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Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine takes a cruise in his Aston Martin with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on Saturday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman recently expressed interest in going on tour with one of his favorite bands. “If Pearl Jam needs a temp drummer while Matt Cameron tours with Soundgarden, I’ve been practicing to your records since I was 11. I’m READY,” he tweeted.

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“1. I’m dead serious. 2. I’m DEAD serious,” The Voice mentor added.

The week before, Maroon 5 performed their latest hit “One More Night” on Saturday Night Live.

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459 Responses to “Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?”

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  1. 51
    Rach Says:


    Wouldn’t adam or any man for that matter, get tired of that? The constant presence of your girlfriend beside you? I mean, yes, Adam is very busy. And often people in the entertainment business have to make time to spend together with their loved ones. And often sometimes people complain how there’s no time. But, in this case of Behati, it seems too much! I would think Adam would feel smothered? And smart enough to see that this is too much. Maybe take it slower. Everyone needs time away from each other in a relationship IMO. Adam needs to be careful. Not to say she is dangerous, but be able to set some boundaries. I sense he wants love. I understand that, everyone does. But, make sure it’s in a healthy way. I heard the interview where he said the reason for the break up was lack of time together? Well, it sounds like he’s getting PLENTY of time with this one!

  2. 52
    Rach Says:


    It is true, I don’t hear much buzz about Behati and Adam. Adam doesn’t seem like he wants to talk about her. And that could be a number of reasons. No one has to talk openly about their relationships. In Adams case, I get the feeling he doesn’t want to. I get the feeling this isn’t a real relationship that he is proud of. Yes, he’s got the hot VS model. And everybody can say that. But, that’s it? If she’s clingy, jealous, and possessive, why would adam be proud to talk about her? If you are happy in a relationship, it shows. Even if its something short and sweet. I don’t know, I get the feeling he is with this girl, doesn’t know exactly what he is
    doing, he wants love, he was dumped publically and is trying to emotionally detach by being with a girl who will stand by him 24-7. But even that might be wearing thin.

    As far as Blake and Adam. I didn’t follow their relationship closely. But, it’s too bad if there is some distance. That’s something you hope won’t happen because of the girl he’s with.

  3. 53
    K R Says:

    If i am honest, i actually became a fan of Adam only post Voice. I have heard songs about Jane when it came out but never followed their activity much post that. I live outside of the USA and let me assure you, people know of Adam but few of them know of Maroon 5. He became popular after Voice and MLJ. It is so sad when you think that Adam came onto the show to popularise his band, but somehow became disassociated from the band . His acting stints and private endorsements are only lengthening that distance.

    People who keep saying Adam and Anne were not private tend to blame it on Anne only. Yes, their romance was played out for all to see, but as far as i can remember they BOTH communicated over twitter . Most of the times, it used to be Adam who initiated tweets. adam was the one who went onto chelsea lately, Piers morgan, Howard stern to talk about his relationship. Adam was the one who talked about it even after the breakup, first in Stern show, and then even during a concert where he mentioned a song not being about a recent ex. I remember Anne talking only about how much of a good influenceAdam was post breakup and even that was recent and never cited any reasons for breakup.

    I dont blame them for tweeting either. c’mon its not like they released sex tapes, most of the time they were harmless tweets between them.

    If you are saying Anne made him talk about them, then i have to laugh. if she had that much power, then she would have made him marry her.

    Maybe the reason he is keeping this private is he learned his lesson. Also when they actually started dating, he was nowhere as popular as he is now. His first tweet was retweeted 5 times, yesterday he said something about baby tiger and that was retweeted 15,000 times! I am sure he is aware of the psychotic Z and her idiotic blog. Maybe he doesnt want to give them more material because we all know, every little action of his gets dissected.

    I do remember Adam on the stern show saying he was Annes first high profile relationship and she had NO idea whwat to expect. so i guess all the public scrutiny along with the distance broke them up. Thats fine, breakups happen to all of us.

    If he is happy with Behati, then i wish them well. I am not going to pass judgements on their relationship, it doesnt concern me . i strictly dont care. But i am scared of the psychotic behaviour exhibited by the Mermaid gang who use multiple twitter accounts to diss his ex. And attach themselves emotionally to his relationship.

    They display double standard and are hypocritical. If adam and Behati are seen laughing its because Behati made him happy. If they see old pictures of Adam and Anne laughing, they say it was a show they put on for us. Apparently Behati is his light while Anne was his darkness. Yes, Adam did look sad but Anne did not make him sad, it was the break up that saddened him. I guess all this logic will however not work on people who are psychotic and narcissistic.

    ps- Ok, The Voice does not get telecast here until a week later. And i have kind of stopped watching it too. What was it about Roxy? Did he say something about Rozzi crane? or was it about the theatre Roxy.

