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Gerard Butler: 'I Am Waiting for Priyanka Chopra'

Gerard Butler: 'I Am Waiting for Priyanka Chopra'

Gerard Butler sits down for an interview with Telemundo on Monday morning (November 26) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old Playing for Keeps actor recently revealed his affection for Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra.

“Last year, Priyanka was here [the US] and I was going out of town to a wedding,” Gerard said. “I stay in Malibu and she was coming to party at Malibu and I couldn’t meet. I was even thinking of missing the plane and going and saying hello because I hadn’t seen her in a long time. But we are in touch all the time.”

“I am still single because I am waiting for Priyanka Chopra,” he jokingly added.

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  • bex

    #246. Totally agree with you. He’s so completely “Hollywood” and out of touch with the reality of his on situation it’s ridiculous, embarrassing, pathetic, delusional, *insert verb of choice*.

    I’m only hanging in there because of the 1% chance that he might actually stop drinking the Kool Aid his yes-men (and women) have been feeding him, and make some positive changes, rather than continuing on the path he’s on atm.

  • whatshedonenow

    @ a cup of kindness

    Are you trying to be ironic with that name? 

    It’s not about GB being a dream man. It’s about how celebrity can totally screw someone up if not handled properly.
    So, I suggest if you don’t like my comments about GB, maybe you should go to one of his few fan-sites where his phannie fans think the sun shines out of his ar* e. Or you can stay here and continue to read my reply to your post  which includes the comment:  why don’t you stick it where the sun don’t shine you pompous stuck up dozy mare.

  • blaablaablaablaa

    @whatshedonenow: why don’t you and that bex creep just shut up or stick it where the sun don’t shine? You need a bag of poo lit on fire on your porch.

  • Gotta say

    I see that the insults are flying again. Every time someone tries to post the opposite point of view it’s the same. Bullying anyone?

  • hmm

    @blaablaablaablaa: I think bex and whats are the same poster

  • Phannie bullies

    @Gotta say: It always amazes me that the “GB is a god and can do no wrong” crowd are the nastiest pieces of work, and the only ones who attack people who have an opposing view. They are utter bullies, with really foul mouths, to boot. I guess we have a good idea what type of people are his “fans.”

  • beth

    From what I see here, the bullies are the haters. Look at who starts the mean stuff. The fans just respond in kind. The poster who originated the stick it where line tonight is one of your apparent heros. Guess no one is allowed to respond to the mean girls.

  • Mmmmmmm
  • bex

    @Phannie bullies:

    Thumbs aren’t working at all, or is that just me?

    Agree with what you’re saying about GB’s “fans”. Especially the charming examples shown on this page. No wonder his head’s so full of delusional cra/p with this type of “support”.

  • Mmmmmmm

    Didn’t he say in a recently interview that the rumors about writing songs were false and that he actually never met Johnny Depp???

  • AA

    New thread

  • Phannie bullies

    @beth: The “haters” as you put it are hating on GB, whereas the phannies turn their hate towards those who don’t worship him. That’s the difference. The phannies just refuse to allow anyone to voice a negative opinion of him. If you get called names, it’s because you attacked first.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    This girl is located in New Jersey. Perhaps GB is on his way to NYC?? Not sure. Of course, MG had to let everyone know she was on her way “somewhere” as well.
    Olivia Pascoe ‏@oliviapascoe94
    Casual text from dad to say that he is sat opposite Gerard Butler #jealous

  • akonlove

    LOL this show how much more Priyanka is then smelly slum girl. Slum girl is a nobody in US. Priyanka is a somebody in India atleast.

  • cup of kindness

    @Phannie bullies:

    This is the typical anti-phannie dialogue. Can you all get creative? For Pete’s sake!!!! Give me one example of a phannie post that even hints that Gerry is “a god and can do no wrong”. You can’t because most of the fans here do acknowledge his faults. We just don’t crucify him for every little ping on the radar. Leave the convent for awhile and smell some fresh air.

  • Bradley Patt

    He needs some excitement in his love life and should use AthenaToys to excite his new Girlfriend.

  • Devil’s advocate

    Commenting on a fan site is a first, but there is something strangely gripping about Gerard Butler’s whole persona – it is sad, a little distasteful and enveloping. People are saying pretty mean things and, while I can understand why they are saying it (and probably wouldn’t risk being alone with him and his charms myself), I think it’s a little harsh and doesn’t really take into account a lot of serious issues.

