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Miranda Kerr: Sunday Morning with Frankie!

Miranda Kerr: Sunday Morning with Frankie!

Miranda Kerr totes around her adorable dog Frankie as they leave a private residence on Sunday morning (November 25) in New York City.

“So chilly in NYC tonight… Wishing I was back qualiaresort #hamiltonisland ☀” the 29-year-old model tweeted about the very chilly evening the night before.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda was spotted rocking a denim jacket while out and about in the Big Apple.

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and her pup Frankie heading out on a Sunday morning in NYC…

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miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 01
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 02
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 03
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 04
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 05
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 06
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 07
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 08
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 09
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 10
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 11
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 12
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 13
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 14
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 15
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 16
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 17
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 18
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 19
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 20
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 21
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 22
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 23
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 24
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 25
miranda kerr sunday morning with frankie 26

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70 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Sunday Morning with Frankie!”

  1. 1
    rach Says:

    Well, I know my day is more fulfilled for knowing Miranda Kerr left the house today and carried her dog. How is this news?!!!

  2. 2
    JC Says:

    I’ve stepped in puddles deeper than this narcissistic, kind of pretty but not really model.

  3. 3
    Kel Says:

    Blind item about model stepping out on her actor husband must be her.

  4. 4
    Lucy Says:

    i like Miranda so much but i’m getting tired of her. every single day there is a post about her, stop it. nothing to get excited for.

  5. 5
    Em Says:

    I like to see what she’s wearing. She has such a good sense of style and fashion. Especially street style.

  6. 6
    Nik Says:

    Why do they always carry their dogs? They’re DOGS, they have legs, they can WALK!

  7. 7
    whatever Says:

    First it was the baby.. now the puppy. Models dont’ get a lot of attention on gossip sites. but she is doing whatever it takes.

  8. 8
    alejandra Says:

    if your cold why don’t you try wearing a coat?!? lmaoo miranda looks gorgeous as always though

  9. 9

    cutest dog though

  10. 10
    Seed Says:

    Open the following link and read about the famous models the world knows. The list was put together by the reputable,prestigious Which is filled with industry insiders. Everyone takes their word for it
    This woman can continue fame whr*ing but she’ll never be in the same league as these women. She’s no where as close as being famous. Or rich. Or respected
    She’s on the same rank as her fellow fame who*re Alessandra Ambrosio.
    Buying clothes every minute so she can look good for the paps isn’t going to make her famous. IT’s not gonna change anything

  11. 11
    Chica Says:

    “So chilly in NYC”…says the woman who wears a sheer top outside with no coat, probably to look better for the paps…can she be any more vain?

  12. 12
    mel Says:

    Love seeing what she wears daily! She has a great sense of street style!

  13. 13
    Weirdo Says:

    That’s funny, most of America caught photographed everyday like Miranda would probably be wearing sweatpants, gym shoes and have no makeup on. Oh and some outerwear, it’s cold in the US.

  14. 14
    Laughable Says:

    She has that smug look on her face all the time that you want to just slap off. First it was Flynn as her prop, so guess now he is taking a break and now its Frankie. Whose next? She posted a tweet saying 7 more months to meet my angel and then her mother was asked if she was pregnant again. her mother said no and the other posting by Miranda was taken off. Hmmm, someone is trying so hard to distract the blind items and latest gossip about her cheating on Orlando. total fameho

  15. 15
    Andie Says:

    overrated shallow and attention-wanting. her trying to be famous by employing media sites to post her pap pics is a joke because it turns on her and makes people dislike her. oh lol

  16. 16
    Jess Says:

    Getting so sick of seeing her. @Seed: Loved to see them call Adriana the “premier face” of VS.

  17. 17
    YAY! Says:

    Really, could you be any more obvious?
    Pathetic loser hater.

  18. 18
    Charles Perrault Says:

    @Seed: I thought she would be in top 50 of models in the world considering how often she’s featured on this site, but guess not. How embarrassing for her.

  19. 19
    cox Says:

    Who cares about her anyway except the publicist who pays to have her featured on this site

  20. 20
    sara Says:

    She looks lovely, as always.
    It’s nice to see that she isn’t afraid to wear the same clothes more than once. I love that blouse!

  21. 21
    Williams Says:

    @Seed: omg hahaha even kate upton is before her on that list hahaha

  22. 22
    Endeora Says:

    i think she pretty but she seem very shallow and like she love attention.

