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Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine takes a cruise in his Aston Martin with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on Saturday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman recently expressed interest in going on tour with one of his favorite bands. “If Pearl Jam needs a temp drummer while Matt Cameron tours with Soundgarden, I’ve been practicing to your records since I was 11. I’m READY,” he tweeted.

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“1. I’m dead serious. 2. I’m DEAD serious,” The Voice mentor added.

The week before, Maroon 5 performed their latest hit “One More Night” on Saturday Night Live.

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459 Responses to “Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?”

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  1. 126
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- I’m intrigued as well. Like you, I would have assumed that H5O press would happen in LA. Then again, the VS Christmas Fashion Show is this Wednesday, correct? I mean, they’ve already filmed it, but I would assume that the press would be in NY. Who knows?

    ???- Oh, I can’t wait to see a post about their “love weekend” in NY. Maybe I should create some fan fiction too? ;-) Actually, I do have a life, so no go.

  2. 127
    Jennifer Says:

    “Would he break up with her before he found someone else? He hates to start over and he hates to be alone. I think he will stay with her until he has something else in the bag…so to speak!”

    There’s something to be said for that, since some people cannot be alone for more than five seconds. Behati was in a convenient position become his next girlfriend. Why not choose one of his ex’s colleagues? This way he doesn’t have to travel far or put in much work toward finding someone new. Some people are like this. The easiest route.

  3. 128
    intrigued Says:

    Wow. If he went to NYC instead of playing at Jingle Ball or coaching his Voice contestants that really says something has changed. Adam has a crazy personality, but we obviously all are drawn to him and like his endearing wackiness. And he has always been strangely predictable in a way. But this is a different Adam. This like an “I don’t give a **** about anyone” kind of attitude. That is disturbing.

  4. 129
    Jennifer Says:

    @intrigued: Exactly. His attitude (lately) seems different than his usual quirkiness.

  5. 130
    Shannon Says:

    @???: Z is a phony and a faker. That goes to be said about Merby/Mergirl too. Her novel written blogs have become a joke and her pseudo fan fiends clamor to it as truth.

  6. 131
    Jennifer Says:

    Maybe we should start copywriting our posts here? ;-)

  7. 132
    Jennifer Says:

    So I did a quick Adam Twitter search and noticed a fight going down between fans. One of those fans is Brazilian and doesn’t like Adam with Behati, but says she doesn’t hate Behati. That makes sense because not liking their relationship doesn’t make you a “hater.” Anyway, this gal also mentioned that Behati was rude to some Brazilian fans when Maroon 5 was there on tour. I find that interesting. I didn’t think she was really interacting with their fans, but if that’s true, then Adam might want to have a talk with her. Her attitude won’t endear her with the fans.

  8. 133
    One day Says:

    This is getting deep!! I LOVE IT!! But I agree we need our own forum so we can get off of JJ!! A couple more comments: if Adam did in fact go to NY last weekend – it is a no win situation for him. If he ditched an appearance with Maroon 5 – shame on him! If he ditched his coaching responsibilities with Amanda and Melanie – double shame (??) on him!! And there is NO WAY to make it ok by saying he spent a “romantic weekend with the girl he loves”. Whether she asked him to go with her or he just decided to go – he is turning his back on the ones that helped make him famous in the first place!! This is NOT a healthy relationship!! Not the Adam I became a fan of. I REALLY hope we are all wrong about this!! Maybe James’ #saveadam wasn’t about strep! I would think he would get tired of all this – again, IF its true. And then the Honey Boo Boo rant. I know that interview probably happened a while ago but – a little over the top?? Change the channel!! Unfortunately people can’t stop watching train wrecks. If that show is the “downfall of western civilization” or whatever he said, then isn’t the downfall of western civilization responsible for the show in the first place??? Sorry – off topic. My turn to rant (again)!

  9. 134
    Shannon Says:

    @Jennifer: Some fans said that of both Rebecca and Anne who were also with Adam in tour. Whoever Adam links himself to romantically it is to be suspected that dislike of said female will occur.

    Can anybody explain Adam’s following fans? According to psycho fan Z it is to keep tabs on what she states are ‘crazy’ fans.

  10. 135
    Jennifer Says:

    Rant away! I also noticed that a young woman (not one of the gals fighting) tweeted at Behati that she hated every fiber of her being. Something to that effect. I’m not sure if it was related to her being with Adam or not, for the sake of argument, I’ll assume that it was. Mind you, I thought that tweet was incredibly mean-spirited and inappropriate. I may have my suspicions about Behati and not care much for her modeling, but I would never write such a hateful remark. There are nastier remarks directed at Anne, but Behati will get her share of hers too. I just think it’s all unfortunate.

    But back on topic . . . I would hope that Adam didn’t bail on that Jingle Ball thing, unless he was practically dying. Given that they were the “surprise guests,” that would have been arranged a while ago. Also I assume that The Voice coaches, well, coach their team members on the weekend.

