. Nope I don’t know her – JMO! And didn’t he used to hang out with his friends more? Don’t see much of that anymore. Maybe he still does and we just don’t see it. As far as the house is concerned – didn’t he put his house on the market awhile ago? I’m thinking the new house appears to be pretty special – in an area he wanted to live in – supposedly the best house in that gated community. If it became available – why not grab it? He has the money. At the very least it is an investment. Who knows – maybe Behati is pregnant!! Oh no!!!!! Pregnancy rumors!! Just kidding!! I just hope he doesn’t find himself in a situation he can no longer control – hope he doesn’t get married just to prove people wrong (or get back at Anne). That would be the worst for everyone involved!!!

  175. 175
    One day Says:

    Just reread my last post! Talk about Adam being all over the place – I think I’m the one all over the place!! And I need to find a better phrase than “I think”!! Sorry guys!!!

  176. 176
    Intrigued Says:

    I think people should stop thinking of Adam’s new house as a “family” house. Only the gossip sites call it that. I mean the little house he lived in was under 2000 sq ft and had 1 bedroom. Maybe he just wanted a bigger house for entertaining. He likes to have parties. The new house has a freakin basketball court. I think the little kid he’s thinking about is himself! You can see the basketball court in the Thanksgiving pic where he’s holding Behati piggyback. I’m sure he’s happy to be able to have all those people over. I’m sure that when he bought that place it had NOTHING to do with a future with Behati. Remember on Piers Morgan he said he wanted to have kids when he was 40. And that was when things were still good with Anne. I doubt 12 year old Behati has changed his mind about marriage and kids.

  177. 177
    ??? Says:

    Sami no 1,

    The house was put on the market somerime in feb or match. That time he was still with Anne. The info got out late. The mermaid posse would twist anything to seem like it got all to do with behati. As someone said, its just because he needed a bigger house. And hes made some big money last year with the voice and endorsements. So why not buy a nice house.

  178. 178
    Kylie Says:

    @One day: I agree about the video, I didn’t think he seemed pissed off just frustrated and lets face it who among us wouldn’t be frustrated when they want to go home and the valet can’t find your keys, also when the fan approached him for a photo he doesn’t seem to say no, just asks her to “wait a sec” which is reasonable I think.

  179. 179
    Curious Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that the house was in the works pre-Behati. Btw, sorry for the random post this morning about Behati’s tweets and such…it was early and what I was trying to say made sense in my head, lol! Someone commented in an earlier post that Adam hasn’t been attending Lakers games like he used to…maybe he’s embarassed to take her since she dresses and acts weird in public. I know that’s a mean thing to say but you never know.

  180. 180
    Sami No: 1 Says:

    Hey guys sorry I posted the wrong link it’s this one I was talking about i don’t know maybe it’s just me looking too deep into things.

    I know and that’s what I wanted to clarify about the house because I’ve been reading and the mermaid posse believes that it’s because he’s with Behati that’s why he bought the family home. I just wanted to make sure that they knew that there could be other reasons.

  181. 181
    Curious Says:

    I don’t think he’strying to be rude, I just think he’s flustered and a little embarassed and feels awkward. Behati was creepily lurking behind him looking like she was sniffing his shoulder the whole time.

  182. 182
    One day Says:

    Well, guess he will have more time on his hands now since both Melanie and Amanda are no longer on the Voice. I assume he still will be at the live shows – just no coaching duties. I think that will be hard for him since he’s so competitive. Really sorry things turned out that way. I really liked Amanda!!

  183. 183
    ??? Says:

    Hmm see if Anne had , say a .russian posse, like a mermaid posse, they would even attribute the Voice failure as Adams luck running out as soon as he broke up with Anne. Luckily most of her fans are more balanced.

    Amanda was a big shock. I was ecpecting melanie to go out but not amamda. Adam must be shocked. You are right, hes so competetive that this must suck. That makes blake the most popular coach . Well deserved, hes my favorite coach now

  184. 184
    Kylie Says:

    I was shocked by Amanda going, was not shocked by Melanie although out of the two of them hers is the music I would be more likely to buy. Blake has promoted the c*ap out of his team this season though. You cant look at twitter without him tweeting their names for support whereas Adam has barely done anything from what I can see from down here in Oz..

  185. 185
    K R Says:

    Wow. I just checked back again after a week and theres a flood of comments. Good read, all of them.
    I have just now watched the previous week’s episode. Once again, someone told me what happened, but i saw it myself and am still not sure why Adam said what he did about the Roxy. What did he mean by ” now they are paying for it”. Did he think Roxy wont attract bands any longer since he made that comment.
    Also, since this is VSFS day i thought i will put in my two cents. It doesnt get telecast in my region and no, i still wouldnt watch it. It has become more of a costume show than a lingerie show. My gripe is about the brand itself. I read a comment about the quality of the Lingerie and i have to agree.
    My Sister in Law worked as a designer in India and srilanka for the firm that assembles for VS. Please note i said assembles , and not makes, because all the material, right from the material, straps , buttons, hooks etc are sent to them and they are only assembled using the cheap labour available. The same unit also assembles lingerie for a comparable European brand called Triumph with a similar pricing structure. Having used both brands i can safely say Triumph trumps VS. Their lingerie quality is far, far better than VS products.
    Since the labour used is the same, i can only assume Triumph uses better input materials. I am only amazed at the marketing superiority of VS. Take that away and you are literally left with few scraps of inferior material!

  186. 186
    Me Says:

    I just listened to M5 song Sad and they say that it was very personal song, maybe Adam wrote it or something and the lyrics make so much sense of the pain he feels yet he was just not ready.

    As we’ve been hearing that Anne broke up with Adam mainly because he didn’t want to get married, in the song it is very clear that he says that he is sorry because he could not say the words that she needed to hear form him. He is in pain, he hates himself for what he has done but he just couldn’t say the things that she wanted him to say.

    There was a link to VS show Moves like jagger lip sync video and it was so awkward to see Anne and Behati in the same video. They even share a scene at around 2:15. Poor Anne. I think Behati got herself close to Anne in hopes to make Adam notice her and then everything started to happen. And when finally Behati’s dream came true she jumped on it. I also noticed that Behati was given a lot of screen time, maybe more than Anne IMO!

  187. 187
    Jennifer Says:

    I love every comment that was posted yesterday (and today). I don’t plan to repeat all the great points that are/were made. :-) I am glad that Sami1 brought up the real estate issue. I thought that I’d share something with you all. Perhaps some of you have already seen it before, but in case you haven’t . . .

    Also I thought I’d highlight one piece of the post on that link:

    “According to Betty Butterlips, Mister Levine might prefer to stay in his current ‘hood but is understood to want something more substantial that better reflects his continued music, showbiz, and financial success.”

    Granted this was posted in September 2012, but Adam’s been on the search for a while. When I heard he was renting out his place, I figured that he was in the market for something new. Mind you, according to the post, he started renting out his house in early 2009. I’m pretty sure that much of his house hunting happened while he was with Anne. However, I don’t think that she was the main reason he was house hunting. I agree with the writer of the post: Adam wants a house that reflects his greater status and it’s a more “mature looking” house, if that makes sense.

    So I agree with Intrigued. One point on which we differ is that Adam’s new house has a tennis court not a basketball court, although I’m sure he’ll change it to the latter. :-)

    Slightly OT- I have to agree with Curious about Behati’s dress. I know that models are often casual and they especially have to be casual on go sees, but Behati has awful style. She dresses as if she were homeless and she can afford to dress more decently. Even when she’s not working, she’s “the face” of her employers. That’s something she should remember. She represents VS, but you probably wouldn’t think that by how she dresses. She’s a plain looking young woman, but she’s not ugly. Her clothing takes away from her “freshness.” Anne, on the other hand, has some misses, but she usually looks pretty good. Casual, yet model-like. Of course, all models have hits and misses, so I’ll avoid picking on these two.

    K R- Your post is awesome. I love that you gave additional information about the fashion industry. I mentioned the mediocre quality of VS clothing and lingerie. Thanks for sharing the story about your sister-in-law. The seamstresses and machine operators have a very difficult job and they’re paid in pennies (almost). I find it all very upsetting. I’ve been reading more about how clothing is manufactured, especially “fast fashion.” Some of the information is very shocking.

    I really hoped that Amanda would make it to the final round. I was bummed that she was voted off. I didn’t care much for Melanie. She kind of bored me, so I wasn’t as surprised that she was voted off. I don’t care for Cassadee. She’s not that great. And frankly, given her connections, I’m kind of miffed that she was able to be on this show. If she’s friends with James Valentine’s girlfriend, then why didn’t she use those connections? That kind of confuses me. Surely you’d help out a friend, right? Adam seemed relax tonight as well.

    Me- Even though most M5 fans I know don’t care for the song, listen to “Fortune Teller.” I feel like that’s a confessional too in the same way that “Sad” is. Let me know what you think. It’s direct…not metaphorical.

  188. 188
    K R Says:


    Thank you. A little OT, i know, but i thought people should be aware of VS apart from the Angels. And you did mention the poor quality of it, and i had to explain that its a question of you reap what you sow , literally!
    The firm my Sister In Law worked is not of those sweatshop kind of units. There are lots of them, yes, but this is a well established factory unit that employs mostly women from the surrounding rural area. and they work in air conditioned envirement. Salary wise it may shock you that the seamstresses are paid around 125-130 dollars a month. Its very cheap labour compared to the Western Countries but we have to understand that
    1. This is India where , when converted, is not a bad salary for semi skilled labour.
    2. Other jobs for women in these area pays half of what they are paid here, plus deplorable working conditions, so they are getting a good deal.

    The sweatshop stories that you hear about, all true and shocking. you would be shocked to see the places where exquisite back end work for high fashion couture takes place.
    I still think that if VS does away with the Million dollar bras and the fashion show and the obscene amount they pay their models, they could still employ a lot many more in the US itself. But then, if you take them all away, VS is left with nothing but a low quality product!
    I always say VS angels are nothing but bonded labourers, doing the same work over and over, but Kudos to VS for marketing them as the best thing to have happened to the modelling world!

    I do know that Sad is the most personal song of his, Adam himself said it. It looks like he says a lot through Fortune teller also.

    I take it from all the posts that Adam’s team lost. Feel sorry for him, because we all know how competetive he is.

  189. 189
    Intrigued Says:

    Jennifer, if you look at the Thanksgiving pic, you can see that he has already changed the tennis court into a basketball court! Probably the first thing he did!, also I’m sure he’ll have a studio there and when he gets finished renovating maybe he’ll be down to 1 bedroom again! No just kidding, but obviously he’s not thinking he’s having 5 kids.
    I couldn’t help it, I watched the VSFS last night. Behati is definitely not one of the more featured models. In one segment they asked the models what they think is sexy in a man and Behati was a little hesitant, like she didn’t want to reveal anything it was a little weird. Maybe I’m reading into it.
    Well now Adam can fly to NY for the week after Nashville since he has no team left. More togetherness for those two I guess.

  190. 190
    Shannon Says:

    @K R: It is unfortunate to read that he didn’t make it through. Curious on if Blake is getting a bigger fan base now. Did someone say there is a established singer on there on Blake’s team?

  191. 191
    ??? Says:

    Yeah as Kylie said he should have backed them right from the beginning. Blake was so good at it. He kept tweeting and he kept at it.
    Blakes my man now.

    adam acted too much like a Diva, stepping in at the last minute, when people had already formed their favorites, saying he wanted them to be saved. sorry, not happening. only JB has that kind of mad crazy fans who will vote that way. you need to be at it from the beginning like blake has.

  192. 192
    Shannon Says:

    @Intrigued: I saw a few of the recent Victoria’s Secret commercials and even in those that she is in she’s very clearly and obviously overshadowed by the other models. What I’m saying is that if you weren’t looking for her you wouldn’t really know she was in it.

    Adam may not be tired of her now but he will get to that point sooner rather than later if she is insecure and jealous as many of you all pointed on. Happiness only lasts for so much before annoyance kicks in. Does tour start soon? If so he will for sure be busy with preparing for that. I imagine the little girl will drop all her work to keep an eye on him for the majority of it.

  193. 193
    One day Says:

    If Adam has been renting out his “bachelor pad” then where does he live? as i recall, it only had one bedroom. (and for that matter, if Gene is his roommate, where does he stay?) @sami no.1: thanks for the other video. I still don’t think he is mad – more annoyed or frustrated. But what the heck is Behati doing?? She looks like she is hiding behind him – head down, face practically in his back – keeping him between her and the camera. Just too weird. Weird couple. I’m also glad the house issue started some time ago – makes much more sense.
    Is it me or has Xtina jumped totally into Blake’s team?? And Blake called CeeLo his “man crush” in a tweet not long ago. Something just seems so off with the dynamics of the 4 coaches – at least from past seasons. JMO. I also agree that – unfortunately – Adam will probably be spending more time in NY (or she will be spending more time in LA) now that he doesn’t coach his team anymore. But he still has to be there for the live shows for the next 2 weeks. And I wonder if they are still filming season 4?
    What is in Nashville? Someone said he would probably spend more time in NY – after Nashville.

  194. 194
    ??? Says:

    One day, Grammy nomination award concert and maroon 5 is playing

  195. 195
    Intrigued Says:

    The Grammy nominations concert is tonight and M5 is playing. Adam probably had to hop on a plane right after the Voice last night. The other guys were already there and rehearsing.
    About his house, he put it on for rent in 2009 but I don’t think he ever rented it or else he only rented it while he was on tour. Then maybe 2 years ago it was completely renovated (see Architectual Digest) and made it into this super modern place with only 1 bedroom. There is a guest house where Gene lives. Apparently the new place has a guest house too. Adam always takes care of Gene! The mermaid girls hate that by the way. They want Gene to get lost so Adam and Behati can play house together.

  196. 196
    ??? Says:

    Whyyy? Whatever did gene do to them ? Poor guy. I thought he was friendly with behati. Didnt he tweet her a few times?

  197. 197
    One day Says:

    Totally forgot about M5 playing at the Grammy nominations! I imagine the gf will be there with him since she has done her couple of days of work. What a great life!!
    Glad to hear about the guest house at the new place. I like Gene!! He seems like a good friend and his tweets are pretty funny!
    As for The Voice – I totally think Blake is the favorite now. It seems pretty much everyone loves him and he has such a strong team. Don’t know if its luck or coaching or what, but it is working. And he constantly tweets in support of them (and past team members). Seems like a really good guy. And he even got his own Christmas special, so…….Didn’t CeeLo and Xtina both appear on his special AND on his Christmas CD? No Adam?? Interesting. I hate seeing Adam’s apparent “fall from grace”. As I have said before, he seems to have so much to give, huge heart, smart, funny, and most of the time, humble. Especially the last 2 days on the voice where he seemed much more relaxed and back to his “old self”. Maybe I’m reading too much into everything – maybe nothing has changed. I kind of think I’m losing interest in him (except for our discussions here) and I’m sure I’m not that unique. I know some of my friends that adored him are so over him now. I’m still hanging in there for him (for now). He’s such a cutie!!

  198. 198
    Shannon Says:

    @One day: Adam’s mouth is what’s getting him into trouble. Many tend to grow tired of a celebrity that b&*ches all of the time. Many of us posting on here notice that he has changed. Maybe he needs to hit bottom some in order to see the mess that is forming in front of him.

  199. 199
    ??? Says:

    yep, his rants are getting more abusive . Theres a thin line between being confident and cocky and hes been crossing it lately. Hes still cute and nice and talented and all, but he definitely needs to stop shooting his mouth off at everything. act less of a diva.

  200. 200
    Shannon Says:

    @???: Saw this earlier on

    Harsh comments

  201. 201
    One day Says:

    @shannon: whoa!! Very harsh! I don’t usually read comments on other sites. Have they always been pretty nasty about Adam or is that relatively new? I know there will always be haters but……
    On another note, does anyone know how vs “fashion” show did ratings wise? I personally don’t know anyone who watched it, but I’m guessing all the Justin Beiber fans tuned in. That was a smart move on vs’s part. But I read one little article that basically said aside from the Super Bowl, this was one of the biggest events to watch on tv!! REALLY?? And then there was a small interview with a couple of the models. Behati basically said she gets so emotional when she watches the show….I don’t see it as an emotion provoking event – except for adolescent boys maybe. Ok, I guess I’m getting too harsh now. Maybe she is just thankful for the opportunity to be there. But seriously, take a tall skinny girl, do her hair, makeup, polish her nails, wax her, dress her and send her down the runway. Yes, be thankful that the American public idolizes people like that. Sorry. I need a glass of wine!! (Whine??)

  202. 202
    Intrigued Says:

    I actually think Adam exercised a lot of self control last night. I mean Christina made it a point to trash both of his girls and say that Blake’s artists were better. I think millions of people wanted to punch her she was so obnoxious . Then Amanda was voted off and she is way better than Cassidee. When they sang that duet, Amanda’s voice blew her away. I think he was very gracious. Maybe they warned him so he wouldn’t lose it live. I feel bad for him.

  203. 203
    Jennifer Says:

    K R- Again, thanks for the information! You’re right about the wages when compared with other jobs. I think that the lowest wages came out of Bangladesh because China and India have updated their factories with more modern conveniences. You were right to point that out. :-)

    Also I’m glad that you noticed the “personal” lyrics of Fortune Teller, but yeah . . . Sad is the most personal song.

    Intrigued- It was late when I made that post and you’re right, it has been made into a basketball court. So, my mistake. I’m not sure why that slipped my mind, since I had seen the picture before. I agree with you. I can see Adam transforming one of the rooms into a studio. If Adam ever does have children, I can see him with one or two. But not more than that. I don’t question that he enjoys being around kids, but I doubt he wants a large family. He’s already in his 30s anyway.

    I agree with the rest of you that Adam didn’t promote his team enough until it came down to the wire. I didn’t care as much for Melanie, but Amanda is awesome, I think. He needs to do a better job of promoting his team members. Who knows why he seemed lax about it? Maybe he’s overwhelmed with things.

    Shannon- I think their US tour starts in February and during the summer, they’ll be on their European tour. In this day and age, bands have to tour more often and perform because record sales aren’t what they used to be. Also Adam’s houses have guest houses and I believe that Gene used to live in the guest house of his Hollywood Hills. I believe that Gene has his own place now or I could be wrong.

    Also regarding the Mermaid Posse, Adam and Gene have been close friends since before Adam really hit it big. Gene is a constant in Adam’s life, unlike his revolving door of girlfriends. So they need to chill out about who Adam hangs with and whether he chooses to let his friends live with him. He always said that he’s terrified of being alone. I’m sure that’s one reason he had Gene live in with him. And Gene probably needed a place to crash anyway. BTW, I don’t see any tweets from Gene to Behati, unless he deleted his.

    One Day- I only saw one person in my TL tweeting about the VS Fashion Show. Most of the people I follow, follow sports. It didn’t seem like anyone really cared. Again, it’s mediocre product. They spend more on their marketing. I think most people know it’s mediocre. It’s a show that teenage boys can masturbate to…let’s be real here.

    Oh, and regarding his Honey Boo Boo comment and that gossip post bashing. Celebitchy is like that about a lot of Hollywood people. They especially hate Adam because they believe every piece of gossip that comes out about them. It seems as if it’s mostly women who dog him and they ALWAYS go back to the fact that he dates models. Geez, for as much as they hate the guy, they waste a lot of energy getting angry about him. If it were me, I’d ignore him. But what do I know? Besides, if Adam approach any of those women, they’d drop their panties like a girl on her prom night, so they need to shut it.

    Keep bringing the comments! This discussion is amusing.

  204. 204
    One Day Says:

    Not sure if you guys are still looking at comments on this article or if you are going to the new article about the Grammy nominations. I thought Adam (and the band) did great on the Grammy noms. Nice to see them perform. I noticed one blurb that said “a slightly sad looking Adam Levine” referring to the performance of Payphone at the end. I thought so too – but maybe tired or still under the weather. But did anyone notice that yesterday he seemed to be tweeting a bit more like the old Adam? I liked it! Also noticed that Behati tweeted about being on the set woking today. Maybe she wasn’t in Nashville last night. Wonder if he is “on the set” with her today?? I read that VS “fashion” show won its timeslot on Tuesday night, but was 24% down from last year. Not sure how that works – maybe fewer people watching tv in general?

    As for the new house – I agree with Jennifer. I don’t see Adam having lots of kids. I figured a recording studio, gym, maybe theater…..I’m assuming he isn’t really living there yet – probably will do lots of renovations before he moves in or while he is on tour or something.
    I also think somebody was on to something when they suggested Adam may have been tipped off about Amanda and Melanie both being sent home on Tuesday. I had to turn the sound down for a few seconds during his comments to Amanda before they announced that she was going home and I remember thinking that she already looked sad and almost defeated – but I didn’t hear what he actually said to her, so …….. JMO!

  205. 205
    Jennifer Says:

    I decided to keep posting here because the Grammy is about all the nominees not just Maroon 5. I see that Adam responded to Christina’s well for the noms. That was nice of her. I see that Blake now has, but Adam hasn’t responded yet…

    “@blakeshelton: Also.. Congrats to the wormy, weed smelling, jacked up hair havin’, crappy T-shirt wearin’ @adamlevine for his Grammy nomination!!!”

  206. 206
    ??? Says:

    yeah, Maroon 5 was awesome . Adam sounded good, one of the few singers who sounds good live in fact. maybe he was still upset about both his girls leaving the competetion, who knows. yep, i noticed his tweets too, he tweeted like the old Adam.
    anyways i saw this tweet of james in reply to a tweet someone had asked him.
    Does Maroon 5 exist offscreen?” Every single night I stare in the mirror and ask myself that very question. do you feel something is off.

  207. 207
    One Day Says:

    I have to say I’m not totally surprised about James’ tweet. It seems like he used to go to a lot of the interviews with Adam, but now Adam mostly goes by himself. At least in the interviews I’ve seen. And James has another band – JJAMZ. Jessie already “left” the band, although he says he is coming back for the next album. Ya, I definitely think something is off. Maybe Behati is the Yoko Ono of our time!! (LOL!!). Although I can’t really compare Maroon 5 to the Beatles!! But in all honesty, I think Jessie’s leaving and James other band both came about while Adam was still with Anne. I just think Adam has a pattern – “I would never have a fragrance”, “I will never date another model”, “I will never leave Maroon 5 and go solo”……. Again, I’m not sure if he just doesn’t know what he wants or if he is just believing all his hype. It has to be hard to stay grounded with all the attention he gets. And I think he is/was more grounded than most people in his position. I just would hate to see him lose all his real friends and just be left with the “hangers-on” if you know what I mean, That would be so sad!!

  208. 208
    ??? Says:

    One day,
    I get your point. I still think Jesse may come back. Hes just a different type than the rest. i believe him when he says he took a break for his spiritual studies or whatever cos he is that kinda guy. i dont know why James is suddenly being so very open about him being unhappy.i mean, hes said it before but the last few weeks hes been tweeting about it.i know he got with jjamz quite sometime ago, but wasnt he doing all the overexposed interviews with adam till june july? may be he went to all the interviews alone since they were about the Voice and not about the album. i dont know, just my view.
    yeah, much as i like them, i dont think you can compare Maroon 5 to the Beatles. and you really cant pin the breakup, if it happens, on the gfs either. poor girls,i dont think they have that much power over any of them. its gonna be individual egos that will be responsible.

    adam is still a well grounded guy, no doubt, but i am getting a teeny bit of suspicion that hes probably acting like a diva on the Voice. I mean blake and adam have always poked fun at each other, but they have laughted together, but blakes last tweet, i think hes laughing AT adam, not with him. i mean, its the first time hes referenced weed . whats up with THAT?

  209. 209
    Jennifer Says:

    Well, to be fair ???, Adam has taken shots at Blake for being drunk. In fact, I think he said something about that this week. Or last week. Blake kind of laughed it off. I agree that bandmates’ girlfriends wouldn’t be the issue if the band decided to separate. It would be their egos.

  210. 210
    Haha Says:

    Adam is such a cheat, he does it with most of the people in Hollywood.

    Trying to act like Leonardo Dicaprio by dating and dumping models. Telling people to to text Red Cross like Emma Stone and her boyfriend (a nice thing but not origional).