  4. 54
    One day Says:

    The comments about the Roxy Theater were basically that when Maroon 5 opened for Michelle Branch years ago at the Roxy, they weren’t given a dressing room so he hates the Roxy and no one should go there. Even tho that was years ago and apparently Maroon 5 played there 5 times and Kara’s Flowers played there so much the Roxy practically considered them a house band (all that info was from follow-up articles to his rant.) even Michelle Branch came out and said it wouldn’t have been the Roxy’s fault – she was given a dressing room and her band got the other dressing room per her contract. And his rant came about because Cassadee sang a Michelle Branch song and it was his turn to comment/critique it. I just think he is believing all his hype. Probably surrounded by people that kiss his ass 24/7. They used to say he was so grounded. Not any more. One article even started out saying “now that Adam Levine is literally running the show…..”. His comments on The Voice 2nd season got so long and pointless, then in 3rd season it seems like they skip him a lot. Just an observation on my part – could be totally wrong. He has so much going for him right now but he seems so insecure – so needy. He needs some people around him that tell him to knock it off once in awhile.
    Not to keep bringing up Behati but I think the main reason she bugs me so much is the smirk on her face in so many of the pics with him. Kind of like “haha he’s mine and not yours”. And other than holding her hand, most pics have her hanging onto him – GQ dinner pics especially. And she’s usually laughing a little too hard and he’s just looking at her. Ok – stupid reasons, I know. But my guess is she will relocate to LA, maybe to his new house with him (?), just do vs and try to focus on acting so she can stay in LA with him. Maybe he really wants that too. I just think it will get really old really fast. And I think people are getting tired of him. His 15 minutes may be about up. I think that will be really sad. I really do think he has so much to give if he would just come back down to earth!! Sorry. Guess it was my turn to vent!!!

  5. 55
    Sami No:1 Says:

    I just brought the introduction to family matter because he is very close to his family and their opinions are important to him so if he is introducing her to his family (and like he always says) maybe he thinks that she is special. But I just don’t see the love when I look at them.

    @unknown: what do you mean Adam should stop the white lies? I don’t get it what it’s about. But I agree with you that he wants to be loved and want that love that he sings about. But isn’t it funny that he always goes for the wrong woman and at the end they end up apart. Why doen’t he just meets someone who is grounded, has a stable career and will actually love him for who he is and not for what he can give to her.

    But then again maybe his ego or his inner desire to date models is not letting him take the right path. Do you remember a ”close pal” in an interview said that he didn’t want to date a model again but he is dating Behati because it’s in his rock star blood. I think he is aware of the fact that it will not work out but still can’t seperate himself from them.

    But the thing is if he loved Anne so much that he’s still hurting over her then why didn’t he just commit to her. Long distance and not time is not a good reason for breaking up with a person that you love so much (which he clearly did because it’s apparent that his behaviour changed after that and I have so far never seen him smile or laugh geniuenly after Anne).

    I agree if Anne wanted commitment and he didn’t want to marry her then they should be apart but then he said that he loved her a lot then why not commit to her?

    I have a feeling that he will find someone when he is nearly 40 because that’s when he wants to start a family.

    I noticed that lately he has become very bitter and very cold.

  6. 56
    Shannon Says:

    @K R: The whole Behati is his light while Anne only brought him into darkness is just another case of the psychotic Zaira and Merby wanna-bes. If you take yourself to her blog back to a year ago at this time, all she droned on about was Anne this and Anne that; how all who hate Anne are nobodies who aren’t worth anything, etc etc. Zaira went as far as to write an entire blog post about how Adam was a sell-out for doing the Voice

    These are the ones Adam should be watchful of. There is no telling how far these psychos will go to mesh themselves fully into his every movement in his life.

  7. 57
    Curious Says:

