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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Jet Out of JFK!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Jet Out of JFK!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make their way through JFK Airport to catch a departing flight on Monday (November 26) in New York City.

The 22 year-old actress and the 26-year-old actor enjoyed a brief trip to the Big Apple – they arrived together early in the weekend.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Rob and Kristen‘s final Twilight flick, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, continued to dominate the box office this holiday weekend, taking in over $550 million worldwide!! Have you seen the hit movie yet???

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  • Bea


  • Lara


  • Leenah

    I’m just happy Twatlight is over and soon they will be too.
    p.s: such a boring couple,she needs to take a shower and stop wearing that hideous jacket

  • ashhey

    whenever this chick is in transit and wears sun glasses she looks sound asleep.. Weird.

  • LadyKate

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Kate

    for such young people supposedly in love, they always look so miserable in each other’s company. i get off a plane with three kids looking peppier than these two. their spoiled little lives must be so very difficult…

  • L

    Cabana Boy and his fake ass broad. There’re other ways to get in to the JFK, I’m a nobody and I* have used those; private couple my a ss.

  • CHO

    @Kate: SO sick of comments like this. How do you expect them to look, with cameras flashing in their faces as they walk through an airport?Holding hands and skipping while photographers snap pics? Get forreal!

    Side note: Didnt they JUST land in NYC? Felt like yesterday damn that was a fast trip.

  • CHO

    Excuse me – it was Friday (had to check) Still fast though!

  • Ali

    Kate: Yeah but you don’t get stalk by the papps! In your face!

  • Arlene

    That must have been such an awkward Thanksgiving at his family’s house, like I can imagine all of Rob’s family sitting around the dinner table discreetly giving her the eye while they’re eating their Turkey dinner.

  • Jane

    Looks like the scandal had no effect on Breaking Dawn movie…$550 million worldwide in ten days. And looks like they are still together after all. Wish them the best if that’s what they want.

  • Volturi

    Hipster goobers. Wearing sunglasses at night and then inside the airport. Yeah, that won’t attract more attention.

  • lolo


    Stop imagining, because Thanksgiving is an american national day and Rob is from England, so that dinner at his family’s house did not happen.

  • LaCroix

    they look miserable .. like always.

  • Rose

    Twilight’s done… please get Kristen Stewart out of pop culture… she can’t act *casting couch* and she is a fashion travesty… her fans are a travesty…

  • Ali

    Rose: You should get a life!

  • diana

    it’s not like their the only people who look like that arriving and departing from airports. not everyone is a camera whore like ashley tisdale. lol. there’s a lot more paps in the faces and of course, i’d be pissed and not want to give them the money shot. they’re wearing sunglasses because of all the flashes from cameras. DUH. and plus, other celebs do the same thing. people need to stop looking for excuses just to bash these two. breaking dawn part 2 was a success..big money maker and these two are still together. So get over it haters.

  • Kia

    Rob looks so sad…He needs a real love who wont cheat on him :/. Rob get away from her! She is only dragging you down with her she is not good news!

  • Krista_

    LOL! haters are so funny. If i was as big of a celebrity as they are, i would NOT want to give those stupid PAPS the picture they want!!! GOOD FOR KRISTEN AND ROB!!!!!!!!!!

  • SAm

    Robert looks like such a wimp. Go ahead stay with the cheating wh*re, she is really helping your image

  • http://yahoo and

    The wuss and the puss .

  • Duh

    @Diana. Shouldn’t you be back gazing at pics on one of zillion Robsten websites you have bookmarked?

  • http://yahoo sick

    The sick couple again … bye bye !

  • http://yahoo ergh

    Robert Pattinson is a pussy ! he is just so pathetic !!

  • Karen

    Dopey and Dopier

  • JUMP

    Oh look, the same idiots commenters in this site yawn. Go judge someone’s life you actually knows about

  • Arlene

    @lolo: Well everyone said she went to his house for Thanksgiving holiday and even though he’s not American, she is so it seems fitting that they might do something, either way it must be awkward for them to act normal around her knowing what happened is all I was trying to say.

  • JD

    Why don’t they fly via private plane? With their Twilight bucks they can certainly afford it. IF they really wanted out of the spotlight …

  • LOL

    I just can’t stand her she’s so ick…It’s too bad he’s saddled with her she’s nasty.

  • keisha

    i love them

  • Robsten= $$ for Summit

    what’s with wearing the same dirty clothes..clearly they don’t bathe!

  • jen


  • lainey

    Doormat and his trampire.So cute!

  • rikki

    i want to take pity on kristen but i sort of can’t because she’s so arrogant.

