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Gabriel Aubry Obtains Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez

Gabriel Aubry Obtains Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez leaves Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after getting his injuries checked on Monday (November 26) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old actor got in a fight with his fiance Halle Berry‘s ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Thanksgiving.

Gabriel reportedly has obtained a restraining order against Olivier as a result of the brawl and the chaos that has ensued, according to TMZ.

Halle and Olivier are sticking to their side of the story, whereas Gabriel has come out with his own side, saying he was attacked first.

Gabriel cannot currently come within 100 yards of Halle, their daughter Nahla, and Olivier.

Also pictured inside: Olivier and Halle arriving back at their home after visiting their lawyer that same day.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi‘s.

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  • ggjhjghj

    Ugh , Can someone please save poor Nahla? Too much drama. And having parents that constantly fight isn’t healthy. I should know from personal experience.

  • clarinell

    im glad i hope gabriel get full custody halle and olivier are just trouble she wants to take that little girl from her father

  • photos etc.

    Why is he getting them checked again? Didn’t he do so an hour after the incident?

    TMZ news and full pix of Gabe’s brutal beating :

  • What’s next?

    Gabriel should get also a order for Nahla.

  • SunnyAutumn

    After all is said and done, Halle better hope Gabe has a little sympathy for her to allow her to have monitored 2-hour visits with Nahla. Their plan backfired.

  • Verity

    GOOD! Olivier Martinez had no business involving himself in a custody situation, he should of never approached Gabriel Aurbry. Let the man drop off his child and done.

  • Ellie

    Halle and Olivier are evil snakes. I completely believe Gabriel’s story. What kind of person keeps a little girl away from her father? if the judge sides with Halle on this situation, then there are some serious problems with the court system.

  • commonsense

    Good, now he should try to get a restraining order for his daughter against Martinez.

  • XxXxX

    Oh great. Now both sides have their story. I am not quick to judge as most people do in here. Yes,maybe Gab was attacked but the whole “set up” thing is ridiculous. People are just hating on Halle. You know, just because Gabriel is a pretty boy doesn’t mean he has nothing to hide. I’m sure he can be a bit of an a.s.s

  • yeaa

    Look at Gabe’s face, look at Olivier’s hand. He is a trained boxer. I love how they are trying to say Gabe is a violent monster. Olivier does NOT need to be around Nahla. Poor child.

  • Iris

    poor Gabby *sadface*
    totally think he was set up

  • NYC

    Halle Berry seems to get herself into very strange physical relationships.
    There is a pattern here, folks.
    Just saying.
    If I were a parent to that child, Olivier would be a little TOO close to my kid.

  • Anne

    @XxXxX: I agree with you, but what is important in these cases is how he is as a father. My father was an a.s.s in many aspects, but he was a great father to me.

  • martha

    @yeaa: thanks for the link. OMG. It fits my theory he was ambushed. Even if jollie Ollie was defending himself…you can’t use excessive force. Ollie went for a hand check up…..because those are tooth wounds. They can get nasty infected.

  • nahla was in backseat
  • Kel

    Olivier is a creep. This is none of his business.

  • LadyKate

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  • June

    Olivier and Halle make me SICK! Arrrrrgh!!

  • http://dlookingo rachel

    Halle is a crazy woman.

  • WTMF

    This is just sad all around, especially for Nahla. OM had no business being involved in this. Maybe Gabriel does have a temper, but Olivier just proved that he does too.

  • DB

    How ironic is this.

    Berry and Oliver seek a restraining order against Gabriel, and instead, he ends up getting one against Oliver.

    Very interesting twist, no?

  • justme

    halle you are next OLIVIER is going to beat you ass next went the two of you break up.

  • Isabelle

    Sorry, but I am not one take any information at face value. I do not believe Olivier attacked him, particularly unprovoked. Something about Gabriel strikes me as an opportunist of sorts. It’s possible that he flexed and through a punch not fully preparing himself for the repercussions or imagining that Olivier would respond.

    Likewise, Olivier may have been in the wrong. Therefore, I am not taking what he says at face value either. One thing I can say with certainty is that the most battered person in a fight is not a sign of who started the fight. I am sure some of you who have been bullied in school know or have engaged in a fight understand. Sometimes, the unsuspecting person wins, sometimes the aggressor underestimates his or her opponent, among other outcomes. Trust me, it happens.

  • DB

    @Isabelle: Look, if this was in front of the child, Oliver didn’t seem to care, because he pounded on the guy and kept hitting him. Have you seen Gabriel’s face?

    What kind of “father” would he make if instead of simply doing the bare minimum to end the conflict, he continues to beat the man over and over, as if he enjoys it?

    Not a good thing.

  • Jim


    That’s a perceptive comment and I agree. Some people like to take sides without assessing the situation critically. That’s why critical thinking is important. None knows for a fact what transpired, and making assumptions on tenuous premises is not necessarily the route to go.

