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Nicole Kidman: Colin Firth Joining 'Before I Go To Sleep'?

Nicole Kidman: Colin Firth Joining 'Before I Go To Sleep'?

Nicole Kidman rocks red heels while arriving at a screening of her new film The Paperboy held at Harmony Gold Theatre on Sunday (November 25) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 45-year-old actress suited up while attending a Q&A following a screening for her upcoming film The Paperboy.

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It was recently reported that Nicole wants to have her The Railway Man co-star Colin Firth in her next project, an adaptation of S.J. Watson‘s thriller “Before I Go to Sleep,” according to THR.

The story centers on “an amnesiac wife whose husband must reintroduce himself each morning.”

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman attending a screening in Los Angeles…

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nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 01
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 02
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 03
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 04
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 05
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 06
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 07
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 08
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 09
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 10
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 11
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 12
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 13
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 14
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 15
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 16
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 17
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 18
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 19
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 20
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 21
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 22
nicole kidman colin firth joining before you go to sleep adaptation 23

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • ally

    love love love the hair. beautiful as always Nic <3

  • rachel

    ugly woman with boring personality

  • ally

    Rechel, how do you know her personality? maybe you did the same actor studio togethar?

  • Moh123

    She is so simple and elegant, go grace

  • LooseLipz

    Her skin is flawless…only wish she used less Botox…

  • Anne

    Good choice Nicole, Colin Firth is awesome!

  • :$

    If Colin Firth cares about his career, he should immediately stop taking all calls from Kidman and go into hiding.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @rachel @:$ and all your other poster names….

    Colin was upset he didn’t get to work with Nicole on Stoker. He invited her to take Rachel Weisz’s place in Railway Man. He complimented Nicole on their work together. You are just another misinformed hateful dummy with a computer. Why Hollywood and the true talents of the industry won’t take your worthless advice is a true mystery…..NOT!

    I hope Colin considers Sleep because he would be cast against type, if you’ve read the novel.

  • ..

    ‘Skeptics are stupid’ aka ‘Orwell’ …This could be the perfect role for Kidman because, in regard to the truth, her memory frequently suffers from selective amnesia. In fact, this could be an Oscar winning performance!!

  • :$

    ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ … I really must try and remember my web of lies so I stop getting so confused …

  • ..

    … “It’s hard to remember a time when Kidman had a hit. Probably 2001′s “The Others,” a thriller that brought in $96 million on a $17 million budget. She’s been living off the residual good will for a long, long time. Moreover, when a Kidman movie misses, it bellyflops. “Australia,” “Nine” and “The Golden Compass” weren’t just flops, they were epic bombs. The latter two nearly took their studios down with them” …

  • Helen

    Success is not measured in money. Nicole Kidman is an artist and chooses films that are interesting to her regardless whether they are box office smashes. Perhaps you’re not aware of how many small films are made simply because they are well written. Very few films are box office smashes these days unless they are franchise films. Look at any actor or actress on IMDB and everyone makes films nobody has heard of. Nicole is an icon and will always be a Hollywood great.

  • TC

    Kidman is a mediocre talent. Always has been. She cunningly chooses from a broad range of film genres, to give the illusion there is diversity and skill, but in fact it’s mostly just kidman playing kidman.

  • Orwell

    @TC: Yeah, she’s a mediocre talent. That’s why she has an Oscar (and three nominations), three Golden Globes (and eight nominations), a BAFTA and countless other awards. That’s why she has worked with directors like Lars Von Trier, Gus Van Sant, Jane Campion, Stanley Kubrick, Baz Luhrmann, Alejandro Amenabar, Anthony Minghella, John Cameron Mitchell or Chan wook Park among others. You obviously don’t know anything about her career and you obviously don’t watch her films. The only reason you’re here insulting her in because she married your precious fantasy Keith Urban. You’re pathetic, hiding under different names to spew your hatred. How many names do you have by now? “TC”, “..”, “JR”, “Bob”, “rachel”, “an opinion”, “:$”, “Not Buying it in Nashville”, “Asha”, “kelly”, “Meena”, “JJ”, “R U sure”, “Grandma”, “it is sad”…

  • Orwell is delusional


  • Measure of Success

    @Helen: “Success is not measured in money. Nicole Kidman is an artist and chooses films that are interesting….”
    Yeah, well it matters to production companies. (go figure >_<)
    To continue to get offers (non-alternative films) you have to be 'marketable" (sucks – but that's the truth).
    NK knows/understands this and that maybe why she looks scary-faced (too much botox/fillers?) – bad decision.
    Whatever she has done, it looks weird and reflects in he performance (screen presence) — at least speaking as a person who has seen her films. (last one – Golden Compass)
    Maybe she'll only do artsy movies and will continue to have a successful career, but speaking as a movie goer too much work is a major turn off.

