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Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine takes a cruise in his Aston Martin with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on Saturday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman recently expressed interest in going on tour with one of his favorite bands. “If Pearl Jam needs a temp drummer while Matt Cameron tours with Soundgarden, I’ve been practicing to your records since I was 11. I’m READY,” he tweeted.

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“1. I’m dead serious. 2. I’m DEAD serious,” The Voice mentor added.

The week before, Maroon 5 performed their latest hit “One More Night” on Saturday Night Live.

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459 Responses to “Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?”

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  1. 101
    Shannon Says:

    @???: More ramblings of a psychotic pseudo-fan

    It is very disturbing to be so out of touch with reality as this strange bird is. Adam should have her on red alert.

  2. 102
    Curious Says:

    I love reading everyone’s posts! I’m sorry in advance if this post reads a little random and all over the place; I just have little comments to make on various things mentioned previously. He looks very uncomfortable to me in the Hawaii pics when they are kissing and holding hands and such. Actually, he still looks uncomfortable when they are papped together like 97% of the time. I agree that the late night grocery store runs appear to be fueled by a case of the muchies. I went back and looked at Behati’s twitter from before she and Adam were public and she did used to tweet a lot more. I too am curious as to why their relationship is so hush-hush when in the past he has much more open about who he is dating. If I were Behati, I think I would feel like he was embarassed to be in a public relationship with me, especially given how he has been with his past girlfriends. I don’t buy it that he’s all of the sudden tired of the attention given to his personal life. In fact, I believe that he has said in the past that any publicty is good publicity, and he does love to be the center of attention. I agree as well that it seems as if she has been told that she has to abide by certian rules when it comes to sharing info about their relationship via twitter, instagram, etc. What I am really curious about at the moment is what y’all think about the Jingle Ball thing. It seems really odd to me that there hasn’t been more info reported about Adam being sick and having to cancel. If you Google it, only like 3 stories come up and even those barely mention anything about it. I guess I just expected more of a to-do about it given Adam’s and Maroon 5′s popularity lately and since he (to my knowledge) rarely, if ever cancels shows. I know he hasn’t been tweeting much at all lately, but I also kind of expected he would tweet an apology/ thank you message to all of his fans and well wishers. That seems like something the old Adam would have done in a heartbeat. I feel bad admitting it, but I kind of get a weird vibe from the whole thing. I’m just hoping that him supposidly having strep isn’t just a cover-up for him just blowing off a gig or something. I would like to think that he wouldn’t do that to his band mates (and fans), but I guess you never know since he has been acting so out of character lately. I truely do hope he is on the mend if he really is sick. I hate how sad and depressed and unhappy he has looked lately and I wish the old Adam would come back. I’m wondering if the stress of dealing with his failed relationship with Anne and his new “relationship” with Behati is finally taking its toll on him physically?

  3. 103
    Jennifer Says:

    Kylie- That’s very sweet of you to say. :-) I agree. I enjoy reading comments on message boards, but I rarely (except for here) post because often there are people fighting. I don’t like bullying and trolling, so I try to keep away from that kind of behavior, but everyone here has been friendly to one another, which is a nice change of pace.

    Intrigued- I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t care if you were a genuine Behati fan or even her biggest fan. I don’t have a probably with those Behati fans. It’s the crazy and bullying Mermaid Posse with whom we all have a problem. Behati doesn’t interest me as a model, but I don’t know much about her personality. The reason I’ve been posting on this story is because we’ve been discussing the timing of when she and Adam first got together. It seems suspicious. He’s a bit of a goofball and she’s still pretty young, so who knows? That’s the fun part about the gossip. It’s not fun when people act nasty to one another, which is how some of the pseudo-Adam/Behati fans were behaving toward Anne and some of her fans.

    ???- You noticed James’ RTs too, huh? In fact, I think that PJ had a couple of RTs like those as well. ;-) I feel bad for them, but I highly doubt that any of them would trade for Adam’s visibility. If anything, I think that they’d like to have more of a public voice for M5 but without all of the craziness that comes with being Adam. So yes, I think James is getting in a few digs. And really, strep throat isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. Some M5 fans are acting as if Adam has one foot in the grave.

