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Gabriel Aubry's Black Eye & Bloody Face Revealed - Pics!

Gabriel Aubry's Black Eye & Bloody Face Revealed - Pics!

Gabriel Aubry shows off his injuries following his brawl with Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving Day at his ex Halle Berry‘s California home.

The 36-year-old actor revealed the photos in a restraining order he filed against Olivier, which he was granted, according to TMZ.

Gabriel claims that Olivier started the fight and beat him while telling him that he and Halle were going to move to Paris with Nahla.

“We called the cops,” Olivier allegedly told Gabriel, saying that when they show up, “you’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.”

Halle also obtained a restraining order against Gabriel, which requires him to stay 100 yards away from her family until December 3. Gabriel faces up to six months in jail if convicted.

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189 Responses to “Gabriel Aubry's Black Eye & Bloody Face Revealed - Pics!”

  1. 1
    Tk Says:

    Their daughter will see this when she grows up. It will backfire.
    Shame on Halle!

  2. 2
    Kel Says:

    Olivier is an animal and should be arrested.

  3. 3
    Yoiki Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGGOOODDD! His face, his beautiful face! Olivier is a monster!

  4. 4
    S Says:

    I feel so sorry for this man. All he wants is to have his cute daughter near him and this is what he gets. I hope the court won’t stand on Halle’s side just because she is famous. You can clearly see that Gabriel is a loving father!

    I wish him all the luck!

  5. 5
    taz Says:

    someone needs to keep nahla away from halle berry & her insane fiance

  6. 6
    King Says:

    HB is a troublemaker and a disgrace!

  7. 7
    Adam Says:

    Oh my god that is scary! And serious!!!

  8. 8
    Yoiki Says:

    @Yoiki: I can’t believe it, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep a father away from his daughter!

  9. 9
    bb Says:

    This is so sad. I hope gabriel gets the justice he deserves. I feel bad for nahla. When she finds out her mothers boyfriend did that to her dad there’s no way she would want to be around olivier.

  10. 10
    nm Says:

    HOLY ****!

  11. 11
    Lena Says:

    amazingly Martinez doesn’t have any injuries, does he?

  12. 12
    holly Says:

    I mean when you look at it, Olivier’s walking round with barely a scratch and Gabriel looks like that. I’m sure there’s blame on Gabriels side too, but looking like that it certainly looks like it came more from the Martinez/Berry camp.

  13. 13
    RJ Says:

    HB and Olivier are both crazy. I won’t support any of their future projects!

  14. 14
    i would Says:

    after all of his troubles with this situation you would think he’d mic himself when around her for his own protection

  15. 15
    jen Says:

    hope that his daughter did not witness this! looks like he was sucker punched!!!!!

  16. 16
    S Says:

    @holly: The only injuries that Oliver got was the swollen hand he himself was responsible for; clearly the one hand he used to beat the **** out of Gabriel. Poor man!

    May God bring justice to this situation!

  17. 17
    Rach Says:

    I hope he presses charges.

  18. 18
    Lauren Says:

    Something is wrong with Halle Berry. It’s awfully convenient how all of her exes threaten her, are so bad. She’s been nasty post split from Aubrey wanting full control of their daughter and to take her away from her father. What were Olivier’s injuries? That’s severe injuries on Aubrey and it looks like he was attacked for not letting them take his daughter. I can’t stand Halle Berry and she and Martinez will make interesting exes turning against each other.

  19. 19
    Emmeline Says:

    I wonder if the police tried to get hold of the security cameras’ recordings as Gabriel asked and wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turned out that for some obscure reason the cameras were off during that particular brawl or simply disappeared…

  20. 20
    Laurel Says:

    Um…Who ever is running this site now…Could you sensor these pics somehow? They are quite disturbing and I don’t wanna see them every time I scroll down the page. Anyone else out there feel the same way?

  21. 21
    carly Says:

    Oliver is an ex-boxer and it would not surprise me if that was part of the attraction for Halle.

  22. 22
    mel Says:

    This doesn’t look like just self defense… Oliver beat the crap out of him and that is NOT okay regardless of what the back story is.
    I hope this all gets settled for the sake of their little girl

  23. 23
    Mara Says:

    Considering Oliver says Gabriel started it, it is very odd that Olivier has barely any signs of injury, yet Gabriel looks very bruised and bloodied. Either Oliver is lying, or he’s pretty darn good at dodging punches.

  24. 24
    ... Says:

    to be honest it’s pretty ba&llsy of gabriel aubry to go up against halle berry because celebrities usually get their way in court. i’ve seen it happen a few times when the judge becomes star struck & lets the actor go with a warning when they should have been in pri*son (halle being one of them with her hit and run.. and rebecca gayheart, brandi etcetc)

  25. 25
    ... Says:

    “you’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.”


    If that’s true than that is seriously F***** up.

  26. 26
    WhyNot Says:

    I think the same as I did before. Don’t start something you can’t finish. He tried to intimidate the smaller man and lost. It isn’t over by a long shot, and the truth has still not come out. At the end of the day, there will be no winners, only losers and the biggest loser is Nahla.

  27. 27
    KK Says:

    No doubt Halle B. fueled and manipulated her boyfriend with lies, making him feel obligated to show his B how macho he is.

  28. 28
    what Says:

    @Laurel: if its that disturbing to you why are you even looking?

  29. 29
    Andre Says:

    Im not going to single anyone out. They all are in fault. I wish people stop thinking Gabriel is such a good father. He is so money hungry and he is trying to make Halle life hell himself. Someone I know really knows him and said he can be extreme at times and say racist comments. I feel that they all should put first the little girl Nahla first.

  30. 30
    Coco Says:

    He looks awful! Halle is one selfish *****!

  31. 31
    Real Man Says:

    Hahaha, he looks so fuicked up! This pussi didn’t even leave a strach on that guys face hahaha!. Man I love this shiit!

  32. 32
    Andre Says:

    @Kel: @Kel: Gabriel is the animal and a monster.

  33. 33
    Elle Says:

    I’m more inclined to believe his story than Olivier’s. He is MUCH more bruised than Olivier, who doesn’t seem to have any injuries (that we can see anyway).

  34. 34
    Sunny Says:

    I don’t believe at all that Gabriel Aubry started the fight. Why would he? He just won a legal battle to keep her daughter here in the US. I believe HB set him up to get him out of the way. I also think that Olivier in just HB’s puppet that she’s using to keep Aubry away.