    His lothario reputation clearly seems to precede him – and, true, he has little interest in bucking that label. Yet, as time goes on, he has revealed more and more about how he became this man – who is a little tragic in his loneliness and internal pain. In one interview, he names three girls from his pre-fame youth who rejected him. He obviously knew how devastating it would be to call them out by name, and that they would be hounded by paparazzi. After all these years and all of the countless women he has wooed and likely bedded, he still needed to punish these women for wounding his ego and rejecting them (yes, I believe thats why he did it, whether consciously or not). In some ways, I believe he needs to keep jumping from woman to woman to prove to himself, those women and everyone else that he is a man so desirable that he can toy with and drop even the world’s most beautiful women. He parties too hard and leaps from increasingly dangerous activities with little regard for his own mortality (check out the Men’s Health recent article) and can’t seem to ground himself. It doesn’t excuse him acting like an ass towards himself and others, but that man is totally lost spiritually and emotionally and is spiraling out of control.
    In a Bonnie Hunt interview (and another article I read that I can’t recall) he mentioned that his father had abandoned him for years, came back into his life at 16, only to die of cancer at 22 after a relatively brief reconciliation. He admitted that he cried and experienced terrible pain after his father returned – and soon after his father died, his wild partying behavior spiraled out of control (obviously related to this emotionally devastating situation with his dad) and led to him getting fired from his law job right before qualifying to be a lawyer. He not only had to face the fact that his father had abandoned him (which would’ve devastated his feelings of self worth) – and, you don’t need to be a genius to see just why he decided to be a part of Chasing Mavericks with both his and Jay Moriarity’s characters dealing with father issues (and was so reckless he almost died filming it) – but he also was dealing with feelings that he let his family down. He said his family was looking to him to be the first lawyer in the family, a prospect which was a source of incredible pride to his mother. Since he was fired from that firm, he clearly pursued fame relentlessly to prove that he could do even better. In many respects, to turn those professional and romantic disappointments into spectacular success is unbelievably admirable – and makes him someone for whom I have extraordinary respect, even if the stories that make him out to be a cad are true.

    Watching him with this in mind is terribly saddening because it doesn’t seem that all of the success has filled whatever hole in his soul that drove him to this success initially. He just seems to be spinning directionless toward danger and excitement and empty relationships with pretty, famous women — but the man clearly is chasing shadows and now at 43 doesn’t seem to have much substance in his life to anchor him to anything (except, I hope, his mother).

    The guy fascinates me because unless you really read what he’s said and piece it together, he’s some rich, famous playboy living a dream life. However, I believe the truth is that man is spending his life chasing more and more harbingers of professional and romantic “success” to overcome deeply ingrained and crushing feelings of inadequacy. A beautiful, sad figure – tragic unto himself and any woman who genuinely believes she will find a satisfying life partner in him. After all he’s suffered and what he was able to achieve to overcome it, I truly wish he finds true happiness and acceptance in himself and a soul mate who will be capable of loving him (and whom he will be capable of loving).
    I definitely don’t know him, and maybe I’m doing a little projection of my own issues onto him and romanticizing him without sufficient justification, so I might be wrong, but I just thought maybe someone should defend him and make a case on his behalf that is more than just about his looks.

  • MoPopcorn

    @Devil’s advocate: sniff. Defense? I thought I was witnessing a epic novel. Touché!

  • Butt face flappy bod

    Sorry PC or PIGGY CHOPS is a NOBODY because she isn’t famous HERE IN THE FKING USA! Sorry if you arent famous here – YOU AREN’T FAMOUS. She can roll her arrrs back over to that 3rd world she came from..

  • blue

    @Devil’s advocate:

    Thanks for saying what I couldn’t. I agree. Too bad superficiality are what he gets more than real acceptance.

  • man of truth

    @Devil’s advocate:

    thank you for your long and wise comment. That’s what Gerard Butler probably is. He is a good guy despite all gossip in the air.

  • Eggy

    @ Devil’s Advocate – Kudos to you for your perspeptive observations about GB, perhaps you are correct, perhaps you aren’t…none of us will ever know, not even those close to GB will ever know. Anyhow, as far as I can see it, he is a product of his own creation…he has most certainly carved out a Hollywood niche’ for himself, that being Mr. RomCom and to me, I’m afraid that’s as good as he’ll get which is a shame. Clearly he doesn’t or perhaps, feels he can’t take on more deeper roles in indie flicks that would help challenge him as an actor…RomCom’s are his comfort zone, as is his jet setting model dating uncommited unstable lifestlye.

  • Boo-Hoo

    @Devil’s advocate: You make some valid points, but Gerard Butler is one of millions in our world today who were abandoned by a parent, rejected by a love interest, blah, blah, blah. His wealth and fame make him think he has carte blanche to treat other people like shite.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Thanks @Blue, @manoftruth, and @eggy. I don’t know what came over me or why I felt the need to say something, but even though it is so easy hate people with wealth, fame and success they are still people.

    @Boo-hoo, you are right and I’m someone who had some painful experiences not unlike Gerard Butler (which is maybe why I felt the need to say something, I suppose). Wounds from a parent abandoning you for your whole childhood and then tragically dying isn’t something all the success in world would heal – just maybe distract you in a way regular, non-famous people can’t. I wouldn’t ever care to be famous, and actually I wouldn’t care to meet or date someone famous … And if it weren’t because of his particular human story, I wouldn’t even care about Gerard Butler’s life. I don’t condone what he does or even care for his being a womanizer, using his fame to hurt women who rejected him or other bad behavior but I feel compassion for him as a person. Someone with all that pain and baggage won’t be well served by the fame machine of Hollywood and all the superficial, opportunistic people that he meets in his celebrity bubble.

  • time to ask …

    @Devil’s Advocate: you spoke from your soul….it was nice!