    The most bruised person is not evidence of a planned attack or some other conniving reasoning or vice versa.

    I wish the best for all those involved, especially Nahla.

  • Cunning

    I believe Gabriel. Hopefully the judge will see through Halle’s cunning & selfish nature and prevent her from moving Nahla to france.

  • L

    I saw the pics of Gabriel injuries, and hands, I don’t even think the guy got to trow a puch at all, his faces looks deformed; something istinks about Oliver side of the story IMO

  • justme

    for a women who is against domestic violence your really can pick then.Halle please get Olivier out of your house your child come first. look at her father face and tell me how you can live with yourself

  • Carol


    Wow, it’s nice to see an unbiased comment here every once in awhile. I am staying objective too. Also, I agree that the bruising on Gabriel’s face, while ugly, is not proof of who started the fight and whatever else.

    I remember in school this girl always used to start with me because she did not like the way I was dressed (apparently my clothes were not cool enough.) One day she started with me and pushed me and kicked my leg, and I defended myself. The girl looked like a hot mess, a really hot mess. Anyone looking at the girl would have thought I started something, but that was not the case at all.

  • sam

    Poor Nahla.

  • Lorna

    The only ones who know for certain what really happened are Gabriel and Oliver, but I would think there would be security cameras on the property that may have recorded who hit first. Regardless, it’s a shame that the little girl is in the middle of this hot mess. I wish that for her sake, all of the adults in this situation would really make an effort to get along and put the past behind them.

  • Lissa

    Isabelle, Jim and Carol are the same person. Normally she uses her real name when posting here which is Halle Berry but she’s trying to be anonymous. lol. As for me I am Team Nahla :) Someone should take that poor child away from all the psycho adults. Save Nahla.

  • Save Nahla

    Deport the two Frenchmen and give Nahla to Angelina and Brad!

  • P

    Hate to say it but Halle is a tragic figure.. this will not end well, she has already attempted suicide, hit and runs, she is really living close to the edge these days..hope she slows down

  • jen

    Olive boy has absolutely NO say in the child what so ever!.
    He has no legal say in the child’s welfare.
    It would be best if this child’s was removed from this complete situation.
    They have not placed her well being first.
    They set Aubry up.

  • jen

    Halle, clearly the pictures show who has NO self control in this altercation.
    Are you thinking of your future…what if he gets mad at you, or worse Nahla??

  • jen

    Aubry’s looks are his livelyhood…get a damm good lawyer and sue!

  • justsaying

    if that was my brother or son Olivier i would beat the shit out of you for what you did to nahla father she will see her father face,no matter what halle do god bless gabriel and nahla

  • Telly

    Olivier is a stupid squinty eyed douche of a frog.

  • oz

    The real victims in this whole mess…Nahla and Gabriel.

    I can’t believe how much Halle Berry has changed. If she wanted to pick and choose whom she wanted to be a father to that poor little girl, then she should have just gone to a sperm bank privately.

    Halle thinks by trying to make Gabriel look like he’s the bad guy she’s going to look like little miss innocent? Ha please! All she’s doing is making herself look like a complete and utter vindictive b*tch, when all Gabriel wants to do is spend time with his precious daughter.

    Very sad.

  • Telly

    Here is a video of the fight –

  • mh

    @clarinell: Please he is trying to justify starting the fight. It won’t work. LEACH needs to get a job. Halle has primary custody for a reason.

  • mh

    AUBREY is a LAZY LEACH. He is trying to justify starting the fight so he won’t lose his visitation priviledges. I’m glad they have the video. I can’t wait until Nahla finds out her daddy is to lazy to get a job so mommy had to support him.

  • mh

    @DB: Oh please what type of guy sues for child support? LAZY LEACH that don’t want to work to support his child. He got his a** handed to him. Models aren’t the brightest and he proves it.

  • mh

    @Isabelle: Voice of reason. Too many jealous and racist haters on this sight. Aubrey is a LAZY LEACH that Halle has to support.

  • mh

    @P: Shut up she loves her daughter and will protect her at all cost. Can’t say the same for the LEACH sperm donor.

  • Susan

    Olivier is a creep and Halle has always been one. They do belong together.

  • Sarena

    The racist pricks are out the woods singing their usual tone, Halle should lose the custody of her child blah blah blah. You don’t care about anyone you are hateful losers whose entire lives revolve around Halle’s failed relationships. Get out and have your own life. Oliver Martinez never looked any better we now know Gabriel only likes to push ladies around not a real man. VIVA OLIVER VIVA OLIVER VIVA OLIVER

  • http://justjared Simple Facts

    First thing I thought when I read this story is set up. And it is true. Why would Oliver be the one to puck up the little girl and not her mother? He has no business getting in the middle. Not to mention he is the reason for all of this. It is probely his idea to move the little girl to france away from her father. I am willing to bet that halle is so desprate to finally keep a man that she is listening to oliver’a every single word.

  • Sarena