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Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine takes a cruise in his Aston Martin with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on Saturday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman recently expressed interest in going on tour with one of his favorite bands. “If Pearl Jam needs a temp drummer while Matt Cameron tours with Soundgarden, I’ve been practicing to your records since I was 11. I’m READY,” he tweeted.

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“1. I’m dead serious. 2. I’m DEAD serious,” The Voice mentor added.

The week before, Maroon 5 performed their latest hit “One More Night” on Saturday Night Live.

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459 Responses to “Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?”

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  1. 426
    One day Says:

    Ok. I don’t think Adam is that stupid and if he totally into her right now, I’m sure he has read at least a couple of her interviews. And if not, then I’m sure Michael has. So they have to be aware of her lies. So I guess we have to assume they just don’t care? They are ok with all the lies she tells? If you knew someone lies that much, wouldn’t you be at least a little concerned that they were lying to you too? I agree with you guys that she has basically reinvented herself to be someone Adam could love. That can’t last long. Eventually the real person comes out. Sometimes I wonder if we have clued into this more than the people that are so involved. We all know something isn’t right. Or we are the only ones that don’t see the truth??? I doubt it. I really wonder what his mom thinks. She has to be aware that she ditched her own parents at the holidays. But maybe she is thrilled that Bee wants to spend so much time with Adam? I find that hard to believe as we’ll, but who knows.
    Also, does VS not keep track of its models? I would think they would be unhappy about the way she presents herself when she isn’t working – dirty, crappy clothes, uncombed hair, probably smoking pot (late night Munchie runs), apparently lying in interviews………I would think they would be unhappy – she still represents the brand even if she isn’t at work. Really doesn’t look good for them. I’m sure they are happy to have another model attached to a celebrity, but at some point, she becomes more of a liability. And being young is no excuse.

  2. 427
    Intrigued Says:

    I was looking at Anne Vs tweets. Interesting that you don’t see who she is with. Could she be there with a new man? If she was with friends, wouldn’t she take photos with them? I hope she has a new love.

  3. 428
    Intrigued Says:

    One day- Maybe Adam tells her to lie. Maybe he doesn’t want her to say when she is going to be with him. The pattern I saw was that every time she was planning to be with him, she said she was going to be somewhere else. There is a definite effort going on to keep the relationship secret.

  4. 429
    Jennifer Says:

    People might think the privacy is cool. But people know they’re a couple, so the privacy thing is unnecessary at this point. And really, I’d hate to be the girl Adam wants to hide. He’s never hidden any of his exes. He’s talked about them. I just think that’s weird based on his past behavior. Also I don’t think this makes Behati more special than any of the rest, although some might assume so. JMO.

  5. 430
    Jennifer Says:

    Celeb!tchy can’t stand Adam, but I looked at this page again. I don’t believe that Anne and Alex Skarsgard ever had anything going on.

    However, I do believe that Behati had a crush on Adam, was jealous of Anne, and Adam took advantage of the situation while he could. This way he has a “steady” partner and doesn’t have to spend valuable time looking for hookups, since those hookups might blow their horn to tabs about the “relationships.” Men will more often than not go after the sure thing. In this case: Behati.

  6. 431
    One Day Says:

    I guess I’m just too naive – I NEVER considered the option that Adam is telling Bee to lie – but it totally makes sense. Too bad though. Bee – all the lies will come back and bite YOU in the butt – not Adam!!! However, I still think it is partly (at least) her doing. I read somewhere after they first hooked up – someone said her lies and jealousy and possessiveness and tantrums will show up soon enough and Adam will get tired of all of it. (I don’t remember the exact words, but I think that’s pretty close.). Sounds like some of this stuff has been an issue before. But I’m still so confused about the hiding and supposedly wanting their privacy all of a sudden. We know that Hawaii was a set up. Maybe Adam (or his handlers) saw what a mess that was and have told him to knock it off. But I’m still convinced that at least at some of the late night grocery runs and Mustard Seed visits the paps were tipped off. So why the secrecy at all? Like you said, we know they are a couple already. I suppose that if they quit “hiding and lying” about all of it – no one would even care. Probably no one would even want to take their pictures. And I’m sure that would be horrible for both of them. I mean – it seems that being with Adam has helped Bee’s career already. So if they hide it all, VS isn’t going to give her any special treatment – because she is no where near the level of the other VS models in my opinion. She just has one look and it isn’t sexy at all. JMO of course. I just think without Adam, she goes back to being nothing. So in a way, he has nothing to lose and she has everything to lose by keeping it quiet. Unless she SINCERELY only wants Adam and is willing to give up her modeling/acting (??) career for him and just sit home with him or follow him around like a puppy. Sorry – but even people that are truly in love don’t do that. How can someone love someone or even be interested in them at all if they have NO LIFE except yours?? And wasn’t Adam always proud of his other gf’s and their careers? At least he seemed to be of Anne’s. She was her own person. Well, maybe he is happy having Bee there under his feet 24/7, but I still think that will get old. And he will move on and she will no longer have a life of her own of any kind – no career, nothing. But I guess some people are happy just living in someone else’s shadow, maybe it is worth it to her………

