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Gabriel Aubry's Black Eye & Bloody Face Revealed - Pics!

Gabriel Aubry's Black Eye & Bloody Face Revealed - Pics!

Gabriel Aubry shows off his injuries following his brawl with Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving Day at his ex Halle Berry‘s California home.

The 36-year-old actor revealed the photos in a restraining order he filed against Olivier, which he was granted, according to TMZ.

Gabriel claims that Olivier started the fight and beat him while telling him that he and Halle were going to move to Paris with Nahla.

“We called the cops,” Olivier allegedly told Gabriel, saying that when they show up, “you’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.”

Halle also obtained a restraining order against Gabriel, which requires him to stay 100 yards away from her family until December 3. Gabriel faces up to six months in jail if convicted.

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  • loli

    The only thing this poor guy wants is to be near his little daughter and spend time with her, and that what’s he get. Shame on Olivier Martinez for doing that and shame on Halle Berry for letting him do that. She should be happy that even they’re not a couple anymore, he cares so much about the little girl !!!

  • reeven

    Yeah right, that was self defense, just a little push, right Oliver? you were in danger, gabriel is bigger, stronger, trained to kill, yep he was a menace to poor you,
    Keep strong Gabriel, and i wish you the best.

  • loli

    The only thing this poor guy wants is to be near his little daughter and spend time with her, and that what’s he get. Shame on Olivier Martinez for doing that and shame on Halle Berry for letting him do that. She should be happy that even they’re not a couple anymore, he cares so much about the little girl !!!

  • Taylor

    Prior to this fight I really thought Gabriel was the one who was getting the raw end of the deal. Halle and fiancé want him to agree for them to move his daughter to France so he’d never see her? Sounds ridiculous. When I heard of this punch up I thought maybe he snapped. Now it seems that Halle and Olivier are playing dirty. Olivier broke his hand trying to break Gabriel’s face. No other injuries on him.

  • pickles

    There is no tape. The cameras were “repositioned” and didn’t happen to pick up the fight! Talk about premeditation. If you buy the version Olivier peddled, then when Gabriel started it, it would have been fairly easy for Olivier to stop him without the obvious, continuing beat down on his face. Olvier’s hands are swollen and scratched like he scraped them on the pavement. So not only is Olivier a violent man, he is a liar. He lied to the police. Halle needs to take a step back and ask herself if this is how she wants to raise Nahla. Olivier Martinez would not be anywhere near my kid. He is a common thug. It is so obvious to me they are really p!ssed off because the court said they couldn’t go to France. That’s why Olivier threatened him and confronted him. He must have mistaken Gabriel’s decency to be weakness. Halle should be ambarrassed and ashamed. Where will this end?

  • ian

    OMFG!! It should be a crime that someone destroy a pretty face like Gabriel’s face.. I hope he could recovery at 100%

  • OHCanada

    Gabe, get your child away from Halle and Olivier. Go full hog on this thing. It is time. I can see Halle doing far worse..meaning hurting herself and child just to get back at you. This is just the beginning. Take your child and come back to Canada.

  • lara

    this will all seem
    really funny : / to Martinez
    when down the road
    he’s the one on the outs
    with Halle Berry

  • Idril

    This is dirty. I feel bad for the little girl.

  • tyblue

    @WhyNot: I agree with you… no one is winning. These pix just show how very low both Nahla parents are willing to go in playing victim… how did he waited to for these to go black & blue.

    For all the 58 comments all I see his a guy who got what he deserve for initiating a fight.

  • eve

    Well, Olivier Martinez did some boxing before becoming an actor, so it shows…

  • Maddie

    And he’s the one who got arrested?

  • Indie

    They say Gabriel has bruised or possible boken ribs too.

  • loli


    Even if the guy isn’t 100% victim it’s insane how martinez went hard on him !

  • Angelaye

    Please, Aubrey started the fight and got his ass beat, how is that Halle’s fault? Olivier was a boxer and comes from a family of boxers , Aubrey should’ve ran a check before he got up in Martinez’ face. lol.

  • ELMO

    @tyblue: Well, just because someone started a fight you don’t have to try to permantly damage there face! That’s how Gabe makes his living!