  35. 35
    Dee Says:

    I hope the court see this manipulation for what it is, and I hope they strip HB of physical custody and give it to Gabriel.

    Whoever said what really doesn’t matter, for HB to allow her new fiancee to beat on her child’s father shows not only a lack of respect for him as a father and a man, but a serious lack of self respect.

    It also shows violence in her home that she allows. CPS should see this for what it is and deny her everything but supervised visitation. She needs help. Olivier, or however you spell his name, has no reason to be in the middle of ANYTHING between her and GA.

    There is no acceptable explanation for this violence to have occured anywhere near the child. I really don’t even care who threw the first punch honestly. The fact that this mans face was brutalized is completely unacceptable and shows violent tendencies and an unacceptable inability to control one’s temper.

    ALL OF IT IS UNACCEPTABLE around a child.

  36. 36
    Real Man Says:

    @Real Man: The only reason a lot of you are defending this weak dde is because your ovaries are about to pop just looking at this dude, he got what was coming to him. Why would that guy even want his daughter?
    She’s black!

  37. 37
    ladyb Says:

    Shame on Halle Berry. This should NEVER happen to the father of your daughter. This is not something she should be reading on the internet someday. She should never have allowed Olivier to interfere. Big SHAME on her. HUGE!

  38. 38
    wow Says:

    either Gabriel is a terribley bad fighter or he got knocked down and was unable to protect himself with his hands, which indicates some definite premeditated anger on the part of Oliver, more than just self- defense or two guys in a dispute

  39. 39
    ciruni Says:

    I do not understand why everyone is siding with Gabriel, if he was the innocent one, he should have just walked away even when provoked for the sake of his daughter. I’,m not taking sides …….I do not know any of them personally and what kind of monsters they all are! Maybe that Gabriel is not so innocent , and why is he parading his bruised photos around and seeking public opinion ?

  40. 40
    tamsinissmart Says:

    !The next day, Gabriel says he took Nahla to Halle’s at around 10 AM. He says in a completely unusual move, Olivier came out of the front door — usually the nanny was the go-between. Gabriel claims Olivier said, “We need to talk.” Gabriel says he walked toward his car to close his door when Olivier jumped off the stairs and knocked Gabriel to the ground and started brutally beating him, screaming that Gabriel cost them $3 million to fight the custody war (Halle’s failed move to take Nahla to Paris).

    Gabriel says Olivier took his head in his hand and slammed it on the concrete driveway.

    According to the declaration, as Olivier assaulted Gabriel he screamed that they were going to move to Paris and Gabriel had better move there too or Olivier would kill him.

    Gabriel claims Olivier then said, “We called the cops,” and that when they show up, “you’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.”

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Gabriel made no mention of the alleged threats when he spoke to police immediately after the fight.!”

  41. 41
    Roxy Says:

    I have lost all respect for Halle. Both Halle and her fiance seems to have a grudge because the judge ruled against them taking the child to France. Halle seems to be a selfish biT *H, why would she want to keep Nalah from her father. One day when Nalah grows up she will want to know why her mother kept her away from her father, and I hope Halle has a dam n good answer for her. Furthermore, why is Olivier around when Nalah is being dropped off…this is between Halle and Aubry, Olivier should stay the fuvk out of it…period!!

  42. 42
    AMY Says:

    Wow, how can you say he’s a racist? If he was, he would have never even touched Halle in the first place. He probably would completely ignore his daughter also. Just because a man is good looking, doesn’t mean he’s evil. So don’t think you or anyone you know would know how Gabriel acts.

  43. 43
    The Defense Says:

    Halle Berry’s vajay had hypnotic powers over Martinez, it said,” Attack Attack” if you want any MO.

  44. 44
    AMY Says:

    @The Defense: Yo, that’s funny!

  45. 45
    elaine Says:

    If,as I have heard, Oliver is a boxer, then he should be arrested and charged with battery because boxers hands are lethal weapons. Just maybe, Gabriel was really woozy from having his head slamed into the pavement and therefore unable to even think straight let alone tell the coppers what happened. Halle ia manipulative person. Hope the video tape will show all, but bet FOR SOME REASON ,it has been erased

  46. 46
    Roxy Says:

    Let’s see how Halle try and recover her already dead career from this. I thought only reality tv “stars” and those fools from the Real Housewives shows that does crap like this

  47. 47
    Indiesr Says:

    They also have pics of his hands….not a bruise or scratch can be seen on them…that tells me he didn’t punch or fight back for that matter.

  48. 48
    tinamarie Says:

    @ciruni: He is not parading them around. They were taken in order to get the TRO. Once that is filed anyone has access to it. I’m also more inclind to believe Gabriel. As stated before he just won in a huge court case. Why would he jeopardize that. Also I don’t think he would insist on the cops seeing the video of it if it was him who started the fight.

  49. 49
    Indiesr Says:

    @Lena: his hands are bruised…if you can call that an injury

  50. 50
    vany Says:

  51. 51
    loli Says:

    The only thing this poor guy wants is to be near his little daughter and spend time with her, and that what’s he get. Shame on Olivier Martinez for doing that and shame on Halle Berry for letting him do that. She should be happy that even they’re not a couple anymore, he cares so much about the little girl !!!

  52. 52
    reeven Says:

    Yeah right, that was self defense, just a little push, right Oliver? you were in danger, gabriel is bigger, stronger, trained to kill, yep he was a menace to poor you,
    Keep strong Gabriel, and i wish you the best.

  53. 53
    loli Says:

    The only thing this poor guy wants is to be near his little daughter and spend time with her, and that what’s he get. Shame on Olivier Martinez for doing that and shame on Halle Berry for letting him do that. She should be happy that even they’re not a couple anymore, he cares so much about the little girl !!!

  54. 54
    Taylor Says:

    Prior to this fight I really thought Gabriel was the one who was getting the raw end of the deal. Halle and fiancé want him to agree for them to move his daughter to France so he’d never see her? Sounds ridiculous. When I heard of this punch up I thought maybe he snapped. Now it seems that Halle and Olivier are playing dirty. Olivier broke his hand trying to break Gabriel’s face. No other injuries on him.