  23. 23
    Mimi Says:

    It’s really amusing how the media feeds into her narcissism. She looks borderline anorexic in some of these pictures yet she’s celebrated everyday like she’s the most beautiful creature in the world. She has a great fashion sense – most definitely – but she doesn’t have an incredible face or a statuesque body. She has the face + body of a pre-teen which is why she needs to work overtime to garner attention. Do what you gotta do Miranda! ;) Not all of us can look like Doutzen / Adriana / Irina / Candice :))

  24. 24
    tam Says:

    Brought this over from the other thread to make sure that the idiot sockpuppets see it. Not that they will pat attention to it. They don’t pay attention tpo anything that proves them WRONG! LOL!
    From twitter…a real, established account, not the fake Miranda accounts set up by pathetic trolls…
    “Paparazzi always waiting in front of my workplace because Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr live here..”
    “D*mn.. Paparazzi don’t play.. Everyone hopped in a car/van/bike/moped to follow the car Miranda Kerr went in lol”
    You see haters? You should be glad. This means that one of you can actually tell the truth once in a while. When one of you claimed that you saw paps camped out outside of their apartment, you were right! You should be pround!
    I know how being proved wrong hurts. But you should be plenty used to it by now.

  25. 25
    ? Says:

    Looks like she is dropping Frankie off. I wonder if that means that she is getting ready to leave town?
    She looks amazing, BTW.

  26. 26
    Mimi Says:

    @?: Hopefully, she is. Good riddance!

  27. 27
    @? Says:

    Maybe she is on her way back to South Africa to be with Orlando.

  28. 28
    @the sockpuppets Says:

    Still pushing your agenda even though those blind items don’t fit either one of them?
    How desperate are you, exactly?

  29. 29
    carma Says:


    where do you work?

  30. 30
    tam Says:

    Huh? It’s your buisiness because…..?

  31. 31
    Seed Says:

    @tam: Why are you playing dumb? How hard is it for you to accept that this woman calls the paps. When she calls them, they will of course show and wait for her to come out. It’s their job. That’s how they earn a living. They don’t play around with their jobs.
    Nobody here is saying she’s an unkown or a nobody. What people have always been saying is she’s not that famous for her to being photographed everyday. Some of the paparazzi shot we see, she’s literally standing and posing for the cameras. Some of the pics looks like a real editorial.
    Paparazzi also have classes. There are the ones who follow the likes of Angelina. Those are the rich, high class ones.
    There are those who follow the likes tv stars. They do ok
    And there are those who follow the likes of Miranda. They are the struggling, low-rent ones. Because there’s no way in hell a pap with standards would follow Miranda when Angelina or Britney Spears are in the same city.

  32. 32
    tam Says:

    If they know when she is coming out, why would they have to set up chairs? DOH!
    Why is it so hard to accept the fact that her pictures sell, thereby giving ample reasons for the paps to camp out.
    But here is a logical question for you. I know, I know, you hate logic, but give it a try.
    There is obviously more than one pap taking her photos, right? I mean, since we can find numerous angles on other sites, that means more than one cameraman, right?
    Why then, would more than one pap show up, if she is calling them? Wouldn’t she have an exclusive deal with one pap agency?
    And why would they show up, if they didn’t think that her pictures sell? And why would we see her photos in several different publications if they DIDN’T sell?
    Come on. Try logic, for ONCE in your sad little life. You can do it if you try.

  33. 33
    tam Says:

    Oh, I forgot to say hello to callie!
    How ya doin’ sweet cheeks?

  34. 34
    Seed Says:

    Ok, I don’t think you’re playing dumb.I think you’re just being biased.
    I read her previous threads and someone mentioned model Alessandra being on websites frequently as well. Does that mean Alessandra sells and advertisers want her?
    And did u just say an exclusive deal with one agency? LMAO Fame wh*res never have exclusive deals! They never do!!!! She will call all the low rent paps to come if they can

    Also, you never see Miranda Kerr looking like she’s late for an appointment or she’s just not in the mood to be photographed or she’s in a hurry. Normal people don’t act like that. More prove that she calls the paps. She’s is always out early to play around with them so she won’t be late for her appointments.

    I’m sorry for few of my grammatical errors, readers. I often get careless when I’m in an irritating situation

  35. 35
    charlotte Says:


  36. 36
    charlotte Says:


  37. 37
    charlotte Says:


  38. 38
    charlotte Says:


  39. 39
    hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah Says:

    @Seed: Yay! Thanks for that list. I’ll be trolling every Miranda post with it now. We the citizens of JJ needed that so badly

  40. 40
    Hillary Says:

    Hey Miranda, when was the last time they caught you with Orlando? Stop shopping!!!

  41. 41
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    JC at no.2: Why so dehumanizing?