  7. 432
    Curious Says:

    @One Day, Jennifer & Intrigued – I believe Anne is on vacation with Ali and a few other photographers; pretty sure they are all just friends. I’m glad to see that she’s living life and having fun (in between working her a$$ off!). I hope she will find a great guy some day (sooner rather than later) that loves and cherishes her and is supportive of her career. Obviously I don’t know her personally, but based upon the image she portrays, she seems like an awesome, genuine person. Anyway, I think y’all are right about the pig, and one of the stans just got excited and assumed it was hers. The only other pic I’ve seen besides the one with Michael holding it, you can’t even tell that it’s her for sure holding it. I also wonder about her apartment sitch in NY and the pregnant friend she was going to live with and “help” out. I would venture to guess that Jamie has their cats…I hope. I don’t know how you could abandon your pets like that but whateves. I’m pretty sure Adam wouldn’t give up Frankie girl for her. I don’t remember who, but someone wondered in a previous post who takes care of Frankie when Adam is gone, and I’m almost positive it’s Gene. Especially since Gene lives (or lived) with Adam. @One Day – good points about VS…I would think they would be more strict about their model’s physicial appearance in public, especially for the ones that are readily associated with the brand like Behati. Maybe Adam is embarassed of how she dresses so he doesn’t take her out. I also agree that Behati, at least initially, was more of a convienence hook-up for him than anything. Considering she has had a crush on him for a while, she was probably the agressor to some extent and Adam saw an opportunity so he took it. And I think it’s obvious that she is trying super-hard to be the person she thinks Adam wants instead of who she really is. And the lies and betrayals will come back to bite her at some point. I just don’t get the impression that Adam is really happy in this relationship like he was previously. On a side note, I think it’s telling that some of the die-hard Behati fans keep tweeting about how cute and in love Bee and Jamie looked, and how she looks different with Adam.

  8. 433
    Jennifer Says:

    “I just don’t get the impression that Adam is really happy in this relationship like he was previously. ”

    Curious: I agree with you here. I don’t know that Adam is sad or totally unhappy, but this is different in some way. If that makes sense . . .

    “On a side note, I think it’s telling that some of the die-hard Behati fans keep tweeting about how cute and in love Bee and Jamie looked, and how she looks different with Adam.”

    I noticed that too! See, those are the Behati fans I respect because they seem to genuinely like Behati for her modeling and not just who she’s dating. Unfortunately, they seem more quiet than the stans. It’s too bad. Perhaps they’ll be more vocal?

  9. 434
    Jennifer Says:

    Also I believe Gene “dog sits” Frankie. And I don’t see Adam keeping a pig in his house. A dog? Of course. But cats or a pig? No way. That doesn’t seem like his style. I don’t care who he’s dating at the moment. That’s not happening.

    I’ve come to respect Anne more and more as time passes because she doesn’t engage in shenanigans just to get attention. I’m glad that she seems happy in her life. Some guy will be lucky to have her one of these days.

  10. 435
    Jennifer Says:

    Writing a lot doesn’t make you smart. In fact, it can make you look very stupid and stalkerish. And overly obsessed.

    Zaira doesn’t have friends who know Adam or Behati. It’s just Twitter people whose tweets she reads and creates stories out of the material. I see she’s creating stories about what we’ve said here. Too funny.

    For someone who says so much, she sure says very little . . .

  11. 436
    One day Says:

