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Miranda Kerr: 'I Am Not Pregnant!'

Miranda Kerr: 'I Am Not Pregnant!'

Miranda Kerr walks hand in hand with her son Flynn as they leave an office building on Monday morning (November 26) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model took to her Twitter account the day before to shut down pregnancy rumors after her account was hacked that day.

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“Someone hacked my account. It’s ridiculous!” Miranda wrote to her fans. “I am not pregnant!!!!”

Over the weekend, Miranda was spotted walking around the Big Apple with her adorable little pup Frankie.

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  • Toni

    She is beautiful. JJ is obessed with losers like Kim Kardashian(tranny),her sisters( trannis too) freida Pinto(yuck looks like an ape),Vanessa Hudgens(barf)
    Adirana Lima and Miranda Kerr are much better then those fugly ass bitches.

  • Don’t Get It

    It’s cold in NYC and the boy is not even wearing a jacket yet she wearing a jacket and scarf?

  • Rose

    I don’t get it. Why paps always find her in NYC? In one of the most crowded city in the world?

  • Kel

    Is she still married?

  • Rachel

    Someone went through the trouble to hack her twitter account in order to to make everyone believe and ask her if she is pregnant? I call BS. The whole “someone hacked my twitter account” is the only thing that is ridiculous.

  • tom

    I’m tired…. so tired watching her all the time, please…. next models….

  • F.G.F.

    Thumbnail #2 needs to be captioned.

  • kami

    little flynn looks exactly like orlando. such a cutie.

  • Jen

    ””“Someone hacked my account. It’s ridiculous!” Miranda wrote to her fans. “I am not pregnant!!!!”””

    Why would she say it is ridiculous for her to be pregnant, she’s married and her child is 2 years old almost?

  • Twinkletoes

    Oh THANK GOD. I was having withdrawals with my coffee this morning without my daily Miranda fix.

  • @Jen

    I think that what she finds ridiculous is the fact that someone hacked her account.

  • lola_uk

    “Harpo, who dis woman?”

  • @5

    Actually, someone posted a fake tweet on tumblr. I guess that since it looked like the real thing, and since she knew that she didn’t send it, she thought that she had been hacked.
    But hacking a twitter account is no amount of trouble compared to what some of these idiot haters are willing to do.
    You have no idea how low they are willing to go to attack a complete stranger.

  • @9

    Ridiculous because the rumor spread so quickly off of a fake tweet, maybe?
    Anyway, she has always said that she wanted to wait to have another baby. Maybe when Flynnie is three, we can start hoping for another genetically blessed child.

  • @Rachel

    There are people who go through the trouble of making several fake accounts to insult her.
    Some time ago some person went through the trouble of making a fake blog pretending to be Orlando Bloom, updating it almost daily talking some real crap about him and his family, including his mother.
    And this is like total BS? With that history, this almost seems normal.

  • Twinkletoes

    @14 – GENETICALLY BLESSED CHILD? What are you her MOM? Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound?

  • Em

    So stylish, both her and her son. But did she lose a bit weight? She seems skinnier.

  • @15

    “Some time ago some person went through the trouble of making a fake blog pretending to be Orlando Bloom, updating it almost daily talking some real crap about him and his family, including his mother.”
    The scariest part of this is knowing that the hateful idiot that took the time to do this works around children every day.
    Someone filled with such darkness shouldn’t work around adults, much less children.

  • Miranda the fame w*ore

    she loves attention.fame{hore

  • Seed

    Open the following link and read about the models in forbes’ The Celebrity 100: forbes’ most powerful celebrities of 2012.
    Only 3 models are there. Guess what? no Miranda
    She has an unhealthy obsession with fame.

  • @16

    Then I guess that almost every blogger on the web is “her mom”, too?
    Have you never heard anyone refer to a celeb baby like that?

  • @seedy

    Hmmm, did anyone ever claim that she was one of the ‘most powerful’ celebs?
    If so, please point it out.
    Post, after post, after post, after post. With never a day’s rest.
    If anyone here has an “unhealthy obsession”, it’s you Seedy.

  • Isis Lara

    Finally, she’s dressing him better. I don’t see the Orlando resemblance though, maybe when he’s older. She seems publicly more comfortable with her dog than her own son.

  • @20

    And this proves what, exactly?
    Only to prove that you are the one with the “unhealthy obsesion”.

  • this woman

    Was there even a rumor that she was pregnant? I mean a rumor in celebrity standards? Because I never heard.
    Well, one has got to do things the the fame ho way I see

  • so

    She’s a famewhore and a liar. Someone hacked her account? Wow. That’s a new low

  • paige

    @Seed: you shouldn’t have posted this. It not like she’s ever going to be as celebrated as those women. It not like she’ll ever be in that list

  • @25

    Me thinks you didn’t read or understand the story. There was never a rumour but a fake tweet made by a hacker. All she did was say that the tweet was fake. It’s not really that complicated.

  • @so

    Having her account hacked is a new low on her part?
    Geez, you really need some contact with a certain hemisphere of your brain….

  • how

    @@so: how does it feel being the only Miranda fan commenting here under different names?

  • @30

    Oh, I see. You haters always use sockpuppets, so you expect everyone to do the same? LOL!
    Miranda has a lot of fans. if you just accepted that fact, you would be so much happier in your life.

  • @25

    You don’t read very well, do you.

  • FLYNN!!!

    Such a handsome boy!
    Just like his daddy!

