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Enrique Iglesias: Miami Boat Ride with Anna Kournikova!

Enrique Iglesias: Miami Boat Ride with Anna Kournikova!

Enrique Iglesias and his longtime love Anna Kournikova spend a lazy afternoon relaxing on their boat on Sunday (November 25) in Miami, Fla.

The 37-year-old singer recently released a new video for his song “Finally Found You” featuring Daddy Yankee. Check it out below!

“The video for “Finally Found You” with Daddy Yankee is live on @VEVO! Hope you like this new version of the song!” Enrique wrote on his Twitter account.

In case you missed it, check out the original video featuring Sammy Adams.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Enrique Iglesias new “Finally Found You” video?

Enrique Iglesias & Daddy Yankee: “Finally Found You” Video
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enrique iglesias miami boat ride with anna kournikova 01
enrique iglesias miami boat ride with anna kournikova 02
enrique iglesias miami boat ride with anna kournikova 03
enrique iglesias miami boat ride with anna kournikova 04
enrique iglesias miami boat ride with anna kournikova 05

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  • Sfingaa

    I love that they are together for 12 years and we don`t read all the time about them. Down to earth.

  • elephantpanty

    He’s more down to earth than her.

  • XYZ


  • Sunny

    I haven’t seen Enrique’s hair in many many years. I am starting to believe the rumors that he’s going bald.

  • hillary

    He looks worse and and worse every time i see pictures of him! This man is without a doubt DEPRESSED! Im beginning to believe about some of the comments i see alot about him mourning a girl he loved awhile ago and she left him for someone else. He never ever looks happy! What a sad way to live your life! His girlfriend is known to love money!

  • the blues

    What the hell happened to him? He looks like hes suffering from disease. That close up of him is devastating! He looks so sad. Whats up with this couple? I dont believe he loves her. He never looks happy with her.

  • jane

    @the blues: I have to sadly agree, he looks awful! Yes very sad and depressed. He looks like his life is a misery and maybe its true about him mourning someone he lost and loved. I love his music.

  • jared

    OR?? Maybe the DEMONS are eating him up inside that he didnt attend his one and only brothers wedding a few weeks ago. The sc-mbag he is! Dis anybody see JULIO JRs now wife Charisse? woooowssssa what drop dead gorgeous knockout! she put anna kournikova to shame!! Not that i think anna kournikova is pretty anyway, she looks like transvestite!

  • guestxxx

    He looks SICK!!!! WTF happened to him?

  • zzzzzzz

    The man dont got it nomore!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • dede

    There is something troubling this man and only he and someone else knows what it is. Nobody looks this bad without having something going on. still like his music.

  • canyapple

    Whoever says this is a couple thats happy is brain dead! He never looks happy with this girl! Not from pictures i see and yes he looks worse and worse every time i see him. I mean, just look at his face, whats up with him?

  • peeps/as

    Hes pathetic looking and his girlfriend is a well know Russian Pr-stitute! but i do like the song ‘ i like it ‘

  • gina

    I think this is the worst i have ever seen him look, but im not that big of a fan, however i did see alot of pictures of him before and he looks troubled. its so sad. i love his music.

  • bria

    looks broken hearted! Not into his girlfriend at all.

  • sassy

    Hes not bald anymore. He had hair plugs when he started going bald but his hair looks gross unless his stylist does it, thats when hes not wearing his cap which is 99% of the time. I live in Miami and see him alot. You would not look at him twice!

  • lucky#1

    GOD AMMIT he looks HORRIBLE!! what is wrong with this guy!

  • Anita

    ‘You would not look at him twice” Really? I would be perfectly fine staring into his eyes FOREVER so don’t speak for me… :-) of course I am in my late 30′s my taste is pretty different… ANYWAY….
    Hair plugs or not… I still think he is a beautiful person with a heart of gold. People get older and not all of us will be appealing to someone that is younger because the youth of today are pretty superficial. The guy is human just like the rest of us so give him a break….. he doesn’t deserve all the snide remarks because he really is a sweet person a lil jaded but he would give you the “shirt off his back” if one was to ask him for it can’t say that about too many others in this day and age ;-)

    Now the girlfriend is… TRANSPARENT … but hey that is what he wanted so he is stuck…. it’s sad but it’s life… I hope she never gets a dime

  • MichelleI

    I think he looks very good.. Actually sexy with that bandana on, I will ignore the flood pants this time…

    He is a great guy and trust me if he was on a boat with me he would be laughing and smiling.

    She is a gold digging money hungry ho!!

