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Halle Berry: Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry: Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry dons a cap while arriving at her home with her fiance Olivier Martinez on Sunday (November 25) in Malibu, Calif.

Earlier in the week, the 46-year-old actress was spotted taking her daughter Nahla to catch the Yo Gabba Gabba show in Los Angeles.

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Halle will be going to court this coming week to seek a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry after his Thanksgiving brawl against Olivier, according to TMZ.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez arriving at their home…

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halle berry seeking restraining order against gabriel aubry 02
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halle berry seeking restraining order against gabriel aubry 10

Credit: Aik Arshamian; Photos: INF Daily
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  • NY

    I couldn’t wait to receive my last issue of InStyle Magazine and when I saw Halle Berry on the cover…It went straight in the garbage. This vile, evil woman as NO Integrity.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Justice will be served. What goes around comes around. Halle prepare to lose custody of your child. Then, you and your nut can hop off to France. Everyone can see through your staged plot., including the judge and CPS.

  • sam

    I knew of a woman once who wanted so badly to get back at her ex husband and father of her two children, that she bruised the kids herself and tried to say the ex had done it. It wasn’t until CPS stepped in and interviewed the kids that the truth came out. But that took years during which the kids suffered both physically and emotionally. Some people should not become parents. There is no licenses or test required to ensure one will be a good parent.

  • Naysays Gabe Hugo Boss etc.

    Gabe has working all this time or as his schedule permits when Halle isn’t hauling his a $$ in court.

    He did the Hugo Boss Spring 2012 campaign nd is on the site for the Fall campaign

    He has also done other work too…

  • Sihaam

    Saint Gabriel Club – the fact is this, Gabriel was to drop off his child and instead of doing that he started a fist fight in front of his child. Provoked or not, set up or not, he should have never started a fight in front of his child. Case closed. You can love him online and hate HB online you are nobody no one is reading about your life you are reading about their lives.

  • sue olivier

    gabrielle should file a civil suit against olivier. gabrielle makes his living on his face!!!!

  • Lou

    @Anne: I didn’t know about the paper bag thing… that sounds outrageous. I am aware that this dumb mentality is still a reality nowadays and will be for some time. If I was the mother of biracial or black children I would tell them about some social studies I read, which proved that racism is directly proportional to ignorance. The more ignorant and less educated people are, the more racist they are. I’d tell to be proud of who they were and keep in mind that it’s not their problem but the problem of a “still” sick society. I’d love to believe that human kind will evolve and this race, religion, gender, sexual choice… silliness will vanish

  • Sihaam

    @Lost respect for her when…: So you hate black people. Good to know your hate for her goes deeper than a male model hehehe

  • Sara

    People who refer to biracial people as mulattos are in charge of teaching us about racial issues. LMAO thank god Nahla isn’t anywhere near you racisit SOBs.

  • Anne

    @Sara: I actually find that considering this girl’s 25% black genes more important than her 75% while ones is pretty racist. In countries like Brazil, where most of the population is the result of a cultural and racial cocktail, it is common for mulattos to use the word mulatto to refer to themselves. What’s the problem of the expression?

  • June

    If it depends on me, Halle is better start looking for some other way to make money because I’ll no longer support anything that has to do with her. She’s just evil. I’m disgusted! Poor Nahla and poor Gabriel! I hope they get to live together, just the two of them and be very happy after this.

  • Man, you have issues

    @Sihaam: What hate?… I don’t hate any of these people that I don’t even know. I think
    Halle should stop dating for while though and dedicate time to her daughter. You are definitely the one w/ the race issues. Get over it.

  • Jessie

    All the other men she dated are down on their knees grateful for not having a child with this woman.
    Has anyone heard about GA having a violent nature before being with her? Just asking because I don’t really know
    Although the judge said she can’t take the child to France permanently, she’s still working that angle and will use every piece of evidence to reopen the case.
    At the most the court will probably give GA supervised visits, maybe with a court appointed supervisor who will pick up the child and deliver her home. He won’t deny the child the right to see her father if GA is not violent with her. Seems all it takes it to be around HB and/or OM.

