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Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Online Fight

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Online Fight

Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account after a fight with comedian and writer Jenny Johnson on Sunday (November 25).

The 23-year-old singer was criticized by Jenny for his 2009 controversy with Rihanna, to which he replied “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????”

“To teambreezy… Know that I’m not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These b*****s crazy.. Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem. Catch me in traffic…” Chris wrote before signing off for good.

Click inside to read the full war of words between Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson

Chris: “I look old as f***! I’m only 23,”

Jenny: “@ChrisBrown I know! Being a worthless piece of s*** can really age a person.”

Chris: “@JennyJohnsonHi5 take them teeth out when u Sucking my d*** HOE.”

Jenny: “@ChrisBrown It’s “HO” not “HOE” you ignorant f***.”

Chris: “@JennyJohnsonHi5: I should fart while ur giving me top.”

Jenny: “@ChrisBrown Your mom must be so proud of you.”

Chris: “@JennyJohnsonHi5 see.. I don’t even have to tell u what u already know. Thanks HO! #bushpig”

Jenny: (with a link to an MTV News story from 2009 about his assault on Rihanna) “@ChrisBrown #SuckIt”

Chris: “@JennyJohnsonHi5 mom says hello… She told me not to shart in ur mouth, wanted me to shit right on the retina”

Jenny: “@ChrisBrown YOU FLIRT!!!”

Jenny: “Okay. I’m done. All I got from that exchange with Chris Brown is that he wants to s*** and fart on me. I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.”

Chris: “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????”

Jenny: “@ChrisBrown Get some help. Seriously.”

Chris: “To teambreezy… Know that I’m not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These b*****s crazy.. Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem. Catch me in traffic…”

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  • Robsten_Fan

    Grow up… ;)

  • amanda

    how immature society is? ok, guy who goes on twitter rants, throws chairs through windows and dresses as a terrorist for halloween, you’re right, we’re the ones who are immature.

  • African Girl

    I don’t know who Jenny is….but I love her!!

  • Sarah.

    Oh yeah sure, society is immature.. ! He is such an idiot. And so is Rihanna for going back to him. Don’t know who Jenny Johnson is but good going hahaha

  • miranda

    wow unbelievable how he keeps digging deeper his hole, he is just a terrible person who needs help. he hates women or idk why he keeps doing that after all the scandal, maybe he thinks it´s ok but clearly it´s not and that´s thanks to rihanna going back with him. maybe he dances and sings like a god but that´s far from what his persona is

  • Wow

    He is so gross.

  • Kat

    Wow, this guy is a scumbag. Yes, people have done awful crap and atoned for their crimes, but this guy just constantly acts like he is being persecuted for beating the shit out of his girlfriend when it’s INCREDIBLY clear he doesn’t feel bad about it in the least and he hasn’t learned a damn thing. S C U M B A G. I don’t give a shit if Rihanna is mad or if she’s forgiven him. This guy is a piece of shit with incredibly mediocre “talent”. Please fade into obscurity already.

  • Anon

    I have no respect for Chris Brown. He may be 23 but name-calling, telling her to suck his d***, and saying that he wants to s*** and fart on her just proves how immature he is. It’s disgusting how he can justify his actions against Rihanna, or belittle the significance of them, by saying “Well, she ain’t mad now.” As if the victim being “over it” makes domestic violence okay.

  • Anon

    @Anon: I guess JustJared censors the word “F4RT” too. Interesting, haha.

  • Gilmore

    I don’t understand how a person like this exists or how they can still have a career with an attitude like that. He needs help and Rihanna needs to get away from him asap. What a piece of immature sh-t.

  • The Dame Intl

    Wish Chris Brown would delete himself.

  • see

    He is on probation for another 2 years until 2014 for the near death beat down of Rihanna. Shows his lack of rehabilitation. Put his ass in jail and make him work at shelters for battered women. That should teach him something. An immature litle twat is all he is. With his no respect for women. Goes into full combat mode when presented with fact of life, his crime. Thinks all is right cause Rihanna ”not mad” no more. He belongs in jail he has not paid for the crime yet. He does not understand what he has done wrong. Teach him.

  • tomerltka

    ok, this is what chris brown is thinking :

    ” I can act anyway I want when it comes to this b.!.t.c.h.e.s. I can hit them,bad mouth them..whatever..and you know why?? because you all love me no matter wut cuz I’m a music GOD!!!!”

  • Samantha

    Do people still care about this D-bag?

  • AMY

    Wow Chris, and I thought you were really starting to change. You just showed your true colors by saying that digusting stuff to that woman. You’re a low-life.

  • Bosk

    HE’S talking about how immature SOCIETY is? Pot and kettle, Chris Brown, pot and kettle.

  • snore bore

    yawn. no time to complain. he’ll be back for the the next promotion.