    Making the fans involved in their music by asking kids to participate like Jared Leto did with his many songs by making fans appear in his video and printing 2000 album covers with various fans faces around the world.

    Does anything this guy does ever original. I am so tired of his divaish behaviour. If he keeps at it, it won’t be long till he’s replaced.

  211. 211
    Jennifer Says:

    Haha- I agree with many of your points, but let’s face it…there us nothing new under the sun. Adam isn’t the only copycat out there. I agree that probably acting a bit like a diva though.

  212. 212
    Shannon Says:

    @???: Blake is pinpointing on what the lot of us have been saying and seeing in previous pictures of him.

  213. 213
    K R Says:


    I like that you are so fair. Thats a great quality to have when making comments . In fact a lot of the commenters here have been fair and fairly intuitive when it comes to Adam, his gril friends and Maroon 5. To be a fan is to be aware of both positive and negatives and still like them . I am obviously excluding a few nutjobs from this category.

    I dont watch the Voice regularly, i see it only when i get to know about some controversy Adam stirred up! I would still lke to believe that the chemistry between Adam and Blake is intact. Thats one of the reasons the Voice became very popular. Probably the regulars who watch the show can elaborate on that.

    Jesse and Adam and Mickey were in Kara’s flowers together. They have been friends for a longer time . They must obviously be more tolerant of Adam’s propensity to steal the spotlight. We also tend to excuse a lot of behaviour of our childhood friends. Matt seems like a very quiet person, glad to be away from the spotlight. P J Morton is still considered to be a newbie. Only James ever has been seen as wanting to talk out in a lot of interviews and not being allowed by Adam.
    I dont think Adam does it deliberately, its just the way its always been. Its unfair to James though. Especially James is with another band, he obviously must be seeing that other bands dont let one person do all the talking, all the time. That must be the reason he is probably speaking out more now.
    Theres a difference between the insane popularity that Adam has and the recognition that James craves. After all, James is in his thirties, been part of a successful band for ten years, and he says he doesnt get recognised unless he is standing next to Adam. That has to hurt.

  214. 214
    Haha Says:

    Jennifer – I am glad that you see the truth when I know I’m probably gonna get red numbered.

    But just look at the way he portrays himself all important and handsome I mean come on yes you are good looking but would it not be nice if he acted a bit mature.

    I don’t know why Jared Leto is stuck in my mind when I think of him, maybe because I love 30 Seconds to Mars, or maybe a lot of the things Adam does remind me of him. Like being a singer but also trying to become an actor (But Jared is amazing at it and Adam not even compares). Gosh there are many other things but I won’t mention them here.

    I do agree with you that nothing is new under the sun but when you are trying to act all important and might then you need to at least be original. Adam has started to look old I think and you can see the wrinkles around his eyes now.

  215. 215
    Jennifer Says:

    Shannon-I swear that I didn’t tip Blake off! :-P I mean, Blake talked about spending time at Adam’s house and discussing how Adam lived like a rock star with the models lounging around and all that. I can imagine he’s seen Adam smoke dope. Hell, he probably has too. Blake pokes fun at his drinking. Again, not a huge deal, but when Adam said that to Blake, I don’t remember it belonging to the topic of discussion. It was almost as if Adam pulled it out of his ass to take a dig at him. I know those two give each other crap, but Blake just laughed it off, but there seemed to be a slight “taken aback” feeling with him. He could have made the “weed” remark on TV and didn’t.

    K R- I try to be fair. I’m not a fan of reading through a bunch of nasty arguments. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to ignore trolls, especially if it seems like they won’t give up. The people involved in our discussions have been equally cool, which is why I keep coming back. Adam’s not perfect and to pretend otherwise is crazy. No one’s perfect.

    I agree with what Haha was saying about the “diva” aspect because even Adam has acknowledged that he can come off as a bit arrogant at times. He speaks his mind. His bandmates have been aware of this forever, so really, there’s nothing new on that front.

    I’ve watched every episode of “The Voice” this season, but didn’t watch the previous seasons, so someone else might have to fill you in on the coaches’ dynamic. Adam and Blake still give each other crap, but they’re not running back and forth and farting around. I get the sense that their comedy was much more physical in previous seasons.

    As far as his bandmates are concerned, I don’t think that Mickey and Matt care about being in the background. Jesse would do interviews with Adam and PJ has done a good job of stepping into Jesse’s shoes. Like James, PJ has his own music projects going on aside from Maroon 5. When it comes to promoting Maroon 5, it’s been Adam, James, and PJ. While I’m not a huge fan of Howard Stern, to his credit, Howard got James and PJ involved in the interview. I thought they were enjoyable to listen to because I don’t think it should just be Adam who talks about the successes and failures of the band. They’re all in it together. This is true, even if all the band members agreed that Adam should be “the face” of Maroon 5. I understand that James (and probably PJ) would love to chat more in the interviews. And frankly, I think that’s a great idea.

    Part of the probably is that Adam interrupts, which I’m sure his bandmates are used to and they’ve talked about fights in the past, which I’m sure have a lot to do with Adam’s personality. He’s the stereotype of most lead singers. Naturally, they’re going to be the more arrogant of all the band’s members. I get the sense that James would like to speak out more. I think he should interrupt Adam more often, maybe? ;-) I also blame part of this on the interviewer because they’ll default to Adam, instead of having the present band members share the spotlight.

    I definitely agree that James would like more respect. And really, when you think about it, if Adam shared the spotlight more often, then people might like the band more. I feel like all of the publicity that Adam generates for himself (like his private life) overshadows the whole band. Because, let’s face it, when people think of Maroon 5, they just think “Adam Levine” and that he’s an “arrogant douchebag” and he’s “dirty,” “gross,” whatever. I think that impression of Adam becomes attributed to his bandmates by default, even though I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Perhaps the “haters” would cut them some slack (even if they don’t like their music) if Adam’s more palatable bandmates got some ink or airspace, you know? I like the paradox that is Adam, but the band consists of five members . . . not just him.

  216. 216
    Jennifer Says:

    @Haha: I don’t think you’ll end up in the red, some of us won’t let that happen. :-) I didn’t think that what you said was inflammatory at all. If you go back to the first few pages of this post’s comments, then you’ll see a few nasty comments. They’re entitled to their opinions too. It’s hard for me to trash your opinion when I agree with the points you’re trying to make. I think Adam gets caught up in his own press at times. It has to be hard. He’s always been a bit of a diva, even his bandmates have said so. Imagine the stories they have!

    And yes, I can tell that Adam’s aging a bit. That might be partly due to the non-stop working that he engages in, but he is getting older. I agree that he needs to start acting a bit more mature. Hopefully, he will at some point.

    Jared is a good actor. I’ve been following his career for years. To Adam’s credit, I don’t think he’s aspiring to become a full time actor. I certainly hope not anyway. I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone with that remark, but he isn’t that good. Of course, so far, I’ve only seen the AHS cameo, but he’s basically playing himself in that movie with Keira Knightley, so as long as he acts like himself, he should be fine. Ha!

    Also, to Adam’s credit, he did say to Ellen (on her show) that he got the idea for the Red Cross sign because he had seen a picture of the two actors who did the same in NY. At least, he didn’t steal credit for what they did, but yeah, it’s not original. People have been saying the same about Maroon 5′s latest sound. Unfortunately, most singers and bands are headed in that direction, if they’re not already there.

  217. 217
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: Haha was at most low scored by the mermaid psychos.

  218. 218
    one day Says:

    One thing that I am sure the members of Maroon 5 are aware of – they were kind of heading into obscurity before Adam got the job on The Voice. Now they are VERY POPULAR with a whole new audience. But I do agree that other band members need to have some recognition – maybe when there are interviews specifically about the band, Adam should just send James or at least bring James with him and let him talk. Adam has more than enough exposure with all his activities!! However, I wouldn’t really want to separate him from the band. That could be a problem in the future. But I’m sure that no matter what Adam wants to do – the interviewers and talk shows and whatever want to talk to him – not so much the others. I don’t really see it as him hogging the limelight or anything. I don’t want to keep blaming his ADHA on everything – but my son also has ADHD and he can’t stop talking either!! I always tell him not to worry – it isn’t a “learning disability – it is a gift!!” It makes them who they are!!
    As for Blake and Adam on the Voice – it just seems totally off this season. In past seasons, Blake would always make comments about loving Adam, wanting to kiss Adam, I always remember when Blake said something about loving Adam and Adam responded “I love you too Blake – totally in a non-sexual way” and Blake said “I can’t say the same”. Everyone cracked up. And that kind of stuff was pretty constant. We all knew it was a joke but they were so lovable!! And I remember seeing pics of Adam and Anne at Blake’s and Miranda’s house at New Years – they looked like they were having a ball.But this season, there really hasn’t been much interaction at all. If anything, it just seems to me that Blake, Xtina and CeeLo interact more with each other this year and leave Adam out. JMO.
    And my comment about the gf breaking up the band – I was joking. I absolutely think that if (God forbid) the band ever did break up – it would definitely be egos. But I do think that Adam appears to spend lots of time with his gf – at least thats what the pictures we see show. I have heard reports that he would go backstage whenever there was a break in taping the show (this season at least) and not interact with the audience like he used to. I assumed at the time it was to be with his gf since I understand she was on the set all the time. But of course he could have gone back to talk to his team or whatever. I just think with her practically being with him 24/7, it kind of keeps other people away from him unless they really like her. That can put a wedge in other relationships. If Adam spends most of his time with the gf, then of course Blake or James or Gene or whoever is going to spend less time with him.Of course this is TOTAL SPECULATION on my part. I have no way of knowing how much time they actually spend together or if the others like her or ……… I can only go on what I read in these posts and what pictures they want me to see!!

  219. 219
    Shannon Says:

    @one day: Let us add another speculation. Adam could be the person that is keeping Blake at a distance. Adam isn’t going out of his way to joke around either with Blake. Also add that it could be the rest who have grown tired of his out of the blue rants on the show. I do recollect from past statements that it looked as if Ceelo and Blake were miffed at the personal attacks between Christina and Adam perhaps that carried over into the current season from what I have been reading from the rest of you.

  220. 220
    Shannon Says:

    @one day: Let us add another speculation. Adam could be the person that is keeping Blake at a distance. Adam isn’t going out of his way to joke around either with Blake. Also add that it could be the rest who have grown tired of his out of the blue rants on the show. I do recollect from past statements that it looked as if Ceelo and Blake were miffed at the personal attacks between Christina and Adam perhaps that carried over into the current season from what I have been reading from the rest of you.

  221. 221
    Shannon Says:

    @one day: Let us add another speculation. Adam could be the person that is keeping Blake at a distance. Adam isn’t going out of his way to joke around either with Blake. Also add that it could be the rest who have grown tired of his out of the blue rants on the show. I do recollect from past statements that it looked as if Ceelo and Blake were miffed at the personal attacks between Christina and Adam perhaps that carried over into the current season from what I have been reading from the rest of you.

  222. 222
    Shannon Says:

    @one day: Let us add another speculation. Adam could be the person that is keeping Blake at a distance. Adam isn’t going out of his way to joke around either with Blake. Also add that it could be the rest who have grown tired of his out of the blue rants on the show. I do recollect from past statements that it looked as if Ceelo and Blake were miffed at the personal attacks between Christina and Adam perhaps that carried over into the current season from what I have been reading from the rest of you.

  223. 223
    Jennifer Says:

    Although I feel like Christina is nursing a bit of a crush on Adam. That’s just my observation.

  224. 224
    Adamtina Says:

    Blake also congratulated him but Adam only replied to his true love…

    Adam has always been Christina’s biggest fan…
    He admires her, he defends her, he retweets her, he replies her…he shows Christina off…He always smiles when she is around….

    I could feel it since he started to show more interest in her… and time is proving me right!!

    but you think I’m crazy.

  225. 225
    Adamtina Says:

    Also, if u notice Behati doesn’t follow Christina on twitter…She can feel the tension too…
    She knows that In his heart xtina is the one for him..

  226. 226
    Adamtina Says:

    why u disagree with me??? are u afraid that Adamtina is real???
    go to his twitter..
    He replied Christina again and sent her 3 flirty smiley faces..
    He keeps Bethani on the low because of xtina…
    he loves the attention that people is making about Adamtina..Why can’t u see it??
    That’s why he continues talking proudly about her in public…
    He could have sent her a private message to show respect to his girlfriend but he wanted the world to know that he is happy cause xtina congratulated him..(and considering that he gets millions of tweets everyday, I don’t know how he saw xtina’s tweet?) (lurking her twitter??)

    Adamtina met in another era guys, they met in 2003 in NYC…
    10 years later the destiny brought them back together again, this love was meant to be….but their love is impossible!!

  227. 227
    Adamtina Says:

    Adam is only afraid of admitting that he is inlove with her.

  228. 228
    Adamtina Says:

    Thanks Adam showing your love off and letting them know in public that you are proud of your friend xtina.

    ” why thanks miss xtina :):):)”
    and he didn’t reply to Blake…

    haha this is a sweet victory for the Adamtina fans…

    hahahhaaha!!!! I bet the haters got mad!

  229. 229
    Adamtina Says:

    thanks Adam for letting them know in public that you were excited cause your special friend congratulated u!

    That shows that u appreacite her and Xtina means so much to you!!!

  230. 230
    Jennifer Says:

    Just a few minutes ago, Enty (of CDAN fame) tweeted the following:

    “The band calls her Yoko so that should tell you something. Here comes the solo career.”

    So far the previous tweets don’t match this one. Neither does anything on his sure so far. In other words, it’s random. The reason I bring it up here is because we were kind of joking around and one of us (I think, One Day?) referred to Behati as Yoko. Granted, I’m speculating here, so hopefully, no one gets carried away. At least, until other signs point to this being about them. Just thought I’d share!

  231. 231
    Jennifer Says:

    *site, not “sure”

  232. 232
    Jennifer Says:

    Here is a follow up tweet:

    “I use the term “band” in the blind very loosely.”

    A couple of people guessed Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (Coldplay). That seems like a good guess, but I can’t imagine anyone not calling Coldplay a real band. Plus Gwyneth and Chris have been together for a long while. I feel like this particular relationship hasn’t been going on for very long. Not to mention, the constant jokes about whether Adam’s bandmates exist. James, and to a lesser extent PJ, has (have) been vocal
    about it on social media

  233. 233
    Intrigued Says:

    I don’t think for one second that he is talking about Adam and Behati. I just don’t think she is that important in his decision making. Besides, he loves his band, and I do not think he will leave them. They are like his security blanket and everyone knows he is insecure. He needs them I think in an emotional sense.
    My guess is Enty is talking about Harry Stiles from One Direction because he is now dating Taylor Swift. That would also explain the comment about them not being a real band.
    Not much new on the Adam/Behati front. She is probably with him until she leaves for Africa for Christmas, unless she plans on blowing off her family for him which would not surprise me at all.

  234. 234
    Jennifer Says:

    I think it’s more like Kate Hudson and that dude from Muse. Someone speculated Mumford & Sons (the lead singer is married to Carey Mulligan).

    I only posted it here because it’s funny that we were joking about a “Yoko” effect, but I have to agree that she wouldn’t have that kind of sway over Adam.

  235. 235
    One Day Says:

    Just to clarify what I meant about Behati being like Yoko Ono – I agree that she probably doesn’t have that much sway over Adam or affect his decisions about the band. I see it more like because of the amount of time they seem to spend together, it would affect the time he spends with the band or other friends. In the past, it looked like the band members seemed to hang around more together and whether or not they like Behati, her presence will make a difference. Anne – whether they liked her or not (and I really don’t know) – she worked so much that she wasn’t around Adam for long periods of time. So he had time to spend with others. You guys are probably all right about the comment not being about Adam and Behati. But what a coincidence, huh???

  236. 236
    Jennifer Says:

    Here’s another Enty blind from yesterday.:

    Several of the commenters believe it could be Adam. While, given his sexual history, it seems plausible. I doubt it’s him. Not to mention that the Voice coaches don’t interact with the contestants until the Blind Auditions. But it’s entertaining to read the comments anyway. ;-)

  237. 237
    Curious Says:

    Are Adam and Behati still dating? Things have been awfully quiet from them (as a couple) lately..apparently no recent trips to Gelson’s . I think he might have been out and about the other night without her – a fan posted a picture with him on Twitter on the 7th and said she met him the night before at Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel…no mention of Behati being with him. Anyway, he has seemed more like his old self lately on The Voice and from his tweets. I saw that Adam’s “dog” Frankie is apparently posted “#LetsMakeItAwkward @AnneV @BeePrinsloo :oDDDDDDD” today…wonder what that’s about??? And I soooo can’t wait to see what happens on Chelsea Lately tomorrow. I am curious as to whether she will ask him about Anne and Behati.

  238. 238
    ??? Says:

    Nooo, not likely curious. I think the dog account is by a fan.must have been usibg the lets make it awkward tag on twitter to post something. For fun , though i think its mean to both anne and bee. And whats with his fb account. Is that his own or another fan account.
    Dont know whats happening with him and bee.i hear rumors of engagement, that hes bought a ring. All on twitter of course. He did look mighthy fine on the Voice.

  239. 239
    One Day Says:

    I was kind of wondering the same thing about Adam and Bee. I figured they were either 1.basically holed up in his house not going out
    2. Not tipping off the paps to their trips to Gelson’s or
    Mustard Seed
    3. Paps are tired of them or
    4. They are not together – whether permanent or just
    because of her “job”
    I also saw the tweet by Frankie. Wonder who writes the tweets? Kind of strange. I know someone tweeted her a week or two ago and asked who she liked better – Anne or Behati and she said “both”.
    I just can’t get my head around someone who loses a gf (Anne) after 2 years because she supposedly wants to get married and he doesn’t, then buys someone else an engagement ring after just less than a year of dating? Not sure I believe it, but who knows??? I always wondered who “leaked” the story (made up??) about his parents urging him to get married. Could all be the same kind of stuff – just rumors to keep him (her?) (Both of them?) in the spotlight. Although as I’ve said before, he doesn’t need to do anything to keep in the spotlight. Where did you see the rumors of an engagement? Could be like the rumors of Jennifer Aniston being pregnant – if any of them were true she’d have about 6 kids by now!!!

  240. 240
    One day Says:

    On another note, I have been reading Anne V’s tweets lately. I never followed her before but I really enjoy her. Obviously enjoying her job – she seems to work all the time!! And she replies to fan tweets. Seems like a very personable lady. Definitely has moved on and done a great job!! Sorry to compare, but Behati’s tweets just seem so childish and pointless. There really is a difference in the level of maturity. But maybe Adam finds that more attractive. To each his own……….

  241. 241
    Curious Says:

    @One day – I just did a quick search on Twitter and Google and nothing significant came up about Adam being engaged, etc.What have you heard recently? I follow Anne on Twitter and really enjoy her tweets and pictures. She truely seems to love her job and seems to really enjoy and embrace life. I love that she answers and engages her fans and tweets in support of the charities she works with as well as other models, celebs, etc. I agree that Behati’s tweets are often kind of random and childish in nature but whateves.

  242. 242
    ??? Says:

    I heard mustard seed is closed for renovation. Heard it from some lady on tumblr who went to la on vacation. Said something about the cafe needs to be opened soon. I dont live in la so cant say for sure.
    Anne has always been very friendly with fans. I like that about her. May not seem like much but there are young tweens and teen fans who look up to these models, its a big thing for them to get a tweet or reply from models.only some like cara and sara sampaio and anne take the time to reply. seems to be be quite well read too and sounds way mature for her age. those engagement rumors i heard as tweet from a fan , obviously, who said there were rumors adam had bought a ring. Even i couldnt find anything on twitter. Must be the same story that came up initially and spiced up with rings and rumors of proposal at Christmas?

  243. 243
    ??? Says:

    Does anything else think behati is trying to sound like adam in her last tweet. Kinda cocky. You know, his style. Thats not her usual style at all.

  244. 244
    Jennifer Says:

    I’m not sure if Adam and Behati are done as a couple. Is she even in LA right now? She might actually be working.

    I think that Adam was out a couple of nights ago bowling or some such thing. Given the amount of attention he has received since being on The Voice, it has to be more difficult for him to go out and about without drawing too much attention to himself. I think he’s probably a bit of a homebody, but who knows?

    Adam looked wonderful from last night. I don’t mind his scruff, but he does clean up nicely. A number of ladies on my TL were enjoying the view. ;-)

    Am I the only one who finds the Frankie and body part Twitter accounts annoying? I find it obnoxious when fans tweet at the three of them. I wish that the fans would mind their own business when it comes to that sort of thing. Posting here is one thing, but targeting the three of them on Twitter is kind of assy.

    Also I haven’t seen anything substantial about the engagement rumor, except for that Showbiz Spy post. If anything, I think it’s “wishful thinking” on the part of certain fans/stans.

    Adam doesn’t seem keen on getting married to any woman. I don’t think Behati will change his mind of that. I highly doubt that Adam, after spending two years with Anne and saying that he’d like to have a baby with her, is going to marry Behati when they’ve been an item for less than a year. I highly doubt his parents would be thrilled either. Could Adam marry in his lifetime? Sure, but it’s my belief that marriage isn’t for him.

    It’s possible that both are parties are messing with the tabs. But think for a moment, if Adam were going to get engaged, I’m pretty sure that US tabloids would be all over this story in a heartbeat. I don’t trust some obscure online gossip site to give me the real scoop on their relationship. I hope that I don’t sound b*tchy for saying that, but it kills me that this one tiny story is getting the attention it is.

    And I’m really trying to be objective about this entire situation because, as I’ve said before, Behati could be a very nice person. But I can’t help but get a really strange vibe about her. I do think she tips off paps and the like. Just because she’s not blatant about it doesn’t mean that she’s not doing that. I’m sure she’s learned by watching all of Adam’s exes, particularly Anne.

  245. 245
    One day Says:

    @??? I’m stuck on her tweet with a pic from Natural Born Killers (I think) with the caption “live a little”. I’m sure it’s my frame of mind, but I read that as “here I am sharing a scene from a favorite movie so all of you poor average people can have a glimpse into my world and enjoy a bit of life”. Totally cynical on my part I know and totally my interpretation, but it just sounded SO SMUG AND COCKY. I’m sure that’s not how she meant it (??) but first of all, it’s not my favorite movie – although I do like both of the people in the picture. And second of all, does she really think we care?? I can “live a little” without tweets like that. And I personally think that movie would be totally Adam’s taste – I know he is a fan of Quentin Tarrintino. Maybe the tweet was for him.

  246. 246
    intrigued Says:

    She tries very hard to appeal to Adam’s sensibilities when she tweets. Of course that tweet was for him. She has quoted music and movies lots of times that just happen to be Adam’s favorites. Remember all the Bob Marley quotes? Such similar music tastes! But then I looked back through her tweets and she had never once quoted or mentioned Bob Marley until she met Adam.
    Not long ago she tweeted a pic of her cat and said “the force is strong in this one” referring to Star Wars, another of Adam’s movies. Recently I was looking at Jamie’s tweets and saw that about a year a ago he tweeted the exact same thing about the cat. She’s a fraud.
    Getting married? I don’t think so. Why do you think Adam chose a barely 23 yr old girl? So he wouldn’t have to have the marriage conversation for a long time. I think Chelsea Handler will push for info on this so maybe tonight we’ll see!

  247. 247
    intrigued Says:

    One Day- I also think it’s Behati’s way of saying, “I’m with Adam” since there are no photos lately. She has to be creative about marking her territory.

  248. 248
    ??? Says:

    Wow, good call . jntrigued. Even i keep thinking she tries changing her style. I have aslo seen her old tweets. She started tweeting all music quotes only after Adam. All her old ones were simple ones.

  249. 249
    woo! Says:

    I feel bad for his gf..
    she is so inlove with him and Adam wanting to have a baby with someone else.

    if i was his GF i would be so jealous….

  250. 250
    Jennifer Says:

    @???: Simple quotes, simple girl. ;-)

    I mean that could just be that she has difficulty expressing herself in English, which isn’t her first language. So I’ll keep away from making fun of her in that regard.

    Behati isn’t very different from a lot of young women in that she takes on the interests of whomever she happens to be dating at the moment. Right now, she likes everything that Adam does and follows everyone he knows. For me, this would raise a ‘red flag.’ Maybe he watches it and thinks the same or maybe he doesn’t care. I think he just enjoys having someone different at the moment.

