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Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?

Adam Levine takes a cruise in his Aston Martin with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on Saturday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman recently expressed interest in going on tour with one of his favorite bands. “If Pearl Jam needs a temp drummer while Matt Cameron tours with Soundgarden, I’ve been practicing to your records since I was 11. I’m READY,” he tweeted.

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“1. I’m dead serious. 2. I’m DEAD serious,” The Voice mentor added.

The week before, Maroon 5 performed their latest hit “One More Night” on Saturday Night Live.

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459 Responses to “Adam Levine: Pearl Jam's Newest Drummer?”

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  1. 151
    Jennifer Says:

    Curious- He does seem more relaxed tonight.

    Intrigued- He seemed fine to me. CeeLo was ill and had a stand in, but if Adam was suffering from strep, he sure sounded fine to me.

  2. 152
    Curious Says:

    Anne is in LA today…maybe that’s why he’s so happy and chill ;-). Totally just wishful thinking on my part…

  3. 153
    One day Says:

    I’m actually DVRing The Voice tonight so I haven’t seen Adam yet. Does he not appear sick? He tweeted a comment earlier about his throat being an a##hole tonight. I hope it isn’t all just a ploy to coverup going to NY this weekend. But I don’t wish for anyone to be sick. Whatever!! Maybe he just got better meds than CeeLo!
    So am I the only one not watching H5O tonight or vs fashion show tomorrow? Not wasting my time on hour long commercials and their lead-in show. I ordered a hoody once on line from vs and I get catalogs at least once a week and emails every day! Enough already!! I have an idea – lets get Calvin Klein (spelled???) to do a one hour “fashion” show and have guys walk the runway in their underwear!!

  4. 154
    One day Says:

    @curious – I would think Behati would totally be freaking out if she was in NY and Anne was in LA!! Big city I know but…….

  5. 155
    Curious Says:

    @One day – he looks really good tonight; relaxed and happy and dressed nice. He’s being really sweet and giving really thoughtful feedback to all of the performers. If he feels bad he’s hiding it well and his voice sounds pretty clear so I guess he’s on the mend. Several comments have been made about CeeLo and Adam being sick, and apparently CeeLo’s Nick recommended some homeopathic treatments for Adam. I am not watching H50 or the fashion show either and I’m totally on board with a CK fashion show with hot guys in underwear!

  6. 156
    Curious Says:

    @One day – she probably is freaking out and Googling both of them like crazy to see if there have been any sightings, lol!

  7. 157
    Jennifer Says:

    My mom was texting me during the show. At one point, she asked if I thought there was something going on between Adam and Amanda. I find her question interesting because Adam kind of fans over her. I realize that he does with Melanie, but with Melanie, it’s in a big brother way. FWIW, my mom knows nothing about Adam’s personal life, which is why I found it funny. I thought I’d share. Adam seemed relaxed.

  8. 158
    intrigued Says:

    That’s funny because I have thought more than a couple of times that Adam could be attracted to Amanda. She has the exact body type that he goes for, and she is really pretty. Probably Behati is jealous. No wonder he is more relaxed when she is not around!

  9. 159
    Curious Says:

    Maybe that’s why Behati goes to work with him all the time. If so, that’s really pretty sad.

  10. 160
    One day Says:

    I have read comments about Behati being very jealous and possessive. And throwing tantrums. I have absolutely no idea if that is true or if it was just Behati haters bs. But if it is even remotely true – I would think there will be some very heated “arguments ” in their future. I think everyone gets a little jealous, but for a flirt like Adam who has women practically throwing themselves at him…….no wonder she doesn’t work much and stays with him 24/7. That’s probably the only way she can be sure – even if he is totally innocent! But being with someone 24/7 would pretty much submarine any relationship. It’s got to be tough! And she has to assume others will be waiting in line for the romance and fame and all he has to offer. I always wondered if there was at least an attraction between Adam and some of the contestants. Relationships are tough – even under the best circumstances. And if there was anything going on while he was still with Anne, I guess there would be cause to worry. I also read somewhere that his gf before Anne – don’t have any idea who that was – was an “acquaintance” of Anne’s. kind of like Behati and Anne. Is that true?

  11. 161
    intrigued Says:

    Does anyone find it strange that this being a very big day for Behati, being on H50 and tomorrow being the VSFS that Adam says absolutely nothing about it. He used to root for Anne on twitter all the time when she was in a big runway show or something. I mean nothing at all? Behatis got to be a little pissed. Maybe they have some kind of understanding but jeez…

  12. 162
    One day Says:

    Finally watching The Voice. I agree Adam looks good and seems relaxed. I still think it has already been decided that Cassadee will win. I think they believe she will be their Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. I think Amanda is equally talented – actually they all are at this point. But you have Xtina telling Cassadee she is the star……we will see.

  13. 163
    One day Says:

    @intrigued You are right. I do remember seeing tweets from Adam about Anne – killing it on the runway (that one included a pic as I recall) and a comment about her being in SI swimsuit edition – that he thought she should have been on the cover. Nothing over the top or overly romantic – just cute and very supportive. Good observation!!

