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Gabriel Aubry's Black Eye & Bloody Face Revealed - Pics!

Gabriel Aubry's Black Eye & Bloody Face Revealed - Pics!

Gabriel Aubry shows off his injuries following his brawl with Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving Day at his ex Halle Berry‘s California home.

The 36-year-old actor revealed the photos in a restraining order he filed against Olivier, which he was granted, according to TMZ.

Gabriel claims that Olivier started the fight and beat him while telling him that he and Halle were going to move to Paris with Nahla.

“We called the cops,” Olivier allegedly told Gabriel, saying that when they show up, “you’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.”

Halle also obtained a restraining order against Gabriel, which requires him to stay 100 yards away from her family until December 3. Gabriel faces up to six months in jail if convicted.

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  • Tracy

    @Anne: Well said totally agree. The act behind this speaks words it looks like he just went to town on Gab while he was knocked out or something. There are NO marks on Gab hand not even self defense marks. Olivier is a very very volient man. Nahla should not be around this man. I’m sure she is going to hate Olivier for doing this to her father.

  • O

    Just because he got the worse of the fight doesn’t make him the “victim” if your going to start a fight make sure you know how to fight. Clearly he was the one who started the fight or he would not have been arrested. People see injuries and automaticity blame the other person.

  • kate

    we all know halle is the crazy one, right?

  • try it

    if police are called on YOU….there is an incident…and you do not live at that residence you will be arrested most keeps them from having to come back…..guilt or truth to be sorted out later

  • Elisabeth

    He has…really pretty hands. Also, doesn’t look like he threw a punch from how pretty the hands are. Even if he missed. His poor face. This seems a bit out of control. Even if it were Gabriel Aubry’s fault, Oliver Martinez should have held back. There’s no point to beating someone senseless like that.

  • A.J

    Halle grew up without a father. A normal mother wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to her child!! Gabriel’s there and he wants to be there for his daughter, I don’t get why she acting like this … she’s just selfish!! Its all about what she wants but what about her daughter?! What about what she needs?

  • Rosie’s Ash

    If you look at the evidence, it tells you Olivier was the attacker and Gabriel was set-up. Olivier greets him to take Nahla. This is normally the nanny’s job. Gabriel has no reason to fight as he just won his court case, so why did he suddenly attack Olivier? The only ones with reason to be mad was Halle and Olivier. Olivier has a broken hand…..Gabriel has a broken face. I’m sure it was no secret to Gabriel that Olivier was a trained boxer, (another reason not to attack him) and if Gabriel did mean to cause Olivier harm I’m sure he would have chose another method (maybe brought an equalizer, ball bat?) and another place (not in front of his daughter or at Halle’s house, he may have a temper but he is not stupid, those cameras). Gabriel had no marks on his hands, this indicates his story is true and that Olivier and Halle are lying.
    Halle ask Olivier take care of Gabriel for her. Be careful what you ask for, someone that can do this is dangerous to you and your child, but you got what you wanted. Gabriel had his head beat off the pavement and some people were wondering why he didn’t tell the police about Olivier’s threats when they arrived. Ever had your head beaten off pavement? I have. That’s a concussion. Gabriel was lucky to know his own name the next DAY! And for all you who think he’ll be back working in no time, no lasting effects. Six months for the broken cheek bone (that they can’t set or do plastic surgery on) broken nose and black eye discoloration and swelling to disappear……so not working right away after all.
    Is Halle sorry that this happened to Gabriel? NO. Go over to the Olivier Martinez photos and read the comments of MH . Could that stand for Miss Halle? That pretty much tells you what kind of person she really is. Some people forget how lucky they are and for get to be thankful for their healthy child and their wealthy life-style. Quit striving for perfection Halle, you already have it.

  • KissThis

    Jesus!! This is awful! I’ve had an experience similar to this with a loved one and when one person has absolutely no signs of physical harm and the other involved in the fight looks like THIS, you know who was really at fault. Olivier should be ashamed and should really be doing some jail time.

  • lol

    Wow, thought it was rihanna for a sec.

  • lol

    Halle is a monster, she was invloved in two hit and runs accidents, caused by her. She cares for no one but herself. Disgusting.