  251. 251
    One Day Says:

    So is it me or was the Chelsea Lately interview totally pointless last night? I expected much more. Oh well, Adam looked good. And before Adamtina gets all excited – I think the comment Adam made on The Voice Confessionals about having a baby with Christina was in jest – a response to all the comments/rumors out there about the two of them. I don’t think Cassadee really wants to use Nicholas’ beard as an umbrella either.

  252. 252
    Jennifer Says:

    I don’t have cable, so I didn’t see this interview. I don’t get the furor over Chelsea Handler. To each her own. I didn’t think that Adam was going to reveal anything earth shattering. Their latest album has been out for a while now and his stint on “American Horror Story” is over. What on earth did he need to be on her show for?

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure Adam is aware of the “Adamtina” fans. However, and this is just me, that’s not the type of joke I would make in public . . . especially if I were a guy and had a girlfriend. I wouldn’t be very happy if I were the girlfriend of said guy. I don’t know. Again, that’s just me. Then again, I don’t think Adam meant it seriously.

  253. 253
    Kylie Says:

    One Day – I like Chelsea Handler and never miss a show but her interviews are never anything in depth, just light entertainment and a bit of fun so I wasn’t expecting anything particularly enlightening :) it was entertaining though and he did look really good in that suit.

    Jennifer – Completely agree. I would not be happy if my bf were making jokes like that on national television.

  254. 254
    Jennifer Says:

    I saw a clip of Adam on Chelsea. They were discussing his distaste for reality TV. And I agree with both of them. I could not understand the backlash against Adam over the Honey Boo Boo thing. He specifically mentioned that he thought her parents were exploitative. And you know what? I AGREE with him. Adam would NEVER trash a child. I don’t even know why so many people jumped all over his ass about that.

    However, Adam’s points reinforced that idea that these shows represent a “dumbing down of America.” If people spent less time watching this crap and spent more time reading, then they would have CORRECTLY read quote.

  255. 255
    intrigued Says:

    Last time Adam was on Chelsea he was gushing about his new 8 month relationship with Anne and how he had been “falling in love with her”, and how beautiful and smart she was. Chelsea always asks about that stuff and in fact, this time Adam and Chelsea were talking about how Chelsea had been sleeping with 50 for a while. But not one girlfriend question. I really really think he will not let anyone mention his love life in interviews. Not one word. It must take a lot of impulse control on Adam’s part. Unless he just doesn’t want anything out there in case he wants to move on? I don’t know. What do you guys think?

  256. 256
    Kylie Says:

    Jennifer, that’s what I didn’t understand about the whole thing. I thought it was really clear that he was talking about the parents and not the child and I agree although I don’t know that much about the whole situation as I refuse to watch any show like it for even a minute and will go so far as to walk out of a room if someone else is watching any of those so called “reality” shows. I was in complete agreement with everything he said.

  257. 257
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- I’d hate to be the girlfriend he doesn’t want to talk about. ;-)

    Chelsea’s show isn’t the only show on which Adam bragged about Anne. But, you know, that’s what you do when you’re in love with someone. You enjoy talking about that person.

  258. 258
    Curious Says:

    I too was unimpressed by the Chelsea interview. Although I’m not going to complain about getting to see Adam in a suit again. Not sure what’s going on with the suits lately but he sure does make them look, good! I kind of get the impression that maybe he’s trying to reinvent himself and start anew. Seems like he was kind of letting himself go for a while when he started dating Behati…smoking again, drinking more, looking generally unkempt, dressing crappy, having a bad attitude etc. and now all of the sudden he’s dressing way more nicely, seems to have quit smoking, looks like he’s slimmed back down (although I have to admit I liked him a little beefier), trimmed his hair and shaved and is acting more like his old self. Even though I am NOT a fan of Adam with Behati, I do have to admit that I kind of feel sorry for her because of his lack of public acknowledgement regarding their relationship (other than kind of holding hands at the grocery store, etc.). And I’m sure the Xtina/baby comment had to sting a bit, I know I would be hurt if my boyfriend made a comment like that; especially given the public setting and the fact that there has already been speculation of an Adam/Xtina hook-up . But seriously, what did she expect? Adam was obviously madly in love with Anne (and probably still is in my humble opinion) and wanted to shout it to the world. She (Behati) had to know he wouldn’t be over her that soon, and its pretty obvious (at least to me) based on the difference in the way he acts with her vs Anne that he doesn’t feel even a fraction of what he feels/felt for Anne for Behati. Regardless of my thoughts and feelings on their relationship, I don’t think it’s right if he’s just leading her on for selfish purposes. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like she’s an embarassing secret. Speaking of their relationship, I’ve seen some tweets circulating this afternoon that Adam had broken up with Behati. I know it’s silly but I’m still holding out hope that he and Anne will get back together.

  259. 259
    One Day Says:

    Wasn’t Anne in LA recently? Seems perfectly logical that she and Adam might have at least met for lunch or something – seeing that they were such a part of each other’s lives for 2 years. But I guess we have no way of knowing for sure. Seems like a lot has changed with Adam recently though – dressing better, looking better, tweeting (a bit) more than he has been and the tweets sound like they used to. Where did you see the tweets about Adam and Behati MAYBE breaking up? I know Behati was actually working on some photo shoot – in Miami maybe? – I guess it is for VS again because it is always the same photographer that tweets pics to her (and she retweets) and always says “SH-H-H-H”. Lame. Oh well……wait and see.

  260. 260
    intrigued Says:

    I think probably the only reason there are breakup rumors is because the two of them have not been photographed together lately. But I’m pretty sure she’s been in LA with him for the last week or more. I doubt anyone has any real info on that.
    She will probably be leaving to visit her family for a few weeks so those rumors will probably stay around. If Adam doesn’t like the rumors, all he has to do is tweet her or say something about her and all the talk will stop.He’s looking so handsome lately, maybe he’s on the prowl!

  261. 261
    Curious Says:

    Anne was in LA twice recently (briefly). I’m pretty sure Behati is in Miami now and won’t be back (to NY I’m guessing) until Saturday based upon all of the twitter activity on her account today. The mermaid crew was cramming her down everyone’s throats and tweeting with that Shhhh…photog to tell her how much everyone loves her, etc. Gag me with a spoon! I’m kind of inclined to believe that Behati hasn’t been in LA with him lately based upon his recent transformation. He has seemed happier and more chill. Maybe he and Anne are talking again? Who knows…all we can do is speculate. I don’t necessarily think that the rumors bother him; perhaps he doesn’t want to break it off himself and be the **** so he is hoping that all of the gossip about them and his recent baby comments, etc will make her dump him. @One Day – there are several tweets from “Adam’s Left Arm” and a few others about the break up rumors and how his fans sould be supportive no matter who he dates, etc.

  262. 262
    K R Says:

    @jennifer,Curious and One day

    Honestly all these Left arm,right arm, adam’s hair,Tattoo, Dog and Dogs poop accounts are irritating. I guess that what happens when the fanbase is discussing the frontman’s physical attributes more than the music. I doubt its because of the teenage fans, Some “grown” adult women are as obsessed with him as any teenager.
    Of course the Mermaid gang. How can we have a discussion without saying how idiotic they are? That particular photographer works with many models, mostly for VS, and I have never seen fans of other models harass him as much as the Mermaid group, with their multiple twitter accounts. He seems to be indulging them a bit too. I dont get the #shhhhh either, when he isnt being so secretive or silent himself!

  263. 263
    Jennifer Says:

    I’m in agreement that Adam has been looking really well lately. As Curious mentioned, I think that he’s trying to come across as more mature and “adult” with regard to his career and perhaps, his love life. Not sure how Behati fits into the overall scope of this plan because for someone who is 23, she acts a lot younger. Maybe Adam thought he needed that change. But as a long-term prospect, I’m not sure she’s the right choice. Jamie was probably her first real boyfriend and that lasted seven years. I’m not sure she’s “relationship mature” yet.

    And I’ve also mentioned that I’d feel bad if I were the “test” girlfriend for my boyfriend who has decided to not publicly speak of my existence. But perhaps, she doesn’t care. But I’m sorry, that would have to sting regardless.

    FWIW, I don’t think Adam is romantically interested in Christina. She’s attractive and mad talented. I’m sure Adam recognizes these things, but she’s also surrounded a bit by “drama,” which Adam has said that he doesn’t like: no drama please. On the flip side of this argument, do I think that Adam would make a “super baby” if he were stranded with her on a deserted island? Most definitely. If she’s the only woman available to him, then he wouldn’t have much of a choice. ;-)

    Do I think that Adam is still nursing his wounds over Anne? Perhaps. From what I understand, there was speculation of a breakup between them back in January, then they hooked up again . . . only to break up a couple of months later. I did a little research and found an old interview of Adam’s where he stated that he believe in a “second chance” for a failed relationship, but only one chance. If the second chance didn’t work out, then it was time for both parties to move forward. Using Adam’s logic, he and Anne are kaput. I think they were cute together, but I really believe that ship has sailed and Anne seems happier. She knows what Adam is like, so I don’t think she would choose to reenter another relationship with him.

  264. 264
    Jennifer Says:


    “She knows what Adam is like, so I don’t think she would choose to reenter another relationship with him.”

    Just to add: I don’t think Anne would hook back up with him after he pursued Behati almost immediately after their breakup. She and Behati are work colleagues, even if they aren’t best friends. That *had* to sting Anne after the breakup.

  265. 265
    intrigued Says:

    KR Omg I noticed that too about the Mermaids bombarding Ben Watts the photag with tweets about Behati. They are doing it again today. He obviously doesn’t get how psychotic they are or he would not engage with them. Just for fun, I looked to see how many times Merby tweeted yesterday and it was 65! Every one of them about Bee no doubt. Probably desperately trying to shoot down the breakup rumors. The Merms are trying to analyze Bee’s facial expressions to see if she looks like she’s just been dumped. LOL! it’s amusing I have to admit.

  266. 266
    Jennifer Says:

    I’m not sure whether Adam and Behati are still an item. It doesn’t impact my life in one way or the other. However, crazies (i.e. the Mermaid Posse) need to leave everyone directly and indirectly involved in that relationship alone. Do they not realize how batshit crazy they look? I’d be worried about leaving that impression on others.

  267. 267
    Curious Says:

    I find it a little odd that Behati and her mermaids have been super-active on Twitter these past few days. I think it’s comical that the mermaids copy Adam on every single tweet about her and constantly tweet him VS pics and such…kinda like they are trying to force him to like her too. I’m sorry but the video clip they were all gushing over was just plain dumb. I don’t get what was so funny about Bee and that guy jumping around like goobers. And I just have to say ( because I want to say it every time I see the pics for this story) that I HATE those stupid heart-shaped sun glasses.

    @Jennifer – I totally agree with you regarding Adam and Xtina. I don’t think there’s anything between them, nor will there ever be. She’s totally not his type and she’s probably way too high maintenance. RE: Adam and Anne, I don’t think they actually broke up in January, I think they just had a big fight; he said on Howard Stern that they came close once. I’m sure that the fact that he got with Behati so quickly did hurt, but the fact that their (Adam and Behati’s) relationship has been so odd and he acts almost indifferent towards her in public, basically the exact opposite of how he was with Anne probably soothes that sting some. And I’m willing to bet that Anne wasn’t really that surprised that he “moved on” so quickly given that she knows he can’t stand to be alone. I think at least part of the reason Adam hooked up with Behati initally was to hurt Anne. Makes sense to me if Anne was the one to end their relationship. That being said, I think that sometimes couples have to break up and even see other people to make them realize what they had together and to put things into perspective. Therefore, I’m not entirely convinced that they are done for good. Probably just wishful thinking on my part because I loved them together. Anyway, I get the impression that Anne is the type of woman that would be willing to give a relationship like theirs another try. I think she’s a hopeless romantic and when she falls in love she gives it her all. I feel like the fact that she hasn’t hooked up with anyone since Adam says something. Just my opinion though. She does seem pretty happy on her own but Adam seems almost miserable at times and he’s supposidly moved on. It kills me how some of the Behati fans are convinced that they are so in love and perfect for one another. I just don’t see how Adam’s body language and actions has ever conveyed that. Anywho, that’s my two cents for now.

  268. 268
    One Day Says:

    OK. I can’t help it – totally curious about what’s happening with everyone!! No tweets from Adam, stupid immature tweets from Behati. Is she the only one at this photo shoot or do none of the other models screw around as much as she does?? I guess this photog – Ben Watts must really like her since he sends her pics that she retweets. But totally knock off the SH-h-h-h-h-h- crap!! I get it – its Victoria’s SECRET!! I guess I just need to quit looking at twitter – just makes me CRAZY!! And I SO AGREE about the heart shaped sun glasses. And yes, none of this has any impact on my life but I’m still curious.
    Also got to say my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in Newtown CT. Such a sad day.

  269. 269
    Curious Says:

    @One Day – I am too!!! I was just milling around on Twitter and someone tweeted to Michael “Hi Michael! I’m terribly sad to heard your brother has dumped Behati.He will never have a girl like Bee. Sorry for him.” From Bee’s tweets today, it appears that she may still be in Miami. And the mermaids have been extra supportive these past few days. All of her tweets make me wonder if perhaps they did break up and she’s trying to convey that she’s not upset about it, etc.

    And today is Adam’s BFF Gene Hong’s birthday so I would venture to guess that Adam is hanging out with him. Maybe they are going trolling for ladies! ;)

  270. 270
    ??? Says:

    where are all these rumors from? whos starting them? and stupid mermaid girls, how does tweeting to michael or gene help?

  271. 271
    ??? Says:

    Oh and i bet these new twitter accounts are all created by the same people, theres one called sandra and the other one sonia or merby or merby_, who all have multiple twitter accounts and spam all of adams friends.ben watts semms to love the attention too from these spammers,just my point.

  272. 272
    Intrigued Says:

    I hate to admit this, but I was just reading Zairas tweets, and even she thinks Adam and Behati may have broken up.. According to her, Adam has been partying it up at Teddy’s which is a big pick up joint. Considering that she thinks Behati is the perfect girl for Adam, I was surprised to hear her say that. Maybe there is something to these rumors. I have noticed that besides the mermaid girls, Candice is now tweeting Behati, and Ben Watts is posting a million pics of her. Consoling her maybe? It’s so much Behati happiness everyone just seems to be trying a little too hard. And Adam is very quiet but surely out with Gene tonight. Not gonna lie, I’m dying to know!

  273. 273
    ??? Says:

    hmmm yeah i am kind of surprised by all this sudden twiter action too. and adam has been so quiet, no tweets at all. something is up. Whats merby saying???

  274. 274
    Kylie Says:

    any chance this twitter account that messaged Michael and now appears to be harassing Gene is one of these Merby accounts I keep reading about? Curiosity got the better of me after reading these posts. the rumours do appear to be rampant and this girl is all about shame on Adam and how horrible it is that he is happy after dumping behati. From what I can see the account has been opened simply to express dismay about the break up

  275. 275
    Intrigued Says:

    Merby’s account is private now, ever since she got bashed on JJ for being a lunatic. Her other acct Mergirl is basically a Behati love fest acct and Behati follows her on that one. I assume the private acct is the one where she does all the harassing. Their tweets seem to be changing in the last 24 hours. Instead of gushing about Adam and Behati, it’s all about telling Behati what a goddess she is etc. Since they stalk every person connected to both of them, they probably have information that we don’t know about. Time will tell.

  276. 276
    Curious Says:

    Ugh! The silence is slowly killing me! (Well, my curiosity anyway). With the exception of that person’s tweets to Gene, there is aboslutely nothing out there on Twitter or otherwise that I can find about Adam and/or Behati. The last stories that I can find are from November. That seems a little odd to me, almost like someone is policing the internet for anything relating to them/their supposed break-up and shutting it down immediatly before it starts being widely reported. Or, perhaps its just because none of the paps/gossip sites/media care? I just thought the gossip sites would be exploiting the break-up rumors by now.

  277. 277
    Jennifer Says:

    There’s too much to respond to right now. Hahaha. Good work, ladies. I don’t follow all of those accounts. I follow Adam and I more recently started following Anne because her positive attitude is so refreshing to what I’m using to seeing from those I follow.

    *If* Adam and Behati no longer a couple, then that’s too bad. However, it’s not exactly shocking given how quickly they hooked up after Adam and Anne broke up. All that said, I wish people would mind their own business and leave those who are *actually* connected to this situation alone. Fans shouldn’t be tweeting any comments about their “object of affection’s” love life. I understand that people enjoy reading gossip. Hell, that’s why we’re all here! ;-)

    It’s a completely different story when fans take their feelings out on people through social media. Sometimes I wonder if that pushes celebrities to make certain decisions about their lives. I don’t mean that they can force people to break up, but if you have that many people in your face, you can only take so much. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but I hope so. Everyone here has been respectful to all sides. I wish that were the case on social media and on other websites. Breakups are difficult for people to go through, even if it’s for the best. (Sound familiar?)

    I know that some Anne and Anne/Adam fans would love to see them hook up, but I don’t believe that they will. I thought they were a cute couple. They seemed genuinely taken with one another. It’s sad that their relationship couldn’t work, but they got to two spend two years together and that’s quite a haul for two celebrities who decide to date.

    Adam sealed his fate once he hooked up with Anne’s work colleague, Behati. It doesn’t matter that they weren’t best friends. Even Adam acknowledged that the two were “acquaintances.” Because, initially, Adam tried to play it off like Anne and Behati didn’t know each other (even though there is evidence to the contrary). Adam knew how it would look to people. And while Anne knows Adam can’t stand to be alone, it’s pretty low that he rebounded with a woman she had worked with in the recent past.

    Also Anne stated in an interview that she loves Adam and that she learned so much in her relationship with him. However, she also mentioned that she wished Adam all the best. To me, that’s pretty final. I didn’t get the impression that she wants to revisit another relationship. I don’t think that Anne will date seriously, until she finally retires from modeling and starts the next phase of her life.

    And Adam probably won’t settle down until he’s closer to Adam. I don’t think he’ll ever marry either. I also wonder if he’ll settle with someone involved in some aspect of the entertainment industry. I get a sense that he’ll find a woman who’s not in the spotlight and lives a relatively normal life. One with a normal career, that sort of thing. I could be wrong. As much as Adam loves attention, I’m not sure he wants to share attention with the woman he loves. I think it’s appealing at first, but then he gets bored with it. All speculation of my part though!

  278. 278
    Jennifer Says:

    *won’t settle down until he’s closer to 40


  279. 279
    Jennifer Says:

    I’m not sure if “irony” is the right word to use here, but . . .

    From Zairaa’s Twitter:

    “I rather not follow people randomly @Vanessa_NGG so sorry if I deny your request. I strongly suggest anybody to realize A&B lives are THEIRS and not on display for fans. I have no idea on their state, and it’s fair so as it’s only their business. Let them live and if they are still a couple, amazing, we will see them together soon while if they are not anymore, the same one day public will know, through their words and/or them being with some new ones respectively. It’s not a public issue. Their lives are private. Only their jobs are public. My blog is about what I like. And what I live. It’s not a gossip blog so for once and all, everyone just stop taking me into fandom wars/paranoia because I hate and dislike all of this. Life is not a fandom over internet and much less it shall be fully given to celebs’ instead than spent with real people. Seriously… Stop trying to involve me in these kind of stuff. I don’t care about ANY of these things. Good day. And good bye.”

  280. 280
    intrigued Says:

    I think the Merby group threw even Zaira over the edge. I know they are constantly harassing her because she claims to have inside information. She is their queen bee. I think if you read her blog it’s a little hard to sympathize with her. She spends hours talking about Adam and Behati and her “sources” who see them and report back to her. Sooo ironic Jennifer! She does care though, it’s her life, even though she says otherwise.. Wow though, that Merby is scary! If I was Behati I would block her immediately.

  281. 281
    Jennifer Says:

    Well, if they’re harassing her because she claims to have inside information, then she’s created her own Hell with the rest of the crazies. Truthfully, I don’t think that any of them has inside information. I think that, for the most part, they speculate along with the rest of us. It’s not that difficult if you use the information that’s out there and your own common sense. They create narratives out of tabloid stories, tweets, and whatever other information they find. Some of us don’t bother with obsessive research in the way that some of them do. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, you know?

    I don’t have friends in the entertainment industry, but I have information on some professional athletes. Nothing that would be of interest to those posting here, but my point is that, if you have real information, then you aren’t going to blog about it. Or give it away to people you don’t know. Particularly, because you never know to *whom* you’re giving your inside information. And because, it’s not a very nice thing to do . . . to talk about your friends or whatever behind their back. If I knew Adam and Behati, I wouldn’t be talking about them here or on Twitter. I keep the information that I do know about famous people private. It’s given to me in confidence and it doesn’t go beyond me. That’s part of why I think that they don’t know much about anything.

    I just wish that they’d leave both parties alone and those parties’ friends. Their relationship, in all reality, isn’t any of their business or ours. It’s one thing to have fun with gossip, but they’ve crossed a line with it by insinuating themselves in strangers’ lives. That’s pretty batshit crazy to me. And soon, they’ll find themselves in trouble if they’re not careful.

    Also I want to correct one point I made earlier about Adam not wanting to share the spotlight with his girlfriend. If I’m correct, Anne was Adam’s most public girlfriend. Adam seemed incredibly proud of her, even after they broke up. I don’t get the sense he minded sharing the spotlight with her. However, having a relationship that public can take its toll because people follow your every move. OK, not everyone, but some do.

    This might be part of why Adam hasn’t spoken about Behati. At least, not by name in the press. Then again, he probably doesn’t want to say too much about a relationship that isn’t/wasn’t very serious. Because once he does that, then the attention follows and we’ve seen what happens when it does. I personally don’t think it would have killed Adam to acknowledge Behati by name in the press. I do think it’s telling that they’ve been photographed all over the place and she even went on part of their tour, yet he refuses to answer questions about being in a relationship with her. Again, I’m not sure if they’ve broken up. I don’t have any inside information about their relationship.

  282. 282
    Jennifer Says:

    Also Adam’s new house is in a secluded, gated community, so it’s very possible that he’s going to start remaining more private. However, this still doesn’t change my opinion about the fact that I find it strange he won’t acknowledge Behati by name.

  283. 283
    Curious Says:

    @Jennifer – All fair points, well made. Especially about Adam and Anne. After reading your post (#277), I will concede and finally acknowledge what I’ve known deep down all along, which is that Adam and Anne are done for good. As much as I’d love them to end up happily ever afte together, I think you are probably right in that what they had was great while it lasted but that chapter is complete. I can see Anne not really giving another serious relationship a go until she has achieved all of her professional modeling goals and is able to spend more than a few days at a time with someone.

    I agree that Adam probably blew any chance of reconcilliation with Anne as soon as he stepped out with Behati. Even if she and Anne weren’t friends per se, it was still not a cool thing to do, especially when you work in the same circles. I think he would have gotten flack for moving on so quickly, regardless of who it was with, but the fact that Anne and Behati knew one another just made it that much worse.

    I kind of think maybe when he and Behati hooked up, he only intended it to be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am type situation but she stuck around and made herself available to him so he took advantage of the situation. Perhaps he even thought initally that the relationship could go somewhere so he invested some time in it. I’m sure the idea of having a girl at his beck and call was appealing to him after never getting to spend much time with Anne. And I get the impression that Behati would pretty much do whatever it took to keep his attention, including changing herself to be who she though he wanted. I think that’s evidenced enough by the change in her behavior both on twitter and when they were out in public. It’s kind of obvious that she was told to keep her mouth shut about their relationship. And I thought it odd that she started walking behind him more, keeping her head down, etc when they were out. Anyway, I am willing to bet that she thought if she could be the woman she thought he wanted and prove her devotion by following him all over creation, she would win him over eventually and perhaps he would fall in love with her and they would live happily ever after. In the end, whether they are broken up or not, I think it’s sad that he treats/treated her the way he does and that she tolerates it. I don’t understand his reluctance to acknowledge their relationship publically, especially after they were obviously together. Maybe that was his way of letting everyone (her included) that he wasn’t ever serious about the relationship. When Howard Stern and Robin called him out on it in that interview right after Hawaii, he seemed almost embarassed. Alas, it’s obivious (at least to me) that she has always been way more into him than he to her. And I find it sad that she put up with being almost shunned publically by him because she was so desperate for him to fall in love with her. It’s also sad that he has taken advantage of her vulnerability the way he has and for as long as he has. Maybe he finally started to feel guilty so he broke it off. Or maybe she was just a place holder/bed warmer until he found someone new. Or maybe they are still together. Who the hell knows!

