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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'Details' Hollywood Mavericks Issue

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'Details' Hollywood Mavericks Issue

Leonardo DiCaprio gives an intense stare on the cover of Details magazine’s Hollywood Mavericks issue!

Here’s what the 38-year-old Django Unchained actor had to share with the mag:

On show business: “Of course it’s all risky…I mean, that’s the excitement of doing it, you know? I don’t know why I choose certain films. I just gravitate toward them and I don’t question that.”

On developing his own projects: “My whole thing has been to develop material outside the studio system for myself, and this expanded to funding material I won’t necessarily star in. I don’t need to wear the producer hat while making movies, but I love to have that collaboration.”

On filming his last three films: “This has been an exceptional situation… Filming three movies back to back to back, I don’t think I’ve ever done that.”

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  • Ket

    Is it just me or does he look extra young here??

  • mama

    HE looks amazing as the cover! Never aged a day since Titanic! Can’t wait for his new movies this year and next!

  • laly

    He’s THE best actor of his generation, and his filmography is just SICK.

  • Maria

    I never canĀ“t stand this guy and i never will.

  • Pyin

    @Ket Photoshop?!

  • kira

    looking good. like his hair like this.

  • Astia

    Dicaprio has the peter pan syndrome, the man who never will be.

  • ggjhjghj

    I don’t think so. He has been looking younger in past weeks. I think its because he lost a bit of weight.

  • Jody

    Why are his eyes squinted like that? These guys look like tools when they FORCE the sexyness! Just be natural, if your attractive then it will show! To me, the guy has a cream cheese type of face. Make me want to get a pack of crackers.

  • an opinion

    Handsome with a good career in movies but really is douche his need for models models models

  • Twinkletoes

    When is the last time anyone read Details?

  • 111

    Airbrushed a lot here. Does he really need it?

  • sheigh

    Truthfully, I’ve never seen himself as being too thin like on this pic. And where are his wrinkles ? Thx photoshop !

  • leo

    hes lost a lot of weight lately, reason why hes looking so youthful…..and in the on set pix we see hes cacked in heavy makeup unlike here! cant wait to see Django!!

  • ….

    HE. IS. SO. HOT.

  • Brokkylyn babe

    My friends saw him on set in Brooklyn and said he was the most beautful specimen shes ever seen….and she specifically commented on how flawless his skin was….just a little something for u guys :)

  • ???

    @Maria: Then why are you here… too much time on your hands maybe!

  • Weirdo

    Leo is doing ‘risky’ these days with his film choices. I wouldn’t even call him A-list anymore…maybe Elite actor is more like it. It’s like rich people who go to college and study Fine Art or History just because. There may be exceptions but I’ve never seen an extremely wealthy person bust their a s s in a major like electrical engineering or architecture. He’s a little more active than Daniel Day Lewis who comes out of hiding every once in a while to grace us with his presence. Still, Leo’s activity lately is a bit of a head scratcher. Django makes no sense whatsoever not just for his role but in general. A three hour long Jamie Foxx-fest over a touchy subject like slavery, ummm, released on Christmas DAY?! Seriously? The holidays are a family affair. Aside from movie buffs and Tarantino freaks, not sure who is even going to bother seeing this film. Leo’s role is most likely scarce but they like attaching his name to the film hoping his fans will glom onto it. Kinda like how they promoted Lawless as a Tom Hardy film but when you went to the theater you were wondering where Tom was in all that? It was a Shia Labeouf and Guy Pierce show all the way. Gatsby is less risky but now that it’s been moved it’s going to be completely buried in summer blockbusters. It’s sandwiched between Ironmen 3, Star Trek and Hangover 3 and then Superman a couple weeks later. Yeah ok, good luck with that. 20 years from now kids will be watching Leo’s version of Gatsby in English class so it’s nice of him to throw us that bone. At least we get to see him looking handsome on screen instead of bad teeth Candie and fake tan Belfort. Belfort makes the least sense. He did Wolf because he likes working with Scorsese. That’s pretty much it. It’s a film completely out of touch with the current times, showcasing lavish excesses of a white collar criminal that swindled money from innocent people. With the economy going the way it has been, this kind of film is just distasteful. People don’t mind seeing comic book heroes or Bond or classics like Gatsby right now, but Belfort and Company is a slap in the face to the American public and it ain’t going to be pretty. So in short, two films to skip and one for the DVD home library.

