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Halle Berry: Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry: Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry dons a cap while arriving at her home with her fiance Olivier Martinez on Sunday (November 25) in Malibu, Calif.

Earlier in the week, the 46-year-old actress was spotted taking her daughter Nahla to catch the Yo Gabba Gabba show in Los Angeles.

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Halle will be going to court this coming week to seek a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry after his Thanksgiving brawl against Olivier, according to TMZ.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez arriving at their home…

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Credit: Aik Arshamian; Photos: INF Daily
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  • Scary Berry

    There’s nothing more disgusting than a crazy, lying, manipulative, spiteful woman that will do the most awful things FOR NO REASON to the loving father of her kid. Halle wanted to use Gabriel for his good looks to make a baby, and then she wanted him to get lost. Well sorry Scary Berry, but the father has rights too! I don’t know why you think you’re so much more important or have more claim over Nahla than him. You’re NOT, and you DON’T! You are SOOOOO pissed because you can’t get your way and have everything under your sole control. And news flash to you, Nahla looks a million times happier with her Daddy than with your crazy self and your latest fake partner. You claim to be so scared of stalkers and the paps so we all know that you have security cameras. If you don’t turn them over to the police, then we all also know that you are full of crap. It’s completely transparent that you & Oliver set this up because you got denied going to France. And Oliver hit Gabe first. Anyone can tell that from the injuries. He can’t get so violent and use such force without consequences. I’ll be LMAO when this backfires on you, and Oliver gets a restraining order against him to stay away from Gabe and Nahla. I also hope Gabe gets full custody and takes you to the cleaners! For those of you saying Gabe doesn’t deserve child support, it’s no different than what millions of women have been getting for years. The parent with the higher income has to pay so that the child can have the same lifestyle with each parent. You may think you’re winning, Scary Berry, but you are LOSING! You are losing fans, hopefully your endorsements, and most of all…Nahla will grow up and learn all about everything one day and hate you for trying to rip her father from her life. How DARE you behave like this. You are certifiably insane and ugly as ever on the inside. Pure evil. I know you’ve spent your whole life being a self-centered cow, but you’re a mom now. If you want to be a good one, you need to learn that it’s not all about you. Try making sacrifices and doing what would make your daughter happy. It’s not that difficult. In fact, it should be a natural instinct. But you can’t seem to get it through that rooster head of yours!!!!!

  • notyourfriend

    Now that’s a boss lady…hit him where it hurts the most, no pity for a nigga!!! Now go get a job and go back to Canada…If this was a black man, there would be no pity, bcuz as far as i know he has no job and the modeling gig, well i ain’t seen him in sh!t as of late.

  • amanda

    Halle uses then tosses and makes up lies about ALL the guys she has been with. Come on, why is it always the guys she has been with fault. She seems like she plays them to get what she wants then suddenly she’s a victim. Olivier it’s just a matter of time before you’re on her list. Feel back for this Gabriel guy. He goes to her how and gets beat to a pulp. The people AT HER HOUSE said he was wrong. Obviously, Halle set this dude up. She wanted to move to Paris and it was denied. Now this happens. Shame on her for taking this little girls daughter away from her father, shame on her. Note to REVLON, me and my friends have decided to NOT buy any REVLON products because this person endorses your products.

  • hayley202

    Olivier Martinez has the face of a raper/perv who the hell would date that man!

  • Kenny

    Some of you are more hateful than Halle, I would think you all know them being you’re writing essays on someone else’s life. Feel sorry for u more than her, cause she’s not invested in your lives… You have no control over her like she has over u.

  • Geez

    I am starting to lose all respect for Halle Berry. She’s really coming across as a nut-job drama queen who won’t settle until she gets her way. Why is she so hellbent on keeping her daughter away from her father? Did I miss something here? Is Gabriel a convicted child molester? I don’t get it.

  • Amaleta

    Well…. as far as I remember Aubrey didn’t allow Berry to move with their daughter to France. Now, having a restraining order it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Poor Gabriel.