  284. 284
    Jennifer Says:

    >>I think he would have gotten flack for moving on so quickly, regardless of who it was with, but the fact that Anne and Behati knew one another just made it that much worse.<<

    Exactly! You hit the nail on the head, Curious.

    I remember that Howard Stern interview very well. And I'd have to agree with you. He didn't want to discuss Behati, but he still kind of discussed Anne. I guess he had to, since after all, he had told Howard in an earlier interview that he could see having a baby with Anne. That's a pretty bold statement to make, ESPECIALLY on the Howard Stern show.

    Having said that that interview with Adam and Anne was awkward, since it happened before they broke up for good. Anne immediately told Howard that she loved Adam. (Hell, she still does.) Howard asked both if they had cheated on each other. Without hesitation, Anne said "No." Adam, on the other hand, kind of skirted around the issue. I have no doubt that Anne caught that because I sure as hell did when I watched it. It was so awkward. Oh well. They're done, so . . . couldn't tell you if Adam and Behati were. I haven't seen them papped lately and haven't heard any gossip. I will say this, the less you talk about someone (e.g. that you're dating), the easier it is to move forward when it's over. Since few details are known, it's almost as if the relationship didn't exist on a serious level. Don't know if this is the case with Adam and Behati, but it's my take.

  285. 285
    Intrigued Says:

    New enigmatic tweet from Adam: “sometimes I just simply wonder why certain things have to happen”. Placed right after a tweet about the CT tragedy, it could be related to that, but the wording of it is a little puzzling.
    This is a typical double meaning kind of statement that Adam makes. Maybe he is confirming the rumors. Could be completely wrong about this but it sounded a little strange. Thoughts?

  286. 286
    One day Says:

    LOVE all your comments. You guys are all very insightful! Maybe since we are all just speculating (and not totally emotionally involved like some people/groups) we can be much less biased. I do agree that something strange seems to be going on – Behati’s tweets are sillier than usual. I agree it sounds like she is trying to show everyone how happy she is. And how many pics does this Ben Watts take that he tweets so many of her and still has the ones that he was supposedly hired to take for vs. I wonder how much time is wasted on the silly pics? Hope they don’t get paid by the hour!!!
    I really do think the latest tweet from Adam is in response to the tragedy in CT. Especially since it followed the retweet from One Republic.
    I only read Zaire’s blog once -actually I couldn’t even make it all the way thru – she is so strange!! But it is TOTALLY IRONIC how things have turned out. Karma is a *****!!
    I do think it is sad for Behati if they have broken up. I still think she was never “the one” or even close. But I’m sure she got a taste of fame and all that goes with being Adam Levine’s gf. I’m sure he is the reason for the H5O guest shot. Unfortunately I really don’t think she is talented enough on her own to keep the momentum going like Anne did. Actually I think Anne had it going before Adam came along. And if it wasn’t “meant to be” – better to end it sooner than later. I really didn’t like what Adam became after they got together. He seemed much more “together” when he was with Anne and he is starting to look that way again. Of course, they could be holed up together somewhere (probably LA since Adam has to be on The Voice tomorrow) and laughing at all of us!!

  287. 287
    One day Says:

    One more thing. I really don’t think the tabloids would care much about the break-up (if it is true) because they never seemed too interested in them as a couple. Except for a rare article, it seemed like most of the stuff was on Internet sites like JJ and then I also saw blurbs in the Daily Mail but they usually got stuff wrong.

  288. 288
    Jennifer Says:

    @One day: I agree with you. I don’t think the tabs care much about Adam and Behati as a couple. As for Adam’s tweet, I think it was completely related to the Newtown spree killing. I doubt that Adam would tie in a double meaning to that sort of tweet regarding his love life. Breakups can be sad, but they’re not tragedies.

    Earlier someone tweeted that she was sitting two seats down from Adam. I believe it was at a restaurant. She hashtagged it “LALife.” I didn’t see any additional information. No mention of Behati or any other girl. For what it’s worth . . .

  289. 289
    K R Says:

    Zairas tweets made me say ” Pot, meet Kettle “. She herself is a stalker and if someone scared her , then Bee’s stans must be super stalker. yes, she doesnt care about adams relationships. Thats why she tracks behati’s flight movements, writes long tedious blogs with every tweet exchanged, and has already almost married them off. Yes z, its just about your life that you write about. Then how come adam and behati feature in it?
    If shes claiming inside knowledge, then adam better take out a restraining order against her.
    @one day, like you said i couldnt get through her blogs. Everything she writes, including LA lakers or even the stupendous sex she has with her husband, sound ridiculous. She somehow always manages to write about her wealth. Sorry darling, i am not ” stinking rich ” as ypu call yourself, but i did go to school with a few of those extremely wealthy. They never, ever talk about how wealthy they are. And none of them actually have the time to stalk a celebrity.
    She seems to use her wealth to intimidate people to think she may have insider information. I also find it strange that with over 1000 followers, mostly Maroon 5 fans, she hardly interacts with anyone. No one tweets her, excepting crazy mermaid gang. I doubt her so called life actually exists.!

  290. 290
    Adamtina Says:

    Adam wants to have a baby with xtina, he announced on television last Tuesday..

    I don’t know if he broke up with his gf, but he might be confused right now..
    He likes her but he truly loves some else…however Adamtina can’t be possible right now cause xtina is dating someone else..
    Only the destiny will tell what happens!

  291. 291
    Adamtina Says:

    Here’s the proof that Adam is over heels for Xtina—but he can’t do anything cause she is not single.
    watch the body lenguage guys, he gets nervous around her!

    Second video: The way he looks at her! it’s so obvious! Also he loves to be associated with her! he loves when we call them ‘adamtina’ that’s why he tweeted her last time and with 3 smiley faces..
    This might be true love!!
    look at the end, when they met for the first time in 2003..
    Xtina met Adam before Ann and Behathi..
    Maybe cause Adamrtina was meant to be.

    Plus Adam wore suit again cause xtina said that the judges looked cute on suit, so he loved to hear that and now he is trying to impress her..Just think about it☺..

  292. 292
    Shannon Says:

    @K R: Z only portrays herself to be in riches. Is that even her picture she has on that account of hers? Not a bit do I buy what she’s attempting to sell to all her minions. Pot definitely meet the kettle. A complete crackpot that one is. Her and her mermaid leeches

  293. 293
    Adamtina Says:

    The videos don’t lie. He is head over heels in love.
    I can’t believe that you didn’t notice that he wore suit again cause xtina told him the night before that he looked handsome in a suit…lol..

  294. 294
    Jennifer Says:

    Hey KR and Shannon! I agree that the truly wealthy don’t discuss their money. Also yeah…she blogs about her life, but discusses mostly Adam and Behati? Get out of here.

  295. 295
    K R Says:


    Even the life she blogs about is to point out what a fabulous life she she, because of her wealth. Hiring an Italian villa, travelling around europe and maybe to LA, buying a Valentino, apparently parties she goes to.That seems to impress some, who think she may have insider information, since she apparently seems to move in that circle. But heres what gets me
    1. Everybody travels these days. I myself made 5 international trips on business this year. There are many who make that many in a month ! And no, they arent stinking rich, its just become easier and necessary to travel in todays world.Its nothing to brag about. Doesnt she stay in Milan? Travelling to Paris may sound exotic, but thats like making a trip across the border to Canada!
    2. The Italian villas? My cousin and his family hired one last summer for 3 weeks. With the recession in Italy, its much much cheaper to hire a villa for a large group! Oh, again, they arent stinking rich either, just normal salaried folks!
    3. Oh and the Valentino s? People who wear valentino make others talk about it, never themselves.

    Who tweets, constantly, about the sex she has with her husband. Obviously not a passionate woman, but a crass one ! And she has the gall to pronounce Adam’s ex girlfriends as tasteless. Yes, zaira, your blog is a Shakespearean delight !
    She may have wealth, and i am glad for her. I do think there are gross exagerations though ! I am pretty sure i am going to be labelled a Hater for doubting her !
    ps- No, i dont follow her on Twitter nor do i read her blogs.I do not wish to. I did read a few entries just to note what she has been writing. I did not want to cast my views without having read what she has been saying.

  296. 296
    One Day Says:

    Guys – I think we are giving this Zaira person way too much attention. The one time I looked at her stuff – she said in her profile that she is 5’9″ (I think) and a size 2. Then somewhere in the blog she went off on obese people. I really think it is all a fantasy – just fiction. Anyone with that fabulous a life will spend their time living it – not talking (or writing) about it.

  297. 297
    K R Says:

    @one Day

    You are right. Giving her more attention, negative or positive, is only going to make her more relevant, which she isnt. We have called her bluff and we should just stop .

  298. 298
    Jennifer Says:

    I’m pretty sure that no one here takes her seriously. And for those who don’t know any better, well, now they do. We’re performing a ‘public service’ of sorts. I’ve seen people like Zaira in action, although she’s 1,000 times worse than they ever were because of all the unnecessary time she devotes to building up her fiction. Personally, I think it’s hilarious. And pathetic.

    At any rate, I suspect that Adam is well-aware of these types. He’s certainly not going to drop any hints that he knows about them, but I believe he does. He’ll behave accordingly.

    Back on topic . . . I haven’t heard much, but it’s coming close to Christmas, I do feel like something is off about Adam and Behati. I’m getting a weird vibe, but I can’t pinpoint why that is.

  299. 299
    K R Says:


    I dont know why but i feel the same. The mermaids are quieter.Normally i find them spamming the hell out of everyone.

  300. 300
    Shannon Says:

    I had a brief chance to see Adam dressed up on his show. What brought it all on? Read where he was dressed up for some of the appearances he had. In the brief minutes I did tune in he seemed happier.

    It does seem strange that all scoping of Adam and Behati have ceased. I remember people mentioning on this site in the past how Adam would find the time to go to where Anne would be and her with him. Not so much or at all with this one?

  301. 301
    Intrigued Says:

    Just one more comment about Zaira. I think Adam does know about her because a very long time ago she had sort of a feud with Michael, Adams brother because she doesn’t like him at all. She thinks he’s a fame ***** blah blah, and Michael was engaging her on twitter and it was a very mean exchange. It was a couple of years ago. When I first discovered her blog I read some very old posts just to see what she was saying about Anne and I found that.
    On another note, Adam was gorgeous last night and looked so happy. I loved seeing his tweet after the show because it seemed so genuine. He really has fun on that show. Behati seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, but who knows.

  302. 302
    One Day Says:

    Yes Adam definitely looked good last night. I think he actually looked 5-10 years younger than he has all summer and fall. And he was obviously having fun!! With all the seeming changes in his looks, clothes, demeanor, I still think something has changed in his life and of course the first thing that comes to mind is his love life – that Bee is gone and he is moving on and in a relatively “happy place”. However – that being said – I have to note that Behati seems to tweet only (or mostly) when she is working or away from Adam. And she stopped tweeting a few days ago. So I think it is possible she is with him again. I looked at a couple of her followers on twitter to see if there was anything new. Of course Merby had her usual tweets – didn’t see Bee in the Voice audience last night but hoping she got a private encore with Adam after the show, another “fan” had another private pic posted but looked like it was still from Thanksgiving. I’d say they apparently don’t know any more about the situation than we do. Which is kind of odd. Seems if she was headed home to South Africa for Christmas, someone would have wished her a safe trip or something. So I think it is still possible they are together. Unless of course someone in her camp monitors this site and reads our stuff and she has changed her tweets accordingly. Who knows??!! With Adam doing such a turn around in himself – seemingly becoming his old self again – I do think it is possible she is out of his life, but……..Some of you guys know how to look up better stuff on the internet – other tweets and stuff. Anything new on the two of them????

  303. 303
    Intrigued Says:

    Well there is usually a big after party at a club after the finale so if she is around there will be a lot of paps there and there will be pics. Anne went to the season 1 party and there are lots of photos.

  304. 304
    Jennifer Says:

    Again, not sure what’s up between them. However, Adam’s been in LA this entire time (save for the Grammy noms party in Nashville). Usually Adam and Behati, at some point, are papped. Actually, they’re papped quite often. So it’s kind of strange (but, maybe not) that they haven’t been seen out together. I can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t have posted, somewhere, that they saw the two out together. You can’t spent all of your time locked up in your home, you know?

    Adam is, at times, papped when he’s alone or with friends. I haven’t seen any pap pictures of him lately, so perhaps he is lying low.

    As far as Zaira and Michael are concerned, yeah, I get the sense that Michael (like his older brother Adam) enjoys having attention. This in and of itself isn’t awful. Some people are just like that. Michael’s an actor, right? So it kind of goes with the territory that he likes attention. I know I’ve said something before about how it kind of looks like Adam might be being used by him, but I’m retracting that statement because I know nothing of their relationship with each other.

    From what I can tell, they seem pretty close. Adam invites his brother to many of his events, etc. If there were any sort of rift between them, then I don’t see Adam bothering with inviting Michael. Adam seems the type who wouldn’t put up with drama, even from his own family members. His comments about his parents’ divorce kind of solidified my opinion on that. Also Adam’s comments about Michael being gay and how accepting his family was also reveal that he’s probably very protective of Michael. Michael seems like he’s probably a decent guy, maybe overly friendly, but we have no idea what it was like for him to grow up as a gay man. I’m sure it was difficult. He was lucky to have the support of his family. This isn’t the case for others. I’m sure part of Michael’s personality is that he wants to fit in and that’s understandable. Perhaps this is why people think he uses Adam for fame? I don’t think that’s the case. He seems pretty normal to me. But again, I don’t know him.

  305. 305
    One Day Says:

    I know you guys said that Frankie Levine’s (Adam’s dog) twitter account was probably written by a fan – even though they got it registered (or verified or whatever) but I looked at it just now and there is a tweet from “Frankie” saying “@ANNE V is a princess” – just out of the blue – not responding to someone else’s tweet or anything I can see. Just seems strange if ANYONE even remotely close to Adam (or a real fan) would write something like that if Bee was still in the picture. As usual, I’m probably wrong, but………..and there were a couple of tweets in the last couple of weeks that made mention of Anne as well. After the Voice finale tonight, does Adam have any more work obligations that any one knows about? I wonder if he will go to South Africa with Bee (unless she stays here and blows off her family). He doesn’t seem to have gone out of his way to go anywhere she is working – unless he happened to be there for his own work – so I would be totally surprised if he did go to see her family with her. But I think it is odd that she has stopped tweeting – so my guess is she isn’t working. I’m sorry – I will say it again – I just don’t like them together. Did anyone think he was flirting with Cassadee last night? Probably just my imagination.

  306. 306
    intrigued Says:

    Adam has 2 concerts in Las Vegas on the 29th and 30th so I doubt he would go to Africa unless it was after that. I really can’t see him doing that though. I heard he never met Anne’s father in 2 years. And he did not go to Russia except once toward the end and she was not with him. He doesn’t do things like that. I think when a girl dates Adam it’s kind of all about him, his schedule, his family, his friends, etc. Also, he would have to be very serious about her, and since he doesn’t even acknowledge her publicly, that doesn’t bode well for a trip halfway around the world.
    Can’t wait for the voice tonight! I’m gonna miss it. Adam withdrawal!!

  307. 307
    One day Says:

    So was anybody able to scope out the audience of The Voice tonight? Merby posted a pic that I think was supposed to be Behati backstage or in the audience or something but I’m not sure it’s really her. I guess I don’t recognize her without Adam or with her hair different. But a couple of her followers said she is in LA with Adam and that there is a pic of her at the voice tonight. So it looks like they are still together. But @intrigued said there will be a big party tonight so there should be lots of pics tomorrow. And Michael was in the audience so I’m sure he will be at the party too so he will probably post some pics too. Well, if they are still a couple and Adam has gotten himself together like he has these last couple of weeks, then maybe they will work out ok!!

  308. 308
    intrigued Says:

    I just saw that pic. So grainy and blurry. Could be her or maybe not. What is REALLY strange is how those mermaids found her in the audience. They must have spent the whole 2 hours scanning the crowd instead of watching the show.

  309. 309
    intrigued Says:

    ok confirmed it is her. Other non mermaids saw her backstage.

  310. 310
    Curious Says:

    Crap, I can’t tell if that’s her or not either. How the heck did they find her in the crowd?!? Is one of them there in person? Damn it! I was really hoping they had gone their seperate ways and she was on her way to Africa for the holidays. No offense to her, but I just don’t like them together. I still think something is odd regardless of whether they are still together or not. And I know Frankie’s twitter is most likely run by a fan but the tweets about Anne were very random today. Can’t wait to see more pics from the after-party tomorrow.

  311. 311
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: Pretty desperate on the pseudo-fans to be squinting eyes for that long just to see if they spotted her or not. Is that their purpose of watching the show to find Adam’s latest woman of the moment? We give these strange birds too much of our time and dedication. It is what they want. Each of us know they are psychotic and act in such manner on social medial. Those of us that are sane and can decipher between what is real and what is not can tell that when that girl was no where near him he was full of life, happiness and smiles. May be different now that she’s in his orbit.

  312. 312
    intrigued Says:

    Just one more random thought. At the Season 1 finale, Anne was in the front row next to Adam’s mom and Javier Colon’s family. Behati is watching the show backstage with the stage crew. Does he make her sit there? WTF?

  313. 313
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: Very well could be her choice. Many of you called it when saying that much is off with them. Neither act like a couple. He never brings her name up in anything, Doubtful that interviewers are told not to talk on his relationship. It has always been fair game in any interview from the past. Maybe as one has said here, they don’t care about them enough or maybe they don’t see anything there that is solid.

  314. 314
    ??? Says:

    If she was sitting backstage, then how did the merms get hold of the pic?maybe she didnt want to leave Adam too close to Cassadee! Darn it, i thought they had broken up. No, its not like i dont like her, poor thing, she doesnt bother me that much. Just that it would have shut the mermaid group for a while. now you know they are gonna start up again.
    one more thing. i think both their team is looking at the baord. maybe he listened to us rip him off for the tattered shirt and jeans and started wearing nice cloths.or that funny thing Terry did with the holey t shirt got to adam. and shes still tweeting when away from him and stops when with him.

  315. 315
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Yeah. The stalking stuff is a little crazy.

    I’m not shocked that Behati follows him everywhere. I don’t think she has much else going on. And Adam, with all the women who “love” him, finds a convenient (and some might say, attractive) young woman with whom he can have sex at his beck and call. Adam doesn’t have to put forth much of an effort, since he’s already familiar with her. It’s less work for him.

  316. 316
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: I’m with you, Curious. I still think something is “off.” And I have no doubt that certain people are “perusing” this post’s comments.

  317. 317
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: @Jennifer: The mer clan stalk over here to see what is being written. Maybe even those associated with Adam himself scope here.
    Jennifer something is very off putting about the two of them. All the fodder the mermaid brood tweet and titter about won’t change the obvious; they don’t mesh and neither look to be a genuine couple but most like a body to keep one warm and very well occupied

  318. 318
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: I agree. I know nothing of the relationship, so I can’t speak with certainty why I think the vibe is off. But the body language, etc. is rather telling. I don’t think their relationship is one for the long haul.

    And really, it doesn’t matter what the Mermaid Posse tweets at the two of them. All they’ve succeeded in doing is making themselves look like ********. I can’t imagine anything creepier than total strangers sticking their noses up into your love life, but Behati seems to enjoy it. I don’t think that she’s very innocent in all of this . . . I think she thrives on the attention. She doesn’t strike me as very bright anyway, but I think she’s smarter in this situation than some might give her credit for.

  319. 319
    ??? Says:

    maybe adam doesnt have the time to find a new girlfriend right now. and we all know he cannot be without a girl for more than a few weeks. who knows. she deosnt bother me , like i am not one of those fans who say , I hate her with adam and all. But as Jennifer said, even i think shes smart . And she loves the attention. she follows two of these stans in fact. Anne follows a few fans too, but they have been fans of her work also, who maintain tumblr acounts of her work. These ones are fair weather fans who stalk her. And write stuff like” bee, you are a goddess”. i see Bee follows people who write such nice stuff to her on a daily basis, instead of fans who maintain her sites.
    I dont like how she doesnt write back also. these teengae fans especially spend their time and money watching their shows and buy magazines.Least you can say is a Hi now and then.

  320. 320
    Jennifer Says:

    @???: I have noticed that Behati doesn’t engage her fans. It’s too bad that she follows the “stans,” but again, I think she does this on purpose. Who knows if she gives them some level of info? I’d hate to think she’s that stupid, but again, she doesn’t come across as extraordinarily bright. If she were, she’d have a more high profile modeling career.

  321. 321
    Shannon Says:

    @???: The fake fans of Bee only know her by who she’s with not by the work she does. At best these stans didn’t even know who the poor girl was back when Adam was with Anne. If asked on the start of her career the mermaid leeches would have to scatter to search it in order to answer or better yet go to their all knowing rich chick from foreign land.

    Behati not interacting with her fans is her loss but again, those who attach on to her Twitter are fans of her for who she is with not for what she does. The same was for Anne too but much different from Behati, Anne seems to still have a large following even after parting from Adam.

    Her intelligence isn’t up there it couldn’t be by consorting with and entertaining psycho stalkers like Merby/_Mergirl and her attached at the hip cohort Sandra Roselli. If Behati did have a brain in her head she would take a big chapter out of Adam’s book on not feeding the trolls that write blogs on their personal business or linking personal friends in their tweets pertaining to their business. Alas though Behati is not that smart to figure that out.

  322. 322
    One day Says:

    Not that anyone really cares but here is my take on it. Behati was there. So was Michael and their mom. I have to assume at some point they were all together so it is clear she is part of his life at this point. I really don’t like it but what can I say??? I’m sure Adam had to make a conscious effort to have her there, or he could have just told her not to come. We all agree for the most part that she doesn’t have that much control over him or his actions. Still not sure how far he would go out of his way for her, but whether it is “true love” or simply convenience, he is fine having her around right now. I also agree that I was hoping they were no longer together – mainly because it is “off” as we have said – and he just seemed to become someone I no longer cared for when they got together. But also – like you guys – I was hoping to shut the mermaid group up!!! But let them live their fantasies and let Adam make his choices. He has to live with the consequences. I’d like to think the 5-6 of us still continuing this thread had any importance – that someone was reading what we say here and changing accordingly – but I doubt it. I must admit there have been A LOT of coincidences, but ……… If they change because of what we say, they must be the most shallow, insecure people in existence( !!??). Maybe Adam and Bee really want to be left alone and more private. seems odd for 2 people whose careers depend on the public pretty much. and I’m sure neither one minds the extra publicity, but I still don’t get why he never mentions her. I totally expected a tweet earlier this month telling everyone of his followers to be sure and watch H5O or the vs “fashion show”. but he really didn’t tweet much to help out his team on the voice this season either. whatever. And I do think Bee had every intention of being seen in the audience last night. I’m sure she knows her stans monitor the audience. She’s holding a red cup and even though the pic is grainy, she appears to be wearing her signature hat. I have NO DOUBT that all of that was calculated on her part. Well, for now, Adam has made his choice. Hope he doesn’t regret it in the future.

  323. 323
    Jennifer Says:

    I still think it’s amusing that she follows the crazy stans. I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that those chicks are insane. I think that says a lot about Behati, aside from the fact that she’s not very bright. (If she ever unfollows them, then we’ll know for sure she reads this board.)

    I know Michael went to the taping. I didn’t see any mention of Adam’s mother, but surely enough people know what she looks like. I have no idea if she went or not. I think people have to be careful with “his family knows her!” Um, so? That’s not an unusual thing. People who believe in “milestones” like those haven’t dated much and they don’t know much about dating. That’s very “old school” type of thinking. I’ve introduced short-term boyfriends to my family. It doesn’t mean something until it means something.