  • ala

    I bet Chris Brown and Rihanna would give anything to go back in time to that night in Feb 2009 and change what happened, but they can’t! So i’m not here about to feel sorry for this lady who is apparently obsessed with verbally attacking him, she’s sent over 100 tweets starting since early 2011, Chris Brown blocked her from seeing his account in April 2011 and yet she found a way to respond to a tweet that he had posted days ago, call it what you’d like but that lady isn’t so innocent. All these “celebrities”find it funny to poke fun at him for what he did, if you really cared about Women Abuse you would find a more positive way to speak out and stand up for women who have been abused, you would donate to womens shelter homes with your time and money like I have at my local Alice Paul House, This women Jenny doesn’t speak for Rihanna or other abused women, she just enjoys verbally degrading someone for her own personal amusement.

  • Flo

    “entertaining the ignorance”?? did this prick call someone else ignorant?
    i knew it. i knew he’s just using rihanna to help “rehab” his image. i hope she gets a huge percentage of every dollar he earns. of course, my wish is that he’ll never make another dime being an “entertainer” ever again. i think maybe some sanitation job might teach him some humilty…….

  • toria

    His defenders keep saying he is genuinely remorseful for beating Rhianna. That he has changed. If he has really changed, then he wouldn’t go off on tirades like this one. This isn’t the first time he has lost his temper like this and it appears it won’t be the last. Yeah, he really has his temper under control.

  • andy


  • Kendal

    Jenny Johnson has been verbally attacking Chris Brown since 2011 and He blocked her April 2011 and she still managed to go on his twitter and respond to a tweet that he had posted days ago, The media has turned this around making it seem like he has attacked her when she has sent over 100 tweets harassing him. like the old saying goes: “DON’T GET MAD WHEN I PULL A YOU ON YOU” it seems to me like Chris shouldn’t have been the only person to delete his twitter, this lady claims she has two children to worry about and I guess verbally attacking Chris Brown, someone she called “worthless”is much more important than being a parent.

  • Tom

    Chris Brown you are not above society. You are part of society and from your “point” then you must be crazy and immature as well since you “entertained the ignorance”.

    His behavior towards Jenny Johnson is a major indicator of douchebaggery. If he treats someone he barely even knows in such a manner…what would he do to someone he professes to love?

    He should have been sent to prison for what he did to Rihanna; he would have learned that there are consequences to one’s actions even if he is a “popular singer”. Since he did not; now he perhaps thinks he can get away with doing whatever he wants without censure or punishment.

    Shame on Rihanna for enabling him by getting back together.

  • Hondu

    I really don’t see why people care if he is remorseful or not what went on between Chris and Ri should ultimately be there business. Some of you really need to get a life. Women think it’s ok when they flip out and hit a man but want to ball up when they recieve a lick back. Keep your hands to yourself and you won’t get hands put on you.

  • Hondu

    @Tom: And what would he have been sent to prison for exactly? Oh he hit a woman! Women hit/attack men all day long but you never see this kind of reaction.

  • Rae

    And Twitter sighed with relief.

  • Hondu

    @see: Near death beat down? Great exaggeration.

  • KC

    He has to get to a point of understanding that what he did will NEVER go away–it’s pretty much stuck with him, just like all the other abusers and criminal assailants in the rest of the world. Hits him more because of who he is, but he ought to know by now, people will always find a way to bring up what he did to Rihanna. Don’t engage in a twitter war about the past if you’re working on becoming a better person. Yes, Jenny did initiate it, but learn to be the bigger person you want the world to believe you are and ignore it, or reply with some tact and decency…all he did was show the world that he remains immature and apparently hasn’t grown up that much since 2009…

  • kekwd

    @Hondu: you’re really delusional if you think it was just an accidentaly punch to the face. Go read the police report – its available to the public. He repeatedly hit and bit her saying he was going to kill her. Seems like you’re trying to play it off like all of “team breezy”

  • cynical

    He and Halle should hook up

  • Poyer

    He looks like he has AIDS. Hope Rihanna is making him wrap it up. Disgusting on the outside & on the inside.

  • toria


    Defend him all you want, but he came off incredibly immature. Honestly–look at what he wrote. What an idiot. He sounds uneducated, crass and immature. And he is. Grow up Chris.

  • Toni

    Oh my goodness he looks horrible. I keep saying he reminds me of Devante Swing ( he’s nowhere near him in the looks department and talent department), but at least Devante had his looks till his 30′s. Chris is 23 and already looks like crap.

    On topic, the lady started it and provoked him, but he shouldn’t have went there period with those comments and they were truly uncalled for. He proved that he’s still immature and that he needs someone to run his twitter for business purpose because he keeps ruining his already damaged reputation.
    He really needs to leave social media all together to tell you the truth.

    OT, but I am happy as heck that my favorites from the past didn’t have social media during their heights. For example, imagine Michael Jackson having to deal with insults and jabs going directly to him (and he went through a lot yet he never went off like some of these people do now) or Madonna being called out for her image.

  • bobjustbob

    It’s like he is worse than ever, not rehabilitated whatsoever.

