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Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine takes a cruise in his Aston Martin with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on Saturday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman recently expressed interest in going on tour with one of his favorite bands. “If Pearl Jam needs a temp drummer while Matt Cameron tours with Soundgarden, I’ve been practicing to your records since I was 11. I’m READY,” he tweeted.

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“1. I’m dead serious. 2. I’m DEAD serious,” The Voice mentor added.

The week before, Maroon 5 performed their latest hit “One More Night” on Saturday Night Live.

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459 Responses to “Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?”

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  1. 76
    One day Says:

    @Jennifer – sorry if I sounded like I was jumping on you or your comments. It’s so hard to interpret what people mean sometimes when it’s written and not spoken. I actually agree with pretty much everything you say and I always hope you or unknown will respond because I like how you look at all of this!! Please don’t stop!!!

  2. 77
    Jennifer Says:

    @One day: I didn’t think you were jumping all over my comment. But I reread what I had posted and realized that some people might assume that I was saying one thing when I meant it could go either way, if that makes sense.

    For the most part I’m speculating here. The only “truth” statements I have to go by is whatever Adam and/or Anne has/have said. And again, you can’t always believe everything that someone says to you, even if the information is about the speaker. Naturally, they aren’t going to feel compelled to give the fans and media access to every little detail of what happened to their relationship and caused the breakup. For what it’s worth, I think there was build up of many little things.

    The bottom line is that Adam keeps choosing these relationships with women who are (at least regarding their high profile professional lives) mostly unavailable. He can’t expect these women who appear to be happy with their careers and their lives to give up everything for him. If he wants THAT KIND of stability, then he’s going to have to find a lower-profile career woman (outside of the entertainment industries) who doesn’t travel often for her job. It’s his own fault that he keeps picking the wrong women.

  3. 78
    Shannon Says:

    @One day: It has come to be believed that the Adam/Behati sucking face pictures leaked from his camp at the same time it was speculated that Anne had moved on with Jared Leto. It came out of left field and it looked like it was done as a way to say if Anne could move on Adam most definitely could too.

    As for the thing about Cochella. As Jennifer said, the only person that kept they out there was Z and that was because she reads into every single tweet or thing that Adam does.

  4. 79
    One day Says:

    That makes sense. I totally forgot about the Jared Leto thing!! Really makes the Hawaii pics look even more set-up. I can understand Adam wanting to show Anne he could get another girl and move on. Especially if he was as hurt and surprised by the break-up as his camp led us to believe. But doesn’t that make Behati look even more like an opportunist?? Unless she is just so young and immature that she didn’t understand what was going on(??). Idk – can any of these people be honest and sincere? Maybe it started out bad but they really like each other now. However it ends up – I hope they are all happy!

  5. 80
    Shannon Says:

    @One day: It is very doubtful that either one of them was blindsided with the breakup. His camp can say anything to keep him in a stellar and positive light. That is what they do. I do recollect when Anne tweeted out a big birthday wish and picture to Adam only for Adam to simply and rather bluntly wish her just a happy birthday back. We may never know what transpired for the relationship to run off the rails.

  6. 81
    Jennifer Says:

    Adam just seems lost to me.

  7. 82
    ??? Says:

    From what i understand anne and jared have been friends for a long time . And this rumor was debunked almost as immediately as it came out. Innfact when the Alex rumor came out people were saying that she hooked up with Alex be ause he was at the same party for James Franco on the same day. We are never going to know but can only speculate.

    Maybe adam will come two later later on the stern show and tell us how he met behati.
    Behati was at the wedding and them immediately went on the tour to paris and germany with him. Will someone who just hooked up at the wedding do that? My guess is that they hooked up not at the wedding but before that. She has in face retweeted gene much earlier. I go with the guess that she defintely had a crush on adam and went for him . I mean come on, if you look at people she follows, except for a handful , it looks like a combined list of people anne and adam follow. Also, i am guessing she must have been jeakous of anne, she follows SI. Why would she do that? SI has always been aNnes territory. I dont think they were close friends but definitely more than the acquaintances lie that adam wants us to believe. Why do people fprget they share the same agen y also, apart from the vs stint.

    also is that Z really a real person. I think shes just some small time obsessed fan who keeps harping on about this fabolous life she has and how rich she is. Constantly boasting . Makes me wonder if all of that is made up sometimes. You know, she could be well off, but not that stinking rich .