    All I know is this: if I’m dating a guy who won’t acknowledge me to pretty much anyone, then that’s a red flag. I’m not saying that you have to give out relationship details, but no one is that private. People see that Adam and Behati are couple and he WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE her. I don’t believe, for a second, that it’s because he’s in love with her or trying to be more private. That doesn’t make any sense. I don’t care how the Mermaid Posse spins it. If they knew anything about dating, then they wouldn’t be so focused on stalking Adam and Behati and instead would have their own relationships.

  324. 324
    Jennifer Says:

    Also one more thing: It’s funny that the Mermaid Posse was spreading the rumor that Adam and Behati broke up. What I can’t understand is why they would bother doing that?

  325. 325
    intrigued Says:

    Jennifer, If you want to see the pic of Adam’s mom go to Sharon Feldstein’s twitter. She is Adam and Michael’s godmother (and mother of Jonah Hill). She posted a few pictures from the show. So I have to repeat: why doesn’t Behati sit with them if she is the love of his life? Instead she’s backstage with the hair and makeup people. And Adam is wearing a tuxedo and she is back there in her grungy hat. Hope she didn’t wear that to the after party!
    I figure I don’t have to look for photos of the party because the Mermaids will post every single one the second it appears. Last night I think they all went out and got drunk they were so happy. They were actually congratulating each other!
    Adam does look younger and more handsome than ever. I’ll miss seeing him.

  326. 326
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Well, Intrigued…that’s the million dollar question. Why is she backstage when the rest of his family is in the audience? Why doesn’t he acknowledge her? I’m waiting for some interesting answers, but these questions are ignored because the reality is that NO ONE has a good answer for them. And because it makes Adam look like he’s hiding her on purpose. Is he actually ashamed of her? I can kind of see why. But if I were her, I wouldn’t be happy to be dating someone who won’t acknowledge my existence. Kind of sad, really.

  327. 327
    K R Says:

    Guys, this is going to be a long post, let me warn you. !
    @one day
    I really do not think teams of either adam or behati are awaiting oir feedback everyday but i do feel they are being read/ monitored. Point in case behati unfollowing JJ. Plus i enjoy interacting with people who discuss the issues objectively, instead of with an emotional agenda. I wish behati had some fans who can join in too, without the sycophancy, but i am hoping for too much !

    I have also noticed that behati does not interact with her fans. To be fair to her, i do not think she has ever been that active on twitter. For someone whonhas been on twitter for more than 2 years, she has less than 1000 tweets.having read her earlier tweets, i dont think i am missing oit on her nt tweeting much.i dont count her quoting quotations as her tweets because honestly they are not her thoughts.

    One reason could be her language skills . She has said that in Namibia the medium of teaching wasnin English but her first language is still Afrikaans. She may not be very comfortable tweeting in English. Of course i wpuld have expected someone like Anne to have more of a problem since she very clealry learnt English only as a sixteen year old. Thats why i consider Anne to be extremely intelligent, her language skills are amazing considering she learnt English as an adult.

    Also behati seems to be slightly dyslexic . I have often seen her tweets spelt phonetically, like using TOO instead of TO and WITCH instead of which and so on. If that is actually the case, i can understand her reluctance to tweet. Of course, she can still tweet happy birthday or a thank you to her many fans. Maybe she will. At least the poor girl is not as snarky or narcissistic as her best friend Coco.

    My main questions is why Adam seems to have stopped tweeting. Twitter is an excellent platform to interact and appreciate your fan base. I have always heard of how Adam is good to his fans, never refusing to sign autographs or take pictures. But for every fan who gets to see him to be able to do that, there are fans in faraway countries who may never see him live but are still as much a fan as anybody. They also download Marron 5 songs, follow him okn twitter, see the Voice . How else do you repay those fans?
    What is surprising is that he used to do all of that. Now i dont remember the last time he answered a fan tweet. The only time i have seen him do a q and a sessions with fans , in the last six months or so, is when a concert in Brazil was delayed and he said he will asnwer those fans who were waiting for the show to start.
    I have immense respect for Blake who tweets his fans, not just when he needs them to vote, but always to show his appreciation.
    I miss that Adam.

  328. 328
    K R Says:

    Sorry girls( i think) ,
    Forgot to do a bit of fangirling. Anne is on instagram now, and i noticed that cristianp ronaldo is following her . Just one of the two greatest soccer players in the world right now. I know the connection is Irina, but still…. Let me enjoy my fangirling moment !
    Also sara carbenero, the girlfriend of Iker casillas, captain of Real Madrid. goes to show anne has quite a good circle of friends that she spends lots of time with . She looks really happy these days and i am so very happy for her.

  329. 329
    Jennifer Says:

    The language barrier could be part of the problem. And I would never make fun of someone for that reason, but hell, Anne learned English pretty quickly. If you make the investment and take the time to learn a new language, it’s not really that difficult. If you’re going to live and work in the US, it kind of makes sense to get a pretty good grasp of speaking and writing English. My sense is that part of Behati’s issue is the language barrier and that she’s just not that bright.

    I didn’t follow Adam on Twitter for all these years he’s been on it, so I’ll have to take your guys’ word that he used to tweet at his fans quite often. He is busier these days so that might be part of the problem. Also as I’ve said before, the fact that he started following fans was not the best idea. One problem is that you leave out diehard fans who aren’t crazy. And the other problem is that once he gives fans that kind of access to him on Twitter, then naturally, he’s not going to use the medium as often.

  330. 330
    Jennifer Says:

    K R- I’ve started to adore Anne more and more. She’s come out of this whole situation looking the best. Adam and Behati? Not so much. But I don’t have high hopes for those two together anyway. He can’t even admit he’s dating her!

  331. 331
    K R Says:


    Thats why i think Anne is way more intelligent that most models. I remember reading a blog maintained by one of her friends from the fashion industry. He mentions meeting Anne for the first time and was told by her to try to read a book a day.
    I have immense respect for her ability to keep herself cheerful. She has always been an open person and continues to be so. I wish the very best for her.

  332. 332
    Jennifer Says:

    K R- That story makes me like Anne even more. Of course, that could be the English major in me talking. ;-)

  333. 333
    intrigued Says:

    I think you are giving Behati way too much of a pass about her English. Both of her parents are English speaking South Africans or British. I can’t remember the exact country. Behati actually has less of an accent than Anne does. Sometimes there is barely a hint of it. She speaks like a teenager. She is not articulate and does not strive to educate herself like Anne does. I think Adam tries hard to be articulate, he has kind of a chip on his shoulder because people thought he was a bimbo until the Voice. I would think he would want a women who could express herself intelligently, but I guess that is not the priority for him. Some day maybe it will be. For now he just wants to have fun. They probably don’t do that much talking!

  334. 334
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Intrigued- I think you live inside my brain. I’d have to agree with you that Behati’s bigger problem isn’t the language barrier. One of my favorite Hollywood people, Charlize Theron, who is STUNNING, learned English by watching American TV and movies. She’s from South Africa and her first language is Afrikaans. She has almost no accent left. She sounds “American” to me. So yes, learning a new language can be relatively easy. Anne managed to do pretty well with the same restrictions and she speaks Russian.

    I also agree that Adam tries hard to be articulate. He’s actually pretty articulate for a guy who barely graduated from high school, but I get the sense that there is a “chip on his shoulder” and of course, he’s admitted to caring about what others think. It’s kind of funny that he doesn’t make the connection when it comes to his love life because who he chooses as his romantic partners reflects back on the kind of person he is. Jane and Anne seem to have been his most articulate exes. I don’t think that the “bimbo” label happened because of those two.

    And it could just be that he wants to date a gal who’s, shall we say, not so bright? I doubt that he and Behati have any earthshattering conversations. What, do they talk about how she wants to be a mermaid? If I’m a guy, that by itself is reason enough for me not to want to get involved with an adult woman who would say such a thing.

  335. 335
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: Your comments are always on the positive and insightful level. Refreshing to read comments that are not of the bashing kind.

    The Mermaid Posse should know that just because Adam and Behati are dating does not by certain means that everyone that is associated with him approve of their dating. Their insane ramming up Adam’s friends Twitter accounts or Behati’s about how perfect they are together could very well be turning them off. Per chance do his friends tweet her or keep in contact with her on her Twitter? I have heard and seen many of Adam’s guy friends doing that during the time he dated Anne and quite often but not with this girl. That says something too.

    I thought quite a bit on the whole spamming with the Thanksgiving pictures and how the mermaid minions were crowing on how the family loves her. Jennifer said right in her comment that just because one knows the girlfriend doesn’t mean much. All this family know is that Adam has another girlfriend at their home. I’m sure they have become accustomed to seeing tons of females joining in on a dinner or occasion.

  336. 336
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: Thank you, Shannon. I feel that way about everyone who continues to post here, whether regulars or not. I think people feel comfortable coming here to gossip and speculate because they won’t be bullied. I focus more on my own Twitter feed, but I’m glad that you all have cleared up some issues regarding their feeds. I noticed that Behati started following everyone that Adam does shortly after they hooked up. I’m not sure I’d do that when I’ve just started seeing someone. It seems childish and well, stalkerish. I get following “your man,” but all of his friends and other accounts he follows? Weird.

    Apparently Merby is followed by both Adam and Behati. I kind of wonder if Adam does so to keep tabs on her. I can’t imagine that he’d follow someone like her out of genuine interest. She’s so creepy to me.

    Also Shannon, I agree that bombarding his friends with news about them as a couple can backfire. I’d be willing to bet that Adam and his friends have had some laugh sessions at their expense. I mean, how could you not? The material is comedy gold! I don’t get why the MP adds Adam to Behati tweets. Um, do they not realize that he follows her and can do his own searches on her? They don’t have to police the accounts for him. I see that Behati has tweeted at Adam’s friends before, but unless they’re privately texting her, I don’t see any response tweets. I think that’s interesting too. Someone claimed that Gene had been tweeting Behati, but I don’t see any evidence of that.

    At this point, I think that Adam’s friends just sort of roll their eyes when Adam gets a new girlfriend. His family probably plays along because they know, at some point, Adam will break up with her. My male cousins, who are attractive and popular, used to bring their girlfriends around during the holidays. Most of these relationships didn’t last for very long, but we were always respectful to the women. Many of them were nice gals. My point is that it’s probably a bad idea to put all of one’s eggs in one’s basket. And well, don’t get too attached to people because they might not be around for the long haul.

  337. 337
    One day Says:

    I have a feeling that my last post came across a little snarky. TOTALLY didn’t mean it that way. I love interacting with you guys and reading all your posts! Most are so insightful. Anyway, want to clear up a couple of statements. I really didn’t mean that since Behati was there last night as well as Michael and their mom that the family loves her. If they really accepted her or really liked her, I think they would have sat together or at least had some photos together. And I also didn’t mean to imply that what we say here has no ” importance” or anything like that. Just kind of feeling at that moment that probably no one but us was reading our posts. However, like I said, there have been just too many coincidences between what we have said here and actions they have taken. I guess I was just begrudgingly conceding the fact that Adam and Behati appear to still be together. Which I don’t like. But I’ve since been thinking about it – since (so far) we haven’t seen any pics from the party, is it possible she wasn’t there at Adam’s invite? I mean, maybe the hair/make up people invited her. I’m sure she got to know them this summer since I understand she was on the set a lot. TOTAL CONSPIRACY THEORY HERE but it would make sense if she and Adam were on the outs, she would still find a way to be near him. And making sure her fans saw her in the audience. Am I reaching for too much?? Probably. Has anyone seen any pics of them together from last night yet? And some really weird tweets from her last night. Butt tweets I guess??!!

  338. 338
    intrigued Says:

    So strange (or not) that there are no pictures of the lovebirds from last night. I saw a couple of photos of Adam tweeted by some of the contestants but nothing at all of Behati. Not even from Michael! Maybe the two of them went to Africa today. Who knows?

  339. 339
    ??? Says:

    Guys, i am sorry, i dont understand any of it. Why would she be sitting backstage. OK, we get it, you dont want to talk about your relationship, fine, thats ok. but why would someone sit with the crew. Adam is the star of the show, he could ask camera people not to take pics of her in the audience.
    Jennifer, Gene tweeted her a few times and then deleted those tweets. another thing i dont get, why are your friends tweeting them and then deleting them? Milo did that a couple of times too. If you are so paranoid, then why tweet. Can you not just pick up the phone and call her? or DM her? weird people.
    God, now thers no shutting that Merby girl. Last night, she was tweeting someone who said she saw behati at the show, asking her what she was wearing. huh?

  340. 340
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: I hate to agree with anythoing that Z idiot says but I do have to agree that Adam most likely is filling his following of folks as the barrier to keep his friends shielded from being sought out. If Merby is being followed then she’s being followed because he’s keeping close watch of her activity and she shouldn’t take that as any compliment but rather an insult that he knows all about her psychotic actions. Same for Z herself; rumour has it that her blog on his being selling out was passed around and he caught wind of it.

  341. 341
    Jennifer Says:

    One Day- I didn’t think that you sounded snarky at all. I don’t think any of us did. I think we got caught up in a debate over whether Behati’s problem is a language barrier or she’s just plain dumb. ;-) I knew what message you were trying to convey. When it comes to gossip and speculating, I don’t think you can ever be truly snarky or rude. It’s different when people, who don’t really know anything, act like they do. Case in point: the Mermaid Posse.

    I’m still trying to figure out, if they know so much about Adam and Behati, why they started attacking Adam, Michael, Gene, whomever about Adam dumping Behati. Now because she’s supposedly at The Voice wrap party, they’re all happy again and forget that they were behaving like jackasses over the belief that Adam had dumped Behati. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here, but I’m trying to wrap my mind around what the heck when down over the past weekend. Why did they assume that Adam and Behati had broken up? Not one of us stated any such belief, so I’m trying to figure out where it came from. You’d think that they’d attack ANYONE making a claim that Adam dumped Behati . . . in other words, they wouldn’t believe Adam would do that.

    One Day- Your “TOTAL CONSPIRACY” theory is an interesting angle, but I’m pretty sure that Adam and Behati are still an item, but you know, stranger things have happened. I’m still convinced that the blind about Adam collecting the phone numbers of other models while Behati was upstairs sleeping in their hotel room is true. This happened over the summer when he was in New York promoting Overexposed and he was working on the movie “Can A Song Save Your Life.” That blind will be reveal on New Year’s Day, along with many others. I would be surprised if that blind weren’t about Adam and Behati. It certainly matches up with stuff that he’s done in the past. So they can spend every holiday together, she can go on tour with him, but hey . . . he was still collecting phone numbers while they are an item! Trust me when I say that a guy, who’s in a relationship, can be texting another woman while in the same room with her. I have no doubt that Adam is capable of as much. If he really loved someone, he wouldn’t be out collecting other women’s phone numbers.

    Not to mention there’s that nagging little point about how he WON’T ACKNOWLEDGE, by name, that Behati is his girlfriend. She’s always backstage or hiding in the background. To me, this is *very* strange and not normal behavior for a couple. I don’t care what their careers are. You don’t hide your significant other when it’s publicly obvious that you’re a couple, unless you’re embarrassed or something. JMO.

    ???- That’s another interesting issue. If Adam’s friends were tweeting at Behati, then why delete those tweets? I noticed that Behati tweeted at Gene and, I think, James. But I don’t see which tweets those reference because the tweets on the guys’ end either (1) don’t exist or (2) were deleted. What’s the point in deleting tweets to your friend’s girlfriend? I think they probably tweeted with Anne, right? Strange.

    Shannon- You and Z-Crazy might be right. I still think it’s not the best idea because Adam’s genuine fans feel left out. He still gets requests from fans begging him to follow them because they’ve been his fans throughout his career. I feel sorry for these fans. See, this is why I don’t think that celebrities should follow any of their fans. Just stick to general messages because, otherwise, you risk alienating people and that’s not right.

    I forgot which one of you said it (probably ???), but there are many fans who won’t get to see Maroon 5 onstage, so tweeting at the band members is the closest they’ll be able to get. It’s too bad Adam doesn’t tweet as often anymore.

    And Shannon, Adam knows about her blog?! *grabs popcorn*

  342. 342
    intrigued Says:

    Hi girls. I think the Merms have been perusing our comments lately because one of them made a long declaration today about how “some people” have been saying that it’s bad that Adam doesn’t talk about Behati in interviews, but the best relationships like Brad and Jen, Ben A and Jen and Jen Aniston and Justin keep their relationships very private. Huh? Then why are they on the cover of US Weekly every week? and really these are the best relationships of all time? At least these couples acknowledge the existence of their partners! Duh. These girls are so ridiculous. Just shakin my head…
    I also saw a tiny little video of the after party on TMZ and it was the arrival of Christina in a limo. The handlers covered her so that she could barely be seen, and then Adam arrived and one of the photographers said “there’s Adam and his girlfriend” but they were so handled you couldn’t see them at all. That is all my news.

  343. 343
    One Day Says:

    Just messing around on twitter earlier and read a tweet from (I’m assuming) a mermaid follower. It lead to a short blog. Basically complaining about how people were commenting on how Adam and Anne were very public in their relationship, but Adam and Behati were keeping eveyrthing private (therefore sparking rumors of a break-up) and comparing Adam/Anne relationship to Adam/Behati. Her response was that Adam learned from being with Anne and now wants to keep everything with Behati very private. And how celebrity couples that keep their relationships private have the best chance of success. OK. Then she went on to give examples of couples that keep their relationships “quiet”- Jennifer and Justin (??), Brad and Angelina (??!!). If that is her idea of keeping a relationship private – she must be panicked right now!! I guess we all have theories about why things are happening (or not) right now. Just seems so weird that a couple that was so public in the beginning (Hawaii – which I still say looked so fake), to this summer in New York when they were walking down – what did they call it? – Paparazzi Alley ???? – to when it looked like they were tipping off the paps every day to either Gelson’s or Mustard Seed would now be reduced to her hiding behind his back with her head down at the Lakers’ game and totally avoiding being seen together or ever mentioning each other. I really thought all those comments about making babies with Christina and getting together with Chelsea Handler and not making a baby showed signs of his being restless in the current relationship. And probably pissed her off – if she has any backbone at all. However, IF he goes to Africa with her for Christmas and does NOT also have a business/band related reason for going, then that’s a whole different story. One of you said that he never went to Russia with Anne or ever met her dad. So………..

  344. 344
    One Day Says:

    Wow intrigued – we obviously think alike!! Started my post a while ago and got interrupted so you beat me!!

  345. 345
    ??? Says:

    Adam has certainly met Annes mom, maybe dad too. dont know. he once said he had problems sepaking to her parents since they dont speak much english and her mom was not keen on tattoos. in some interview. i am sure hes been to russia sometime.

  346. 346
    Curious Says:

    There’s a pic on Behati’s twitter feed from 2 hrs that shows her in the background at the Voice party. Who dresses her?!?! No wonder he’s embarassed to be seen in public with her. And I hate that damn hat she wears all of the time. In fact, I’m pretty sure Adam said in an interview recently that he thought fedora’s were stupid.

  347. 347
    K R Says:

    You are right. Adam definitely visited russia for a concert. James and adam were also at a private fund raiser of Roman Abromovich , alongwith Anne. I dont know about the father , but he has most definitely met her mother. In that interview you mention, he did say her mother was not very fond of the tatoos.

    I mentioned Adam not tweeting fans these days. Not to sound harsh, but he most definitely needs to learn from other celebs about connecting with fans. Why have a Twitter account in the first place. Some celebs use it for spreading awareness, like Leo. There are many who use in actively for awareness and appreciate fans. Jared Leto is a prime example of that. Its surprising because he was doing all of that, but hasnt been doing that lately.

    Maybe the merby gang can help you with Gene’s tweetd. They take a screenshot of friends tweeting her ! Even her drunken or pocket tweets. I remember merby even appreciating her tweeting the letter B. As if her pocket is so smart to tweet her name ! They were gibberish, how twisted must your mind be to attribute even that to Bee being clever !

  348. 348
    ??? Says:

    Curious, what was she wearing? I cant stand those fedoras she wears and that heart shaped sunglasses. When you are 23, dress your age. Dont dress like a 13 year old.

  349. 349
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- Seriously? Ha! The Mermaid Posse can’t keep away from the discussion here. They must be shocked by this little thing we like to use over here called LOGIC. Gossip can be fun, but I’m not here to try to invent a storyline for Adam and His Girlfriend Of The Moment. And neither should they. Based on what Adam has said, pictures of him with whichever woman, and his “relationship pattern,” he’ll eventually dump Behati. It’s not a matter of will he, but when. Adam has a definite type and a definite pattern. This might not happen next week or even next month, but it’ll happen. I don’t care how much time they spend together or whether all of their relatives have met one another. So, what? That means nothing.

    The reason the Mermaids watch this space is because, deep down, they suspect we’re right. And I’ll bet Behati does Internet searches on Adam all the time. She acts stupid, but she’s not totally stupid. We’ve discussed this before though.

    Also they’re wrong to look to those AList couples as being “private.” Um, hello? They’re in the tabloids weekly. Jennifer Aniston’s publicist tips off the paps often and Brad and Angelina cut deals with the tabloids (e.g. pictures of their kids) to get money to donate to their preferred charities. It doesn’t matter where the celebrity falls on the Celebrity Meter (AList, BList, DList, etc.). They all interact with the paps and the tabloids this way. If they didn’t, then they’d be irrelevant and no one would buy what they have to sell. I don’t know how entrenched Adam is in his dealings with the paps and tabloids, but Behati (being a model and needing more exposure) probably has some deals. Because, yeah . . . the paparazzi are just hanging out in the New York streets waiting for her to grab a cup of coffee. With all of the big names who live in New York, the paps care more about a mediocre model. Oh, one who’s dating Adam Levine.

    You can also bet that her family has been talking to the tabs. Where do you think the “engagement rumors” came from? Like Adam’s going to talk about how marriage doesn’t interest him, but suddenly, he wants people to think he’s getting engaged to a girl he’s been dating for seven months? Give me a break.

    So, in the video, a media member said “there’s Adam Levine and his girlfriend”? They didn’t even know her name? That’s unintentionally funny because I’m pretty sure that’s one big reason Behati unloaded her ex-boyfriend and went after Adam…for fame. As much sh!t as they give Anne for being a famewh0re, even though she’s a more prominent model, Behati’s no less a famewh0re. So either many media people don’t know who the hell Behati is or they don’t give a sh!t. That’s so comical to me. She’s a nobody, even in Adam’s presence. I want to feel sorry for her, but I really believe she knows what she’s doing anyway.

    One Day- The Mermaid Posse was the one to start up the “Adam and Behati broke up” rumors. I’m not sure why they’re blaming anyone else for their stupidity. They can’t even keep their own stories straight. That’s embarrassing. I can only imagine Adam reading their tweets and blogs and laughing his ass off. I know I do.

  350. 350
    Jennifer Says:

    One Day- You’re right. None of us pretends to know what’s really going on. We offer nothing but theories which is all the Mermaid Posse can do, despite the fact that they see themselves as “insiders.” They’re not.

    And I totally thought that those Hawaii pictures look staged, but then so don’t the rest of the pictures of Adam and Behati. Again, the paps are going to those places to sit around and wait for those two to show up. They’re being tipped off by one or both of them. There’s no way that Adam has suddenly decided to become private about his love life when he’s been open with every one of his other relationships. I don’t believe, for one second, that Behati has requested that he keep their relationship private. After all, that’s not why she hooked up with him. Women know what happens to their social status when they date Adam, so she’s not stupid in that regard.

    One Day- I also agree about the Christina “super baby” comments and the joke with Chelsea about getting together to make “no babies” and not get married. I’m sure the Mermaid Posse will make some excuse that Adam says crazy and inappropriate things. This is true, but correct me if I’m wrong, has he made comments like these when dating any of his exes? Even NON-FANS picked up on the Christina “super baby.” People, he went on national TV and talked about impregnating his female costar while stranded on a deserted island, WHILE he’s supposedly dating another girl. That’s beyond inappropriate.


    That still doesn’t matter. Adam has been to Russia before and did meet Anne’s parents. Her parents didn’t care for his tattoos.

    Slightly OT, but maybe one of you will know . . . I noticed he dated a non-celeb for a year or two named Rebecca Ginos. She’s a pretty gal who has/had a normal career. Does anyone know why they broke up?