  4. 104
    Jennifer Says:

    Curious- Trust me. I thought that was strange too. Because Adam has stated that he does enjoy making money. I can’t imagine that he’d intentionally cancel showing up at gigs when he loses money. In this day and age, singers and musicians have to find all sorts of ways to earn income because people no longer purchase CDs. Adam is well aware of this fact. I agree that Adam has always been gracious to his fans and keeps them posted, so I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t addressed his illness or, at least, thanked fans for the well wishes. Their hearts are in the right place.

    I also agree that he hasn’t seemed like himself. I’m not sure if it was just the breakup with Anne. If he did something as the “final straw” to mess up that relationship, then it’s possible that regret has caught up with him. That said I think he’s moved on from that. Not sure if that makes sense.

    The exchanges here have been a lot of fun. Everyone is very chill with each other.

  5. 105
    ??? Says:

    Jennifer and curious, did he really cancel concert because of strep infection. I read tweets where someone said they saw adam levine walk into a bar, another where a girl had said her dad sat next to him on a flight . The bar thing could be dopple gangers but what about the plane thing.

    Yeah and the blind gossip thing, there have been reports from december too. No, not the bartender gossip but flirting in bars and trying to pick up girls. In fact the item talked about how lovey dovey the singer acts, especially when cameras are turned on, so people think hes loves his gf too much to cheat, when he does. In fact in many of the pics i have seen of adam and anne, its adam whos always grabbing onto her and kissing her . Like in kisscams in games, or at red carpets. Maybe thats why behati seems too clingy and always by his side since she knows he cheats. I just cannot point to it but something looks sooooo off. And no, that idiotic Z has been sqying this is the real adam who is way, adam has always been an exhibitionist.

  6. 106
    Jennifer Says:

    ???- Adam is totally not that private. I agree with you. I don’t know about the bar or the plane. I just saw the tweet about Adam being sick. I didn’t notice any particular tweets other than fans wishing him well.

  7. 107
    ??? Says:

    Ok dont wanna give out the twitter handle but this is the tweet from girl.
    My dad had adam levine on his flight today and had a long convo with him but did not get his autograph.

    The girl is from ny, doesnt mean a thing, but since adam has voice on monday he could be flying back to la.
    Just twitter search adam levine bar and you will get the other tweet. like i said could be mistaken identities but the flight one mentioned a convo. Could it be true. No idea.

  8. 108
    Rach Says:

    Not sure if he is a commitment phobe. because I do think he will settle down eventually. I just don’t think he is mature enough to settle down. He is very hot right now, in demand, women love him. He still wants to hang out with supermodels. He just isn’t ready yet.

    I do get the feeling he wants love. But, right now he is just still going through the “here is a hot model who wants me, what the hell” phase. The sad part is, if these women are indeed using him.

    He does seem very private about Behati. COuld be for a number of reasons. I think he just didnt’ want to be alone, and Behati is a young woman who wants to have fun, which he might have been looking for after the break up. Some people dont’ want to jump into somethign serious right after. Behati, is young, will follow him where he goes, go on tour with him, wait in the hotel or background for him at the Voice, during events. Will smoke weed, or (whatever) with him. I hope at some point, he takes sometime for himself, get himself together emotionally, then find a woman who he can be with. i think he will. Just not ready right now.

  9. 109
    Curious Says:

    Wow! Have any of y’all seen this before?

  10. 110
    Intrigued Says:

    I can’t believe Adam would go to NY for the weekend when he has 2 contestants left on the Voice who both have to sing 2 songs for Monday. If he does care about being their coach I don’t know how that would be possible. Also I doubt he would walk into a bar when he just cancelled a concert saying he was sick. That would make him look very bad, which I’m sure he doesn’t want after last weeks Roxy incident.
    One thing to be careful about, don’t assume Adam is so unhappy. I was reading the post on here about the SNL performance, and everyone was saying he looked so off and unhappy. I actually went to SNL that night and Adam looked really happy. On the commercial breaks when they were getting ready to perform, he was joking around and even dancing and hugging everyone. And as much as I hated to admit it, he looked very happy in those Thansgiving photos. I think Behati is here to stay for a while. I don’t know but I think he seems kind of mad at his fans right now, maybe because they are so quick to criticize him and since Behati isn’t being very well received. I think he is “punishing” them by not talking on Twitter much.

  11. 111
    ??? Says:

    Yeah maybe you are right about the bar and plane thing. Like i said , could be mistaken identities. People keep thinking they see celebs all the time.