  • seeaaaa

    seriously looking at these pics made my eyes tear up, like what human being harms someone hard enough to look like this…holy shit brought me back to the Rhiana pics

  • Oliver was in THE RIGHT!

    Wow how incredibly idiotic if you think Oliver had no right to defend himself against that Dumb model Gabriel. Who is physically bigger than Oliver. Gabriel just didn’t expect that Oliver could whip his A$$.
    If someone pushes you first, guess what? You can defend yourself.
    Gabriel was the jerk who wanted to prove he was tough, flaunt his earlier court win and now got a public whipping.
    Should Oliver have allowed that dumb model to shove him around and risk getting beat up by him?

  • Overkill

    When you do this much damage in a short fight it usually means you hit the other guy when he was down and defenseless. Look at the huge knot on the side of his head and the knuckle bruises on his forehead.

  • my god

    Holly sh!!!t this is shocking and brutal! Martinez and Berry shouldn’t run away from this easily, Berry already done it with the car incident ..this time the justice should put these tow worthless lunatics in their place.

  • jem

    jajajaja so big and can´t defend himself, jajaja
    i don´t know why everyone attack that hally, we do not know what really happen in that house, maybe the tall one is the bad guy, but off course the majority here are women so you defend the handsome one, don´t be such an airhead

  • kev

    You can guarantee Oliver Martinez is going to be challenged all of the time now by other bad aszes trying to prove something. He kicked an actor’s butt and he will never hear the end of it.

  • Andre

    As I know Gabriel through a mutual friend, he does have a temper and have major anger issues. So I can attest to say that he may have provoke this fight. You should not have put your hands on anyone. If you choose to do that, then you choose to suffer the consequences. In Gabriel case, he got beat down. He deserved it. Second, they all are in fought. They need to try to work things out for Nahla sake since she is a part of all their lives. Come together and try to repair any damage that has been done.

  • lol

    ….looks like Halle is taking the beating on the blogs now

  • j

    This whole thing was a set up, and Halle is just one disgusting woman.

  • tyblue

    @ELMO: What living??? Beside being in court, getting $20,000 a month from Halle..exactly what have Gabriel being earning?

    Halle was not consider in wanting to take Nahla from him permanently..but if he was really earning a living… most models do this all over the world. So getting on a plane to France would not be that difficult or an inconvenience.

    I just find it riduculous…how on a daily basis people divorce, seperated and are able to be civil. Yet in the two “adults” case, can’t … and you have the gall to pick sides.

    Let me the first too say it… Halle and Gabriel need to get 100 yard restraining order to stay away from Nahla. Maybe that will get their priorties in order

  • Jen

    Weird how Oliver says that Gabriel was the one that started it, and yet Gabriel is the one who really got hurt, while Oliver did not. I find it hard to believe that Gabriel is the “crazy” one here….. If he was, I think Oliver would have been more hurt than he was.
    I really don’t understand how people can fight so much over their child! Jesus! Do they think this is what is best for her? Both Halle and Gabriel should listen to those who says that the most important thing you can do after a split, is to be kind and still care about the mother/father of your child.

  • oliver = thug

    Talking with your child while driving them home and knowing how much you will miss them until next time doesn’t put you in a violent mood.

  • sofia

    Gabriel just won the court so why would he start a fight, it’s sooo obvious that the one who started is Martinez( liar + dangerous animal) and Berry because they didn’t stand the court response.

  • Daphne

    It is going to be two against one; however I feel these pics are telling. I hope Gabriel has a good lawyer. I can’t stand looking at that thug, Olivier.

  • italian girl

    It’s a bad thing that happened. I am very worried for the little one Nahla.
    I do not like Halle’s behaviour at all.
    She wants to move to France with his daughter because of the paparazzi.
    This is the price to pay when you are a celebrity. She should be aware of this.

    Aubry has the right to see his daughter and most important for her should be the peaceful relationship between Halle and her ex husband. Just for their daughter’s future.
    Hope they will understand this.

  • Dave Franco

    Disgusting act! I hope Gabe wins custody. Halle planned this and it would not surprise me if she is just using Oliver since he is a boxer.