  • lily

    @Anita: @Anita: Really hes such a great guy? A great person? How great of a person is he to miss his only brothers wedding? To me hes a fake and a phony and turned into a money hungry loser just like his girlfriend. They now deserve each other and he’s like that only with his fans and its all an act! In person hes nasty and thinks his sh-t dont stink! Guess what? He stinks up the whole place now! He looks gross and depressed!

  • paula

    I could throw up looking at him especially in these pictures! To those who thinks hes hot and handsome, whatever floats your boat1 To me he looks dirty and needs a good shower! He also looks like he could use a good shrink!

  • http://justjared Leticia

    They seem to have fallen out of love
    oh, well only time will tell.

  • HOT? NOT!!!

    This is a hot couple? please give me a break! they both look like they could use a good laugh! They also look like they could learn how to smile, at least for the paps! He looks really bad!

  • not in love

    Looks like there trouble in paradise! Looks like enrique iglesias is ready to cry or really pissed off. Why is he with this bimbo when he could be with someone nice and sweet? I wonder?

  • what?

    Thats not enrique iglesias! If it is i would like to know what happened to such a good looking guy? Shazaaaaaam!

  • Anita


    I can only judge by how he has treated me and he has always been pleasant no matter if he was doing promo, work, even when I have ran into him during his free time. I wouldn’t want his life at all..and I do feel bad for some of the shit he has to deal with… .. just saying! Some people have their off days. Lord knows I do…. LOL

  • bookitty

    how on earth are people making these ridiculous comments about how sad he looks based on a couple of photos taken in a moment in time? these were taken candidly so we don’t know if he was laughing/smiling the next second the photos were taken. Lighten up people!

  • what?

    @Anita: hes not that nice in the real world! I have seen his moody side and his reaction to people out and about and hes not nice. Yes we all have our bad days, but no need to be rude and ignore some people when they are being nice to you. I guess hes getting his payback now being with his also not so nice girlfriend!

  • sayit

    @bookitty: You are really an idiot!!! He never ever looks happy with this girl. On the boat or off. Candid pictures, if this is just a moment in time, i would hate to see them in action. I never saw such a sad depressed look in my life!!! He has everything and this is how you look out with your girlfriend on a nice boat and day off? i woud rather be alone!! wake up!!

  • bookitty

    @sayit: @sayit first of all you don’t even know me so please refrain from calling me names! Second of all, you nor anyone else here knows him on a personal level so unless you do you can only state your opinion but don’t act like its FACT.
    His life is his own and he’s free to live it how he wants with her if he chooses so why stress yourself over it? How does it affect YOUR life?

  • Anita


    I guess you would know? I have only met him about 20 times or so… I can only judge by how I personally have been treated. Sorry that you had a bad run in with Mister Iglesias. I will apologize for him…LOL… :-)

  • sayit

    @bookitty: LOL looks whose stressing, you must be one of his fat obsessed fans, the are the only ones blinded by him! Rude is Rude and thats how he comes off when hes not around his fans or on stage! deal with it!! now go jerk off with is pictures im sure you have thousands of them!

  • bookitty

    @sayit: LMAO! You’re the idiot for sure. LOL loser

  • what?

    @Anita: All know is from what i see in pictures and to me it does not look like enrique iglesias,but i guess it is and time has not been kind to him, Please do apologize to Mr. Iglesias for me next time you meet up with him. Im guessing this will be your 21st time meeting him, right? LMFAO have a good laugh on the rest of this thread with all the rest of enrique iglesias old fat obsessed sick no life fans!

  • sayit

    @bookitty: OLD FAT NO LIFE LOSER!

  • Anita


    There is no need for you to be so rude towards me and if you think I am fat and obsessed that is fine… you go ahead and believe that and have a nice evening sweetheart. It’s time for my fat, obsessed, Enrique loving ass to go cook dinner… peace!

    ~ Anita V ~

  • what?

    @Anita: enjoy your fat ass enrique loving dinner! LOL

  • rick

    ANNA is known as the tennis WH-RE of the world. I think she slept with more guys the some professional hookers and not only tennis players. enrique is a cool guy, what he wants with her is beyond my thinking. He could do so much better. she’s just a good f–ck

  • John S.


    So who has she been with?

  • Jason Austin

    This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog. Enrique Iglesias is a spanish singer-songwritter, Model & actor of spanish. The couple, who have been together eight years, are rarely photographed together. Thanks a lots….

  • me

    @John S.: EVERYONE WITH A D-CK!!!!