  351. 351
    Curious Says:

    @??? – all you can see is a side view from the waist up (she’s in the background of a pic of Rudy and Miranda Lambert). She’s wearing some sort of white, midriff-showing muscle shirt thing and black pants or skirt or something and one of her usual hats. Surprisingly (not), Adam is no where to be seen in the pic. Seriously, the only time I’ve seen a picture of her out with him looking nice was at the GQ awards dinner.

    Also, what’s up with Ali Kavoussi posting a pic to his Instagram today of Behati and tweeting it to her saying “love”?!? Isn’t that kind of not cool considering he’s supposed to be BFFs with Anne? Am I missing something?

  352. 352
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: Does Ali work for Women Management? Both Anne and Behati work for the agency, so it’s no surprise that they would have common friends.

  353. 353
    ??? Says:

    Got it ! Sorry to be snarky but that girl needs to buy cloths that look nice and use a comb once in a while.
    Hey curious, ali woeks for same agency. He follows behati and she follows him too and all that. Hes tweeted her a few times, and has rt ed her work related pics too,i think thats normal if you are working for the same agency.but i dnt know if he was her agent too. But hes lot closer to anne most definitely.
    Thats one more thing that gets to me. Ok, they are not friends, like maybe with coco and candice or anne with irina,but definitely more thsn ‘acquaintances’.cmon you share same agency, few common friends,behati follows anne and has rted a tweet of hers too. Would you still do all thst and still keep saying oh they are not friends,just peolple who work together.

  354. 354
    K R Says:

    As long as we are on conspiracy theories, heres one:
    how did a couple, who started off their relationship, making out in front of the Paparazzi and friends, suddenly turn Private? Not just the Hawaii pictures, we had pictures outside Mustard Seed, in NYC, set visits, Adam even saying on the Stern show that he isnt exactly available. How did they suddenly turn so private that Adam does not even talk about it? Not even to say No comments.
    More than a reason to be Private i think the real reason is to protect their own reputation. Here is a man, who claimed to be blindsided by the split, moving on so quickly to a colleaue of his ex. Not much is known as to when Behati split from Jamie but dont think it was too long before April. A lot of the sympathy he had when his friends claimed to him being dumped backfired and people were wondering how he could move on so quicky. Looks more like damage control to me. My guess is that they will probably be “less private” only when Anne steps out with a new guy. no, not rumoured ones, but actual relationship.

    @ Jennifer
    I wonder where the mermaid gang is getting their information from. They were the ones who started off the rumours, and they were the ones to harass his friends. They started off by using their own ID s first, then suddenly they were a few Twitter IDs , that did the spamming. We all know how they use multiple IDs. I am sure these new twitter accounts were created by the same merbys. I suddenly find them all deactivated too.

    Why would Adam follow merby account to keep tabs? That is not the account she uses to stalk them. She uses a protected account. She uses the main account to only write cloying sweet verses like ” Our Goddess” !

  355. 355
    Intrigued Says:

    Ok as far as the Russia thing goes, Adam did go there for a concert like last November. Anne was supposed to meet him there but she got stuck working in Europe and couldn’t get there in time. I remember her tweeting about it. It was Zaira who said Adam had never met her father, and since she follows his every move I believe that. I know he met her mother in LA or NY.
    I don’t think for a second that Behatis parents spread the engagement rumors. Her dad is a paster in Namibia and I’m sure they are probably pretty worried about their daughter dating someone with Adams reputation since they haven’t even met him. That was probably just Internet tabloids trying to get attention.
    As for Ali, I am surprised to see that photo. He is Anne’s best friend and was very involved during that breakup and was subtly trashing Adam for weeks during that time. Adam dating Behati so fast probably hurt Anne and I’m sure Ali heard all about it. I would think he would at least keep contact with Behati more private for Anne’s sake.
    With Adam being so quiet, it must mean Behati is still around. Maybe she is staying for Christmas after all.

  356. 356
    Intrigued Says:

    Reading Zaira’s tweets today, she says Adam did fly both Anne’s parents to LA for Christmas in 2010 so that’s that. Ha, she won’t even mention Anne’s name anymore, she just calls her his ex girlfriend. Funny how she used to worship her!

  357. 357
    Rose Says:

    My first post on this site, and I just became interested in the whole Adam/Behati saga after watching The Voice all season and noting the way Adam interacted with and looked at Amanda Brown. I was thinking that maybe there was something b/t them until I found out who Adam was dating.

    Amanda has even posted a picture of herself and Adam; and also another picture with Behati, Blake, and Miranda at the voice wrap party which pretty much cleared up my thoughts of something going on with her and Adam..doesn’t look to be true at the moment..

  358. 358
    Jennifer Says:

    K R- You were thinking the same things as me. That’s the point I’m trying to make is that you don’t go from making out with a person on camera, one month after you breakup, then suddenly get private. I don’t believe that Adam would not acknowledge a woman he’s dating. I can agree with your theory that Adam is trying to fix his reputation after the gossip about him being blindsided came out. Obviously, he wasn’t blindsided. He and Anne were both present for that breakup.

    But Adam and Behati have been papped. A lot. I don’t think they’re suddenly going to “act private” until Anne starts seriously dating. It’s my opinion that Anne will consider another serious relationship AFTER she retires from modeling. Who knows when that will be? They might be waiting for a few more years for that to happen. I’m not sure that Adam is now quiet because of damage control. If that were the case, then they would have started the privacy act earlier in the relationship because, well, the cat’s out of the bag at this point, you know?

    “Adam even saying on the Stern show that he isn’t exactly available.”

    Let’s look at this for a second because I’m glad that you mentioned it. I remember Adam saying the same thing. “Isn’t exactly available,” to me, doesn’t necessarily indicate “taken” and in a “steady relationship.” If that’s the case, then you say “I’m dating” or “I’m taken” or “I’m off the market.” The way Adam phrased leads me to believe that he’s keeping his options open, even if he enters into some sort of relationship. A guy who is in a steady relationship doesn’t make ambiguous comments about whether he is or isn’t in a relationship. It’s not exactly fair to a girlfriend who thinks you’re in a monogamous relationship with her.

    The famous guy that I know broke off an engagement and went he wanted easy sex, went back to his ex. She was thinking that she’d rope him into a new relationship, but when the media asked him whether he was off the market, he was coy about it, until he finally said “probably.” He didn’t say “Yes, I’m off the market.” He later told my friend that when he hooked back up with his ex that he wanted them to have an open relationship this time around. She didn’t believe him and well, he eventually cheated on her. But I digress . . .

    I will agree that it would seem like the Mermaid Posse activates and harasses using different accounts. That’s how Internet trolls and crazies usually operate. To be honest, I don’t even know who is part of the Mermaid Posse outside of Merby and Zaira. I thought it was just those two, maybe a couple of others.

    Intrigued- We’ll probably disagree about the engagement rumor, but I think Behati’s side had something to do with it. I don’t think the tabloids sit around wondering whether Adam’s getting engaged or not when he’s clearly stated that marriage isn’t for him. Kind of strange to think Adam or anyone he knows would start that rumor. Plus there’s the whole Behati’s mom talking to a tabloid about her daughter’s relationship. Her parents know who Adam is and they’re probably really happy he’s famous and has a lot of money. She sure isn’t either one of those things. The way that Behati’s been playing to the paps makes me think she’s responsible for some of the information that gets out there. As I mentioned before, lots of celebrities give information to the tabloids and tell the paparazzi where they are going to be so that they can “get caught.” That’s all very calculated stuff.

  359. 359
    Jennifer Says:

    @Rose: Hey Rose! You never know with Amanda and Adam . . . people noticed their chemistry. I don’t think Amanda would mess around with her former mentor though. She seems pretty dedicated to making music. Besides, Adam’s thinking more about making that “super baby” with his former co-coach Christina. (I kid, folks!)

    In that picture of Amanda, Blake, and Miranda, Behati’s not actually part of the group, she’s just trying to steal their thunder by making dopey faces to the camera. It’s interesting that Blake and Miranda don’t have their arms around Behati, huh? I know that they are friends with Anne.

  360. 360
    K R Says:

    It says comment awaiting moderation, so trying again. Please excuse me if its a double post.


    The picture Ali tweeted is an old editorial, almost 2 years old. Is he trying to say something without actually saying it?

  361. 361
    K R Says:

    You are absolutely right. Its a picture of Amanda, B and M, with behati popping up from behind. The merbies are already making it out like behati is partying with the sheltons . Nice try…..


    Welcome to the party. We are all nice folks here.

  362. 362
    intrigued Says:

    jennifer, Although Adam may have said he’s not sure marriage is for him, the most recent thing he said was that he is fascinated by marriage and wants to study it to see if it is something he wants to do. He made that statement sometime after the breakup with Anne. The B list tabloids such as Wetpaint would jump on a chance to say Adam and Behati are getting married because thousands of people will click on their website and give them exposure. I remember at the time they published that, Adam and Behati had been papped a few times in a row and I think they seized the opportunity to exploit that.
    Other tabloids will simply make up stories such as interviewing Behati’s mother. If Behati is being so quiet, why would her mother say anything? Also Adam would probably freak out at her for saying that. My opinion is that the more the tabloids mention them getting engaged, the more likely Behati’s days are numbered. I would bet everything that Adam does not want people to think they are close to getting married.
    The Mermaids don’t get this at all. They are constantly talking about those two making babies and living happily ever after. They don’t even get it that they are hurting her more than helping!
    Rose, I noticed the Adam/Amanda vibe too!

  363. 363
    intrigued Says:

    KR Isn’t that an old Halloween pic of Behati? You think he is taking a dig at her? Actually, that is exactly the subtle way he used to trash Adam. Interesting….

  364. 364
    Rose Says:

    It’s good to know that it wasn’t just me who noticed the Adam/Amanda vibe lol. I knew I wasn’t imagining things. But I believe that Amanda has also said that they just happen to have similar personalities and get along really well. I also know that she has said in rehearsals that they would sometimes get so excited when together and start acting goofy, that the producers would have to tell them to reel it in. I think that she said that views him as a cool big brother so I’ll have to take her word for it

    Also, I spy Behati in this vid from the wrap party towards the end w/ Adam and Blake. Note Adam is on the drums..

  365. 365
    Jennifer Says:

    jennifer, Although Adam may have said he’s not sure marriage is for him, the most recent thing he said was that he is fascinated by marriage and wants to study it to see if it is something he wants to do. He made that statement sometime after the breakup with Anne. The B list tabloids such as Wetpaint would jump on a chance to say Adam and Behati are getting married because thousands of people will click on their website and give them exposure. I remember at the time they published that, Adam and Behati had been papped a few times in a row and I think they seized the opportunity to exploit that.
    Other tabloids will simply make up stories such as interviewing Intrigued- I read the interview about how Adam wants to “study marriage.” I like Adam. He seems charming enough, but that was one of the dumber things I’ve ever heard him say. How exactly does one study marriage without actually getting married first?

    Regarding Behati’s mother: she could have been asked. That’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. I’ve seen other celebrity gossip tidbits that featured comments by relatives (close and distant). Now a tabloid could easily take a comment that Behati’s mom made and run with it, you know? I just don’t think that Behati is being quiet.

    If she were truly interested in keeping that relationship private, then she and Adam could easily do that. As I’ve said before, they can’t sit in his house 24/7/365. At some point, they’ll have to visit the rest of us in the real world.

    We do agree, Intrigued, that Adam wouldn’t want her passing around rumors that they’re thinking of marriage. I wasn’t disagreeing with all of your points. I was merely pointing out that famous people have their ways of keeping their names relevant. Surely Behati’s not the first of Adam’s girlfriends that are supposed to be engaged to him. If the stans are going to call out Anne for being a “famewh0re,” then they have to own the fact that Behati does her own “famewh0ring,” but in a way that differs from Anne. After all, she learned from Anne’s mistakes. Plus it’s not like Anne and Behati never knew each other. Adam, initially, lied about ladies’ connection to one another. I think that this is the point that K R was trying to make about Adam trying to “save face.” To an extent, I agree with what she’s saying too.

    “My opinion is that the more the tabloids mention them getting engaged, the more likely Behati’s days are numbered. I would bet everything that Adam does not want people to think they are close to getting married.”

    I would have to agree. Plus the Mermaid Posse being in their face 24/7 will backfire. It’s only a matter of when.

    K R & Intrigued: What do you both mean by “old picture” and he’s taking a “dig”? I have no idea of this history. Please explain to those of us not completely in the know. ;-)

  366. 366
    K R Says:


    He usually tweets pictures of his clients’ works. For example Annes video for Love, Irina’s work etc. This pic he tweeted is for an editorial done for i-d magazine years ago. Why should he tweet that?

  367. 367
    Jennifer Says:

    @K R: That’s what I’m confused about if it’s an older picture. It seems pointless to bother doing that. I don’t know that it’s a dig, but it seems kind of random.

    By the way, I think I found another Mermaid who was tweeting links of pictures and videos to Zaira. They were analyzing one video of Adam and Behati leaving the Lakers game, which has been posted here. Adam wanted the keys to his car. They were obsessing over the part where Adam asks “where are you Bee?” and asks her to hold on to him.

    I guess that’s considered a big deal when that’s, in fact, standard behavior when it comes to couples. They like to blow up gestures and comments to seem like what’s going on is more important than it really is, huh? It’s not that they’re behaving like every other couple we’ve seen in our lives. And they said the same things about Anne, so . . . they’re so odd. Sorry to harp on that issue, but I’m absolutely stunned by how completely off-the-wall these people are. It’s scary.

    (By the way, Zaira’s been posting here for a while. She hasn’t lately, but I know her writing style, even when she’s not posting under Zaira. She’s not fooling everything. ;-) )

  368. 368
    One Day Says:

    Boy – you guys have been busy1! Im so frustrated because I can’t comment from my iphone anymore for some reason – so I have to wait to get home to my computer!!
    First of all – welcome Rose! Glad to have your thoughts/insights.
    Saw the pic of Miranda, Blake and Amanda (and Behati). I just looks like she photo bombed the pic. Actually, at least one of the family pics at Thanksgiving that I saw also look like a photo bomb – the one with Adam and his little brother at the table. It’s like she’s starving for attention – just dying to be part of everything. But I just don’t get why she always makes the stupid faces. There will come a day whether she is part of the family or group of friends or whatever where it will be “ya, Behati ruined that pic too.” Just smile once in a while. At first I thought – OK, she’s really young and immature but she is just having fun. But EVERY PICTURE!!! Now it is just annoying. And as for what she was wearing at the wrap party – I understand from someone’s description it was a black velvet skirt with a slit, some sort of white top and jacket, her black (or dark red) doc martens (the person called them combat boots), and her stupid hat. I’m guessing pretty much the same outfit as the Laker’s game. I don’t get it. I would think Adam would want his gf to dress better. Not always, but once in a while. At least for a partyt! The other girls were dressed nice – Maybe she just has no fashion sense – needs someone else to dress her like when she “works”.
    But as usual, they have all gone silent on twitter – even Michael and Frankie (!!).
    I know we keep saying the same things. but this is just all so weird.
    Did anyone see the article from the examiner where they compared Anne and Behati – who is hotter? I found it when I googled Behati to get to this site. (For some reason, I can no longer get here thru Adam – again only on my iPhone!!). Anyway – ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON!! I know Anne is a little older, but not much.
    You know, come to think of it, I think – at least for me – the break-up rumors were so easy to believe – they made so much sense. Them being together makes no sense and my mind just can’t comprehend it!! Not that anyone cares if I understand it or not – especially those involved. But I just wonder if her self esteem is really low or she is just way more immature than I thought or she is just so “in love” but what girl would put up with being pushed to the background so much?? Especially when being seen with Adam has to be a huge ego boost!! I don’t understand why she would put up with that.I keep thinking of the video when they can’t find Adam”s keys after the Laker’s game. Where she practically hides behind him with her head down. Or walks behind him – again with her head down – like she can’t keep up or he isn’t going to wait on her or something. But I guess I can’t see what goes on in private, so I guess she is happy (???) so………

  369. 369
    Jennifer Says:

    Does she wearing the same two or three outfits every time she’s in LA? For a model, it’s shameful how she dresses, even when she’s casual. No wonder she’s not in demand. I wouldn’t want her repping my company. I’ve seen pictures of her backstage at photo shoots and her nails were ragged and dirty.

    How did she manage to become part of the Victoria’s Secret family? She looks unclean most of the time. Sorry, but it becomes more and more noticeable lately. Can’t she afford new clothing? She looks like she shops for the dirtiest things one can find at a Goodwill.

  370. 370
    Semi No: 1 Says:

    All I have to add is “They do not love that do not show their love.”

  371. 371
    Intrigued Says:

    Did you guys see the new article in the Daily Mail? The headline is something like “Adam Levine ignores his girlfriend while driving around LA”. It’s adam and Behati driving around and Adam is on the phone and Behati is just sitting there. I guess everyone is noticing what we notice. I mean if it wasn’t already an issue, why would any photographer think he was ignoring her? So telling. Also, why doesn’t she leave for Afica? At least he didn’t go with her. He’s been so quiet I started to think he was out of the country. I think the photos were from today.

  372. 372
    So annoyed Says:

    It has been two days and the 20 minute post i wrote still isn’t showing up. Notified the mods and still nothing. Wtf?

  373. 373
    So annoyed Says:

    Behati needs A shower and a stylist. She is photogenic as hell but in person, meh.

    Heart shaped glasses, umm…no. Not ever.

    Watch Adam’s press conf. Abt Bench and listen to what he says about fedoras. Interesting, no?

    I smell PR team all over the mermaid crazies. I worked for a firm and in reeks of an inexperienced publicist gone wrong.

  374. 374
    K R Says:

    Oh no no adam, driving ,while on your phone, is not done. Why would the DM post that? He can get into trouble for that!

    @so annoyed

    It happens. I think it screens for some key words. May not be a swear word exactly but words the forum may have problem with. For example i wrote a post about the merms being c.yber themselves without spelling it the way i did now and it never showed up.

  375. 375
    Shannon Says:

    @K R: Me thinks Adam was get even with Anne when the media were under the assumption that Anne was with Jared Leto. It blew up in his face royally. The tickler is this. Not one of Adam’s co-workers from the Voice seem to bother with getting to know his current girl. Didn’t Blake, Miranda and even CeeLo do some tweeting with Anne? What does it all mean? Does Adam not even think her to be an important person enough for those he works with? Something smells royally bad in Denmark

  376. 376
    Shannon Says:

    @Rose: Took a peek at the picture. Looks more like Bee trying too hard to be in something she wasn’t a part of. You know the type of picture a person takes and then you notice it and have to acknowledge that person that sticks out to make them feel included. That’s what it looked to be.

  377. 377
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: Z is either posting as Serena or another person. You can always tell by the way she carries on in depth about Behati’s modeling career compared to that of Anne’s. The abundance of large words to prove herself is what gives her away.

  378. 378
    K R Says:


    That Adam tried to get even with Anne over Leto is what all of us have been thinking. We all know how competetive he can be. Those first Hawaii pictures looked too staged to be anything else.

    Did he and behati go on to become serious after that? Maybe yes. I dont have any problem with behati. Its adam’s life and hers , if they are happy together i am happy. I am a fan of Anne, her work and the way she has dealt with all of it.

    What i have a problem with is the mermaid gang twisting every little thing as a strike against Anne. Its a little disturbing when they claimed to be fans of hers when they were together. I wish someone will tell behati as to how vicious they can become if and when that breakup happens.

    I dont watch the Voice so i cannot comment on the relatinship between the coaches. You are right of course in blake and miranda being more friendly with Anne. I think Miranda still follows Anne and vice versa. Maybe they just dont tweet each other to avoid any speculations. I am sure they remain good friends still. Probably even in touch with each other, just not over Twitter. Again, pure speculation.

    I am yet to see any B and M pictures together with Behati. And no, i dont count that Picture. Thats a photo bomb at its best.

  379. 379
    One day Says:

    It’s so interesting that the pics that are surfacing from the voice party do not have Adam and Bee together. They all seem to be of Adam and someone else or just other people. The only one I’ve seen with Bee was the Amanda/Blake/Miranda one with Bee photo bombing. The pics that the mermaid posse are posting on twitter are old – Thanksgiving. They are freaking out about the video where Bee appears behind Adam who is playing the drums. Bee just doesn’t seem like she was part of the party at all. The mermaids are totally scanning everything just to catch a glimpse of her in the background. So pathetic. There is one pic of Bee and Adam that might be recent. It looks like it might be another grocery run. And there appears to be letters across the pic – usually a sign of a professional photographer. So maybe someone tipped the pap off again?? I hope Adam buys her a brush for Christmas!!!
    I (finally) realize that the mermaid group has no more info or sources then we do. Merby wished Bee a safe trip to SA – then I saw the pics of Adam driving (with Bee in the car??) so I’m guessing she isn’t going home. Doesn’t it take a really long time to fly to SA?? Unless he was driving her to the airport.
    I’m so tired of the mermaid group and their hypocrisy. They complain how other people should leave Adam and Bee alone – if people are true fans they would respect their privacy. And yet they keep posting pics and stalking videos etc. I guess as long as you agree with them – it is ok to invade their privacy. I still think they are trying way too hard for us to “realize Adam and Bee are perfect for each other” and are together. I do realize they are together – for now. Just not sure how serious it is. The other comment is that since they have been together for 8 months -it is no longer a rebound romance. Still not convinced it is that serious. At least on Adam’s part. Who knows?????

  380. 380
    intrigued Says:

    Here is an interesting thing. Today the mermaids were so excited to post pictures that were from Milo deCruz instagram. Milo is Adam’s friend in case anyone doesn’t know. He took a few pics of Bee at some kind of party maybe last night. (Not A and B, just Bee) So anyway, I just went to his instagram, to check it out and it is now private. It has never been private.
    Do those crazy idiots not see that by posting Milo’s pics on Twitter they have now invaded his privacy and he now has to go private. This is why Adam is so quiet and private now, because he can never have low key times with his friends without lunatics posting it all over twitter. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing candid pics of Adam, but I certainly wouldn’t take a pic off someone’s instagram and put it on Twitter for all the world to see.
    One Day- I think you are right. they don’t have any more info then we do. In fact, I’ve seen a couple of things that they don’t discover until a couple of days later, and I have no inside info. By the way that “new” grocery pic is from a few weeks ago. No tabloids picked it up I noticed, probably because people are sick of seeing Adam and Behati at the grocery store.
    I mean, if she does not go home for Xmas, then he must be pretty into her. But there is just some missing link somewhere.

  381. 381
    ??? Says:

    Sorry, choosing boyfriend over parents is just not ok in my opinion. Reeks of obsession rather than love. She might still go to south africa, but isnt she loosing out on time with her parents.

  382. 382
    Shanno Says:

    @intrigued: Merby invaded another friend of Adam’s by stalking his Twitter so much that he blocked her. Psycho freak that she is can’t stop soaking herself into his friends. It not surprises me one iota that Adam’s friend Milo (?) put his account to private.

  383. 383
    Sami No: 1 Says:

    Jared Leto posted a photo of Anne V on his page in 2011 for a campaign she was doing for clothing company (the billboard was at the airport). He wrote My friend Anne V saying hello to us.

    Now look at it this way. Maybe Jared and Anne knew each other for a long time and being Anne’s boyfriend Adam met with Jared (maybe in private – they don’t have to always meet in public you know). And when Adam heard of Anne V and Jared Lato’s relationship he thought that they betrayed him and so he thought I’ll show her that I can hook up with your friend/ acquaintance as well.

    And when it turned out that it was just a rumour than Adam realised that he had made a mistake and maybe doesn’t know what to do with all the mess he has created now. Maybe the rumour started when Anne and Jared met somewhere and someone saw them together and thought that they were dating. I mean they could still be dating, who knows, we don’t know their private lives in detail.

  384. 384
    Jennifer Says:

    One Day- A “rebound romance” is one that happens immediately after a breakup. It doesn’t matter how long the “rebound romance” goes on for . . . it’s just a term for an immediate hookup. That’s how I use it anyway.

    I agree with you about the Mermaid Posse’s hypocrisy. They bully other people who don’t agree with you, but then they stalk Adam, Behati, their relatives, and friends. Sorry, but that’s above and beyond normal behavior for any fan to engaged in.