    @Jennifer – thanks for that link to zaira’s blog!!! I only glanced at it a while back – couldn’t get thru it. It is just too much bull$#*# for me!! I love (NOT) how she starts it off with ” this is just for me – my thoughts, etc. don’t care if you like it………..”. WHATEVER!!! Like I said before, if you have that great a life, you don’t write about it, you live it. If you know all these people, you don’t talk or write about them. I don’t live anywhere near as exciting a life as she claims to have, and I barely find time to comment here once in awhile. So how does she have time for all of this crap??? And it’s like you said – writing this doesn’t make her appear any smarter. Just the opposite. I’m really sorry to talk about her like this. Obviously I don’t know her personally. But if you don’t want anyone to comment on the stuff you write or call you out on it, then DON’T PUT IT OUT THERE LIKE YOU ARE SOME KIND OF INSIDER!!!! If people want to comment on what I said here, fine. That’s expected since I bothered to write it and submit it. Its called a gossip site! i comment on the weirdness of the relationship – the inconsistencies. OMG – stalker much??? Sorry – that just made me crazy.
    As for the little I read – why is she ( and the stans) trying to make this such a love story anyway? If it is – great for those involved. But its like they are trying to make this into a Disney fairytale. remember ” all these fairytales are full of s#*%!!” I don’t get why the secrecy or wanting privacy equals “they are so cute or they are so much in love”. i would think that him talking about her and how much he loves her and showing her off would be much more romantic – much more telling. but what do i know???

  12. 437
    Sami No: 1 Says:

    Jeniffer- I wasn’t saying that Adam broke up with Anne because of Jared leto. I was only saying that maybe Adam started dating Behati because he heard that Anne was dating again and he was hurt by that story and started to give Behati his attention (who was apparently already crushing over him). And when it became clear that Anne wasn’t dating at all Adam couldn’t figure out how to get Behati out of his life and it was just a big mess created by the gossip.

    IMO maybe Adam had told Behati that he is keeping this relationship a secret because his previous relationships didn’t work out because of the media attention and that he wants this relationship to work and this is why it is important to keep it very mysterious. And Behati being the young naive, so in love person agreed and thought that Adam is absolutely right.

    Also what’s up with Adam going to the Lakers game without Behati (he can afford to go himself, take his grampa and also buy a ticket for Behati as well) so why not also take your girlfriend with you? Could it be that they are trying to pose like a mature and stable couple who can take time off from each other because they understand and love and trust each other so much?

    Also no to be mean but Behati looks very immature, I mean yes because she is a model she knows maybe more than most 23 year olds because of her experience and the life that she leads. But still I know 23 year olds who are more mature than her. And what’s up with the tongue in every photo? It looks cute and adorable when it’s an occasional thing but in every photo come on it looks silly.

    I do think that Adam will only settle down when he is nearing 40 because I think in his mind he has that time fixed on for when he wants to start a family. He is getting so much attention from the media and his band is sort of rediscovered. I doubt that he will give up everything just to start a family this soon, because Adam’s popularity depends on how many girls are interested in him…it’s true. And so after doing all this work I don’t think he would want to give up the popular lifestyle just yet.

    I do think that his breakup with Anne was really hard for him and tore him apart but I also think that being with Behati it has given him time and someone’s company to be able to forget Anne, maybe not fully recovered but I bet it helped so Behati is useful to him a bit. But I doubt that Anne would come in Adam’s life again. If she ever does I will loose all respect for her. She seems smart enough to know that how bad it looks how Adam started dating her colleague and that it will make Anne look very stupid. But then maybe she won’t think about that. Look at Rihanna and Chris Brown at LA Lakers game. If they can do it then maybe Anne and Adam can too lol

  13. 438
    One day Says:

    Just looked at Michael’s twitter. He made a comment about les mis and I looked at some of the comments people tweeted to him in response. Most asked about the movie. And then I saw one from Merby. She wanted to know how the company was during the movie and did they share popcorn. (He went with Behati and his mom). That TOTALLY creeped me out!! I mean, why are these girls so obsessed with her?? Please explain that to me. I really don’t get it. She has no talent. Someone does her hair, make-up, dresses her and tells her where and how to stand. She was lucky to have good genetics and be tall and thin and photogenic. I don’t mean to be stupid. I just really don’t get it!!

  14. 439
    K R Says:

    @Intrigued and Curious

    Ali is in Miami. I think Anne met up with Mariano Vivanco, whos is a photographer from Peru. He must have gone home for Christmas. I doubt he was with her in Machu Pichu since he tweeted about meeting her soon in Cusco. I also thought she must have someone with her taking all those pictures. Pure speculation of course, but if she has found a new love, will be very very happy for her.


    Ahh Zaira. you need to tell us what she wrote. I refuse to read pure garbage, even for comedic relief. I do understand she has a new name for Anne – “exploiter” ! Read during her interaction with, who else, Merby! Hmmm such short term memory. Thats is not what she called her until April.

    I wish those geneuine Bee fans would be more vocal at least. They are the true fans.

  15. 440
    Curious Says:

    Holy crap, reading that blog is EXHAUSTING! I only made it through the first link (barely) and that was only because I skimmed/skipped through it.