  • WhyNot

    I think Aubrey under-estimated his opponent and took a beating. He thought he could intimidate the smaller man, except Olivier knows how to fight.
    Now Aubrey claims that the video tapes will be altered, so he can discredit the fact he started it.
    On the other side… Olivier laid a real beating on the idiot, and I have to wonder about ‘excess force’. I think BOTH these French men use their hands to emphasize their intent… and Aubrey is illiterate in the fight world.
    He does not want to lose $20,000.00/month support to live the life he imagined he would have if he pimped himself out to Halle.
    Meantime, Halle does not want to pay $20,000.00/month support to a man who could be earning his own money yet chooses to be a leech on her bank account.
    I think Olivier is fast with his hands and has training… he’s not a pro boxer which means his hands are not licensed… but…
    at the end of the day… I think we are all going to be stunned by what the police and the courts say.
    It ‘feels’ like something is missing and neither side is talking about it… yet.
    Meantime… poor little Nahla is the only true victim, and I wonder if, until this thing is finally settled, she would not be better off under the care of a third party, and BOTH parents should only have supervised visitation.
    This whole situation comes down to Aubrey wanting a free ride, Halle wanting him to go away… and…
    Olivier wanting what Halle wants.

  • villedeville


    “Meantime, Halle does not want to pay $20,000.00/month support to a man who could be earning his own money yet chooses to be a leech on her bank account.”

    So you’re saying that all the mothers , and there are millions of them, who are receiving child support payments from ex-spouses are having a free ride and are all leeches?

  • Joe

    Maybe because it’s not your life? Just maybe that could be why you don’t know why. Interesting concept, i know. You didn’t miss anything- you just aren’t privileged to every detail of a strangers life…not even a famous one.

  • Emmeline


    Agreed, and I’m definitely not buying any shoes, not going to see any movies that have anything to do with this woman(?)

  • Emmeline

    Other side of the story:

    So OM only said ‘We have to move on.’ … my a**! Anyone wants to place bets that the security tapes won’t be available for some reason?

  • alan

    da do wat da do

  • cris

    @DB: Gabriel is Nahla’s father and Martinez had NO business getting in between!! he provoked Gabriel on issues that didn’t concern him – and he’s the one walking out with just a few scratches now who’s the molester here??

  • http://! Liverwurst

    Bunch of children. I wonder how the Jolie-Pitts will handle visitation when they split?

  • bocca


    Looking at his face, it’s obvious he was attacked by Martinez. Why put the blame on Gabriel? If anything, Martinez should have been arrested for assault. And if they find any video evidence of it, I’ll bet he will be!

  • PITY

    Beautiful woman, wonderful actress, crazy as an outhouse rat !!! The father needs to have priority custody of the child. As for Oliver, the man has such an arrogant, bully attitude about him. But, push come to shove, and it will eventually, Halle is mean and crazy enough to whup his butte. Be afraid Oliver, be very afraid.



  • Halle Berry Fan

    Get over it you judgmental people. Look in the mirror and then write all your shortcomings and your families. Then judge her. Get a life you all. Are you serious?

  • PITY

    @Halle Berry Fan: Are you judging “all of us for being judgemental” and if you had the life you are telling us to get, why are you reading our comments. Aint America great? We have free speech and everything.

  • PITY


    You called that one right, didn’t you. Excellent !

  • Sam


    Aubrey deserves $20K per month for support. He will spend years battling for custody and allegations from Berry and will need the money to pay for it. He will be harassed forever from these 2 thugs.

  • Sandalwood77

    @Scary Berry: loving father? How about gold digging father? What kind of man, who already has money, takes $20,000 a month for partial custudy of his child? You people are such hypocrites!!! And why blame Halle because two MEN got heated and out of control? How could she have stopped two men from fighting? How do you know she didn’t beg Olivier to not go out there to Gabriel? She even ushered her child into the home so she wouldn’t witness the altercation. You people are such hypocrites. And some of you are down right ignorant.

  • Sandalwood77

    @notyourfriend: there’s a huge double standard when the “victim” is a white man. If Gabriel was black, he’d be called a dead beat gold digger. But because he’s blonde and blue eyed, people sympathize with him. He needs to get a job and stop using his daughter as a paycheck. Halle was a fool to lay down with this man. He screams arrogant prick. But that’s what happens when you’re spoiled into thinking your good looks entitle you to be self centered (Halle). She must really regret dumping Michael Ealy now.

  • Sandalwood77

    @thick skin: why are you so angry?

  • Sandalwood77

    @villedeville: do “all the mothers” make the kind of money Gabriel Aubrey, a high fashion model, makes? The child support law was created to ensure that the child would be taken care of. Does $20,000 a month for PARTIAL custody sound reasonable to you? If so, I want some of what you’re smoking.