  • Indiesr

    Keeping up appearance….that’s all this is.

  • Jessie

    Wow! He’s not even trying to pretend that they are together. He doesn’t know or care where she is. When this campaign is done, Pattinson will be so gone.
    As for there being no affect on Breaking Dawn2, you think people would watch the first five and not watch the last? Oh, they got back together just in time to do the campaign for the film, how about that. Wow! Talk about a coincident.
    I admit I’m more than skeptical about there being a real romance from the beginning. Of course everything K. Stewart says is truth right? Did Pattinson ever say that they were dating? No one knows her any more than they know him. Her fans would have sworn on a stack of bibles that she wouldn’t have messed around with anyone, let alone a married man with kids. But, they suck up the fantasy of an everlasting romance. No logic at all.
    They’ll both go on to make more films, so no need for croc tears if they’re not ‘together’.

  • Halo

    Have never followed any of this Twilight stuff or these two but what I don’t understand is how can you go back to the girl who publicly cheated on you with a married man with two children? It’s insane. It’s not like it was rumors. There are 50 pictures online. It’s on their wikipedia pages. Their biographies. To walk around with the same girl everyone, and I mean everyone and probably including Barack Obama, knows cheated on you? He must have no self respect or ego.

  • Jessie

    Hey maybe Rob likes being humiliated and controlled? I’ve come across a few men who like that. Who like their girlfriends/wives controlling them and using them. It’s a form of sub/dom thing but in this case the man is the sub. I just feel bad for the guy because everyone knows his girlfriend cheated and it’s so public. People will always make fun of him in the upcoming years.

  • JJ

    This cheating scandal completely affected Breaking Dawn’s box office. It didn’t break any records and it definitely didn’t break it’s own franchise record which is sad considering it was the last movie. You can’t tell me that the scandal didn’t affect the box office because it clearly did.

  • rossana

    @JD: because they’re not doing press anymore!

  • Alex

    Well, if you had half a brain you’d know that a lot of celebrities wear sunglasses at night (good song) because they’ve got so many very bright flashes going off in their face that it otherwise hurts their eyes without some kind of shades. As a matter of fact, at night, to the naked eye, flashes are even brighter than in the day time. How many times has someone taken a pic of you and the flash was bright and caused you to wince or blink? Imagine about 4 dozen of them happening all at once?@Volturi:

  • Ha ha!

    Look at the rebel walking behind Pattinson like a whipped dog. Remember the good ole days when she was so arrogant and middle fingered the paps because she was so full of herself..Now she’s the obedient pooch.
    Take a good look folks. This is a couple that has fallen out of love. They don’t walk holding hands. They don’t look at each other..Rob is now looking forward for himself. A dude in love with his woman wants the world to know he is with that woman. Right now Slutwert is just there.
    I’m embarrassed for her.
    look at the other celebrity couples Ashton and Mila, Miley and Liam, Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Woods..etc. When you’re in love it shows.
    this is DOA ville.

  • Cyn

    Love them both!

  • ksp

    Oh My God! Haters/Nonstens are SO pathetic, silly, and stupid. They have never walked holding hands and never showed PDA at airports. You are ridiculous. They looks miserable? Sad? Oh man..I NEVER saw Robert and Kristen smiling and being nice with Paparazzis. GET. A. LIFE. PLEASE.

  • ksp

    @Arlene: Dear silly girl: His family is fine with Kristen. The parents of both had a good time in after party of BD, everyone looked so happy. Move on.

  • http://yahoo shame

    it is trully bizzare to want to stay with a girl who humiliated him publically …and who will be in the lime light for all the wrong reasons for a long time to come .
    People used to feel so positively about Rob , she brings so much negativity to his life and will continue to do for a long time to come . people dont like her as a person , and Rob continues to stay with her it is a matter of time all that dislike will tranfer to him as well , as it says a lot about his character to take the cheater back .
    people were thinking he was with her for the promotions and were patiently waiting for them to get over but he is still with her and people are loosing patience . It is so hard to watch him with the cheater .
    she will not be able to get out of her home wrecker image in near future but she will definitely bring Rob’s image and his career down .she is not loosing anything more after she lost her reputation in fact she is gaining credibility and retaining her fans support where as Rob is looking a weak man by taking her back and also loosing fans in the process . but it seems he does not care for anything except taking the cheater back . it is unbelievable !

  • lana

    @Ha ha!: wtf are you talking about?

  • aeriel

    @shame: it’s rob’s life. we can’t do sh*t nor could we convince him to change his opinion on things.

  • A

    Can someone please tell me why does wear hipster glasses while passing through airports nowadays?