    But not getting yr punishing statement. Why would he punish us. Why would he care so much wether people like his gf. All his gfs have been hated and liked, more hated in fact . People have thrashed becky and anne when they first came on the scene, even after they broke up. And she has been on the scene from May . And adam was tweeting all this while, when people were still sayimg bsd things about them. Naa,
    sounds mysterious and all, but am sure thats not the case.

    The shevine thing is axtually a nice read. Enjoyed it.

  12. 112
    Shannon Says:

    @Intrigued: Doubt that he is punishing fans by not tweeting because he has gone periods of times in the past without tweeting. If he’s ill then that is why the lack of tweets.

  13. 113
    One day Says:

    I agree with all of you – really enjoy the discussions we have here. I don’t comment on other sites because most of the comments are so mean!! Back to the topic – I know Behati was doing some photo shoot for VS last week (2 weeks ago?) and at the end, one person wished her a great weekend and another wished her safe travels. Put that with the tweet about the dad sitting with Adam on the plane and it sounds like he might have flown somewhere with her and then come back alone. TOTAL SPECULATION ON MY PART!! But I would be SO disappointed in Adam if he missed an appearance just to be with his gf. Of course he could have flown somewhere with her with every intention of being back in time for the ball and gotten sick in the meantime……who knows. However, he did some appearances alone in the last few weeks – and it seems in the past he usually had at least one other band member with him. I hope this isn’t another “I would never put out a fragrance” “I will never date another model” “I will never leave Maroon 5 and go solo”.

  14. 114
    One day Says:

    I agree with @intrigued – I think Adam is happy with Behati – for now at least. He’s a big boy and if he wasn’t happy with her, I think she would be long gone. I just don’t like who he appears to have become since being with her. I also agree that he has always seemed to be more public with past gfs. Not so much seeking out publicity but not shying away from it. I’m a relatively new fan so the only other gf I know of was Anne. But I think he always was more into his personal appearance in the past – nicer clothes, better hair and “manscaping” but quite often he and Behati both look really scruffy. And even on the Voice – his personal appearance is off. Maybe all the work and appearances are finally getting to him and he needs some time off but I don’t think it has much to do with being followed or papped too much. I mean seriously either he never goes anywhere without Behati or no one is interested in pics of him by himself or with other guys. Are we to believe he never goes to Mustard Seed (?) or driving around by himself? Yes there were those pics of him shopping at Barney’s with his mom and brother (and Gene?) but captions tried to imply he was possibly shopping for Behati – so again the gf tie-in. It’s like VS (or someone) REALLY wants most of his press about her. And I don’t think Adam needs the press so……..Again, disclaimer – ALL SPECULATION!!

  15. 115
    Sami No:1 Says:

    Hey guys!!! So lovely to hear your comments about everything. I have to say the discussion has gone way too deep than expected haha.

    What I think is if you listen Adam Levine’s Howard Stern interview
    it will make you realise how weird his relationship with Behati is. I have to give it to Howard, he kept asking Adam about Anne and he wouldn’t give any more info but Howard did manage to find out a few thing by going round the room and asking the band members about different things and Adam being Adam always jumped in and had to say someothing about everything and that way he said too much more than he wanted to say initially, But it’s only what I think.

    Anyway he said that he missed Anne and that he is hurt and it’s a fresh wound. He didn’t want to talk about it in detail but did say something about getting married and that he didn’t want to and maybe I think that’s one of teh biggest reasons why they broke up because if you remember last years Haloween party Anne wore a bride’s costume (in whatever context she wore it, it was stil a bride costume) and that tells me that she actually wanted to get married and that just became one of the many reasons that broke them up – But it’s only my opinion.

    Also he didn’t say Behati;s name but said that he is not exactly single. But also said that if he wanted to go out he could to meet girls but he didn’t have time to do all that. That tells me that maybe because he doesn’t have time to go and meet women he thought he woudl get on with Behati since she is single and it’s easier for him.

    I agree with him looking happy with Behati but it doesn”t look completely genuine in my opinion. When someone is happy you can see it in tehir eyes and he is just not the way he used to be. Maybe he is letting Behati take control in the relationship and change him and love him (that’s all that he wants I guess) and maybe that’s why many people including him band mates and the voice coaches are getting sick of him.

    I would say that if James if tweeting things like that (moment of silence for band mates who are not adam levine or trust me i’m a maroon 5 member says everyone except adam levine) than he is being mean. They always say that they knew from the start that Adam would be the face of the band and they should support him when he does these things and is becoming larger than the band. BUT, I have to say that I agree with James because it must be very difficult for them all to work with him now that he is acting all weird and is extra cold and bitter towards everybody. So I get where James if coming from.