  • Pauline

    OMG poor Gabriel and his gorgeous face… Olivier’s such an ASSHOLE !!! I can’t believe Halle let this happen… I’ve always hated Olivier and his douchebag face (and yes i’m french…)

  • freya


    And you believe that racist ass. No wonder. This is not the first time that this Aubrey guy did this . He has problem with his temper. Do you remember when he pushed and blow up on Nahla`s baby sitter and pushed her while she was carrying the child in her arms.

    This time he tried being a bonehead again but somebody fight back.
    And he got scared. He deserve that shiner there SERVES HIM RIGHT.

  • colle

    I hope the court see this manipulation for what it is, and I hope they strip HB of physical custody and give it to Gabriel.

  • Irene

    Yes, I remember the court agrred WITH Gabriel

  • NE1

    He looks like he’s gonna lose that eye. That happened to my dad, he got hit really hard and it got infected and he had to get a glass eye. This guy needs to go to jail this is assault.

  • This is Sad

    Atrocious. If the court sides with Halle & her gigolo, I will lose faith in the justice system. It is clear who is the perpetrator and who is victim.

  • justsaying

    what a bitch halle

  • kelly

    Come on. There is no call for this! Oliver and Halle (who) should be in jail. The child should be taken away from Halle. I bet she has more money than Gabriel. She might get her way? You shouldn’t try and take the child away from the father just because you don’t want him anymore. Shame on you Halle… Just saying….

  • Emma

    You’re supposed to be the nice guy, Jared – why would you post these awful pictures along with quotes that aren’t even verified? I’m not taking sides in their dispute as it has nothing whatsoever to do with me, but as a loyal reader of your blog I’m quite disappointed to see this on here.

  • shame

    Look how clean his hands are, he was clearly attacked. Oliver has cuts on his hand, and is now wearing a brace…

  • aeriel

    this is f*cked up. unless gabriel had done something to nahla in a negative way, he should not be treated like this. He’s the father! He has the right to have custody over Nahla. He didn’t treat Nahla anything, but care and affection.

  • lana

    halle is such a b*tch. for practically the past 3 years, she’s been fighting against gabriel trying to remove his custody over nahla. I don’t know what their issues are, but clearly Gabriel has been showing that he’s trying to be the best father to Nahla. I use to like halle…what was I thinking.

  • Melissa Poole

    When will Gabriel Aubrey get justice? Olivier is an animal that needs to be in prison, but Halle Berry is the monster who is behind it all. She will do anything to get that little girl away from her father. After this, it is Halle Berry who should lose custody of that little girl right away.

  • sheigh

    God! God! Goooooooooooooooooooood!
    I’m speechless!

  • unknown

    Looking at these photos and judging by what was reported by Olivier and Halle,he originally only threw one punch. Either his hand grew so big it was unreal and why can’t they find the security tapes all the sudden? Looks to me like a set up and trust me when I say. Gab wouldn’t dare react unless attacked first especially in front of his little girl. This was planned. All the other times the nanny meets him to get their daughter and all the sudden its Olivier. Why hasn’t Olivier been charged as a leathel weapon. He used to be a boxer.

    So many people criticizing Gab for supposibly being a fame seeker and money grabber. Those are completely and utterly false. In the state of California it was granted and which he had no control over the judge granted him child support due to Halles behavior in court. Gab makes almost a million a yar. He does a lot of work over seas. So don’t judge him, because of Halles camp says so.
    She has alays been known for her temper and wants everything her way. Now this may backfire. He may be charged but as the investigation goes on and a lot of things will come out about her as well. She may be the one to loose out on her daughter. You reap what you sow. And Karma is going to get her in the end!

  • lanadelrey

    what the heck did Oliver and Hally did to this poor guy!! When Hally’s daughter is gonna have her first internet connection in the house and google her father, she is gonna see this. And believe me, the last person she will be around is her mom and her psycho rapist-looking guy. I hate both of them. Gabriel, you are genuine and we can see your love to your daughter. We respect you even more now.

  • PZ

    oh no…..Gabriel…… lock olivier martinez up in his cage! HB, you Horrible Bitch !!!