  42. 42
    @34 Says:

    Ale reps for several companies in South America. She is also very well liked. But you don’t see her in other gossip sites here because she isn’t as well known as other models.
    But you still haven’t given a logical excuse as to why the paps have to literally camp out in chairs? Or why they are willing to camp out at all if her photos didn’t sell. A celeb can call all of the paps they want, but if there is no money in it for them, then they won’t show up at all, much less be willing to wait around for hours.
    And BTW, most ‘normal’ people leave in plenty of time to not be late for an appointment, whether they are celebs, or not. And Miranda has been busy with photo shoots and meetings, so of course she looks put together. And no reason to rush or to look harried, if you know that you have a car waiting to take you wherever you need to go. It’s not like she has to wave a cab down or rush to the subway. They get her walking to and from her car. Not much “playing” that I can see.
    And I have to add. A hater calling a fan “biased”, has to be one of the silliest things that I have ever read. LOL!

  43. 43
    @Charlotte Says:

    Did someone forget to take their meds today?

  44. 44
    @Seed Says:

    You’ll see, your perception is that she’s posing, or not in a hurry at all, but it’s just your perception. Miranda is rarely seen frowning, annoyed or stressed, it doesn’t matter if she’s on pap pics or otherwise; and that’s in fact why many people like her.
    Several different witnesses who have nothing in common with each other saying that there are paps waiting for her, is not a matter of perception.
    Who exactly is biased?

  45. 45
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    One of the reasons why I can not resist coming back to this pop culture gossip site, everyday, over and over, is because I am so fascinated with the new Nazism.

  46. 46
    F.G.F. Says:

    Maybe they meant “the paps are always waiting for her” as in “they are waiting for her everyday” cause lets face it, she does these paparazzi set ups on a daily basis so it would feel for her neighbors as if they are always there. As someone else said; its a matter of perception.

    And I wish we could stop with the B.I. nonsense, the chance that’s it her is very slim and she is abhorrent enough on her own. IMO it just distracts from the real reason she should be disliked; she’s a narcissistic famewh*re who used her relationship for exposure and then the trophy baby she got out of it.

  47. 47
    LOL Says:

    I don’t know who is a bigger tool – MK or the idiots here who are so blind they cant see what is going on so they resort to calling everyone else sockpoppets. Bunch of mindless tools.

  48. 48
    @46 Says:

    “the paps are always waiting for her” as in “they are waiting for her everyday”
    Uhmmm, doesn’t that mean the same thing?
    And unless you are willing to explain why they have to bring chairs, or why more than one shows up, or why they show up at all if it isn’t worth their while, and why her photos showing up on several sites and magazines doesn’t prove that it IS worth their while, then you have nothing to say.
    Repeating over and over that she calls them, with no logical explanation of the points above, proves that you are just repeating hater bullsh*t.
    Come on, prove that you can think for yourself, and admit that the haters are wrong.

  49. 49
    @47 Says:

    Oh come on. If you can look at the first set of derogatory comments and not think that they were written by the same person, then you are the one with the vision problem. Or is it lack of intelligence? Or just denial?

  50. 50
    ummmm Says:

    @tam: you need a hobby 0_0

  51. 51
    @50 Says:

    Ummmmm, ‘tam’ is not the only one posting here, you know.
    And why is it OK for haters to obsess over Miranda, but a fan can’t make an occasional comment? Explain that one, please.

  52. 52
    wiphoenix Says:

    At least she really is a model. I’m so tired of any model on the planet with one foreign cover being considered a “supermodel” such as Gerard Butler’s trout mouthed GF that he won’t even name in interviews.

    Back in the day a model got 50 covers in Europe before an agency would bother sending her to Vogue. No model was considered a ‘super’ until the Vogue cover. Carol Alt had 460+ covers. Kim ALEXIS 100′s, these man faced new wave wished, but in America actresses horde covers and I don’t like it.

  53. 53
    ummmm Says:

    @@50: because her comment was insane.. she searched all over twitter just to make a point on just jared O_o

  54. 54
    @53 Says:

    Uhmmm, I found that tweet too. Took all of 30 seconds after searching for Miranda’s name.
    Spending a few moments on twitter is not insane.
    Spending hours and hours creating fake blogs and twitter accounts, and stalking the internet every moment of every day for news about someone you despise is insane.
    Some of these haters really need to back off of their obsession a bit, before thay end up in the looney bin.

  55. 55
    Jazz Says:

    Orlando seems to take care of Flynn more than her. Ok? So did she have postpartum or something? She likes her paps and dog more.

    It seems another couple may bite the dust.

  56. 56
    stella Says:

    “So chilly in NYC tonight… Wishing I was back qualiaresort #hamiltonisland ”
    IShe doesn´t like the cold in NY (which she would feel less if she put some clothes on) but she rather wants to be at some random resort than spending time with her husband in South Africa? That´s sketchy to say the least.