    I don’t know what to say except that I feel for him because he always goes for the wrong people. As I said earlier, maybe it’s his ego that doesn’t allow him to date anyone else. You know you tell your friends that you are dating a VS model and they are all jealous of you and stuff maybe it’s one of his techniques to keep the attention to himself and being known as the womaniser. I also feel that he wants to start a family but I think that won’t happen for a few mmore years. Maybe he might make Behati his baby mama. Who knows. She seems to not work and is a behaves like a child with her infatuation with Adam (who she finds attractive and who is wealthy and in a band and is popular) so she ain’t going anywhere trust me, unless it’s Adam’s choice.

    You know one more thing Adam said that he respects Anne and that he wouldn’t ever tell her to be with him instead of doing her job (because of which she was always away and couldn’t spend any time with him) and he knows that she needs to work. But what about Behati, isn’t she in teh same league with work and stuff?

    Gosh there are so many things that are going on in my mind to write things here. But I think he is confused. From now on when he says anything I’m going to believe the opposite because that’s what he always does.

  16. 116
    Jennifer Says:

    I agree with Shannon. Adam’s not trying to tick off his fans. I think that’s a bit extreme. I think Behati hangs off him a lot. Of course, Adam isn’t going to not enjoy that on occasion. She’s a bit weird to me. She follows mostly people that Adam does. I would never do that with a boyfriend. Ever. I don’t expect to become best buddies with my boyfriends’ friends. I think it seems a stalkerish. And I think, after a while, Adam will tire of her. Behati is the extreme, as in, she’s always around. Again, I don’t get the impression that she works all that much in the first place. A popular model gets hired often she’s earned a a good reputation and she’s good at modeling.

    Also, for what it’s worth, even the most casual fans know that something is off about Adam. It could very well be burnout, but I think it’s a combo of things. I have noticed that many Behati fans don’t care much for her with Adam. They preferred her with Jamie…kind of like Adam with Anne. I find that interesting. Just thought I’d mention that too.

  17. 117
    Jennifer Says:

    Sami- Thanks for posting the link! That’s the latest interview that I was referencing. I do think Adam is acting out of character, but I couldn’t say exactly why.

  18. 118
    Jennifer Says:

    I hate to triple post, but the previous two were from my phone. Posting from my phone is kind of a problem at times.

    Anyway, thanks to Intrigued for the SNL info! Sorry that I didn’t previously mention that. :-)

    Sami1- Don’t forget how uncomfortable Adam got when Howard mentioned that he wanted to have a baby with Anne. ;-)

    Also it’s interesting that you mentioned Adam’s and Anne’s Halloween costumes from last year. They were dressed at Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour. Axl used to date Seymour who was a model. They did a video together for GNR’s song “November Rain” and in the video, Seymour plays Rose’s bride. She wears a dress throughout the video, but in the end, she dies. In real life, Rose and Seymour broke up amid allegations that he beat her up. Seymour went on to marry billionaire businessman Peter Brant and to my knowledge, they’re still married. Axl became a well-known recluse. Oh, and Seymour used to model for Victoria’s Secret too. ;-)

    (Off topic side note: Seymour’s also the model who caused a scandal by having an affair with John Casablancas when she was only 15. This caused the breakup of his marriage to Jeanette Christiansen who is the mother of The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas.)

    So it’s interesting that Adam choose this particularly couple to represent, although I believe he has said that he went through a GNR phase. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Adam would definitely know, at least, part of this backstory. He seems deliberate in his actions.

    He and Behati dressed up as bikers from a TV show. In other words, trailer trash. Adam has always looked a scrubby, but he’s had some very gross moments lately. And it looks like the producers of The Voice got after him for the “holey” T-shirt.

    Sorry to ramble, but I wanted to clarify the Axl Rose/Stephanie Seymour reference.

  19. 119
    Shannon Says:

    @One day: It is rather nice to see and read things from you all on here that are not full of bs as that of Z’s psychotic blog.