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    I have so much hate on HALE PARRY

  • toaahh

    Wish I could feel some sympathy for him. Oliver is QUICK!

  • Loreen

    I don’t feel sorry for him, he seems unstable. As does Halle sometimes. Poor kid.
    However, that doesn’t look good…he’s a model. But he shouldn’t have taken Olivier on…he used to box professionally before he became an actor.

  • kiki

    OMG olivier is reall bully :)the old man is getting crazy

  • miapocca

    Kfraud just desserts….lol….well seems Halles baby sitting checks comes with a beat down every now ans then and if any asshole who refuses to work costs me 3m in cost fees, I will preferable give hin something more permanent than a beatdown

  • Marianne

    And yet, he’s the one who is supposed to be around Nahla? Have you looked at Olivier? Yeah his hand has been damaged….from beating the crap out of Gabriel’s face.

  • miapocca


    Starting a fight does not mean you can fight and win., A boxer knows how to dodge..A vindictive model knows how to start fights…

    Martinez,,well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next up is KFED

  • miapocca

    Aubry has a reputation of shoving and yelling at women…this time he just picked on a man..ever heard of weak ass abusers who take out their anger on women and avoid other men….lol….not sorry for this dude. Besides the day of the fight helooked okay..He just bruises easily. I know folks who bruise from using face towels on thier skin…

  • just me

    gabriel family should sue the pants off halle and Olivier

  • miapocca

    Difference between Benet and Aubry that Benet has a JOB!! this guy is kfrauding off the baby mama…pathetic

  • miapocca

    Law enforcement sources connected to the case tell us … the consensus is that the fight was “mutual combat.” As such, we’re told it’s “highly unlikely” charges will be filed.

    Read more:

  • solved :)

    give the child to Aubry
    expell the ugly little french monkey out of the country
    drop the ghetto HowLow Berry back into the hood
    where she done belongs

  • Sandalwood77

    @freya: none of these superficial gossip addicts will acknowledge or care about this. Yes, Halle Berry seems dysfunctional. But Gabriel is no saint! People are so distracted by his so called good looks that they choose to ignore the bad things about him that has come out. I’m not saying he deserved such a beat down. But the guy clearly started a fight he couldn’t win. What kind of man seeks $20,000 a month in child support, when he only has partial custudy of his child? That people could ignore that, simply because he looks like a Ken doll, is beyond me!

  • Sandalwood77

    I love it how anyone who doesn’t believe that pretty boy was innocent in the situation gets their comment voted down, so that it’s eventually hidden. You guys can enjoy agreeing with each other. The overwhelming presumtion that anyone can even began to know what’s really going on amidst three total strangers shows just how dumb and addicted to celebrity gossip Americans have truly become. How many of you here have gone through nasty divorces? What might the world think of you if they were privy to fractional scenes from that experience? Don’t judge.

  • Sandalwood77

    @ciruni: because he’s a little whiney girl.

  • Sandalwood77

    @vany: get a life and go defend a real cause.

  • Sandalwood77

    @solved :): now we’re getting to the heart of what’s really bothering people about this story.

  • chachita

    The problem here is not the child issue!! People are so dumb. GA still loves Halle, He could not controll his temper entering the house he used to and find the other sexy, A-lister man now a fiance fresh from romancing his ex!

    Jealous Kills. Poor guy he got more punches than he expected! Hope the kid did not see this.

  • Kiki

    I will like to see Oliver pictures with is bruises as well and make a comparison, in order to see if Martinez bruises are not as serious as Gabriel, becuase if Martinez injuries are mild then you can clearly see that Gabriel did not punch im that hard and it was the other way around

  • jen

    Gabriel is losing money now due to his healing time. This is not just time away from his daughter. It is time away from his work.
    I really hope he surrounds himself with good lawyers and gets justice.

  • http://@zorbitor Zorbitor

    See… OJ & Chris Brown… That was just mutual combat

  • Vivian São Paulo Brasil

    If the U.S. justice is fair in this process. Gabriel will be free, he is a victim of Halle Berry and boyfriend this sick.

  • Trudy Sanders

    @Indie: that is where he kicked him.