  • Lady

    Do not think it is photoshop, at least not that much. With the zoom you can see his wrinkles. I think because of the makeup he wears on set the wrinkles become more visible, but in the paparazzi pictures he is looking great lately. But this is not relevant, we all will grow old and have wrinkles. Loved the cover and can’t wait to see Django Unchained, 9 out of 10 people on twitter are saying that they will see this movie, talk for yourself, @Weirdo.

  • Steven


    WTF. Educate yourself about film. You’re probably one of those idiots who thinks Twilight is a great piece of film. Everyone I know is going to watch Django Unchained. Is a Tarantino film! Gatsby is an American classic. Wolf of Wall Street is a Scorsese film. Martin Scorsese who just happens to be one of the greatest directors of our time. You sounds like an idiot. How long did it take you to post such bullsh**. I shake my head when idiots think Iron man and Twilight are great pieces of cinema. Leo is making great choices.

  • Steven


    He’s A List all the way. Phenomenal Actor. Hate to break it to you but Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are not A list.

  • Message

    Umm. Yeah. Leo is as A-List as you get. He has established himself enough that he will always be at the top of that list, too. The same way Johnny Depp, Angelina and Brad, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Clooney. They are all always going to be at the top, just by virtue of who they are. And there are people like me…. I like Leo’s movies enough that I will always go see anything he is in. He is my husband’s favorite actor, too. No matter what we all think of his personal life, he is at the top professionally.

  • Weirdo

    Oh what am I going to do, it takes me so long (like 30 seconds) to type a couple sentences. I watch twitter feeds sometimes and sorry to break it to you but there are very few mentions of Leo + Django on twitter. Take a look….more people are talking about Gatsby and that one is being released months from now. How many people say they are going to do something and actually do it? Movie execs were banking on Lawless success after TH as Bane but that didn’t happen….no one went to see it and I thought that was a great film. By calling him Elite, that part was actually a compliment, haha, saying he was better than A-list but you guys didn’t get that part of course. See whatever you want but we’ll see if I’m right. Two flops and one mediocre success. I don’t think Django will be a “great” film. It’s going to be long and offensive and I doubt Foxx can carry it. Same with Wolf. Even Scorsese cannot make up for the lack of interesting subject matter. Drugs, booze, partying and a life of white collar crime. Sounds pretty indulgent to me. Pass.

  • Elena

    @Brokkylyn babe: Ugh, as someone with pale, splotchy skin that’s about as useful against the sun as a rice paper jumpsuit might be in an active volcano I can’t stand that Leo can drink, smoke, and not seem to ever wear sunscreen and STILL have fabulous skin.

  • shani_64

    He looks so much better when he’s thinner and also with his natural hair and skin color!handsome either way but sooo better looking as a blonde
    I also like the fact that he’s always trying to support and star in films that are not necessarily the studio or the blockbuster type like him,I love dramas with good stories and I don’t want to see that kind of films fade away because they don’t make as much money as “Transformers”or the”Twilight”series

  • c

    Wow someone is bored.

  • Missy

    I certainly agree with most comments on here posted earlier. I do think he looks older when they put a lot of make up on him during filming. But without all that he looks younger actually, which is only a compliment, don’t get me wrong. I mean how many people nearly 40 can say they look better without make up than with? i think he looks best all casual instead of dressed and made up. On paparazzi pics he always looks like he’s in his twenties.

  • Weirdo

    Well, that’s what happens when you treat women like s ex objects and playthings and you act like a tool. You get BACKLASH.
    More women are enrolling in college than men and also becoming higher income earners in households than their male counterparts.
    On Christmas, I’d rather see a film like Zero Dark Thirty and support a female director and a solid female lead role (Chastain) than some drivel like Django. That’s where I would rather put my hard-earned money.
    Django’s hand writing is on the wall anyway. Too long. Last minute edits and no one that has seen it can talk about it. It dropped out of the Rome film festival last minute even though at that very same time (early November) was when they held the top secret screening for it in LA. They don’t what anyone in the public to see it or talk about it because frankly, it sucks.
    There may have been a time when I was like Message and would have gone to support Leo, but since he’s a ‘womanizer’ or a phoney and acts like a child, I’ll spend my hard earned money somewhere else for Christmas.

