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Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana: Thanksgiving Day Outing!

Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana: Thanksgiving Day Outing!

Bradley Cooper and rumored on-again girlfriend Zoe Saldana take a Thanksgiving day walk with his mom and pup on Thursday (November 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 34-year-old actress wore a sweatshirt that read “The Place Beyond the Pines,” which is a movie Bradley, 37, starred in alongside Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

“Can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with my family & friends. Hope u have a great Thanksgiving & holiday weekend. -ZS” Zoe tweeted the day before.

20+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana on a Thanksgiving day stroll together with his mom and dog…

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bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 01
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 02
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 03
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 04
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 05
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 06
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 07
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 08
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 09
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 10
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 11
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 12
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 13
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 14
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 15
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 16
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 17
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 18
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 19
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 20
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 21
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 22
bradley cooper zoe saldana thanksgiving day outing 23

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Robsten_Fan

    Love them together…. <3 :)

  • jess

    Oh Bradley, so good-looking and a nice guy but for the love of god he does not know how to dress.

  • Lauri

    Cute Couple those two!

  • cindy

    Hey JJ, please stop with the “rumored girlfriend” title. Zoe is Bradley’s girlfriend.

  • elodie

    he’s so hot

  • Tracy

    Get it Zoe…they do look cute together. Looks like Zoe upgraded and so did Bradley…

  • Sweetness

    I don’t get all the they look cute together, for some reason she has very haggardly.

  • H

    Zoe is so ugly. Just look at that banner pic…ew. If Bradley is into black girls, couldn’t he have chosen a prettier one, like Kerry Washington. She’s gorgeous. Zoe looks like one of the characters from Planet of the Apes.

  • S

    They look so cute together! Zoe is such a cutie, love that they both are so down-to-earth! :)

  • XYZ

    they renewed their contract? shes bearding again for him?

  • Uh huh

    I heard his recent interview on the Howard Stern show. Hes a very funny guy and seems very laid back for a Hollywood star.

  • Sandy

    It seem strange, he was on Howard Stern recently and Howard asked him did he have a girlfriend or was he in the relationship and he said no, no, no, no. Why does he keep doing that if he is with the woman?

  • Bradley is gay

    He is g@y, f@g, homosexual. He loves to suck big c@cks. She is just another beard.

  • Comical

    Have you heard him speak French……sooooo sexy. They are a good looking couple. Obviously they are relaxed and comfortable with each.

  • Comical

    ..other and don’t need to try so hard all the time. Quite refreshing.

  • mrst

    I love them together…=)

  • Gina L.

    I think he is trying to be nice having her go walking with him and his mom, I see no body contact with her at all. That looks like a friend and his mother walking with his dog.

  • b_lewis

    @Sandy: He didn’t say “no, no, no” so much as “I don’t like to discuss that part of my life” (but he inadvertently/finally mostly admitted to being in a relationship before the interview’s end).

  • es

    Total ‘mo.

  • Sandy

    I heard a interview that was 1:31 long. I did not hear him say he was in a relationship. If he was, why would you raise your arms and act as though it was classified? Wouldn’t that be offensive to the lady? Like you are a secret of some sort. I dont think he would treat someone like that.

  • NotAGirl

    @jess: Can’t believe this got so many thumbs up! What a ridiculously shallow comment. They are all casually dressed out for a walk not giving a damn about what they’re wearing. What is wrong with that? Not even Zoe, who is usually immaculately dressed, is dressed to the nines here. Give him and them a break.

  • Leah

    Bradley can do so much better! Zoe is fugly ugly!

  • rachel

    both of them look horrible

  • Chiara

    I heard that she┬┤s his beard

  • Juicy Lucy


    Don’t forget, he told the Hollywood Reporter that it wasn’ his place to say whether or not he was in a relationship which makes me believe that they are nothing more than friends with benefits.