  55. 55
    pickles Says:

    There is no tape. The cameras were “repositioned” and didn’t happen to pick up the fight! Talk about premeditation. If you buy the version Olivier peddled, then when Gabriel started it, it would have been fairly easy for Olivier to stop him without the obvious, continuing beat down on his face. Olvier’s hands are swollen and scratched like he scraped them on the pavement. So not only is Olivier a violent man, he is a liar. He lied to the police. Halle needs to take a step back and ask herself if this is how she wants to raise Nahla. Olivier Martinez would not be anywhere near my kid. He is a common thug. It is so obvious to me they are really p!ssed off because the court said they couldn’t go to France. That’s why Olivier threatened him and confronted him. He must have mistaken Gabriel’s decency to be weakness. Halle should be ambarrassed and ashamed. Where will this end?

  56. 56
    ian Says:

    OMFG!! It should be a crime that someone destroy a pretty face like Gabriel’s face.. I hope he could recovery at 100%

  57. 57
    OHCanada Says:

    Gabe, get your child away from Halle and Olivier. Go full hog on this thing. It is time. I can see Halle doing far worse..meaning hurting herself and child just to get back at you. This is just the beginning. Take your child and come back to Canada.

  58. 58
    lara Says:

    this will all seem
    really funny : / to Martinez
    when down the road
    he’s the one on the outs
    with Halle Berry

  59. 59
    Idril Says:

    This is dirty. I feel bad for the little girl.

  60. 60
    tyblue Says:

    @WhyNot: I agree with you… no one is winning. These pix just show how very low both Nahla parents are willing to go in playing victim… how did he waited to for these to go black & blue.

    For all the 58 comments all I see his a guy who got what he deserve for initiating a fight.

  61. 61
    eve Says:

    Well, Olivier Martinez did some boxing before becoming an actor, so it shows…

  62. 62
    Maddie Says:

    And he’s the one who got arrested?

  63. 63
    Indie Says:

    They say Gabriel has bruised or possible boken ribs too.

  64. 64
    loli Says:


    Even if the guy isn’t 100% victim it’s insane how martinez went hard on him !

  65. 65
    Angelaye Says:

    Please, Aubrey started the fight and got his ass beat, how is that Halle’s fault? Olivier was a boxer and comes from a family of boxers , Aubrey should’ve ran a check before he got up in Martinez’ face. lol.

  66. 66
    ELMO Says:

    @tyblue: Well, just because someone started a fight you don’t have to try to permantly damage there face! That’s how Gabe makes his living!

  67. 67
    seeaaaa Says:

    seriously looking at these pics made my eyes tear up, like what human being harms someone hard enough to look like this…holy **** brought me back to the Rhiana pics

  68. 68
    Oliver was in THE RIGHT! Says:

    Wow how incredibly idiotic if you think Oliver had no right to defend himself against that Dumb model Gabriel. Who is physically bigger than Oliver. Gabriel just didn’t expect that Oliver could whip his A$$.
    If someone pushes you first, guess what? You can defend yourself.
    Gabriel was the jerk who wanted to prove he was tough, flaunt his earlier court win and now got a public whipping.
    Should Oliver have allowed that dumb model to shove him around and risk getting beat up by him?

  69. 69
    Overkill Says:

    When you do this much damage in a short fight it usually means you hit the other guy when he was down and defenseless. Look at the huge knot on the side of his head and the knuckle bruises on his forehead.

  70. 70
    my god Says:

    Holly sh!!!t this is shocking and brutal! Martinez and Berry shouldn’t run away from this easily, Berry already done it with the car incident ..this time the justice should put these tow worthless lunatics in their place.

  71. 71
    jem Says:

    jajajaja so big and can´t defend himself, jajaja
    i don´t know why everyone attack that hally, we do not know what really happen in that house, maybe the tall one is the bad guy, but off course the majority here are women so you defend the handsome one, don´t be such an airhead

  72. 72
    kev Says:

    You can guarantee Oliver Martinez is going to be challenged all of the time now by other bad aszes trying to prove something. He kicked an actor’s butt and he will never hear the end of it.

  73. 73
    Andre Says:

    As I know Gabriel through a mutual friend, he does have a temper and have major anger issues. So I can attest to say that he may have provoke this fight. You should not have put your hands on anyone. If you choose to do that, then you choose to suffer the consequences. In Gabriel case, he got beat down. He deserved it. Second, they all are in fought. They need to try to work things out for Nahla sake since she is a part of all their lives. Come together and try to repair any damage that has been done.

  74. 74
    lol Says:

    ….looks like Halle is taking the beating on the blogs now

  75. 75
    j Says:

    This whole thing was a set up, and Halle is just one disgusting woman.

  76. 76
    tyblue Says:

    @ELMO: What living??? Beside being in court, getting $20,000 a month from Halle..exactly what have Gabriel being earning?

    Halle was not consider in wanting to take Nahla from him permanently..but if he was really earning a living… most models do this all over the world. So getting on a plane to France would not be that difficult or an inconvenience.

    I just find it riduculous…how on a daily basis people divorce, seperated and are able to be civil. Yet in the two “adults” case, can’t … and you have the gall to pick sides.

    Let me the first too say it… Halle and Gabriel need to get 100 yard restraining order to stay away from Nahla. Maybe that will get their priorties in order

  77. 77
    Jen Says:

    Weird how Oliver says that Gabriel was the one that started it, and yet Gabriel is the one who really got hurt, while Oliver did not. I find it hard to believe that Gabriel is the “crazy” one here….. If he was, I think Oliver would have been more hurt than he was.
    I really don’t understand how people can fight so much over their child! Jesus! Do they think this is what is best for her? Both Halle and Gabriel should listen to those who says that the most important thing you can do after a split, is to be kind and still care about the mother/father of your child.

  78. 78
    oliver = thug Says:

    Talking with your child while driving them home and knowing how much you will miss them until next time doesn’t put you in a violent mood.

  79. 79
    sofia Says:

    Gabriel just won the court so why would he start a fight, it’s sooo obvious that the one who started is Martinez( liar + dangerous animal) and Berry because they didn’t stand the court response.

  80. 80
    Daphne Says:

    It is going to be two against one; however I feel these pics are telling. I hope Gabriel has a good lawyer. I can’t stand looking at that thug, Olivier.

  81. 81
    italian girl Says:

    It’s a bad thing that happened. I am very worried for the little one Nahla.
    I do not like Halle’s behaviour at all.
    She wants to move to France with his daughter because of the paparazzi.
    This is the price to pay when you are a celebrity. She should be aware of this.

