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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'Details' Hollywood Mavericks Issue

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'Details' Hollywood Mavericks Issue

Leonardo DiCaprio gives an intense stare on the cover of Details magazine’s Hollywood Mavericks issue!

Here’s what the 38-year-old Django Unchained actor had to share with the mag:

On show business: “Of course it’s all risky…I mean, that’s the excitement of doing it, you know? I don’t know why I choose certain films. I just gravitate toward them and I don’t question that.”

On developing his own projects: “My whole thing has been to develop material outside the studio system for myself, and this expanded to funding material I won’t necessarily star in. I don’t need to wear the producer hat while making movies, but I love to have that collaboration.”

On filming his last three films: “This has been an exceptional situation… Filming three movies back to back to back, I don’t think I’ve ever done that.”

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  • Yeah!

    Wow, you keep records of everything? lol I still think the Erin breakup is final. The lack of chemistry was so striking that it was just a question of time. JMO.

  • Geez

    I’m NOT saying history will repeat itself. I’m just stating that his people have sanctioned break up news to media outlets before I dunno why there is this myth that it’s only a recent thing of last year. (I personally think they broke up more than that but it was so on/off and unpredictable that the media stopped reporting on it altogether). NY Daily news actually described it as a light switch relationship “constantly On-Off”

  • Geez

    LOL @51. I remember that story because it was actually on another website detailing Leo and George Clooney’s love lives.
    Complete with non-PC cartoons and news pieces in PR outlets.

  • Yeah!

    Well, either way I assume we will see soon enough. It’s hard to keep a new girl secret for long even if he tries hard. Especially in NYC so maybe he is just focusing on work for now. I know they have busy schedules especially after Sandy ( one week lost ) so… Who knows? Maybe he is waiting for his next order to be delivered!

  • Yeah!

    Even if he is already seeing someone the lack of sightings is unusual. Also I noticed that his mom wasn`t really seen around recently not even on his birthday.

  • LIKE

    @yeah well if he is in a relationship with margot its gonna come out sometime. he might be keeping it on the down low until filming is over, then go public, to try to make it appear they didn’t start dating until filming was over. a lot of celebs are doing that. I’m not saying i am sold on leo and margot, but i am just saying it is an option. Leonardo hasnt been acting like the usual single Leonardo, and its weird.

  • Yeah!

    In my opinion it doesn’t matter when they started dating IF it’s on with Margot. The movie is going to be released next year and their relationship would be in the spotlight because of WOWS and it would follow through the promo. That’s what I don’t see happening. The movie being associated with their relationship. Also no chatter from the movie set, no sighting other than two parties, rumor denied immediately. That’s what makes me think it’s not Margot but of course i can be wrong. I think there’s someone but I don’t think it’s Margot.

  • Weirdo

    Oh I’m sorry. Did I derail the thread by talking about LEO’S FILMS? This is a thread about Leonardo Dicaprio the actor right? And specifically an article about him as a Hollywood Maverick and his upcoming film projects? Somebody better get me a list of suitable thread topics because I am truly baffled how I derailed the thread by having an honest discussion about his upcoming films. The reason you are so h ell bent on ignoring me and changing the subject is because you guys can’t come up with any arguments that make sense.
    If all you guys can come up with in response is I’m a doomsdayer, a troll, a teenager and ‘Leo is the best’ then by ALL MEANS go back to talking about how great Leo’s skin looks or who he’s hooking up with for the holidays because that is WAY more important than talking about his films.
    And keep telling yourself that Django is going to be uh-mazing because Leo showed up in costume with bad teeth and greasy hair. It’s not.

  • Cover

    It’s a great cover, but he doesn’t look like that anymore. Candids tell the truth. It’s not the hair or the makeup or the lighting. Weight loss helps a little, but he’s not a heavy guy. It’s Photoshop. Airbrushing. Simple. It’s not a big deal.

