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Halle Berry Drops Nahla Off at School

Halle Berry Drops Nahla Off at School

Halle Berry walks back to her car after dropping her daughter Nahla off at school on Tuesday morning (November 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old actress’ fiance Olivier Martinez was spotted earlier that morning going to a doctor’s appointment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center following his brawl with Halle‘s ex Gabriel Aubry.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Halle Berry

In case you missed them, check out the photos of Gabriel‘s bruised and bloody face that were included in the restraining order he filed against Olivier.

FYI: Halle is wearing Heartloom sweater.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry leaving her daughter’s school…

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halle berry drops nahla off at school 01
halle berry drops nahla off at school 02
halle berry drops nahla off at school 03
halle berry drops nahla off at school 04
halle berry drops nahla off at school 05
halle berry drops nahla off at school 06
halle berry drops nahla off at school 07
halle berry drops nahla off at school 08
halle berry drops nahla off at school 09
halle berry drops nahla off at school 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Shea

    she is a low life nut filled tuurd

  • Oh Great!

    Scumbag HO!!

  • Booo

    Lady has no class.

  • S

    I used to like this woman. Not anymore. I can’t believe what she has put her daughter’s father through.

    Take away her status, her beauty and you have a crazy woman..

  • Lauren

    Disgusting how she is trying to take the father of her daughter out of his child’s life and has her boyfriend beat him viciously while her boyfriend only hurt his hand pummeling him.

  • thele

    Has Halle ever officially commented this? If you see those pics she HAS TO distance herself from the actions of BOTH men…doesn´t look like any of them is responsible enough to raise this child, because they´re selfish enough to fight over Nahla, thats the worst for a childs soul!!!

  • Laurel

    She seems so demonic now. lol

  • elle

    I think she seems psycho- and why she would choose a violent man and be so mean to her baby’s dad is beyond me. she is gross. she seems sketchy like she is lying.

  • Lauren

    @thele: Tell me how the father is at fault? Halle Berry has given him hell from the breakup on for wanting to be a part of his daughter’s upbringing. She has wanted to cut him out. She’s nuts and now wanted to move to France and take her away, but was denied and now this vicious beating and trying to blame the guy with the undeniably overkill injuries!

  • Kel

    Poor Nahla.

  • KRIS

    She’s obviously very insecure. VERY. Make a baby, the kid is entitled to his father. Otherwise close your legs.

  • KRIS

    Her father, sorry!

  • LaCroix

    nasty delusional evil witch.

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  • Denzel Washington

    Crazy biatch.

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  • Helen

    Crazy woman. Never like her

  • Karen

    If Olivier is capable of beating a man to a pulp, he will certainly do it to Halle, and Nahla eventually. Stupid woman.

  • shame on u!

    Devil manipulated witch plus talentless actress

  • sara

    I’ve never liked this lunatic psycho B she is sooo fake.

  • June

    Psycho bitch!

  • Shay

    She looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world, what a psycho.

  • Sihaam

    Halle Berry dropped off her child at the school, The psychos are the people on this page living every minute of their lives commenting and hating her. Seek help

  • Kim

    Remember, this is the same lady that fled the scene in TWO car accidents and got away with it. She think she is untouchable because she is a celebrity. Well, judging by the public reactions to her latest incident, her “celebrity” days are OVER!

  • Sihaam

    @Shea: Stop looking at the mirror I know you are fugly but stop it, I think you are talking about yourself lol

  • How Low

    she got her ghetto street justice and is very pleased

  • j

    I have no respect for this nasty person.

  • Hunny

    F-ing whôre. May she burn in hell.

  • Jen

    I cannot stand the sight of this woman. I think Gabriel is an idiot who is responsible for his own actions, but this whole situation stinks to high heaven.

    She is absolutely disgusting for wanting to keep a man away from his child, especially given her turbulent childhood. I hope she gets her comeuppance for this – she is beautiful on the outside but a completely nasty person.

  • solecito

    KARMA…that’s all I’m saying.

  • sheila

    This is Rhianna with child at 40+, both gals choose men with violent tendencies, these gals get off on it and need, live and breathe all of their self-created drama. It’s one thing when it’s a silly, stupid, ignorant, attention-needy person like Rhianna, but Halle put a child in the middle of it, so cruel. Fast-forward to Rhianna’s future and it’s likely very Halle-like. These type of women love drama with men,they have no clue how to have healthy relationships.

  • sam

    Guess the judge knows something we don’s Saw this on X17.

    Halle Berry’s lawyers appeared in court this morning to extend her temporary restraining against ex Gabriel Aubry, but the judge has seemingly denied the request, ruling that Aubry will be allowed to resume visitation with their daughter Nahla, with “unspecified precautions in place to protect her safety,” according to Radar.