    Aubry has the right to see his daughter and most important for her should be the peaceful relationship between Halle and her ex husband. Just for their daughter’s future.
    Hope they will understand this.

  82. 82
    Dave Franco Says:

    Disgusting act! I hope Gabe wins custody. Halle planned this and it would not surprise me if she is just using Oliver since he is a boxer.

  83. 83
    KimYu Says:

    It kinds looks like makeup… KIND OF

  84. 84
    elle Says:

    halle is lucky she got such beautiful genetis and a baby from gabriel. why does she have to be so awful to him? and this olivier guy- vile. so sad to see gabriel’s beautiful face bruised like that- olivier SUCKS!!!!!!!

  85. 85
    Anne Says:

    Regardless of who started the fight, there is no excuse for this, even if Gabriel pushed or punched first (after hearing nasty insults). Olivier was surely wanting to do this to Gabriel and feeling a lot of pleasure while beating him. Self-defense doesn’t need such an extreme violence. I hope the judges realize that Olivier should not be around the little girl.

  86. 86
    No_kung_fu Says:

    This is bullsh@t. Halle you evil b@tch!

  87. 87
    Anne Says:

    @Real Man: Someone with a very tiny brain, dumb as hell and a shame for the human kind is writing these comments. You probably have a small d**** too. Idiot!!!!

  88. 88
    Reba Says:

    And just imagine; the entire brawl was in French! Ooh, la la! Lol. All jokes aside, his face looks like Martinez whales on it!

  89. 89
    Tanya_O Says:

    OMG!!!! HOW THEY dare to touch such a beautiful face! No matter WHAT Gabriel did, they had no rights to injure his face. Only monstrous callous and brutal people could do it! Olivier Martinez is ugly person so he tried to ruin beauty?! Such an awful mean act! Hate Halle for this as well! She has HIS child and what did she do. OMG…. I had no words… Halle and Olivier must faces up to life imprisonment for THIS!

  90. 90
    Real Man Says:

    @Anne: Your a lil biitch. Of course you’ll get mad cause your the loser who actually thinks she can get with him. All woman want my u lil biitch so back off.

  91. 91
    Jen Says:

    @: #24

    Brandy was found not at fault. The woman in front of her made an abrupt stop, which triggered multiple collisions.

  92. 92
    Anne Says:

    @Real Man: Oh! I am pretty sure that there are women who want the d**** of a man who thinks “real men” are evaluated according to how they use their fists and that a white man shouldn’t care about his black daughter: the dumb, uneducated females who find being that beaten by a man is normal. You are an example of how some human specimens are still far from being evolved.

  93. 93 Says:

    OMG !!!! What a mess…

  94. 94

    This is a set-up like no other that went wrong. 200% of the people commenting on this story say Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez planned to do this fake fight in an attempt to get Aubry sent back to Canada and lose his rights to the baby. They already lost a few day ago regarding taking the baby to France to live. Halle is a evil sick woman and she will lose custody of that baby. Her plan has backfired on her. Gabriel has proof it was a set up because of the video survellence at Halle’s house will prove he was attacked for no reason. Halle Berry is not the shapest tool in the shed. She forgot about her securtiy cameras around her property. Gabriel Aubrey will get full custody of the baby because Halle is crazy and violent. Not good for a child. Who would harm the father of your baby even if you are not together anymore. Gabriel said Oliver slammed his head into the cement several times and had him pinned down. He could have died from brain trauma.

  95. 95
    thele Says:

    Has Halle ever officially commented this? If you see those pics she HAS TO distance herself from the actions of BOTH men…doesn´t look like any of them is responsible enough to raise this child, because they´re selfish enough to fight over Nahla, thats the worst for a childs soul!!!

  96. 96
    Tracy Says:

    @wow: I thought the same thing. Gabriel must be a terrible fighter because he had the crap beaten out of him. If is very ficious injuries you can tell it was done with a lot of hate. It is like Olivier tried to permentaly mess up Gabriel’s face. Mainly hititng him in the eyes..WTF…Halle has to feel terrible that she is with a man that would do this and that the father of her daughter was so burtally beaten. It is just crazy. Olivier needs to be arrested and deported back to France. If Gabriel gets deported then Olivier should be deported too.

  97. 97
    LaCroix Says:

    Srsly.. I have no more words to describe this.. they behave like thugs. Halle should be ashamed of herself having a man that would do this to Nahla’s father.. no matter what he is the father of her child. This behavior is disgusting. This is what Gabriel deserves just because he wants to be a part of his daughters life? Halle & Olivier deserve one another.

  98. 98
    Tracy Says:

    @tamsinissmart: He was probably in shock as to what just happen to him. I’m not surprise he did not speak up right away. Olivier had no business approaching Gabriel period.

  99. 99 Says:


  100. 100
    Len Says:

    this is f….. up big time. so sorry for him :(

  101. 101
    Tracy Says:

    @Anne: Well said totally agree. The act behind this speaks words it looks like he just went to town on Gab while he was knocked out or something. There are NO marks on Gab hand not even self defense marks. Olivier is a very very volient man. Nahla should not be around this man. I’m sure she is going to hate Olivier for doing this to her father.

  102. 102
    O Says:

    Just because he got the worse of the fight doesn’t make him the “victim” if your going to start a fight make sure you know how to fight. Clearly he was the one who started the fight or he would not have been arrested. People see injuries and automaticity blame the other person.

  103. 103
    kate Says:

    we all know halle is the crazy one, right?

  104. 104
    try it Says:

    if police are called on YOU….there is an incident…and you do not live at that residence you will be arrested most keeps them from having to come back…..guilt or truth to be sorted out later

  105. 105
    Elisabeth Says:

    He has…really pretty hands. Also, doesn’t look like he threw a punch from how pretty the hands are. Even if he missed. His poor face. This seems a bit out of control. Even if it were Gabriel Aubry’s fault, Oliver Martinez should have held back. There’s no point to beating someone senseless like that.

  106. 106
    A.J Says:

    Halle grew up without a father. A normal mother wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to her child!! Gabriel’s there and he wants to be there for his daughter, I don’t get why she acting like this … she’s just selfish!! Its all about what she wants but what about her daughter?! What about what she needs?