  16. 441
    K R Says:

    Ahh i see Merby retweeted Sara Sampaio about insulting people who you have never met, how we all have different personalities. Wonder why SHE never chooses to listen to herself when she gets together with her mermaids and bashes Anne and her fans!

    Z keeps bashing Michaal and Anne and whoever she thinks is using Adam. Isnt she herself using Adam and her blog on his life to ensure people read her blog. If she did not write about Adam, do you think even half the people who read her blog now, will even glance at all that garbage. Of course being a narcissistic know all, she would never listen to logic. And only people who get photographed with Adam are “users” !

    It is this blatant hypocrisy that gets to me all the time. Nobody questions why she likes Bee, though we know why. Then why question others preference. We are all not mindless adults who choose to support whoever Adam dates and just because Adam dates them.

  17. 442
    Intrigued Says:

    I used to have a theory that Zaira slept with Adam at some point, since she talks about how she slept with “hundreds” of men before she got married. She always talks about his sexual habits in detail like she knows it first hand. When I first started following Adam she seemed to know everything about him and knew where he was every minute of the day. But she is really just a very twitter savvy insane person. It really is a full time job to follow every single thing that every single person says on twitter and Instagram and all the gossip sites. She must spend every waking moment thinking about it. How does her husband deal with that? And that blog is so delusional it’s scary, especially if you read what she used to write about Anne. She loved her so much, and admired her for working so hard. It’s schizophrenic.
    Merby has kids and a husband too I’m pretty sure. How does she function when she is obsessed with Adam and Behati the way she is. It really shows how all this access to celebrities can go horribly wrong and make people sort of lose their minds you know? It’s an addiction.

  18. 443
    Jennifer Says:

    First off, I have to point out that this post’s responses have been fun to read, especially since there is no craziness going on. I’ve learned quite a bit from you ladies (and gents?) about who these stans are. And just, wow.

    Second, people shouldn’t take anything on Twitter with more than a grain of salt. You’re restricted by a 140 character count. It’s pretty difficult to say anything too profound on Twitter. If you want profound, then you might want to start a blog. Not that I’m saying, for example, that Zaira is profound. She’s just crazy, but she seems to think that Adam’s tweets are profound, which is hilarious.

    I feel like I poke fun at Adam while chatting with you guys. I like Adam. He seems fine to me, but I don’t build up these grand fictions about the guy. None of us really knows anything about him, regardless of what he says in interviews, but the reality is that these interviews provide the only insight for us to use when discussing his character. I think that Adam is smart, but as someone else here mentioned (??? or K R), I think Adam tries very hard to come across as really smart. I’m not sure that I believe he’s super smart, but I definitely don’t see him as a “himbo.”

    Twitter is interesting in that people can say things and you don’t always know who they’re talking about it. You can never really know what people mean on Twitter, which is why you shouldn’t take the medium seriously. Zaira and the Mermaid Posse try to read in between the lines of Adam’s and Behati’s tweets. Just because you think something is some “secret signal” between the two of the them doesn’t mean that it is. Personally, unlike Zaira, I don’t think Behati is all that smart. In Zaira’s mind, Behati is a Mensa member. I highly doubt that Adam is dating her for her intelligence. When I see pictures of them “talking,” he doesn’t strike me as interested in what’s coming out of her mouth as she does in what she’s saying to him. Without him and without modeling, I highly doubt we’d ever hear about her. I’ve been following the modeling world for several years and Behati’s never really grabbed my attention and that’s because she’s one of the most unexceptional models I’ve ever seen. Even without makeup! I’m not even sure what the scout was thinking when he found her. She’s pretty boring to me.

    People enter into relationships for primarily sexual reasons. I know people who have done that before and a couple of these lasted a year or two. That’s because the people had nothing else is common, no real foundation. So yeah, Adam will keep Behati around because it’s less work for him to find a gal who won’t blab. And if he doesn’t actually “acknowledge” Behati, then it’ll be easier when he dumps because he’ll never have to admit to dating her. She’s acknowledged being with him, so this should be interesting.

    Also Zaira trips me out with her blog. She’ll start off by saying things are her opinion, but then she constructs her stories as if they were the gospel truth. She’s not a very good writer. In her mind, Adam and Behati were fated together while still in the womb, even though Behati is ten years younger. Apparently, to her, Adam has never loved any other the same way. I guess she forgot about Jane and about Anne. I also love how, at the end of her blog posts, she’ll give a disclaimer “I’m not sure if Behati and Adam will end up together, but for now they are good together.” Say what? So, she’s basically agreeing with us, but she stirs up sh!t with the Mermaid Posse to look like an insider. She’s a moron.