    I must confess that for some reason Adam Levine is facinating to me. I don’t understand why so many were against Anne and Adam. They looked truely happy together and now he looks miserable. I don’t understand the whole Behati thing…with the exception of the “private” thanksgiving picture with Michael, he rarely smiles when he’s out with her, barely holds her hand (and it looks like he’s dragging her along behind him) and if he does smile, it looks forced and doesn’t reach his eyes. There is such a marked difference between how he was with Anne and how he is with Behati. At the GQ awards he looked like he just wanted to get away from her, and in that one pic where they are sitting, he is looking at her like she’s an idiot. I almost get the impression he’s embarassed about their relationship. I personally loved him with Anne and I think its obvious he’s not over her yet. Did anyone notice how sad and glassy-eyed he got the other night on the Voice when he was talking to Melanie about break-ups? I get the impression he’s waffling between being hurt and angry and that’s why he’s “acting out”. The Roxie comment seems totally out of character for him; he usually seems so humble and genuine. Perhaps some of his recent behavior has to do with Anne being papped more lately and the fact that she seems happy even though she’s not dating anyone. Oh and he and Behati sure do have a happenin’ social life, with all the trips to the grocery store and Mustard Seed cafe. The mermaids posted some pics of them at the grocery on the 26th but I haven’t seen them posted/mentioned elsewhere. And what about her apartment in ny and her cats? Did she just abandon everything there to be with him? I am so curious as to why he and Anne split in the first place, and how he and Behati came to be. Perhaps even if Anne did demand a marital commitment, he figured he could work around it and still keep her but she called his bluff and left. Obviously all of my comments are purely speculation based on what I’ve seen and read online. As I’ve admitted, I’m facinated by this and I’m glad to see others share similar opinions and are vocal about them. Keep on posting!

  8. 58
    One day Says:

    Curious – I’m like you. Adam Levine fascinates me. I wasn’t really a fan until after the first season of the Voice even though I liked Maroon 5′s music. I think what made me like him was that he seemed humble and sincere and grounded in interviews and on the Voice. I guess he would have been with Anne all that time but I didn’t follow them much. I totally understand being cocky on stage and all – who could do that if they weren’t really confident? But I agree that he seems colder and almost harsh these days. None of us will probably ever know what happened so all we can do is speculate. And as I have said before – in my opinion at least, Behati is NOT “the one”. Even tho there are some that are trying REALLY HARD to make it look like she’s the one. I just hope he takes his time and makes sure of what he wants. In the meantime, he’s spending so much time with her, he may be missing out on someone better. It appears (from what we are aware of anyway) that they got together really soon after his break-up and it escalated from “he’s having fun with her” to her spending an entire month living with him on tour 24/7. Whatever!! I also love hearing all of your opinions!! So like Curious said – please keep posting!!

  9. 59
    K R Says:

    @one Day

    Thank you for the update. I am shocked he would say something like that. I can understand he rambles a bit because of his ADHD but i would have never ever expected him to hold a grudge and take it out in public. He has always been so grounded and humble and thankful . I mean he has fought his battles with Fox before but this tirade seems like below the belt. That he now has the forum and the power to say something and people will listen , though its unwarranted.
    Adam does seem like a changed man. His humorous tweets are missing, he has stopped answering fans. He may be technically following some 17,000 odd fans but i am sure he is not reading their tweets.


    I loved seeing Adam and Anne together and even when psychotic Z used to write nice things about them, i found the blog disturbing. Too intrusive and pretentious. If you like the new girlfriend thats fine, but i cannot understand how someone can do a 180 degree turn and write nasty things about Anne now. I hope she gets the medical help she needs.
    Oh btw, she loves sychopancy. She never publishes comments that dispute her . So the posse of Mermaids , treating her like a Queen Bee suits her gigantic ego.

    Anne in spite of being much younger, has always come across as more mature than adam. She is fun loving but never in a childish way. I love how she went off twitter after breakup, jumped right into work , not into another relationship and took time to get back on track. Look at her pictures right after her break up and you see her sad eyes. But she never ever said anything about her sadness.She looks so very happy these days and i am so happy for her. she has said that she is a happy person generally and loves to laugh. I love that quality of emotional strength. She has made an effort to be happy and she is. Sadly Adam seems to have everthing going for him but seems so unhappy.

  10. 60
    K R Says:

    Btw, did that baby tiger comment mean he wants a baby ? Because doesnt he refer to himself as a Tiger. I mean i know his nickname is sharky but i am sure he calls himself Tiger.

    I could be wrong. Throw your theories around.

  11. 61
    Curious Says:

    I think the baby tiger comment was just him being random. He has said numerous times that he isn’t ready for a family yet and that he doesn’t think he would be a very good father at this point in his life. I think that Adam and Anne were truely deeply in love with eachother, and probably still are. I don’t understand why everyone hates on Anne so much and call her a famewh***, etc. Wouldn’t she had pursued him if she was only after fame and attention? Instead, he has clearly stated he pursued her and even followed her all the way to NY. And if she was only after attention, wouldn’t it have benefited her to exploit their breakup and blab all of the nitty gritty details? No doubt being tied to him publicly helped her career in some ways simply because she was in a relationship with a hot celeb, but she has also worked her butt off for 10 years to get where she is. Anyone dating him or any other high-profile rock star or actor will naturally get more attention. As far as her being too “public” with their relationship, I think she’s just an open, fun-loving person. I don’t think she was posting pics of them and tweeting about him just for attention. Even now she tweets several times a day and posts pictures of what’s going on in her life. Plus, Adam was pretty vocal on twitter and otherwise about their relationship. I don’t really think it bothered him that their relationship was so public; I believe he has even made comments about being annoyed when celebs complain about being papped, etc. Sorry to harp on the past but I just feel like Anne gets a bad rep just because she dated him. Obviously I don’t know Anne personally, but I really like her a lot. I think she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and I do wish that things had worked out with Adam because I think they were awesome together.

  12. 62
    K R Says:


    Exactly! There were probably just a dozen tweets exchanged over 2 years! and none too revealing. I dont remember either Anne or Adam posting any risque pictures.

    Her tweets have remained the same, being informative of whats going on in a fun way. shes always responded to fans, posted pictures.

  13. 63
    Jennifer Says:

    You all have made so many excellent comments about Adam, Anne, Behati, etc. I don’t want to repeat everything. You all were in my head while writing, obviously. ;-)

    One thing that kind of bothers me is that I’ve noticed, on Twitter, that some fans are going through Anne’s old tweets (that included Adam’s handle) and are RTing them months after their breakup. It’s very possible that these are just new fans who are now discovering stuff about their relationship, but still, I get a weird feeling when I see those RTs.

    Anne and Adam clearly love each other, have wished each other well, and have moved on in their own ways. Neither has said a bad word about the other and that’s admirable. I just think that RTing Anne’s old Adam tweets will do nothing to help the rift between Anne/Adam and genuine Behati/Adam fans. Those RTs will just stoke the fires and by now, everyone needs to have moved on with things.

    I don’t know much about Behati other than she’s a VS Angel (and not one of the more popular ones). She’s done a few high fashion spreads and she dated a fellow model for seven years. For a young woman of 23, that’s a long-term relationship. Perhaps she’s the kind of person who can’t not be in a relationship. Kind of like Adam, to some degree, perhaps…but something feels off about Behati. Part of it might simply be that she’s still young and caught up in the fame aspect of it. She has seen what dating Adam can do for her career and her lifestyle in general. All of Adam’s exes have benefited from being attached to him.

    I have followed Maroon 5 since SAJ, but didn’t pay close attention to them over the years. I like their songs, but their music isn’t my preferred style. Also I think Adam is far more attractive now than he was when he was younger, but that’s just me. He always seemed humble. I think he still is. Not sure why he ranted about The Roxy. Oh well. That’s done and over with.

    I don’t know Anne very well either. I only started looking at their relationship after their breakup. However, I looked through and listened to some of her interviews. I even checked out her Twitter a few things. She seems genuine enough to me. I realize that some fans claim she’s fake, but I really don’t get that vibe. I can spot “fake” at 20 paces and I genuinely believe that Anne is thankful for her career and grateful for her fans, even before Adam came into the picture. So I hate when people try to attribute all of her success to Adam. I’m glad that she seems to be doing well in life, as where Adam seems kind of lost, perhaps.

    Very few people in this life get into their dream job on their first shot. I think it’s wonderful that Anne is living out her dream. She’s a role model, in that sense, for young women who have their own career dreams. And who knows, perhaps if Adam had met Anne at the “end” of her modeling career, we’d be relaying a different story? Maybe they would have ended up staying together? Timing is everything.

  14. 64
    Jennifer Says:

    K R- Exactly. Anne interacts with fans A LOT. Not too many “celebrities” bother with that level of interaction. Her tweets are fun. She shares pictures of all her wonderful travels and work assignments. I find her absolutely endearing!

  15. 65
    Adamtina Says:

    open your eyes guys…
    Adam true love is xtina…

    that’s why he is so sad lately, cause he has everything but her.

    he even picked’ someone like you, and that song is for xtina…
    i mean she has a boyfriend.

  16. 66
    Curious Says:

    It seems to me that Adam tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, and he doesn’t hide his emotions very well in his facial expressions. That being said, I can’t help but feel like something is just “off” with the whole Behati thing. If you look back at pics of her and her ex bf, they are super lovey-dovey and affectionate like he was with Anne. Perhaps after so much distance between he and Anne during their relationship, he just wants/needs someone to fawn all over him and be at his beck and call for a while…hence Behati (even though he doesn’t appear to be all that thrilled with the situation currently). Who knows. Anyway, all women aside, I think I find Adam so facinating because he is passionate, sexy, funny, talanted and adorable. He can be super-endearing and seem so down-to-earth. And I am a big fan of M5.