  107. 107
    Rosie's Ash Says:

    If you look at the evidence, it tells you Olivier was the attacker and Gabriel was set-up. Olivier greets him to take Nahla. This is normally the nanny’s job. Gabriel has no reason to fight as he just won his court case, so why did he suddenly attack Olivier? The only ones with reason to be mad was Halle and Olivier. Olivier has a broken hand…..Gabriel has a broken face. I’m sure it was no secret to Gabriel that Olivier was a trained boxer, (another reason not to attack him) and if Gabriel did mean to cause Olivier harm I’m sure he would have chose another method (maybe brought an equalizer, ball bat?) and another place (not in front of his daughter or at Halle’s house, he may have a temper but he is not stupid, those cameras). Gabriel had no marks on his hands, this indicates his story is true and that Olivier and Halle are lying.
    Halle ask Olivier take care of Gabriel for her. Be careful what you ask for, someone that can do this is dangerous to you and your child, but you got what you wanted. Gabriel had his head beat off the pavement and some people were wondering why he didn’t tell the police about Olivier’s threats when they arrived. Ever had your head beaten off pavement? I have. That’s a concussion. Gabriel was lucky to know his own name the next DAY! And for all you who think he’ll be back working in no time, no lasting effects. Six months for the broken cheek bone (that they can’t set or do plastic surgery on) broken nose and black eye discoloration and swelling to disappear……so not working right away after all.
    Is Halle sorry that this happened to Gabriel? NO. Go over to the Olivier Martinez photos and read the comments of MH . Could that stand for Miss Halle? That pretty much tells you what kind of person she really is. Some people forget how lucky they are and for get to be thankful for their healthy child and their wealthy life-style. Quit striving for perfection Halle, you already have it.

  108. 108
    KissThis Says:

    Jesus!! This is awful! I’ve had an experience similar to this with a loved one and when one person has absolutely no signs of physical harm and the other involved in the fight looks like THIS, you know who was really at fault. Olivier should be ashamed and should really be doing some jail time.

  109. 109
    lol Says:

    Wow, thought it was rihanna for a sec.

  110. 110
    lol Says:

    Halle is a monster, she was invloved in two hit and runs accidents, caused by her. She cares for no one but herself. Disgusting.

  111. 111
    Pauline Says:

    OMG poor Gabriel and his gorgeous face… Olivier’s such an ******* !!! I can’t believe Halle let this happen… I’ve always hated Olivier and his douchebag face (and yes i’m french…)

  112. 112
    freya Says:


    And you believe that racist ass. No wonder. This is not the first time that this Aubrey guy did this . He has problem with his temper. Do you remember when he pushed and blow up on Nahla`s baby sitter and pushed her while she was carrying the child in her arms.

    This time he tried being a bonehead again but somebody fight back.
    And he got scared. He deserve that shiner there SERVES HIM RIGHT.

  113. 113
    colle Says:

    I hope the court see this manipulation for what it is, and I hope they strip HB of physical custody and give it to Gabriel.

  114. 114
    Irene Says:

    Yes, I remember the court agrred WITH Gabriel

  115. 115
    NE1 Says:

    He looks like he’s gonna lose that eye. That happened to my dad, he got hit really hard and it got infected and he had to get a glass eye. This guy needs to go to jail this is assault.

  116. 116
    This is Sad Says:

    Atrocious. If the court sides with Halle & her gigolo, I will lose faith in the justice system. It is clear who is the perpetrator and who is victim.

  117. 117
    justsaying Says:

    what a ***** halle

  118. 118
    kelly Says:

    Come on. There is no call for this! Oliver and Halle (who) should be in jail. The child should be taken away from Halle. I bet she has more money than Gabriel. She might get her way? You shouldn’t try and take the child away from the father just because you don’t want him anymore. Shame on you Halle… Just saying….

  119. 119
    Emma Says:

    You’re supposed to be the nice guy, Jared – why would you post these awful pictures along with quotes that aren’t even verified? I’m not taking sides in their dispute as it has nothing whatsoever to do with me, but as a loyal reader of your blog I’m quite disappointed to see this on here.

  120. 120
    shame Says:

    Look how clean his hands are, he was clearly attacked. Oliver has cuts on his hand, and is now wearing a brace…

  121. 121
    aeriel Says:

    this is f*cked up. unless gabriel had done something to nahla in a negative way, he should not be treated like this. He’s the father! He has the right to have custody over Nahla. He didn’t treat Nahla anything, but care and affection.

  122. 122
    lana Says:

    halle is such a b*tch. for practically the past 3 years, she’s been fighting against gabriel trying to remove his custody over nahla. I don’t know what their issues are, but clearly Gabriel has been showing that he’s trying to be the best father to Nahla. I use to like halle…what was I thinking.

  123. 123
    Melissa Poole Says:

    When will Gabriel Aubrey get justice? Olivier is an animal that needs to be in prison, but Halle Berry is the monster who is behind it all. She will do anything to get that little girl away from her father. After this, it is Halle Berry who should lose custody of that little girl right away.

  124. 124
    sheigh Says:

    God! God! Goooooooooooooooooooood!
    I’m speechless!

  125. 125
    unknown Says:

    Looking at these photos and judging by what was reported by Olivier and Halle,he originally only threw one punch. Either his hand grew so big it was unreal and why can’t they find the security tapes all the sudden? Looks to me like a set up and trust me when I say. Gab wouldn’t dare react unless attacked first especially in front of his little girl. This was planned. All the other times the nanny meets him to get their daughter and all the sudden its Olivier. Why hasn’t Olivier been charged as a leathel weapon. He used to be a boxer.

    So many people criticizing Gab for supposibly being a fame seeker and money grabber. Those are completely and utterly false. In the state of California it was granted and which he had no control over the judge granted him child support due to Halles behavior in court. Gab makes almost a million a yar. He does a lot of work over seas. So don’t judge him, because of Halles camp says so.
    She has alays been known for her temper and wants everything her way. Now this may backfire. He may be charged but as the investigation goes on and a lot of things will come out about her as well. She may be the one to loose out on her daughter. You reap what you sow. And Karma is going to get her in the end!

  126. 126
    lanadelrey Says:

    what the heck did Oliver and Hally did to this poor guy!! When Hally’s daughter is gonna have her first internet connection in the house and google her father, she is gonna see this. And believe me, the last person she will be around is her mom and her psycho rapist-looking guy. I hate both of them. Gabriel, you are genuine and we can see your love to your daughter. We respect you even more now.