    I found an Adam interview from 2007 or 2008. I think it was before or during his Becky Ginos phase. He was asked if he was dating and Adam commented that he learned not to discuss his relationships publicly. Except that we know this is all bullsh!t because he did. He took Becky on Howard Stern of all places! Adam has been very public about his relationships. I’m not saying that he’s completely public because no one should be. He’s just never shied away about being public, which is why the Behati thing is strange because it seems like he’s hiding her. And to me, it has nothing to do with Behati being his “one true love.” That’s just crap that the Mermaid Posse likes others to believe.

    My point is that none of us knows what’s going on, but I’ve never felt like any one of us acts like some sort of “privileged insider” and behave rudely to others. The relationship between Adam and Behati will unfold in its own time, just like all the rest of his have. I stick to my opinion that Adam will settle down much later with a woman outside of the entertainment industry, especially if avoiding drama is a big deal to him. I think this future gal will have her own thing going on and won’t use him for exposure. He needs to find someone like that.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling, but there were so many great posts to read and I’m typing in a “stream of conscious” manner this evening. ;-)

  19. 444
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- What you said about those two is scary. What husband puts up with that mess?

    I’ve seen Zaira suggest that Adam has bedroom kinks, but she never really elaborated. That said I don’t think she’s sleep with him, but the stalking aspect out of something like that definitely makes sense.

  20. 445
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer Z has been sniffing on something heavy. The primary case of the psychotic leading the psychotic. She need not build herself up into being something she clearly is not. All the wealth in her world won’t make her know anyone with inside connections to Adam or anyone else that is connected with him. If Merby does have children shame on her for putting the lives and personal business of celebrities above them. I have caught nuggets of Z’s blog to question if she even has a spouse. She prattles on about him but only when it come to the highlife she boasts on.

  21. 446
    K R Says:


    I really like Adam too , hes funny, smart, talented,seems like a good guy. I know we make fun of him here, but those aspects are not what we make fun of. Its his insecurity, and impulsiveness and over competetiveness that we make fun of. I cannot understand why he is so insecure for someone talented. Some things might have happened during his early years to mould him that way.

    Adam is very, very smart but he isnt an intellectual. Hes smart but not intelligent. I doubt he has the patience to read books or constantly try to educate himself. Could be his ADHD. Point being, when he made that attack on Republicans and the Mormon church. When someone questioned him, he did not have enough knowledge to debate his case through. He has opinions, yes, but definitely not well thought of.


    Does she even have a husband or is he also purely imaginary as most of her life is? Sometimes, i think we should all get together to start a blog and call her out. Then i realise, we all have a LIFE.

    @ Intrigued

    Perish the thought. Z and Adam? No, I think Adam has much better sense than that. Interesting line of thought., though !

    We all take time out to comment on this forum. None of us actually stalk these people aggressively like Z and Merby and few of her cronies. Does not speak well of them to ignore their own families and devote so much emotional energy on some ones else’s lives.

  22. 447
    One Day Says:

    Well, looks like the gang in on their way to Vegas!! At least Michael is. So I’m sure the others are as well. So will we be seeing Vegas pics? Hope they have a great concert and wish I was there with them (instead of Behati!!!) LOL. Just kidding!! (But not really………..)

  23. 448
    Curious Says:

    Behati got a new outfit! Not really much better than her normal attire but I guess it’s a step in the right direction, maybe? Cant the poor girl afford some tights without runs though? And maybe a hamburger or 3? Wonder where Adam was in those pics? Kinda weird that she was walking alone to his car. Surely he didn’t let her take his preshious car out without him (does she even know how to drive/have a license?). BTW, people are leaving some really mean comments about her. I am not a fan of hers personally, but still.

    I’m sure there will be Vegas pics…can’t wait to see if there will be any of them together, and if so, what Adam’s expression/body language looks like.

  24. 449
    Shannon Says:

    @Curious: She looks like skin and bones in the images that were taken. I just can not find the appeal to this girl. Not only that but the child looks disheartened in the images too.

  25. 450
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: Shannon- I was about to say the same. I saw those pictures. She looks awful. I could have sworn, at some point in the past, Adam commented on how women should have meat on their bones. I remember agreeing with that remark because I don’t know of any men who want “skin and bones” women. They like them fit. Anyway, Behati looks borderline anorexic, unless she actually qualifies as one. That’s sad if she is.

    Also, of course, Behati wasn’t smiling in those pictures. She waS walking alone! She only smiles and makes stupid gestures when Adam is walking with her. She probably called the paps thinking that her and Adam would walk together, but alas, he did not.

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