  57. 57
    steph Says:

    What? Miranda is with Flynn almost constantly.
    You aren’t making any sense.
    And @56
    You must remember that she was on that island with Orlando. Thoughts about that would keep many a girl warm. ;)

  58. 58
    @54 Says:

    And this, ladies & gentlemen, is called a truth bigger than the ocean.

  59. 59
    Seed Says:

    You want me to explain why they use chairs to wait for her outside? Are you serious? This woman isn’t stupid. IF she comes out immediately after the cameras show up, it would be too obvious. Of course she’ll make them wait a little and the paps being people need chairs to rest.
    Also, isn’t it fascinating how the paps always get to know when she’s going out?
    You act like she’s the only woman in NY, the paps don’t have any reason to camp outside her house if if she doesn’t call them. I’m sure the paps shots we see are not the only time she goes outside
    I’m not writng here again.
    Even Candids of Candice make it in magazines these days. They are fillers. OF course there are people who would read about them, but it wouldn’t make a difference if they’re not there.
    You can keep deluding yourself about her status.

  60. 60
    ? Says:

    If they were only waiting for a short time, they wouldn’t need chairs. But since they DID have chairs, that meant that they were waiting for very long periods of time. If she called them, they wouldn’t have had to wait long at all. That’s just common sense.
    ‘Hey paps, I’ll be leaving home at eight’ the paps show up a little before eight.
    No phone call? Pull up a chair boys, you are in for a long wait.
    See, common sense.
    And BECAUSE they are waiting outside her apartment, they see her come and go every time she leaves, right? I mean, how could they miss her if they are camped out?
    And no one mentioned status, just popularity. Her pictures show up on websites and in magazines, which means that people are buying them. The opportunity to sell their photos is the reason that the paps camp out in front of anyone’s apartment, otherwise they wouldn’t bother.

  61. 61
    .. Says:

    @?: people don’t buy magazines solely for miranda kerr & N.Y paparazzi are selective as sh(t.. there is no way they’re NOT being called by her. I just don’t understand how people can be so gullible. About 98% of celebrities call them and she’s no different.. but whatever.. believe what like!

  62. 62
    @61 Says:

    Who said that people were buying magazines just for her? We said that the magazines were buying her photos.
    And i don’t understand how simple logic is being completely ignored by you haters.
    But let’s try again…even if they were being called, why would multiple paps show up if her pictures didn’t sell?
    And since her pictures do sell, and we have proof that they camp out to wait for her, why would she have to call them at all?
    Explain that logic away, or admit that you are wrong….again.

  63. 63
    wow Says:

    How obsessed can you haters be?
    Is it true that you’ve created fake blogs and twitter accounts?
    That’s SICK!
    If you don’t like her, why waste even one second on her?
    Are your lives so empty that hating someone makes you feel better about yourself?
    Just remember, Karma can be a real b**ch.

  64. 64
    ted Says:

    It is strange but on this site many people are convinced Miranda seeks the attention of the paps but on sites re Mila Kunis items her fans insist she is stalked by paps and never sets any of them up.

  65. 65
    Steph Says:

    Funny how the very few haters here try to act like they are speaking for the rest of us. The ‘no one likes her’ is my favorite.
    well, I ran across a post dedicated to Miranda’s latest street style looks on ONTD. As you know, ONTD is NOT an anon site.
    Here is what I found. Over 50 posts from real people (not socks) of nothing but positive comments. Well, there was one who didn’t like her Balenciaga gown, and another who didn’t like her purse, but NONE that said that they diidn’t like HER. I’m sure that once the haters find the post, they will attack with their lies and idiotic theories. But for now, all you see are words like “perfection”, “ethereal beauty”, “style icon”, “flawless”, “so f***ing gorgeous”, “lifespiration”, and from those who have met her, “such a nice person”.
    More proof as to why magazines buy her pictures. A lot of people like her, and want to read about her.
    Simple common sense, right?

  66. 66
    Steph Says:

    Mila isn’t dating a current hearthrob.
    Miranda started dating Orlando when he was still showing up regularly on the big screen. His fans attacked her (and still attack her) for daring to date him.
    If Mila stated to date someone like Bieber, or a member of a current boyband, they would change their tune immediately.
    Mila would then be responsible for all of the paps bothering ‘their man’, as well as hurricanes, earthquakes and global warming.
    ‘Fans’, gotta love ‘em.

  67. 67
    @Seed Says:

    “IF she comes out immediately after the cameras show up, it would be too obvious.”
    LMAO!! It would be too obvious for who??
    Are there people whose main goal in life is to know how much time passes from the moment paps arrive to the moment she leaves a building? Me not think so.

  68. 68
    ceci Says:


  69. 69
    X Says:
    Umm…that’s the body of a MAN!!!

  70. 70
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    Oh my! That there is the little pooch who gets lowered in a basket to do his business in Hitchcock’s Rear Window movie.

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