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Charlie Sheen Talks Angus T. Jones 'Meltdown'

Charlie Sheen Talks Angus T. Jones 'Meltdown'

Charlie Sheen has broken his silence on his former Two and a Half Men co-star Angus T. Jones‘ tirade about how he doesn’t want to be on the show anymore.

“With Angus‘s Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed,” the 47-year-old actor told People.

Charlie referred to the religious cult Heaven’s Gate in his quote. The cult faced controversy in 1997 when 39 members committed suicide to reach what they thought was an alien space ship following the Comet Hale Bopp.

Angus called his show Two and a Half Men “filth” and urged viewers to stop watching the hit sitcom in a video he released via the Forerunner Christian Church. Make sure to watch the video in case you missed it!

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  • Yokio

    Well I don’t blame him, if I was on a show with Chrlie, I would have a break down.

  • BEAN

    Having an opinion which differs from popular opinion doesn’t make it a meltdown or mean he has joined a cult. It’s his opinion, and while I may, and many others it seems don’t agree with it, I have heard it all before and it seems to have some standing to be quite honest and if that is his belief or route which he wants to follow then ok. Not anyones biz.

  • A

    Meltdown? He sounded sane to me.
    Just because you are intolerant of other people’s views and religion, doesn’t make them “crazy” or “religious lunatics” as many imply and outright say.
    Look, he obviously knows a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than we do and also, watch part 1 of that interview to have a better understanding of what he said.

  • A

    @BEAN: I agree and notice how it’s always Christianity that people attack like this? So he’s joined a “cult” and is having a “meltdown” because he has found His God? Him being Christian is so offensive to people, but you wouldn’t find these people berating Judaism or Islam.

  • TheDudeAbides

    The show is “filthy” because it has become a secular Jewish parody of Malibu style polygamy.

  • anne

    Didn’t Perez Hilton just report that his mother is talking to the producers because she was concerned he would give away all his $$ to the church? It reinforces my suspicion- his parents probably pressured him to work for the family when he was a kid. The majority of child actors seem to have these stage parents and I just feel sorry for him. Wish his parents were more concerned about his well-being instead of his money.

  • anna

    it was a total meltdown! just like charlie! maybe this show IS cursed..haha come on, one thing is being religious, the other is calling a show from “the devil” or “the enemy”@A: yes, people would criticize it if it were any othe religion because extremism and fundamentalism are dangerous in any religion that believes that their god is the only one, this doesn’t happen in say, buddhism, and I learned this in a religion class a my catholic university! Being a radical isn’t good, ever!

  • Hmmm

    People that follow the bible, in a literal sense, scare me. People that talk about “the enemy” scare me. People the isolate themselves from the “secular” world scare me.

  • A

    @Hmmm: People who are intolerant jerks and dismiss people as “extremists” because they talk about their religion, scare me.

  • Maria

    The kid is under the influence of the Cult. I feel like Charlie’s meltdown seems quite mild compared to Angus’. :-(

  • Bradley Patt

    He just needs to relax and get some sensual pleasure from AthenaToysdotcom for his girlfriend.

  • Kenny

    I bet if he came out as a homosexual and didn’t want to do the show because its not aligned with his views it would be okay right? But because he is following God theres a problem. Yes, the show is filth.. if u watch every comment is a sexual one… He was young when his patents signed his contract and set up the coogan accounts.

  • Kenny


    Umm that’s what one should do, the bible says thou shalt not kill so should we not take that literally?

  • Hmmm



    No Kenny, sorry I disagree. Uh, killing is against the law..period. We don’t need the bible to enforce that one.

  • Kenny
  • TheDudeAbides

    Get a clue. The entire show is about gsr/twn swingers.