  20. 120
    Curious Says:

    @ Sami No:1 – I totally agree with you. I think perhaps Adam is happy in some ways with Behati but I don’t think he’s madly in love with her like with Anne. His eyes are very telling. I think maybe he enjoys the fact that Behati fawns all over him and follows him where ever since he missed that sort of attention with Anne. I’ve seen a lot of comments lately about his appearance and weight; maybe he’s on antidepressants and they are affecting him physically. I take them and know thet can definitely make you gain weight and feel/look super tired. Or perhaps its just stress and increased weed use. Who really knows. I don’t think the bar rumor is true, but about the plane tweet, I wonder if it was to or from NY? Maybe he went to NYC over the weekend and got sick so he knew he couldn’t perform at the ball so he took a later flight home. I’m pretty sure she’s in NY right now because she tweeted that she was promoting the fashion show and Hawaii 5-0 with another model this morning. While I certianly don’t wish him to be sick, I would really like to believe that he wouldn’t ditch out on such a high-profile gig. Anyway, I think most of us would agree that something is off with him and/or their relationship. I would like him to be happy and find lasting love but I don’t think he’s going to get that with his current gf. I think he’s probably just “having fun” and likes having someone around to shower him with attention for the time being. Time will tell, I suppose. Hope he’s well enough for the Voice tonight.

  21. 121
    ??? Says:

    Oops. Adam did it again. We were just done with the Roxy thing and now Honey Boo Boo. Its not new, nor is Adam entirely at fault. I agree with him , that Honey boo and shows like that kind of spoil the image that outsiders have of the US. but then, i think he went too far , calling them F@#& idiots. Cmon, we get it, you dont like it. but just let them be. They are not out there killing people or anything. they are just doing their thing, dont like it just dont watch it. shes after all a kid and they are trying to do the best with what they have.
    i mean it takes all kind of people to make up this worls. not everyone has the privileges of growing up wealthy like adam did

  22. 122
    Jennifer Says:

    @Curious: Although I’d like to add that when Adam was dating Anne, they seemed to fawn over each other. I don’t get the same impression with him and Behati. She’s doing all the fawning. She inserts herself into all of these pictures that get “leaked” to social media. I don’t know that I think Adam is entirely responsible for that. As One Day so wisely pointed out, Adam doesn’t need the extra attention. People who aren’t Maroon 5 fans know of Adam because of The Voice. I doubt that all of them run out to buy M5 albums either. They just like his personality on the show.

    The only rumor that I’m willing to believe, 100%, is that Adam was collecting phone numbers from other models over the summer. I have no doubt that actually happened. And as one of you mentioned, Behati might be watching him like a hawk because she’s done her research and knows his rep. It might be difficult for Adam to do much. I’m not sure I think that he’s always controlling this relationship. I highly doubt he’s trying to get private pictures released via social media. It all seems suspicious, which is probably *not* what Adam was shooting for, but kind of got busted for anyway (see: Howard Stern).

  23. 123
    ??? Says:

    yeah and james and others may still want him to go ahead and talk but james has always looked like he wants to talk esp in interviews . and adam always cuts him off. however laid back you may be, James is also a musician and he has his own ego. It must hurt when people dont recognise you unless you stand next to adam.. and hes been part of Maroon 5 since the beginning.

    I mean Adam still gets a chance to talk on talkshows while promoting the voice and AHS and acting gigs. so at least when Maroon 5 getsonto talkshows he can let James talk.

  24. 124
    intrigued Says:

    I think Behati might still be in LA because she said she was with Ale this morning and Ale was def in LA on Sat if you look at her tweets. Promo for H5O would probably be in LA anyway. I really don’t think Adam would miss that gig at the Staples Center unless he was really ill. He loves playing big venues especially in his hometown.
    I remember Adam saying once that dating someone for 2 years was like an eternity in musician years or something like that. Maybe he lasted so long with Anne because they were not together that much. Crazy Z said she calculated that they were actually only physically with each other for 5 months of the 2 years. If that is the case, then Adam will start to get sick of Behati soon because she never goes away. Would he break up with her before he found someone else? He hates to start over and he hates to be alone. I think he will stay with her until he has something else in the bag…so to speak!

  25. 125
    ??? Says:

    nope, shes in NY. she was on the TV and the screen capture caught her and Ale in NYc. and the girl who said her dad was with Adam is from NYC. am sure he was in NYC over the weekend.

    yeah and crazy Z stalks the JJ msg baord. i remember all of us were bashing her and she made some reference saying its her private blog and she can wrtite her thoughts blah blah. so on her next loooong post shes gonna use all this info and make it look he was sooooo romantic and spent weekend with her.

    anways , voice is on tonight. lets see. Adam has been looking sick for a long time now anyways.

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