  • Julia

    @ally: Not her hair. She has very little that is her own. Just extensions.

  • toria


    Better check your facts honey. First Nicole specializes in indies like Rabbit Hole. But Golden Compass cost $180 million to make and made about $400 million with domestic, international and DVD sales/rentals. Australia cost $130 mil to make and with DVD sales/rentals etc. made over $250 million. Furthermore critics thought Kidman gave a good performance and directed the blame for the flop on Baz Lurhman the director. And yes Nine was a flop, but why blame Kidman? It had a cats of stellar actresses and actors. Kidman’s part was minor. Aniston’s Just Go With It made a ton of money. All you have to do is fact check before you mouth off. But obviously that is too much work for you. And no the studios didn’t almost go down the drain with Golden Compass and Australia.

  • http://Comcast Toni

    @ Toria and Orwell: Well said !!! I think this person either thinks she has a chance with Keith Urban or is a loyal Scientologist. Nicole Kidman is Perfection.

  • Measure of Success

    Per Wiki – The North American opening weekend return was “a little disappointing” for New Line Cinema, earning US$25.8 million with total domestic box office of $70 million compared to an estimated $180 million production budget. [continues with international numbers] By July 6, 2008, it had earned $302,127,136 internationally, totaling $372,234,864 worldwide.
    Overseas rights to the film were sold to fund the $180 million production budget for the film, so most of these profits did not go to New Line. This has been cited as a potential “last straw” in Time Warner’s decision to merge New Line Cinema into Warner Bros Pictures.
    The greater the margin (budget/earnings) the more marketable the actor will be viewed and the greater chance for producers back/ (and receive) funding.
    Banking on the American audience was New Lines mistake, but all production companies are hedging their bets (Domestic/International) and the more solid of previous earning by an actor/actress the greater chance of offers.
    Nicole Kidman may do better with smaller budgets based on past performance of her movies – If that is her focus then that’s her focus.
    My only thing is why mess with your money maker (face), expressions are a part of the acting repertoire and if it becomes noticeable it can be distracting and to many people (like me) a put off.
    Leave the fillers, botox and other cosmetic changes to other “celebrities” who have no talent to offer.

  • day

    nicole looks like a vax figure, botox is unfortunatrly her best friend
    i dont watch her movies for that reason, look at her fake lips gives me creeps

  • kary

    She looks gorgeous… and of course haters have not idea about her career… I like even more the indie’s films she does… she’s a true actress a true talent.

    I’m excited about “before I go to sleep” I just read the book and is awesome… I think Colin will be perfect for the role.

    BTW Haters… if you hate her so much why are you reading news about her? get a life… if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything!!!

  • http://yahoo Liz

    I do wish that “Paperboy” would just die and go away (I thought it had). I like Nicole a lot, but think she is just being too insistent promoting this mess and think it’s been a mistake. Most of her fans like to think of her as a classy lady, this role defies that in every way. Nashville and country music fans, generally, are pretty conservative. It would have been nice if Nicole had taken this into consideration before taking the role. Personally, I think it’s an embarrassment to her family and fans. Nicole, please lick your wounds and let it go.

  • Little MY

    I love Nicole and she is starting to look like her old self again, what a beautiful woman. She is truly a living hollywod legend and an icon for ages to come.

  • SerenaL

    To all you haters pining away for Keith Urban:
    you should grab a copy of this week’s New Idea Magazine It’s very evident to people who have met them and know them how madly in love they are with each other, and how devoted they are to their children. btw … the article was not based on some unnamed “sources”, but on interviews with Father Ed Steiner, who gave his opinion based on his observations.

  • ..