  11. 136
    Jennifer Says:

    @Shannon: That’s a good point, Shannon. I don’t know much about his past relationships aside from Anne. I know a little about Becky. They were papped pretty frequently as well. Also Adam told Stern that she was the best sex he ever had. ;-)

    The following fans thing: I don’t get it. I think it’s a bad idea. I mean, theoretically, it’s a nice gesture, but you risk excluding genuine fans. I saw a number of Maroon 5 fans claim that Adam was following too many One Direction fans. I have no clue. I don’t know what his formula is for following fans.

  12. 137
    intrigued Says:

    Actually, I thought psycho Zaira was right about what she said about this. She said that if Adam follows thousands of fans, he can group them somehow and then mute them ,so it looks like he pays attention to them when he really doesn’t have to. Secondly, he is better able to hide the friends that he follows, because I guess his friends are harassed by his crazy fans, and tweet them asking personal questions about Adam.
    Jennifer, there is a Brazilian girl in the Merby group who is a Behati fanatic. Maybe she was involved in that fight if one of them was defending her. That Merby girl is one crazy lady. I remember when she was called Crazy4U and was a rabid Anne fan. She even convinced an artist to paint Annes portrait and actually got it into Adam’s hands when he was making an appearance at the Grove. Anne was a goddess back then and now Anne was just a famewhore all along according to her. Now she calls Behati her mermaid princess. Whoa!

  13. 138
    Jennifer Says:

    Intrigued- Thanks for the information. This gal was anti-Behati without being a “hater.” I’m not sure that even makes sense. Hahaha. I don’t know who is all part of the Mermaid Posse…just Z and the Merby girl. They seem to be the most active bullies. I don’t doubt they post on this site under a myriad of names. Such a waste of time, really.

  14. 139
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: People are going to follow whoever Adam is friends with, whether he follows fans suddenly or not in an effort to hide them on Twitter. Jennifer is correct in saying that it is a bad idea.

  15. 140
    intrigued Says:

    I didn’t say it was a good idea, i just was sharing one explanation I heard about why he was doing it. It might not even be true. Most things Adam does lately don’t make much sense.

  16. 141
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: He’s been out of sorts that is true. We will have to see how he is tonight on his show.

  17. 142
    One day Says:

    Interesting…..just got a VS sale catalog in the mail and guess who is on the front cover?? I don’t think she is the prettiest vs model – by far – so it makes me wonder if it has more to do with who she is dating. She is big (?) news now so I guess she is more marketable. And it’s not like other vs models haven’t benefitted by their high profile relationships. More power to her I guess. It’s going to become a competition to see who can have the most famous boyfriend!! And I wonder – did several vs models audition for the H5O part or did vs specifically send her to move her up in the ranks? I’ve heard comments about vs “pimping out” their models to get them more exposure – no I don’t mean that literally – I guess the more they can get publicity with other things – the more publicity for vs. it’s all about marketing and money.

  18. 143
    Jennifer Says:

    One Day- I used to work for The Limited corp. Victoria’s Secret is part of it. They’ve always been all about marketing. Their products are of average , but the pizzazz behind the brand with these models is what helps them sell. It’s not as if VS is a La Perla, which is a superior brand that uses quality material and requires a greater deal of craftsmanship. La Perla isn’t the only great one, but I’m using it as an example.

    And yeah, pretty sure that Behati only made the cover of the catalog because of her association with Adam. VS is well aware of how popular he is.

  19. 144
    Shannon Says:

    @intrigued: Merby I recollect at one time was following a good friend of Adam’s and continuously stalked his tweets to keep tabs on Adam and or his goings. She harassed him so much he blocked her. The irony is that this took place in September the same month Adam made his tweet on following fans. Who is to say she and or her minions are the reasoning.

  20. 145
    Curious Says:

    Adam is looking hot tonight on The Voice! On a side note…nice wig, Christina???

  21. 146
    ??? Says:

    Oh shannon she and her gang can get on anybody’s nerves. They hound people to like behati, even kind of bullying teenagers saying adam wont like them if they are rude to bee. All bee haters are losers. Adam doesnt give a f£!& you morons. Hes used ro seeing all that hate at his gf s, past and present.

    And worst, they say all this **** and go oiut and say “ohhh we are all love, not hate” and use other twitter accounts to still bash Anne. Yes, they do. So what, you dont like Anne and that doesnt make you a hater. How does only hating behati makes you a hater. They bug me. I dont like when people send threatening messages to Bee , no , she doesnt dessrve it. But you dont have to bully everyone to like her.

  22. 147
    ??? Says:

    They are starting to piss ff the geneuine behati fans, who are on bellazon and fashion forum. They get onto these forums, knowing nothing about her work, and just droll on in the same fanatic way. When someone makes a constructive crtiticism they pounce on those saying its for bee lovers. No, those forums are for geneuine fans who discuss every aspect of her modelling life, good or bad. Not for stans like you.

  23. 148
    Curious Says:

    It’s probably just my imagination, but I feel like Adam seems happier and more relaxed when his lady friend is not around.

  24. 149
    ??? Says:

    Not a fan of facial hair on adam

  25. 150
    intrigued Says:

    So does he look like he has strep?

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