  17. 67
    One day Says:

    Can someone clear this one up? I keep reading on different sites that Adam and Behati met it the VS show in November 2011 and have been “inseparable” ever since. Are they just repeating info from one site to another or did they really get together way back then? If so, he totally cheated on Anne. I hope that’s not true. I’d like to think Adam would be more honest and caring than that. Maybe these people just have no morals and only care about themselves. Sorry – the more I read the more cynical I become. Time to unplug!!!!!

  18. 68
    Curious Says:

    I yes, someone please clear that up! I would be so disappointed and loose a ton of respect for him if he did cheat on Anne. I’ve also seen that they met or hooked up at Cochella but I thought Adam didn’t attend as he thought it was stupid.

  19. 69
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: I feel like the Coachella story came about from Zaira. That’s the only place I’ve ever read that information. And we know how stable that one is. I was under the impression that Adam has a beef with Coachella anyway…kind of like The Roxy beef.

  20. 70
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: Yeah, Adam doesn’t seem as into Behati. Seeing these two together seems odd. If she genuinely likes him (of which I’m not sure), then that’s too bad for her. It feels more like she’s the latest person who warms his bed. He can’t be alone and he’s said this . . . she just happened to be single at the time he became single. As I’ve said before, timing is everything.

  21. 71
    One day Says:

    @curious. I’m not really sure “timing is everything”. They seem to want us to believe that Behati and her bf of 7 years broke up and Adam and Anne broke up after 2 years and within a month Adam and Behati were together and inseparable and “head over heels” crazy about each other. Sorry – something stinks.

  22. 72
    Jennifer Says:

    Well, yeah. Any information given by the Mermaid Posse is suspect. The tooling is everything reference has to do with the theory that Behati became single after learning that Adam was. That’s plausible.

  23. 73
    Curious Says:

    @One day – are you thinking that Adam and Behati broke up with their significant others so they could hook up, or that the whole Behati/Adam “relationship” is some sort of publicity sham? i didn’t put too much stock in the Cochella thing based upon the comments Adam has made about it. Does anyone know if she went to Hawaii with him or they just happened to be there at the same time? I believe unknown mentioned that Behati dumped her man as soon as she heard Adam and Anne split.

  24. 74
    One day Says:

    Doesn’t it seem strange that Behati would break up with her bf of seven years around the same time Adam and Anne broke up? I mean, did she just hope that if she was single maybe Adam would notice her and just maybe he would ask her out? Seems kind of risky unless she already had an idea that he was interested in her. And it doesn’t say much about how she felt about her bf. I don’t know anything about him or about the 2 of them together. As I said before, the more I read the more cynical I become. I personally think Behati had SOME idea that Adam was interested in her so she became single and available. I don’t really know exactly when Behati and her bf broke up so the timing could be off and totally innocent. But my gut feeling is that Adam showed some interest in Behati before he and Anne officially broke up. And I’m also curious about Hawaii – did they go there separately and “happen” to hook up or was it planned. That whole thing looked like an “in your face Anne” on both their parts, but they still seem to be “together” so who knows??? Maybe it started as a “get back at Anne” thing and he feels the need to keep it going to save face or maybe it really turned into love. Personally I think it’s the first one.

  25. 75
    Jennifer Says:

    I almost wish that I hadn’t said “timing is everything” because I feel like it’s getting taken out of proportion. ;-) I just meant that it’s convenient that Adam’s and Behati’s respective relationships ended close together and that they hooked up. I really don’t know much about their recent past relationships. I’ve only read bits and pieces here. I know that Behati follows Anne *and* she follows Jamie (her ex) and even tweeted at him a few months back. Perhaps they didn’t have an acrimonious breakup. Who knows?

    My understanding about Hawaii is that they were both at a wedding, but Adam was there to perform at it. Were they hooked up before then or did they first hook up at that wedding? Who knows. There was obviously familiarity between them. After all, Behati and Anne knew each other well, even if they weren’t best friends.

    Remember when Adam went on Stern and Stern/Robin were giving him crap for hooking up with his ex’s friend. Adam confirmed that he was seeing Behati without saying her name by mentioning that they weren’t friends, but merely acquaintances. Adam knows that people know he rebounded with his ex’s coworker. He’s not fooling anyone. He realizes how ridiculous it looks that he keeps hooking up with the VS models. It’s become a joke at this point. All of this despite the fact that he didn’t want to date any more models. I think what he needs to do is quit hopping from relationship to relationship or maybe try to date a woman who isn’t famous and has a stable career.

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