    I don’t care who he dates, but he’s not without company. If it was Margo he would show that off. Good publicity for the movie.

    I hope Django is amazeballs.

  • Robinnicole


    Question please,….exactly what kind of comments should be made about Leo? What is wrong with people hoping that his movies will be good? You act as if everyone should think exactly like you do when it comes to Leo. I understand the right to have an opinion, but coming off as if you’re speaking scientific fact is crazy. Some will like the movie, some won’t,…that’s all to it.

  • Weirdo

    @Robin – they don’t disagree Robin, they just call me names instead. There is a difference. If they had something substantial to say that made sense I could respect that.
    It goes both ways, everyone here seems to think that unless you love Leo and thinks he walks on water, then you don’t belong here. I have just as much a right to be here as anyone else.
    Someone actually said I ‘derailed the thread’ when I was actually addressing the topic of the magazine article. Leo has upcoming film projects. I think he made some bad choices regarding those upcoming film projects. And that’s all there is to that.

  • Ari


    Leo made some bold choices for his upcoming three films. He finally plays a villain, a despicable slave owner in a Tarantino film. When I go on other forums and I watch entertainment news, people are anticipating his performance in this movie because it is something completely different than what he has done before. From the trailer footage he seems truly great and people who have seen the film have said Leo, Waltz and Samuel Jackson steal the movie.

    Playing Gatsby is also unique. Jay Gatsby is one of the most complex, literary tragic figures. The trailer on youtube has 7million views and people cant wait to see Leo finally playing the romantic lead. He hasn’t done that since Titanic.

    Finally Wolf of Wall Street, Leo plays Belfort, a guy who lived a crazy life filled with sex and drugs. It definetly pertains to what’s happening in Wall Street these days and the amount of greed that exist and what people with such power are capable of doing. I’ve also read the script and this is unique because I was surprised at how much comedy is in the script. This is the closest thing to Leo being in a comedy. For that I’m excited.

    What do you want Leo to play? You want him in sh*tty romantic comedies like Gerard Butler, you want him in stupid action mindless flicks like Tom Cruise. I’m excited for his next three films and I cant wait to see his performance. There’s a reason so many people, yes, even on twitter regard him as such an amazing actor. One of the best of his generation.

    Sorry to say, but you constantly judge his personal life and equate that with his career. Two separate topics. I just dont see the point in you wasting your time on a thread dedicated to an actor you clearly despise. Just my two cents. Are you trying to convince us to think like you? Huge fail on your part.

  • Weirdo

    @Ari – I don’t think I ever said I didn’t like him in Gatsby. My critique of that was the positioning of the film was sandwiched between a lot of summer blockbusters and was probably going to get lost in the shuffle. If anything, Gatsby should have been released as the Christmas film and Django delayed until later. But I understand it wasn’t ready so….I think it’s poorly positioned for box office success, that’s all.
    OK, that’s great if you are excited to see him. I’m not trying to “get’ anyone to think like me. I’m trying to express my disappointment that he would choose to be creatively involved in films like this which have little substance. Django may be a great film, I don’t know. I just doubt that Tarantino is going to treat the subject matter in a dignified way because he rarely does such a thing and that as a whole people will find it offensive. I also think that releasing it on Christmas day is a gross oversight on the part of HW execs. I also feel pretty strongly that WOWS is a careless choice. To me this IS a stupid mindless flick. It may not be a rom-com or comic book film but what value or substance does it provide whatsoever? Very little if you ask me.
    What I’m trying to say (outside of any criticism of his personal life) is that Leo is an artist that has choices about what roles he can play. As an artist you do take responsibility for what you create and bring forth into this world. If he wants to take chances with his career and play villains, his fans and the industry may love him for it, but at what price? I wouldn’t really enjoy for Celine Dion to all of a sudden sing in a death metal band because all of a sudden she wanted to shake things up with her career. It’s a similar feeling.
    Leo is in a position where he can pretty much decide the work he wants to do. To me, I feel that Django and WOWS were bad choices to make as an artist. You are excited, that’s fine. I feel differently about it.

