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Gerard Butler: Miami Hotel Exit

Gerard Butler: Miami Hotel Exit

Gerard Butler points at photographers as he leaves his hotel on Tuesday afternoon (November 27) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor was dressed for the warm weather in cargo shorts and a cream colored henley shirt over a black tank top.

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Gerard‘s new film Playing for Keeps, about a former sports star who’s fallen on hard times and starts coaching his son’s soccer team in an attempt to get his life together, hits theaters on December 7. Make sure to check back for premiere photos next week!

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Credit: P; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • bex Spotted Gerard Butler at the Miami Airport

  • bex Así cómo cuando Gerard Butler invita a salir a mi prima y yo NO estoy en Miami😱😱 que clase de karma es esteeee!!!!

  • Celine Dion

    It’s, like, he notifies the paparazzi himself. Imagine being married to someone with an ego the size of his. No wonder he has never been married and will die alone.

  • AC

    He looks good. I bet he smells like a real man, too. He’s a hottie.

  • Mmmmmmm

    “I was actually writing a few songs at that time and Johnny Depp and I have jammed a few times before. And that’s how he introduced me to Marilyn Manson and Jack Black.”

    “It is not true. I have never met Marilyn Manson or Johnny Depp. I love how these stories come out. I am not starting a band, but who knows one day I may,” he said.

  • Kelly

    he looks like hes enjoying himself and rested always has such a cute smile ….

  • bonnie

    I’d like his secret for looking 10 years younger in a matter of days. What’s up with him?

  • Celine Dion


    His secret is probably semen facials.

  • Sally

    I would spread my legs for Gerry in a New York minute.

  • Mmmmmmm

    Regarding mi post #5 … Do you really think he does it on purpose? I mean, saying one thing in one interview and then completely the opposite in another interview?
    Perhaps is the indian press again making things up …

  • TeaCakes

    He really IS paying jj for the multiple threads, isn’t he? Maybe Alan and Joy work it out ahead of time. He’s a nobody and he has more threads than any other celebrity. The twilight gang didn’t have as many threads combined as Butler does for a dull rom-com which no critic seems to like in screenings.

  • Harry

    @Sally: He would spread his legs for big cox in a LA second

  • Celine Dion

    He will always be Gerard “300″ Butler, since that is the only film he was in which actually made any sort of money. Even 20 years from now, he will be Gerard “300″ Butler. And “300″ was 5 years ago. Hey, Gerard, what else ya got?

  • I Like Cheese

    Re: The Johnny Depp thing…
    Remember when he said he had never worn a kilt on the red carpet, and that crazy fan corrected him? Maybe he was just having another brain fart when he said he never met Johnny. OR, as you said, the Indian interview could be completely made up.

  • Ornaments


    Maybe JJ is looking for an older audience, so he uses Gerry all the time.

  • Stormy

    @TeaCakes: I think you’re reading too much into it. We’ve been using the Butler threads as a Butler chatroom for ages, jumping thread to thread. This obviously generates a lot of hits for the JJ site. It’s simple business.

  • Gerry points at you

    Gerry walks. Gerry eats. Gerry goes to the bathroom. I suppose we’re doomed with multiple threads per day until the release of this godforsaken film.

  • Strings of Lights

    So where is he off to now—doesn’t he have interviews in LA? Is maddi meeting him somewhere? The intrigue continues———–

  • Gerry points at you

    @bex: Boo T. Call. Pickup.

  • No secret

    The reason he looks better is because he lives for attention. He did the same thing the week of the CM opening. Don’t you remember how he looked like cra.p up until the night of the premiere, and then he shows up and looks like a totally different dude? It’s because attention gives him an adrenalin rush. There’s nothing he loves more than a microphone and a camera in his face.

  • Strings of Lights
  • KissThis

    I don’t know how to read this man… is he actually straight? Is he a womanizing douche? I can’t tell. He is an enigma! A sexy enigma!

