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Gerard Butler: 'I Am Waiting for Priyanka Chopra'

Gerard Butler: 'I Am Waiting for Priyanka Chopra'

Gerard Butler sits down for an interview with Telemundo on Monday morning (November 26) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old Playing for Keeps actor recently revealed his affection for Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra.

“Last year, Priyanka was here [the US] and I was going out of town to a wedding,” Gerard said. “I stay in Malibu and she was coming to party at Malibu and I couldn’t meet. I was even thinking of missing the plane and going and saying hello because I hadn’t seen her in a long time. But we are in touch all the time.”

“I am still single because I am waiting for Priyanka Chopra,” he jokingly added.

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275 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'I Am Waiting for Priyanka Chopra'”

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  1. 76
    7' Tall Evergreen Tree Says:

    @Hi Gerry:

    Yes I’m having fun. I’ve got my tree up and next I have to put the lights on.

  2. 77
    bex Says:

    So I met Gerard Butler from afar today! I was on the boardwalk and he was on his hotel balcony! I waved & he waved back smiling!!!

    I then yelled “I LOVE YOU!!!!!” And Gerard yelled back “I LOVE YOU TOO” & then I said “CAN I HAVE A PICTURE WITH YOU?!!” And he said…

    “SURE ILL COME DOWN!!!!!” But he didn’t end up coming down :-( he still said he loved me though haha!

  3. 78
    Strings of Lights Says:

  4. 79
    casey Says:

    he never said anyone’s name, press is going on about this actress from India.

  5. 80
    candy Says:

    I think any girl that prob dates him would prob enjoy it at first but after a while would get draining and boring..he repeats the same jokes over again if anyone’s noticed, and i dont think he could offer you more apart from outings and some romps here and there. I highly doubt hes the type of BF that would bring you soup in bed if your sick, or support or devote time on you if you needed him. Its always the women giving. If MG was really madly in love with him she would stick around and invest with him rather than her career who knows could be wrong but she prob likes time apart & distance relationship.

  6. 81
    Rhea Says:

    @7′ Tall Evergreen Tree:

    That was frieda pinto in planet of apes she wasnt into him as she has loads of HW offers, He visited kangana on sets and studio in NYC and offered her a holiday get away he was free then and she took off for a week without telling the bollywood crew, he parents rang up as she never even informed them and was mortified and the crew swore never to sign her again as they were worried. He offers these girls fancy getaways but tells them to come seperatley at airports and meets them either on plane or afterwards at the place. Kangana wanted more he didnt and she was heartbroken he also promised her help with HW movies but never did lol

    He loves india and the girls, the girls never kiss and tell as they would be disowned by culture and society to bed a western man so they would never tell as later on no indian respectable guy will marry them and would bring great shame for the parents who dont allow this behaviour. I like ppl from west and men are nice to but my parents generation believe white men arent loyal or reliable i no its not true as they are really down to earth lovable ppl but its asian mentality lol please nobody take offence when i mean white i dont mean to be racist lol hope u understand

  7. 82
    bex Says:

  8. 83
    Twinkletoes Says:

    Ewwww now he is a bonafide worldwide douche-bag. Can it get any worse?

  9. 84
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    @Mary84: that statement (that he is single) was from more than one year ago.
    @bex: This kid (Noah Lomax) is lovely! He reminds me of Jack McElhone from Dear Frankie … I can’t believe he is already 19 years old!!
    @Rea: Well, he says that (about being different) quite often to all kind of women (from east, west, north and south) … Wasn’t the same thing he said to Martina Rajic? (eye roll) … But I agree, he has something for indian women, and exotic brunettes in general. ;-)

  10. 85
    Pete's Says:

    @Rhea: thanks, had a feeling he was very busy in Bollywood.

  11. 86
    Another Opinion Says:

    @Rhea: Just curious, is Jeannia R. the girlfriend who flew to India to be with him (he most probably had many so called girlfriends at the time)?

  12. 87
    bex Says:

    video interview with young Master Lomax

  13. 88
    Strings of Lights Says:

    I bet Antoine Fuqua of OHF laid the law down to him about messing up his movie. With Gerry’s rep of playing while filming, I can see AF telling him there will be no messing around while on his film. Maybe why he latched onto MG and played it straight for awhile. But of course it doesn’t last with him. The man works hard and plays harder. There’s no in between with him. No balance. He loves to do both and will never change.

  14. 89
    u patil Says:

    @gb: the woman was Miss World [crowned in London]. She’s not fake!

