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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thanksgiving Stroll in New York City!

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thanksgiving Stroll in New York City!

Ryan Gosling walks arm in arm with his girlfriend Eva Mendes during a Thanksgiving morning stroll on Thursday (November 22) in New York City.

In case you missed it, check out the 31-year-old actor looking battered in the newly released poster of his new film Only God Forgives.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ryan Gosling

It was recently announced that Ryan has cast Ben Mendelsohn in his debut directed film How to Catch a Monster.

Monster centers on “a mother (Christina Hendricks) and her two sons, one of whom discovers a secret underwater town. With mother in tow, young Bones enters the dark, macabre place he’s stumbled upon.”

FYI: Eva is wearing a Max Mara coat.

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  • lauren

    i dont approve of this

  • Brittany

    Honestly don’t get these 2 together… Something about her is off.

  • sister Jude

    no way…It’s like a dagger through my heart

  • SP

    commencing eye roll sequence.
    just kidding, i love all the hateful comments against this couple :)

  • dd

    At least she is a working girl… not like Jared best friend famewh*re Minka kelly

  • Gilmore

    Well.. at least they stopped looking so miserable in candids.

  • KissThis

    urgh why Ryan, why?!

  • sookie

    at least.. she’s not a creepy pedophile like Taylor sl*t.. even though she and Ryan have big Age Difference

  • Laurel

    See girls, you can walk around NYC in a hat that ugly and still manage to snag Ryan Gosling. There’s hope for us all!

  • reggie

    Two jerks calling the paps for publicity, that’s all

  • stella

    They did last a lot longer than I thought. He is just like her, his whole sweet, weird, romantic shtick is so fake.

  • Mort

    @sookie: Their age difference isn’t big at all. Six or seven years is nothing.

  • sookie

    @Mort: umm yeah.. at least she’s not dating a teenager..

  • Wow so obvious

    Did she wear that super bright blue hat to stand alert all paps so they can be certain to spot them?!

  • Candice

    I’ve always thought they were so cute together. Mismatched, but cute.

  • Anne

    @sookie: No, the age difference is not big. If it is “normal” for the man in the couple to be 6/7 years older, it is also normal for the woman to be that older.

  • Lou

    Well, better Eva than a brainless model or an immature and very young actress. Maybe, he finds her fun besides sexy, even if she looks arrogant.

  • dixie

    What the hell is that on top of her head.

  • xsxs

    that guy is so overrated in looks and talent!!!

  • cookie

    please let her movie come out so they can’t stop pretending they’re together, it’s getting super awkward. but at least, as someone already pointed out, they don’t look miserable for once.

  • cookie

    @cookie: I meant their movie, lol.

  • Is it just me or is Ryan starting to lose his appeal the longer he stays with Eva???

  • Ash

    Ryan is feeling completely peaceful with Eva.

  • Moira

    These look really candid, not like some other pictures on ths site. Don’t really like her, but like that he’s not pulling a Leonardo Dicaprio. Not to say when he turns 35 he won’t, but right now I’m digging his style.

  • Kate

    They’re blowing people’s minds. Good for them. I hope they get married not because I like them (I couldn’t care less) but because that would really mess some people up. Lol.

  • Kirsten

    Why the Eva hate? I’m not the biggest fan of hers but they seem like a nice couple. Opposites attract.

  • xena


    Right. He is so handsome and talented and the look really hot together.

    why the hate?

  • Ms. Kensington

    I personally think it’s refreshing that you rarely see them together. It shows you can be a Hollywood couple and manage to not get papped every single day.

  • kjbk

    something about her I just don’t like.

  • xena

    @Ms. Kensington:
    They spent the weekend taking walks in Manhattan, enjoying Broadway shows and restaurants.

    They are a hot couple and very low key.!

    I dont understand the hate! what is the problem with Eva? She is super hot.


    B O R I N G

  • italian girl

    Lovely couple! I like them together.
    Ryan is really really cute and Eva one of the hottest woman in Hollywood.

    Hope they will go on together for long long time.

  • me

    i submit @dd: comment. …lol

  • Young Hercules

    The young Hercules needed a great box-office success, he is not a star, is a film actor independent
    his mother looks very good in these pics

  • Kaity

    Ryan is such a cutie in these pics. And she looks like she’s having the time of her life, so…
    More power to ‘em, I guess.

  • jen

    @dd: i know.. CE and MK PR stunt has been so badly done.. at least i believe RG and EM are not using their relationship as a PR stunt.. but if they are= better PR move

  • mrst

    Another cute couple celebrating the holiday…=)

  • jamie

    Everything in Hollywood is an illusion. Including these two.

  • pat

    It used to really bother me that they were together, now I just don’t give a darn. Despite all the stories of her being not so nice, I’m assuming there must be something about her that keeps him around. But I don’t know these people and never will. Besides, he might be a completely different person than the image he puts out there.

  • Sara

    LMAO. another staged thanksgiving photo-op. Didn’t they do this last year too? I think their movie is coming out soon so they have to ramp up the photo-ops. Her nose is huge and ugly as hell. I agree with others though, I like this couple only for how much they piss people off. I think it’s hilarious that people are obsessed with that ugly dopey weaselface Gosling.

  • WWW

    They’re both butterfaces so they’re in each other’s league “looks”. Can’t say I find Eva pretty. The nose, jawline, and buckteeth. No offense, but she looks very manly to me :) I don’t know much about her but I don’t really “like” her because she’s an awful actress IMO.

  • Jojo


    LOL what? Eva has no career at all. Working girl my ass. The only time she finds work, it’s small bit nothing roles. And Chris and Minka are hot together because Minka is pretty, unlike Manface Mendes.

  • LOL

    These two are so predictable, I knew after the Malick movie wrapped they’d pick up the photo-ops and sightings. Pines comes out in March which is coming sooner than later and still no buzz. After Christmas they’ll be a fake engagement announcement I’m sure haha

  • B4IGo

    This is random but I get the feeling they have really…boring sex. Like missionary with the lights off only lol. I get a “cold fish” vibe from her and he WAS brought up Mormon. Sorry,carry on.

  • xena


    Pines is an art house film with amazing reviews in Toronto Festival… it is a little independent movie with a limited release date.

  • Tessa

    @LOL: It is laughable how people on gossip sites think it is all about them. Pretty sure that many actors do have PR stunts, but that doesn’t mean all of them do it all the time. What about… after the Malick movie wrapped they decided to enjoy NYC and some paparazzi or other people who could sell the pictures saw them…

  • TMZ’d

    She’s hot.

  • deby

    i hope they are planning to have baby soon. they gonna make cute baby

  • T

    They obviously would have to enjoy each others company to be spending time together. I do see that in this picture. Although I have yet to see one picture where they appear to be in love or smitten. There are a lot of her looking at him in general, which could just be chance. I have seen him look more emotionally engaged and connected with Sandy, Rachel, and obviously in acting scenes, where there’s no question about it. He just looks…like he’s not engaged emotion wise or..I don’t know. Anyway, it could just be the pictures that happen to be caught…

  • dd

    @Jojo: yes she is a working gir! check her vs MK imdb. she’s maybe not a A lister but she’s always working on something. And sometimes she is the main female character.