  • KimYu

    It kinds looks like makeup… KIND OF

  • elle

    halle is lucky she got such beautiful genetis and a baby from gabriel. why does she have to be so awful to him? and this olivier guy- vile. so sad to see gabriel’s beautiful face bruised like that- olivier SUCKS!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    Regardless of who started the fight, there is no excuse for this, even if Gabriel pushed or punched first (after hearing nasty insults). Olivier was surely wanting to do this to Gabriel and feeling a lot of pleasure while beating him. Self-defense doesn’t need such an extreme violence. I hope the judges realize that Olivier should not be around the little girl.

  • No_kung_fu

    This is bullsh@t. Halle you evil b@tch!

  • Anne

    @Real Man: Someone with a very tiny brain, dumb as hell and a shame for the human kind is writing these comments. You probably have a small d**** too. Idiot!!!!

  • Reba

    And just imagine; the entire brawl was in French! Ooh, la la! Lol. All jokes aside, his face looks like Martinez whales on it!

  • Tanya_O

    OMG!!!! HOW THEY dare to touch such a beautiful face! No matter WHAT Gabriel did, they had no rights to injure his face. Only monstrous callous and brutal people could do it! Olivier Martinez is ugly person so he tried to ruin beauty?! Such an awful mean act! Hate Halle for this as well! She has HIS child and what did she do. OMG…. I had no words… Halle and Olivier must faces up to life imprisonment for THIS!

  • Real Man

    @Anne: Your a lil biitch. Of course you’ll get mad cause your the loser who actually thinks she can get with him. All woman want my u lil biitch so back off.

  • Jen

    @: #24

    Brandy was found not at fault. The woman in front of her made an abrupt stop, which triggered multiple collisions.

  • Anne

    @Real Man: Oh! I am pretty sure that there are women who want the d**** of a man who thinks “real men” are evaluated according to how they use their fists and that a white man shouldn’t care about his black daughter: the dumb, uneducated females who find being that beaten by a man is normal. You are an example of how some human specimens are still far from being evolved.


    OMG !!!! What a mess…


    This is a set-up like no other that went wrong. 200% of the people commenting on this story say Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez planned to do this fake fight in an attempt to get Aubry sent back to Canada and lose his rights to the baby. They already lost a few day ago regarding taking the baby to France to live. Halle is a evil sick woman and she will lose custody of that baby. Her plan has backfired on her. Gabriel has proof it was a set up because of the video survellence at Halle’s house will prove he was attacked for no reason. Halle Berry is not the shapest tool in the shed. She forgot about her securtiy cameras around her property. Gabriel Aubrey will get full custody of the baby because Halle is crazy and violent. Not good for a child. Who would harm the father of your baby even if you are not together anymore. Gabriel said Oliver slammed his head into the cement several times and had him pinned down. He could have died from brain trauma.

  • thele

    Has Halle ever officially commented this? If you see those pics she HAS TO distance herself from the actions of BOTH men…doesn´t look like any of them is responsible enough to raise this child, because they´re selfish enough to fight over Nahla, thats the worst for a childs soul!!!

  • Tracy

    @wow: I thought the same thing. Gabriel must be a terrible fighter because he had the crap beaten out of him. If is very ficious injuries you can tell it was done with a lot of hate. It is like Olivier tried to permentaly mess up Gabriel’s face. Mainly hititng him in the eyes..WTF…Halle has to feel terrible that she is with a man that would do this and that the father of her daughter was so burtally beaten. It is just crazy. Olivier needs to be arrested and deported back to France. If Gabriel gets deported then Olivier should be deported too.

  • LaCroix

    Srsly.. I have no more words to describe this.. they behave like thugs. Halle should be ashamed of herself having a man that would do this to Nahla’s father.. no matter what he is the father of her child. This behavior is disgusting. This is what Gabriel deserves just because he wants to be a part of his daughters life? Halle & Olivier deserve one another.

  • Tracy

    @tamsinissmart: He was probably in shock as to what just happen to him. I’m not surprise he did not speak up right away. Olivier had no business approaching Gabriel period.



  • Len

    this is f….. up big time. so sorry for him :(