  • @Weirdo

    Good for you but I doubt it. If you actually earned your money the hard way as in working 24/.7 you won’t be as obsessed with your dissapointment Leo as you are.You spend your precious time on here sermoning and berating a man you don’t like. Analysing his movie choices/personal life. Hoping for failure yada-yada. I suspect in your deranged state you’ll be first in line for these Leo movies and then come pathetically up here to rant and rave about what a critical motion picture disaster each was.

  • Ari


    Get a life. If you hate Leo so much why do you spend so much time on forum about him? You’re world revolves around Leo? He’s been the highest paid actor in hollywood the last couple of years and he’s one of the most respected actors in hollywood.

    LOL! I bet Weirdo will be the first one in line opening night and then will come on here and start talking about what a failure the film was. Please, Tarantino’s films are always controversial but he’s delivered everytime. I’ve seen plenty of comments on twitter with anticipation for this film. People who’ve already seen it have praised DiCaprio’s performance. Weirdo sinks again. What a Freaking Troll!

  • What’s next?

    @Weirdo: “Please, stop embarrassing yourself”.

  • josh

    what a loser wierdo!

  • Weirdo

    Nope sorry, a deranged person is the lady that Leo got a restraining order against, the mentally ill person who believes she is married to him and having his babies or whatever. I’m a perfectly sane person who speaks the truth and you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine.
    If you think I’m going to line up to see Django, a campy western throwback, you are dead wrong. Now they’re saying Tarantino is going to retire soon and this may be one of the last films of his we see on the big screen. It never ceases to amaze how how they try to get people to buy a movie ticket. Now it’s a sentimental purchase for the love of Tarantino. Hmmmm, sure OK. How about make a great film that people want to see? Django ain’t cutting it and I know it.
    You don’t know what I do for a living and how hard I work. You seem to think it take hours to come up with a couple sentences to write on a comment blog. It doesn’t. LOL. I won’t be lining up for Leo’s films or paying to see them anywhere or anytime in the future. He’s one of the highest paid actors…well, so is Tom Cruise and I think he’s an awful actor.
    It’s funny how people like to attack other people on here instead of coming up with something original to say. Please ‘stop embarrassing myself?’ LOL. Okay, why don’t you all go back to commenting on how great Leo’s skin looks in an obviously photoshopped to death picture. Because that wouldn’t be embarrassing yourself to show the level of depth your brain cells can process.

  • AnonymousDiva

    Weirdo, Twitter is for teenagers. Not adults.

    Get real. It’s hardly a measuring tool for serious actors, LOL

  • Tarantino Rules


    If you’re not deranged then why do you call yourself Weirdo? Sorry to say but you are deranged if you think people wont line up to see a Tarantino film with DiCaprio in it. Its one of the most anticipated films of the year. What have you been smoking? No one on here agrees with you, that’s why people keep leaving thumbs down to your comments. You’re the only delusional one here. Clearly you dont work because you live on JJ posting on every Leo thread. What do you think you gain from that? If you have him so much why do you post on his threads and keep saying the same BS? No so original huh?

  • wtf

    Weirdo sounds so much like Tinkerbell, anyone else think so ?

  • @wtf

    Naah. Why do most think EVERYTHING is one Tinkerbell? It’s like that other cliche “The butler did it”.
    Tinkerbell’s syntax is way different, and Tinkerbell IMO adores Leo and his work. She just has issues/obsession with his s8x life. JMO

  • @33

    And you’re back again!. In another sermon/justification.
    Can’t stay away from thinking of Leo can you? Poor thing