    I just noticed that the Mermaids were talking about that interview where Adam talked about not liking hats or some such nonsense. They were trying to explain that it was Adam’s way of giving Behati a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge.” Seriously? I wonder if any of them are heavy drug users because that would explain a lot.

    Intrigued- You’re right about that Gelson’s photoset where Adam and Behati are wearing two of his cardigans. Those pictures were taken right around Thanksgiving, so they’re old.

    I wouldn’t be entirely blown away if she stayed in the States. However, since she’s an only child, I have no doubt that her parents would like to see her, especially for Christmas. Then again, I don’t know what her relationship is like with her parents. But Behati staying with Adam doesn’t make me think any more about them than I already did because many people do the same thing and most of those relationships don’t last. People get too caught up in “gestures” that are expected that mean very little in the grand scheme of life.

    Shannon- That’s freaky and quite sad that Adam’s feel as if they can’t be public because of the Mermaid Posse. They’re going to find themselves in a heap of trouble soon. Just sayin’.

    Sami No. 1- That’s an interesting theory, but I doubt that Jared Leto is the reason that Adam broke up. I think that their life paths were just too different to keep a relationship going. Anne shouldn’t give up her life goals just to please Adam. Anne’s goals are just as important to her as Adam’s are to him. Perhaps Behati doesn’t have any real goals? Some people are like that.

    I’m miffed that So Annoying lost her post. She mentioned having worked in PR and knows how the game is played. I can only imagine that her post (like all of the others here) would have been extremely informative and fun to read. I hope that she’ll remember what she was going to post because I’d love to read it. :-)

  385. 385
    One day Says:

    Just reread my last post and realized it was a little confusing. About the rebound romance comment – what I meant to say was “another comment I read in mermaid twitter was that it isn’t a rebound romance sine it has lasted 8 months”. I totally agree that it is a rebound romance whether they break up tomorrow or end up married for the next 50 years!! Still a rebound romance. And 8 months is nothing. I don’t know how long he dated any of his gfs – but Anne was 2 years and they still broke up. I think I read that he was with one of his former gfs for 3 years. And I’ve heard him described as a “serial monogamist” so I think he does stay with at least some girls for a pretty long time before they break up. I think he tries to make his relationships work because he doesn’t want to be alone and I think he really likes being “in love” but that ultimately he gets bored and moves on (or possibly behaves in a way that causes the girl to move on). I have no idea how any of his other relationships ended. He seems like a hopeless romantic that just gets bored too easily. TOTALLY MY OPINION!!!! At some point, some girl will be the “lucky one” he stays with (at least for longer than usual) and has kids with just because she will happen to be there when he hits an age or level of maturity (if ever) where he wants a family of his own. But honestly, I don’t see him getting married.

  386. 386
    intrigued Says:

    One Day – i think you should call him a serial “dater” rather than a serial monogamist since I doubt he actually is monogomous with any of these girls. If Jennifer is right, he was getting other girls’ numbers while he was dating Behati and I know there were mumblings that he cheated on Anne as well. I don’t imagine he goes weeks and weeks with no sex when every girl in the world wants him. That’s probably why Behati is afraid to go home!! Just kidding (but not).

  387. 387
    intrigued Says:

    Just a crazy comment: The other day I went to merby’s locked account by mistake. So I can’t see her tweets but I happened to notice how many tweets she had, because it was the last 4 digits of my phone number. So I just looked at it again and she has tweeted over 500 times in just about a week. And every tweet I’m sure is about Bee! How many of those tweets were to Adam’s friends and Behati’s colleagues? It’s soooooo creepy!

  388. 388
    Jennifer Says:

    One Day- By now, I should probably be able to tell when you guys are making your own points or you’re referencing a point made by the Mermaid Posse.

    I agree with you that he’s probably a hopeless romantic, if his lyrics are any indication. And while I’m hesitant to blame things on his ADHD, I would imagine that Adam bores easily. I think he treats his girlfriends as well as he thinks he should, but I also think he kind of expects his girlfriends to follow him around. Behati, from what I can tell, is the only one who seems not to have a problem following him around like a puppy waiting for whatever scraps he throws at her. His ex-girlfriends seemed to have career objectives and weren’t trying to base their entire lives around him and they shouldn’t do that. Also I’ve stated before that I don’t see Adam ever getting married. I think his parents’ divorce had a lasting effect on him, even if’s moved on from it.

    I remember he said that he wants a woman “who has her own thing going on” and he seemed to imply that he couldn’t settle for a woman who stayed at home. Since he strikes me as someone who seems to want a woman to follow him around, I’m not sure how he reconciles this particular dichotomy. Then again, Adam is a ball of contradictions anyway. I just don’t see Behati lasting any longer than the others. It’s my opinion that he won’t have children with a woman who’s relatively well-known. I think he’ll find a woman with a “normal” career and lifestyle. Adam and Behati seem very childish. He’s admitted that he is. At some point, I think that their combined immaturity will wear thin on him after a while because he’s much older than she is.

    Intrigued- Since he’s admitted to cheating on ex-girlfriends (this comment was made while he was dating Anne, I believe), I would also categorize him as a “serial dater,” although “serial monogamist” also works. Bizarre, isn’t it? ;-) I’ll bet Behati knows enough about his reputation not to leave him alone for too long. She strikes me as dumb, but not totally stupid.

    500 times, seriously?! That’s just . . . ugh. How are they NOT embarrassed by their obnoxious behavior? At some point, they’ll have to be reported, right? Very creepy, indeed.

  389. 389
    So annoyed Says:

    I Agree Jennifer

    The mermaids have it all wrong… no way this was meant to be wink wink nudge nudge to bee…unless calling your girlfriend a d-bag is the new way to tell someone how much you love them…

    And the one thing he will never, ever wear? “Oooh.” He exhaled, and thought hard for a moment. “A fedora.”
    Why? “Because they’re stupid,” he deadpanned, and a few eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Because it’s not the ’20s, and it looks ridiculous. I’m sorry if you’re wearing a fedora. Anybody?” He looked at the tittering crew at the sidelines; thankfully, no one seemed to be wearing any. Or at least, not where he could see them.
    “You can wear a fedora when you’re 60-plus years old … But when you’re 25, 30, 35 … Especially when you’re, like, 40?” He winced in mock disapproval. “Oooh. Take it off.”
    “Even when you’re 60, you won’t wear one?” I teased.

    FROM rock star to Bench stud
    “When I get old and have a beard and a fedora, it’s not gonna matter. I’m gonna look like Tom Waits. But when you’re a kid, you look like … Just a really big douchebag.” Semi-shocked silence ensued. Adam caught the appalled look on his manager’s face and laughed. “You just shouldn’t wear one until you’re 60, it’s just the way it is! It’s my opinion.”

  390. 390
    Jennifer Says:

    Thanks So Annoyed for posting what he actually said. And yeah, there is definitely not ambiguity with what Adam said. Although I swear I saw him wear a fedora once. Or maybe I thought it was a fedora? At any rate, I kind of understand what he means. It’s a hair seems to look more appropriate on an older man. Someone needs to call Behati and tell her that Doc Martens have been out for some time.

    The Grunge Era happened when I was in high school and it wasn’t a good look back then and it’s certainly not a good look now.

    So Annoyed- I wish that your post had gone through because I’m intrigued to know what you had to say. Boo! :-(

    Anyway, Happy Holidays folks! :-D

  391. 391
    Shannon Says:

    Ahhhhh it looks like little Bee stayed put for Christmas watching a show with Adam’s mom and brother but let us add the clinker to this little scenario, minus Adam himself.

  392. 392
    One day Says:

    Yep. I saw that. Definitely still on but still strange. Almost like she is more friends with Michael than gf of Adam. Maybe they are just so comfortable with each other that she’s fine going out with the family while Adam stays home and watches the game. Each does what they want. However, I was in a relationship once where I was good friends with the guy’s family. Thought that would make me the best gf ever. NOT!!! Didn’t last long – just got really awkward for the guy I think. Kind of like I was trying too hard to be part of the family instead of focusing on being the gf. Turned out I didn’t have much in common with the guy at all. I kind of see that here. We see pics of Bee with his friends, his brother, or in the background. But not pics with Adam. Except in the car or grocery store. It’s kind of like it is past the “honeymoon phase” where he really tries to please her – if it ever was in that phase. And why would Michael tweet that? To let us know Bee is still around? Because Adam won’t? Or to show us he is friends with Bee??? Like I said – so strange!!!

  393. 393
    Curious Says:

    Damn it! I was soooo hoping she was back in Africa right now. I, too find it interesting that there haven’t been any pics of them together lately (except in the car where he’s igoring her and talking on the phone)but there are pics of her photobombing or lurking in the background of pics with him and someone else. I kind of wonder if Adam didn’t spend so much time playing the drums at the Voice party just so he would have an excuse to ignore her. Maybe Adam is being “mean” to Bee because she’s getting on his nerves and won’t go away so Michael felt bad and invited her to hang out with them. Or maybe Bee is trying to become close with Michael and their mom in hopes that it will make Adam like her more. I just get the impression that Bee is trying very hard to win over Adam any way she can, and Adam is indifferent to the whole thing. He always looks fairly happy when she’s not around, and he hasn’t really been taking her out in public lately. I am really curious as to why she cancelled her plans to visit her parents, and whether she did it on her own or Adam asked her to stay.

  394. 394
    Jennifer Says:

    I’m not surprised that Behati stuck around. And I’m not surprised that she’s hanging out with his family. I highly doubt she cares about basketball anyway. I’m sure that his family wanted to include her in something. Again, I don’t see any of these gestures as being a big deal. I know the Mermaid Posse likes to put a spin on every little thing Adam and Behati do, but they’re not behaving completely out of the ordinary. Except that they kind of do their own thing when together.

    How close is Behati to her family? She’s an only child, right? It’s kind of interesting that she blew off her parents to spend time with her boyfriend of seven months. Then again, maybe she’s not that close to them? Or maybe she’s trying to keep an eye on Adam? I probably would . . . ;-)

  395. 395
    Jennifer Says:

    Also, one more thing, Michael always tweets about who he’s hanging out with, so that doesn’t strike me as out of the ordinary for him. Could he be attention seeking? Possibly. But judging by his feed, it seems like he announces who he’s hanging out with everyday.

  396. 396
    intrigued Says:

    Adam went to the Lakers game. People tweeted about seeing him there. Last year Adam took Anne to the game on Christmas day. I don’t know. It seems like he isn’t treating her that well, but on the other hand, I’m sure he really wanted her to stay for Christmas, otherwise she would have gone home, since she said in an interview that she was going home. i’m sure Adam can be very persuasive. Maybe he is madly in love with her and they are super happy together. The truth is, we don’t know. After 8 months with Anne, Adam was totally in love. Maybe this is the peak if the relationship and it goes down hill from here. Sometimes I think we overestimate Adam. Maybe he is perfectly happy with a girl 10 years younger who acts like a teenager and dresses like a hobo. i mean, she still is a Victoria’s Secret model, and maybe that’s all that matters to him. He could be a very shallow person in real life, or a very insecure person. I always thought he was fairly predictable, but this whole thing throws me for a loop. I just don’t know what to think about it.

  397. 397
    One day Says:

    So he actually went to the Lakers game without her? Who did he take?? I assumed he just stayed home to watch it on tv. So so strange. I was also thinking that maybe she just isn’t that close to her parents. I thought at first maybe they would come here to visit but if he is a minister, would he really leave his church at Christmas??
    I’m sure Adam wants her here or like you said, she would be gone. And maybe he really does pay her lots of attention (??) when they are away from the public eye. He does seem very insecure, but I’m sure he doesn’t just keep her around so he won’t be alone. I think he could probably have a new gf by tomorrow if he wanted one. But I’m sure he likes saying he’s with a vs model. I just remember that after Adam and Anne broke up, a “source” said that he didn’t treat Anne well. From what I see, at least in public, he treated Anne much better than Bee. Maybe the fact that she is 10 years younger and so immature, she is willing to put up with his behavior.

  398. 398
    intrigued Says:

    Behati is always saying how proud she is to be from Africa. There are many photos of her parents with her in Namibia. Last year I’m pretty sure Jamie went with her for the holidays. I think she is close to her family. The fact that she stayed with Adam says that she is very serious about him. She also probably gets worried leaving him. Maybe she will leave tomorrow and spend 2 weeks with her parents since she doesn’t usually have a lot of work . I think Adam and Behati are going to be a couple for quite a while longer. He’ll probably do the 2 year drill again. Do you think he can go that long without acknowledging her existence?!

  399. 399
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- I’m not sure how long Adam can go, but celebrities have kept their relationships under wraps to the point of when they broke up, there wasn’t a consensus on when the actual break up occurred. But Adam can’t keep quiet for too long. ;-)

  400. 400
    Jennifer Says:

    Although I’m kind of surprised that Behati wouldn’t just watch the game with Adam, but who knows? I don’t get the impression that Behati shares many of Adam’s actual interests. She pretends to and to me, that’s as plain as the nose on my face.

    You can’t go on pretending stuff for too long…things start to fray a bit. But I don’t think Adam will treat this relationship any different, tbh. Behati will put up with it for longer because she doesn’t seem to have much going on besides working for VS.

  401. 401
    K R Says:

    First of all, happy holidays . Hope you all had a lovely christmas.

    @ Jennifer
    Co sign on everything you say. I read somewhere that Behati was born after 10 years of marriage and thats why they named her blessing. She seems pretty close to her parents. If she has given up going to Africa to see them against staying with Adam, it has unfortunately brought her down in my eyes.
    Its not whether you are close to your parents, or you fight with them etc. We have all had differences with our parents, but at end of the day its still family. And we all know she hung around with Adam during her vacation time too.
    The mermaid posse will of course twist it,make it seem like a scrifice. I see it as someone so obsessed with another person that you can ignore your own family and friends. She probably thinks Adam might be flattered by her choosing him over her family. But Adam , we all know, loves his family a lot. He would never blow off his family for a girlfriend. I am sure if he is sane, this action of hers whould trigger off a warning bell rather than be flattered.

  402. 402
    Curious Says:

    Apparently Adam bought her a tea cup pig for Christmas. Is this another pet for her to abandon to follow him all over like her beloved cats? I just don’t understand their relationship!!! There’s a difference in being private and totally not acknowledging someone’s existence for all intents and purposes. I also heard that one reason he and Anne broke up was that he didn’t treat her very well…I don’t know if that came from Anne directly or if it was just a rumor, but when you compare how he is with Behati vs how he was with Anne, I would say it’s Behati he doesn’t treat very well (in my opinion). I just don’t think she’s “the one” for him, and I don’t really think he’s in love with her like he was with Anne but it appears that whatever they have going on right now is working alright for the both of them. I think it’s sad that she apparently can’t bear to leave his side to go visit her parents; especially given that she’s an only child and they live half a world away. I don’t really see her taking off to go visit them in the next few weeks either since he has some shows coming up soon, NYE, etc. Perhaps she is right not to let him out of her sight…I know I would have a hard time trusting him given he’s a self-confessed cheater and women throw themselves at him constantly.

  403. 403
    Jennifer Says:

    @K R: K R- I was thinking the *same* thing. Adam is close to his parents and unless he’s totally selfish, I can’t imagine that he’d expect her to blow off his parents.

    Even if Adam asked her to stay, Behati can say “no.” He’s not holding a gun to her head. She seems very naive and I don’t see this relationship ending well down the road.

    I wonder what Adam’s mom thinks about Behati blowing off her parents. I’m sure that didn’t go unnoticed. I mean, she’s a mother, so I’m sure she understands how Behati’s mom must feel.

  404. 404
    Jennifer Says:

    Curious- Adam bought her a pig? Ummmm…ok?

  405. 405
    ??? Says:

    Curious, where did you learn about thr pig? How do all these things come out? Is this those stalkers , i can see them spamming eveyone asking what adam got for bee. prvate, my £#%^. Do we knoe what Leo got for erin or bar when they were together, did we see pics of them at family events.thats being private and pretending to be private.

  406. 406
    Jennifer Says:


    ???-here is the tweet:

    Adam Levine Fans!! ‏@Fans_AdamLevine
    guys @adamlevine bought @BeePrinsloo a teacup pig…I’m honestly in love with those two <3 #FrancisBacon

    I'm not sure how they know it's Behati's pig and not Michael's. However, Behati follows the Adam Levine Fans!! Twitter account, so . . .

  407. 407
    Curious Says:

    @Jennifer – that’s the word on Twitter. One of their stans apparently discovered this via “Adam’s family’s instagrams and twitters”.

  408. 408
    K R Says:

    @ Curious,

    Where did you hear that? On Twitter? I wonder how people get to know these things.
    Good point about his mom. I mean , if you really nit pick, Adam is jewish, does he even celebrate Christmas. Bee is Christian, so its definitely has greater significance for her. And to miss that to be with your boyfriend is just not right.

    people keep saying she watched Anne and learnt from her. I am sure she could learn this from Anne, on treating your own folks right. Anne made efforts to go visit her parents and bring them over . I am sure that cut into her time with Adam and maybe bee thinks she can score in his books by choosing him over her own parents.

  409. 409
    K R Says:

    @curious and jennifer

    Thanks. Our posts kind of crossed each others’!

    How can attaching oneself to your partner for 24 hours ensure they dont cheat. Unless you ignore your own self and interst and friends, how can you even do that for a long, long period of time. I dont think the poor girl thought out that strategy through. Shes only going to end up scaring adam off by not giving any space.

  410. 410
    Jennifer Says:

    You guys, seriously though? I checked after Curious mentioned something. I figured that they had stolen it from someone’s Instagram. I don’t get Instagram. I used it for a couple of months. I’ll post pictures on Twitter, but never of myself, my family or my friends. I don’t understand people who post such personal pictures on public website when they know crazy stans are looking for them. Are these people that dense or do they use them as PR?

  411. 411
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: I think that the person who tweeted Adam presented Behati with a pig could be grasping to believe what they want all to believe. The Mermaid Stalkers could be stalking all friend, family and other linkages to Adam and Behati. It was commented on this site that one of Adam’s friends locked up his photo account after those psychos put his personal images out there on Twitter. Their obsessive tendencies will drive others who are close to Adam, Behati and even his brother to do the same.

  412. 412
    Intrigued Says:

    Curious- where did you hear that Adam bought Bee that pig for Xmas? The only place I see the pig is on Michaels Instagram. There’s a photo of Michael holding it and Michaels friend holding it. Who says it has anything to do with Adam? I didn’t see that anywhere. Just wondering.

  413. 413
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- I think that some of the stans assume that the pig is Behati’s. I think it’s Michael’s. Why would Adam buy his girlfriend a pig if she has a job that requires a lot of world travel? It’s not like he’s buying her another cat.

  414. 414
    Jennifer Says:

    Do we continue our discussion here or move it over to the new Adam Christmas Lakers game post? I thought I’d ask. ;-)

  415. 415
    ??? Says:

    new post. !!! fresh page, fresh thoughts.

  416. 416
    ??? Says:

    jennifer,ok since we started off on the pig, thought will finish here. i dont know how they thought adam bought her a pig either. must be people assuing things of course. ALso hos did they get that adam bought Michal that pig. Did he mention that?

  417. 417
    Jennifer Says:

    I have no idea whose pig it is. I just assumed that if Michael and his friend were holding it, then it must belong to Michael. Or his friend . . .

  418. 418
    One Day Says:

    OK. A little off topic but this has been bugging me. I read in an interview that Bee did – I think it was the one about her apartment flooding in the hurricane – that she and her 2 cats were staying with a pregnant friend who was alone right now. I’m curious – What happened to the pregnant friend? Was that even true or just PR so she looks like such a nice person? If it was true – I feel sorry for the pregnant friend!! Must not have been that important to Bee. Also – where are her cats? Did she even get another apartment in NY? I’m wondering if she used the fact that she lost so much in the hurricane to have an excuse to relocate to LA. Not that anyone should have to go thru that and lose all her stuff. But if she relocates to LA, how does that work with VS? Aren’t they based in NY? This all came back to me when I read about the pig. IF in fact Adam gave it to Bee – what a bonehead thing to do. Not “so cute and so sweet” or whatever. Is she taking it back to NY with her (IF she ever goes back)?? The only way this would NOT be a bonehead thing on his part (IF it is true) is if she has basically moved to LA with him, and the pig stays here with her/them. Maybe they totally plan on moving in to the new house together. Again, then how does that work with VS? Maybe she is giving up working much at all as a model and wants to stay in LA to be an actress. Good luck with that!! Except that Adam does seem to have lots of contacts in Hollywood, so maybe she will get lucky.
    I’ve always wondered – who takes care of Frankie when Adam is gone for a month at a time on tour? Hopefully whoever it is would be willing to take care of the pig as well. Again, IF THIS IS TRUE.

  419. 419
    Jennifer Says:

    One Day- I was thinking the SAME thing about her pregnant friend. The single mom-to-be lets you crash at her apartment. You have access to food, bathroom, and general shelter. She’s probably taking care of Behati’s cats too. I wonder if this single pregnant friend of hers has family with whom to spend the holidays. Otherwise, Behati’s a pretty crappy friend, especially since her friend opened up her home to her.

    I can’t imagine Adam moving any woman into his new place like that, especially a girlfriend of less than a year. I expect to see that happen, once he’s cut back on work and he’s ready to start a family (like close to when Adam’s 40).

  420. 420
    Jennifer Says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Behati lost all of her things. I don’t think there was that much damage to her place, but a few things got wet. Not that I’m belittling her situation, but I have friends who live near where she does. They didn’t evacuate their buildings and suffered no damage. In fact, I’m not sure I believe that her apartment got flooded, unless she lives in a garden apartment, which I know isn’t true.

  421. 421
    One Day Says:

    I agree about her apartment. I read somewhere that she walked in and her entire living room was flooded with water over her piano, so she sat down on her kitchen floor and cried for an hour. Seems weird that a kitchen would be on an upper floor of an apartment with a living room in a downstairs part. Unless the living room is more like a basement room I guess. I just thought that was weird. Especially if water was “over her piano”. But does anyone know if she got another apartment in NY? I’m just curious!!
    And I know someone thought it was (remotely) possible that she was going home to her family in the next day or 2 – but doesn’t Adam have a couple of concerts at the end of this week? I’m sure she will be with him at those. And then he starts touring in February, so ……when exactly does she work??
    Saw a couple pics that Anne V tweeted. Looks like she is working over the holidays – or taking a really cool vacation!! Yep, the girl definitely improved her situation!! Just saying…..

  422. 422
    K R Says:

    @ One day

    I was thinking the same too ! Freaky ! It sounded like behati was going to help out a pregnant friend who was all alone , unless that pregnant friend is Adam ! Only then it makes sense for her to be spending all that time in LA.

    Anne is on a vacation to Peru. Saw her pictures atop Machu Pichu, thats quite a trek !

  423. 423
    Intrigued Says:

    Yeah I was thinking that Behati maybe has moved in with Adam. I’m not sure she has stayed in NY at all since Sandy. I think her pregnant friend is Shannon Glick who is a model and her boyfriend is some rocker who tours all the time. That’s why she is alone. Behati makes herself look good saying she is helping her out. I think everything I’ve heard her say since she has been with Adam has been a lie. She said she was going to an island for her break in August and then went on tour with Adam. She said she was helping out her friend and then went to LA, and she said she was going home for Christmas and then stayed with Adam. Anyone see a pattern here?
    Also, about the pig. I think the pig is not a gift from Adam . The mermaids are not talking about that at all and they would be all over that. It was an Adam fan who started that rumor, and it seems to have died. I’m glad because for some reason the idea of him giving her a pig really bothered me. I don’t know why! Also I can’t see Adam naming it Francis Bacon. Not his style at all. Whatever.

  424. 424
    Intrigued Says:

    And also the cats. If I had to guess I’d say she gave the cats to Jamie. I mean they were his too when they were together. I can’t see them at Adams house with the dog. And he has said he hates cats. I have pets and it just seems so weird that she could just abandon them. Maybe Adam likes cats now and they all live happily together with the pig.

  425. 425
    Jennifer Says:

    The pattern is that Behati is dishonest. I assumed that from the get go. Everything she does is to set her apart from Anne. I’d be curious to know what her ex of seven years, Jamie, thinks. I’m sure he has some stories.