    Melanie Reid of The Times, London, writes;

    “Australia (2008) the movie, has one huge problem. It stars Nicole Kidman. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. At a stroke, the world’s female cinemagoers will say as one: I’m not going to see it if she’s in it.

    Kidman is one of those women who turns other women off. And no, not just because she’s pretty and we’re jealous. It is because we perceive, and men don’t, that she’s one of the most overrated actors in the world, a woman who has been the kiss of death in practically every movie she has starred in.

    Kidman is exquisitely accomplished at being awful. Did anyone see Cold Mountain? The sweeping American epic (note: another epic) foundered on the rocks of her gormless mirror-gaze. She can’t act. Instead, she drifts around films like a lost porcelain doll, looking frozen, brittle and vapid, staring at the camera with her oh-golly-look-how-I’m-looking-interesting blue eyes.”

  • :$

    The real reason Kidman chooses low budget Indy films (because she no longer has a choice):

    A few years ago, film critic John Patterson devoted his weekly article to Kidman under the heading, “If only… Nicole Kidman would retire.” The by-line is, “John Patterson breaks the news to the Australian diva that she’s no longer a commercial proposition.”

    “Invasion is almost the 10th Kidman movie in a row that has vanished without trace.” He goes on to write, “If only you’d retire. Because now would be the time. If you wait any longer, Hollywood’s powers that be – or their accountants – will rise from their crypts one morning and realise it is time to cut their losses re: your not entirely brilliant career. Anyone devoted to the bottom line will sooner or later notice that you have become Miss Joan Crawford 1944: which is to say, box office poison.”

  • ..

    There goes Kidman, always busy self-promoting … but let’s take some time to reflect on Nicole’s recent comments in DuJour magazine and how they might be affecting Suri Cruise. After all, the six year old child would still be working through the upheaval and emotional turmoil of the divorce … and then there’s her father’s EX-WIFE, who can’t stop publicly talking about Cruise and the deep and madly passionate love she felt for him. The little girl has just started school and is possibly made aware of Nicole’s very personal comments regarding her dad. It really does make you wonder about Kidman’s motives.


    Where are all the other actors in this movie? At both presentations/Q&A’s?

  • hm

    I personally is not going to argue that she is bad actress, I would bot call her great, but I think she is really a good one, particularly for certain roles. However, I am very disappointed with her looks nowdays and you can call her beautiful , gorgeous and bla, bla, bla, but the truth is obvious.

  • kary

    @Liz: she signed a contract that requires her surely promote the film. It is a requirement of the production house

  • TC

    URGENT Memo

    To: Colin Firth

    Re: Kidman’s next film project

    … RUN COLIN, RUN …

  • Eve

    @ANONYMOUSSE: FAIL. The screening was for Australians in Film. Silly skeptics.

    Nicole looks smashing. Much success to her in the next year with the upcoming films!

  • JJ

    … But it seems Kidman’s days of zooming from one film set to the next are over (actually, I’ve never been busier). “I was running from (toward) my life, in a way,” she says. “My imaginary life was (is) better than my (PR) flesh-and-blood life. That’s a sad thing to say, but it was (is). Now I love my real (fake) life so much it requires an enormous belief (just show me the money) in a film to want to take it on (Trespass, Nine, Just Go With It).” She pauses, (to quickly think up another lie) then says, “I think that we’re in the world to connect (manipulate and deceive). Because that’s what you’re left with (delusion). You’re not left with your houses or awards or money (of which I greedily want more) you’re left with the people that you built relationships with.” (people like Isabella and Connor who want nothing to do with me) …

  • Nicole Kidman is here to stay

    David Lindsay-Abaire recently did an interview where he says the following regarding The Family Fang:

    “We are deep into it, I have to hand in a draft next week actually. I really love it. It’s a great, funny, emotional story. I like that it’s a smaller story about a family. It’s about big things, but it’s also incredibly funny and I think it’s a perfect role for Nicole. I’m having the best time. And it’s also reuniting me with a lot of people that worked on my movie Rabbit Hole; obviously Nicole and her co-producer Per Saari, all the producers, Dean Vanech and Leslie Urdang. So it’s like a family reunion and it’s been great. And we all speak the same language so it’s been very, very easy.”