  127. 127
    PZ Says:

    oh no…..Gabriel…… lock olivier martinez up in his cage! HB, you Horrible ***** !!!

  128. 128
    Gun Says:

    I have so much hate on HALE PARRY

  129. 129
    toaahh Says:

    Wish I could feel some sympathy for him. Oliver is QUICK!

  130. 130
    Loreen Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him, he seems unstable. As does Halle sometimes. Poor kid.
    However, that doesn’t look good…he’s a model. But he shouldn’t have taken Olivier on…he used to box professionally before he became an actor.

  131. 131
    kiki Says:

    OMG olivier is reall bully :)the old man is getting crazy

  132. 132
    miapocca Says:

    Kfraud just desserts….lol….well seems Halles baby sitting checks comes with a beat down every now ans then and if any ******* who refuses to work costs me 3m in cost fees, I will preferable give hin something more permanent than a beatdown

  133. 133
    Marianne Says:

    And yet, he’s the one who is supposed to be around Nahla? Have you looked at Olivier? Yeah his hand has been damaged….from beating the crap out of Gabriel’s face.

  134. 134
    miapocca Says:


    Starting a fight does not mean you can fight and win., A boxer knows how to dodge..A vindictive model knows how to start fights…

    Martinez,,well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next up is KFED

  135. 135
    miapocca Says:

    Aubry has a reputation of shoving and yelling at women…this time he just picked on a man..ever heard of weak ass abusers who take out their anger on women and avoid other men….lol….not sorry for this dude. Besides the day of the fight helooked okay..He just bruises easily. I know folks who bruise from using face towels on thier skin…

  136. 136
    just me Says:

    gabriel family should sue the pants off halle and Olivier

  137. 137
    miapocca Says:

    Difference between Benet and Aubry that Benet has a JOB!! this guy is kfrauding off the baby mama…pathetic

  138. 138
    miapocca Says:

    Law enforcement sources connected to the case tell us … the consensus is that the fight was “mutual combat.” As such, we’re told it’s “highly unlikely” charges will be filed.

    Read more:

  139. 139
    solved :) Says:

    give the child to Aubry
    expell the ugly little french monkey out of the country
    drop the ghetto HowLow Berry back into the hood
    where she done belongs

  140. 140
    Sandalwood77 Says:

    @freya: none of these superficial gossip addicts will acknowledge or care about this. Yes, Halle Berry seems dysfunctional. But Gabriel is no saint! People are so distracted by his so called good looks that they choose to ignore the bad things about him that has come out. I’m not saying he deserved such a beat down. But the guy clearly started a fight he couldn’t win. What kind of man seeks $20,000 a month in child support, when he only has partial custudy of his child? That people could ignore that, simply because he looks like a Ken doll, is beyond me!

  141. 141
    Sandalwood77 Says:

    I love it how anyone who doesn’t believe that pretty boy was innocent in the situation gets their comment voted down, so that it’s eventually hidden. You guys can enjoy agreeing with each other. The overwhelming presumtion that anyone can even began to know what’s really going on amidst three total strangers shows just how dumb and addicted to celebrity gossip Americans have truly become. How many of you here have gone through nasty divorces? What might the world think of you if they were privy to fractional scenes from that experience? Don’t judge.

  142. 142
    Sandalwood77 Says:

    @ciruni: because he’s a little whiney girl.

  143. 143
    Sandalwood77 Says:

    @vany: get a life and go defend a real cause.

  144. 144
    Sandalwood77 Says:

    @solved :): now we’re getting to the heart of what’s really bothering people about this story.

  145. 145
    chachita Says:

    The problem here is not the child issue!! People are so dumb. GA still loves Halle, He could not controll his temper entering the house he used to and find the other sexy, A-lister man now a fiance fresh from romancing his ex!

    Jealous Kills. Poor guy he got more punches than he expected! Hope the kid did not see this.

  146. 146
    Kiki Says:

    I will like to see Oliver pictures with is bruises as well and make a comparison, in order to see if Martinez bruises are not as serious as Gabriel, becuase if Martinez injuries are mild then you can clearly see that Gabriel did not punch im that hard and it was the other way around

  147. 147
    jen Says:

    Gabriel is losing money now due to his healing time. This is not just time away from his daughter. It is time away from his work.
    I really hope he surrounds himself with good lawyers and gets justice.

  148. 148
    Zorbitor Says:

    See… OJ & Chris Brown… That was just mutual combat

  149. 149
    Vivian São Paulo Brasil Says:

    If the U.S. justice is fair in this process. Gabriel will be free, he is a victim of Halle Berry and boyfriend this sick.

  150. 150
    Trudy Sanders Says:

    @Indie: that is where he kicked him.

  151. 151
    Trudy Says:

    Hope to god that this has a positive outcome. Gabriel and the baby girl need to be able to live in peace. Halle just need to go to France forever. Can’t think of why anyone would hire these two after this.

  152. 152
    Trudy Says:

    @Kiki: Look at the pictures of Gabriel, they took photos of his hands. Not a scratch on them.

  153. 153
    Anita Says:

    All I can say is DAMNNNNNNN! (In my Chris Tucker voice)

  154. 154
    Kiki Says:

    @Trudy: Ohh that means Gabriel did not punch Olivier then?

  155. 155
    emlas Says:

    Many vidior with Gabriel Aubry or is it Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    acting? or maybe her brother.
    How Halle Berry have his daughter under the same roof as OM poor little children. Halle dictate no longer now we have seen who model Olivier Martinez (folding pictures!!) He knows well that he is not named as Gabriel Aubry Nahla Aubrys Biological Father

  156. 156
    LETTE Says:

    I’M Still CONFUSED – why is Gabriel the one arrested?

  157. 157
    lena Says:

    I don’t get it, do they really think he has no rights to his daughter? Poor man really picked the wrong person to have a child with.

  158. 158
    Skrillex Says:

    the only thing you need is a good shower :P

  159. 159
    Meli Says:

    So sad. I really feel bad for the little girl. It is really sad when parents act like selfish c*nts, only thinking about themselves instead of focusing in what is best for their daughter. Nahla has nothing to do with all these and yet she remains the center of it all. Gabriel deserves to be with his daughter, it is only his right and Halle should not try to stop him from it. This will definitely backfire when Nahla grows up.

  160. 160
    Emma Says:

    Lost totall respect to Halle!!!!!!!