  • Weirdo

    @AnonymousDiva – Why don’t you direct your comment at ‘Lady’ who seems to think the 9 out of 10 stat is such a big deal? Oh that’s right, because she said something positive about the film which supports your agenda. I was merely pointing out that when it comes to Leo’s fanbase on twitter, Gatsby is getting a lot more mentions than Django. I don’t think it’s that much of a draw to them that Leo appears in the film. Also, I guess the President, Leo himself, countless adult celebrities and millions of adults using twitter aren’t supposed to be? That’s like saying a shopping mall is only for teenagers. Get real yourself buddy.
    Thumbs up and thumbs down means nothing on JJ. I used to write nice Leo comments and got thumbed down all day long. I guess I didn’t get the memo that we were supposed to be nice now. Gee, I WONDER WHY?
    Yes, I live magical world where the lights stay on and food just happens to appear in the fridge and I don’t have to earn money for a living. By that vein, I will also win the Powerball jackpot tonight since we are supporting wishful thinking.
    Django is highly anticipated by who exactly? Movie pundits and Tarantino freaks? If it’s so great then why did it pull out of the Rome film festival which would have been great exposure and choose instead to do a super secret screening in LA? Can anyone explain that?
    There are 7 films being released in a week’s time around Christmas. That’s a lot of choices for the average movie-goer. I’ve already named by pick, a film that is not afraid to be screened and is probably WORTH SEEING. Django is banking on stars like Leo and company and the Tarantino mystique for it’s success. It will create an enormous surge of blatantly positive reviews two weeks before opening to try to propel people to see it. People who line up to see it for Leo will be dismayed at how little screen time he has and will be disappointed that they had to sit through three hours of Jamie Foxx’s sub-par performance.
    That’s the TRUTH.

  • Chay


    Okay, have fun not watching the movie.

    Guys ignore the troll. Weirdo is like that guy on the corner holding up a sign that it’s the end of the world, speaking such nonsense, hoping the rest of us will get her. However, us sane people know that she just speaks utter nonsense.

  • Geez

    Agreed. Please guys don’t respond.
    It feeds off this and then derails the thread.
    Leave Weirdo to her monologues.

  • carl

    Leo is the best and weirdo is just plain, uhm, weirded shit.

  • Lady

    Geez! @Weirdo, you have problems. I never said that Twitter is a reliable source, learn to read. What I mean is that when the trailer came out people were talking about it on Twitter, people saying they were going to see the movie. I used the Twitter reference because you said no one would see this movie and because people who use Twitter are from your age group, Lol. I clearly could not use a more reliable source, since your knowledge on cinema is quite limited. And please! Don’t even try to compare Leo with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise makes money because of that Mission Impossible crap, Leo does more mature and serious movies. Take a break! You are here 24/7.

  • Yeah!

    @wtf: Tinkerbell and Weirdo are not the same but in one way they are very much alike. They both fixate and keep posting about someone they can’t stand.
    ‘Love and hate are closely related’

  • LIKE

    if we ignore weirdo, they will have no reason to respond. so lets please ignore. -Leo is on the cover of Vibe magazine with jamie fox and kerry, and he looks good. :)

  • LIKE

    the holidays are coming up soon, and i wonder what leonardos love life is gonna be like. we know he doesnt like to be alone. i wonder if he’ll find a new one, or is it easier to just scoop up erin again? i wonder what will happen!

  • Yeah!

    @LIKE: We will know soon enough. Usually the on/off thing ends with the official announcement of the breakup so I don’t think it will be Erin. I think there might be someone already since he is not partying, not seen with models. I know he is busy filming but he found time to party weeks ago just like in Sydney last year.

  • LIKE

    @yeah i think erin would take him back in a heartbeat to be honest though, and its convenient for leo. but still it is weird he is not out partying and flirting with models and stuff. it does make me suspicious and wonder if he’s got a secret girl that he’s keeping secret. i honestly wouldn’t also be surprised if leo was seeing margot on the down low.

  • Yeah!

    It’s not up to Erin… He might be seeing Margot on the down low ( I doubt but it’s possible ) but even if he does I don’t think it will be public since he doesn’t date co-stars. That would put his private life in the spotlight and I doubt he would want that.

  • Geez

    Not accurate. In BOTH 2007 and 2009 there were official announcements in People Magazine and the NY Post, of his break up with his then girlfriend, then the holidays came and yep, back on.