    It says alot about his GF the way he talks to women. This horrible, vile, disrepectful rant came from the same mouth she is unapologetic for kissing and loving. Rhianna is just as scummy to continue to associate with him (a pic on him on her BED?!!). I say that BOTH of their careers need to slide down now. Is this seriously the kind of people that the public is putting in music today *shakes head*, wow. Remember people, we buy their records and crap, now time to chose not to.

  • Toni

    Yes women hit men too, but he could have killed her period point blank. Look at her pictures right after the incident. He gave her knots, busted her lip, had her eyes swollen and much more.

    What gets me is that people keep making excuses for this supposed grown man who acts like an immature boy. He shows not an ounce of remorse because people keep coddling him and babying him going off about the injustice and unfair treatment he receives.
    I’m tired of the coddling of this grown ass boy who keeps messing up after getting more chances than he should. I don’t know anyone else who can keep a career who is black at that (I’m black by the way) after 1) beating up his girlfriend 2) going on Larry King with a corny ass outfit doing a horrible interview 3) make a video that displays no emotion apologizing about the incident 4) going on twitter rants cussing and acting like an immature kid 5) throwing a chair out of a window and walking out with his shirt off looking like a crazy fool and much more.
    Michael Jackson went through hell and back til the day he died (he still does at times) and you NEVER saw him act out and fall into people’s hands. He always stayed calm and collected even when they destroyed his image and tried to diminish his accomplishments.

  • porks

    he is such a hypocrite it’s not even funny ! what a lil pussy

  • May

    hope he doesn’t turn rihanna into a punching bag again. but if he does then she deserves it. i can’t believe someone like her can be SOOO stupid!

  • dazzle

    deleting his twitter is seriously probably the best life decision he’s made in 34324920 years.

  • KissThis

    He really is the lowest of the low. Worthless scum. He proves it again and again.

  • MT

    I know what he did to Rhianna was horrible. but he did hes time, and apologized and Rhinna forgave him. I think its wrong to just go there and said”Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.”
    I know what he said was really horrible too, but she started it. and she is way older then him,she need to grow up. its embarrassing.

  • Dave Franco

    Guys, he just doesn’t get it. Glass A narcissism here, peeps/ The inerrancy of these people is crazy. They think they’re above the law.

  • Butch

    I love Rhinna and she’s a hard b!$ch too, and proly feels bad about those photos getting out. Now, if any of you have ever had mad love at the age of 23, and the stupid shit you did to hold on, then you may understand. Pour tons of money and fame on to these youngsters and see what happens. Both still babies in the world and this too shall pass.

  • DB

    What a screwed up scumbag this guy is.

    He just seems like an all around horrible person, regardless of photo-op BS he pulls.

    He keeps coming back to that core behavior of his, and it’s always, always ugly and mean.

  • A Mother

    This woman was very rude. It is so darn pathetic that this young man is forever been judge by this one mistake. I am SICK of the level of crucifixion that he was thus far endured. HE WAS WRONG, WE all agreed but AGAIN he is human just like the rest of us. We all have done things in our lives that on second thoughs, wished we hadn’t done. It is high time we give this young man a chance to move forward .Once and for all. ENOUGH is ENOUGH No wonder he is pissed.I have seen and heard of many other celebrities and non – celebrities, white and black, etc, yet to date none has suffered this level of continuous degradation. He was 19, He is now 23. No matter how hard this young man tries to be a positive role model, I see some are hell bent on putting him down. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

  • uh

    he is a f&king pig! there’s really no other way to put it
    and ‘team breezy’ need to collectively drown themselves for their ignorance and blatant disregard for abuse.

  • uh

    also… no clue who jenny is but she seems like an amazing person… but i miss the days of tupac and biggie when chris brown would have been dealt with like the b&tch he is

  • the observer

    I wonder what the beautiful Rihana find in this childish immature and rude Chris Brown. Hope the reason behind is not lonliness coz it is better to be alone that around or next to someone who once hurts you physically and emotionally. He is not worth her time, people don’t change , so she , i guess has to put up and face the consequences of that decision….Rihana can do better that fellow , i just hope she knows that *sigh

  • Sean

    CB is a despicable human being but this Jenny Johnson chick is now playing the victim card after receiving threats from his lunatic fans for trolling him for 2 years. What the hell did she expect to happen? Dont troll if you cant take the heat.

  • Ask Alice

    Boycott Chris Brown.
    Otherwise, you enable that filthy pig to continually insult and assault others. He is deep in his delusional hatred and we’re supporting him. While you’re at it, boycott Rihanna. If she hasn’t got the sense to get as far away from Brown as her two legs can carry her, we’ll be reading another sob story in the tabloids one day soon. I won’t be buying that magazine. Rihanna, hear this: Batter me once, shame on you. Batter me twice, shame on me. Get out now before he kills you, fool!!

  • Chris

    why is everybody getting mad at chris? She OBVIOUSLY started it and everybody she is the victim. She needs to mind her own business and keep going of what’s left of her career. She had no right to harass somebody who was charged 3 YEARS AGO! That was in the past. Let it go people….