  • gross

    this woman is a crazy b&tch.. gabriel aubrey is the one with the bruised face and O.M has the bruised hand – she can’t even keep her lies straight.. but this will probably win her the case and with a restraining order against him he might lose custody.
    Honestly, it’s a sloppy job for her. You’d think her handlers would have played this out so people would be on her ‘side’

  • Geez

    @Scary Berry: Is this true? If all Halle wanted was male sperm to make a child and then live happily-alone ever after with her daughter, why didn’t she just go to a sperm bank? Bottom line is, regardless of how SHE feels or what SHE wants, Gabriel is Nahlas’ father and there’s not a damn thing she can do about it. How completely outrageous, unreasonable and insane of her to expect a father to be permanently erased from the picture. First she wanted to take Nahla to France, now this. She’s so sick. Never again will I support this women or her work.

  • yeaa

    Just like she wanted: to keep Gabriel away from Nahla. I hope in the end that little girl is with a loving guardian. She has a father who WANTS to be in her life. Lucky.

  • Ruth


    The problem is that Halle Berry is a very richand powerful woman and Gabriel has never had the power to change that. I don’t know what happened that day and whether he was in the wrong or whether her boyfriend started it. It was at HER home and she has the best lawyers who can use this to further alienate Gabriel from his daughter.

    It is very sad indeed for Nahla, who desperately needs her father in her life, and is the perfect example of how not to separate. Halle’s history isn’t good with men and I wish her all the best with Olivier. I’ll be very surprised if it lasts but who knows, hopefully for her sake it will. But what about Nahla, who needs both parents? She is old enough to understand a lot, especially the hate between the parents. This will affect her entire life and that is a great pity.

  • XxXxX

    Wow. You guys are insane. No matter what Gab does, you’ll defend him and call Halle “crazy” when he’s the one being violent first. Just he’s a pretty boy and white at that. Everybody’s defending him when the facts are there….. Really people, get a life. I’m sure Gabriel is really how Halle describes him and you people just love to hate anything she does.

  • Athena

    Bless that top comment.

  • Guest Account

    They set him up. I hope they don’t take his daughter away from him because of this

  • Lost respect for her when…

    I lost respect for her when she said (referring to her daughter):, “”I feel she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.”
    As a person of color, who has a mixed race child… I think that was a very ignorant comment, and now find her ignorant. I think she needs to stop acting, stop dating and educate herself… and be a better mother.

  • notyourfriend

    if its not the white way then its wrong….boohoo, keep watching a lot of you are not winning against other races in much…sit back and watch. Heidi cheated on Seal right, but there she goes like nothing ever happened, so why should other races live by your rules just to make u sickos happy

  • Don’t make it a race war…

    @notyourfriend: It’s not related to race on my part. It’s related to her leaving the country and living far from Nahla’s father. Nahla has a right to see her father. We are thinking of the child, NOT THE RACE.

  • Don’t make it a race war…

    @Don’t make it a race war…: and maybe a little jealousy because she’s had these two super hot guys. Especially Olivier Martinez in his younger days… he was even more handsome. :) Anyway, cheer up… really, I don’t think this is a race thing.

  • Lou

    @Lost respect for her when…: I find this one-drop theory an absolutely non-sense. Why to perpetuate this “race obsession”? Obama, for example, is considered “absolutely black” in the US, though his mother is white. Why is his father’s race more important than his mother’s race? But, if I had to define Obama’s race, I’d call him a mulatto. This girl is mostly white. But, why the hell is race so important anyway?

  • curious

    Why are his pants so baggY.?

  • notyourfriend

    so just jared leave all comments whites make to blacks, but what, we cant comment about white ppl? stfu

  • reeven

    Oliver is more violent if he leave Gabriel´s face like that, so keep Nahla away from him too

  • DB

    No matter what, Gabriel should NOT have gotten physically violent with the man. There’s no excuse for doing that anywhere NEAR his daughter.

    I don’t care if he was taunted or not. He should have sucked it up and walked away.

    He’d already won the court battle preventing Berry from taking their daughter to France to live, he had nothing to prove.

    This could really, really screw things up for him. Stupid thing to do.


    Gabriel is a looser and a free loader. The only reason there is so much support for him is because he is a pretty white boy. Nahla is his meal ticket and he will do anything to keep it that way. TEAM HALLE TEAM OLIVIER

  • ..