  15. 90
    Rhea Says:


    Lol he was definetly busy every lady guest that would meet him he would be very huggy & kissy with them even married ones and its alien to do that there as some ppl mind but he wasnt aware prob he would tell stories that before he was famous in london doing odd jobs he would watch bollywood films lol

    @Another Opinion: I dont who she was but he was with lots of male friends then and all them were naughty

    From what ive heard hes nice guy but woman that with him said that he never took anything serious and just wanted to have fun all the time he attend all the parties from shahrukhs house to hrithiks house and then PC throwed him a lavish party. Im not a particular fan nor dislike him but ive heard good things about him and bad things about him like he can be really nasty and rude form others so guess thats like with every human

  16. 91
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Well, it seems that the news about what happened in the Nightclub in Dubai are finally in Rumania ….

    “Madalina Ghenea, replaced by Gerard Butler with six women”

  17. 92
    Chandra Says:

    @Rhea: sorry, I am (still) a hot Indian girl from a very respected, educated and spiritual Family. I married a European white man. Spirituality, family and service was our connection when we met. Everyone recognized he is a special soul. Now a mom, my kids are very balanced and well versed than most as to their heritage. Whatever you may experience, I have south Indian Brahmin parents say to me if their daughters met a similar man they would be fine with it. I feel respect and humility for yourself is the key. I do not go looking for everyone to respect me.

    Sorry GB is hot but trouble. I would not respect myself and run the other way. Yes, I was his type. But in reviewing Butler’s escapades, I think at this point it is not saying much anymore.

  18. 93
    Rhea Says:


    Your really lucky everyone was understanding, i like western men and think they are funny and different in a nice way but my parents and they society i live in mumbai would be hard to convince but glad its changing. But i think if i brought a GB type man home they would hit the roof his reputation speaks volumes

  19. 94
    Another Opinion Says:

    @Rhea: Thanks for the reply! If all these women know from the start that he is not exclusive with them and that he doesn’t take them seriously, then good for them. I hope they don’t end up hurt. He might have a lot of nice qualities, but I don’t think that he is capable of making himself or someone else happy.

  20. 95
    Pete's Says:

    Freida Pinto had so many Hollywood men hit on her she did not see Butler as a novelty. He wants to go back to India, so to find more younger and untainted batch of Bollywood actresses. Unfortunately, maybe the families recognize a daughter being even near him is not beneficial to their rep.

  21. 96
    MoggyMe Says:


    Very true Rhea! Absolutely.
    PC’s parents are both doctors. And I have heard her say, in an interview, that she would, could, never marry anyone her parents didn’t approve of: Which is par for the course in India.
    And I certainly cannot see her conservative parents approving of GB’s track record. And it would greatly hinder her own reputation in BW.

  22. 97
    Strings of Lights Says:

    @Another Opinion:

    Like I have always said—-he is a great place to visit–but I wouldn’t want to live there.

  23. 98
    Rhea Says:

    @Another Opinion:

    I agree i think some women prob get greedy and want help with cross over movies & some think he might change with them he seems nice but totally confused on what he wants i dont think he knows himself to be honest so i dont think he intentionally wants to hurt them.


    True plus she gets lucrative payments from loreal & got films with christian bale she might not want to get linked with him.


  24. 99
    Strings of Lights Says:

    Well he looks good and he seems to be more happy than he has been in a while. Maybe having 1 steady gf is just too smothering for him. He needs to feel free and uninhibited. IMO

  25. 100
    quitmodelbashing Says:

    GB’s typical M.O. to get out of relationships is to ignore the current POI (person of interest), never admit that he is breaking up with her, tell her everythng is fine and then get pictured with another woman. Then he will tell her he loves her and all this is b.s. but if she can’t trust him..blah, blah, blah. Then he is in the perfect position to say he didn’t break anyone’s heart, they just didn’t “get him and his lifestyle”.

    Examples, Kristi (arcade girl), violin girl, martina , PG, etc. He’s ended relationships this way with Bianca, Jasmin, Jeanna, etc.

    Works everytime and he can blame his celebrity instead of admitting his own shortcomings. He always makes them hate him but then he turns it around and they hate themselves for not being able to “accept him. ” He just puts it all back on them… which again shows his lack of class, maturity, empathy and b*lls.

    Id still do him but with a dozen dental dams, two dozen condoms, a crucifix, holy water douche, haz mat scrub down and an exorcism.

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