  • Cyber Bulling at its BEST

    Well I guess the whole name calling is ok since their just posts — No black eyes or broken ribs.

  • KissThis

    Something is very off about this woman. Imo, she shouldn’t have had a child. She’s too narcissistic, and chooses the wrong people to be her partners. Unstable.

  • Frozoid

    Why does she go for these violent men? David Justice, her first husband, used to beat her up.

    And it sounds as if her current boyfriend has a rage problem, too. It’s not just the fault of the father of her child.

  • Frozoid

    What happened to those cut off blue jean shorts she was wearing every day of the week? Now all of a sudden she’s Miss Modesty with her baggy, covered up clothes?

  • onoy

    Gabriel is a Looser Free Loader and I am glad he got his ass kicked.

  • Lela

    @sam: wonderful news!

  • Rosie’s Ash

    @onoy Could that be you Miss Halle? Seems funny Gabriel wasn’t such a Looser Free Loader when you wanted a baby from him. Now you have your beautiful child, you want rid of him. Sorry, Dear, the world don’t work that way anymore. Remember, they abolished slavery. You can’t just sell the old lover off when you’re done with him. The father has rights these days, too.
    What you really NEED to do for your sake as well as your child’s, is to THANK GOD and Gabriel for the gift of your beautiful, healthy daughter. Many people try for years and would give anything for a child or for the health of their sick child. You have both, plus a father that loves her. I would have paid any amount of money if my daughter’s father would have called her once a year on her birthday, so quit belly aching about $20K like it’s going to break you, consider it stud fee. And really how much is your daughter worth? Would you rather have the $20K or your daughter? The money isn’t for Gabriel, it’s for Nahla. Quit being so mean and just be grateful for what you do have. How do I just know you won’t be. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…..

  • justsaying

    halle is big ass she is

  • Sihaam


  • Susan

    Halle needs psychological help. I stopped watching any of her movies after her hit and run. The other driver was injured, but Halle left the scene and drove to the hospital to see a plastic surgeon, and then she said in court that she could’t remember what happened. Yeah, right.

    Now she’s trying to steal a little girl from her father. She has accused Aubry of racism and abuse but that didn’t work. Then she tried to take the girl to France without him, but that didn’t work. Now she has had him beaten up!That won’t work either because everybody can see through her evil act by now!

    Olivier would never have done the drop off unless Halle authorized it.

    I hope the judge rules against her.

    Poor Gabriel. He had a baby with a psycho!!

  • This is Sad

    May justice prevail for Gabriel Aubry. It is clear he is the victim. He even urged the police to take a look at the security camera tapes @ Halle’s home.

  • Marco

    @Rosie’s Ash: AMEN!! Halle is such a loser!! I hope she loses her daughter….he is the better parent apparently.

  • Lulu

    She is so fixated with hurting Aubry any way she can. The plan to move to France is a total fail and she probably felt more and more bitter about it. Her legal counsel really advised her she might win the case or she just went ahead with it. It just cost her 3 millions. Now it’s not only her and Aubry, her boyfriend jumped into the circus too !

  • The Populist

    I used to come on JustJared and defend Halle.

    When she got pregnant with Nahla, people on this site posted that she was a faker, she just wanted sperm ect. I defended her, saying she may have been mixed up, or hurt, but she wasn’t evil.

    When she broke up with Gabriel and started trashing him, people called her a b*tch. I posted that she was just too damaged from her childhood, her abusive relationships, ect. She wasn’t … evil.

    Now she has gone and had Gabriel jumped and brutally beaten by her fiance. They even re-positioned the security cameras to hide the crime. She has the nerve to appear in public, non-chalant and unapologetic, while the whole entertainment media is watching here…

    THEN she tries to get a RESTRAINING ORDER against Gabriel, the father of her child..? After this beating and public humiliation, she tries to block him from seeing HIS child? I hope Gabriel Aubry sues THEM BOTH.

    Halle and that viscious Martinet whatever the f*ck his name is both deserve to do some time for this. Halle Berry is evil. And she is finished.

  • Marie

    They should lock up Olivier Martinez. He crossed a limit by this attack. I wonder what Halle would do if she is the next to be beaten up by her fiancé…

  • Mixup

    what a bitch I was beat by my father when I was a child,yet the man you are currenlty sleeping with beat the hell out of your child father and you are walking around in public with a beater next is you fool or maybe Nahla who know ? dumb woman

  • Aranka Paul

    #32 – you are so on the target. I am sure she didn’t expect this sort of public reaction. She truly hasn’t given us a role worthy of any kind of award in some time. I don’t understand why she acts like a diva. So she got an Oscar, so what, big deal. She maybe celebrated as an acctress but she has some growing up to do as a human being.