  • Well…

    @Gerry points at you: At least she has plenty of bikinis to choose from. I’m sure she’ll be parading around and zoolandering in one in three, two, one…

  • 80sGeorgeMichael

    How many shopping trips will he take her on to compensate for her flying in coach?

  • i think

    the black tank top is a mirdle hehee

  • cupcake

    Hi there. Whats with the black tee under his white t-shirt.

  • Luna

    Nice smile, gorgeous guy

  • HW Face

    Looks to me like the PR people have been coaching him. The face is interchangeable with the face in yesterday’s pics. Someone told him how to look straight at the camera and keep smiling at all costs.

  • AirFrance

    @bex: If he was spotted this afternoon at the airport, the he was probably picking her up, because the AF flight gets in between 2:30 and 3:00.

  • Come on


    Sleep. It works wonders. Look at Heather Graham. She looks 10 years or more younger than her age. She says she sleeps 12-14 hours a night.

  • TeaCakes

    @AirFrance: @i think: LOL. Gerry’s attempt to look younger: Maddie and a mirdle! Hah!

  • Lord Love a Duck

    He’s on his way to nyc
    Hey Cupcake, how are you?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    This girl is located in New Jersey. Perhaps GB is on his way to NYC?? Not sure. Of course, MG had to let everyone know she was on her way “somewhere” as well.
    Olivia Pascoe ‏@oliviapascoe94
    Casual text from dad to say that he is sat opposite Gerard Butler #jealous

  • Yummy

    I hope we will see Gerard and his latest flame, the lovely and beautiful Madalina Ghenea in a sexy bikini on the beach real soon, cause all the jealous old witches out there on their computers need something to discuss, wish I could see every single one of them turning green with envy.

  • cupcake

    Hi ducky how are things with you.

  • heather

    Gerry is taping Chelsea on Thursday (Nov 29). Chelsea is in Los Angeles.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Nice to see you here CGE. Are you okay? Missed you.
    Yes she did.
    Maybe they’ll hook up in ny.

  • Tick tock

    @Yummy: Enjoy it while you can LOL. Nice try.

  • Strings of Lights

    I wonder if the phone call he was doing on the balcony was from maddie saying she was on the way. Time for her to do damage control. He gets himself in trouble if she is not attached to his hip 24/7.

  • cupcake

    @yummy no will be jealous. The one is starting trouble is you.

  • Aqualung

    He’s starting to get super creepy. There’s no charm left in this guy. Sold his soul for (choose a cliche).

  • Strings of Lights
  • Strings of Lights
  • Strings of Lights

    At least this time he has a guy carrying his luggage!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky I’m just fine. Thank you for asking. Been busy and a bit preoccupied but life is returning to normal. How have you been? It’ll be interesting to see where these two show up huh? It’s like a never-ending merry-go-round. LOL
    Hello to you too Cupcake! Hope you are doing well.
    Have a great night.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @cupcake: It’s all good girl. Busy and trying to make Christmas too. Hope he didn’t plan on flying home in those cargo shorts. ha.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Can’tGetEnough: Glad to hear it. Normal is good but hope you are doing better. Yes, it is a circus, but he is looking good and happy. Have a good evening as well.

  • carrie

    for the first time, i think he looks good!

  • come to think of it

    He is looking relaxed and younger. Would love to see him and MG walking down the red carpet. Come on commit

  • Strings of Lights

    Fans tune in tommorrow as the saga continues—-As Gerry heads to NY—–is Maddie on her way to meet him?——-What does she think of the latest flirtations of her BB——-does Gerry have PC hidden away somewhere——does Maddie find out?——-How much will this shopping tour cost Gerry——or do they stay in loft and shag all day?——-does she fly with him to LA——If Maddie doesn’t go to NY then what clubs will Gerry go to and who will he flirt with?——–The following episodes will be presented to you by JJ, WO, RU and GBGals. Sponsered by Gerry phans everywhere!!!!!!!