  8. 83
    One day Says:

    I think it will totally end up like @unknown has said. The truth will come out in the end. I think Adam and Behati must have hooked up before Hawaii. For her to go to Paris and Germany with him so soon, then spend the entire month of August with him on tour in Mexico/South America, and then to some of his shows in Asia…’s too much too soon if you believe they never got together until after he and Anne broke up. Anne is earning my respect more and more for not saying anything about the break-up. And Behati is losing my respect. Of course I don’t think Adam knows what he wants – he would never have a fragrance, then he is putting out a fragrance; he would never date another model and yet here is Behati; what’s next??

  9. 84
    Jennifer Says:

    The pictures of Adam and Behati at that Hawaiian wedding were the first of them together publicly. I’m sure they were hanging out before then. I’m sure it happened pretty close on the heels of his breakup with Anne. I really believe that it was mostly a rebound to, perhaps, show off to Anne.

  10. 85
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: Curious to know why in this relationship he is very low key and very obvious in not being in the public eye with her. With both his exes Rebecca and Anne he was captured by the media a great amount but now you get a sprinkle of him with his current girl here or there. I’m not feeding into the he suddenly wants his private life to stay private mumbo jumbo. This is a man who thrives on media attention personal or professional.

  11. 86
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: I remember Angela being in the spotlight with Adam too. Isn’t Rebecca the ex that Adam talked about on the radio? The one about how he had sex with her the first night they make and that she was the best sex he ever had? If I were the girlfriend, I wouldn’t be too happy about that. In fact, I think that was one factor in why he and Anne broke up because of the Stern comments. That’s part of Adam’s issue, he has no filter. There’s nothing wrong with speaking one’s mind, of course, but a person has to keep in mind where he is.

    I agree with you. Adam has said that he loves attention. Can someone change his ways and become more private? Of course. I’m not sure that’s entirely what’s going on here. Then again, I’m merely speculating.

    I see that Adam is sick now and missed out on the Jingle Ball. That’s too bad. Hopefully, he feels better soon. The word is that it’s strep, but who knows?

    This is slightly OT, but I know Adam has discussed using drugs in the past. I suspect he still smokes pot. That’s not necessarily an awful thing, of course, but I just remember that most of the pictures of him and Behati are at the grocery store, late at night. Sounds like a munchie run to me. And she looks like she might use. If this is the case, then this might explain the attraction. Truthfully, I don’t know how this girl models lingerie and swimwear. She’s too thin. Lingerie and swimwear models should be kind of curvy. Curvy, she ain’t.

  12. 87
    One day Says:

    @jennifer: how do you know Adam is sick and maybe has strep? I barely keep up with what little I read on a few sites from google. And he never seems to tweet much anymore. And I agree about the pot – late night ice cream runs? Really? Maybe he is trying to recapture his youth? But then buying a new home – more of a family home? Seems he is torn.

  13. 88
    Jennifer Says:

    I saw a tweet about how Maroon 5 was supposed to be the Special Guests for the Jingle Ball, but Adam was sick, so they had instead.

  14. 89
    intrigued Says:

    i actually did hear that Adam went to Cochella for one night to attend a party. I guess he ran into Behati there although only Z says that. She started following Adam and Gene about a week later and by the time of her birthday on May 16th, she tweeted a photo of an enormous bouquet of roses which were probably from him. The wedding over Memorial day was one of Adam’s close friends and Behati was his date. They had already been together more than a month at that point. After that they were virtually inseparable for a month. But that is how Adam operates, he falls in love very fast and hard, and wants constant contact. He’s obviously still in that honeymoon phase.

  15. 90
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Well, either way you slice it, Behati’s his rebound.

    Also, back in June, I remember reading a blind rumor about how a musician, who’s on a popular TV show, was collecting phone numbers from other models in his hotel lobby while his girlfriend was upstairs taking a nap in their room. The popular guess for this item is Adam. I’d be willing to bet every expensive thing I own that it is Adam.

    Even though Adam relationship hops, I still get the sense that he’s a bit of a commitment phobe and always has one foot out the door. That’s just my impression, of course.

  16. 91
    Jennifer Says:

    Although, I checked Bee’s Twitter. Those flowers could be from anyone, tbh. Hell, her ex could have sent her those. If you go back a bit on her timeline, you’ll see that, on March 4th, Behati RTed Anne.