  • @how

    You find some kind of wicked satisfaction believing that if many people hate a person they don’t know, then you aren’t such a bitter person for doing the same. I don’t have that burden, so I don’t give a damn if you think I posted one or 20 times. You care, I don’t. You have reasons to care, I don’t.
    If you believed you have a point, you wouldn’t focus on the amount of comments from one camp or the other. But you do.

  • how

    @@how: wow I’m sure 50% of the comments here are by you. Keep going. You’re pathetic.

  • @34

    LOL! I love you!
    And if you saw ‘how’s’ post right after yours, you would see that she is still as thick as a brick.
    So funny!

  • Twinkletoes

    @@16: Celebrity bloggers use ridiculous phrases like that, it’s part of the job.
    This is coming from a random commenter….as if they actually believe it! Talk about brain-washed.

  • @how

    If you’re so interested, so far 4 of the comments of this thread are mine. Now that you know it, you can jump in joy, move on and actually try to prove ARGUMENTS wrong, instead of people.
    But since you just proved everything I said on my previous comment right, it’s a safe bet that you won’t. Right?

  • HA!

    What does the average person think of Miranda?
    Read ‘em and weep, haters!

  • KissThis

    sick of the technological drama of today.

  • martha

    She is number 6 for sexiest model. 6 out of all currently working models. So she IS well known. I like the way she dresses. I’m sure her driver keeps the car toasty for that adorable boy. I suppose he should have something a little warmer on from building to car. I don’t know the circumstances …so i cant judge. But he sure is cute. So is she. So is Orlando. Doesn’t a model/actor/singer need to be seen in public? Otherwise they would have no fans. I don’t get this famewhore name calling. The nature of their jobs is to achieve fame. To say Miranda married another famous person for exposure is really saying that Orlando is worthless on his own. Are you saying he is stupid enough to be hoodwinked into marriage? I’m really confused who you are hating Miranda the “famewhore” or Orlando the dumb. You know nothing about these people. Nothing… except you hate her. All of your “facts” are based on pictures. Your interpretation is biased.

  • Dee

    @martha: Your comments are so stupid and ignorant. No one hates her. I certainly don’t. What people HATE is that she obviously calls the paparazzi on herself. You say it’s a model’s job to be seen? What about Adriana Lima…do we ever see her daughter even ONCE a year? Let alone every single day like Flynn? What about Lily Aldridge? Candice Swanepoel? Doutzen Kroes? Rosie Huntington Whiteley ? No other model on the planet is papped as much as Miranda even though there are way more famous, well-known models who book more jobs. It doesn’t just stop at models…Matt Damon can walk around NYC in complete anonymity with his family and never be photographed, yet Miranda steps out of a car and is somehow always in front 100 flashing cameras. It’s absolutely ridiculous at this point. So obvious that she calls the paps on herself.

  • Dee

    I think Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk are more beautiful than her, with more enviable figures, and I’m not jealous of them, why would I be jealous of Miranda? I have no problem admiring a girl’s beauty, but feeding into the narcissism of one attention-starved model isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It isn’t jealousy at all.

  • martha

    @Dee: thank you for clarifying your stance. My post wasn’t directed at any one in particular. But since you mentioned it…….. Even if she does call the photographers…why does it bother you so much? Is she stealing camera time from someone you deem more worthy? That is what I don’t understand. Her photos may be more desirable because of where she lives/who her spouse is/how adorable her child is. Who knows? You do not. Unless you are the photographer she calls…..even then…why does it bother you enough to call a random poster’s remarks stupid and ignorant? I really didn’t think my post was confrontational. I assure you that was not the intent. I just wanted to see the cute kid and see Miranda’s clothes. She has good fashion sense.

  • tam

    Dee, anyone who invests so much time in following/commenting/stalking a total stranger that you don’t like IS a hater.
    Denying it just makes you look stupid.
    Oh, and I guess that you missed the logical questions that were posted, so I’ll ask them again (amd again, and again, until you have the guts to answer)
    Why do they camp out, if she is calling them?
    Why does more than one pap show up?
    Why do they show up at all, if their pictures don’t sell?
    Come on, use both of those brain cells at once, maybe you can come up with an answer. It will be laughable, but at least it will be an answer.
    Except for Adriana, the other models you mentioned may be famous in fashion, but the average person wouldn’t recognize them on the street. And if the average person doesn’t know who they are, magazines won’t buy their pictures. If the mags won’t buy their pics, the paps don’t bother to show up. Gee, looks like we came full circle, eh? LOL!
    But I had to laugh that you included Rosie in that list. I mean, how stupid, and/or blind can you be?? Rosie is papped ALL OF THE TIME! Why? gee, maybe it’s because, like Miranda, she is in a relationship with a Hollywood star. Gee, paps follow both Miranda and Rosie, yet you have decided that Rosie never gets papped, and Miranda has to call them. If you don’t recognize your own hater bias, then you are in more denial than I though possible in a functioning adult. So sad.
    Oh, and BTW, Adriana calls paps to come to her work out sessions. If that doesn’t scream ‘look at meeee’, then I don’t know what does.

  • wendy

    She is more famous than all the others victoria’s secret models. So i think it’s normal that paps follow her. Now it’s her moment so she ends up on JJ. Stop saiyng she calls paps. They now where she lives so they wait in front of the door!!! WHAT A DIFFICULT THING TO FIGURE OUT!!!!

  • Tasch
  • martha

    @Tasch: HAHA. Best rebuttal ever.

  • Tasch


  • Tasch

    Hey Dee,
    Since you follow Doutzen so closely, I was wondering if you could tell me why she showed up on the red carpet for Brad Pitt’s new movie?
    Did she have anything to di with the film? At all?
    Or is she just there to pose for publicity?