  426. 426
    One day Says:

    Ok. I don’t think Adam is that stupid and if he totally into her right now, I’m sure he has read at least a couple of her interviews. And if not, then I’m sure Michael has. So they have to be aware of her lies. So I guess we have to assume they just don’t care? They are ok with all the lies she tells? If you knew someone lies that much, wouldn’t you be at least a little concerned that they were lying to you too? I agree with you guys that she has basically reinvented herself to be someone Adam could love. That can’t last long. Eventually the real person comes out. Sometimes I wonder if we have clued into this more than the people that are so involved. We all know something isn’t right. Or we are the only ones that don’t see the truth??? I doubt it. I really wonder what his mom thinks. She has to be aware that she ditched her own parents at the holidays. But maybe she is thrilled that Bee wants to spend so much time with Adam? I find that hard to believe as we’ll, but who knows.
    Also, does VS not keep track of its models? I would think they would be unhappy about the way she presents herself when she isn’t working – dirty, crappy clothes, uncombed hair, probably smoking pot (late night Munchie runs), apparently lying in interviews………I would think they would be unhappy – she still represents the brand even if she isn’t at work. Really doesn’t look good for them. I’m sure they are happy to have another model attached to a celebrity, but at some point, she becomes more of a liability. And being young is no excuse.

  427. 427
    Intrigued Says:

    I was looking at Anne Vs tweets. Interesting that you don’t see who she is with. Could she be there with a new man? If she was with friends, wouldn’t she take photos with them? I hope she has a new love.

  428. 428
    Intrigued Says:

    One day- Maybe Adam tells her to lie. Maybe he doesn’t want her to say when she is going to be with him. The pattern I saw was that every time she was planning to be with him, she said she was going to be somewhere else. There is a definite effort going on to keep the relationship secret.

  429. 429
    Jennifer Says:

    People might think the privacy is cool. But people know they’re a couple, so the privacy thing is unnecessary at this point. And really, I’d hate to be the girl Adam wants to hide. He’s never hidden any of his exes. He’s talked about them. I just think that’s weird based on his past behavior. Also I don’t think this makes Behati more special than any of the rest, although some might assume so. JMO.

  430. 430
    Jennifer Says:

    Celeb!tchy can’t stand Adam, but I looked at this page again. I don’t believe that Anne and Alex Skarsgard ever had anything going on.

    However, I do believe that Behati had a crush on Adam, was jealous of Anne, and Adam took advantage of the situation while he could. This way he has a “steady” partner and doesn’t have to spend valuable time looking for hookups, since those hookups might blow their horn to tabs about the “relationships.” Men will more often than not go after the sure thing. In this case: Behati.

  431. 431
    One Day Says:

    I guess I’m just too naive – I NEVER considered the option that Adam is telling Bee to lie – but it totally makes sense. Too bad though. Bee – all the lies will come back and bite YOU in the butt – not Adam!!! However, I still think it is partly (at least) her doing. I read somewhere after they first hooked up – someone said her lies and jealousy and possessiveness and tantrums will show up soon enough and Adam will get tired of all of it. (I don’t remember the exact words, but I think that’s pretty close.). Sounds like some of this stuff has been an issue before. But I’m still so confused about the hiding and supposedly wanting their privacy all of a sudden. We know that Hawaii was a set up. Maybe Adam (or his handlers) saw what a mess that was and have told him to knock it off. But I’m still convinced that at least at some of the late night grocery runs and Mustard Seed visits the paps were tipped off. So why the secrecy at all? Like you said, we know they are a couple already. I suppose that if they quit “hiding and lying” about all of it – no one would even care. Probably no one would even want to take their pictures. And I’m sure that would be horrible for both of them. I mean – it seems that being with Adam has helped Bee’s career already. So if they hide it all, VS isn’t going to give her any special treatment – because she is no where near the level of the other VS models in my opinion. She just has one look and it isn’t sexy at all. JMO of course. I just think without Adam, she goes back to being nothing. So in a way, he has nothing to lose and she has everything to lose by keeping it quiet. Unless she SINCERELY only wants Adam and is willing to give up her modeling/acting (??) career for him and just sit home with him or follow him around like a puppy. Sorry – but even people that are truly in love don’t do that. How can someone love someone or even be interested in them at all if they have NO LIFE except yours?? And wasn’t Adam always proud of his other gf’s and their careers? At least he seemed to be of Anne’s. She was her own person. Well, maybe he is happy having Bee there under his feet 24/7, but I still think that will get old. And he will move on and she will no longer have a life of her own of any kind – no career, nothing. But I guess some people are happy just living in someone else’s shadow, maybe it is worth it to her………

  432. 432
    Curious Says:

    @One Day, Jennifer & Intrigued – I believe Anne is on vacation with Ali and a few other photographers; pretty sure they are all just friends. I’m glad to see that she’s living life and having fun (in between working her a$$ off!). I hope she will find a great guy some day (sooner rather than later) that loves and cherishes her and is supportive of her career. Obviously I don’t know her personally, but based upon the image she portrays, she seems like an awesome, genuine person. Anyway, I think y’all are right about the pig, and one of the stans just got excited and assumed it was hers. The only other pic I’ve seen besides the one with Michael holding it, you can’t even tell that it’s her for sure holding it. I also wonder about her apartment sitch in NY and the pregnant friend she was going to live with and “help” out. I would venture to guess that Jamie has their cats…I hope. I don’t know how you could abandon your pets like that but whateves. I’m pretty sure Adam wouldn’t give up Frankie girl for her. I don’t remember who, but someone wondered in a previous post who takes care of Frankie when Adam is gone, and I’m almost positive it’s Gene. Especially since Gene lives (or lived) with Adam. @One Day – good points about VS…I would think they would be more strict about their model’s physicial appearance in public, especially for the ones that are readily associated with the brand like Behati. Maybe Adam is embarassed of how she dresses so he doesn’t take her out. I also agree that Behati, at least initially, was more of a convienence hook-up for him than anything. Considering she has had a crush on him for a while, she was probably the agressor to some extent and Adam saw an opportunity so he took it. And I think it’s obvious that she is trying super-hard to be the person she thinks Adam wants instead of who she really is. And the lies and betrayals will come back to bite her at some point. I just don’t get the impression that Adam is really happy in this relationship like he was previously. On a side note, I think it’s telling that some of the die-hard Behati fans keep tweeting about how cute and in love Bee and Jamie looked, and how she looks different with Adam.

  433. 433
    Jennifer Says:

    “I just don’t get the impression that Adam is really happy in this relationship like he was previously. ”

    Curious: I agree with you here. I don’t know that Adam is sad or totally unhappy, but this is different in some way. If that makes sense . . .

    “On a side note, I think it’s telling that some of the die-hard Behati fans keep tweeting about how cute and in love Bee and Jamie looked, and how she looks different with Adam.”

    I noticed that too! See, those are the Behati fans I respect because they seem to genuinely like Behati for her modeling and not just who she’s dating. Unfortunately, they seem more quiet than the stans. It’s too bad. Perhaps they’ll be more vocal?

  434. 434
    Jennifer Says:

    Also I believe Gene “dog sits” Frankie. And I don’t see Adam keeping a pig in his house. A dog? Of course. But cats or a pig? No way. That doesn’t seem like his style. I don’t care who he’s dating at the moment. That’s not happening.

    I’ve come to respect Anne more and more as time passes because she doesn’t engage in shenanigans just to get attention. I’m glad that she seems happy in her life. Some guy will be lucky to have her one of these days.

  435. 435
    Jennifer Says:

    Writing a lot doesn’t make you smart. In fact, it can make you look very stupid and stalkerish. And overly obsessed.

    Zaira doesn’t have friends who know Adam or Behati. It’s just Twitter people whose tweets she reads and creates stories out of the material. I see she’s creating stories about what we’ve said here. Too funny.

    For someone who says so much, she sure says very little . . .

  436. 436
    One day Says:

    @Jennifer – thanks for that link to zaira’s blog!!! I only glanced at it a while back – couldn’t get thru it. It is just too much bull$#*# for me!! I love (NOT) how she starts it off with ” this is just for me – my thoughts, etc. don’t care if you like it………..”. WHATEVER!!! Like I said before, if you have that great a life, you don’t write about it, you live it. If you know all these people, you don’t talk or write about them. I don’t live anywhere near as exciting a life as she claims to have, and I barely find time to comment here once in awhile. So how does she have time for all of this crap??? And it’s like you said – writing this doesn’t make her appear any smarter. Just the opposite. I’m really sorry to talk about her like this. Obviously I don’t know her personally. But if you don’t want anyone to comment on the stuff you write or call you out on it, then DON’T PUT IT OUT THERE LIKE YOU ARE SOME KIND OF INSIDER!!!! If people want to comment on what I said here, fine. That’s expected since I bothered to write it and submit it. Its called a gossip site! i comment on the weirdness of the relationship – the inconsistencies. OMG – stalker much??? Sorry – that just made me crazy.
    As for the little I read – why is she ( and the stans) trying to make this such a love story anyway? If it is – great for those involved. But its like they are trying to make this into a Disney fairytale. remember ” all these fairytales are full of s#*%!!” I don’t get why the secrecy or wanting privacy equals “they are so cute or they are so much in love”. i would think that him talking about her and how much he loves her and showing her off would be much more romantic – much more telling. but what do i know???

  437. 437
    Sami No: 1 Says:

    Jeniffer- I wasn’t saying that Adam broke up with Anne because of Jared leto. I was only saying that maybe Adam started dating Behati because he heard that Anne was dating again and he was hurt by that story and started to give Behati his attention (who was apparently already crushing over him). And when it became clear that Anne wasn’t dating at all Adam couldn’t figure out how to get Behati out of his life and it was just a big mess created by the gossip.

    IMO maybe Adam had told Behati that he is keeping this relationship a secret because his previous relationships didn’t work out because of the media attention and that he wants this relationship to work and this is why it is important to keep it very mysterious. And Behati being the young naive, so in love person agreed and thought that Adam is absolutely right.

    Also what’s up with Adam going to the Lakers game without Behati (he can afford to go himself, take his grampa and also buy a ticket for Behati as well) so why not also take your girlfriend with you? Could it be that they are trying to pose like a mature and stable couple who can take time off from each other because they understand and love and trust each other so much?

    Also no to be mean but Behati looks very immature, I mean yes because she is a model she knows maybe more than most 23 year olds because of her experience and the life that she leads. But still I know 23 year olds who are more mature than her. And what’s up with the tongue in every photo? It looks cute and adorable when it’s an occasional thing but in every photo come on it looks silly.

    I do think that Adam will only settle down when he is nearing 40 because I think in his mind he has that time fixed on for when he wants to start a family. He is getting so much attention from the media and his band is sort of rediscovered. I doubt that he will give up everything just to start a family this soon, because Adam’s popularity depends on how many girls are interested in him…it’s true. And so after doing all this work I don’t think he would want to give up the popular lifestyle just yet.

    I do think that his breakup with Anne was really hard for him and tore him apart but I also think that being with Behati it has given him time and someone’s company to be able to forget Anne, maybe not fully recovered but I bet it helped so Behati is useful to him a bit. But I doubt that Anne would come in Adam’s life again. If she ever does I will loose all respect for her. She seems smart enough to know that how bad it looks how Adam started dating her colleague and that it will make Anne look very stupid. But then maybe she won’t think about that. Look at Rihanna and Chris Brown at LA Lakers game. If they can do it then maybe Anne and Adam can too lol

  438. 438
    One day Says:

    Just looked at Michael’s twitter. He made a comment about les mis and I looked at some of the comments people tweeted to him in response. Most asked about the movie. And then I saw one from Merby. She wanted to know how the company was during the movie and did they share popcorn. (He went with Behati and his mom). That TOTALLY creeped me out!! I mean, why are these girls so obsessed with her?? Please explain that to me. I really don’t get it. She has no talent. Someone does her hair, make-up, dresses her and tells her where and how to stand. She was lucky to have good genetics and be tall and thin and photogenic. I don’t mean to be stupid. I just really don’t get it!!

  439. 439
    K R Says:

    @Intrigued and Curious

    Ali is in Miami. I think Anne met up with Mariano Vivanco, whos is a photographer from Peru. He must have gone home for Christmas. I doubt he was with her in Machu Pichu since he tweeted about meeting her soon in Cusco. I also thought she must have someone with her taking all those pictures. Pure speculation of course, but if she has found a new love, will be very very happy for her.


    Ahh Zaira. you need to tell us what she wrote. I refuse to read pure garbage, even for comedic relief. I do understand she has a new name for Anne – “exploiter” ! Read during her interaction with, who else, Merby! Hmmm such short term memory. Thats is not what she called her until April.

    I wish those geneuine Bee fans would be more vocal at least. They are the true fans.

  440. 440
    Curious Says:

    Holy crap, reading that blog is EXHAUSTING! I only made it through the first link (barely) and that was only because I skimmed/skipped through it.

  441. 441
    K R Says:

    Ahh i see Merby retweeted Sara Sampaio about insulting people who you have never met, how we all have different personalities. Wonder why SHE never chooses to listen to herself when she gets together with her mermaids and bashes Anne and her fans!

    Z keeps bashing Michaal and Anne and whoever she thinks is using Adam. Isnt she herself using Adam and her blog on his life to ensure people read her blog. If she did not write about Adam, do you think even half the people who read her blog now, will even glance at all that garbage. Of course being a narcissistic know all, she would never listen to logic. And only people who get photographed with Adam are “users” !

    It is this blatant hypocrisy that gets to me all the time. Nobody questions why she likes Bee, though we know why. Then why question others preference. We are all not mindless adults who choose to support whoever Adam dates and just because Adam dates them.

  442. 442
    Intrigued Says:

    I used to have a theory that Zaira slept with Adam at some point, since she talks about how she slept with “hundreds” of men before she got married. She always talks about his sexual habits in detail like she knows it first hand. When I first started following Adam she seemed to know everything about him and knew where he was every minute of the day. But she is really just a very twitter savvy insane person. It really is a full time job to follow every single thing that every single person says on twitter and Instagram and all the gossip sites. She must spend every waking moment thinking about it. How does her husband deal with that? And that blog is so delusional it’s scary, especially if you read what she used to write about Anne. She loved her so much, and admired her for working so hard. It’s schizophrenic.
    Merby has kids and a husband too I’m pretty sure. How does she function when she is obsessed with Adam and Behati the way she is. It really shows how all this access to celebrities can go horribly wrong and make people sort of lose their minds you know? It’s an addiction.

  443. 443
    Jennifer Says:

    First off, I have to point out that this post’s responses have been fun to read, especially since there is no craziness going on. I’ve learned quite a bit from you ladies (and gents?) about who these stans are. And just, wow.

    Second, people shouldn’t take anything on Twitter with more than a grain of salt. You’re restricted by a 140 character count. It’s pretty difficult to say anything too profound on Twitter. If you want profound, then you might want to start a blog. Not that I’m saying, for example, that Zaira is profound. She’s just crazy, but she seems to think that Adam’s tweets are profound, which is hilarious.

    I feel like I poke fun at Adam while chatting with you guys. I like Adam. He seems fine to me, but I don’t build up these grand fictions about the guy. None of us really knows anything about him, regardless of what he says in interviews, but the reality is that these interviews provide the only insight for us to use when discussing his character. I think that Adam is smart, but as someone else here mentioned (??? or K R), I think Adam tries very hard to come across as really smart. I’m not sure that I believe he’s super smart, but I definitely don’t see him as a “himbo.”

    Twitter is interesting in that people can say things and you don’t always know who they’re talking about it. You can never really know what people mean on Twitter, which is why you shouldn’t take the medium seriously. Zaira and the Mermaid Posse try to read in between the lines of Adam’s and Behati’s tweets. Just because you think something is some “secret signal” between the two of the them doesn’t mean that it is. Personally, unlike Zaira, I don’t think Behati is all that smart. In Zaira’s mind, Behati is a Mensa member. I highly doubt that Adam is dating her for her intelligence. When I see pictures of them “talking,” he doesn’t strike me as interested in what’s coming out of her mouth as she does in what she’s saying to him. Without him and without modeling, I highly doubt we’d ever hear about her. I’ve been following the modeling world for several years and Behati’s never really grabbed my attention and that’s because she’s one of the most unexceptional models I’ve ever seen. Even without makeup! I’m not even sure what the scout was thinking when he found her. She’s pretty boring to me.

    People enter into relationships for primarily sexual reasons. I know people who have done that before and a couple of these lasted a year or two. That’s because the people had nothing else is common, no real foundation. So yeah, Adam will keep Behati around because it’s less work for him to find a gal who won’t blab. And if he doesn’t actually “acknowledge” Behati, then it’ll be easier when he dumps because he’ll never have to admit to dating her. She’s acknowledged being with him, so this should be interesting.

    Also Zaira trips me out with her blog. She’ll start off by saying things are her opinion, but then she constructs her stories as if they were the gospel truth. She’s not a very good writer. In her mind, Adam and Behati were fated together while still in the womb, even though Behati is ten years younger. Apparently, to her, Adam has never loved any other the same way. I guess she forgot about Jane and about Anne. I also love how, at the end of her blog posts, she’ll give a disclaimer “I’m not sure if Behati and Adam will end up together, but for now they are good together.” Say what? So, she’s basically agreeing with us, but she stirs up sh!t with the Mermaid Posse to look like an insider. She’s a moron.

    I found an Adam interview from 2007 or 2008. I think it was before or during his Becky Ginos phase. He was asked if he was dating and Adam commented that he learned not to discuss his relationships publicly. Except that we know this is all bullsh!t because he did. He took Becky on Howard Stern of all places! Adam has been very public about his relationships. I’m not saying that he’s completely public because no one should be. He’s just never shied away about being public, which is why the Behati thing is strange because it seems like he’s hiding her. And to me, it has nothing to do with Behati being his “one true love.” That’s just crap that the Mermaid Posse likes others to believe.

    My point is that none of us knows what’s going on, but I’ve never felt like any one of us acts like some sort of “privileged insider” and behave rudely to others. The relationship between Adam and Behati will unfold in its own time, just like all the rest of his have. I stick to my opinion that Adam will settle down much later with a woman outside of the entertainment industry, especially if avoiding drama is a big deal to him. I think this future gal will have her own thing going on and won’t use him for exposure. He needs to find someone like that.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling, but there were so many great posts to read and I’m typing in a “stream of conscious” manner this evening. ;-)

  444. 444
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- What you said about those two is scary. What husband puts up with that mess?

    I’ve seen Zaira suggest that Adam has bedroom kinks, but she never really elaborated. That said I don’t think she’s sleep with him, but the stalking aspect out of something like that definitely makes sense.

  445. 445
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer Z has been sniffing on something heavy. The primary case of the psychotic leading the psychotic. She need not build herself up into being something she clearly is not. All the wealth in her world won’t make her know anyone with inside connections to Adam or anyone else that is connected with him. If Merby does have children shame on her for putting the lives and personal business of celebrities above them. I have caught nuggets of Z’s blog to question if she even has a spouse. She prattles on about him but only when it come to the highlife she boasts on.

  446. 446
    K R Says:


    I really like Adam too , hes funny, smart, talented,seems like a good guy. I know we make fun of him here, but those aspects are not what we make fun of. Its his insecurity, and impulsiveness and over competetiveness that we make fun of. I cannot understand why he is so insecure for someone talented. Some things might have happened during his early years to mould him that way.

    Adam is very, very smart but he isnt an intellectual. Hes smart but not intelligent. I doubt he has the patience to read books or constantly try to educate himself. Could be his ADHD. Point being, when he made that attack on Republicans and the Mormon church. When someone questioned him, he did not have enough knowledge to debate his case through. He has opinions, yes, but definitely not well thought of.


    Does she even have a husband or is he also purely imaginary as most of her life is? Sometimes, i think we should all get together to start a blog and call her out. Then i realise, we all have a LIFE.

    @ Intrigued

    Perish the thought. Z and Adam? No, I think Adam has much better sense than that. Interesting line of thought., though !

    We all take time out to comment on this forum. None of us actually stalk these people aggressively like Z and Merby and few of her cronies. Does not speak well of them to ignore their own families and devote so much emotional energy on some ones else’s lives.

  447. 447
    One Day Says:

    Well, looks like the gang in on their way to Vegas!! At least Michael is. So I’m sure the others are as well. So will we be seeing Vegas pics? Hope they have a great concert and wish I was there with them (instead of Behati!!!) LOL. Just kidding!! (But not really………..)

  448. 448
    Curious Says:

    Behati got a new outfit! Not really much better than her normal attire but I guess it’s a step in the right direction, maybe? Cant the poor girl afford some tights without runs though? And maybe a hamburger or 3? Wonder where Adam was in those pics? Kinda weird that she was walking alone to his car. Surely he didn’t let her take his preshious car out without him (does she even know how to drive/have a license?). BTW, people are leaving some really mean comments about her. I am not a fan of hers personally, but still.

    I’m sure there will be Vegas pics…can’t wait to see if there will be any of them together, and if so, what Adam’s expression/body language looks like.

  449. 449
    Shannon Says:

    @Curious: She looks like skin and bones in the images that were taken. I just can not find the appeal to this girl. Not only that but the child looks disheartened in the images too.

  450. 450
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: Shannon- I was about to say the same. I saw those pictures. She looks awful. I could have sworn, at some point in the past, Adam commented on how women should have meat on their bones. I remember agreeing with that remark because I don’t know of any men who want “skin and bones” women. They like them fit. Anyway, Behati looks borderline anorexic, unless she actually qualifies as one. That’s sad if she is.

    Also, of course, Behati wasn’t smiling in those pictures. She waS walking alone! She only smiles and makes stupid gestures when Adam is walking with her. She probably called the paps thinking that her and Adam would walk together, but alas, he did not.

  451. 451
    Jennifer Says:

    K R- I was wondering the same. I’d be curious if Z was actually married. I don’t know any guy who would marry someone that obsessed with a singer-musician.

  452. 452
    One Day Says:

    OMG. Those new pics are horrible. I didn’t want to comment on the other post because – like you said – people are saying some really nasty things. I understand it could be a bad angle, or a bad outfit……….but if those pics are really showing the truth – in no way can this be ok. Adam appears to have lost weight recently but he doesn’t look bad. A little thin for my taste, but I know he has always been thin, so I think this is pretty normal for him. But she really looks like she has a problem. The bad complexion, the limp hair, the legs……… can this be OK for anyone? VS has to have something to say about this. Get the girl some help!! I think I read that a few years ago (??) she was kicked off a show or something because her BMI was too low – even by modeling standards. Do you think this is just a bad angle ?? Is Adam really attracted to this? And she doesn’t look happy at all. I don’t mean to say nasty things about her – believe it or not – I am actually concerned.

  453. 453
    Jennifer Says:

    I commented on those pictures. I don’t find Behati appealing, but she seems way too thin. That’s a shame if she’s suffering from an ED.

  454. 454
    K R Says:

    What is happening to this girl? I do not think she has the features to be beautiful, but she is a very pretty girl. She does have some unique features, but this is downright scary. Her legs especially show how thin she has become . Looks more like bulimia to me.

    I hope her friends / family sit her down and talk some sense into her.

  455. 455
    Shannon Says:

    Per chance something is going on with her that nobody is willing to pick up on or say outright. She may be a model but from what it seems her career is slacking some which could be reason for her attached at the hip to Adam a load of the time now. She may not have an ED she may have a case of the strung out appearance going on. She always has been thin but this looks sudden and rapid.

    One would think if Adam were her beau he’d notice and take concern.

  456. 456
    Sami No: 1 Says:

    Guys which pictures are you talking about. of Adam and Behati (looking scary thin)? Please let me know as I wanna see. Thanks.

  457. 457
    Intrigued Says:

    It’s on Just Jared. But it’s not an Adam post. Search using Behatis name.

  458. 458
    Sami No: 1 Says:

    Intrigued- Thank you

  459. 459
    Jennifer Says:

    I see that Mergirl and another Mermaid are passing around the Behati pet pig story.

    And of course, these ladies should be believed because, after all, they’re the ones who started the bogus breakup rumor.

    Their antics kill me. It’s difficult for me to comprehend that grown women, especially those with kids behave this immaturely. Then again, having kids doesn’t make you mature.

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