  17. 92
    intrigued Says:

    How many people do you think would send her 4 dozen roses? Pretty sure it was probably a new love yes?

  18. 93
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Not necessarily. Your assumption about those flowers definitely being from Adam isn’t any more spot on than what others have been assuming here. You might be right, but then again, maybe you’re not.

  19. 94
    One day Says:

    So all of this points to their being “in love” at least over the summer. And if he really did fall in love with her that quickly – doesn’t say much about his relationship with Anne. At least at the end. If it was truly a rebound romance, would it still be going on? As I’ve said before, I really don’t like these two together so I guess I hope someone has some inside info that it has run its course. I know that’s really mean but……it is looking more and more like it didn’t start under the most honest circumstances anyway.

  20. 95
    Jennifer Says:

    @One day: I’ve known a few rebounds that lasted a while before they fizzled out. It does happen.

    For what it’s worth, I wasn’t not picking on intrigued. Her (I assume she’s female) information is an interesting read. But we’re on a gossip website talking about stuff that we’ve heard or read elsewhere. The blind rumor that I mentioned I believe is about Adam, but it very well might not be. My primary instinct is that Adam isn’t the faithful type. There are men who can treat their girlfriends/wives very well and perhaps even love them, but they’ll still cheat. Adam has a history of cheating and I assume that he cheated on Anne. That was obvious to me when they went on the Howard Stern Show together. Anne didn’t hesitate for a second about saying she loved him and indicating that she wouldn’t cheat. Adam seemed uncomfortable. Does this make him evil? No. I just think he’s a bit of a commitphobe, but I don’t see Behati changing him either. He can only change himself.

  21. 96
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: Adam is doing exactly the same method of dating with Behati as he has done with Anne but only now it is very much different. He started out low key but then immediately he was everywhere on the web. The only thing different this time around is that Behati barely works her job enough to keep herself in the media; nor does he seem to care enough for the media to see them. When he was with his previous girls he seemed proud and happy for all to know who he was dating. This time around not so much.

    No matter how they got together only one seems to be happy in the relationship and I speculate it isn’t Adam.

  22. 97
    Jennifer Says:

    Shannon= The Voice of Reason! I swear we need our own forum, guys. The discussions here are fun. :-D

  23. 98
    intrigued Says:

    I don’t mean to seem like I am a fan of Behati because I am not. I am disappointed that Adam chose such a young immature girl but it’s so obvious that after trying to have a more grown up relationship with Anne for so long, he wanted the opposite kind of girl: low stress and with him totally in control. The mermaid group is always marveling at how discreet she doesn’t need attention blah blah blah because she loves Adam so much, but if you look at her twitter before she met Adam, she was always tweeting about everything she was doing and there are about 10 zillion photos and videos of her and Jamie together. I am sure that she was told from the very beginning that she was not to tweet Adam or post any pictures of them together and not reveal where she is at any given time. The whole thing just feels super weird to me. On the other hand, I think Adam is feeling the strain of the constant paparazzi presence and that is probably why he looks so annoyed all the time. It inhibits his freedom. He can never say where he is either. James said that Adam can’t go to bars anymore because he just gets mobbed. Probably makes it harder to cheat on Behati!

  24. 99
    Kylie Says:

    Have been reading the comments for a little while now and while this has nothing to do with the topic as a whole I just want to say how nice it is to read such articulate, respectful and considered comments and responses from posters such as Unknown, One Day, Jennifer and Shannon. It is lovely how you all show respect not just to one another but to all on this site.

  25. 100
    ??? Says:


    I feel the same way. Someone said he was going the Leo way, you know where everybody knows you are dating but the people involved never talk about it. Or rather arent allowed to. Also adam maybe wants to keep at it to make a relationship work even if he may not be very happy about it. People are giving him a hard time for being a serial dater, maybe he wants to try change that image.

    For people who are also Maroon 5 fans, i somehow feel James off late has been disappointed . He keeps retweeting tweets where people have made fun of other invisible ( to the general teenage public) members of the group. Even his #saveadam tweet i though was being sarcastic about peolle worrying too much about a simple strep infection. I feel theres trouble in that paradise. Unlike other members of the band, James has been wanting to talk, though Adam never lets him. I dont think these are simple tweets, but james way of digs . Any thoughts?

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