  • Juicy Lucy


    My thoughts are that she has renewed her bearding contract until The Words is released on DVD in December and they will release a statement in January or February stating that they have separated. When did it become a secret in HW that Bradley is gay?

  • yepyep

    @Leah: lets see your face and let us judge whos ugly

  • Juicy Lucy

    I’m in the minority but Zoe is rather hard on my eyes. I look at the photos and my first thought is, “which one of them alerted the paps?” Sorry can’t feel the love between these two.

  • RosyHello


    I think he thinks he’s hiding. Which is really funny because he couldn’t even hide “right” on the train in New York. LOL. But it’s good to see that Zoe doesn’t seem to be trying to push him to change.

  • RosyHello

    I only clicked on this to see the pup. LOL.

  • RosyHello

    @Juicy Lucy:

    Or maybe he doesn’t want to tell everybody his business when his actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words.Zoe stated the same thing not too long ago as well. And yet I’m seeing them together in a lot of different and personal settings. In that same note, Bradley and Zoe have done several movies since “The Words” why act like they’re dating for this movie when he could be on to the next co-star acting like he’s dating her. Your statement just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Chiara

    @Sandy: i agree with you! I heard the full interview, when Howard said Bradley fell in love with Zoe during The Words’ shooting, he firmly said “WHAT? NO NO NO!” that’s way I think it’s just publicity stunt with her…. anyway, he can do really better, as Leah said…. I don’t think she’s sexy at all, maybe someone could say cute or pretty… but sexy and hot NO WAY!

  • TTR

    So it’s a “publicity stunt” because he didn’t fall in love on set?? LMAO

  • Juicy Lucy


    I concure. Then again, we are the minority around here.

  • RosyHello

    @Gina L.:

    Check out the pics of them coming from the movies Sept 2012. I’ve been married for 30 years with two children and when we take my mother to dinner we do not do PDA’s at all, not even hold hands. That’s because its rude and it makes others feel like the third wheel.

  • RosyHello


    I didn’t hear the interview so I can’t speak to the details but I understand why he would say that. Wasn’t Zoe seeing someone else and engaged at the time? It would be pretty ugly to say he fell in love with her on the set when she was clearly involved with someone else at the time. You guys are really grasping at stirs here. Apparently they are together NOW that’s clear from the many pics of them….together.

  • Ein

    There aren’t many pics of them together. The first pics that came out where from the set of The Words, everybody thought it looked staged and that was because those were stills from the movie. Then, the other pics we have are the ones taken on September, where he’s leaving her house (some says it’s not her house, and that is staged again) then theatre ones, and these ones.
    They look like friends to me here. But what do i know? If Bradley was in a relationship, a serious one with her, he would have said it on Stern. He did it when he was with Renee, even took her with him on Inside the Actors Studio. The situation with Zoe looks more like friends with benefits to me.

  • Ein

    Also, i forgot to add: She is wearing a sweatshirt that says The Place Beyond the Pines…(i know that it says so in the article but again, it’s all publicity)

  • Bethany

    Some people love to create stories. Have you seen the footage shot by fans while he is on the set of the words with her. It does not say romance. It shows he is very professional,etc. When he speaks to her his arms are folded tightly in front of his chest (which does not mean closeness), while he is standing there, his arms stays closely folded to his chest, that is very protective, not something done around a “girlfriend”. The footage was taken while they were working so there was no opportunity to pose. I will try to post the link below but it is on youtube, the words filming in montreal–

  • Eva

    1. I like his beautiful dog.
    2. He admitted to Howard be dating with someone, first with Dax and last week alone, in the end of the interview again, maybe he not said more for respect to the previous commitment of her or maybe he try to not give more hopes to her. Who knows!! She is excited with him….That is notorious!!!
    3. I think they are FWB, I assume that she has expectations for the future in this relationship, because she travels to wherever he works. Massachusetts, NYC, Las Vegas . She is behind him always!!
    4. The sweater with the promotion of his new film, maybe it is an exchange as he accept poses with her for popularity.