    Poor man and poor little girl :(

  161. 161
    ARIEL Says:

    Just because he got the sh!t kicked out of him doesn’t automatically mean he was the victim. None of you were there to see what went on, so making accusations that Halle and Olivier are at fault is ridiculous.

    In the end, Olivier can handle his own when it comes to a fight. Being a good looking person does have it’s perks but not when you’re getting your @ss kicked.

  162. 162
    The Special One Says:

    I don’t understand why Olivier gets a restraining order against Aubry when Olivier is the *******. Halle Berry is a low selfstime woman, Olivier is going to hit her too, this guys won’t stop. We should stop criticizing the Butler who is a gentleman and he would never do this.

  163. 163
    La parisienne Says:

    Aubry just wants halle’s money…. and he used the adorable Nahla to get it !!!
    Olivier Martinez sait se défendre, tant mieux, de toute façon je ne vois pas ce que Gabriel Aubry faisait chez halle, compte tenu de leur mauvaise relation…

  164. 164
    dm Says:

    when it comes down to nahla; she is gabriel’s and halle’s daughter Oliver has nothing to do with her but love and care for her. Her biological parents are the one to make decisions about her. Its between them and ot Oliver. That fight shouldn’t have happened and should have settled it like adults not animals. I hope gabriel gets the right to have his daughter too.

  165. 165
    dm Says:


  166. 166
    marlanni Says:

    That was inflicted by a rabid dog surely not a human?

    Excessive force without a doubt by someone used to violence. Guess that’s what attracts Halle to O.M.

    Is he really an ex-boxer? Wow that’s even worse if it’s true.

  167. 167
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    bad halle

  168. 168
    Scarjo Says:

    Makes you wonder what this guy said or did to provoke this. He basically got his ass handed to him. This was no ordinary altercation. I agree that just because this guy got his *** whipped doesn’t mean he was completely the victim. Both are likely at fault and need to stay away from each other before someone gets seriously hurt or worse. I feel that the child is just a pawn in all this mess. So unfortunate.

  169. 169
    teri Says:

    Seeing people fight is sad. I got knocked down just for being intoxicated in my apartment. Then I got three tickets 5 days later. The radio hoes in and out I get loud some but I was in bed when the officer knocked.

  170. 170
    Uh huh Says:

    Halle Berry is a c***.

  171. 171
    Mary Says:

    I totally agree with u!!! Never thought it was so serious!!

  172. 172
    tinkerbell Says:

    good shot olivier! something about this guy really bothers me, just like Anna Nicole Smith’s ex who clamped on to his daughter….like he is trying to gain fame through paternity…I almost want to smack him myself but at the same time think all of these adults need to get it together.

    I didnt know Oliver was such a toughie….even though he’s got another girlfriend or wife or something in France he’s not planning to leave for Halle, Olivier seems to be playing the role of defender well.

  173. 173
    CPS Says:

    Please forgive Olivier. He has a lot to overcompensate for. He’s insecure about his status as a fey Frenchman and a nobody in Hollywood. He’s only known here as a pwhipped loser boozer to famous women. He’s been hitting the bottle big time since he hooked up with his latest meal ticket. He knows it’s only a matter of time before Halle splits up with him and plays the victim card, using the press to beat him up, like she has every other man in her life.

    Halle Berry is the perpetual girl who cried wolf. Remember when she ran over a man in her Jeep and fled the scene of the crime? All the sad excuses she came up with?

    Poor little Halle. To think I used to be a fan of this woman. Nahla deserves better than these abusive losers.

  174. 174
    Rosa Says:

    Fame and wealth do not bring class. Halle Berry is trash and I’ve met high school dropouts with more class than her and Martinez combined. Gabriel Aubry loves his daughter. Halle Berry loves the spotlight and Olivier Martinez loves himself. Didn’t Martinez get into a shouting match in a puclic place with Gerard Butler recently over pe/nis size? The Frenchman has issues. Just remember Halle and Olivier: what goes around comes around…Good luck, Gabriel.

  175. 175
    deport olivier! Says:

    i wonder if halle is paying for olivier’s hair plugs? too bad she can’t do anything about him being a shorty and his bad napolean complex. control freak who gets off on proving his manhood with his fists. he shouldn’t be anywhere near that baby girl. i hope he gets deported.

  176. 176
    laura Says:

    Well, it’s clear who the dangerous person is.
    Moreover, how could that beast ruin this perfect face?

  177. 177
    frenchness Says:

    Olivier is a thug
    he s well known in France for his behaviour
    when he was young , he used to hang out with junkies and bad boys
    he s from the ghetto and his father was a boxer too
    personnally i ve never seen him in any movie , abroad or in France

  178. 178
    Cenai Says:

    This looks bad. BUT before you guys start trashing Olivier get your FACTS straight first. GABRIEL AUBRY WAS THE ONE THAT STARTED THE FIGHT. HE THREW THE FIRST PUNCH. Olivier was trying to tell him that they need to do better and stop all the madness. Regardless, they need to come to some sort of understanding so they can provide a safe and civil environment for Nahla.

  179. 179
    Rosie's Ash Says:

    @miapocca: Well, miapocca or should I call you Halle, YOU picked him! So quit b#tchin’ about the money he’s costing you! First of all, the child support is exactly THAT…..for your CHILD, Nahla. What? She’s not worth taking care of? And the 3m, well, that was your stupid fault. Any attorney worth his salt could have told you that was a loosing battle, if the father doesn’t agree, moving is a no go. For that matter you could have looked that up on-line and saved yourself the whole 3m. If Gabriel is so money hungry and doesn’t care about his daughter, why not give him the 3m so he would let you move her to France? Ahhhh, bet you tried that first and it didn’t work. So that’s why you had Olivier “give him a beat down” and you are now on here slandering him. STOP ! You think your child won’t be damaged by this insanity, but she will. And you WILL loose her. Maybe not today and maybe not even next year, but some day, she will blame you, and you will loose her.

  180. 180
    Lou Says:

    @tinkerbell: Your reasoning is a bit blurred. If Gabriel was only into fame, he would have probably stayed with HB. I think he was the one who broke up. Besides, why isn’t Olivier also interested in fame and $$$ in your mind? This guy has done nothing special professionally and might not be making that much money.
    Actually, when I first heard of the relationship between HB and GA, I also thought “pretty boy looking for fame and money”, but I am starting to believe that he really wants to be part of the kid’s life instead of a handsome sperm donor.
    I live in Montreal, where Gabriel comes from, and here shared custody and the parents shared engagement in their kids life is the norm.