  14. 164
    Curious Says:

    Adam did used to tweet in support of Anne fairly often. I thought it a little odd also that he hasn’t mentioned the fashion show or H50 at all.

  15. 165
    Jennifer Says:

    Although Behati isn’t really supporting him on Twitter either. I get wanting some level of privacy, but they’re public figures who have to promote their weeks. Adam and his friends promote each other. Let’s face it, most people know that Adam and Behati are a couple, so it’s odd that they wouldn’t support each other. Oh well . . . maybe they will after they read our comments. ;-)

    Also I know Adam’s busy and it’s the holiday season, but I haven’t seen him at many Lakers games lately. Is this unusual? I mean, M5′s tour starts next February, right?

  16. 166
    ??? Says:

    hmmm ok hes tweeting again, in fact a lot. Fine, its in support of his Team, but still even that was at a minimum all this while.

    Heres what i find interesting about adam and his tweets. He always tweets a lot when he is happy. Remember Hawaii, May when they must have gone together and Adam must have been in the honeymoon phase. he flooded us with tweets. With Anne he always used to tweet when he was WITH her . She went off on some trip for a long period and he kinda sulked and went off twitter. When they met up again, he started tweeting happy, funny tweets. Now it looks like Behati isnt there, and hes tweeting away. And when shes there with him is when he doesnt tweet at all.
    yeah jennifer i get your point. Its not like they are like a shock coupling and no one knew they were dating. Like agyness and Giovanni Ribisi. we knew from May. so why all this supposed secrecy and privacy. Even with anne like you said they were cute and supportive tweets like you know, see her on the runway, types. like any bf would with a gf and vice versa. Even behati used to tweet her support for James when they were together. Its not like they are in hiding .

  17. 167
    Jennifer Says:

    @???: It’s kind of backwards, isn’t it? I just find it amusing that they’re both public figures and yet, are super quiet. I get that privacy is an issue, but that would make more sense if the public didn’t already know that they were an item. A supportive comment or two wouldn’t kill either one. I’m just surprised given how supportive Adam and Anne were of one another.

  18. 168
    Curious Says:

    All excellent observations re: Adam’s tweeting habits. I too have thought the same thing. Behati was also kind of “tweety” yesterday too. I find it interesting that she often posts about how much she loves so-and-so, or how she lives for so-and -so but never anything relating to Adam. A person could fairly easily interpret tweets like that to mean that there’s trouble in paradice or that they are cryptic messages indicating she knows Adam doesn’t really love her or maybe she’s trying to make him jealous with them. Or, perhaps its just early in the morning and I’m grasping at straws. Anyway, Adam certianly seemed to be happier last night than he has in a while; that is the Adam I miss.

  19. 169
    ??? Says:

    hmmmm first of all he looked good and spoke a lot, that too very well for someone with strep.. Hes lucky that homeopathy medicines worked on him fast…cos usually they dont. Sorry guys, not trying to stir up anything but somehow i dont believe he had strep.

    yep Jenifer all this “pretend privacy” seems a bit odd when you realise that they have been papped quite a number of times, friends and family have posted pictures for all to see, again friends and family tweet and then delete , they themselves have retweeted each other , and appeared “officially” as a couple in dinners and Halloween party etc.
    if you are trying to do a Leo, then do it the right way.

  20. 170
    ??? Says:

    ahh curious no, i dont thnk so. she tweets that to females like candice or Lauren( who works in PR for VS) . must be close to them since thats sort of the only major work she does and must be seeing them often.

  21. 171
    Sami No:1 Says:

    Hmm it’s really interesting to know about what you are thinking about his Twitter updates. Guys you are awesome, how you know so much about Adam, Behati and Anne and their crazy fans/ followers is amazing seriously. I cannot even keep track of this comment section.

    I just found a very interesting video for you all to see

    You know I read somewhere that Behati said that she would not do a nude photo or anything because her parents trust her to not do anything like that but I just found this photo which is weird

    Yes she is with Jamie in teh picture but still. Also she was in a song Rich Girls” by The Virgins. And she was so ****** in that video. I was just thinking that she always projects such innocent image for Pink and in general but does all this. So it may be possible for her to take control of Adam too…because apparently we don’t know what type of personality she has. Maybe she is manipulative (she doesn’t have a soft face that says I am a nice person inside and out) and maybe keeps telling Adam that they will both show their partners what they are missing by being together and being happy for the cameras.

    Also look at this video of Bahti and Adam together there are more videos from the same channel of Bahti and Adam to see more if you want (adam looks very angry and SEE HOW HE IS TREATING HIS FANS. I AM DISAPPOINTED).

    Could it be possible that behati is the one behind Adam’s cold and hard persona these days. Maybe she is poisoning him against others to make him feel that others are not happy that he is happy (Anne made him miserable and left him didn’y even think about him) and that the only person who he can trust and rely on is Behati and if he doesn’t do that then he will have no one to rely on. And knowing Adam maybe he is doing it all in hopes that Behati will give him the happiness he needs.