    In any case They are a odd couple for me LOL

  • TTR


    I heard that interview with he and Dax during the summer. He said that they where “exclusively dating”.

    Does she really travel with him? Haven’t heard/seen that.

  • TTR


  • Juicy Lucy


    I agree. Any man who is in a serious committed relationship won’t hesitate to say with pride who he is dating. He gused about being in love with Renee and never failed to mention her name in interviews. With Zoe, he seems more secretive which makes me think that he isn’t all that serious about her. IMO, she seems clingy and needy. My gut tells me that the minute she wants more out of this relationship, Brad will run like a scared wambat.

  • Natalie

    He looks great in the pictures above. Guys dress like that when they go out walking, etc. But, if she is his girlfriend she really needs to step it up. This man has hosts of women throwing themselves at him and at all times. That means your hair, face and all should be on point, I dont care if you are just walking to the bathroom with him, that is the way it goes. You never see Gabrielle Union or Nicole Murphy look like that when they are out with their men. Also, she is always around that man’s mother. I wonder what they think about that. But one thing is a fact, he is fine.

  • Eva

    You never see those pictures because they don’t travel together. “She goes behind him always wherever he is”. There are photos of her obviously traveling alone or outputs with his mom . She pursues him. I can imagine why she goes a lot with his mom!!!! to somehow control the situation.

    I think the same, every woman is arranged, bathing and combing to go out with a boyfriend, and even more if you go with someone handsome (Bradley looks fine). I don’t understand why she changes!!, I’ve seen pictures of her and usually she dressed well …. Now she lost the style.

  • Juicy Lucy

    There is something very off about this relationship. Brad was always so open about his relationship with Renee and the press never failed to pick up on the fact that she always traveled with him to premieres and on film sets. I always felt that there was a genuine affection between them. When ever I see a photo of Brad with Zoe, it always looks staged.

    I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t dressed to the nines when I was out and about, even when we went biking riding or hiking. Wearing minimal makeup is one think, throwing your sense of style out the window and dressing down to make your BF think you are “at one with him” are two different things. Zoe seemed more spunky and confident before meeting Brad.

    It’s not unusual for Brad’s gfs to spend time with Gloria-Renee had her share of outings with her as well. IMO, Gloria seemed more at ease with Renee than Zoe. IMO, nothing signals a non relationiship like a women following behind her man. It makes Brad seem like the dominate one and Zoe comes across as the submissive servant. If Brad isn’t the one asking Zoe to be with him and she takes it upon herself to assume he wants her there, it makes her behavior seem like a stalker. IMO, Zoe is trying way too hard to get more from this relationshp.

  • TTR

    Too much being read into clothing choice. imo. They’re just walking the dog/going to the movies.

    Here’s my take: Bradley isn’t taking any of these women whom he’s with seriously. Apparently from reports, he’s not interested in settling down right now.
    So while he may “love/d”(Renee) or “like”(Zoe), he still has no interest in marrying these women.
    I think Zoe is pushing for more. From what I’ve read, she wants kids soon. Wasn’t that what Renee wanted?? Or at least marriage. Bradley didn’t so that was that. End of relationship.

    I do think they are dating though. It just won’t end in marriage.

  • Stephanie P.

    You can tell Bradley is very affectionate. Did you see the big hug and kiss he planted on Robert Deniro’s wife a recent event recently? What a lucky lady. Also, you should never follow a guy around or be up in his space all of the time, thats a big no no.

  • Ein

    @Juicy Lucy:
    I will have to agree with you here, i think she wants more than Brad is willing to give. He seems very focused on his career now. I’m quite sure Zoe is not the end game. Plus, all the articles saying that she follows him everywhere…i think that might be a turn off for any guy.

  • Ripper

    He is soooooo hot, I don’t think they make a great couple.. There is not contact when they are together.. Not a fan of hers at all!!!!!