    David Lindsay Abaire on Family Fang

  • ..

    Yet another film project in the pipeline … she was always saying she wanted to slow down, take an extended break from films to spend time with the miracle children she so desperately craved, but it never happened. More lies!

  • Marie

    @TC: you obviously didn’t read the book… If you hate her… I’m not sure why are you so interested on her. Why are you reading the article and why are you even commenting?

  • ashhey

    wow! Now she totally looks like a witch. Black dress, red shoes, was it a witch convention? Where’s the broom and pointy hat?

  • TC

    @Marie: I do not hate Kidman, I dislike her. I dislike her face, I dislike her movies, I dislike her deception and I especially dislike being told that I cannot register my opinion. ps. I like Colin Firth.

  • Jill

    Oh JJ (27), just as you cannot crop Nicole out of Keith’s life, you also cannot take quotes and turn them into delusional nonsense. Well, we know you can try, but it only makes you look like a bigger loon than we all know you to be. How’s that bully blog of yours? Are you having trouble finding material?

  • Puhleaze

    @TC: You lie and deceive because Nicole Kidman is married to Keith Urban and had babies with him. No other reason. The latest incarnation of the public skeptic message board is in the toilet. No surprise there when nasty peices of work are all competing for the center of attention.That.s why you are here desperately trying to ”pave the way”. If you can’t see that after 7 years your lies are futile then you are beyond help or reason. Maybe someone in your real and sad life will step in and intervene because you are incapable of saving yourself.

  • Megan

    Nicole will win the Oscars for supporting actress in Paperboy even if only a few people saw the film. Look at Halle Berry, she won best actress Oscars for Monster Ball and nobody saw the film, but nobody questioned it. She is believable as a white trash in Paperboy just like she was believable as Virginia Woolf in The Hours. That’s why she deserves to win.

  • Louise

    I truly love Nicole’s style and grace, but I think she should “ditch” the high heels. She is tall to begin with and then she adds inches to her height. It makes people uncomfortable to have someone towering over them. She looks like a giant and the other people are peas.

  • Louise

    It appears Nicole has had her teenth recapped. They are a bit too big for her lips. Also, what is with the black eyes; she looks like Martina McBride, only with strawberry blonde hair. A gentler look is Nicole’s style.

  • KM

    Nickers looks like a stepford wife on hallucinating drugs.

  • :$

    ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ … I really must remember to talk more about my pining love for Tom in my next interview. I probably should mention Keith and the girls too …

  • :$

    ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ … I must remember to remind Keith, that he is NEVER to humiliate me and do an interview, where he talks about the deep and madly passionate love he felt for his long term ex-girlfriend Niki Taylor …

  • :$

    ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ … I really must remember to again spin the ‘Deep Depression After Contract Marriage To Cruise Ended’ story and simultaneously play the victim while generating publicity …

  • please

    Pleeease, no one here even is mentioning her husband, Kerth Urban. He is handsome guy, good-looking for his age, but he is so incredibly booooring, like runaway model – good looks and nothing else.
    You are the only one who bring hem in here. How sad.


    @Nicole Kidman is here to stay:

    Now THAT is a film I think Nicole will be just Kidman’s cup of tea! And what an enviable shoot that will be (in terms of the team). Nice project already. THAT is the kind of thing that makes me envious; not the looks, the husband, the career, the awards, the money (I have all of that, thank-you Lord!). [Tho I will never have it ALL like Kidman, as everyone acknowledges, as I never had my own bio children. ces’t la vie … didn’t adopt either.

    This news is why I hang around in the wings, waiting for a crunchie project like this to happen.

    Even if it means putting up with people here who are constantly heckling, abusing, falsely labelling and denigrading to myself and others. It is beyond acceptable and way beyond enough already!

    I am Swiss, I am in the middle … i look at everybody with the notion there there is positive and negative in ALL of us … and when a positive remark is made by someone, (as in my own experience), followed by a negative (critical) one, then forever after that person is labelled a “HATER” “SKEPTIC” “MORON” “LYING DUMBASS”. eg #33

    That is the very reason I have been forced to change my posting name to try and shake the cockroache/s off my back. I will now stick to this name. The next abuse aimed at me will be acted upon, (again, but it will be 3rd & final warning time).