  181. 181
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    That’s not the face of a man who was hit just a few times (in self defense) and then restrained.. That’s the face of a man who was beaten repeatedly and had his face smashed into the pavement until he was knocked unconscious. I’m pretty darn sure those cameras would have shown Olivier pounding on Gabriel long after he was unable to defend and protect himself. I don’t care who threw the first punch, that was a brutal an excessive beating.

  182. 182
    omd Says:

    if this happened to a woman, olivier would be in jail already. i mean he looks like rihanna after chrisbrown went to town w her face

  183. 183
    Lou Says:

    @La parisienne: Cela n’est pas de l’auto-défense, mais de la violence pour le plaisir. Pour se défendre, Olivier n’aurait pas besoin de casser sa gueule.

  184. 184
    whatwhat Says:

    @Cenai: I totally agree with you people are acting like Gabriel is a saint. I am not saying that Halle is innocent but Gabriel isn’t either anyway isn’t he bigger than Oliver. Nobody was there but them and just because he gotten beat up doesn’t mean he didn’t start the fight. I dont feel sorry for him at all and besides he not working as a model anyway he is collecting $20,000 a month in child support for a child that he doesn’t have custody of, so if Halle wanted Oliver to beat him, she would have him do it for that reason. Maybe Gabriel should have googled Oliver before he picked a fight. But in the end I feel sorry for the little girl.

  185. 185
    oceanblue Says:

    What happen to his hair!

  186. 186
    truthserum Says:

    Halle has really gone to far now; Halle organized wha happened to Gabriel, this was planned by martinez and halle but what i do not understand is how could halle seeing gabriels face even want to let nahla near olivier; Nahla told gabriel when they drovz in the driveway that on olivier is her, im scared, How can halle sit on her ass and not go get a restraining order against olivier, halle must be on drugs to let olivier even near nahla now that halle knows olivier used a deadly weapon his boxer hands to hurt gabriel, poor gabriel and baha, i hope halle gets put in jail for child indagerment because olivier had no business being in any custody argument with gabriel in the first place because Gabriel is nahlas father and unfortunately halle was the surrogate who carried the child, halle is no mother, halle is definitely a awlful caregiver whois absolutely braindead when it comes to her daughter emotional needs, hzlles brain is warped you can even tell the way halle dresses nahla, halles mind is not on how nahla looks all mitch matched clothes that look like the girls a peasant living in bosnia, Gabriel dresses nahla perfect,but that is the least of the worries, Why has not halle taken a restraining order out against olivier to stay 30 thousand miles awy from nahal AUBRY ? I hope that now gabriel gets FULL 100 percent custody

  187. 187
    truthserum Says:

    Thiswas a set up organized crime, so halle is capable of murder, yes murder and halle thinks she got away with this gang banging on gabriel, wll what happened to gabriel makes me wonder if some of halles black friends in the ghetto were advising her on how to preceed to stop gabriels heart from beating, How in the world could you do this to gabriel, did you think you got away with it because your you have a litle more money then gabriel well u am here to tell you that you should be prosecuted for this crime, you and Olivier, you agreed to pay gabriels doctors bills and olivier agreed to not admit his guilt, wow that says the both of YOU creeps are GUILTY? and YOU COMMITTED a crime in the first degree; to naylas father, Nahla is almost a grown woman for her age i think 4 going on 46 because of your nasty dealings with gabriel but i predict nahla will ask to live with her father in about two years maybe less, you think nahlas not listening to your secret dangerous phone calls and how you talk about gabriel when she is not around, well think again, children hear everything and know pretty much what it all means before you think you have to explain it to them; i predict you will not be raising nahla or have physical custody of nahly because you are not a caring mother you are an evil witch, just plan evil, You own mother probably wishes she did not live next door to you , your a crazy old food and a ignorant creep

  188. 188
    truthserum Says:

    Halle you are worst then gang bangers, your are worst then people who are procesecuted for intent to do bodily harm because you did not have any valid reason oh your reason was you did not get to take away nahlas father from her, father, was that the reason ?; well you idot, Nahlas got this great dad, you works for a living as a model and makes a decent nd honest living, and if gabriel were a grocery clerk or a waiter gabriel would be classed as an honorable and productive person in society; but you are a old rag that is getting dirty and dirtier, uglier and uglier because you are guilty of a crime you agreed to pay all gabriels doctor bills for, what shame, Mr: Aubry is the only one with class here, before you are even more embarrassed you need to just hand over nahla to gabriel and give up yours rights as a surrogate because the good citizens are now ready to require that you turn in your resignation and we are demanding that Revlon get a new clean face to represent their product;; not only are your hands dirty; but so is your face I got an idea for you move to mississippi hollwood dont want to hear you or see you doing anything, We are calling for all indorsements to be taken away,go live quietly in missisippi and work as a waitress my guess is you wont even get any tips, but nahla stays with gabriel

  189. 189
    truthserum Says:

    Guess what people, halle put her house up for sale secretly how convenient a week before the almost masacure of gabriel aubry, yes and it was a pocket real estate deal that means its done in secret, wow, more is this proof ? i would say so i wonder how this looks to Gabriels case now; well i smell a rat and some stinky snails; ok why would halle put up jer house for sale; could it be halle did not want the house to be an crime investigative scene because halles secuity system would conveniently not work the morning of the fight or was it tampered with, yes the security system i believe was tampered with, now when gabriel was beat up the police came and gabriel said and kept saying get the security camera tapes before Ms Berry and Mr! Martinez destorys them, the tapes will prove my innocence, gabriel had nothing to hide, gabriel wanted the police to collect the security camera tapes, now people can you smell the rats in the sewer in this case now, Her , halle red carpet just turned to the smell and look of mold; How could halle do this to the father of nahla, Halle may keep nahla clean with soap and wather baths; but halle is not fit to keep nahla safe, Child protective services baby nahla belongs with her day, a man who got caught caught in the cross fire does not have stars in his eyes; but a good sense of what is right and wrong; halle tried to well call it what it is halle tried to render nahla as it seems fatherless so halle could go to europe with the thug who used his hands as lethal weapons, Protective services get nahla away from this olivier, because this olivier is dangerous and so is halle because halle still is trying to keep nahla away from her father gabriel;

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