    @notyourfriend: you’re an idiot – she’s manipulating everyone just to get custody of her kid that’s why people don’t like her..
    @SERIOUSLY: “team halle”? 0_o are you 12?

  • Australia

    Oh Touché
    spot on

  • sheigh

    Halle’s all smiling now but tomorrow will be hard when Nahla will be a teenager, I will know!

  • Felix

    Olivier Martinez jeans is so ugly and he wears it really every day!

  • Felix

    Halle Berry says she want live in Paris, bacause in the USA are too many paparazzi! Where she is living at the moment? In Hollywood (the paparazzi city)! Why she don’t move in the USA? I really understand Gabriel after all this profocation!

  • Rebecca

    I personally would love to know what was said between the two men. I am not going to jump to conclusions and blame it all on Gabriel. I want to know what Oliver said to him. I don’t think Halle is so innocent. I love her as an actress but we the public have no idea whats going on between them and her.

  • Sarah.

    Pretty obvious Gabriel was set up. Seriously, Halle needs to stop.This is all her doing. She wants a restraining order. And keep Nahla from her father! The judge said no and I hope the judge won’t change it because of this.

  • Anne

    @Geez: amen! Shoulda went to a sperm bank. None of this would have happened.

  • Anne

    @XxXxX: he didn’t initiate the fight. Martinez came out talking smack, why? He’s not baby mama nor daddy. He needs to just stay out of it. Halle egged him on, pissed by the France decision. I hear there were cameras on the property that filmed everything. The truth will come out.

  • Anne

    @Lou: because in school, as children and I the US, we were taught about the one drop rule. Even though my kids are biracial, the first thing a non ethnic person calls them is the n word, trying to get a rise out of them. I taught them better and to ignore it. Don’t even get me started about the paper bag test either (darker than a paper bag, couldn’t join certain sororities), how about the mulatto balls in New Orleans. Yeah, we don’t want to make this about race but unfortunately, in this day and age it always will be. Obama is not just the President, he’s the first black President-one drop y’all and paper bag test-but I see a biracial person representing the US. It’s a battle that may not be won in my lifetime, but baby steps. I teach my kids to accep and love themselves, their friends accept them and that’s all that matters. My love as a mommy is unconditional.

  • onoy

    What is Gabriel needs to be angry about? Everything was going his way. He won the right to keep her in the US. He got 20000 a month. What does he need to angry for? He needs to move on and stop using his child as a meal ticket.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    She’s an evil, spiteful woman.
    It’s funny how Olivier just happens to confronts Gabriel the minute the judge stops Halle from taken their child all the way to france. LOL This whole fight to restraining order thing was Halle’s plan.

  • thick skin

    +1000 to first commenter.She could have avoided all of this if she’s not so full of herself to be impregnated by a a handsome male model.She always think she’s a hot black bit*h there is, eventhough most of her boyfriend either beat her up or cheat on her ass.She can’t change sh*t anymore,GA is the father of Nahla and she seems happy and comfortable with him,why can’t she just leave them be.She really think she’s above the law or something,only in the US this could happened.

  • Martina

    I don’t think even after this Halle can take Nahla to France.Gabe might get supervised visits for some time…but no judge will allow for a child to be that far away from her father.

  • Martina

    @DB: well…I think the judge will order supervised visits for some time but will still not allow for Nahla to move or have no contact with her father.

  • harhar

    Some of you commenters sound like fatherless b*ches projecting your shitty parental situation onto this one. Gabi blew it. I have never seen so many people defend a lazy, unskilled ,uneducated violent foreigner on these blogs as they have with this guy. He is so useless but he has everyone’s support.!! Good citizens work not sponge off of people. The main reason Gabi is fighting for his american daughter to stay in the country not because it would be better for her to be around him, but better for him to keep her close. For green card purposes his child allows him to reside in this country meaning she’s an anchor baby. if she’s not living here, then he can’t stay since he isn’t generating any income. He actually was winning this battle with custody , alimony but then he got arrogant and entitled. Doesn’t matter how much you are provoked, you never hit first. Now Halle can stay in the country and any country she chooses with their daughter. Why? Because if Gaby is convicted of assault, his visa will not be renewed and he will not have a leg to stand on. Hope starting that fight was worth it …

  • AMY

    She’s just mad he dumped her old asss. Why would a mother deney a father from his child.