  • me

    Leo = awesome

  • smh,smh

    @Ari: ari—who are you…..

    you read the wolf script??? and are using some of the same language from the details article…

    “Sorry to say, but you constantly judge his personal life and equate that with his career. Two separate topics ”

    Yeah that’s what HE always says……HE also called Candie “despicable”—so are you Ken Sunshine or just picking up a paycheck from him…or are you the man himself…..hmmmm?

    how did you get ahold of the script? I know they publish scripts and you can buy new ones on fifth avenue but not ones currently in production unless you are closely involved…..tip off….

    We dont confuse his acting and personal life at all. I think his acting can be excellent, can also be not so excellent, depends on themovie, he has a good heart I think and is sincere with the activism and philanthropy. But his personal life is childish and shallow….so we would NEVER confuse the things we like and admire with the things that we want to cover our eyes over. They are not the same, wouldnt it be great if the personal lived up to the public persona? That is all we say….

    it’s also hard to assign credibility as an artist and an intellectual when all the person does is party with 12 year old models and some truly wretched boring people…some interesting ones also but honestly….we see a lot of the playboy stuff and it is NOT in character with the other stuff, so which one is real?

  • Robinnicole

    The subject matter of Django is offensive,..period,..but stuff like that happened, it’s a part of history that should never be forgotten. Getting revenge is also a part of the story and that’s what I want to see. As for releasing it on christmas day,…why should that matter, it’s just another day? Putting too much into made up concepts is tragic.

    I wouldn’t know if any movie Leo does is a bad move until the project is said and done; it must be nice to know what works for a celebrity,..before hand. Maybe you just don’t like the certain projects he has chosen, after all, our individual perception is our reality.

  • Weirdo

    I have to agree with smh. It is possible to have an opinion about his personal life and one about his career as an artist. I have always thought he was a great actor and I still do. My criticisms about his personal life are mainly do to the fact that I, along with many of his fans, grew up with Leo. The key words being, WE grew up, I’m not so sure he has. His fans that loved him in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Basketball Diaries and followed him through his Titanic fame and beyond have been fans for a long time now. Those (female) fans are now GROWN women, a lot of them educated and professionally successful and established, and have settled down from partying and clubbing every night (one would hope.)
    I also find the publicity around his dating life to be in high contrast to what is actually going on and don’t really enjoy being lied to. I either think he is hiding something, like he may be gay and in the closet, or he is trying to hide that he is just a complete womanizer and wants to have a for show girlfriend so he doesn’t look like a complete tool. The problem is, if you look close enough, things don’t add up and sorry, it doesn’t sit right with me.
    If you think his personal choices do not affect his career in some ways, that is a bit of naive thinking. Rupert Sanders lost a directing gig because he was caught making out with another woman that was not his wife who was also a subordinate professionally. Look at Mel Gibson, he’s not exactly enjoying wide spread admiration for some of his actions. Lindsey Lohan. I could list many others. I’m not expecting perfection from Leo or anyone because that’s just unrealistic and no one’s perfect. But I can choose to decide who I want to support as an artist because I value and enjoy their work and respect them as a human being.

  • Weirdo

    @Robin – Maybe I’m having a hard time transitioning to seeing Leo as a villain. It’s funny, I’ve seen a lot of Leo’s films in the theater and don’t think it was always a conscious choice that I said, “I’m going to see this because Leo is in it.” I’ve just always been drawn to the stories that he’s chosen to be a part of.
    I’ve watched the trailers for Django and it’s just not my thing. Whether Leo is in it or not, isn’t going to be a draw for me personally.
    He stepped out as a villain, and a downright nasty one at that, and it’s going to be an adjustment for some of his fans.

  • tinkerbell

    @Ari: Ari Barkman…aka trading center broker or whatever they called your role in WOWS (just guessing since you read the script)