    I really would like to know what happened b/w Anne and Adam. It’s just driving me crazy.

    People who are saying that he bought the house after he got together with Behati because he loves her a lot and wants to start a family should know that buying a house is not a small thing, it takes a lot of time to decide where you wanna live and start having a family, the area, environment and all that takes quite a while to collect information on. So what I am trying to say is that he must have bought that house when he was with Anne thinking that it would be their house together. Maybe he finalised the deal a long time ago but the story was only made public in summer.

    Well the ones (us all) who thought that it will only last for 6 to 7 months are being proven wrong, it’s quite surprising to see her with him for such a long time and I completely believe that they hooked up right after their breakups.

    I used to love Adam but now he is becoming a pain in the a**. Okay we get it that he wants his private life private but ignoring fans and behaving all rock start is not a good look for him. He is ignoring the people who helped him become who he is and now he doesn’t even appreciate it any more.

    WTH is he just gonna date VS models and then keep breaking up with them and make himself miserable over and over again. I just don’t get it. He is behaving in a very insane way and I think he needs to take time off from dating for a while. Go on tour and just give himself time to figure out what he really wants for himself. Because otherwise he could keep looking his whole life but he will never find ‘IT’.

  22. 172
    Hmm.... Says:

    I just realised that I’ve been obsessing over Payphone’s original idea and I knew that there was a similar type of song and idea that I had seen before but I just saw Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone song and it just truck me that Payphone is quite similar to that.

    Adam Levine is trying to be another Leo Dicaprio. He dates models, keep them for a while and when he finds another one he throws them away. How can he talk of having a supportive family and all when his family doesn’t even care about him to give him support that he needs to realise that he will end up alone if he doesn’t make any changes in himself.

    At least (and it is stil lnot the best idea) Leo Dicaprio admitted in an interview that he is still not committed because he hasn’t found the love of his life. He is looking for the true thing, his ‘perfect woman’ and when he finds her he will marry her. Yes I know you will say that why is he looking for that at VS catalogue? But at least he is trying to find the right thing, he is trying to work on himself and hopes to be a better person. Whereas Adam is just playing games with himself and women involved in his life. I don’t think Adam will ever get married. But he says he wants children. He doesn’t like the divorce rate in Hollywood. But then he is willing to have children with a woman out of the wedlock, isn’t that an issue for him? His wanting children but not wanting to get married statement shows that he would not like to stay together with the woman he will have his children with. It is an easier way. Better than divorce if you have children but are only in a relationship. But then he should think that he will be giving his children the same type of single parent home that he was raised in. I agree with Sami 1, I don’t get him myself. He really needs to take a break and sort himself out.

  23. 173
    Hmm.... Says:

    Just to clarify what I meant by him not wanting to get married but wanting children shows that he knows that he will get bored of the woman that he will have his children with and if he marries her it will be difficult for him to say well lets just divorce because I am not interested in you any more. It’s his personality and his issues with commitment I guess.

  24. 174
    One day Says:

    @sami no 1: I looked at the video but I didn’t see Behati. Did I miss something? And I don’t think Adam looks that angry – dude just wants his keys so he can leave. And i dont think Behati is controlling him – I just don’t think he is that happy. He seems to be all over the place – like he is looking for something. And I don’t think he has found it. I think he has even lost interest in himself to a degree – would explain his crappy appearance and clothes in the recent past. And the pot smoking can’t help – maybe make you feel happy (or numb) for awhile but then you wake up with all the same problems. And I don’t specifically mean Behati. Maybe she is “the one” but he seems to show his emotions – wears his heart on his sleeve – wouldn’t he come across happier -more content? Especially in the beginning of the relationship. And I don’t mean Hawaii in May. That was too fake. Even if we believe they didn’t hook up until April/May, the relationship is relatively new. Oh – except that they are together 24/7 – that will wear down any relationship. And I agree about Behati – she looks like someone who would appear all sweet and friendly but be totally different inside. Nope I don’t know her – JMO! And didn’t he used to hang out with his friends more? Don’t see much of that anymore. Maybe he still does and we just don’t see it. As far as the house is concerned – didn’t he put his house on the market awhile ago? I’m thinking the new house appears to be pretty special – in an area he wanted to live in – supposedly the best house in that gated community. If it became available – why not grab it? He has the money. At the very least it is an investment. Who knows – maybe Behati is pregnant!! Oh no!!!!! Pregnancy rumors!! Just kidding!! I just hope he doesn’t find himself in a situation he can no longer control – hope he doesn’t get married just to prove people wrong (or get back at Anne). That would be the worst for everyone involved!!!

  25. 175
    One day Says:

    Just reread my last post! Talk about Adam being all over the place – I think I’m the one all over the place!! And I need to find a better phrase than “I think”!! Sorry guys!!!

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