  • toria

    Gabriel was obviously in the wrong when he tried to punch out Oliver, but Halle certainly is taking advantage of the situation. We don’t know what went on before he threw the punch. It is clear that both Oliver and Halle are trying to push him out of Naha’s life. And she’ll use anything to do it. I think personally it is a bit over the top, way over the top, to get four of LA’s finest to escort her to the theater. To have an armed bodyguard. And now this. The woman is way out of bounds. She ought to try working with Gabriel over the custody issues than to constantly manipulate things to go her way. I’ve heard she is extremely manipulative and this seems to prove that random piece of gossip.

  • Preppy

    Shame on you, Halle! Egoist!!!!

  • DCPS is re-opening case

    Aside from the conflicting reports on when the temporary restraining order expired (27th/3rd) or was Nahla present or not etc on TMZ. ROL, we will have to see if she still file or not since DCPS is now involved. Formality form LAPD recommendation based on what Halle and her drunken Frog Prince told them.

  • DCPS part deux

    Hollywood Life URL:

    This will eventually will backfire on her and her drunken fake bf. Still say Aubry may have to take more Anger Management classes, but I don’t see him being a threat to Nahla. Let’s see what the security tape has on it and may actually show that Gabe was defending himself.

    Let’s see what DCPS finds and if they buy their bs or not. The trila is the 13th.

  • Toni

    Halle is not crazy, Gabriel threw the first punch. Did he not think Oliver would not fight back. It is a man instinct to fight back. We are always on the outside looking in. Maybe Gabriel was violent with Halle. We all know he his lazy. Who wants to take care of a grown ass man. Regards to the black in white issue. If you have 1 drop of black blood in you. You are black. She can raise her child the way she wants, just like you want your child to pass for white if you want. At the end of the day, it should matter what is best for the child. Get off of Halle’s A## and out of her business.

  • Ronda!!

    Wow..I was trying to hold on to a shred of “benefit of the doubt” for Halle but all I’ve read about is her bashing Gabriel and he’s just wanting to enjoy raising his daughter and fighting for the right to continue to have her close and not thousands of miles away. I think that’s what any parent should do. For Olivier to put his half cent in (if that’s what happened), is just totally wrong IMO. He should fall back and let Nahla’s parents handle their own scandel.

    I hope Gabriel continues his legal battle but don’t get physical no matter how much provoked. Keep it cool and THAT will be the best revenge!! TEAM GABRIEL & NAHLA;)

  • Toni

    You are taken this way to serious. It is Halle’s business to do what she wants to do. Gabriel is a weak man. He his lazy and has the nerve to have a temper. He threw the first punch and got his ass beat. You are on the outside looking in. Gabriel has made things worse he will not get full custody of Nahla, the judge will look at him and laugh. He his a model,he better get a real job, before they cut of the support Halle’s has to pay him. GET OFF HALLE’s balls.

  • meeeeeee

    @XxXxX: U need 2 get a life 2, ur up here just like we r. any woman that takes a child from their father is the bad guy. Until we start hearing about him abusing Nahla, our opinions will stand as such.

  • Deacon57

    OK what Halle did was low however it was not “out of the ordinary low”100′s of thousands of American men are suckered into confrontations instigated by a spiteful, manipulative women…point is as one comedian put it : Gabriel fell for the “OkOK what Halle did was low however it was not “out of the ordinary low”100′s of thousands of American men are suckered inot confrontations instegated by spiteful manipulative women…point is as one comedian put it : Gabriel fell for the “Okie Doke”…what he should have done is swallowed his pride , gone to his lawyer accused Halle of having the child in an unsafe environment with a potentially violent man and let judicial nature take it’s course. Instead he loses his temper and the fight…sad ..and now he has a restraining order against him and you know they are going back to custody court………what he should have done is swallowed his pride , gone to his lawyer accused Halle of having the child in an unsafe environment with a potentially violent man and let judicial nature take it’s course. Instead he loses his temper and the fight…sad..And now he has a restraining order against him and you know they are going back to custody court..The boy’s “stuff is Raggedy”